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Temptress on a tabletop...

Fidelia A: Edwardian, by Oleg Morenko, fresh, exotic, sexy beautyI had the pleasure of first discovering Fidelia A. when I evaluated a girl-girl set she co-starred in, Oleg Morenko's "Avilias." Having the opportunity to view her in a solo pictorial is welcome, indeed.

I have but one minor quibble with this series, and I will dispense with it as quickly as possible. There is a television set visible in several of the images that somehow doesn't fit in with the mood of the set and the furnishings of the room. Beyond that, I have only praise.

Fidelia is tall, slender, lithe, lean, and long of limb. And her face is both exotically beautiful and pleasingly expressive. She can project a youthful sort of innocence that is completely disarming, and a moment later can be sultry, knowing, and brazenly sexual. Oh, and she has a smile that is entirely irresistible.

Favorites here include: #0056 for a particularly relaxed and genuine smile; #0005, off the tabletop, on her knees, and simply beautiful; #0049, a perfect "pin-up;" and #0085, for moody, steamy, sexuality.


The shadow-line...

Sandra D: Validias, by Leonardo, moody, evocative, explicit eroticaLeonardo delivers a mood-drenched, evocative set in "Validias," starring Sandra D. Evening is impending. Outside, the sky is leaden, ominous. The shadow of a mullion on an unseen window falls across the couch where the model is seated. This creates opportunities of two distinct types. When the shadow falls just so, the effect is dramatic and imparts the image with a pleasing air of mystery. However, when the shadow falls across Sandra's face, the effect can be disquieting.

This concept may be somewhat difficult to understand as I describe it here, but it is readily noticeable throughout the series. In #0034 and #0041, for example, the illusion of a bruise on the model's face is created by this unfortunate trick of the light. In #0038 and #0047, however, the shadow is absent and the true beauty of the model is abundantly evident. Please note that shadows are still present in the pleasing images, and still creating a distinct mood.

Despite the presence of several somewhat compromised images, the strengths of "Validias," far outweigh its weaknesses. As noted, the set possesses ample drama. And it possesses Sandra D., a voluptuous and uninhibited model who is sexy and alluring beyond the shadow of a doubt.



Juline A: Grapes, by Lena Vilinas, natural, explicit erotic art pics

A verdant meadow and surrounding woodlands provide a deep green backdrop against which "Grapes," starring Juline A. unfolds. The contrast in color is really quite striking as this model has particularly pale skin and hair of an extremely vivid red.

Clad in a simple frock, sheer panties and wedge sandals, Juline cheerfully poses and quickly begins to seductively disrobe. The tactile, physical pleasure the model experiences being nude in the natural setting is evident throughout. And the physical reality of posing in such an environment is captured in several shots in which the flora she's been lounging on leaves an impression in her soft skin.

Several images in the collection are worth noting. In #0050, Juline is spread out on the grass, face to the camera, with both foreground and background in soft focus. And in #0060 where her right breast is slightly out of focus, putting the visual emphasis on her left breast which she is gently touching.

Yes, there are grapes. And, yes, there are numerous intimate anatomical close-ups. Sweet.


A rare breed, indeed...

Marina K: Tiger, by Joanna Edwards, tasteful erotica, demure nudesFive years have elapsed since Marina K. first bared her beautiful all at MetArt. And the photographer of "Tiger," Joanna Edwards, has been absent for a similar length of time. We welcome back both contributors, and then turn our attention to the work.

A seamless backdrop in a rich, dark shade of cordovan. An animal print scarf, a few pieces of jewelry, and Marina. Neither photographer Edwards or your humble scribe need much more than that. As the series unfolds I'm impressed by the painterly quality of many of these images. Examine #0050, if only for a moment, and I think you'll concur.

And Marina, without elaborate props or scenery to rely on, performs admirably, projecting moods from studied to spontaneous with apparent ease and enjoyment.

I have no way of knowing if Marina K. or Ms. Edwards will once again contribute a set to MetArt. It might be another five years, perhaps more. In that case, enjoy "Tiger" fully, because it is a truly rare breed.


Fur your pleasure...

Francine A: Free Spirit, by Rylsky, unshaven, natural, erotic photosThose who prefer their potential mates in a largely natural state will want to go over Rylsky's "Free Spirit" with a fine tooth comb. The model presented therein, Francine A., has declared her armpits and pubic region razor-free zones, and lush thickets of dark floss have consequently flourished.

There is no avoiding the hair here, and it will either attract or repel, depending on personal preference. On second thought, there is one way to avoid it, and that is by focusing one's attention on the non-nude images and headshots. In #0037 Francine's spontaneous smile and perfectly pert breasts are powerful distractions. And in #0055, a double-headshot thanks to a mirror, is pretty, indeed. Of the full-fur shots, #0060 is a personal favorite due to an unusual pose and Francine's lively, engaging expression.

But I have to wonder, if Francine is such a "Free Spirit," why has she bothered to shave her legs? I'm not being needlessly provocative by asking. Well, actually, maybe I am.


Silk and honey...

Izabelle A: Agamian, by Oleg Morenko, pristine, delicious, sexy young girl

This set seduced me almost instantly. And Izabelle A. gets full credit for that. From the opening image straight through to the last, she is simply a perfect piece of indescribably delicious eye candy. This little doll just exudes pristine, youthful, beauty.

And "Agamian" is a seemingly simple set. By "seemingly" I mean that the tangible elements - a sofa, sheer curtains, a hardwood floor - are basic and unobtrusive. But here is where Oleg Morenko's artistry enters. He has a beautiful subject, one that he has worked with before. He seeks to emphasize and enhance her beauty, not distract from it. Clever composition, creative posing, and particularly deft lighting are his tools, and the results are pleasing in the extreme.

I love the way a subtle side-light kisses Izabelle's raised arm, jaw line, and breast in #0017. And how the pose in #0043 is artfully improved by slightly tighter framing in #0044. There are some very sexy shots here: #0059 despite (or perhaps because of) the soft focus in the foreground sizzles, to select one out of many. And there are simple beauty shots, as well, like #0078 - pure silk and honey.


Fire and water...

Ilze A: Calef, by Rylsky, curvy, sexy, nude girl erotica, explicit art pics

The opening "sequence" of Rylsky's "Calef," starring Ilze A., takes place before a roaring fire. The model is lively, she is lovely, and her body is entirely luscious. Some of the posing, however, is curious. Do we need to see Ilze put a log on the fire when she can generate so very much heat without such histrionics?

Perhaps to answer the question, the set next moves to a lavatory equipped with a spacious spa tub. Posing next to and in the bath, Ilze now is in a far more flattering and versatile setting. The model is gifted with a firm and ripe rump, and several shots capture this particular asset particularly well - on all fours in the water, in #0074, it's a double-bubble delight. Ilze's physical charms don't "end" there, however, and her entire erotic arsenal receives ample exposure.

This is a playful set, and while some of the posing feels just the slightest bit forced or contrived, Ilze appears to be having so much fun - and is so much fun to look at - that one wouldn't dream of complaining. When Rylsky mixes Ilze A. with fire and water the results are nothing if not steamy!


Island time...

Nadya C: Timeless, by Pasha, tropical, tasteful erotic photos

Here is a moody tropical interlude from the lens and imagination of Pasha, and starring Nadya C. The sea is still and calm. The sky overcast. Although we soon realize the location is some sort of resort or retreat, there is no sign of another human anywhere.

The model, wearing a long, simple dress, poses on the sand and in the water, the fabric clinging to her body. When the dress is retired from service, Nadya is topless, and wearing bikini bottoms. She poses with a coconut. When she is finally completely nude, she poses with the same coconut and on the trunk of an accommodating palm tree.

There is a downbeat, almost somber quality to this set. It is not without appeal, mind you, but I find it somewhat lacking in energy. Personal highlights include #0106 where the model unexpectedly unleashes a lively smile. And a series of shots - #0083 is a prime example - where she relaxes in a hammock. Perhaps if the sun came out and somebody ordered a round of piña coladas the mood would lift?


An epic ending...

Jasmine A: Ballet Rehearsal Complete, by Goncharov, ballet erotica

Viewers of this set may experience a bit of dejà vu, I know I initially did. But I was able to unravel the mystery. Every visitor to MetArt gets a glimpse of it. And every time a member returns to the site, it's right there, in the upper, left of the landing page: an image of Jasmine A. in her ballet slippers and violet tutu. While that single image is a longstanding element of MetArt's site design, the multi-part series has a rich history here. The first installment of Goncharov's "Ballet Rehearsal" appeared in January, 2004. Additional "episodes" appeared in 2004 and 2005. But the photographer has waited until now to bring down the curtain on his masterful series.

Let me simply say that it was certainly worth the wait! But wait a bit longer before jumping to any conclusions about the set. Jasmine isn't simply a model wearing a ballerina costume. She is a classically trained ballerina who is also a model. As a result, she can assume poses far beyond the physical ability of even the most fit and agile female. In dozens of images here, for example, she is en pointe, standing gracefully on the very tips of her toes. To adequately describe this set would require far more space than I've been allotted, and I find myself compelled to go have a leisurely look at the first three sets in this masterful quartet. I expect many others will have a similar reaction.


Scarlet fever...

Ariel A: Pensieri, by Luca Helios, erotic photos, sexual, nude femaleIt is not in the least subtle. And, though it may have it's roots (pun intended) in nature, the shade of Ariel's crimson locks has obviously received a dazzling boost from a bottle. That shocking shade of red even seems to tint entire frames in this series, but it is only one of this magnificent model's eye-catching attributes.

The location for this essay by Luca Helios is a desolate, rocky shoreline. But this is a highly stylized photo set, not a nature documentary. There are times when the landscape takes on a surreal quality, and this results in truly memorable images.

Ariel A. is not only physically stupendous, she's also extremely skilled in the art of the pose. She can be spontaneous and natural. She can be classically formal. She can create the illusion of movement when she is still. She can be coy and kittenish. And she can be stunningly, overtly sexual. Have a look at #0116 for a mouthwatering example of exactly what I'm talking about.


Same place/different face...

Tommi A: Sinivil, by Leonardo, erotic photos, outdoor nudes, sexy girl

I've evaluated a series that utilized this location once before - - and then, as now, I found it a versatile and pleasing setting. In "Sinivil," starring Tommi A., we have an opportunity to make some interesting comparisons.

While it is the same location, Leonardo's framing and placement of his subject is subtly different. The most striking difference, besides the models, may be the light. Here the lighting is somewhat brighter and the separation of model from background is sometimes less distinct. This is neither good nor bad, just slightly different.

There is a soft angularity and extremely pleasing symmetry to Tommi's face. Consequently, I gravitate to several lovely headshots - #0143 is particularly disarming, but #0142, where her face is partially obscured by foliage, is also quite nice. A stray shot, the only one of its type in the collection, also intrigued me. In #0134 the model is in profile, at some distance, her expression largely concealed from the viewer. Shot from behind a bit of wrought iron scrollwork (a fence, a gate?), the image suggests the merest hint of voyeurism. Who among us wouldn't want to sneak a peek at a nude vixen as appealing as Tommi if the opportunity arose?


Stop, look, and like...

Olga M: Algovins, by Leonardo, erotic photography, natural nude pics

There are moments in nearly every set I'm assigned to evaluate where a single image catches my eye and forces me to take a closer look. The first of these moments in "Algovins" occurred when I reached #0012. Here is, I believe, an ideal introductory shot of Olga M. Bracketed by foliage, her upper torso and face fill the central third of the frame. Her lower lip is ripe and plump, her piercing eyes meet mine, her beauty here is particularly powerful.

#0057 also halted my progress through the set. Here Olga is totally nude, after a preponderance of shots in which she's wearing a sheer, lacy bodysuit. Feel free to disagree, but I didn't find this piece of lingerie particularly flattering, and to finally see Olga in her naked glory was a blessing seasoned with relief.

And when I reached #0110 I got the distinct impression I'd found my favorite shot in the series. It is not the most explicit image in the set, nor the most naturalistic. It is posed, yet somehow relaxed, at once. I could stop, look and like many things about this photo. And I have.


Midnight in the garden of...

Nika E: Exikal, by Leonardo, erotic images, art photos, sexy woman

It's not quite what one would call an optical illusion, but this series played a little trick on me. It takes place outdoors. The lawn is a lush, vivid green and the hydrangeas are in full bloom. The scene is bathed in light, and the model, Nika E., is dressed only in a sheer, black shawl. Just another - quite wonderful - sunny day in the garden? No, actually. Because the set was shot late at night. Unlike the cinematic trick of simulating nighttime while shooting during in daylight - "day for night" as it is known - this might be termed an example of "night for day." It's an interesting twist that gives the series a bit of extra visual dimension.

Of course, with Nika as the subject, visual dimension is not at all in short supply! Although her expressiveness is sometimes confined to a rather limited segment of the emotional spectrum, her eye-grabbing physical gifts more than compensate. Whether seated in appropriate outdoor furniture, standing tall in her black, open toe stilettos, or lolling seductively in the grass, Nika eagerly delivers ample opportunities to examine and enjoy every inch of her remarkable body. Forget daytime or nighttime, in "Exikal," it's definitely Nika-time!


French wench...

Emilie A: Jolie, by Domenic Mayer, young, French, nude, erotic pics

I must admit that I was slow to warm to this set. There is nothing "wrong" with it, in any specific sense. The model, Emilie A., is certainly young and cute. The art direction, set decoration, and artistic and technical aspects of the photography are all perfectly acceptable. But, even so, I couldn't find a connection to the pictorial.

But, as so often happens, the more I looked, the more I liked. And, rather than single, isolated images throughout the set catching my eye, here I found an entire sequence of shots. In #0063, on her back, head towards the camera, Emilie's eyes are closed, her expression calm but mysterious. Next, her eyes open, but the mystery remains. In #0065 the pose and composition are adjusted, but the mood is maintained in this pleasing image. The camera pulls back, the model smiles. I smile, as well. #0067 is a subtle variation, now the contours of her body are emphasized. And, finally, in #0068, Mr. Meyer zooms in and captures Emilie from just below her petite bust to just above her knees - a truly lovely landscape.


Strawberries and cream...

Denisa A: Wonder, by Domenic Mayer, redhead, pale skin, pink bits, nude

As I savored the visual flavors of Domenic Mayer's "Wonder," starring Denisa B., I found myself contemplating the colors of set and subject. Here the room and its furnishings play an exceedingly minor role. There is a bed, it's true, but the white sheets function more as a blank canvas against which the model's striking colors and tones - hair, skin, and eyes, in particular - are emphasized.

Denisa spends a long time lounging around in various positions, some stylized and posed, others more informal and relaxed. Clearly, both the model and her photographer understand the importance of tease, and the progression from lingerie-clad to nearly nude (her sheer, black thigh-highs remain throughout) is drawn out most effectively.

The model's red hair and smooth, pale, creamy skin are a natural and mutually flattering combination, and her particularly pale nipples and other vividly pink bits are additional highlights of Denisa's coloring. The term "mouthwatering" seems particularly apt. Wouldn't you agree?


Here, kitty, kitty...

Heike A: Valikad, by Domenic Mayer, German beauty, pale skin erotica

Dressed in a camisole and panties bearing a stylized cat print, Heike A. sits at a table and enjoys a cup of tea and a croissant. Even in these introductory images there is a playful, actually quite kittenish, charm to this beautiful, blonde model.

Finished with her snack, the Teutonic tease dispenses with her outfit and proceeds to experiment her way through a generous assortment of tantalizing postures. A table and chair are her central props, and she utilizes both to excellent effect. Even in positions that can't possibly be completely comfortable, Heike radiates and eager-to-please quality that draws the viewer in.

This is a frothy, lighthearted series, but there are certainly serious, artful images to be found. I find #0118, a figure study, from mid-thigh to neck, in which the model is reclining on the tabletop, particularly beautiful. Here the structural, sculptural majesty of the female form is skillfully presented. #0123 is a variation on that theme, this time with the model's delightful visage included. A very pretty kitty, indeed!


To be pleasing...

Taira A: Piacere, by Rylsky, sexy naked girl, shaved, open, wet erotica

If I'm not mistaken, the title of this post is the translation of the title of this set, "Piacere." And it is absolutely pleasing, in more ways than I have space to mention.

Taira A. got her MetArt feet wet in a girl-girl series - "Presenting Taira" joined by Liv A. - in October 2010. Now she's back, with the same photographer, our Mr. Rylsky. And this time she gets a lot more than just her feet wet.

She begins both in and partially out of a pair of stripped panties and a button-front top. The floor is glossy black, the backdrop a silver-speckled black, as well. Her long hair is pinned back stealthily in a bun. Here face and body are in the foreground, distractions are few.

Shots run the gamut from painterly to pulse-pounding. Of the former I quite like #0067, a full length portrait of a reclining beauty. And of the latter, #0049 practically speaks for itself. Oh, and things do get splendidly wet, but I'll leave the thrills of those particular discoveries to you, the viewer.


Two new for you...

Alise A: Presenting, by Balius, new nude girl, new erotic photographer

Ah, a double debut - Alise A. makes her first appearance at MetArt, in the series photographed by Balius for our site. Will it sink or swim? Will one succeed and the other fail? These are my casual musings when I receive the set. Then I open it, and begin my evaluation.

The very first image is promising, indeed. In her floral top and pink lace panties, hand on hip, there is a frankness, an honesty, to Alise that definitely fits the MetArt formula. And the image itself, with the soft, natural light and hint of diffusion, is also pleasing. A good start. Will it get better?

The answer is an unqualified: Yes! It is a simple set, shot in the corner of a room where two windows meet. A curtain filters the light. Outside, there is snow on the trees, but inside it is warm - and getting warmer by the minute. Alise is a natural beauty, with an intriguing smile and a wonderfully proportioned build. And Balius certainly knows how to pose his subject and how to compose his images - there is a distinctive style in evidence here, and it flatters and enhances the model. To conclude I can only say: Bravo! And, of course: Brava!


The flowers of romance...

Bogdana A: Levidas, by Tony Murano, wet, explicit, close-up, erotic art

In the opening image of "Levidas," Bogdana A. is dressed for one thing, and it most certainly is not a mid-afternoon nap. The black top she is wearing disappears instantly, leaving the curvaceous blonde clad only in minimalist, entirely sheer, black panties that leave nothing to the imagination - and that will incite feverish desires in even the most polite and restrained imaginations.

There is a single rose in several shots, for a bit of colorful contrast. And the black bed dressing bears a white floral print. But the flower I refer to in the title of this post is far more vibrant, alive, and distinctly feminine, if you can decipher a hint. Tony Murano takes full advantage of his unabashedly sexy subject, and captures the beauty of her face in several stylish headshots (#0025 is my favorite of these) as well as her buxom body. And then he moves in close - extremely close - for intimate images that may well take your breath away. "I am not shy," declares Bogdana in her MetArt bio. No, no, she is not. And for that we offer our boundless gratitude!


Nude descending a staircase...

Ilona B: Kirolias, by Goncharov, delicate beauty, erotic art photos

As her sophomore appearance at MetArt begins, Ilona B. is on a flight of marble stairs. She wears only a little black dress and a pair of dark grey stockings - no shoes, no jewelry, no panties. These elements provide Goncharov with more than enough to compose many intriguing images. The model has a quiet, restrained manner, and an entirely natural type of beauty. In #0056, posing on the arm of a sofa at the base of the stairs, her side-lighted figure is a visual feast. And in #0039, wearing only her stockings, leaning against the banister, the architectural elements of the setting serve to emphasize the lines and contours of her body to a particularly pleasing degree.

The set takes an unexpected turn just after the half-way mark. Suddenly Ilona is wearing jeans and a sweater. A few images later she's outside, wearing a bikini, a zippered top, and metallic high-heeled sandals. From here until its conclusion the set takes on a random, patchwork feeling that stands in contrast to the measured formality of the staircase shots. A little bit of this, a little bit of that - and much to enjoy.


Maiden Brazil...

Astrud A: Presenting, by Rylsky, first nudes, outdoor erotic photos

In the first image in this set - her debut appearance at MetArt - Brazilian native Astrud A. is wearing no more than a bracelet, a belt of plaited leather, and a smile. One is equally struck by the beauty of her nude body, and the radiant warmth of her expression.

The smile is present through much of the set, and it is remarkably fresh and genuine. It is impossible not to sense an underlying feeling of joyful inhibition as the model experiments with poses and presentation. In headshots and in explicit anatomical images, Astrud is participating fully and enjoying the experience heartily.

Monochrome photos dot the series, adding a bit of unexpected variety. And when a shawl and a pair of white jeans make brief appearances late in the set they impart distinct flavors to the collection as a whole, and hint at possibilities that, one hopes, are soon to be captured and presented in future pictorials.


It's like candy...

Caesaria A: Bon Bon, by Rylsky, nubile, petite, up-skirt, flirty erotic art

You've seen these toys. It's a picture of an open eye, for example. But if you shift your viewing angle, the eye is closed. Move it back and forth just so, and the eye appears to be winking - a simple illusion. Caesaria A. got me thinking about this. In some of these images she is a study in dewy innocence. A frame or two later she is a steamy, sultry temptress. We know it is the same young woman, but one moment she is girlish, the next she is entirely womanly - hardly a "simple illusion," but certainly an intriguing one! Compare photos #0093 and #0094 and see for yourself.

Shot indoors, on a "carpet" of pink tulle fabric, and against large gold and silver panels, Caesaria poses in a pink skirt and bikini top. She is flirty, seductive, giddy and serious by turns. This lack of predictability certainly does much to keep the viewer engaged. As enticing as her nubile body is - and it is extremely enticing! - some of my favorite images in this series are headshots. In #0008, she is captured from the shoulders up. Her profile, her downcast eyes, the soft curls of her hair, the composition is as alluring as can be. #0049, a variation on the shot just mentioned, has her looking directly at the viewer - quite a striking effect. "Bon Bon," starring Caesaria A. is filled with many similarly sweet images.


What becomes a legend...

Eloise A: Roy Stuart, by Roy Stuart, erotic art photos by a living legend

A newcomer might wonder why this set starring Eloise A. bears a man's name. More experienced enthusiasts, however, will instantly recognize the name, the man, and his legendary stature. Fashion photographer, artist, rebel, actor, film maker, sexual explorer, erotic icon - Roy Stuart is all these things, and many more. He has directed two feature films, and his art photo books are published by also-legendary art house, Taschen. And he's no stranger to MetArt, either. In fact as I write this he has no fewer than 76 series in our archives, some dating back to the very earliest days of the site. An American who left his home, first for England before settling permanently in France, Roy Stuart is an erotic artist's erotic artist, and a photographer's photographer.

This series could not have been created by anyone but Roy Stuart. His indelible signature is all over it. There is a stark, natural, almost documentary quality to the lighting and camerawork. The model is the very picture of natural - relaxed, dressed as she would in "real" life, without make-up and unshaven. No designer lingerie, she wears cotton panties. No stiletto heels, her shoes are high-top Converse All Stars. No stockings here, just socks. Imagine a lazy day, in and out of bed, with an uninhibited girlfriend - this pictorial is rich with that kind of "day in the life" realism.


Cute (kyoot) adjective...

Alina F: Romantica, by Antonio Clemens, sweet, adorable, cute, eroticaMy dictionary defines the word as: "pretty or attractive, esp. in a lively, wholesome, or dainty way." And I define it as: Alina F., the eye-pleasing, libido-teasing star of "Romantica," by Antonio Clemens.

There is something about that face, framed by that hair, and the look in those eyes - I can't help but smile when I study her pixieish expressions. And I can't restrain my heart rate when I peruse the delicate curves of her slender physique. Alina simply "does it" for me in a way that I can't adequately explain and which is impossible to deny.

Take a look at image #0062, in which Alina is peeling a sheer, white stocking from her right foot. Oh, look at all she's exposing - how could you resist? Examine the composition of the photo, the lighting. But, after all that, look at that face!

Cute? Oh, you'd better believe it!


Testing the waters...

Polya A: Presenting, by Zlatko, first MetArt photos, tasteful erotica

The slightest sense of reserve permeates Zlatko's photos of MetArt newcomer, Polya A. She is self-confident and assured in her posing, and she is both spontaneous and formal, by turns. But, whether by her choice or her photographer's, I get the feeling that pretty Polya is holding just a little bit back. Call it a hunch - only future offerings will confirm or disprove my intuition.

As to the set itself, I can find much to praise. It is simple, and very much a product of the studio setting. A deep blue backdrop, soft, diffused lighting, a key light to highlight the model's golden hair, a single chair in contemporary style, the sole prop. Polya is wearing only a necklace, a white shirt, a pair of black heels. From there it is up to the model to execute her performance, and for the photographer to record it.

There is a sweetness this young woman projects, a gentle quality. She is proud and confident in sharing her nude body, but she does refrain from more brazen revelations. Still, we certainly see enough to want to see much more. So if Polya is "testing the waters" here, I can only say she's passed that test with flying colors.


Multiple choice...

Ilona A: Waiting, by Natasha Schon, moody, artistic, thought-provoking

Weighing in at 245 images, Natasha Schon's "Waiting," starring Ilona A. is a huge, sprawling photo series. As I methodically worked my way through the extensive collection I was buffeted by shifting emotions.

Surely the set could benefit from some editing. Is this shot deliberately underexposed? Why bother with what appears to be a throwaway shot like #0094? Will the model ever disrobe? But the more I looked, the more I found to like. And my initially negative reactions began to mutate.

Yes, the set might benefit from some pruning. But why not leave those choices to the viewer? And, yes, some shots are dark. But in #0007, for example, the interplay of darkness and light is certainly pleasing. And, out of the blur of so many frames, standouts do emerge. In #0100 Ilona, wearing only a pair of black panties, stands, casually, on tiptoe. In a companion to that shot, #0129, she is less casual, and more nude. The more I looked, the more I found to like. Perhaps that's what "Waiting" is all about.


Blonde beauty on a balcony...

Liza B: Kalaris, by Leonardo, stunning, blonde beauty, erotic art photos

There is something stark, hard, and geometric about the setting. Two steel railings converge from the periphery and meet at a square, upright column of concrete. It may be the balcony of a block of apartments or perhaps an office building. The surrounding environs are leafy, the terrain rolling, it is misty, overcast, and the background is in soft focus. And in the foreground? Oh, nothing but sheer beauty.

My critical objectivity is nowhere to be found. This model, Liza B., has taken by breath away. Bombshell, siren, goddess, temptress - she is all those, and more. A pair of chic high-heels, a ragged pair of super-short cut-offs, a few bracelets and bangles, and more than a little bit of enticing attitude is all this magnificent creature needs to elicit slack-jawed amazement in this viewer.

Of course, those who are familiar with the model - she has, after all, appeared in over 60 MetArt series - know all this. But for a neophyte, a newcomer, a first-timer such as I, the initial exposure is very nearly overwhelming. From beginning to end, through a myriad of poses and expressions, Leonardo's masterful "Kalaris," starring Liza B., is a rich and varied source of artful erotica. With more than a little bit of enticing attitude.


"Anyways," anyhow, anywhere...

Gerra A: Anyways, by Andre Le Favori, young, blonde, outdoor erotica

Pert, blonde, cute, curvy and with a lively smile, Gerra A. is the type of girl who could be photographed in nearly any setting, styled however she felt at the moment, and she'd always look great. Here she's posing against a rocky backdrop, wearing not a stitch more than a tight, sporty, white mini dress, with a bare minimum of make-up, and she's an absolute picture of sexy, fresh, youthful beauty.

This is a light-hearted series, the mood is up-beat, bright, and cheery. If you are in search of great emotional depth or thoughtful introspection, you won't find it here. But if you want to enjoy views of a sweet, fun-loving, splendidly nubile young lady enjoying herself in a picturesque natural location, you will be rewarded.

Photographer Andre Le Favori, his subject, and nature all make contributions to the collection and variety is apparent in the range of poses, composition of individual images, and the wind-blown beauty of Gerra's hair in several shots. Any way you look at it, "Anyways" is quite enjoyable.


She for two...

Liv A & Kira J: Kisses, by Rylsky, stylish, sapphic, erotic art photos

I may have mentioned my "if one beautiful nude girl is good, two beautiful nude girls is better" theory of girl-girl pictorials in an earlier post. "Kisses," starring Liv A. and Kira J. is a perfect illustration of this thesis.

As individuals, the two models have numerous virtues, both in the tangible, physical realm, and in the hard to define area of "spirit" or personality. If Rylsky were to employ the same set to shoot either one of them individually, I have no doubt that it would result in an exemplary series.

When they're together, however, the fine qualities of each merge to create an essay with doubled impact. Two shots, while not at all subtle, bolster my contention: have a look at #0118 and #0125 and see if you don't agree with me.

This is a stylized, somewhat formal set. It does have moments of levity and a flicker or two of drama, but it is, more than anything else, pretty pictures of two very pretty girls. Is that ever a bad thing?


Back to nature...

Adele B: Evalias, by Tony Murano, outdoor nudes, natural erotic photos

Adele B. made her MetArt debut in a series photographed by Tony Murano. That pictorial, and several additional sittings with the same photographer, were all indoors. Here the model is placed in a natural, outdoor setting, and the beauty of the location makes a splendid backdrop.

Adele poses on the limbs of a tree in a lush, verdant forest. The sky above is a vivid blue, and the ocean can be seen in the distance. To say she is clothed as the set opens is to exaggerate - she is topless, and wearing a "skirt" of bright orange fishnet fabric, a necklace, and a pair of sandals. All of these adornments, at one point or another, are cast off.

There is a relaxed, unhurried feel to the set. One gets the sense that the model is pleased to be in such an unspoiled and uninhabited locale, and she simply enjoys her time in nature - and in front of the camera. In many shots, in fact, Adele closes her eyes. Her expressions, even in silent repose, invite exploration, as does her trim body. A natural beauty surrounded by the beauty of nature - what more could one ask for?


From the MetArt mailbox...

Kelly D: Presenting, by Volkov, hot, blonde, sexy, classy MetArt model

Hello MetArt,

I have never emailed my comments before, but would like to do so, in regards to your photo shoot of Kelly D. (the "Presenting Kelly" photo set). She is the epitome of beautiful! She comes across as very playful, very sweet, very natural, and just so SEXY! This photo shoot of her is my all time favorite of all the women on your site, and that’s saying a lot!

I really hope to see more pics and more photo shoots of Kelly D. Is there any way I can talk you into doing more photo shoots with her? I believe she deserves to have more photo sets taken on your site.

Also, is there any other sites with photos of her? I noticed that you have one set with her at your sister site, Met Models, and Kelly D’s photos on that set are also VERY HOT and SEXY!!! Great job on those!

I want to say that you guys do a great job of photographing very sexy, tasteful, classy, and natural woman (I subscribe to all three of your sites year around: MetArt, Met Models, and Errotica-Archives), and want to say that it’s great to see the top notch work you do.

Thanks again, and I want to say it again: the "Presenting Kelly photo series is the best of all your photo sets, and I want to say: “More pics of Kelly D, please!!!”


- Tim

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for your email. I am so glad that you found a favorite in Kelly D. I don't know if you noticed, but a new set starring Kelly was added to the site on January 1, 2011 ("Allusive" by Volkov) - consider it our New Year's gift to you! I will definitely check with our updater to see if we have any other Kelly D. galleries in the update queue. I have to be honest, though, and say that I am not sure what the response will be. Sometimes with girls posing nude, they only give us a few series - and sometimes just one. Kelly has appeared in 5 sets so far, so I'd guess (and I stress the word "guess") that your chances of seeing more of her in the future are good. Please feel free to continue to contact us with your thoughts, comments and suggestions as they help us greatly. Enjoy your week!

Kind regards,

- The MetArt Team

Kelly D: Presenting, by Volkov, hot, blonde, sexy, classy MetArt model


Bench warmer...

Alexandra D: Presenting, by Rylsky, new model, busty, nubile, eroticaIn this post's title I refer to the primary piece of furniture Alexandra D. heats up with her splendid body, I don't mean to apply the sports metaphor of a player who never gets into the game. Indeed, based on her first MetArt appearance, it appears that this rookie has a bright future.

The set opens with Alexandra, dressed for brisk weather, in boots, a heavy coat, and carrying an umbrella. From the earliest images she projects a bright, bubbly enthusiasm that rarely flags during the course of the series.

Moving indoors, Alexandra takes to the bench and proceeds to rid herself of clothing. As garments come off anticipation builds - that heavy coat was concealing a seriously impressive body! The model appears to delight in sharing her beauty with the camera, she smiles with joy throughout. In fact, her smile is so constant that the few shots where she isn't smiling are particularly striking (I'm thinking, for example, of #0099). And in #0084 she reclines at full length on the bench and her abundant gifts are artfully displayed.


Down to Earth...

Daloria A: Eravian, by Peter Guzman, total nude, natural, erotic artApart from the silvery bangle that decorates her naval piercing, Daloria A. is completely nude here, bereft of shoes or clothing of any kind. Her hair is wet throughout - damp from the waters of the nearby sea. She is a wild nymph, alone in a rugged landscape. But her adorable smile tells us that there is nowhere else she'd rather be.

The set contains what might be considered mini-sets, chapters in a story, if you will. It begins with the model posing against the wall of a cliff or cave. There is a section where she appears on a pebbled beach, with the water and setting sun behind her. This is followed by a return to the cave wall for a nocturnal session that possess a gritty, primal feel.

As the different "chapters" unfold, Daloria remains consistently and irresistibly appealing. Her slender, yet curvy, body is a visual delight. She is a tease at the same time she is an innocent - no easy trick. Some might prefer if she were cleaned up and dried off, but I quite enjoy viewing Daloria in the natural splendor of "Eravian."


Flex appeal...

Melisa A: Tribute, by Luca Helios, nude beach, legs, ass, arty erotica

Another beach, another balmy evening, another girl. Viewed from a rather blinkered perspective, yes, that assessment holds some truth. But look closer. This is a black sand beach, far from typical. And, due to the natural light of the setting sun combined with a skillful use of diffused front-light via flash and reflector, one assumes, the night takes on a slightly stylized, craftily manipulated air. And the girl? Melisa A. is a stand-out, hardly a face or physique that would blend in with the crowd.

Melisa has a toned, superbly shaped and proportioned body. Whether she's striking a formal pose (as she does in the very first image in the series), or when she jumps high in the air (as she does in the very last surprising shots) she radiates an energetic vitality. Many of the poses are evocative of a ballerina, others bring to mind a limber - and extremely uninhibited - gymnast. Highlights include the sequence beginning with #0021 and ending with #0027 in which the beauty and power of her legs and ass are exquisitely expressed. And #0115 which not only captures her stunning bodily architecture, but also the refined elegance of her face in profile.


From the MetArt mailbox...

Anna AJ: Treasure, by Leonardo, erotic photo series cover

We get letters. Not the parchment, sealing wax, and postage kind, but our members do like to share their opinions with us. Here's a sampling of reactions to Leonardo's series, "Treasure," starring Anna AJ:

Dear MetArt,
Loved it, more please. - R.

Dear R.,
I can't tell you exactly when - due to the MetArt employee blood oath. Wait I've said too much! - but you will be seeing more of Anna AJ, and soon. Cheers!

Dear MetArt,
She is top notch but the photos with the cigarette are a real minus! However, I could overlook that if she would come and stay with me for a week. Please give her my e-mail address.- Rock

Dear Rock,
I'm not terribly fond of the smoking shots, either. But in Anna's case, if she wants to smoke a corncob pipe, a hookah, or cheap cigars it's fine with me! I'd pass along your contact info to Anna, but I have a feeling your "no smoking" rule is a deal-breaker. Thanks for writing!

Dear MetArt,
Perfect! - false

Dear false,
A truer word has rarely been spoken. And with your moniker, that's really saying something! Best regards.

Dear MetArt,
I am disappointed with this photo set. This is supposed to be a nude art site and the photographer has the model wearing high heels. Nude means bereft of clothing. If she is wearing shoes, she is not nude. - David M.

Dear David,
I will concede the technical point. In the strictest terms, Anna AJ is not nude in this series. But this is a potentially contentious topic. If we are to enforce your rigid definition of nude, is make-up permitted? Earrings? A hair pin? And, just as you would prefer Anna barefoot, other members might prefer her in a pair of sleek stilettos. Although we try, it isn't possible for us - or even a model as striking as Anna AJ - to please all MetArt members all the time. I appreciate hearing your opinion and I sincerely hope that Anna grants your request for strict nudity in a future appearance. Thank you.

Anna AJ: Treasure, by Leonardo, erotic photo series cover


A fine "Find"...

Dido A: Find Me, by Luca Helios, total nude, outdoor erotic art photosThis collection by Luca Helios is simple and unembellished. A shady spot in a wooded area. A pair of dramatic high-heel shoes. A necklace. And a nude girl. From the first frame to the last, Dido A., is refreshingly, gloriously nude - there isn't a single stitch of clothing on view anywhere in the set.

Dido is high-spirited and appears to enjoy ever second of the shoot. When she smiles and a ray of sunshine hits her platinum blonde hair the effect is a joy to experience. While some models will adopt a smile and wear it until it takes on a static quality, Dido's smile is nuanced, dynamic, and constantly changing. Clearly, I find that smile and her expressive face quite inviting, but this young lady also has a physique that is eye-pleasing in the extreme.

Whether she's standing tall in her stylish shoes, reclining against a tree trunk, or barefoot and on tiptoes, Dido A. in "Find Me." Is a fine find, indeed.


Can't stop the props...

Milena D: Mas, by Erik Latika, hot nude girl, young, unshaven erotica

Milena D. is a treat, the very embodiment of ripe, fresh, nubility. As this series begins she's at the sea shore, looking like a little rock star (or groupie) in clingy white pants, a fishnet tank top, scarf wrapped around her head, and big sunglasses on her face. Just a heartbreaker.

Then the set moves inside and takes a particularly curious turn. Milena's underarms have sprouted fur since her time on the beach, she's added two braids to her flowing hair, and she's posing in a room cluttered with props. Bamboo sticks. A squat wooden stump. A beaded curtain. A basket filled with walnuts. An umbrella stand made of rope, a nutcracker, a metal sculpture of a snail, a pitcher of milk, a bowl of honey - the only thing missing is the kitchen sink. And all of these props serve not merely as set decoration, Erik Latika has his model utilize all of them. I find the results to be scattershot. With her exotic hairstyle and odd moccasins, is Milena some native maiden celebrating the nut harvest? Is she the goddess of bamboo, or perhaps a martial artist? And who's idea was it to comb and coif her pubes to resemble a bearded gent with a waxed mustache?

Just when one imagines the prop-play can't get any odder, Milena proceeds to pour milk down her torso and drip honey on her breasts and bush. Add a packet of cereal and it's time for breakfast! This set leaves me with distinctly mixed emotions. What are your thoughts, MetArt members?


Music for the eyes...

Betty C: Sinfonia, by Luca Helios, long legs, stiletto heels, art photos

This is my first exposure to Betty C., and I'm struck not just by the lithe elegance of her body, and not just by the refined beauty of her face. Betty has a certain something, a quiet, subtle intelligence - I can think of no more helpful description. Even when she is smiling there is some weight, something going on in those dark eyes that I can't quite define, but which I cannot resist, either.

But, back in the physical realm, this woman's shape is just sensational. Luca Helios knows this, of course, and he poses her with a full-length mirror in several of the shots here, providing us with a multidimensional view of her beguiling body. In #0122, for example, the model stands on tiptoe. The sculptural sweep from the arches of her bare feet, up her long legs, over her perfectly proportioned ass, to the planes of her face is revealed. And the reflected image serves to emphasize all that, while providing an alternative angle.

Betty addresses the lens throughout the series, but in #0113, positioned face-down on a chaise, she looks off-camera, over her shoulder. That indefinable something, that uniquely Betty C. quality, is particularly strong in this shot. Can you feel it, too?


'Round midnight...

Ella D: Presenting, by Tony Murano, stylish, artistic, explicit eroticaThere is much going on in this set. Much, much more than first meets the eye. It is filled with intriguing images, dripping with mood, it is subtle at one moment, then thrillingly explicit in the next. And with 153 photos, in total, there is a lot of content to consider.

But, first, let us consider the subject, a newcomer to MetArt, the dark-eyed Ella D. Her physical particulars are as fine as one could want, and, oh - what an air of mystery surrounds her! The late night feel of the lighting only serves to enhance this alluring trait.

And what a breadth of imagery we find here. Some are formal, almost sculptural (see #0016). Others are romantic and painterly in a classical, old fashioned way (see #0034). In several the model projects more sensuous emotion with her eyes closed than other models can manage with both eyes wide open.

After dissecting the abundant style, we're then gifted with stunning extreme close-ups that may very well sear the retinas of unsuspecting admirers. I could easily go on, but you really must examine this series for yourself to fully appreciate it.


And the winner is...MetArt!

MetArt sweeps TheNude.Eu awards - Best Site of 2010!MetArt racked up overwhelming victories in all categories of the recently held 2010 TheNude.Eu awards. After tallying nearly 20,000 votes cast by unique visitors, MetArt was declared the Best Site of 2010. The victory was even sweeter due to the fact that MetArt earned over twice the votes of the second-rated site. And, to top it off, of the Top 6 Best Sites, a particularly grand total of 3 are MetArt properties!

In the Best Photographer category MetArt also earned the top honor when legendary MetArt contributor Erro was voted Best Photographer of 2010. Competition in this field was particularly fierce, with 132 qualified entrants, making Erro's runaway victory all the more impressive. Additionally, 8 of the Top 10 finishers in the Best Photographer competition are all MetArt contributors!

But MetArt's accomplishments in the voting didn't end there. In the sprawling Best Newcomer contest, with 568 new nude models in contention, MetArt models earned enough votes to grab 6 of the Top 10 spots!

Across the board, in every category, MetArt swept to truly impressive victories. Of course we'd like to thank TheNude.Eu for holding the competition. But, more importantly, we'd like to thank everybody, around the world, who, after careful consideration, voted our models, our photographers, and our sites as the very best of 2010. Thank you, to all who participated. And be assured that MetArt, the Best Erotic Site of 2010, is going to be even better in 2011!


First time online...

Ilona C Little black dress? Check. High-heels? Check. Laptop computer? Check. Hold on. At first glance that final prop may seem out of place, but as the set unfolds it makes perfect sense - you'll just have to trust me on this point.

Ilona C. is the debutante in this Domenic Mayer-lensed series. She has a sweet demeanor and is remarkably free of inhibitions. She teases her way out of the dress at a pleasant pace, and turns her attention to the computer in many of the shots. Is she in a chat room? Catching up on current events? Shopping for a pair of panties (she isn't wearing any in the set)? But her secret is eventually revealed - this adorable young minx is studying the nude models at MetArt! And by learning from the best models in the world of erotic photography she has acquired valuable skills. In her more explicit poses she is self-assured and suitably sultry. And in more demure poses, or in headshots (I'm thinking of #0125, in particular) she is equally inviting.

Shot #0067 captures the essence of this set. On her belly, thighs spread wide, feet in the air, she studies the MetArt model on her computer screen. Life imitates art - and becomes art in the process!


A taste of things to come...

Svetlana B: Presenting, by Natasha Schon, first nudes, gentle eroticaA new model. The prospect is always enticing. Will she be an overnight sensation, a break-out star? Or will she be shy, tentative, just learning her craft?

The first image here finds an undeniably beautiful Svetlana B. seated on a couch. She is smiling, perhaps laughing, while fiddling with one of her shoes. It is a candid shot, almost a throw-away, but it marks the beginning of a new career, an adventure. In the dozens and dozens of shots that follow, we watch as the model relaxes into her task. There is the merest hint of stiffness in some shots, in others compete ease. She may be the slightest bit shy, or perhaps photographer Schon doesn't push her to reveal more as she might with a more experienced subject. Still, what Svetlana offers is enticing. There is a sense of play, of experimentation in the poses, the props, and the relaxed style of the photography.

In the final frame, #0151, all that changes. Svetlana is wearing an entirely different outfit, posing on a completely different set. Here she exudes confidence and polished allure. Is this a taste of things to come? I most certainly hope so!


Of swings and things...

Izolda A: Choices, by Ingret, stylish, graphic, erotic art photography

Although its color may change, along with the lighting and the hue of the backdrop, a swing suspended from the rafters of the studio is a regularly recurring prop in the works of Ingret. Here, teamed with frequent subject Izolda A., the photographer has chosen a bright shade of orange set against a pure white seamless background, and the result is both graphically and erotically intriguing.

Wearing only a string of beads and a pair of footless, thigh-high leggings, the model, blonde of hair and svelte of build, projects a fairly narrow range of emotions as she poses both astride and beside the rope-supported platform. While there is a bit of a static quality to many of the shots - a curiosity, when the very nature of the prop is considered - the artistry of this series is found in the graphic quality and composition of the images. In #0088 Izolda grasps the ropes of the swing, feet apart, thighs together. Suspended against a featureless white field, the image appears less as a photo and more like a super-realist painting - a complex and satisfying optical illusion.


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    Let's hope so ☝️😆

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    Great gash
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