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Beauty on a back road...

Evgeniya A: Presenting, by Angela Linin, new model, outdoor nude artA dirt road, a sunny day, a new model. With these simple elements photographer Angela Linin has all she needs to create a fresh and engaging en plein air pictorial.

The model, Evgeniya A., is a type I find particularly pleasing. She has a trim yet curvy body, dark hair, and a very natural sort of beauty. She is pretty, and she seems confident and comfortable with that, but there is an ease and a "down to earth" quality being projected here that makes her seem friendly and approachable.

The outfit she's wearing early on - a girlish tank top, very short denim cut-offs, and sandals - is youthful, casual and effortlessly sexy. Of course, once it comes off, the sexy factor increases dramatically. But this isn't an extreme or lurid set, the mood is always light, carefree, and playful. Whether she's standing in the untravelled road, sitting or lounging on a cushion of her cast-off clothing, or using a fallen tree trunk as a prop, Evgeniya is an extremely playful and engaging model in her MetArt debut, and I look forward, eagerly, to future appearances.


Third time charms...

Anna AU: Vestale, by Elena Ray, stylish, posed, erotic photographyIn the very first image in this set, #0000, Anna strikes a fairly formal pose. A faint smile is on her lips, her wrists crossed, hands on knees just so, sandal-clad feet up on tiptoes. Her long hair falls neatly past her shoulders and, from our P.O.V. we can't quite see if she is wearing anything more than an elaborate corset.

But, elsewhere in the series, the model (making her third appearance at MetArt) is much more relaxed, much less posed. The set swings between the two extremes with plenty of variety as an inevitable result. Of the more "natural" shots I must single out #0139. Here the model is totally nude. She is on her back. Her hair is mussed against a pillow, the fingers of her right hand rest casually against her head. She is a the very essence of pale, delicate, femininity in this almost painterly image.

Compare that to #0057, a far more stylized full-length shot in which the model reclines, right leg outstretched, left leg folded, and with her right hand very consciously arranged on her right hip. It is an alluring image, make no mistake. These two shots - #0139 and #0057 - could have come from two entirely different series. The fact that they are both contained in "Vestale" is a big part of the pictorial's charm.


Sofa? So good...

Kayla Louise: Presenting, by Majoly, trimmed, high-heels, leg artApart from the model, of course, choices made while selecting props, colors and lighting are critical to the success (or failure) of a photo series. For this, the MetArt debut of Kayla Louise, photographer Majoly has chosen a scarlet sofa against an orange wall. The simple lines of the couch and the bold colors "pop" even when softly lit, as they are here. And the tonal palette is extremely complementary to the model's smooth, rich, tawny skin tones.

Kayla brings the ease of a professional to these photos, and she "hits her marks" without the slightest hint of effort. A figure-hugging black and white dress plays a central role, and the hem is quick to rise revealing the pleasing absence of panties. Foot and shoe enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy the strappy high-heels she wears for the set's entirety, and the smooth, strong, shapely lines of her legs project a powerful and undeniable sensuality - #0108 illustrates my point perfectly.


Swedish sweetheart...

Virginia Sun: Presenting, by Rylsky, young, shaved, tiny-top eroticaI was surprised to find that Virginia Sun, who makes her MetArt debut in Rylsky's "Presenting," is a 24-year-old. In some of these images she appears younger, perhaps as young as 19. The impression of nubile youth is reinforced by the petite proportions of her body, of course. But there is a look in her eyes, an innocence, that the photographer seems to celebrate in a generous selection of headshots and non-nude portraits contained in the series. Of these #0009, 0012, and 0029 are, quite likely, my favorites.

But Virginia is 24, she is well into the age range we can consider to be "womanhood." And she displays a confident maturity in shots that are far from innocent or demure. In some of these she is seated in a chair, thighs wide spread. In others she turns her back to the camera and, legs parted, she goes up on tip toes to provide extremely inviting views.

And then, in the final image of the series, #0113, model and photographer conspire to toy with the viewer's perceptions once more. Smiling sweetly, and wearing a t-shirt, she radiates pristine, virginal youth.


New heat by the hearth...

Honey A: Presenting, by Majoly, new model, first nude erotic photosA young model makes her MetArt debut in this series from Majoly. In "Presenting," Honey A. makes up with exuberance and energy what she may be lacking in experience before the camera. Much of the set employs an elaborate marble fireplace as a prop. Clad in thigh-high leather boots and a bra and micro-mini skirt ensemble, the limber lass uses the mantelpiece as if it were a gymnastic apparatus. Her long, dark hair frames a pretty face that is rarely without a high-voltage smile.

Moving away from the hearth, Honey takes to a leather arm chair and strikes an entirely new set of poses. In some of these she hangs her head off the seat and her long hair swings fetchingly towards the floor. In others she offers up tempting views of her intimate anatomy, from the front and back, as well.

As I alluded earlier, there is a certain roughness, the slightest lack of polish to this debut. But Honey is, after all, only just beginning to learn the sophisticated science of erotic poseology (yes, I just made up the word). And Honey's charms more than warrant further exposure. Wouldn't you agree? Please share your opinion in the comments section.



Eufrat A: Everything, by Luca Helios, nude beach, outdoor erotic artMountains loom in the background. The sea, if not angry, is, at the very least, agitated. The beach is strewn with a thick carpet of black stones. She appears, a long-limbed vision, her hair and brightly colored wrap teased by the breeze. These are the natural constituents of "Everything," starring Eufrat, as photographed by Luca Helios.

The cool, rugged beauty of the setting contrasts pleasantly with the warm tones of hair, skin and fluttering fabric. And, whether she is standing tall or lolling about on the rocky shore, she appears perfectly at ease and to be enjoying her interaction both with the natural world around her, and with the camera that is capturing her.

Towards the end of the series Eufrat migrates to a more sandy stretch of beach. She delights in the feeling of soft sand beneath her feet. She strolls, leisurely, along the strand, completely and totally nude. An elderly couple, fully clothed, are seen in the background. Thrilled and titillated, the model breaks into a run. Her breasts bounce and jiggle. She smiles. Delight, pure delight.


Tie one on...

Agata A: White, by Sergey Akion, tiny-top, trimmed, teasing erotica"White" might not have been the title I would have chosen for this set featuring Agata A. Her soft, pale skin is a creamy shade of white. But the deep blue of her eyes certainly merits mention. As does the rich, dark red of her wavy hair. And there is also the blue animal print pattern of her panties and bowtie. Yes, the model is bedecked with a colorful cravat for the entire duration of the series. A cryptic fashion statement, perhaps, but the model wears it particularly well.

The pictorial unfolds in a bedroom. In much of it, Agata poses on an armchair. It's a useful device that allows her a variety of positions, and she uses the chair to both conceal and reveal various parts of her body in creative and enticing ways. There is a mellow, "late night" mood to the set, but there are also moments of surprising dynamism. Several close-ups are included that are certain to energize the viewer.

With her diminutive breasts and gentle smile Agata can, at times, project a girlish innocence. A moment later - in the scant fraction of a second required to depress the camera's shutter - her look can be entirely, incitingly adult. This attribute contributes, in no small measure, to the heat in "White."


Alley cats...

Jenya D & Liza B: Kigher, by Leonardo, dramatic, artful, sapphic eroticaThe central purpose of this blog is to showcase notable photo sets as they are added to MetArt. While we all crave the latest and greatest - the thrill of the new - the material in the archives is well worth exploring. It was on just such an expedition that I discovered "Kigher," a set that initially appeared on March 27, 2010. My impressions follow.

Drama is both boldly expressed and subtly implied in this stylized offering from lensman Leonardo. The bulk of the essay is devoted to Jenya D. Cigarette in hand, her extremely curvy body encased in a clinging red dress, she appears in a desolate alley, captured in a circle of illumination - she might be an actress in the spotlight or a lady of the night, caught in the glare.

Jenya proceeds to work herself into quite a state. Along the way, as she becomes ever more aroused - and exposed - her beauty and heated allure are masterfully captured. In #0043, breasts bulging lewdly, eyes closed, her profile is exquisite. In #0089, she squats, knees apart, and grins giddily. And those are but two of the many moods she projects.

In the final third of the series a mysterious blonde appears. A customer, perhaps? Her face is mainly hidden. Her clothes come off quickly. And a sapphic dance begins. Nothing explicit, mind you, but what is implied is steamy, indeed, with undeniable overtones of kink. In the final frames Liza B., face down, legs spread wide, is spent, conquered, satisfied. I expect that's how viewers will feel about this set - the "satisfied" part, at least.


Riper than regular...

Eve Angel: Pageant, by Majoly, plush, womanly, outdoor erotic photosCan one grow tired of the sight of 18, 19, and 20-year-old girls, nude, and in all their youthful, nubile glory? In theory, under the perfect set of circumstances, and after an extremely long period of constant exposure, one supposes it might conceivably be so. This condition is to be avoided at all costs, of course, and I have nothing but sympathy for any individuals so afflicted. However, yes, there might come a time in a MetArt member's life when he might want to retreat, if only temporarily, from the youthful end of the model spectrum and spend some time studying the charms of an ever-so-slightly more mature woman. There is a time for the girlish delights of a young nymphet. And there is also certainly a time for a more mature, fully ripened woman.

When that time comes, Eve Angel has what you're looking for in abundance. She is no giddy girl. She has absolutely "been around," and wears her experience like a badge of honor - the look in her eyes makes that clear. And there is a relaxed, knowing ease she projects with her body, so plush and curvy. She may be a bit riper than your regular, but that fact, in itself, may be the single best reason to experience her in "Pageant."


Smoke alarm...

Belinda A: Aventia, by Leonardo, nude, sultry, dark-eyed erotic heat

There is a nearly palpable sense of Latin heat to the star of Leonardo's "Aventia," Belinda A. But the model's ethnic extraction is immaterial to this discussion - we have these photos to evaluate, and the smoke and steam this dark-eyed, bronze-skinned, vixen radiates is undeniably potent.

The "set" consists of a bright yellow seamless backdrop - a color which both flatters the model's skin tones, while also offering a pleasing contrast to her eyes, hair, sky-high stiletto pumps, and black lingerie. In many of the images Belinda is seated or leaning against a stylish bar stool. With her feet on the floor, or high in the air, the prop supplies a multitude of posing options, and Belinda clearly enjoys experimenting with them.

For pure visual, erotic, and artistic impact, however, I tend to prefer the photos in this series from which the bar stool is absent, leaving the totally nude model to her own impressive devices on the glossy floor. Photo #0099 illustrates my point. Is it my imagination, or is there steam rising from the beautiful body in that relaxed and revealing pose?


Of sunsets and melons...

Sophia E: Presenting, by Koenart, new model, new erotic photographer

A balmy summer's day is coming to an end. The sea is placid, glassy. The air is still, the sand retains the day's warmth, the sun hangs low. It is this setting that a photographer has chosen for his first submission to MetArt. The subject he has chosen, Sophia F., is also making her first appearance in erotic photos. This combination of ingredients, it becomes immediately clear, holds prodigious promise!

Sophia has a cheery, almost bubbly presence. Her blue-eyed beauty is entirely natural, and she has a bit of a "girl next door" air about her. Wearing only jeans and a necklace, she poses and plays with a ripe melon. Indeed, the model's own melons, to speak in the vernacular, are at the peak of ripe perfection - round, firm, and visually delicious. And, when those dungarees hit the sand, the rest of her is no less enticing.

Sophia E, first-time nude model, juicy erotic art photos by Koenart

A setting sun presents unique challenges to a photographer, but Koenart has the situation well in hand. His model is always pleasingly lit, yet he also manages to render the subtle colorations of the sky as evening falls. While the sun sets and the model smiles - see #0096 - I am more than pleased to welcome Sophia and Koenart to MetArt.


Hair today...

Alina H: Voxia, by Leonardo, unshaven, big breasts, stiletto heel eroticaPolitics, religion, and pubic hair. These are the three topics that the etiquette experts advise us not to discuss in order to avoid argument and conflict with business associates or casual acquaintances. And I embrace the rule wholeheartedly. Alina H. is obviously, confidently, and proudly unshaven below the imaginary belt and you may feel free to love it, hate it, or ignore it.

I find two distinct sides to this model. In her towering high heels and with her hair pulled back there is a certain seriousness in her demeanor, a hint of severity. I get the sense that this is a strong, sexual woman, who will not settle for anything less than perfect performance from her admirers. But then, when she lets her hair down and relaxes into a smile there's an undeniable sweetness, a softness and warmth that is anything but severe or serious.

And her physical structure, her face and body, really is quite striking. Leonardo's lighting and set decoration - the mirror-finished floor and unusual blue color palate - manages to capture both the soft, ample curvature Alina possesses, while also accentuating her more chiseled, planar aspects. Why let a little hair spoil your enjoyment of all that?


Fun 'n flames...

Lidiya A: Once More, by Max Asolo, lighthearted, casual erotic photosThere's a casual, informal quality to this set from frequent MetArt model Lidiya A. Photographer Max Asolo has his subject posing astride a rabbit fur rug on a kitchen floor. And he's provided her with a large mirror as her primary prop. With this simple set-up the flame-haired femme gets to work. Actually, the proper word is really "play," as Lidiya has a smile on her face through much of the series and does, genuinely, appear to be enjoying the experience - see #0119 for one fine example.

Despite the playful nature of the set and the simplicity of the "art direction," there are certainly artful images here. Among these I found several where Lidiya stands up straight - she is crouching or seated in much of the set - and, looking down at the camera (see #0048). Side light brings out not just the stiffness of her nipples, but also the intriguing contours of her torso. The absence of any visible kitchen appliances only enhances the allure here.


Breast in show...

Veronika I: Valias, by Egon Schneider, voluptuous, big breast eroticaMetArt members who are mesmerized by the magic exerted by a pair of magnificently massive mammaries will find a double dose of delight in "Valias," starring the stupendously shapely Veronika I. This voluptuous lass has body that might just boggle your mind. The fact that she is also extremely fair of face just makes her presentation all the more impressive.

There are a handful of shots in the series that show the model dressed - she appears in the forest, for example, and also in a restaurant. Then she retires to a private parlor and things get markedly more interesting.

The light is soft and indirect here, and the color palate of the set is rich and dark. In this setting Veronica's amazingly ample curves are showcased to perfection. Many of the images have a vaguely "old time" feel, a vintage pin-up flavor, that is extremely pleasing - #0004 is a good example, and so is #0123. Quantity and quality - beautiful.


And I say hello...

Loreen A: Adieu, by Rylsky, Top Ten Model, beautiful explicit erotica

I fervently hope - perhaps "pray" is the called for word - that the name of this series has no literal meaning. If Loreen A. is, in fact, taking her leave and bidding "Adieu" to MetArt there are going to be innumerable inconsolable members - she is a Top Ten Model, and it took many tens of thousands of lofty ratings to elevate her to that status.

But, in the worst possible case, if this is actually Loreen's swan song, it is an absolute treasure. From #0112, a delightfully involving headshot (that's it, above), to mouthwatering close-ups of magnificently moist anatomy - #0043 is one glorious example - this series is filled to the very brim with enticing images.

Loreen is a total delight, visually and spiritually. She is flirtatious, filled with fun, seductive, gleeful, teasing, thoughtful, and energetic. Her body is lithe, supremely shapely, a cream-skinned wonderland that the eyes never tire of exploring. And her eyes? Oh, they are glittering azure jewels.

Here's hoping we'll all soon be saying "Bonjour" to many more sets as wonderful as "Adieu," starring Loreen A.


Naughty and nice...

Flora A: Christmas, by Ron Offlin, teasing, tempting, close-up eroticaApart from the date of release - seven shopping days left! - there is not any thematic "Christmas" content in this series from Ron Offlin. There is, however, Flora A., and she is at close range throughout the series - that, alone, is cause enough for serious celebration.

The model is seated at a vanity and dressed in a two-piece coral-red lingerie ensemble. Flora has a strong sexuality that comes across loud and clear even when her erogenous zones are completely covered. And when those zones are exposed the effect is profound. Posing in front of and on the table, the model makes superior use of the tri-fold mirror. In #0078 she is boldly, frankly exposed in relative close-up. Her face, however is turned away from the camera. But her expression, reflected in the mirror, is seductively expressive beyond measure. A far less explicit image, #0104, a back-shot, captures this blonde beauty without revealing any of her "taboo" tidbits.

If one were fortunate enough to unwrap Flora on Christmas morning, it would be an exceptionally happy holiday!


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Don't judge a book...

Yuta A: Presenting, by Rylsky, first-time model, explicit art photosThe cover is always the first image I view when I sit down to write a post about an upcoming photo series. In the case of Rylsky's "Presenting," my reaction was only lukewarm. I am being candid. The cover simply didn't inspire, intrigue, or otherwise capture my interest. But it is my responsibility to examine each set I'm assigned, so I opened it up and had a look.

Well, I'm certainly glad I did! Yuta A., a 20-year-old newcomer to the world of erotic modeling, is as cute and as sexy as can be. There is a teasing sparkle in her eyes and her physical attributes on display evoke an extremely pleasant and powerful physical response.

The set begins in a cafe with simple documentary photos of the model enjoying a cup of coffee. In these images Yuta's warm personality is well captured. The bulk of the series is shot against a white, seamless backdrop. Clad in a flirty bra and micro-skirt, Yuta presents herself without reservation. She's a real cutie, but these explicit views inspire thoughts that are purely carnal.

In the final shots she's back in the cafe, enjoying a sweet piece of pastry. Funny. I was just then thinking along those very lines!


Demolition doll...

Kitty B: Reddit, by Giovanni Galio, entrancing, erotic, photo artWhen Kitty B. first appears in "Reddit," she's in front of a red brick building wearing a big, floppy hat and a super-short mini-dress. Five images later she's totally nude, and posing all around the partially (and picturesquely) demolished structure. The setting is brimming with potential, a wide variety of textures, and visual opportunities abound.

Placing such a fetching female in this cool environment filled with broken bricks and slabs of hard concrete sets up a fascinating study in contrasts. And Kitty rises to the task with serene confidence. She seems completely at ease throughout the set, and delivers pose after pose after pose - yes, there is a stunning amount of variety here - with a relaxed and expressive enthusiasm.

Image #0069 is an easy choice, with the model on her back on a stairway, hanging her head off the edge. And another, considerably more revealing image, #0096, has her sprawling on rough concrete, intriguingly posed and totally exposed. A splendid model in a superior series.


A particularly pleasing pair...

Simone B: Wondergirls, by Ingret, busty, shaved, lingerie eroticaWhen I first saw the name of this series, "Wondergirls," I looked forward to viewing a girl/girl pictorial. That was a mistake on my part, for there is only one girl in the set. But to use the word "only" when that girl is Simone B. is also a mistake, because this voluptuous young model possesses the power of at least two girls in one amazing body!

Of Simone's numerous wonders, the most immediately noticeable are, of course, her pretty and prodigious breasts. The set provides ample opportunity to ogle those hefty honeys and for that, alone, photographer Ingret earns generous praise. But to confine your focus to Simone's splendid bosom is to deny yourself considerable pleasure.

Simone boasts wonderful proportions and her chest is perfectly counterbalanced by a round and squeezable butt. Her face, particularly when she's flashing one of her signature, provocative, half-smiles, is sweetly suggestive. Even her feet and legs, enwrapped throughout in flesh-toned, sheer-to-toe, fishnet stockings, are a visual delight. The same can - indeed must - be said of the pristine succulence that resides where her thighs collide. In "Wondergirls," Simone B. displays the erotic powers of a genuine superheroine!


In her natural state...

Vika R: Alaneas, by Max Asolo, statuesque beauty, large breast eroticaIn "Alaneas," by Max Asolo, statuesque model Vika R. appears without much in the way of adornment. Early on she's wearing an animal print dress. This is, with minimal ceremony, cast aside. If she is wearing makeup, it is exceedingly unobtrusive. She wears no jewelry. The only thing approaching a prop is the band that holds her hair in a ponytail in many of the images. What we are left with, then, is a gorgeous model, outdoors, in her natural state.

And what a splendid state that is. Vika has a long, shapely build, her breasts are large, and her legs appear both graceful and powerful. And, like the changing light throughout the set, her moods shift in some appealingly dramatic ways. She puts real effort into some very "posy" posing, and also into acrobatic, sculptural stances. In some she simply stands, majestic, with the cloud-smeared sky providing a fittingly natural backdrop.

I think of this set as a forceful, direct, simple celebration of the power and glory of female beauty. What do you think of it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.


Beautiful gardens...

Sabrina D: Himetia, by Leonardo, blue eyes, blonde, gorgeous breasts, outdoor erotic photograpyI may not be in full control of my faculties as I sit down to write these words. I have just encountered Sabrina D. for the first time, and I have fallen under her spell. She has too many beautiful attributes to list individually, but it is her eyes that have mesmerized me. When she sets her head, opens her blue eyes wide, and shoots a look directly into Leonardo's lens she is staring right into my eyes, and I am powerless to look away.

As I struggled to close one beautiful image in the series titled "Himetia," and managed to open another, I continued to be enthralled by the look in Sabrina's eyes, and I came to appreciate what an altogether fine pictorial this is. The garden setting is well used, wringing many "set-ups" out of a small amount of square footage. Depth of field is also capitalized upon. A yellow wall in the background is generally in soft focus, yet the bright color is a key element. Likewise, the delicate spray of a water fountain, in the foreground, is left out of focus, adding a jewel-like, dynamic accent to several images

And when I can, for a moment, pry my eyes from Sabrina's, I'm treated to the sight of a truly exquisite body. From the soles of her feet to the top of her blonde head, this model is nothing less than wondrous.


Candy floss...

Mirelle A: Visentia, by Rylsky, unshaved, voluptuous, nubile erotica

I refer, of course, to the fur. In this epoch of wide spread epilation and depilation, and the seemingly skyrocketing popularity of hairless epidermis, the simple sight of an unshaven she can cause both shock and awe. The topic - hair versus none - can incite heated debate, but I think that we can all agree that Mirelle A. is a ripe, feminine delight, and if her unshaven state causes offense, perhaps the offended party should indulge in the imagining of how much fun it would be to help her shave herself to their particular standards.

Yes, this voluptuous little minx sports silky sproutings in her arm pits and across her nether regions. But take a look at the body that those hairs are growing on! This is a truly blessed young lady. Whether you enjoy breasts or butts, or simply an stirring example of youthful beauty, Mirelle is a man-pleasing miracle. When she turns up the adorable, as she does in #0001, she's disarmingly delicious. And in the final image of this (regrettably short) series, as she lies, eyes closed, on a bed, as if asleep, she is a living dream.

With a beauty such as this, who gives a care about a bit of hair?


Lady of the lake...

Konstansija A: Teaser, by Giovanni Galio, totally nude outdoor photo artOne couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting. A small lake in a wooded area. Mist rises and floats upon the glittering, reflective surface. The landscape is calm, relaxing. Against this backdrop, Konstansija A. poses, completely nude. Extremely curvaceous, the model has full hips, plump breasts, a pleasingly ample ass, and all that glory is crowned with a luxuriant mane of rich, reddish dark hair (image #0059 captures it in dramatic flight).

As the light shifts Konstansija strikes a range of poses. Many are standing, at the water's edge. In some she crouches on a rocky platform. And in others she moves into the shallow water - both standing and down on all fours.

Towards the end of the series the setting shifts to a nearby meadow. Relaxing and reclining in this field of amber grasses, the luscious lady provides the most detailed views of the entire set. A fitting end to a particularly pleasing offering from photographer Giovanni Galio.


One to take home to mother...

Alisa A: Ethian, by Pasha, demure, tame, tasteful erotic photographyHere is a series that might prove perfect in an awkward situation. Your mother, your grandmother, or some other, older, female, corners you and demands to know what is this "MetArt" she has heard men speaking of. You welcome the chance to explain, but you want to present the information in a discrete way, so as not to offend. You want to show her a MetArt series that is both tasteful and tame.

Enter "Ethian" starring Alisa A. This is a series that epitomizes the artistic erotica for which MetArt is known. And the model, a true beauty, is delightfully demure. There is nothing "hard" or "brazen" or, heaven forbid, "slutty" about this specimen of young womanhood. And photographer Pasha has taken great pains to both create a work of art in these photos - and to leave much to the viewer's imagination.

The set falls into two sections. In the first, the model, wearing a dress, poses against a white brick wall. The mood is dark, shadowy. In the second part Alisa is seated, fully nude, in an arm chair, and the light is warmer here. These are probably my favorite images in the collection. I wonder which ones your mother would prefer?


Such great bounty...

Nika E: Exposee, by Leonardo, shaved, erect nipples, large breast eroticaThe gifts Nika E. has been blessed with are manifold. Her dark hair is set off by her rich, dark eyes. Her full bosom is enhanced, further still, by pleasingly thick nipples. Her belly is flat, almost to an athletic degree, but her body is supremely curvy, soft, and wonderfully womanly. South of the border - that border being the waistline - she boasts fleshy and generous delights that are both eye-catching and arousal-inspiring.

Leonardo's set is the picture of simplicity. The model appears, wearing only a simple blouse, barefoot, and ready to work. She is on a patio, mainly in shade. And she delivers a range of poses from cute to distinctly carnal.

In "Exposee" every inch of Nika's beautiful all is exposed in a particularly pleasing manner. With such striking physical characteristics, it's not easy to pick a favorite image, but I was struck by #0058, in which her sex is in sunshine while the rest of her is in shade. Whether you are drawn to general beauty or anatomical specificity, "Exposee" seems destined to satisfy


Lean, tall, tempting...

Lilly A: Need Her, by Luca Helios, barefoot, shaved, tiny-top, eroticaI have learned, thanks to her bio, that Lilly A. once played basketball, I assume in a scholastic setting. I can't be the only one who finds it difficult to reconcile that biographical detail with the young woman I see in this set from Luca Helios. I can't imagine her "putting up a three-pointer from downtown." I don't see her playing offense, defense, or executing the pick and roll. Thanks to "Need Her," I don't need to do any of those things.

The location, a rock-strewn landscape, is somewhat stark. A body of water, an azure presence, is in the distance. In the foreground, Lilly. Barefoot throughout, with only a single garment - a scarf or shawl. Nothing much more than photographer and model.

While it is certainly not the most complex or textured pictorial, there is much to enjoy while perusing these images. I spent some time savoring #0134, a particularly well composed headshot, but that is only one among many that capture the essence of this model.

Oh, about that tattoo. I imagine it will incite some controversy. Express your opinions about that, or the set in toto, in the comments section, if you're so inclined.



Inga C: 7 Days, by Leonardo, top model, young, shaved, blonde eroticaMetArt Top Ten model Inga C. embodies extremes. She can appear innocent. A moment later she appears knowing. In one shot she is cute. In another she is glamorous. She can switch from girl-next-door to international superstar with a simple tilt of her pretty head. She is a tempting teen and a seasoned siren very nearly at the same time. But whatever mood or state she is projecting, the result is always powerfully alluring.

Here she's posing around (and, briefly, in) a swimming pool. Faux turf has rarely looked so good! Her girlish - and yet womanly - body is graced, for a time, with a floral bikini. When she's finally - finally! - completely nude, the flawless beauty of her totality is a joy to behold. Based on her face, alone, it's not at all surprising that Inga has caught the eyes of so many MetArt members. But when her facial beauty is combined with that pretty-baby body - fantastic.

Favorites? #0042, with little more than a bit of nipple showing, captures the "cutie" factor very, very well. In #0125 we've got an arty, legs-akimbo view of all the expected highlights. And #0122, reclining, with both face and ass towards the camera, is a beautiful image of a very beautiful girl.


A day at the beach...

Gaia B: Valevia, by Max Asolo, outdoor nudity, nude beach, erect nipples, erotic artWhen you hear the words "nude," "beach," and "girl," it quite probably brings to mind thoughts of sun-kissed tropical sands, balmy breezes, summer, torrid temperatures - and activities.

In "Valevia," however, model Gaia B. is nude, on a beach, but the breeze appears to be far from balmy and the temperature appears to be chilly, at best. But this lovely girl is a professional, and she shrugs off the cold and produces some highly stylized and eye-pleasing poses.

Photographer Max Asolo has seen fit to provide his subject with but a single garment, a shawl of light netting. While it's doubtful that fabric provides much warmth, Gaia uses it to generate heat the camera is more than capable of capturing.

For some viewers, the set may be somewhat lacking in more explicit images. Let me suggest that those might best be saved for a time when the model is in a more comfortable, not to mention warm, environment. Until then, however, Gaia B. brings as much heat as possible to the beach she decorates in "Valevia."


A young and juicy gem...

Ruby A: Presenting, by Tony Murano, nubile, teen, explicit first nudes

Still in her teens, fresh-faced Ruby A. makes her MetArt debut in this series from Tony Murano. There is just the slightest hint of apprehension in the redhead's soulful green eyes, but there isn't even the merest suggestion of nervousness or reluctance in her presentation.

A wide spectrum of poses afford viewers the opportunity to explore and experience the young newcomer in detail. Her pale skin is a creamy delight. Her wee breasts boast nipples that are thrillingly plump. Her mouth - a shot or two focus solely on that expressive orifice - is ripe and inviting. And her wavy crimson hair frames a face that exudes innocence at the same time it projects a knowing, glamorous sophistication.

There is stylized portraiture here. And there are frank and explicit close-ups to completely satisfy the most ravenous appetites. Do you share my enthusiasm for this nubile new arrival? I welcome your comments.


An easily enjoyable afternoon...

Chantelle A: Primadonna, by Luca Helios, outdoor erotic nude photo essayThis is an understated, comparatively simple series. It takes place outdoors, in someone's garden, perhaps. The sun is shining, the mood is of springtime or a lazy summer day. And there is the girl. And not just any girl. Our "Primadonna" is Chantelle, and she is exceptionally eye-pleasing. Barefoot and wearing a matching bra and panties set, she toys with a shawl. Photographer Luca Helios directs her through a series of varied poses. And "poses" is a word chosen deliberately, as there is a formal quality to many of the attitudes the model assumes, even in this rustic setting.

Of course, the formality of many images makes the casual and spontaneous shots stand out all the more. I'm thinking, in particular, of those moments when Chantelle relaxes into a cheery smile - see shots #0075 and #0095 for excellent examples. Another shot, #0098, finds sunbeams caressing her pert, stiff-nippled breasts, and is a personal favorite. Later, using the shawl as a blanket, she takes the opportunity to recline and reveal her deliciously delicate charms.

Thanks to its star, "Primadonna" contains more than enough winsome warmth to take the chill off even the most bitter winter's day.


Curtain call...

Lily C: Lily, by Leonardo, first nudes, stylish erotica, new modelLeonardo has assembled several intriguing elements to construct the set on which new model Lily C. makes her nude debut. A curtain of shocking pink fringe hangs from the ceiling. The backdrop is black, patterned with stylized stars. The floor is an inky, glossy black. And Lily appears, dressed only in high heels and a sheer, glittering teddy. The effect is dramatic and theatrical.

As this performance unfolds we witness a tyro talent with prodigious potential. The camera loves Lily, and Lily loves it in return. She is proud and confident, but her spirit remains warm and lively. The curtains are a useful prop, they give the set a splashy burst of color, while flattering the model's skin tones, in particular her own luscious "pink bits."

Poses are widely varied, affording views from many mouthwatering angles. In the final moments, a pattern of stars, matching the backdrop, is projected onto the model as she lounges on the floor. Brava, Lily! Bravo, Leonardo. I eagerly await an encore!


The closer you get...

Cristina A: Cinivia, by Tony Murano, oozing wet, spread, explicit photo artThe introductory images in "Cinivia," starring Cristina A., are rather tame. The model relaxes on a sofa, clad in a short, but by no means brazen, black dress. She smiles sweetly. The lighting is subdued. Dispensing with the dress, the model reveals a sheer black teddy. Soon, however, she reveals much, much more.

Neither the model or her photographer, Tony Murano, are at all bashful or reluctant. I will warn those members of our group who possess more refined or delicate sensibilities: some of these images - many of them ultra close-ups - are almost stunningly explicit.

Of course, what one viewer finds extreme, another viewer will find extremely pleasing, and so it is with this collection. The model is, throughout, an eager and involved participant. She is most obviously enjoying this exercise in titillation and temptation. She is enjoying it so much that she is, quite literally, oozing enjoyment.

Is there a doubter among you? Turn your attention to numbers 0102 through 0106. Ah, yes.


I'm glad you assed...

Carina A: Jinhens, by Luca Helios, tanned, professional, ass, photographyWhen I sat down to examine "Jinhens," starring Carina A. I was struck by several things. Her skin tone, for example. Carina has obviously spent many hours basking in the sun, absent any clothing, and the result is quite appealing. She is also lean, fit and obviously toned, and that implies a type of physicality I find pleasing. Petite of breast, slim, firm - none of that prepared me for the treat I received when she turned around. To borrow a phrase from a once popular song, this baby's got back. Oh, it's not a huge heiney, but it's full, round and exerts a particular power.

The series has a casual vibration. The mood is easy and relaxed. This is a professional model doing what she knows how to do. She breaks character, if only for an instant, in #0029. Legs up-thrust, totally exposed, she smiles with glee. I like it!

This moment, this single image, captures the flavor and spirit of the model in ways words can't quite capture. See it for yourself and let me know if you agree. Or not. Either way, I welcome the exchange of ideas!


Two cuties - in a cave...

Milena D & Agni A: Relations, by Erik Latika, girlfriends, youthful exposureThe location is certainly unusual. I am unaware of the precise locale, but it is near the sea. The stone walls are rough, the floor sandy, the tonal palate ranging from ocher to pale cream. And in this protected, natural setting, we have two particularly fine specimens of youthful femininity. Milena D. has a luscious pout and long, blonde hair that reaches past her waist. Agni A. wears her dark hair back and boasts wonderfully round bosoms. Physically, they are of different types, but they do make a delicious team.

But keep your expectations somewhat in check. If you are anticipating a robust exploration of sapphic attraction and same-sex eroticism, you may find yourself somewhat disappointed. This series is, I think, more about playful friendship. It certainly celebrates youthful beauty, and the physical charms of these delightful nubiles are fully revealed and explored. These images will inspire much lustful hunger, but that will be between the viewer and the photos, not between the two models.

I found the series completely enjoyable, despite the absence of sexual "Relations" between the subjects. What was your reaction?


A tremendously tempting treasure...

Dominika A: Schatz, by Luca Helios, foot, fetish, labia, erotic photoWhen I plugged the title of this set, "Schatz," into my MetArt Set Title Decoder I was initially surprised to discover that the word is a term of endearment, in German speaking regions, that is roughly equivalent to "honey" or "darling" in my native English. Dominika A. is certainly well worthy of both those descriptors. I further discovered that "Schatz" is also a surname that means "treasure," and this set, from the mind and lens of prolific contributor Luca Helios, is without question a treasure trove overflowing with enticing images.

There are shots in this collection to satisfy a wide variety of tastes. Those who fancy extreme close-ups will gasp in awe as the model reveals her intimate delicacies to the camera. Those who gravitate to fetching feet, shapely legs, tempting toes, and sexy shoes will find much to obsess over here (#0089 and #0048 are two shining examples). Viewers who crave exotic feminine beauty with a glamorous pin-up flavor are well served, as well.

Dominika A. is a treasure, and she should be applauded for sharing her priceless gifts with us so generously!


Too never enough!

Ilona A: You, by Pasha, expressive model, sprawling erotic essayThe first time I examined this series I was nearly overwhelmed. Containing 226 images in total, Pasha's "You," starring Ilona A., is a huge set. And there is an amazing amount of variety spread across all of those photos. It begins outdoors, with Ilona fully clothed, in bright, natural light. Then it moves inside, to a somewhat cluttered, fire-lit parlor. Indoors Ilona's costume, hair and make-up are completely unlike the introductory photos - she could be another model, entirely. On top of all that, Ilona has a face that is magically, mercurially expressive. She can swing from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other in a sliver of a second.

It was only later, when I took another, prolonged look at this set, that the exceptional talent of this model - and her photographer - fully struck me. They are making photographic art together, they are experimenting, they are exploring, and they are having a splendid time in the process. She poses with great earnestness. And she listens to her MP3 player. She tries on a new garment, and then tries a new expression to match. She laughs. She broods. She struts, preens and muses. Ilona is a treat. And this set gives you abundant opportunity to enjoy her!


Beginning to blossom...

Grace A: Grace, by Albert Varin, first time nudes, young girl erotic artAt the still tender age of 19, Grace A. enters the word of nude art photography under the tutelage of Albert Varin. Props and costumes are few: a room, a bed, several red roses, a necklace and a black merry widow. This last, the garment, seems a touch too mature for this young subject - what better reason can there be for her to remove it?

Although she is young and without much experience in front of the camera, Grace brings a smoky, sultry sensuality to many of these images. #0136 is a favorite of mine. In this shot, captured from behind, the expression on the model's face is relaxed - un-posed, if you will - and her body delivers an invitation that is impossible to misinterpret, or resist!

A handful of images, perhaps six in total, were shot in a bathroom. The mood and lighting of these photos is dark and dramatic, and stand in stark contrast to the warm, bright style of the bulk of the series. Is this to illustrate Grace's versatility, or a preview of a future series? Both, I hope!


None but two...

Vivien A & Angela D: Imokes, by Catherine, sapphic erotica art photosThe title of this post is a translation of the French ballet term - pas de deux - for a duet in which a pair of dancers perform together. It is particularly fitting in the case of this entrancing offering from female photographer (and photographer of females), Catherine, featuring Angela D. and Vivien A.

There are times when two-girl pictorials can have a stiff, stilted feel. They may both be beautiful models, but they remain individual and distinct without forging a bond in their collaborations. That is most certainly not the case in these photos! There is a genuine, palpable, tangible, sense of connection, of empathy, of passionate attraction between the two young women here.

While the mood is distinctly erotic and highly sexual, there is an overriding sense of romance tempering the passion on display. From the gauzy amorousness of #0002, to the soft geometry of intimate physicality in #0023, to emotional and bodily enmeshment in #0079, Catherine brings a painterly sensibility to these involving images.


Mountain high...

Lorena B: Pyranees, by Luca Helios, outdoor nudity, erotic art pictorialI once heard - where, I can't now recall - that the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. In the mountains, however, the sky is clear and the sun shines bright. And it is in this picturesque locale that Luca Helios has chosen to photograph entrancingly ebullient Lorena B.

Here is a model who takes absolute delight in her assignment. This is even more striking in light of the fact that this particular assignment involves assuming a wide variety of poses while straddling rocky outcroppings and the craggy surfaces of sun-baked boulders.

Between the dramatic setting and joy-filled Lorena's beauty, photographer Helios has all the ingredients to concoct vigorously appealing erotic art, and that's exactly what he does. Against an almost impossibly vivid blue sky every sculptural contour of the model's body is thrown into bold relief. #0125, ass to the sky, head down, is a leg-lover's delight. And shots like #0102 play a whimsical little game with gravity.

If my instincts are correct, many MetArt members will find "Pyranees" to be a peak experience!


Sweet heat on the sheets...

Sabina B: Love Story, by Catherine, explicit, teasing, seductive erotic artWhat is it that draws you to your favorite sets? Is it an exceptionally pleasing body part, perhaps? Or is it the model's "spirit," the way she comports herself for the duration of the series? Perhaps you're a photo enthusiast for whom the technical and artistic elements of a given pictorial capture your imagination. Maybe your favorite collections were chosen based on some or all of these factors.

That is the case, in my case. And here, in Catherine's "Love Story," starring Sabina B., is an example where all these elements play a role. First, the girl. Oh, what a face! With each different expression, even a sidelong glance, a subtle smile, she speaks volumes - directly to me! Her petite breasts, her ass, her hair, eyes, feet - her wonderful everything - is simply scrumptious, a mouthwatering visual feast.

But it is Catherine's stylish, technical artistry - in decorating the set, the lighting, the "direction" of her subject, and her camerawork - that elevates this collection to such lofty heights.

I connected to this set on a variety of different levels, and it's fair to say I'm in love with this "Love Story." How do you feel about it?


Count your blessings...

Julia I: Blessed, by Leonardo, experienced model, beautiful erotic imagesIn the MetArt world - and in much of the "outside" world, as well - extra emphasis is often placed on "the new." We are constantly hungering for the latest trend, the newest experience, the freshest young face and a new, nubile body on which to feast our senses. There is nothing, at all, wrong with this. As a member of modern society, I also find myself swept up in this quest for newness. But there are times when I remind myself that the newest is not always the best. As evidence, I direct your attention to Julia I., as she appears in "Blessed," by Leonardo.

She is as magnificent a model as any photographer could hope to work with, or any connoisseur of feminine beauty could dream of viewing. Fully clothed or totally nude, she is a source of endless delight. And yet, while this series is new, Julia is not. She first appeared here in 2003! She has posed for a particularly grand total of 50 sets! And her beauty has only blossomed with the passage of time. If you don't have time in your relentless quest for the newest/freshest/youngest model of the moment, you don't know - and possibly couldn't even appreciate - what you are missing.

The rest of us, however, will cherish "Blessed," and the incomparable Julia I., and count our blessings!


Bare babe on a balcony...

Sofy B: Know, by Sergey Akion, no-frills exhibitionist erotic photosFor the second series starring newcomer Sofy B., Sergey Akion has chosen to keep things simple. Extremely simple, in fact. The model is unadorned, save for a T-shirt. If she is wearing any make-up it is, again, extremely simple, minimal. The "location" is a second floor balcony. For a "prop," he provides her with a collapsible photo reflector. And that is all.

With so little to work with Sofy has her work cut out for her. She accepts the responsibility with a professional's commitment that is surprising, perhaps, for a young girl embarking on only her second nude photo essay. Considering the limited dimensions of the space - it is only a rather narrow balcony - Sofy attains poses that range from balletic to bold. And keep in mind, all the shots - including those that find her knees as far apart as possible - were taken in full view of the street below and the neighboring houses. If Sofy has any shyness in her personality she dispenses with it, completely, during this performance!


New + Nude = Nice!

Gloria B: Gloria, by Antonio Clemens, new model, first nudes, eroticaBeing introduced to a pretty young girl is never a bad thing. On this we can all certainly agree. And if this new acquaintance were to quickly shed her clothing and share with us her totally naked body? Even better. Which brings us to one of the singular experiences MetArt members look forward to so avidly: The debut of a new model.

Gloria B. makes her nude debut in this series by Antonio Clemens, and it seems certain that she will garner much favorable attention and earn numerous admirers. Clemens keeps it simple. A bed, topped with a colorful quilt, and striped curtains in muted tones constitute what there is in the way of set decoration. Then we have Gloria, front and center, wearing a smile and a black bra and panties - so far, so good!

The model is bronze from the sun, and the light of youthful sexuality glitters in her eyes. When her lingerie comes off she exposes delightfully diminutive breasts and some noteworthy intimate architecture.

I will take it upon myself to speak for the group: Pleased to meet you, Gloria!


On her feet, or on her knees...

Lotta A: Ivilis, by Andre Le Favori, young, natural, nude erotic beauty

Lotta A. is standing when we first sight her in "Ivilis" by Andre Le Favori. Barefoot and wearing only pink panties, she is a genuine beauty, long of limb, slender, shaped to virtual perfection. Her long auburn hair frames a sweet, angelic face, and, apart from the black necklace she wears throughout the series, there is little here to distract the viewer from her charms.

Much of the rest of the set finds Lotta on her knees, seated on the carpet, or twisting and sprawling into a playful array of varied poses. I use the word "playful" quite deliberately. One gets a very real sense that this is a young girl who is totally involved in the moment, and thoroughly enjoying every second of it!

Whether she's on her feet or on her knees - or any other position you're lucky to catch her in - Lotta is lively, lovely and a pleasure to witness.


Girls do it, too...

Kayla B: Bamike, by Tony Murano, fantasy photos, explicit eroticaThis - the world of MetArt - is a place where we retreat to savor fine photography, to delight in the beauty of myriad models, and to indulge our imaginations in fantasy. But don't think that this type of escapism is the sole province of the male animal. Females use graphic imagery to fuel their own intimate fantasies, and that's precisely what Kayla B. is doing at the start of Tony Murano's "Bamike."

Costumed in a sheer pink confection, Kayla reclines on a sofa. She stares longingly at the male model on the cover of a magazine - a magazine devoted to hairstyles for men, no less. She imagines kissing his rugged visage. She opens the magazine and lets her eyes roam over the well groomed male models that grace the pages. Her mind is afire with erotic imaginings. She puts aside the publication, and then slowly puts aside her sexy lingerie.

Now that Kayla's lusts are inflamed, she can devote her full attention to inflaming ours! Both model and photographer are well aware of the physical assets at their disposal - Kayla reveals all, and Murano moves in close for truly eye-filling images. Feed your fantasies!


Down to the sea in skin...

Adele B: Lightness, by Sergey Akion, erotic nature photo artThe rocky cliffs along a rugged stretch of shoreline provide a naturally dramatic backdrop for Sergey Akion's "Lightness," starring petite blonde beauty Adele B.

This set revolves around texture, geometry, texture and contrast, at least in my humble estimation. The jagged edges of heavy stone accentuate the gentle curvature of the model. The pale shades of her hair and body contrast with the dark earth toned surfaces on which she's poised.

The scale of the cliff, soaring above, the lines and layers of stone, the angry sea, the cool blue of the sky - this is a powerful instance of nature's beauty. And Adele, a natural beauty, is both part of yet separate from her surroundings. In #0065 the model appears tiny against the towering rocks. In #0121, shot from behind, the striated stone stretching into the distance, the effect is almost otherworldly.


Between dusk and dawn...

Irina J: Amovias, by Tony Murano, expressive erotic photo artistry Viewed from a purely technical point of view, "Amovias" by Tony Murano is a richly textured, subtly nuanced, confidently experimental photo essay. The way he manipulates the lighting - including several impressionistic images of "smeared" candlelight - and the way he explores and emphasizes the shadows prevalent in this series, is truly remarkable.

"Amovias" is no less remarkable when one considers its subject, the exquisitely exotic Irina J. This model, dark, slim, and boasting a simmering sensuality, expresses a range of emotions every bit as rich and nuanced as the stylized photos she's appearing in.

Muted light streams in through a window. Three candles cast their warm glow. Irina slowly reveals her body, even as her face exposes aspect of her soul. She is seductive, she is pensive, she is teasing, she is aroused - she is, perhaps above all else, alluring.

I found "Amovias" to be a particularly moving work of erotic art - what did you think of it?


The suite life...

Carine B: Carine, by Ron Offlin, intimate, explicit erotic photosWe first meet Carine B. - in her first appearance at MetArt - as she relaxes in bed. Sipping from a cup of tea, her hair wrapped in a fluffy white towel, and wearing only a monogrammed robe, she looks as if she's enjoying a stay at a luxurious hotel. The robe and towel are soon dispensed with, and we can take a detailed and leisurely look at this inviting newcomer.

Carine projects a light-hearted spirit, and her brown eyes have an engaging sparkle and depth. Her nipples are particularly pale, to the point where, at a bit of distance, they are almost indistinguishable from the rest of her breasts. Additionally, in terms of coloring, she still has a bit of visible tan-line - modesty may have dictated a bikini, at least the bottom half, during last summer's beach season. In this bed, however, Carine is mercifully free of modesty, she shares her body eagerly, openly, and without reservation. And Ron Offlin's lens, after the rather coy introductory images, moves in close for an extensive and explicit exploration of Carine's many enticing intimacies.

I certainly hope Carine has hung out the "Do Not Disturb" sign, because moments like these should never be interrupted!


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