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Pretty Pearl

Erotic fiction inspired by Hilary Wind in “Bridal Suite

She’s never looked more beautiful than she does right now. Dressed in white. Eyes glimmering with longing. A luxurious string of pearls hanging down her chest. It’s her wedding night. But it wasn’t me to whom she said, “I do.” In fact, I’m not even part of her wedding party.

I’m no crasher. I was hired to play the wedding march at the procession and also did a few numbers at the reception. Just a faceless name and a nameless face to her friends and family, but at the moment, I’m her savior. She looked so happy. It’s the biggest day of her life! It was unfortunate that her new husband couldn’t handle his liquor and passed out, leaving her all alone. It's alright though, because now she’s with me. I'm keeping her company so she's not lonely, waiting for nothing. I hate to say this, but if I were her husband, I'd never even risk leaving her side.

She’s like a dreamgirl from a 1950s pin-up magazine. A classic blonde. Her skin is so silky smooth, I can almost taste it, even from afar. She plays with her shiny pearl necklace and lifts it to her lips. I go to her by the window and caress her cheek softly, then trace slowly down her neck. While the pearls rest between her teeth, I lean in close and kiss her lips. The smooth beads rattle over her collarbone and eventually drop, leaving no barrier between our mouths.

Her lace corset feels supple against my bare chest, making my nipples harden. I carefully unclasp it from the back and reveal her beautiful breasts. Nipples pink like baby rosebuds. The savory scent of her skin like a fumigation of ardor. I get a waft of her perfume and it makes my teeth tingle in hunger. 

I kiss down her neck and ease my hands to her waist, then lift her up. Her legs wrap around me as I walk her to the bed. Such a shy sweet thing a few hours ago, and now she’s like a fireball of lust waiting to be smothered. My own lust rises, feeling her skin on mine. I have to tuck my cock down just to avoid any mishaps. 

I may be a bride thief at the moment, but I’m no scoundrel. She’s a sweet little virgin and will remain so for her new husband. My aim is for that luscious, juicy, pretty pink pearl. Nothing more. 

I raise her legs in a V. Then, slowly lick down her delicious body. I kiss the backs of her thighs and bite them gently, being careful not to leave a mark. By the time my tongue touches her clit, it’s slippery and dripping. I lick up and down as she arches her back, hands gripping her breasts, eyes shut tight. I keep slithering my tongue on a very sweet spot that makes her legs shake in the air. I taste her clit harden between my lips, reaching for me to please her. 

I cup my tongue right under her clit and suck her pussy softly. Her abs begin to flutter. Thighs hot and damp. She moans sexily, telling me she’s very much enjoying herself. I sneak my middle finger between her ass cheeks and circle her rim. Her clit hardens even more, feeling my fingertips almost poke through. She lifts her pelvis up, inviting me in. Before I do, I lap her clit softly and snake my tongue down her ass, making it nice and wet for entry. I rest my tongue on her clit and slide my finger halfway in her ass. It’s so tight, there’s no way I can go any further.

I keep my hand still and suckle her pussy. Testing the waters with stronger pressure. I can taste her vulva tense. Her anus grips my middle finger so tightly, it feels like it’s going to spit it out. I push it a little deeper, making her yelp in pleasure. Then, I suck her pussy harder, swirling my tongue around her clit like a gradually building tornado. I circle faster and faster, keeping the pressure light enough for her to thrust comfortably on my face. Suddenly, I feel multiple thuds rumble on my tongue. 

She cries out in passion, her body trembling on the bed. Her pussy pulses on my lips and I taste her liquid heat. I kiss her wet sticky flesh, licking every drop as if it’s the last drinkable liquid on the planet. Then, I look up between her legs and smile as I carefully slide out my finger. Her legs drop on the bed and she sits up and grabs me. Sucking my lips hard, kissing me as if she’s screaming out her thanks. I kiss her back and run my fingers through her soft blonde waves. 

Now, a slight feeling of sadness courses through me. I stop a moment to look at her sweet face. Blissed out from her orgasm, just as happy as can be. I’m glad I made her night. But I’m no fool. It’s time to part ways. Her husband may revive at any moment. I kiss the lady goodbye and grab my tux off the floor. 

Before I make it to the door, she stops me. A somber look on her face that's also sad to see us part ways. She takes off her pearl necklace and opens my hand. With a swift drop, she hands it to me and closes my fingers around it. She kisses my fingers softly and bids me adieu. 


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,



Erotic fiction inspired by Angelina Ash in “Presenting Angelina Ash

She's such a tease, in the most wonderful way. I'm mesmerized, watching her shadow dance in the light of the moon. Her limber moves have my heart beating like a drum, my head swimming and crashing in lust.

She takes two chairs behind the thin white curtain and carefully stands on them. I watch her gorgeous shadow slow wind in a smooth rhythm, then suddenly she drops down in a split with each leg on a chair.  My chest pounds and my cock instantly stands at attention like a disciplined soldier.

I walk slowly to the curtain and press against the thin sheet. She scoots closer to me, legs in a perfect split, ass to my cock, giving me one hell of a show. The soft cloth gives my shaft a smooth tickle as she slides her gorgeous ass up and down my dick.

Her wetness blots the curtain as she moans softly. I feel leakage of my own seeping through my tip. I reach my hands forward and grip her hips over the cloth. My dick slips halfway inside her and I hear her sexy voice sigh in passion. 

I feel her tight wet walls grip my cock, the curtain acting like a flimsy condom, barely coating my shaft as I ease deep inside her. Her hands grip my neck through the curtain. She tells me how good I feel, giving me motivation to fuck her harder. 

I fuck her so hard, she lets go and her hands hit the floor, letting my cock slide out of her. I draw the curtain and finally see her spellbinding frame spread open. The position she's in brings me to my knees. I cuff her thighs with my arms and lick from her clit to her ass, then back again. My tongue swivels and swirls all around, smearing her wetness everywhere. 

Her legs shiver over the chairs as my tongue slips inside her. I slurp her pussy firmly with my arms pulling her even tighter. I lose my breath a little, tasting her wetness flow out and smear my face. She's like a honeycomb in the flesh and I'm hungry for her dripping nectar.

My cock is at the verge of eruption, feeling her pussy squirm on my lips. I lick and lap, suck and slurp her delicious pussy until she implodes in pleasure. Then, I get on my feet quickly and grip her hips. 

I feel her rumbling walls surround my cock. And it instantly tips me over. The sensation is more than enough to make me cum a million times. God knows I've held my load in long enough to almost kill me, but I just had to taste those pulses.

Her pussy is so tight and wet, it makes the blood race through my veins like acid lightening. My sweat drips on her back as my cock surges inside her. Each stroke tightening my balls like a screw. At a hard exhale, my cock explodes inside her like a hot geyser.

Her loud screams soften to sultry moans, her whole body shaking uncontrollably. I carefully slide out of her and kiss her neck softly. She looks back at me and grabs my face, letting our quivering lips meet in a sweet kiss. 

I turn her all the way around and pick her up, wrapping her legs around my waist. Perfect timing. The night is dimly lit with a pale moon. And the stars begin to twinkle over our glistening naked bodies. I'm taking my beautiful tiny dancer inside to start another round of whatever her body craves. 


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


Visual Stimulation

New research shatters conventional gender stereotypes

About the author: Allison Leigh is a pornographer, producer, polyamorist, and professional kinkster. When sexuality is business, business is fun! 

New research has challenged the widespread belief that men are more turned on by pornography than women. A recent meta-analysis consisting of data from over 2,000 people found that women’s brains reacted to visual stimuli just as much as men’s brains did, in contradiction to widespread gender difference assumptions.

These findings may come as a surprise to both men and women, but the research is solid. Hamid Noori and his colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen, Germany analyzed 61 previous sexual response studies that measured brain responses to sexual imagery. Previous findings from these same studies had found that men had elevated responses when shown sexual imagery, and those findings correlated with questionnaire-based research. However, the field of brain scanning has been under criticism in recent years for being prone to drawing conclusions from small differences that could have arisen by chance. When researchers adjusted for studies that did not account for these situational anomalies, they found that women’s and men’s brains showed the same amount of response to the sexual images.

There are a few factors to keep in mind when parsing how this could be true. Conventional wisdom may have indicated that women are less stimulated by pornography than men, but those same beliefs have also told generations of women that they should keep their sexual preferences private. In addition to women being more likely to suppress their sexual desires, they likely watch less pornography because it is more stigmatized, which would in turn influence whether they felt that adult films were a turn-on. David Ley, a writer and sex therapist, told New Scientist that the study shows that “women can be just as visual as men, if they are allowed to be.”

The findings don’t prove women’s and men’s brains react to pornography identically. Noori says that the brain scans they studied only show activity at the level of relatively large anatomical structures, and so there could still be differences at the level of brain cells that don’t show up on scans. But with searches for “porn for women” on the continuous rise, it is reassuring to see that the data is starting to keep up with our arousal. It is only a matter of time until conventional wisdom accepts that men and women are not as different in their desires as we have been led to believe.




Get intimate with stunning MetArt model Calypso!

Gorgeous Colombian model Calypso made an instant impression on MetArt members when she first appeared in June 2018, and since then she has gone from strength to strength. Whether she’s all glammed up or casually naked, her photosets are invariably highly rated and much appreciated; it seems you guys just can’t get enough of this Hispanic beauty, and no wonder. She’s a living work of art, from her stunning face to her cute toes – stopping to admire her perfect breasts, slender waist, pretty pussy, peachy ass and lovely long legs on the way!

This golden-tanned Latina goddess is my dream girl, so I was thrilled to be able to ask her some questions about herself. Turns out she’s as smart and candid as she is sexy. Read on to get to know her a little better.

Calypso, please tell us a bit about yourself.

C: I am 28 years old and 5’3” (1.64) tall. I was born in Colombia but I recently took a DNA test and it turns out that I am a balanced mix of Spanish, Indigenous American, Italian and Central European Jewish descent. I currently live on the Greek Island of Milos. I used to live in Italy and before that I lived in France.  

What do you enjoy doing?

C: I enjoy reading especially historical novels, I love listening to music and dancing, I like swimming in the sea… I’m a particular fan of Lyric Opera as well. 

Do you have any pets?

C: Yes, I have a rabbit, a parrot, two dogs and five cats.

What inspired you to try nude modeling?

C: The paintings of the Renaissance. I have always dreamed of being a muse for artists and driving men crazy with the sight of my body!

What do you like most about your appearance?

C: My lips, my nose and my hands.

How do you keep in such good shape?

C: A dietician I am friends with in Rome runs a website called “Mangia Bene Mangia Sano” (eat well eat healthily). She follows me up monthly because in actual fact I just love to eat and drink good red wine or champagne; I have exquisite taste! But I tend to put on weight fast so I must be careful. I do not exercise that much, it’s just swimming in the sea for two hours a week and trying to go to the gym in winter, just enough to keep fit, I’m not into that ‘fitness girls’ trend.    

Do you have a high sex drive?

C: Yes, I used to when I was younger. As the years went by I realized that sex for the sake of it could never be as satisfying as sex with feelings; by that I don’t necessarily mean love, although that is the ideal, but mutual respect, complicity, tenderness and wonderful chemistry.   

Are you bisexual?

C: I am bi-sensual, I mean, kissing and caressing a girl is something I can do with delight but going any further wouldn’t make me feel excited. Although I’ve done it and enjoyed it.

What do you like most about having sex with women, and with men?

C: With men I enjoy feeling a bit subjugated, not too much, I am not into BDSM at all. I love looking them in the eyes and finding them dying from desire and pleasure. With women I am not sure. I love tenderness and the fact that they are soft and have long hair. 

What is your favorite sexual position?

C: I am very traditional, I like the missionary position, man on top. I love hugging him, stroking his hair and smelling his neck while he is inside me. 

What gets you excited?

C: A look of naughtiness on his face, a lustful smile, a thick beard and abundant hair I can run my fingers through. A self-confident man with an open mind who has presence. When it comes to women, they must be extremely feminine, sensual, soft, elegant and polite. They must see me as an accomplice rather than a competitor. All of the above describes Laura. If she’s reading this, she’ll know who I mean.

What is the most unusual place where you’ve had sex?

C: The Louvre Museum and the Presidential Palace in Colombia. I’ve also done it in the restroom of a well-known hotel in Madrid, and some restaurants.

Do you like to masturbate?

C: Generally speaking, I will be with a man every time and if I do it, I will use either my fingers or a toy, for external stimulation only. I don’t like inserting non-human devices inside.  

What is your favorite sexual fantasy?

C: I have already brought them all to life!

Are you a romantic person?

C: “Inguaribile” (incurably) romantic, as in Vasco Rossi’s Italian song.

What sort of men do you like?

C: In terms of origin I like Italian, Greek or Lebanese men. I appreciate an athletic body in under 35s (I don’t like under 30-year-old guys). If they are over 40, I like them stylish and smart. I prefer tall men with a thick beard and abundant hair, and they must definitely be Mediterranean. As for personality I find open-minded men, artists or intellectuals captivating. They must have an undoubted sense of masculinity and have no problem with that. They must be polite and classy. I love black humor and I’d like them to be generous. Generosity is a must-have; if they’ve got everything and they are tight with money they are worthless to me.   

How would you describe your own personality?

C: I have a very particular vision of life which others struggle to understand. Few other people share this vision and that’s why I don’t have lots of friends. I am very straightforward, persuasive and sometimes whimsical. Generally speaking, I am a woman whose happiness shines through with infectious good vibrations. I may seem superficial to those who can’t see beyond appearances… I am highly sensitive in a way as I usually manage to understand, without words, other people’s feelings or what’s on their minds. I can read between the lines and work out what’s going on in certain situations. I question my own thoughts, emotions, what I dream at night and every idea that crosses my mind, because I believe that God or the universe is keeping in constant touch with us. I am also very prone to anxiety. I don’t struggle to accept my shortcomings, quite the opposite, I am always looking to improve without letting the essence of who I am be lost. I also know how to apologize when I get things wrong. As for political/socioeconomic views I am left-wing because I believe this is the only orientation that can help strike the right balance in the prevailing inequality that is causing so much injustice.  

What are your ambitions?

C: Everlasting happiness and peace of mind.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

C: I appreciate all your love and support. Thank you for believing in me and for admiring my achievements always with respect and dignity. I send you a big kiss and I am always looking forward to making your day with my pictures.   



MetArt nominated for Nude Art Site of the Year at YNOT Awards!

We’re thrilled to announce that MetArt has been nominated for Nude Art Site of the Year at the 9th Annual YNOT awards.

The awards show for this prestigious Eurocentric accolade will be held on September 14th in Prague, and as the number of nominees per category is limited to five, we are especially honored to be selected. We’d love to add it to our sparkling trophy shelf, so keep your fingers crossed for us!



Dreamer's Row

Erotic fiction inspired by Zelda B in “Ocean Bound

There is something about this beach that is truly magical. Every sunrise and sunset infuses you with inspiration and sensual energy. They call this place Dreamer’s Row. Many people come here to contemplate in peace, leaving their worries in the ocean. Many lovers come here and literally make their mark right on the sand. There are shallow pools by the shore with soft luminous pebbles. It’s like lying on a bed of pearls. 

Zelda has had quite a day and comes to ease her mind on the shore. As soon as her toes touch the water, it seems all her worries melt away. She feels the ripples of the low tide, how they gently bathe her feet, taking back the sand along her skin. She’s been holding tension in for days and is tired of feeling uptight. With a bold quick swoop, she lifts her dress above her head and tosses it on the sand. She walks over to the shallow pool and carefully lies on her stomach. The soft breeze kisses her face as the tranquil water soothes her skin. 

She rolls over onto her back and gazes at the sky in awe. The view is picturesque. Bright fluffy clouds overlap the different shades of blue. It’s simply breathtaking. She stares with such intensity, her mind begins to wander. She thinks of her lovers, near and far. All their special qualities and aspects of attraction.

They have all touched her in different ways, added something to her life that makes her feel complete. Special moments gather in her mind along with the details of her most steamy encounters.

Her body is so relaxed, it's like she's floating above the ground. She caresses her skin under the water and licks her lips in remembrance. She pictures them all there, kissing and fondling her. Bestowing their love upon her like the very waves upon the shore. 

Her rapidly heating flesh feels moist to the touch, as her fingers slide slowly down her chest. She plays with her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly, making them harden like the pebbles at her back. 

She lifts her body above the water line and slowly grinds against the barrier where it meets the air. It gives her pleasure. A teasing kiss to her clit each time it crosses worlds. Her pussy tightens and leaks to the point where she can no longer fathom where the ocean ends and where her wetness begins. 

She grips her bottom to keep her pelvis up, as her hand slides further down her body. Her fingers meet her clit and feel the warmth of her lust increase in the zephyr and sunshine. Her body glistens in heat as she circles her clit slowly, building speed and pressure as her pussy demands more.

Her hips thrust up and down on her hand. Her shoulders are massaged firmly by the earth. Her climax just around the way within a soft stroke and a stiff breeze.

She moans breathlessly, circling her fingers faster. Her walls grip within, feeling as if a beautiful cock is buried deep in her pussy. Harder and harder she goes, her fingers now trembling over her flesh, stroking deliciously until she reaches her well-earned climax in a quivering moment.

Zelda presses her sodden flesh until every sensation within her is satisfied. Her fingers slide inside her tight wet hole, then out again to massage her clit to a gentle calm. She lifts her fingers to her lips and tastes her wetness, biting the tips lovingly, as she comes down from her erotic high. 

She lies back and cups the gentle water over her body, cooling it off in the fading placid light. The sun is setting. Her thoughts and dreams mesh like her wetness to the ocean. Not one ounce of stress is left within her skin. 

She is one body within Dreamer's Row that has shared an intimate moment with the ocean. A moment even her most favored lovers never see. It's a glimpse marked on the sands that tells a story told by her and no one else. A silence one can only feel here in this magical place. But whenever she returns, the tide will be here to care for her again like a special friend. The kind only accompanied by sand, sun, and fond memories.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


Change Of Plan

Erotic fiction inspired by Lilit A in “Shoes Make Me Happy

It always takes her forever to get dressed. Whether it's for a fancy meeting or a casual gathering, she makes sure to look her best. I love it and hate it. The hate part is that we're late for everything. The love part is watching her get ready. 

I sit patiently on the bed as I see her gather a plethora of clothing to try on. All of them look the same to me. But apparently there's a world of difference between a red mini skirt and a plaid one. 

I'm pleased to see she's chosen her top. That tells me she will at least be done dressing within the hour. The crisp white blouse looks amazing on her. My mouth waters a little, seeing a peek of her perky breasts shadowed through the cloth. 

I wonder if she knows the effect she has on me. I concentrate on every detail. Admiring her unmatched beauty from a distance, like a curator would a piece of art. I concentrate on her reflection in the mirror and watch keenly. How the buttons stretch at the middle of her chest, making room for those perfect mouthfuls of wonder. I love how her slender fingers curl around the hangers, how her brow raises when she silently debates on things.

The two skirts are menacing her thoughts. She switches back and forth between them. Then, she looks over at me.

"Help me, darling," she smiles demurely, "which one?"

I stand behind her a while. My thumb and forefinger crested under my chin in contemplation. "I like the red one," I nod agreeably.

I walk forward and caress the backs of her thighs. Just gently, to take her attention a moment. She looks back at me and grins, while her eyes scan me seductively. 

"What time is it?"

I stare a little too long at her and my brain melts, seeing the tiny black lace panties under her skirt as she bends over.

"Huh? Sorry, what?"

She giggles innocently and raises her brow again. "The time, dear. What hour is it... the minute, also?" 

Just a sprinkle of sarcasm adds to her charm, amused by my sudden distracted expression. I grin like I'm caught doing something naughty, yet looking forward to a punishment.

"Are you not paying attention?" she asks, turning around to face me.

"Oh, I am," I whisper. "Your beauty just happens to make one sense take over the other."

A nice linguistic catch, I know. And she appreciates it. She keeps eye contact with me as she slowly slides off her panties. She twirls them around her finger and puts on a gorgeous pair of heels. She truly does have all of my attention. She always knows how to take it. This particular pair gets me hard instantly.

As soon as she turns around to check her reflection in the mirror, I walk behind her and rest my chin on her shoulder. Then, gently caress the sleeves of her blouse. "Can I be honest with you?"

"Yes, of course," she replies. Her face is stern, eager to hear what I have to say.

"Would you be terribly upset if we didn't go?" I mutter. 

She smiles as she caresses my face. "I'd be crushed."

Her charming tone lifts the lid off my brimming lust, and my hands sneak under her skirt. The tips of my fingers on both hands cross down her V-line. I gently massage her labia and kiss her neck. 

She moans quietly, still standing firm. But her breath halts as soon as I feel her wetness hidden between her soft folds. My cock turns rigid instantly. She arches when she feels my erection poke the small of her back.

"Mmm… goodness. Feels like ‘someone’ wants to come out and play." Her voice turns to a seductive rasp. 

"Yes," I whisper, "he's always ready to play with you."

My left hand grips her waist and my right hand slowly aims for her warm wet pussy. She raises both her arms and rests her hands on my neck as I slide my middle finger up and down her slick pleats. An achingly gentle sawing motion that drives her wild.

I feel her clit poke out to meet my fingertips, and circle them slowly. My lips press her neck. I kiss her skin and breathe, letting the warmth of my mouth seduce her further. 

Her eyes shut tight and she bites her lip sexily. I press a little harder, circling just a bit faster, feeling her hips roll forward to meet my touch. Her lips swell and her legs shiver, making her heels squeak on the floor. 

I wrap my other arm around her to keep her from falling, as I slowly coax her pussy to drip. Her smooth plump lips make wet erotic sounds like an ill-mannered mouth at dinner. 

Her skin heats up beneath her blouse. She moans louder and more frequently. Her hands tremble around my neck as her hips thrust and shake. A smooth stroke or two later, her sweet little pussy cums all over my hand. 

My lips part drastically when I feel her quake on my fingers. It's an ecstatic, indescribable feeling. Her slender fingers loosen their grip as her pulses die down. She turns to face me and kisses me hungrily. Her teeth nibble my lip, her tongue dancing in my mouth. 

She quickly unbuttons her blouse and drops it behind her. The skirt, next to be kicked away.

"Sweetheart," I say sternly.

She stops her frantic movements and looks deep into my eyes. 

"Please. Can you leave those heels on?" 

She grins lustfully and leans in to lick my lips. Her head nods slightly as she smiles. I take her in my arms and carry her to the bed. I set her down gently on the sheets and undress. I keep staring at her sexy heels and how they make her legs look even more delicious. 

I crawl on the bed and take her feet in my hands. I love how they feel. I like grazing the pointy heels down my chest and stomach. I lift her knees and make sure the heels press my skin, as the head of my cock reaches for her hot gates.

I wet the tip with her juices and circle it around her clit. I love teasing myself on her pussy, making sweet anticipation for us both. 

"Please, put it in," she begs. Then, drags her heels to my nipples. The slight sting gets me going like nothing else.

I hold her ankles close and slowly ease my cock inside her. Her head falls back on the pillows as she moans sensually. Her pussy tightens around my shaft as I fuck her deeper. My balls get slippery with her juices. 

She crosses her legs across my chest and pulls me close. My cock feels so good inside her with the slight change of angle. I feel I can fuck her harder like this. She whimpers when I hit her magic spot. 

"Fuck, yes. Just like that!" she commands.

I deliver every inch of myself at her will. Up and down. In and out. Hard and steady until her legs are shaking just as badly as before. I feel my cock swell within her tightening walls. The grip feels like soft suctioning lips surrounding my dick, trying to suck the cum right out of me.

I resist until I feel my entire body tense. My ragged breath sounding out how close I am. Her hand slides between her legs and her fingers work on her clit as I keep my pace. The view of her is almost enough to make me explode. I don't let it go until I feel her cum again. Her wet throbbing cunt fluttering around my cock tips me over the edge. And I fuck her as hard as I can. With a long low groan of satisfaction, I cum hard inside her. My arms shiver over her thighs as I curse loudly. 

I let every gooey drop spurt within her and carefully slide out. More cum spills, leaving a long white trail across her beautiful heels. I know I've ruined them now, but the vision of it smeared like that is purely satisfying. 

I lean down to kiss her lips and she moans blissfully into my mouth, also satisfied with our slight change of plan. 

"I'm sorry I ruined those."

"You ruined nothing," she replies, kissing me again. 

She turns me over on my back and grins mischievously, scooting closer to my face. "Now, be a gentleman and clean up your mess."


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site,


Sapphic Spring Sweetness

Erotic fiction inspired by Nancy A in “One Spring Morning

Nancy loved Spring mornings. She particularly loved Saturdays in the spring. There was something magical about riding her bike along the quiet country lanes. It was cool enough that she needed a jacket but warm enough that she felt comfortable pulling on her cutest short shorts. If she was honest, one of the things she loved most was how turned on the whole season made her. The world was exploding with sexual potential. Everything was shedding the dull winter blahs and opening up to the warmth. That and the way her bike seat massaged her through the thin material between her legs meant that by the time her ride was half over, she was wet through and through.

When she pulled over to stretch and rest her legs by the gigantic oak tree, she gave a thought to just pulling down her shorts and exploring between her thighs until the cars on the distant expressway could hear her. Instead, just to prolong the sweet agony, she pulled down the kite she’d found here last month. Its string was still intact as were its planes and angles. She flew it for a few minutes, appreciating getting back in touch with her innocent side. That was another thing she loved about this time of year. It was all about rebirth and renewal.

Eventually, her stomach grumbled and she decided it was time to go home. She’d get some lunch and enjoy some alone time before her girlfriend got back from work. By the time that happened, Nancy would be ready for sweet kisses and more.

When she walked through her front door, she decided her lunch could wait. She took off her shoes, peeled off her jacket and hung it on the hook. Once in their bedroom, she dropped her shirt and bra on the floor. Then, like a cat, she got on the bed and stretched her spine, her ass in the air and her nipples dragging against the soft, fuzzy blanket.

She pulled those short shorts down, burying her face in the fake fur of their blanket. Then she slipped her red panties – the ones with the cute heart embroidery – off of her cheeks and down her long legs. Her lips dripped with her arousal. Sliding so that she was flat on the bed, she kept one hand pressed underneath her. Her fingers eased her wet lips open so she could explore herself thoroughly. She had no intention of cumming just yet. If she could skate right on the edge for ten or fifteen minutes, she knew she’d explode.

Hips moving as slowly as the kite had in the morning breeze, she pushed her fingers deeper into the tight, wet space between her legs. Folds gripped her digits as her other hand toyed with her ass. She knew her girlfriend would be eager to explore every inch of her in just a few hours. As she pushed her body against her hand below, she imagined her lover’s tongue caressing the pink little hole from behind.

Her moan caught her by surprise. Maybe she wouldn’t last ten minutes. Perhaps not even five. She writhed on the fuzzy blanket as her fingers continued tracing her tender skin and pushing into the hot, welcoming entrances. She rolled around, luxuriating in the feel of fake fur against her soft, increasingly warm skin. She sucked her fingers clean and put them back, trading holes as easily as her lover would.

She moved up, up, up, her whole body becoming a heaving, throbbing, mewling mess. She pulled a pillow between her thighs and ground against it, imagining her girlfriend’s lips and tongue on her while they rolled around in the sweet spring grass. She didn’t hear the opening and closing of the door as she came, screaming her lover’s name.

She did feel her lover’s hands on her body replace her own, and as the soft tongue did just what she had imagined it doing moments before, she gave thanks for everything this spring day had brought her.


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The MetArt 50+ Club: Niemira

Raven-haired beauty Niemira is the latest gorgeous model to become a member of our prestigious MetArt 50+ Club, girls so popular they have been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career. The curvaceous Ukrainian bombshell made her fiftieth appearance this week, to the delight of members who can’t get enough of her seductive allure.

NIEMIRA: sexual perfection (50 appearances)

The busty blue-eyed babe made her debut at the age of 23 on March 28, 2015, in a “Presenting” photoset by Leonardo. She has worked with seven artists to date: Leonardo 16 times, Fabrice 10, Antonio Clemens 8, Nudero 7, Arkisi 6, Alex Lynn 2, and Deltagamma 1. All of her appearances are photosets, and all solo – this is not a girl who needs to share the limelight. Her top-rated appearances are “Fionna” and “Madera,” both by Leonardo, and both rated an impressive 9.4.

At the time of writing, Niemira is ranked #36, with a rating of 9.29 based on 3,169 votes, with 451,724 views and 4,161 members following her. She has appeared on several other sites in the Network, primarily Eternal Desire but also Domai, Erotic Beauty, Goddess Nudes, Stunning 18, Viv Thomas and Errotica Archives. An interesting fact from our member Kilroy: Niemira is not only the highest scoring model to enter the 50+ Club, but has also done it in the quickest time period of all the active models – just 4.21 years. 

What is it that we all love so much about Niemira? Well, her irresistible physical attributes are unmistakeable. Her pretty face is charming, with strong eyebrows, beautiful eyes and full lips – she’s equally appealing whether she’s playing the fresh-faced girl-next-door or glammed up as a sultry siren. And her body – wow! It’s impossible to overlook her perfect breasts, those wonderful full round globes with sexy tan lines; but her long slender legs, plump pussy and firm ass are equally spectacular. She looks incredible in lingerie and heels, but even better naked. No wonder members describe her as a “goddess” and anticipate her visits with bated breath; and as she’s still actively modeling, we look forward to featuring Niemira on many occasions to come.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.


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