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Fox hunt...

Katrin D: Katrin, by Peter Guzman, first nudes, natural erotic artWhere do they find these girls? This is a question every member of MetArt has surely asked himself. Yes, there are many beautiful girls in the world, but many of them won't give even the most polite and well meaning gentleman the time of day. And yet Met's photographers manage to not only locate supremely appealing young women, they also convince them to shed their clothes (along with their inhibitions) and pose for photos that will be viewed by millions all over the world! Whether it is skill, luck, magic, or some combination of the three, I'm certainly grateful that our lensmen continue discover and uncover these gems.

Here, thanks to photographer Peter Guzman, is an exquisite addition to MetArt. I doubt this verdant bower is where Guzman found Katrin D., but it makes a fine backdrop for this nubile natural beauty. Her dress comes off quickly, and the delights so revealed instantly induce salivation and other involuntary reactions. From head to toe, with notable highlights in between, Katrin is a truly foxy young female.

I imagine I speak for much of the MetArt membership when I say: Thank you, Karin, for sharing your beauty with us. And thank you, Mr. Guzman, for finding her!


The redhead in the hall...

Natalia G: Halika, by Thierry Murrell, redhead, shaved, erotic photosA friend of mine - you may know him, he goes by the name of Google - tells me that "Halika" is a word in Tagalog that means "Come here." I am unable to discern any connection linking model Natalia G. or her photographer, Thierry Murrell, to the Philippines, but it does make for an intriguing little mystery. It may even make some sense in view of this set's contents.

Natalia appears in what might well be the entry hall of a stately manor. Her bare feet tread on the parquet floor. She is dressed only in a Turkish towel bath robe. Is there a stranger on the other side of the door? If so, he - or, one supposes, she - has no idea of what they're missing!

Natalia, primarily using a small, elegant, antique side table, proceeds to assume a wide variety of extremely revealing postures. Limber and creative, the redheaded model stands, squats, spreads, crouches, leans, reaches and contorts in ways that range from expressive, to seductive, to zany, and even comical.

What have we learned from all this? If Natalia approaches you wearing a bath robe and says: "Halika," you know what to do!


Breakfast nook...

Natasha G: Onilian, by Alan Anar, natural beauty, playful erotic photosAh, the pleasures of domestic life. Whether you're yearning for a late night snack, or if you've just arisen and are ready for your morning meal, can you imagine finding a more tasty treat waiting for you in the kitchen?

Photographer Alan Anar eschews a glamorous decor and glitzy costumes and does without elaborate or dramatic lighting effects in his latest contribution. Instead he and his model, the adorable Natasha G., enjoy an improvisational and uninhibited romp through a nice selection of poses. There is a whimsical, joking quality to some of these photos that well conveys Natasha's kittenish charm. And there are shots that are as serious as they are elegantly erotic.

What's cooking in this kitchen? Why it's Natasha G. à la Anar, and it looks simply delicious!


Fit to be...

Melisa A There is a lively look in Melisa A.'s blue eyes that gives this series a sustained spark of energy. Of course, with her face and body there is never any shortage of energy no matter where or when this magnificent model appears.

Here she's posing outdoors, perhaps on a rooftop deck or patio. She obviously loves modeling and the camera. And the camera - in this case wielded by Luca Helios - loves her in return. Those ever-erect nipples, those hand-filling breasts, that shapely ass, that trim, toned torso, those endless legs - truly, the inventory of physical excellence this pretty lass possesses is virtually without end!

My one complaint, and it is exceedingly minor, is that there is a certain "modelishness" to the set. Melisa is naturally beautiful - have I mentioned her outlandishly long and lustrous hair? - but, in this outing, there is the slightest lack of relaxation or ease in her manner. She does, however, break character in the final shot, raising her hand in a cheery wave. I choose to believe she doesn't mean "Farewell," but rather, "See you again, soon!"


Much to like...

Belicia A I easily found much to enjoy in this, the third series featuring model Belicia A. She has long, shapely legs, which is never a bad thing. And I found her delicate, pale pink nipples particularly attractive. The dark-haired beauty also has a relaxed yet seductive manner which is accentuated by the leisurely pace at which she removes her dress and panties.

But just when things were showing signs of getting truly torrid. Blank. No more. The set just ended, without warning. At 92 images, in total, the set is on the short side - by MetArt's lofty standards, at least. But I got the distinct impression a whole sequence of photos was missing. I can certainly say, without reservation, that I would have enjoyed seeing much more of what Belicia has to offer.

As I began: There is much to like in this set, but I feel there is something missing. Do I make a valid point? Yes or no? Let me know, in the space provided.


Another roadside attraction...

Lily B Lily. B. has decided to take her Jeep for a drive deep into the countryside. The weather is warm and the air is still, so she's quite comfortable wearing only a pair of sandals. While driving down a shady path, she decides to stop and stretch her legs. And so begins the eye-pleasing adventure titled "Vilimia."

Lily has a firm, taut, and beautifully shaped physique, and she takes obvious pleasure in stretching, spreading, bending and arching into whatever position strikes her fancy. In many of these well-composed images it is almost as if the model is utilizing the rugged off-road vehicle as a piece of gymnastic apparatus. One image, out of many, that illustrates this is #0015. Poised on her knees on the hood of the car she assumes an arching back-bend. Her breasts jut skyward as her hair hangs from her inverted head, and her playful gaze is straight into the lens.

Rarely in automotive - or erotic - history has a hood ornament been so profoundly inviting!


If you're fond of blonde...

Nelly A This is my first exposure to a model who has appeared many times before at MetArt. Her many admirers are well acquainted with Nelly's beauty, but it caught me unawares and I'm still enjoying the feeling of surprise and delight that I get when I find a model who really "trips my trigger."

Early on in the set I was intrigued by the red, see-through dress Nelly A. is wearing. But, until the dress was taken completely off, teasingly, I wasn't fully aware of what a sublimely shapely body this model possesses. She has all the freshness of a young nubile, but she's also sculpted into a womanly "hourglass" shape - the swell of her bosom, the trim, narrow waist, the full, rounded hips.

In addition to her physical delights, Nelly also possesses a model's natural instincts. Even in this particular setting - is it outside a house that is undergoing renovation, or perhaps demolition? - amidst dirt, chunks of plaster, and broken masonry, she is elegant and refined. And desirable - very, very desirable!


Tempting trunk show...

Monika Vesela: Later, by Halik, sultry, brunette, erotic artI refer, in this post's title, to the simple prop Halik provides his model: an old fashioned, wooden, steamer trunk. Although we're certain that her pretty posterior would be far more comfortable on soft upholstery - or the sheets of a lover's bed - Monika Vesela uses the antique chest to superior effect.

Seated on the trunk, or standing, the photographer also provides his subject with a stylized painted backdrop. Most viewers will hardly notice - Monika has such a sultry, smoky expression in so many of these shots that it's hard to take ones eyes off of her. Her mouth, in particular, is ripe and luscious, and one doesn't doubt that she's quite adept in its proper use.

In such a simple setting the focus is foremost on the model and Monika rises to the task, treating the viewer to pleasing views of everything she has to offer (with a few bewitching smiles thrown in for good measure). For reasons unknown the series is titled "Later." May I suggest you look at it...sooner?


Don't make her wait...

Simone B: Charme, by Ron Offlin, silver dollar nipple eroticaSome sets possess a theme that is distinct, obvious, and readily observed. In others the theme is something that must be slowly figured out through careful study. And other sets have no theme at all. To my mind, "Charme," by Ron Offlin is such a set. I am not complaining, mind you, I am merely making a comment.

While it has no theme, "Charme" does have Simone B., and that is certainly a good thing. A very voluptuous good thing. Posing on a sofa, in a parlor or antechamber, she is dressed in fetching lingerie. As her frillies come off, the temperature in that room quickly rises. And when she is nude the set takes a particularly explicit turn. As he's been known to do, Offlin offers his subject a piece of jewelry to play with, and the glittering embellishment adds a bit of sparkle to exposed anatomy that is already moist and glistening.

In some of the photos Simone is reading an automotive magazine. I find this curious. But maybe that's the key to the set's theme! Is Simone in a doctor's waiting room? If so, he's certain to enjoy her appointment! What do you think?


Oh! You pretty thing...

Nastya E: Amokis, by Ingret, tasteful erotica, sheer-to-toe, shavedAn old friend of my mine used to say, when discussing the irresistible sexual power of a gorgeous girl: "Short hairs can pull a train." He was quite right, of course. And, although Nastya E. has shaved off all of her "short hairs," she has a huge reservoir of high-potency erotic appeal. What man could resist any request spoken by those sweet lips, or even a silent plea from those big, dark eyes?

Oh yes, Nastya is a genuine confection, a honey-sweet sample of red-tressed, youthful beauty. Her hand-filling breasts are the very definition of pert, and her nipples are erect throughout the series, sending a tantalizing message of their own.

Nastya E: Amokis, by Ingret, tasteful erotica, sheer-to-toe stockings

Ingret's photos capture the model in a nice variety of poses, expressions and moods. I found the shots using the mirror to double the impact quite effective. The choice of lingerie - a frilly garter belt and a pair of crimson, sheer-to-toe, stockings - complements the model's coloring, and will no doubt add some extra sizzle for the leg and foot lovers in the audience.


An unfair advantage?

Cikita A: Cordero, by Jay Cordero, busty, lingerie, new photographerThe aspiring erotic art photographer who wants his work to appear at MetArt faces a daunting challenge. Not only must he produce work that meets our exacting technical demands, but he must also understand our aesthetic sensibility. We welcome photographic erotica in an unlimited range of styles, but if the photographer doesn't "get" what MetArt is all about - and what our worldwide membership has come to expect from us - he cannot hope but fail.

Jay Cordero's debut MetArt series, aptly titled "Cordero," is anything but a failure. The newcomer may have an area or two he needs to refine, but his debut is a success. Of course, he has a bit of an advantage. And that advantage is Cikita A., a seasoned model with a particularly photogenic face and body.

Cordero excels in capturing the glowing tones of Cikita's body. But here is also an opening for weakness - in several shots the glow is allowed to dim - to a point that can be objectively described as underexposure. Apart from this quibble, "Cordero," both the set and its namesake, make a fine addition to MetArt. And, of course, Cikita is always welcome here!


Look of revelations...

Rachel B: Ammix, by Tony Murano, busty model, photographic eroticaHere is a set that is filled with subtle nuance. And here is a set that is, at the same time, filled with blunt and forceful impact. It ranges from kittenish softness to clinical exposition. There are images that inspire a sigh of mellow appreciation. And there are images that elicit a gasp of lusty surprise.

Who is responsible for such a rich series? Photographer Tony Murano is almost shockingly adept at his craft. From full-body images to extreme close-ups he is simultaneously a gifted artist and an impressive technician. And his model, the exotic and shapely Rachel B., gives Murano much to work with. But neither of the two - photographer or model - can claim dominance or sole ownership of "Ammix." It is a collaboration, two talented individuals striving, together, to create erotic art. And this collaboration is an undeniable success.

Rachel is gifted with almond eyes, pale-nippled and generously proportioned breasts, and feminine amenities that must be seen to be properly comprehended. Murano devotes much time and talent to revealing these gifts, and he extracts maximum dazzle from each and every one of the 22 megapixels at his disposal. "Ammix" is never less than amazing!


Bathing cutie...

Caprice A: Fiorita, by Luca Helios, dripping wet eroticaWater is a favorite component of many sets crafted by frequent MetArt contributing photographer Luca Helios. In "Fiorita" the vast majority of the images feature eye-catching Caprice A. immersed, to one degree or another, in a bathtub filled with crystal clear liquid. The effects attained with this combination are vigorously erotic.

Slim, trim, toned and petite, Caprice is a dark-eyed nymphet who exhibits not a single shred of shyness. She is bold and uninhibited, to be sure, but there is an eager, energetic sexuality on display in these images that could never be misconstrued as lewd vulgarity even in her most explicit and revealing postures.

The set leaves much room for fantasy and speculation. Is Caprice relaxing and refreshing herself after an energetic tryst? Or is she bathing in anticipation of a meeting with a lover? In either imagined scenario, and in these wonderfully wet images, she truly is a bathing cutie!


Outstanding in her field...

Anastasia F: Florika, by Dolce, soft erotica, pretty art photos

The model, the location, the style, lighting and photography in this set are all of exceptionally fine quality. Anastasia F., making her second appearance at MetArt, is a treat - pale, creamy skin, flowing hair, petite breasts with plump nipples, beautiful blue eyes, fine facial features, and an animated spirit. And she's posing in the middle of a sprawling field of spring flowers under a bright blue sky on a glorious day. The series really does have a lot going for it.

Early on, a couple of shots really caught my fancy: #0033 and #0039 are close-cropped headshots that distill Anastasia's arresting beauty. And #0053, posing with a single flower, is a portrait of a young woman at the peak of her considerable beauty. Hypnotic.

But, as I progressed through the set, I developed the sense that something was missing. I kept waiting for it, for even a glimpse of it, but it never appeared. I never saw it because Anastasia never showed it, or because photographer Dolce chose not to photograph it.

Do you like this set the way it is? Or would it be improved with more "it" in it?


The girl in a swing...

Mila L: Fivia, by Maslof, tastefully erotic, understated artistryThis is a gentle, eye-pleasing set, photographed in a pastoral setting, that emphasizes simple beauty and style while subtly down-playing overt, explicit eroticism. If this is to your taste, you will easily become seduced by the relaxed mood of the series, and the raven-tressed beauty of the model, Mila L.

Much of the set finds Mila clad in a short dress as she sits in a swing hanging from a tree limb. Her beautiful and expressive face projects a pleasing range of moods, and the hem of her garment affords several teasing up-skirt views. The portraits and headshots in this collection receive added attention and care from photographer Dmitry Maslof, and many of these images have a technically sophisticated, high fashion feel that still manages to "work" in the rural location.

What it may lack in explicit views and overt drama, "Fivia" more than makes up for in the skill and style of the photographs, and the intriguing beauty of Mila L.


An ode to eye-popping abundance...

Sofi A: Augustea, by Goncharov, big breast erotica, photo artI am speechless. My mind is racing, my eyes are wide. I am at a loss for words. And that presents a considerable problem. It is my job to fill this space with thoughtful, incisive, insightful words describing, dissecting, appreciating and analyzing the erotic photo series titled "Augustea," by Goncharov. And the subject of this series - Sofi A. - simply by her very presence in it, has rendered me mute, helpless. I must study these photos more closely, until I regain my composure and ability to communicate.

But further study only compounds the problem! Sofi A., one of MetArt's Top 10 models, is so magnificently sculpted that all I can do is gaze in silent appreciation. What a mind-boggling body this young lovely has! And her personality, her spirit, her softly smiling ease, only serves to enhance her brain-addling attributes.

Don't misunderstand my ranting. Sofi is an all-around gorgeous girl. And she is certainly a talented model in the technical and artistic senses. But those breasts! They defy gravity. They defy description. They are magnificent. Perfection. Thank. You. Sofi!


Beautiful light...

Ksenya B: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, nude debut, erotic artistry

The flesh tones Alex Sironi captures in this series are warm and inviting. It certainly doesn't hurt that the flesh in question, that of new arrival Ksenya B., is truly exceptional. Rather than dressing her up or elaborately styling the set, Sironi strives to convey his model's striking natural beauty by shooting her in a broad range of poses, and by playing with depth of field and the light.

One trick he experiments with, to fine effect, is to let a small sliver of bright light fall across his subject. Some photographers would consider the "bright spot" to be a flaw and might seek to obscure or diffuse it. Sironi uses the light to underline and emphasize anatomy and expression.

Ksenya B. will accelerate your pulse, please your eyes, and generally stimulate your senses. I don't think a new MetArt model could hope for a finer showcase of her talent.


Playing all the angles...

Gella A: Present, by Antonio Mendes, erotic artistry, slender, sexy model

This is the third offering from the model/photographer team of Gella A. and Antonio Mendes, and it is of such uniformly high quality and contains such variety that I almost don't know where to start.

I will start with the girl, of course - without her we have nothing. And what a delight she is. Lovely, slender, limber, groomed and styled to perfection. Gella skillfully follows direction as the photographer steps her through a stunning spectrum of exceedingly varied poses.

So varied are the poses, in fact, that "Present" almost feels as if it's several different sets rolled into one. There is a sequence, for example, that is shot at off-kilter angles with the backdrop draped in strong diagonals. There are many pure "glamour" shots. Those who lean towards a more explicit style will not be disappointed. And there are painterly, highly stylized images that are, to coin a phrase, "suitable for framing."

This "third time" is certainly a charmer. I eagerly await more.


Bedroom eyes and parted thighs...

Marina H: Schitterend, by Ron Offlin, explicit erotic portraitureIf you've ever wondered what the term "bedroom eyes" meant, wonder no more. Just eyeball virtually any photo in this collection and you'll understand the concept perfectly. The seductive and inviting look in Marina's eyes is mesmerizing, but she possesses many additional assets and Ron Offlin has a frank and forthright manner of catching them with his camera.

Marina H. is no mere slip of a girl. She has curves. She has a sensational shape. And her coloring - the rich deep, dark brown of her long hair, and the eye-catching pinkness of her nipples - is dramatic. So is what is revealed when the model brazenly parts her thighs to show off her sex. That last sentence really needs a "!" at the end - you'll understand when you've had a look at the particular shots I'm referring to.

The set's title, "Schitterend," had me baffled, but I'm given to understand that it means "Shining," in Dutch. And it is certainly a shining example of erotic portraiture.


Once upon a mattress...

This is a very simple, basic set. It's so simple that, quite frankly, with a less gifted model, one might quickly disregard it. But the model is Inga C., and more gifted models than she are hard to find!

It's a near lethal combination: a fabulously beautiful face, and a fantastically shapely body. With no more than a coy pout and a raised eyebrow Inga can bring a strong man to his knees. With a single glance Inga has the power to cloud men's minds.

But do whatever you can to shake off the haze. Focus! Concentrate on these images! Take my word, you do not want to miss a single picture in this collection.

Yes, it is a simple set. And, yes, Inga C. is simply beautiful. If you haven't yet "Noticed" her, this series provides a stunning introduction!


A vixen unveiled...

In discussing a movie or a book reference is often made to pacing, the tempo and rhythm of events as they unfold in a story. In discussing a photo set pacing may seem less obvious -they are individual, still images, after all. But Tony Murano's "Casbah," starring Paloma B. perfectly illustrates the importance of pacing in a photo series.

As it opens, Paloma is clad in a lingerie ensemble and wearing parti-colored pumps. Then slowly, very slowly, over the course of dozens of images, she begins revealing more of her body. Her bra and panties take a while to come completely off, and this creates a sublime sense of anticipation and desire. This is the art of the tease, and photographer and model are both masters of this erotic talent.

When her clothes are finally dispensed with Paloma continues to gradually turn up the heat and increase the intensity. The slow build-up very successfully magnifies the power of the more explicit images here, and the attention to pacing provides a fine series with additional impact.


Wood nymph...

Denisa B: Shine, by Domenic Mayer, outdoor erotic photographyYou retreat to the forest in search of solitude, and to escape, for an afternoon, the stress and pressure of daily life. As you wander you feel as if you are not alone. You pause. What's that sound? And there! Is somebody hiding behind that tree? You call out. She giggles. Intrigued, you call again. And then she steps into view.

"She," is Denisa B., and in Domenic Mayer's "Shine," she is every bit the wood nymph of myth and legend. Whether she is playing hide-and-seek with a towering conifer or down on all fours teasing the spectator with tempting views of her tender treasures, a warm, knowing smile is never far from Denisa's sweet lips.

We will always have to return to "the stress and pressure of daily life," but isn't it nice to know that we can retreat into a satisfying world of fantasy with the help of a magical minx like Denisa?


Tall cool one...

Anna AJ: Deliziosa, by Leonardo, high fashion erotic art photosWow. I could end this entry with that single, three letter exclamation, and I would have perfectly expressed my reaction to this series starring Anna AJ. But, just as I was compelled to linger and peruse this set at a leisurely pace, I will attempt to explore the stunning beauty of this model and these photographs in greater detail.

Yes, Anna is a jaw-dropping, eye-popping, traffic-stopping honey. Her presentation here has a high fashion gloss masterfully manipulated by lensman Leonardo. But, unlike some similarly stylish photos, the naturalness and humanity - the personality - of the model is never glossed over. The style enhances the content, there is precision and technique in every mechanical aspect of the photography, and yet the warmth of Anna's luminous beauty is never compromised.

When Leonardo named this set "Deliziosa," he wasn't kidding. In fact, he was making an understatement!


A nude beach natural...

Anna AM: Presenting, by Agnes Zarra, full bush, amateur nudist eroticaAnna, who often visits nude beaches in her native Spain, had never considered posing as a professional model. But when first time MetArt contributor Agnes Zarra approached Anna at one such nude beach and asked if she'd be interested in posing, she agreed without hesitation. This set is the result of their first session.

A wild and rustic stretch of beach, an entirely naturalistic style of photography, and a willing model results in a set that is unvarnished in its simplicity. It feels as if we are simply watching as an unashamed young woman enjoys herself during a day at the beach. She sports in the surf, she climbs the rocks, she runs, does cartwheels, assumes a variety of intriguing positions. Towards the end of the set she is joined by an exotic-looking female companion.

Some may feel this series would benefit with some editing, others may argue that the set is perfect in its complete simplicity. What do you think of this new model, this new photographer, and this new pictorial?


Invitation to fantasy...

Olivia E: Enchante, by Nudero, fantasy erotic art photographyPhotographer Nudero's portfolio embraces two extremes. He's a specialist at naturalistic, outdoor sets. And he also creates series like "Enchante," which utilize painted backdrops, costumes and props to create intriguing tableaux that combine fantasy and reality to outstanding effect. It is the rare artist who demonstrates such versatility.

Of course, even the most gifted artist needs a suitable subject, and in Olivia E. the picture maker has everything he needs to realize his erotic vision. Olivia seems inspired by the set decoration and performs - to say she "poses" doesn't adequately describe it - her fantasy role with enthusiasm. Is she a concubine? A harem girl? A princess or a goddess of some ancient kingdom? With her poses, her costume, her attitude and her breathtaking beauty, Olivia invites the viewer to fantasize and to indulge his imagination in new and unexpected ways.

The model is a delight and I find the style of "Enchante" to be a refreshing change of pace. Don't you agree?


Remarkable...and rare!

Cezaria A: Sivalia, by A. Le Favori, natural breasts, erotica

Cezaria A. has certain, shall I say, qualities, that are bulging right up against breathtaking. If you are the sort who values quality along with quantity, this model's endowments provide a double helping of heaven sent abundance. Adding additional worth to Cezaria's bountiful blessings is their rarity - this is only the second time that the chesty cherub has appeared on MetArt. Shall we pause for a moment of silent gratitude?

The set, as executed by Andre Le Favori, is simple, without any gimmicks or tricks. He knows that, with such a striking subject, the focus should be on her, and not on artistry or flashy technique.

Actually, I now realize that Le Favori has employed a trick here - there are several shots in which Cezaria teases her inverted nipples with an ice cube. The result of this experiment - a wet spot on the upholstery - is visible throughout the remainder of the series. Can this be the only "wet spot" this set will elicit? I highly doubt it.


New nubile on the block...

Olga W: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, first nudes, new model, new photographerOne of the key factors in the success and longevity of MetArt is our focus on a three letter word: new. We're constantly adding new pictorials of our established models, new sets from our veteran photographers, new series featuring new models, and new photos from new photographers. That's a lot of new!

This set, "Presenting," starring Olga W., photographed by Alex Sironi, packs as much new as possible into a single set. How so? Well, Olga W. is making her first ever appearance here. And the same is true of Mr. Sironi. How successful is this double-debut? In a word...very! Girlish and naturally gorgeous Olga displays the skills of a gifted model right out of the starting gate. Youthful and petite, Olga is a more-than-welcome addition to the MetArt talent pool.

Her photographer, as well, boasts genuine ability. The set is spare but inviting, the lighting warm, natural, and unobtrusively effective. Sironi not only has the technique required to produce photography that meets MetArt standards, he also appears to have a native grasp of our aesthetic, without compromising his own unique stylistic vision. I welcome both of these talented new contributors with unqualified enthusiasm!


Bedtime glory...

Lada D: Favorita, by Tony Murano, explicit erotic artistry

You are feeling sleepy, your eyelids grow heavy. Then you open "Favorita," and suddenly you're wide awake, aware, alert, and filled with renewed vigor. Lada D. has that effect on men, and Tony Murano's series is as fine a showcase of this young lady's irresistible attributes as one could hope for.

Although it starts out particularly demure, sweet and discrete, the set evolves into a temptingly explicit presentation. And Lada is not at all shy or hesitant about presenting herself to the camera. For those sensitive souls in the viewing audience, Murano experiments with diffusion - it is, perhaps, a piece of sheer fabric draped in front of the lens - that softens and obscures the fleshy delicacies Lada reveals.

While Lada's admirers will relish this new addition to her portfolio, those of you who are unfamiliar with the model may find yourselves with a new "Favorita!"


She loves the work...

Avril A: Snaps, by Thierry Murrell, slender model, many erotic posesAvril's enthusiasm and enjoyment of this particular modeling job is readily apparent. Not just in the smile that she can't suppress in several of the shots, but also in the way that she gleefully glides through a plethora of poses (and subtle variations of each one).

The antique mirror and gold-trimmed emerald gown give the set an "olde tyme" flavor, and it's not hard to picture Avril posing for a masterpiece in some bygone era. In these "Snaps," however, she is clearly a product of the modern age - and we are lucky to have her with us.

I do have one minor complaint: if it were my choice to make, I'd prefer just a bit more polish in the presentation. I'm being deliberately vague - discretion is the better part of valor, after all. But, if I were to paint a door, I would paint the front side, and then I would paint the back side. I will say no more. If you have something you'd like to add, feel free to do so.


Liquid assets...

Sammy A: Gioia, by Luca Helios, wet erotica, technical artistryI am aware that lensman Luca Helios has employed this signature approach in previous MetArt contributions, but this is my first exposure to the style so I will offer my unvarnished impressions.

Let me first applaud a technical style and aesthetic approach that is completely out of the ordinary. For that, alone, this series earns respect. The sheer technical effort, the coordination of a team, to produce these complex and striking images, is truly impressive.

But technique is technique, and it is nothing without a suitable model. This, of course, is where Sammy A. enters the picture(s). She is up to the dynamic challenges of light, dark, wet, dry, and plenty of unpredictable motion. The set hits a "high water mark," if you'll excuse the pun, in #0096, where the arching architecture of Sammy's toned body is artfully reflected in the watery surface on which she reclines.

Wet or dry - what in this series caught your eye?


Blue skies and green eyes...

Sindi B: Presenting, by Dolce, first nudes, outdoor exhibition, eroticaHigh in the hills, overlooking the sea, a new MetArt model poses for you and me. The beauty of the setting took me away on a Mediterranean (my guess) mini-vacation, but Sindi, wrapped in a piece of azure fabric, brought me right back down to here and now. This girl has a certain sweetness, and there's just the barest hint of youthful awkwardness and uncertainty - she is a new model, and a young woman, after all. I have no doubt she will grow into her newfound career. But, for her debut, she need apologize for nothing!

As I worked my way through the series - is "work" really the proper term for such a pleasurable occupation? - I took note of Sindi's many fine attributes, long limbs, delightfully pert breasts, freckled shoulders. And then I had one of those moments when I can only stop and stare: photo #0077, a close head-shot, is magnificent.


Simply red...

Nomi A: Presenting, by Rylsky, natural beauty, outdoor erotic photosWomen are magical in their own right, but they have, from time to time, been known to use their own brand of trickery to attract men into their lives. Is that blonde really a blonde? Are her breasts really that big, or is her bra designed to deceive? How tall would she be without those sky-high stiletto heels?

With Nomi A. - and her entire MetArt debut - such deceptions are out of the question. This is a perfect illustration of "what you see is what you get." Her red hair came from nature, not a bottle. Her beautiful facial and physical features are also gifts from Mother Nature. And neither Nomi or photographer Rylsky have tampered with her natural appearance, no razor has removed a single curl.

The photographer has chosen to capture Nomi in her natural habitats, as well. By the sea, in a cafe, on the street. Casual, simple, and naturally beautiful.


That looks like fun...

Talia B: Tilikan, by John Emslie, natural beauty, fresh eroticaExcuse me if I indulge in a little bit of multiple entendre. Talia B. has a lively, cheery demeanor that suggests to me she'd be a lot of fun to spend time with. This type of fun could be grabbing a bite, going on a bike ride, or watching a movie, preferably a comedy. And it also looks to me like this photo session was a lot of fun. Work, yes, but work well done, and a fun and enjoyable process - for photographer and model, alike.

And, well, I don't want to put too fine a point on this, I've got to maintain the classy and detached objectivity that MetArt demands of me. But, of course, Talia B. looks like fun, particularly in the sense of - how shall I put this? - grown up fun. Consenting adults fun. You know, the passionate, intimate, physical, joyous, intense, explosive, mutually satisfying kind of fun.

Get my meaning? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.


May I make a suggestion?

Iveta B: Hektian, by Halik, glamour, top model, elegant erotica

I am by no means a photographer, much less a MetArt caliber artiste. And I assure you, I am not a model, either. Despite these handicaps, I feel the need to offer a bit of advice that, if it could be put to use after the fact, might elevate this set from good to great.

Iveta is beautiful. She has what can be fairly described as a spectacular body - see photo #0087 if you need convincing. Her costume, make-up and hairstyle are all exceptional.

Likewise, photographer Halik has full mastery of his craft, and his art as well. The set he has chosen is simple and effective. He coaches his model through a wide, if not expansive, variety of poses. But...

If I were to change one thing in this series, it would be the expression on Iveta's face. It changes in barely perceptible increments, and only rarely. It is as if she didn't want to ruin her artfully applied make-up. I only wish she would laugh, or frown, roll her eyes, or stick her tongue out! What if the photographer told her a joke, or asked her to make an angry face, if only as a lark? Some more emotion, please.

Do you agree with my suggestion? Disagree? Have a suggestion of your own? Let us know in the comments...


In a silent way...

Brionie W: Presenting, by Sebastian Michael, first nudes, subtle erotica

This series is photographer Sebastian Michael's second contribution to MetArt, and the first I've had the privilege of examining. It also marks the arrival of a new model, Belgium-born Brionie W. On top of all that, this set distinguishes itself by the naturalistic, understated, almost documentary quality of the photography, and by the pensive, thoughtful mood expressed throughout by the model.

The spoken instruction "smile!" has preceded untold millions of photographs, but Brionie is having none of it. In what might well be her bedroom, clad only in a bath towel, her face is impassive, her mood reflective, as if lost in thought. The look, her mood, is altogether involving. I'd go so far as to say it's fascinating. What is she thinking of? A lover? Some far away land? One is tempted to offer a penny for her thoughts, but I doubt she'd share her inner secrets for so small an amount.

The second half of the series finds Brionie outside. Here there is more "modeling," but still the quiet mood. And then - only in shots #0127 and #0130 - a smile. Definitely worth waiting for. As will be Brionie's next appearance here. I hope she doesn't make us wait too long.


Faux fur/genuine heat...

Olya Q: Limik, by Leonardo, stylish erotic photo art, hot blondeThis set has a real old time "pin-up" flavor, to my eyes, at any rate. And that seems slightly odd because Olya Q. has such a modern look. But such is the magic of carefully conceived, artfully executed erotic photography. A tip of the MetArt blogger's hat - it's more of a cap, actually - to learned lensman Leonardo. Well done, sir!

And how about Olya, herself? In a perfect world, this petite treat could put every doctor in the breast "enhancement" business out of work. Even those of us who prefer a model with more generous endowments cannot deny that Olya packs a stunning erotic punch. In her case less is most certainly more, and then some!

Shot #0034 is a perfect illustration of what I mean by the "pin-up" quality I first mentioned. #0055 is a good example of Olya doing more with less. And perhaps the ultimate testament to this model's erotic impact can be found in #0082. In this image we don't even get a glimpse of her "naughty bits," and yet Olya's sex appeal is overt and abundant. Oh, yes!

Parting thought: What do you suppose a "Limik" is? I have no idea, whatsoever. Can a member clue me in?


Go with the glow...

Sharon D: Possible, by Antonio Clemens, feet, footwear, artistic erotica

This beauty, Sharon D., really radiates a bright, sunny energy. And when she smiles and looks right into the camera it's as if she's shining a lovely light directly at the viewer. Photographer Antonio Clemens seems to understand Sharon's gift and captures it in a variety of interesting ways. He takes particular care with the lighting in many shots and the subtle sheen on Sharon's skin adds dimension and real impact.

While effort has certainly been made to convey Sharon's personality, there are additional visual components of this series, some subtle, some relatively obvious. Those readers with an interest in foxy female feet and high fashion footwear, for example, will have their appetites whetted and, I dare say, satisfied by many of the shoe-centric shots in this set.

Sharon can appear mild and she can seem wild. She can pose like a pro and then appear completely spontaneous. In this set, and in life, one hopes, with Sharon, everything is "Possible!"


On the waterfront...

Ennie A & Veronique A: Ibiza, by Halik, outdoor nudity, 2-girl eroticaTake the Spanish sunshine, some cool blue Mediterranean sea, add two bikini-clad beauties - a blonde and a brunette will make for a nice contrast - apply glistening oil to skin as needed, and photograph until nude. This is the recipe Halik has employed to cook up "Ibiza," starring Ennie A. and Veronique A., and it is a mouthwatering confection, without doubt.

Both models have had much MetArt experience and it's clear they're enjoying their day by the bay. Boaters in the background of these shots must have enjoyed a little unexpected spectating, as well.

If the beach they're on had been of soft sand (instead of jagged rocks) perhaps this tempting twosome could have taken the opportunity to share an even greater level of intimacy.

What would you suggest for Ennie and Veronique's next session together?


In the heat of the...

Night A: Presenting, by Rylsky, wet, explicit, hot sexual art photographyMy challenge, the challenge I face every time I sit down to write another post for the MetArt blog, is to find something noteworthy about the set at hand, to provide insight to the reading membership, and to suggest approaches to MetArt that enrich the experience. I'm always looking for a "hook" to pull the reader in.

Before I'd even glanced at this set I thought I had a hook. The cover image was dark, the model's name was Night, it seemed an angle worth exploring. Light and shadow, the romance and mystery of darkness, waking life versus the dream state - and then I looked at the set.

Wow. Pure sex. Hot, radiant, moist - make that wet - sex. All my narrative devices and cold, analytic detachment was blow away by the raw power of Night's unabashed sexuality. There are quiet moments here, there is sweetness. But it's the sex that makes this "Night" so unforgettable.

I know what my favorite shots in this collection are - what are yours? And why?


Easy, effortless, excellence...

Mila I: Stirred, by Goncharov, top model, blonde, satisfying erotica

Going into this set I was well aware that the subject, Mila, is the reigning #1 Top Model at MetArt. Consequently, I devoted more time to studying the cover of this series than I typically do. There was something about Mila's face, and the way she held herself that drew me in - this model has star quality, and it's very nearly magnetic and magical.

The conclusions I reached while examining the cover shot were confirmed when I'd had a chance to enjoy the complete set. Mila has a self-assured, self-confident persona, but she never pushes too hard, there's an ease, a relaxed air about her that is every bit as alluring as her slim physique and fabulous facial features.

With 25 sets to her credit, Mila is a seasoned and experienced model. This is quite evident in the ease with which she adjusts her body to each pose and shifts her expression with such seemingly effortless grace. I use the word "seemingly" because modeling is far from easy. But Mila makes it appear so. I have never had the pleasure of meeting her, I regret to admit. Nor have I ever met photographer Goncharov. But in looking at the photos in "Stirred" I get the distinct impression that model and photographer, alike, took great pleasure in creating it. I can tell you, without reservation, that I took great pleasure in viewing it, as well!


Thrills in the chill...

Aspen A: Collection, by John Emslie, outdoor nudity, public erotica

A sun-swept beach, or a cozy bed can give a model a bit of a boost when it comes time to generate erotic heat. But when the skies are cloudy and there's more than a hint of winter in the wind, the job of projecting steamy, sultry sexuality becomes that much more challenging. But a little chilly weather isn't enough to stop Aspen from exposing her tempting assets to John Emslie's heat-seeking lens.

Aspen braves the cool afternoon wearing only a coat, a pair of clingy white leggings, a scarf and shoes. Perhaps the nondescript location is on campus at her university? Oblivious to the risk of exposing herself to unsuspecting fellow students, and without a care about the weather, the American beauty reveals her body and her personality with skill, honesty and warmth.

If "Collection" was an exam, we'd have to give college student Aspen an A+!


The warmth of the sun...

Volna A: Bronze, by Alan Anar, outdoor nudes, young sex in the sun

Although you cannot see it - and in fact it may be miles away from the featured location - the feeling of the seaside permeates this straightforward offering from Alan Anar. With her flowing golden hair, and sun-burnished body, Volna A., radiates a healthy, "beach girl" feeling whether she's striking a pose here, relaxing on the warm summer sands, or dressed up for a night out with friends.

Here, nude and outdoors, bathed in the golden rays of a warm afternoon, Volna's nubile natural beauty can be most fully appreciated. Her skin tone, that glowing bronze, is beautifully captured by the lens, as are the sporty contours of Volna's trim, toned body. Study any of these photos for a moment, then close your eyes and imagine splashing in the surf with Volna at your side. Or picture yourself rubbing sweet-scented oil on this young beauty's body.

Imagine Volna in the scenario of your choosing, whatever and wherever it may be, and you'll soon be feeling the unique heat this magnificent MetArt model has in such abundance!


She's ready for her close-up...

Kate Anne Domini: Presenting, by Rylsky, first nudes, glamour erotica

I've said it before, and I'll no doubt say it again, but reviewing a new model's first appearance at MetArt is one of the highlights of my job. Take a look at Kate Anne Domini's debut and see if you understand what I'm saying. A new model. A 19-year-old, no less. A newcomer, yet skilled beyond her years in the art of modeling. And captured in a clean and tasteful setting by prolific, long-time contributor Rylsky. This is a very promising debut, indeed!

The set includes a broad variety of poses and the new model adapts to and accommodates the photographer's creative and experimental whims. I particularly enjoyed a sequence of shots (spanning #0040 through #0050, or so) that consists of close and very-close facial close-ups. With her flawless complexion and golden tresses, Kate Anne exudes pure glamour here. And #0093, a shot up the model's neck, her face in profile from below, might strike some as a throw-away, but I find it oddly evocative.

What shots in this debutante's collection do you favor?


The thrill of the new...

Ilona B: Presenting, by Goncharov, first nudes, subtle eroticism

If you've only been a member of MetArt for just a few days, perhaps even hours, you have probably already chosen a few favorite models. Over time those favorites may change, but you're always awaiting their next set, and you always feel an extra thrill when something new featuring one of your favorites is added to the site. The familiar face and body of a favorite model is a pleasure to be savored, repeatedly. But there is also much to be said for the pleasures of a new discovery. And so it is with the latest gem unearthed by Goncharov, the beguiling Ilona B.

Shot in natural light, on a somewhat overcast day, the mood of these photos is matched by Ilona's often understated and subtle expressiveness. This isn't a girl who dazzles or overpowers you with her beauty. She seduces you, quietly. A smile is often on her full lips, but she rarely reveals her teeth. Her sexual allure is strong, but it's more akin to a whisper than it is to a scream. There is joy in her eyes, but there is also mystery. The more I looked at Ilona, the more I wanted to see. And then, to my surprise, the series ended. With 89 photographs in total, the set is a bit short. But isn't fitting? Ilona's debut leaves the viewer craving more. We can only hope to get just that...soon!


Smiley smile...

Fergie A: Lächeln, by Dolce, blue eyes, fishnets, tasteful eroticaFrom the moment I first saw the cover of this set, and throughout the viewing, I kept thinking: What a great smile Fergie has! Oh, everything else she has is great, as well, but her smile is really exceptional. It was only when I sat down to write this blog entry that I bothered to decode the set's title and realized I was a little bit late to this particular party. Lächeln, my non-German speaking friends should know, means smile. As I said, Fergie's got a great one, no matter what language you say it in!

I found some of the shots with the hanging beads just a tiny bit distracting, but photographer Dolce's set decoration is otherwise quite pleasing. The matching black on white print of the upholstery and wallpaper is visually interesting and brings Fergie’s warm skin tones and extra-blue eyes to the fore.

That bright smile remains even as the model works her way through a wide variety of poses and expressions, and in one of my favorite shots, #0056, she's hardly smiling at all. In portraits, body shots, or close-ups of her most precious parts, Fergie A. is bound to put a big smile on the viewer's face!


Make it a double...

Fidelia A & Karina K: Avilias, by Morenko, erotic duet, 2-girl erotic artI was talking to a female friend about erotica - yes, we also talked about porn - and she was very curious about what she called the "male fascination with girl-on-girl action." Although I can't pretend to speak for my gender on a topic as intensely personal as aesthetic and erotic preference, I did offer my personal opinion: If one beautiful nude girl is good, two beautiful nude girls is twice as good! It's a simple theory, true, but accurately describes my feelings about "girl-on-girl action."

And that, conveniently enough, brings us to "Avilias," Oleg Morenko's double-bodied study of Fidelia A. and Karina K. As it happens, both models apparently prefer posing with a partner - they've graced MetArt with four sets appearing together (and Fidelia teamed with Izabelle A. for an earlier outing).

What I find so intriguing about this set - beyond my two-girl theory - is that these two long limbed young ladies are so similar in appearance, even as they are so subtly different. Take a quick look and they might be sisters. Take a closer look and the differences become more apparent. And isn't that one of the core strengths of the entire MetArt experience? A quick glance is never enough - closer scrutiny and study always results in a far richer experience.


Plush, pink & particularly pleasing!

Anita C: Totally, by Dolce, creamy skin, beautiful eroticaIn my personal life, as well as my blogging life, I don't "run to a type." I'm not a leg man, an ass man or a tit man. I find many different types of women pleasing, not just blondes, not just redheads, not just short ones, tall ones, skinny or voluptuous ones. Part of this must be chemical, something in my genetic makeup. But, from a practical standpoint, it also opens up the field - the more women you're attracted to, the more opportunities you have to enjoy them! If you only like tall blondes with one green eye and one blue one, extremely large natural breasts, who wear a size 6.5 shoe, more power to you! But you've chosen a type that is in extremely limited supply. As I said, I like all types - and Anita C. is one of the types I like the most!

Shall we consider her many assets? Photographer Dolce certainly has! That pale, smooth, creamy skin glows in the unobtrusive lighting here. And the pink bits, nipples, lips, etc., provide a pleasing contrast. That almost-auburn hair is lush and luxurious. And those eyes - a man could get lost in them. But beyond her physical charms, Anita is a model with a very "versatile" face - she's got a lot of extremely pleasing looks, and seems to delight in sharing them with the lens.

Do you think Anita's body is as versatile as her face? The answer can only be: "Totally!"


Seaside sizzle...

Adelia A: Energia, by Leonardo, dramatic outdoor erotic photographyA location, a model, an approach. Those are the basic components of any photo set. If only one of these elements is out of the ordinary it can be enough to result in quality photos, but when all three are so striking it makes for powerful viewing. And that's the case with Adelia A. in Leonardo's "Energia."

The coastal setting is breathtaking, and if MetArt branches out into landscape photography, we would no doubt welcome studies of this dramatic coastline. Adelia A. does much to dress up that spectacular vista - whether she's wearing those shape-hugging shorts or clad only in her taut skin. But it's the photographer's technical approach to location and model that makes this set shine. I don't pretend to know the nuts and bolts of Leonardo's technique, but I do know he's masterfully manipulated natural and flash light in a way that makes Adelia stand out and appear distinct, separated from the background in a way that must be seen to be completely comprehended. But when waves start dramatically breaking around Adelia the illusion is revealed.

"Energia." Whether it’s natural, erotic, or creative, this set possesses in abundance!


The girl next door...

Alena J: Alena, by A Le Favori, denim cut-offs, natural, relaxed eroticaAlena J. boasts a uniquely natural sort of beauty that this set captures faithfully. If she was dressed up in designer fashions and artfully applied make-up she'd fit right in with the most stylish, jet set crowd. But here, in her snug denim cut-offs and casual top she's a fresh-faced, girl next door. And if she lived next door to you, you'd be one happy neighbor!

The domestic setting, it might be a hall in her family home, provides a fitting backdrop. Alena's temperament is friendly, her smile a sign of easygoing approachability. She's still smiling long after her casual clothes have been cast aside, but when she's standing there, lithe, long-limbed, exposed and at ease, she's no longer just "the girl next door," she's an extremely inviting example of finely sculpted femininity.

She's so finely sculpted that even architectural details in her home appear to be responding to her. If you think you know what I'm talking about, share your insight in the comments.


Those lips, those eyes! Those lips!

Natalia G: Aimer, by Ron Offlin nude erotic art

Like many of my countrymen, too many, perhaps, I speak only one language, English. So, with the assistance of an online dictionary, I've learned that the title of this spectacular set is a French word that means to like or to love. In the case of Natalia G., it most definitely means to love! From the seductive smile on her plump and luscious lips, to the bedroomy gleam in her deep green eyes, Natalia is a girl who inspires thoughts of love (yes, and lust) effortlessly. She was made to love, in the physical sense - and very, very well, at that!

There is a certain frankness, a type of visual honesty in Ron Offlin's approach to the style and content of this set. He is all too keenly aware of Natalia's varied assets, and he puts much loving emphasis where it so clearly and fittingly belongs. As he has done elsewhere, Offlin gives his model a piece of jewelry to toy with, and the pearls used here are precious far, far beyond their dollar value. I could say more, but you really must see this set in its entirety to know the full meaning of my words.

With thoughts of Natalia's succulence dancing in my brain I read in her bio that she's a violinist. I hope you (Natalia) and you (the reader) can forgive me for saying this, but, she can fiddle with me anytime!


The innocence and energy of youth...

Erika F: Fitness, by Sergey AkionPuffy gray clouds slide across a vivid blue sky. A ribbon of dirt road recedes into the distance. Iron trestles stand tall and spinning rotors of a "wind farm" slice through the air. And along comes Erika F. This landscape was already interesting, but with the addition of Erika it becomes irresistible!

It's not hard to imagine this carefree beauty skipping down this desolate lane, singing her favorite song, picking a pretty flower that catches her eye, delighting in the sunshine and fresh air - simply enjoying herself and enjoying life. There is a dynamic, alive quality both to the model and to the photos. In several it is obvious that a cloud has drifted in front of the sun, muting the light. In others one can almost feel the sun warming the skin just as it warms Erika.

She is serious, dedicated to her task as a model. And she is girlish, because in many ways that is exactly, fantastically, what she is. Wind power and a winsome young woman? Renewable energy - both electrical and erotic - has rarely been more enticing!


Light + dark + red + hot...

Masha F: Dikina, by A. Le FavoriSomehow the dark corner of the room in "Dikina" feels like an appropriate setting. Masha's pale skin has a luminous, glowing quality in the light photographer A. Le Favori shines on her. In that light her dark auburn hair and her deep, dark eyes become even more intriguing.

This body type, long-limbed and lean, has a strong appeal. Made stronger, still, in Masha's case, by the beautiful breasts she's been blessed with. And her clothing - those thigh-high stockings, that sporty yet high fashion pair of boots - projects a quirky, rebellious quality, a bit of semi-punk attitude. Works for me!

I might have liked just a big more exploration of Masha's more intimate anatomy, but I respect the choices made here (whether they were Masha's, Le Favori's, or a combination of the two). Whatever the case, this study in light and dark, red hair and pale skin is without!


Between the fabric and her feet...fabulous!

Ginnie A: Valkiria, by Luca Helios

A rustic footbridge in a sun-dappled forest. And what's this? A strikingly beautiful blonde draped in a flowing blue gown with silver metallic high heels on her feet. Has she wandered away from a garden party at a neighboring estate? Take my word - the moment Ginnie A. graces the lens of Luca Helios' camera with her sweet smile, questions such as these will be the furthest things from your mind!

I got a little impatient with that piece of blue fabric. I wanted it gone. Mercifully, but teasingly, Ginnie unwrapped her amazing body as the set progressed. And she eventually got rid of the shoes, as well. Completely nude, but for a few pieces of jewelry, she proudly (and happily, it seems) displays her body - and every luscious inch of it is a delight. I also have a feeling that those of you who appreciate the female foot will find much to enjoy here.

Posed shots in "Valkiria" are plentiful and varied - one of my favorites, #0110, is a headshot unlike any other in the set. Two other standouts, in my opinion, are motion captures. Ginnie, standing tall, runs toward the camera as the blue fabric falls behind her. Goodbye, fabric...hello, Ginnie!


A very memorable morning!

The title of this set, "Colazione," is the Italian word for breakfast. And what a feast for the senses it is. The main course is, of course, model Carla B., and our visual chef - photographer Catherine - has chosen to accompany her subject with a plate of ripe, red strawberries. It may seem like a simple trick, an easy way to add a bit of bright color, but there's more to it than you might, at first, think.

The berries are a prop, true. But they're an edible prop, and watching as Carla savors a couple of the sweet, juicy fruits is bound to trigger no small amount of salivating in the MetArt audience. They also give the photographer the opportunity to experiment with depth of field in intriguing ways. In some shots, with berries in the foreground and model behind, she shifts her focus from one to the other. In others the berries are simply another visual component of a pictorial "still life," a moment artfully captured.

My favorite shot here (among many, I'll admit) is #0105. It's very nearly a so called "choker close-up" in which Carla's face dominates the frame. The expression on that face is beautiful beyond description - look into those eyes and you'll understand. Yes, there are strawberries in the foreground, but Carla B. is all I see.

"Colazione," what a perfect way to start the day!


A star of tomorrow…today!

Anika A: Presenting Anika, by Ron OfflinIt's been said that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. In that case, Anika A. has absolutely nothing to be worried about - her first appearance at MetArt is a knockout! The set, aptly titled "Presenting Anika," by Ron Offlin, reveals a young model brimming with self-confidence and radiating fresh, sultry sensuality.

And there is a lot of very skillful "Presenting" going on here: photographer Offlin has chosen an exceedingly simple set - a wall, a headboard, a bed dressed in simple white linens. This unembellished background lets the mouthwatering glory of eye-pleasing Anika fill the frame. And, particularly for a newcomer, Anika A. has skills that other models take many sessions to master. This 19-year-old knows exactly how to present every inch of her body to the viewer. She's not simply posing for the camera, one gets a real sense that Anika has us - the viewing membership - in mind as she moves around on those crisp white sheets.

Thank you, Ron Offlin, for your photos of this stunning new discovery! And thank you, Anika, for sharing your beautiful self with MetArt! We can only hope you'll continue to appear here - repeatedly - in the near future!

And speaking of future appearances - how would you like to see Anika A. presented in future photo sets?


A challenging assignment…

Mira A: Diliavia, by Goncharov nubiles erotic nude art

It's an assignment that might trip up a less talented photographer. Here is your model, she is nude and you cannot dress her up or embellish her in any way. You have the run of the house, but you may use only a single prop - this picture book will do - and nothing more. Oh, and no artificial light. Now produce a photo set that is worthy of publication.

But the photographer who happily accepts this assignment is Goncharov. His model is Mira A. And the results, as you will see, are exemplary.

From the first frame Mira is totally nude. She doesn't get to ease her way into the mood by slowly undressing - she's got to "hit the ground running," and does precisely that, from the first exposure to the last.

The location presents challenges - shadows are abundant and unavoidable. Goncharov makes them work for him. The shadows become a graphic element, adding richness and geometry, emphasizing and highlighting Mira's natural beauty. When he does use a prop, it's almost to create a "behind the scenes" feeling. Mira's long hair is up, she admires the photos in the book, studying the captions, as if taking a break from her own photo session.

Thanks to a beautiful model and a resourceful photographer, I doubt very much you'll want to take a break from this photo session!


A truly tempting treat…

Alina F: Treat, by Antonio Clemens erotic art nubiles

I never quite know what to expect when I open a new MetArt set. Oh, it might be a familiar model or a photographer who's work I admire, but there is always room for surprise. That's obviously one of the main reasons my job here is so rewarding. And it's one of the main reasons MetArt members keep coming back, month after month, year after year. But let's get to the set in question, because it's truly a "Treat," and it's filled with very pleasant surprises.

My first impression here - maybe it's the costuming - was the wild, wild west. I imagined a saloon, or perhaps a classy sporting house where gamblers and gunfighters played cards and enjoyed other, more satisfying, entertainments. Of course, the Old American West is worlds away from Alina's birthplace in modern Siberia, but this stunning young model has the power to excite not just the flesh, but the mind, as well.

And what an expressive face this delicious vixen has! Antonio Clemens puts his subject through seemingly dozens of different poses, and, in the process, Alina F. rewards us with dozens of delightful expressions. By turns she's kittenish, thoughtful, seductive, joyous, serious, reflective, giddy. As I began this entry: I never know what to expect when I open a set like "Treat," but I'm also never disappointed! 


Variety is…a damn good thing!

Vita C: Vitalinia, by Goncharov erotic pics nude photosLet me add one more "V" word to describe the set "Vitalinia," starring Vita C. That word is Variety. Shot in and around a swimming pool and spa, Goncharov captures his subject in a simply amazing array of poses and positions.

There are carefully composed, almost painterly, portraits. And there are dynamic, impulsive, action-filled frames that pack a particularly "splashy" punch.

Many of the shots, particularly early in the series, show off Vita's shapely bust as her clinging blouse, rendered transparent by the water, fights a losing battle to conceal two invitingly stiffened nipples. Later on, after the blouse has come off, Vita finds many interesting ways to pose and play with that very versatile garment.

Goncharov and the vivacious Vita C., seem to have come up with every pose imaginable in this set. Can you suggest any others you'd like to see? Let us know, in the comments, below!


Her socks rock!

LILU C :CHROMA by ANGELA LININAfter I'd taken a run through this set I took a quick look at Lilu's bio. In the first line she writes: "I am a young and cheerful girl..." Oh, is she ever! Lilu C., as photographed by Angela Linin, projects a high-spirited warmth that really comes across. Be sure to look for photo #0072 in which Lilu is captured in the act of jumping for joy, in mid-air, both stockinged feet high off the ground. If that's not a picture of pure cheerfulness, what is?

And let's consider the setting where Ms. Linin has chosen to photograph Lilu - high on a rusted scaffold at some vacated factory or industrial facility. Against the harsh, cold, barren metal Lilu appears as a plush, cuddly, bubbly angel of ripe and luscious femininity. Why bother with an elaborate set, or a high fashion costume, when Lilu is so amazingly beautiful dressed only in colorful socks and a sincere smile?

If Lilu C. looks this good posing in this gritty setting, imagine how she'd look in a more elegant location. I, for example, will imagine how she'd look in my bed. Well, a guy can dream, can't he?


Not a woman/Not a child…

BOGDANA B: SENSUALITY by CATHERINEA quick glance at her fact sheet tells us that Bogdana B. is 19 years old. But a lingering glance at any of the photos in this subtly brilliant set by Catherine tells us a whole lot more than Bogdana's physical age. These photos perfectly capture a female in the middle of a miraculous transition - the metamorphosis of a girl into a woman.

In so many of these photos Bogdana displays both sides of a body and personality in transition. In some her eyes are innocent, playful. In others her eyes are knowing, sophisticated, and mature well beyond her years. She is no longer a girl, this much is quite obvious. And yet, closer examination of her expression tells us that she is not quite yet completely a woman. Bogdana B., at the time these photos were taken, is captured at a particularly exquisite moment in her personal development. This moment will not last long. But these photos freeze that moment, they expose that moment and preserve that moment.

In "Sensuality," Bogdana is part girl, part woman, and all beautiful!


Lights! Camera! Liza!


Don't worry, you don't have double vision. The image, above, is the clever creation of one of our gifted, in-house, graphic gurus. And as pleasing as the image is, in its own right, it's also a subtle comment on Leonardo's latest contribution to MetArt, "30 Days," featuring Liza B.

The fact is: the only thing that could possibly improve this set is if there were two Lizas in it!

Beyond Liza's great beauty, this pictorial - for me, at least - is all about air and light. Let me explain. By air I'm referring to the outdoor setting. One can imagine a light breeze setting the leaves in motion, ruffling Liza's golden hair. The haze in the background, the rolling hills - is the air still crisp with fading winter or balmy as summer fades into fall? The vines, the flowers perfuming the air, it all creates a sense of the space and place that Liza so beautifully poses in.

And the light! Natural sunlight gives these images a snap and vitality that simply dazzles. Look how her skin glows! See the textures, the contours, the planes and curves of her body. And then notice, as the series progresses, how the light changes. Early on the light is high and bright. Later on, the light is subdued, the background muted. But Liza remains radiant throughout - the changing light simply brings out different facets of this fascinating female. If you could make it happen, "30 Days" with Liza B. would be 30 days in paradise!


Photos, memories, moments…


When I make the time to visit MetArt (when I'm not working for MetArt) it's a special time of my day. It's "me" time, a time to be alone, to explore, to experience, to dream and to fantasize. Every set, every model, sometimes every individual photo takes me to a different place, guides my mind in a different direction.

The very moment I looked at the first photo of Nastya C. in "Seasons" by Luca Helios an entire story, based on personal experience, jumped into my mind. I remembered a wedding I'd attended many years before. I went as a favor to a friend. I knew virtually nobody at the party. I was alone, even in the crowd, and I wished I was somewhere - anywhere - else.

Then I saw her. She was beautiful - not as beautiful as Nastya, to be sure - but she was pretty. And she was also alone. We chatted. Chatting turned to flirting. At her suggestion we discretely left the wedding party. Continuing our flirtation, we wandered the halls of the luxurious hotel. Just as I was considering making "the first move," laughter and drunken voices destroyed the mood. Our companions for the night had noticed our absence from the party and had come to drag us back to the ballroom. There ended my night's adventure.

"Seasons" brought all those memories back. As Nastya poses in what might very well be a classy hotel, I put myself in the place of an imaginary, off-camera, admirer. Those legs, so long and shapely. Her breasts so pert and perfect. The haunting beauty in her eyes. A relatively simple photo set, but there is nothing simple about the thoughts it provokes and the fantasies it inspires!


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    zoon1 28 minutes ago

    Eva Jolie's thin, perfectly formed vulva is bound to become one of my favourites.

    on Presenting Eva Jolie

    a.k.a. 2 hours ago

    See the full glory of reality ☝️☯︎

    on Summer Rest

    JimmyG 2 hours ago

    42 n 43, notice her hand is making a fist, the same way a person would release a guys you know what....her nips are hard her expression as she gets out of the pool at the end....

    on Flashy

    lastoftheV8s 2 hours ago

    stop looking at the finger 😂

    on Summer Rest

    Jazzman 4 hours ago

    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

    on Pink Lady

    Jazzman 4 hours ago

    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

    on Pink Lady

    a.k.a. 4 hours ago


    on Pink Lady

    a.k.a. 4 hours ago

    They don't do different expressions 😁
    Does anybody recall bikini tan lines on a girl with a nice thick bush?
    The contrast could be very, very hot ☝️🔥

    on Pink Lady

    PushTheEnvelope 8 hours ago

    Lisa ALWAYS puts on a great show! She has a big beautiful ass and she's always ready show it off. In just about every set you can count on Lisa to be spreading her cheeks so wide that her pussy peels open. Just look at shots 87- 91! She's wide open, I love it!

    on Black Mesh