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Subtly satisfying…

Sandra A: Lucean, by Zlatko, blonde, beauty, natural erotic photos

Sandra A. has a quiet type of beauty. Her small breasts and slender build might render her invisible to those who value cup size over all, but her proportions are pleasing, nonetheless. She is beautiful, but her beauty is understated, natural, and unpretentious. Zlatko appears to have recognized these truths, and he has crafted a simple but entirely satisfying series that perfectly captures the model’s delicate essence.

The bathroom setting, with its muted white and off-white color scheme, flatters Sandra’s pale, creamy skin and golden hair. There is little in the way of distraction here, and the dark, print dress she is wearing as the series begins is cast aside after an appropriate interval. As she disrobes, and once she’s totally nude, Sandra A. works her subtle magic. Even in more contrived, stylized poses, there is a delicate ease and grace on display. And in relaxed, more natural poses, Sandra A. is simply, and once more, subtly, beautiful.

I don’t doubt that, under different circumstances, Sandra A. could deliver sets with far more drama and a bolder, louder style and theatricality. But here, in this delicate, understated series, I find her subtly – and completely – satisfying.


The power of pretty…

Chantelle A "Selivis" by Luca Helios, beautiful nudes, artistic erotica

If you’re reading this, whether you’re a member of MetArt or a guest, you value beauty. You seek it out. It motivates and inspires you. Even a fleeting glimpse of it is a delight. And to linger over it is one of your greatest pleasures. Well, get ready to linger.

In “Selivis,” photographed by Luca Helios, Chantelle A. is irresistibly, overwhelmingly, jaw-droppingly pretty. And there’s no elaborate art direction, few props, and the only costuming she has is a pair of pumps, a black lace bra, and a necklace. A model this singularly pretty could be cold and standoffish and one wouldn’t mind. But Chantelle A. is neither of those things. I have no doubt she is aware of her beauty and the effect she has on men. But there is a warmth, an approachability, a happiness that she radiates that is undeniable.

I could look at this girl’s face for days, and there are headshots in this collection that are simply masterpieces of photographic art – #0143, for example, or #0086. #0028 is a candid, spontaneous image that captures the model’s warmth, as does #0094. There are scrumptious, explicit close-ups, and even a stunning shot, #0048, of Chantelle’s long hair. Chantelle A.’s leggy, splendidly proportioned body, and an arrestingly beautiful face and spirit, as captured in these artful images, provides a wonderful lesson in the power of pretty.


Kitty style…

Kitty B: Raising, by Leonardo, intimate, artistic, explicit, erotic photosI first encountered Kitty B. when I evaluated “Reddit,” by Juliano Gallio. In that set she was photographed in a particularly dramatic location. In Leonardo’s “Raising,” she’s in a subtly, artfully controlled studio environment, but the set is no less dramatic.

Raising” derives its drama from a powerful sense of intimacy. Kitty B. is poised on a beige leather sofa in a dark room. The lighting here is particularly deft. She is brightly lit, but there is a softness, a touch of diffusion, and not a hint of glare. And the focus of this delicate technique and artistry is the young, beautiful, and expressive Kitty B. Those big, brown eyes are magnetic and mesmerizing, thoughtful and playful – two headshots, #0093 and #0094, illustrate my point.

The set contains numerous and varied views of Kitty’s nubile perfection. There are several shots of the model on all fours, offering herself without a hint of shame or restraint – a very pretty Kitty in heat. There are inches-away intimate close-ups of her immaculate anatomy. And there are positions and poses to satisfy most any appetite. The viewer’s pulse and temperature are only two of the things “Raising” is certain to elevate!


“Dancing” in the rain…

Liv A: Dancing, by Rylsky, wet and wonderful, explicit erotic photos

A steady rain falls for the duration of this set starring Liv A. But the model isn’t outside during a downpour, she’s inside Rylsky’s studio, and she is, if you will forgive me, posing up a storm!

Whether it’s her usual attitude, or if she’s simply enjoying this rather unusual set-up, I cannot say, but Liv A. certainly looks as if she’s having a great time here. The model is uninhibited, experimental, playful, teasing, and quite tempting. And she offers up a wide range of clever, creative poses. She fully utilizes a fabric-wrapped platform – the only prop at her disposal – and in some of my favorite images in the collection she’s happily sprawling and lolling on the rain-slicked studio floor.

A slow shutter speed blurs the motion of the falling “raindrops,” creating a pleasing effect, but when clarity is called for, in headshots and attention-grabbing close-ups, the images in “Dancing” are as clear and crisp as one could want.


Super session in the studio…

Karina M: Report, by Alex Sironi, artistic, erotic photos, hot nude girl

I’m pleased to report that Alex Sironi’s “Report,” starring Karina M. is a sensational series. Some sets have peaks and valleys, the images range from good, to not as good, and back again. Others contain what might be considered filler but contain numerous outstanding photos. But this set doesn’t make a single wrong move. Every last picture in the collection is a beautiful, artistic creation. Credit must be given to photographer Sironi. But he couldn’t have done what he does here without the beautiful, artistic creation named Karina M.

Although the poses and the moods are constantly changing as Karina works her magic, the frame remains relatively static. And, in this case, that’s a good thing. Sironi’s set, art direction, and lighting are all simple and effective. The back wall of the studio remains in soft focus, tinted with blue light, throughout. The white sofa and raven-haired model are up front and evenly lit in a way that is bright without being at all harsh, but which reveals every delicious detail of Karina M.’s body and expressive face.

It’s not easy to pick favorites when there is so much perfection from which to pick. I will name three shots: #0009 for pure cuteness, with the model bottomless and wearing only a blouse. #0041, nude, but exposing nothing except a winning smile. And #0037, an open and explicit view for those who care to indulge.


Live nude girl…

Inna Q: Good, erotic movie by Leonardo, young, sexy, nude dancing girl

The very picture – moving picture, that is – of simplicity, “Good,” starring Inna Q., is a no-frills affair that provides viewers with a chance to see the model get naked and display her nubile young body.

Shot against a wall and on the floor in a corner of a room, there’s not much in the way of art direction or set decoration. There isn’t a single prop or other distraction. And the one piece of wardrobe, a little dress, comes off relatively quickly. Dancing and swaying, Inna Q. connects with Leonardo’s camera, and does an excellent job of maintaining eye-contact with the viewer. Edits are minimal, and there are just enough facial close-ups to capture the model’s ripe-lipped beauty.

There is nothing approaching the explicit here. It is simply a casual record of a young naked girl expressing her sexuality in moving erotic images. In that regard, this movie more than lives up to its title!


Water, wind, and woman…

Karoline A: Sharme, by Los Angeles, outdoor nudes, art of the dancer

The very fact that something invisible has a featured role in this series gives it an extra bit of dynamic flair. A few well-chosen garments in sheer, featherweight, fabrics are blown by and float on the breezes that blow at the seaside location where Karoline A. has been photographed by intriguingly named Los Angeles. Choppy seas and soaring gulls reinforce the airy ambiance.

The model is also a professional dancer and her love for, and skill in, that art form is evident in many of her poses. My initial reaction to these stylized postures wasn’t entirely positive – I tend to prefer a more natural style. But, as I lingered over the set, I developed a greater appreciation for them. Even so, my favorite images here tend to be less studied, like #0099, shot in profile, the model relaxed and pensive. She is far from that in #0111, an image that captures both Karoline’s sprightly spirit and her dance-toned body.

I’m not sure what to make of several – perhaps ten or so – images in which Karoline A., in the foreground, is completely out of focus, while the sand and sea behind her is pin-sharp. Perhaps a reader here would care to comment?


Less is more…

Guerlain A: Lavetia, by Rylsky, artistic, explicit, expressive, eroticaIt couldn’t be much simpler. A couple of silver metallic reflectors for the backdrop. Some fabric on the floor. A man’s white dress shirt. And a model. That’s all photographer Rylsky needs to create this artful erotic essay. Of course, he isn’t working with just any model. Guerlain A. has a muted, subtle sort of expressiveness. She isn’t one for broad, dramatic gestures, but she doesn’t really need them, either. The most minuscule changes in her expression project a powerful and intriguing allure.

The lighting and presentation here also captures her immaculate physique in stirring detail. In #0019, for example, the slender perfection of her body is beautifully captured. And in #0063 Guerlain, pensive, in repose, is shot in profile – a particularly pretty image.

Guerlain A. is also, I’m pleased to report, very uninhibited. Of course, what she has on display is exceptionally photogenic, and those who enjoy getting in close for a detailed view will not be disappointed.

Indeed, about the only thing disappointing about this set is that it ends too soon. It reaches #0067, an artful black and white profile of head and hair, and it’s over. In “Lavetia,” less is more – and it leaves one wanting more, as well!


Suitable for framing…

Astarta A: Corniche, by Goncharov, fit and flexible babe, arty images

After two outdoor series, Goncharov takes Astarta A. into the studio, and the results are extremely impressive. The images fall into three distinct groups. Early on, the shapely blonde is wearing a fishnet “dress” and poses on and around several prop boxes. Astarta has a playful spirit, but she has a serious side, as well, and there are some seriously beautiful images in this group – #0020 and 0022 are just two of them.

Action then moves to the straight-white floor where the fit and limber beauty demonstrates impressive flexibility and athleticism and provides her photographer with multiple opportunities to frame some truly arresting and artistic compositions. #0078 is part pin-up, part abstraction. And two impressive examples of Astarta’s strength, grace, and skill (not to mention her splendid body) can be found in #0054 and 0055.

The final section of the series finds the model posing with an empty picture frame. It’s a clever choice of prop, and both Astarta and Goncharov make good use of it. I’m particularly fond of #0101 and 0102, but there are many, many photos in this collection that are more than suitable for framing.


Sleeping cutie…

Susanne A: Momentia, by Domenic Mayer, dreamy, tempting erotic artOf course, Susanne A. isn’t sleeping in this in-bed effort by Domenic Mayer, but there is one quite beautiful image, #0022, in which the model’s eyes are closed and she might well be enjoying a post-coital siesta. And that is only one of the “bedroomy” elements in the series. Susanne’s hair is mussed-up just enough to casually imply a restless night, or a recent romp.

The rumpled white sheets and the dark wood of the headboard set off the rosy-cheeked and temptingly cherubic model’s coloring. And the not-exactly virginal white of her lace lingerie is entirely fitting in this tableau.

For a model who is the very picture of cute, I find the shots where she’s hugging the pillows to be unnecessarily precious, but other poses are both interesting and erotic. #0099 finds Susanne in an intriguing sprawl, with a twist. #0116 is a frank headshot that captures a certain youthful intensity. And for sheer dreamy, artistic beauty, look no further than #0115. It would be difficult, indeed, to get any sleep with a cutie like this beside you.


Lake, blanket, bingo!

Rebecca C: Jewel, by Ron Offlin, outdoor erotica, explicit, hot pics

Photographer Ron Offlin has chosen a particularly scenic setting for “Jewel,” starring Rebecca C. He’s spread out a white blanket on a thick carpet of green grass at the edge of a lake in the forest. The model is wearing a lacy white lingerie set, and a string of turquoise beads. With these basic elements the lensman and his luscious subject create a series that is lovely, lighthearted, and lusty, by turns.

With a ready smile and a firm body, Rebecca C. has both the energy and the attributes to grasp the viewer’s attention. I get the sense that she’s a very active participant in the shoot, not just a model doing what a photographer asks of her. Whether she’s relaxing, eyes closed, in a pretty portrait like #0085, or looking over her shoulder at the viewer in a vigorously erotic, extremely sexy shot like #0113, this model is fully present and giving her all.

Mr. Offlin does some interesting things with the lighting here, and he plays clever games with depth of field. In #0043, close in on Rebecca’s beautiful butt, the fine, golden vellus hair on her thighs glitters softly, the curves of her rump are highlighted, and the centerpiece of the image, while in shadow, is explicitly revealed.


The eyes have it…

Dominika A: Smooth, by Luca Helios, sultry, expressive, steamy erotica

Even if you have a specific, overriding, preference in what you look for in a woman – if you’re a leg man, a breast man, an ass man – no matter how concentrated your focus may be, there is one feminine attribute you cannot ignore. And that is the eyes. You may be obsessed, fanatical about – for instance, toes – but when the woman attached to those toes shoots you a meaningful look, you pay attention!

What I’m getting at here, in a roundabout way, is that the eyes are amongst the most expressive organs in human physiognomy. And Dominika A., has eyes that are endlessly engaging, involving, inviting, and entrancing. Yes, her body is wonderful, her bronze skin, her erect nipples, her dramatic intimate anatomy – she is a pleasure to behold. And she is free and at ease in front of the camera.

But I can’t pry my eyes from hers. Even when she closes them, I find myself examining her expression, studying. I’ll cite two examples. In #0122 her eyes are shut, her right hand out of frame, her face projects subdued ecstasy. In #0123 both hands are in view. Her eyes are half-open, she radiates pure, steamy, satisfaction. In my opinion, Dominika has “it.” If you want to see “it,” just look in her eyes.


Moving pictures…

Sofi A "Kilemian" MetArt exclusive, erotic, top model HD video by Fenix

Of the MetArt HD movies I’ve viewed, “Kilemian,” starring Top Model Sofi A., is the most like a still photo series come to life. It is edited, there are cuts and fades, it isn’t as if a video was taken of a photo shoot. No, it is far more than that! It combines what we all love about MetArt photo sets – stylish art direction, technically superior camerawork, and a stunning, skilled model, in a wide variety of poses. But each different pose flows seamlessly into the next here. This isn’t a stylized product of the editing room, this feels much more organic, more fluid. If you’ve ever wished a photo set could spring to life, “Kilemian,” grants your wish.

Apart from the general style of the movie, “Kilemian,” offers us another chance to enjoy one of MetArt’s most popular models. Sofi A. has been voted into the modeling elite for obvious reasons. And, no, I’m not only referring to her considerable physical assets. In her still sets Sofi projects a warm, inviting personality. And in high definition video that warmth is amplified. A smile, a glance, the arch of an eyebrow, these subtle shifts of expression and the emotions they convey make the movie irresistibly engaging.

Of course having the opportunity to view Sofi in motion is a pleasure in itself, and the model doesn’t disappoint. I was somewhat – and very pleasantly – surprised by the dancer-like athleticism and agility she displays. Whether she’s in dreamy repose, or hanging with a gymnast’s ease from a roof beam, Sofi is simply stunning. The engaging images in “Kilemian” are moving pictures, without a single doubt!


New on the menu…

Dasha K: Presenting, by Pasha, beautiful woman, erotic nude photosI have no way of knowing whether Dasha K. has any previous modeling experience, all I know is that “Presenting,” by Pasha, marks her first appearance at MetArt, and it is an impressive debut.

The understated art direction and Pasha’s moody, naturalistic lighting bring out the planes and angles in Dasha’s exquisitely featured face. And that lighting, combined with a nice range of poses and bits of costuming, allows us a detailed and artful examination of her lean, delicate, yet distinctly womanly body.

In her high heels or out of them, Dasha is sure to appeal to leg lovers, and when she’s on tip-toes the shapeliness of her long limbs is further emphasized. I need hardly point out her plump, erect nipples – they do a fine job of that throughout the series! While this is far from an explicit set, there is intimate detail to satisfy that craving, and it’s delivered in a relaxed and unforced manner.

With her high fashion face and svelte build, Dasha makes a delicious addition to the MetArt model menu.


Lost horizon…

Natalia B & Sirenia A: Presenting, by Vadim Rigin, two models, nude pix

Although MetArt has granted me virtually unlimited freedom to express my personal opinion in this space, I view my primary responsibility to be to looking for the good and praising it. Rather than look for a specific weakness in a photo series, I choose to look for a specific strength. I find the approach useful here, and, as a general approach to life.

But there is something about this set that gnaws at me, so I will mention it here: Many, even most, of these images are off-kilter. Even though the set-up has many strong horizontal lines for reference, the camera is tilted, this way or that, without any apparent rhyme or reason. It doesn’t ruin the set, but it is distracting.

Sirenia A. makes her MetArt debut here, posing with Rigin regular Natalia B. This is a set with two models, not a “girl-girl” set, in my eyes. There is a friendly interaction between the two, but any erotic connection is absent. Fans of either model will still find many revealing and pleasing images, and newcomer Sirenia has much obvious potential.

I’d be curious to hear the opinions of others on this series. Please share your thoughts in the comments, below.


Nature’s bounty…

Aurora A: Elevis, by Dolce, busty, voluptuous, natural, outdoor erotica

I can’t imagine a more suitable setting than the forest location Dolce has chosen to photograph the series titled “Elevis.” The lush greenery, the soaring trees, a vivid blue sky, and the almost palpable warmth of a summer’s day provide a naturally beautiful environment in which the abundantly endowed Aurora A. can relax and reveal everything that a very generous Mother Nature has bestowed upon her.

This appears to have been a fun photo session – Aurora has a warm and genuine smile on her face in the majority of shots. But even though the mood is light and cheerful, there is still plenty of room for more serious, erotic emotion, and, particularly towards the end of the set, the model tones down her smile and turns up the heat by a considerable measure – #0190 and #0192 should make this point perfectly clear.

Voluptuous in the extreme and lusciously shapely, Aurora is a natural wonder, and a wonderful example of ripe, abundant, uninhibited femininity. As a bonus, “Elevis” includes a generous 200 images in total. A very big set, indeed!


Built blonde Brit…

Danielle Maye: Perhaps, by Majoly, busty blonde, erotic photography

I fail to detect the slightest sign of that signature of British national character, the stiff upper lip, in this set starring Danielle Maye. But that may be due to the other, ample, physical distractions the UK-based model has on offer. Of these, the biggest and, arguably, best, are her breasts – they are a shapely and appealing pair, indeed.

Photographer Majoly shoots the buxom blonde in three different areas of a single room: on and next to a chair; while seated on a table; and on a bed. Of the three set-ups, I gravitate to the table-top shots, particularly where the camera is below the model. There is a quality in some of these images, magnified by the low, angled ceiling, that creates the illusion that Danielle is a giantess, an Amazon, in an undersized room. If my, admittedly, clumsy description falls short, have a look at #0056, #0070, and #0073 for illustrations.

While the model has a pleasant demeanor and appears to be enjoying herself in the photos, there is something the slightest bit stiff about her poses and expressions. Of course, that’s my opinion. I’d be interested in hearing what others thought of this set.


In the midnight hour…

Olya C: Your Name, by Leonardo, moody, fantasy-inspiring, erotica

It is late at night, the room is dark. A crisp white sheet has been thrown over the sofa, and matching pillows are present – I imagine that Olya C. is a friend of your girlfriend or wife, and she’s spending the night at your place. While you and your lover slumber in your bedroom, Olya is restless. She can’t sleep. She wants something that she can’t ask for. She wants you. She wants you to sneak out of your room and join her on that couch for a brief, intense, and fiery bout of infidelity.

And you, in your bed, can only dream of what you’re missing! Olya has a subtle, nuanced way of projecting her emotions, but here her mood is unmistakably hot, smoldering, and sultry. In Leonardo’s moody, evocative lighting, the refined contours of her face and the curves of her body are irresistibly inviting. Smooth skin. Erect nipples. Shapely ass. And other fleshy delights. Yearning. Waiting. Hungry. Hoping.

That’s one fantasy this series suggests. I expect it will be inspiring many, many more.


Fantasy females by firelight…

Laila A & Olga M: Olympus, HD video by Leonardo, stylish, erotic movieI set my self up for a bit of a surprise when I sat down to review Leonardo’s “Olympus.” I didn’t bother to read the “fine print,” I simply glanced at the cover image (see above) before I clicked “play.” Based on that sunny and stylish photo of Laila A., I expected a motion picture that continued from that single image. It does, but not in any way I was prepared for!

It is nighttime, to begin with. And Laila is not alone. No, indeed! Olga M. is her companion for the interlude that unfolds, and this was far, far more than I’d imagined I’d be seeing.

The two models are similar in general physical characteristics, but different enough to set up eye-pleasing contrasts. And they are together, interacting, enjoying each other, even as they follow unheard direction and move from pose to pose, and position to position. They kiss, they caress, they tease one another. But they also, quite seamlessly, tease the viewer, directly. I’m thinking of several moments where they turn their gaze directly at the viewer, and draw him even deeper into the moment.

The movie is “tame” in the sense that the two beauties don’t take their panties off until well past the half-way point, and there is not much in the way of close-up or explicit imagery. But this is a case where what is not shown creates a fertile environment in which the viewer’s own fantasies can flourish. The roaring fire, the heat of that night, the awesome beauty, the overwhelming desire - it’s all artfully captured in “Olympus.”


Rock star…

Lily B: Explorer, by Goncharov, natural splendor, splendid, sexy nudes

You won’t find a trashed hotel room, a wall of Marshall stacks, a Les Paul or Stratocaster, or hordes of adoring fans here. The “Rock” I make reference to in this post’s title is the natural, geological type. And the “star” is ovation-worthy MetArt model, Lily B.

With a length of rustic rope as her sole bit of “clothing,” Lily is photographed in a cave and poised on the rocky face of a towering cliff. The setting really is exceptional, whether viewed in close-up, or when the view widens out and the magnificence of the location is amplified. But as interesting as granite, lichen and rocky outcroppings can be, Lily is the natural wonder here.

In #0005 the lean, pert, exquisite nubility of her body is tastily captured and one gets a full sense of the theme of the set - a child of nature, au naturel, in a ruggedly beautiful natural landscape. #0049 captures the remarkable rock-climber on a precarious perch. And #0073 juxtaposes the glory of spread femininity against the grandeur of the location. To Lily B. and Goncharov, I can only say: Thank you. Thank you very much.


Tantalizing teamwork…

Yuta A: Simas, by Rylsky, artistic, explicit, sexy, hot, erotic photos

Creating a photo series is a collaborative endeavor. Ideally, at least, a model and photographer form a team, working together towards a common goal, feeding off of each other, inspiring each other to create the best possible result. In Rylsky's “Simas,” starring Yuta A., we find a perfect example of such a partnership.

The model is new, this is only her second set. Mr. Rylsky is a veteran, a seasoned pro with a sprawling portfolio. And when they work together the results are extremely satisfying.

Here we have amazing variety. There are shots outdoors, on the snowy streets, where Yuta is bundled up but undeniably beautiful. These contrast mightily with the rest of the set, shot indoors, against an inky black backdrop. Here she is wearing a white blouse, white lace panties, and yellow, sheer-to-toe stockings. The lighting is masterful. It throws the delicious contours of Yuta’s body into bold relief, and in some images creates a sense of weightlessness. There are headshots, figure studies, exquisite close-ups. There is drama, there is comedy, there is meditation, and there is arousal and seduction.

A few — only a few — of my favorites are: #0027, 0028, 0039, 0048, and 0074. I invite you to name your favorites, in the comments, below.


Blue and new for you…

Nadya D: Presenting, by Anry V, nude debut, new model, photo erotica

A tie-dyed backdrop adds vibrant color to the MetArt debut of Nadya D., as photographed by Anry V. The outfit she’s wearing as the set opens, and some oddly incongruous animal print fabric are both soon removed and the series is better for it.

Nadya is a welcome addition to the MetArt talent pool. She projects and engaging personality and she is both facially and bodily beautiful. The pictorial stops short of anything overly explicit, and I will confess that I would have preferred to see a bit more in the way of intimate detail. One can never know with any degree of certainty whether this type of modesty is due to the model’s reluctance or is a choice the photographer made. At any rate, what I see here makes me want to see more, and I hope I have that opportunity sooner rather than later.

One quirk of the studio lighting caught my attention, and it’s something I don’t recall noticing in other pictorials before. There is a light, behind the photographer, that puts a dot of white in the middle of each of the model’s dark eyes in many of these images. A curious effect, and a bit of a distraction. But not enough to detract from a solid performance by a new model with much potential.


From the MetArt mailbox…

The MetArt member known as Norm, a frequent commenter on this blog, recently sent us an impressionistic piece of writing — his reaction to Dmitry Maslof’s HD movie, “Undressed,” starring Aya A. We think that the writer quite skilfully and stylishly captures the essence of the movie, and we’re pleased to have the privilege of sharing it with you here.

– The MetArt Team

It feels like spring...

It feels like spring at last and little blue flowers have painted glory among the bare trees. Birds sing and the air smells crisp and clean. Lazily, lovely flaxen haired Aya gazes at the beautiful world around her from soft blue eyes as she wanders into the wood. She wears nothing at all under her brief top and short skirt which displays her lovely legs. As she seeks to commune with nature these clothes feel irksome and unnecessary, so she slowly strips them off to reveal her firm young body. She picks some wild flowers and plays with them — a true child of nature, pure in her complete nakedness. Feeling close to the forest she embraces a tree trunk, letting her soft warm flesh rub against it, savouring its rough bark against her inner thigh, feeling the hardness of wood, which reminds her of what she yearns for — the firm body of a young man, hard against her skin. She caresses her own body imagining male hands, gently feeling her breasts, her waist, her hips, and then softly moving between her legs to caress more intimately. Dreamily she smiles to herself at this delightful but foolish fantasy. Life has to go on in the real world. She replaces her brief garments and wanders on her way through the wood, her hips gently swaying as she continues to dream of her man.

– Norm

Undressed, starring Aya A., a MetArt HD movie directed by Dmitry Maslof


Bendy babe…

Diana G: Presenting, by Koenart, totally nude gymnastic art pics

It is a simple set. A new model, Diana G., wearing only a print dress and a pair of flat sandals, is at the bottom of a flight of stairs, next to a dwelling. The natural light is muted, there is nothing particularly dramatic or eye-catching about the location. If the series is going to generate any sparks, it will fall to the model to provide them.

And that is where Diana G.’s lifelong devotion to the practice and perfection of gymnastics becomes invaluable. This lean, limber and understatedly shapely young lady can assume positions and poses less fit females can only dream of. From full splits right down to the very pavers, to effortless high kicks, to graceful, artfully arched backbends.

There is never a hint of strain or effort visible on Diana’s face, in fact she appears to be enjoying the experience of demonstrating her formidable flexibility, while completely nude, before an appreciative and inquisitive lens. Yes, a simple and enjoyable set. Nothing flashy about the style or execution, but Diana’s physical abilities create real potential for future photo sessions.


Three 3-letter words…

Gia C: Presenting, by Erro, exquisite erotica, hot, sex, art photos

Actually, I’m thinking of two words and one proper name. That name is Gia, the model who makes her MetArt debut in Erro’s “Presenting.” After viewing the series in its entirety, the two words that best captured its essence were: Hot. Sex. Make no mistake, this set is about sex, and it is exceptionally hot. Oh, it is artistic, masterfully so. It is beautifully styled and photographed. The composition of individual frames, the lighting, the clever manipulation of depth of field — the set offers a concise introduction to the art of erotic photography.

And Gia C., certainly has a firm grasp on the technical skills required of a model. This is particularly impressive in a newcomer. She projects a broad and involving range of emotions with only the most minor changes of expression. She has a soft, subtle smile, for instance, that can’t fail to intrigue. Oh, and I needn’t point out that she is exceptionally pretty.

But, we’re adults here. This set is about Sex. With a capital “S.” Raw, hot, hard, passionate, Sex. It’s there in the explicit poses, in the body language, in the close-ups. It’s even in the headshots where not much more than Gia’s face is visible — see #0137 for a perfect example. Look at that face! Look in those eyes! Look at her skin, she’s glowing with it! Feel free to disagree, but if this set leaves you cold, you might want to visit a doctor. Or a coroner.


That touch of pink...

Ira E: Resolve, by Peter Guzman, theatrical, explicit, juicy erotica

MetArt has a reputation for showcasing, young, natural, beauties. There is a certain "fresh-scrubbed," unadorned quality to the majority of the models here. It is, as they say, part of "the brand." That is what many members expect from MetArt, and that is what MetArt predominantly provides. But MetArt members also like to be surprised, challenged, and to be exposed to new ideas, new approaches, and, well, anything new.

Enter "Resolve" by Peter Guzman. The model, Ira E., with her pink-tinted hair, is immediately and obviously outside the accepted MetArt norm. And her outfit, which never completely comes off, has a pop star theatricality that is not often on display here. But it is engaging, it is a refreshing change of pace, and the model certainly wears it well.

Ira E. knows what she is doing. She knows how to turn up the heat with a sly glance or a subtle shift of position. She holds nothing back, and Guzman is ready to move in for lip-smacking close-ups.

I have mixed feelings about the set and the model. What do you think? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments, below.


Let's face it...

Natalia A: Egadian, by Leonardo, redhead, coquettish, teasing erotica

What makes a particular woman attractive to an individual is a complex and endlessly mysterious equation. And it's constantly changing, developing, and evolving as we, ourselves, do the same. The combination of physical characteristics, the personality, the spirit, the situation, these all effect what we're drawn to.

In the case of Natalia A., as I see her, it all comes down to the face. Oh, she has a splendid body, and her physical charms are many. But there is something about the shape of her face, the seductive twinkle in her deep, green eyes, the delicate shape of her nose, the line of her jaw, the luscious fullness of her lips, the faint dusting of freckles, all of this framed by her scarlet mane - Natalia's is a face that is simply a joy to behold.

My fascination with the model's face doesn't, however, blind me to her other assets. And, thanks to learned lensman Leonardo, I have ample opportunity to explore her cream-skinned physique.

After all that, my favorite shots here are not facial close-ups or headshots. The coquettish allure of #0109 is undeniable, and both the pose and attitude of #0111 are irresistible.


Best seat in the house...

Vanda B: Rio, by Catherine, stylish, explicit, beautiful, artful images

It is a rather simple piece of furniture. A red leather side chair with a chrome steel base. Its lines are clean and angular, very much in the modern idiom. But in Catherine's "Rio" this piece of furniture becomes a platform, a stage, and very nearly a gymnastic apparatus!

The model, Vanda B., never once leaves the chair. She moves around on it, certainly. She adjusts and alters her position in a multitude of ways, almost as if her photographer has dared her to invent as many different poses as she can possibly imagine.

The result is not only a huge variety of poses, but also a huge number of distinctly different images. And that variety ranges from demure and appealing headshots to bold and unashamedly sexual postures. As plainly inviting as the more explicit images are, if I could pick but one image from the series, I would have to choose #0107, an elegant and stylish pin-up. I give this set a standing ovation!


From the MetArt mailbox…

Tamara F: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, new model, nude debut, hot, sexy

Dear MetArt,

Hello. I just wanted to say that Tamara F. is So Beautiful, Hot, and Sexy!!!!!!!!!!! She is one of the prettiest women I have EVER seen! She is the PERFECT MODEL! Please make her a MET Art exclusive girl and have lots more upcoming photo sets of her! GREAT JOB! THANKS FOR THE AWESOME PICTURES OF HER!

- Brian

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic email. It is so very nice to hear that you enjoyed the series with one of our new models, Tamara, so much. I must agree that she did an excellent job with her first series on MetArt - we definitely hope to see much more of her in the future, and soon! Working with new models can present challenges to a photographer, but I think you’ll agree that our Alex Sironi did a masterful job on Tamara’s debut pictorial. Please feel free to continue to contact me with your thoughts and suggestions. Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

- The MetArt TeamTamara F: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, new model, nude debut, hot, sexy


Beautiful bull's-eye...

Lily C: Events, by Arkisi, new photographer, hot, explicit, erotic art

With a strong assist from ready, willing and extremely able model, Lily C., first-time MetArt contributor Arkisi delivers a knockout pictorial in the form of "Events."

It begins with a few fully clothed, outdoor shots that capture the bubbly charm of the model, and perhaps serve to cleanse the palate for the delicacies the viewer is about to receive.

Indoors, in an armchair, Lily is now wearing lace panties and a bandeau corset, Whether she's in this costume, completely rid of it, or any stage in between, she is pure visual pleasure. A less talented photographer could simply give Lily free rein, continue pressing the shutter release, and end up with a fine set. But Arkisi is a more talented photographer!

The range of poses Lily assumes, even when confined to a single chair, is truly impressive. And when she stands, as she does in a few shots here - I'm thinking, in particular, of #0067 - the angle Arkisi shoots from makes for a delicious image.

There's far too much for me to call out by number, but do check #0074, an expressive, painterly composition. And those who like it hot, will find #0091 nothing less than incendiary. Encore, please!


Highly Desirable...

Nessa A: Achtung, hot, naked girl, wet, erotic HD movie by Luca Helios

Let me confess, at the onset, that this is the very first MetArt movie I have critiqued. As with every assignment I receive here at MetArt, I approach this one with an open mind and a fair measure of anticipation.

Ah, the pleasure and challenge of moving pictures! Evaluating a movie is far different than evaluating a photo series. I recalibrate and let the movie play. Certain signatures of photographer Luca Helios are here - inventive lighting, the use of flowing water. But here they have a richer, dynamic impact. Nessa A. appears in a circle of light, a grid of shadows breaks the image into squares. There is an undeniably voyeuristic element as the movie begins, and I'm pulled right in.

The soundtrack is unobtrusive, yet still manages to enhance the images. And the images are quite striking to begin with! We see the model in repose on a leopard print throw. In sections she is in (and out of) crimson panties and bra, in others a black bustier, and, most often, she is nude. The footage of Nessa's body being showered with water is particularly powerful. But this isn't a still series where I can call out a single image. In this way it is a rich, complex, and rewarding experience.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of "Achtung" is viewing the model interacting with the photographer. True, there is no audible dialog, but I can see her smiling at a joke, responding to a request, enjoying the session.

I hope you can forgive this longwinded excursion, but I am most impressed by this production. It's amply evident that these high definition movies are a highly desirable component of the MetArt package!


A delightful debut...

Sophie F: Presenting, by Antonio Clemens, first nudes, sweet erotic artThose of us who have been members of MetArt for any length of time have our personal favorite models, and when a new set featuring one of these girls appears on the site it is cause for celebration. But one of the events I never tire of celebrating is the arrival of a new, never before seen, model. And that is exactly what we have in this set from Antonio Clemens, "Presenting," the debut appearance of Sophie F.

Oh, she's a cutie - that is quite obvious from the very beginning. Long brown hair frames a sweet, pretty face, and her slender build is a delicate balance of curvaceous and petite. Her outfit, a metallic purple number laced in the front and back, seems somehow out of synch with the model's personality - all the more reason to dispense with it as quickly as possible.

It is when Sophie is totally nude that this set completely hits its stride. The glowing blue background and the simple white sofa are all that is needed for the model to display her charms, both physical and personal. A confident, warm, uninhibited, sexy, and altogether delightful debut!


Water? Works...

Katy AU: Tangkuei, by Zyr, serene beauty, explicit Asian eroticaA spa tub is the primary prop in Zyr's "Tangkuei," starring Katy A.U., in what is only her second MetArt appearance. And, quite frankly, little more is needed. The model begins her soaking session clad in a simple bra and panties, and lets the bubbles work their soothing magic. This is an understated set, and the mood is absent any great drama, but the temperature certainly climbs when Katy eases out of her under things to reveal her shapely figure.

There are many images in which the model's body is partially submerged, thus putting the visual emphasis on her plump breasts and soulful facial expressions. But subtle portraiture is only part of this pictorial package, and several achingly explicit frames capture the ripe, rounded contours of her ass - and other moist and inviting features - just above the water's bubbling surface.

Towards the end of the series, Katy steps out of the water and gives us an unobstructed view of her perfectly proportioned body, but for sheer erotic impact, those shots of her in the water - #0078 is one eye-opening example - pack a wonderfully wet wallop.


Freshness counts...

Alisa A: Gemile, by Dolce, outdoor erotica, natural beauty, sexy pix

Perhaps it is the casual, informal style of the photography, or maybe it has something to do with the model's attitude and carriage, but at first glance I assumed that this series was the debut appearance of Alisa A. My incorrect assumption was rectified by a quick search. In fact, "Gemile" marks Alisa's eighteenth MetArt appearance since 2008! Clearly, this beauty is blessed with an enduring - and alluring - freshness that defies the passing of the years!

From the opening images, where Alisa wears a white necklace and a blue, floral print sarong, I was hooked. Shot in a rocky nook, high above a calm, azure sea, Alisa is happy, relaxed and comfortable before the camera. Although some of the posing here is a bit stylized, the overall feeling is one of casual ease. The photography, itself, has a relaxed, off-the-cuff, style that is in keeping with the rustic setting and the natural beauty of the subject.

Thanks to Dolce's "Gemile," and the fresh and natural beauty of Alisa A., I have a fresh, new, addition to my personal favorites list!


Cheeky charmer...

Anita E: Presenting, by Leonardo, wholesome beauty, close-up erotica

Anita E., making her MetArt debut in Leonardo's "Presenting," has a curvy body and an ovoid visage with full, plump cheeks. Her facial structure somehow amplifies the magnitude of her frequent smiles and she projects an extremely cheery demeanor. While Anita has ample opportunity to display her sultry side here, her defining characteristic, to my eyes, is a wholesome, personable, girl-next-doorness.

The set begins outside, and with no small amount of drama. Anita, wearing a semi-transparent tunic and colorful stiletto pumps, is standing against the heavy white balustrade of a marble-floored balcony somewhere high in the hills. Below and behind her, the seashore and the sky. The clouds swirl and the sunlight shifts from shot to shot. This may be the immediate aftermath of a storm, or perhaps a lull between squalls. Anita is bubbly throughout, and nature provides a truly impressive backdrop.

The bulk of the series continues indoors, against a railing of dark hardwood, at the top of a staircase. A muted pattern of stylized stars lights the background. And, in the foreground, the model undresses and reveals her truly beautiful body. There is nothing tentative about this debut, Anita withholds nothing - and Leonardo captures everything with his signature skill. Count me among the charmed.


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