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The first Shirley A. picture show…

Shirley A "Shirley" by Rylsky, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Newcomer Shirley A. makes her first appearance at MetArt not in a still series, but in a HD movie directed by Rylsky. For a young model unfamiliar with such frank displays, Shirley has jumped right into the deep end and, I think, acquits herself quite well.

Shirley isn’t exactly shy – the opening moments of the movie have her seated on a futon, with her legs spread wide revealing her appealingly unshaven privates – but she has a giddy, giggly spirit which may be an effort to conceal her uncertainty.

Rylsky has his camera on a tripod, no shaky, hand-held shooting here. And the solid platform allows a certain formality to the composition and framing of individual shots which is wholly in keeping with the Asian decor of the set.

After removing her sheer white stockings, Shirley spends some time soaking in a tub. In the closing moments she is snuggling in bed. There is some unexpected humor here as unseen hands pull the covers off of the model’s nude body, and this pleasant little vignette ends on a cheerful note.


Ella E. enters erotica…

Ella E: Presenting, by Paramov, stylized, artful erotica, new nude model

This series marks two “firsts” for me. This is the first time I’ve viewed a set photographed by Paramov. And it is my first exposure to first-time MetArt model Ella E. Overall, I am pleased on both counts.

This wasn’t a set or a model I warmed to instantly, though. There is a subtle tint, a warm beige, but only a hint of it, that seems to permeate all the photos here. Whether this is a trick of the light, some form of image manipulation, the set design, or a combination of all three, I resisted it at first. And Ella’s soft features were softened further by the visual “flavor” of the images, robbing her of some definition. Compare #0100, where the contours of her face and body are wonderfully distinct, with #0094 where definition is somewhat absent.

Despite this reservation, Ella E. charms and disarms with her total comfort and ease before the camera. She holds back nothing and the vast majority of these images are explicit to one enticing degree or another.

Towards the end of the set everything - the technical and human aspects - made perfect, and pleasing, sense. #0110 is a lovely and completely harmonious image. A pretty picture of a pretty model. Isn’t that the name of this particular game?


“Presenting” Lika C. – I like what I see…

Lika C: Presenting, by Dolce, nubile nymphet, what's with the citrus?

How many more beautiful, young, nude girls does MetArt need? As many as possible! The constant influx of fresh, young nude models is one of the keys to MetArt’s success and longevity, and it keeps members – and your humble blogger – coming back for more.

One of the newest arrivals here, Lika C., was made to appear at Met. With her striking blue eyes, slender, nubile body, and nearly overwhelming natural cuteness, she’s a pristine picture of youthful beauty. And the rugged, picturesque coastal setting makes a wonderful backdrop for this series. Even the sea can’t keep away from this irresistible nymphet’s charms, as shot #0114 proves.

While I would have enjoyed a couple of more intimate explorations, I fully expect to see those in future sets. Welcome, Lika C. I definitely like what I see, and hope to see more of it soon!


“Academy,” starring Karolina A….

Karolina A: Academy, by Leonardo, beautiful, explicit, erotic photosI’m in the habit of reading a model’s bio after I’ve viewed her series. I like to form as “pure” a reaction as possible, uninfluenced by her statement, or by member comments, tags, etc. And when I read Karolina A.’s bio, after viewing “Academy,” I had a bit of an “ah-ha!” moment.

Throughout the set I found Karolina employing a particular facial expression. There’s a certain set to her lips, the hint of an arch to an eyebrow, and a look in her eyes. And the expression is so distinct, and changes so little, it’s almost like a mask. It is not unpleasant. But that “look” crops up so frequently in “Academy” that those images where she varies from it – either by closing her eyes, opening her mouth, shifting her head, etc. – really stand out. #0103, for example, is quite attention-getting. #0058 is another example. Her face is more relaxed, and the result is a beautiful image of a beautiful model.

In her bio Karolina reveals that she’s an actress. There was my “ah- ha!” Yes, the expression that kept cropping up in the series is very “actressy,” not unappealing, but somewhat less than relaxed and natural.


A simple sitting with Izolda A….

Izolda A: Ganiki, by Ingret, simple, unembellished, erotic photographyThere really isn’t a lot going on in this, the seventeenth series Ingret has shot of Izolda A. The lace garter belt, stockings, and necklace she is wearing at the start are still in place at the end. There is a variety of poses – on a stool at a vanity, on the vanity, and on the neighboring bed, but the mood and the model’s expression is confined to a rather narrow range.

Izolda has a slim yet curvy build and she is captured from enough different angles to appreciate her nubile beauty. I thought #0045 was a particularly cute, full-length portrait. And #0099 offers a pleasing combination of pose, expression, and composition.

In its own right this is a fine set, and will no doubt please a variety of tastes, but I’m left wondering if another photographer might be able to extract a bit more from this model.

As always, I welcome your thoughts, reactions, and opinions.


Making “Muzik” with Daria D….

Daria D: Muzik, by Goncharov, breathtakingly busty, exotic beautyIn her first MetArt series, a stylish confection created in the studio, Daria D. made a powerful and impressive debut. For her follow-up offering, Goncharov has chosen a somewhat gritty, somewhat unlikely location – a rehearsal space cluttered with musical instruments and equipment. Wearing a skintight mini-dress, with a bass guitar slung around her neck, Daria strikes a rock star pose. A tasty beginning.

Daria D. is an exceptionally striking beauty. She’s got full, ripe lips, cheekbones for days, pleasing symmetry, and an altogether exotic type of glamour. Oh, and she’s got a knock-out, bombshell body. Breast fetishists will bow down in reverence to her wonderfully outsized orbs.

She appears with two bass guitars and wearing two different dresses. To my mind, this is the source of a certain weakness. She never, not once, puts the instrument down. And she never appears totally nude. Oh, she’s totally exposed, but never undressed. Perhaps they were rushed for time and had to let the band begin their rehearsal. That might also explain the relative brevity of the series, as it only includes 76 images.

Gripes aside, like a song one can’t get out of one’s mind, Daria D. has completely captured my imagination and I can’t wait for an encore performance!


Malina A. meets MetArt…

Malina A: Presenting, by Alex Iskan, debut MetArt erotic photo series

Separately, they are both fine words, filled with promise, mystery, and potential. But put them together and those words - “new” and “model” - become even more powerful. When those two words are attached to a set I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame. But, unlike the flying insect, I enjoy feeling the heat and haven’t been burned yet!

Malina A.’s debut opens with a topless shot. I immediately like what I see. The styling is a shade peculiar, but Malina’s body, even only partly revealed, invites, and her expression intrigues. When the gloves come off - both literally and figuratively in this case - what we have is a young, nubile, and very appealing model. It may not be an obvious choice, but I lingered over #0050, a subtly lit frontal view that artfully reveals the architecture of her body - hip bones, belly, naval. #0113 has a spontaneous feel and is less self conscious than some of the other poses here.

The series concludes with a handful of outdoor shots, in which Malina is wearing stylish street clothes and we get a greater sense of who she is on an everyday basis. A pleasing conclusion to a promising MetArt debut.


“Vemiss,” horsing around with Mila I….

Mila I: Vemiss, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Top Model Mila I. gives new meaning to the term “riding bareback” in this unpretentious and enjoyable movie by Fenix.

It’s a somewhat blustery day. Mila, wearing only a black bra and panties, receives some cursory equestrian instructions. Then she mounts her steed, the music begins to pump, and the ride begins. Free of make-up and clothing, and unprotected from the wind, Mila looks wonderfully fresh, young and natural here. I’ve enjoyed her, immensely, in still sets where she has a bit more gloss and glamour, but she is a complete delight in this setting.

Watching her body in motion as she urges her equine costar into a trot is a treat, and when she smiles and laughs she radiates a completely relaxed, and fetchingly impish charm. I can only imagine what passersby in the background thought - another day, another beautiful, young, totally nude blonde riding a horse.

If you are a fan of Mila I., and the chances are quite good that you are, add “Vemiss” to your must-see list immediately. If you’re not yet a fan, you soon will be.


Lera D., cowgirl style…

Lera D: Presenting, by Catherine, first nudes, hard body, erotic pixSome interesting choices were made in the conception and design of this new model debut series. Some of them I can approve, heartily. Others, I am not so sure about. My main area of concern is the costuming. I don’t hate the cowboy hat (but I wish it would have come off, at least for a moment or two). I don’t completely loathe the fur stole, although it is in far, far too many of the shots. And I’m not really delighted by the “gunslinger” undertones. All of these things serve to distract, not enhance.

Remove them and what do we have? Lera D., posing for her first-ever nude photos. Her confidence is quite impressive. And so is her body. Lera has a fit, curvaceous physique. There is a distinctly feminine strength and power to her lower body, in particular. I very much get the sense that the harder you make love to her, the harder she loves you back. There are some wonderful leg and ass shots in the collection, and even #0083, a seated back shot, conveys some of this subtle power.

The last shot, #0110, may be my favorite. Seated backwards on a stool, feet hooked into its legs, she does a backbend towards the photographer and the glory of her body is driven home. Too bad the hat didn’t fall off!


Divina A. makes “Evias” excellent…

Divina A: Evias, by Peter Guzman, Top Model, explicit, irresistible

Divina A. made quite a splash with her first series for the site. Shortly after “Presenting Divina” was added to MetArt the membership voted her to the very top of the Top Model category. When I reviewed Divina’s debut in this space I was every bit as impressed as the membership, and ended my review with the request that she appear again soon, and often. Mere weeks later she returns in “Evias,” once more a collaboration with Peter Guzman, and she proves, with ease, that the stunning success of her debut was by no means a fluke!

Here she is wearing a bra, sheer stockings and a lacey garter belt. Even in the initial, somewhat modest poses – modest is a relative term when the model isn’t wearing panties – I can’t help but be struck by Divina’s beauty and lively spirit. And when she wriggles out of her bra I’m once more struck by the delicate perfection of her body. Detailed close-ups of Divina’s inviting intimate bits are plentiful, and in #0050, we’re treated to a particularly artful image of her breasts, and only her breasts.

Trained as a dancer, Divina exhibits impressive flexibility in several images, including a full split in #0034. In #0057, looking up at the camera while kneeling on the floor, her eyes are particularly captivating. And in #0114, a beautiful butt-shot, she smiles, naturally, radiantly, irresistibly. Forgive me for repeating myself, but – more, please, and soon!


From the MetArt mailbox…

Halina A: Feeling, by Domenic Mayer, super-cute, sexy, uninhibited erotic pixDear MetArt,

Regarding Halina A. in “Feeling,” by Domenic Mayer. Wow, what a cutie! Slender body, just right breasts, and shaven pussy. With a young girl face that’s so cute. Great ass too. Will check right away if she has any movies on your site.

- R.

Hello R,

You are not alone in your high opinion of Halina - we actually received many positive reviews from members of her new series. I will definitely let our updater know to be on the lookout for any potential movies and new photo sets.

Kind regards,

- The MetArt Team

Dear MetArt,

Halina A. is a splendid little marvel from Denmark. Her ultra-cuteness, pixie-like, diminutive physical form, and sense of playfulness makes it all a pleasure. However, the great distraction in this series “Feeling” is that horrific wig. It is ill suited for the shape and size of her head, and fails to compliment anything. A wig like that might work on a woman with a much larger frame and broader facial structure, but on Halina A. it is an obvious eyesore.

- M.

Hi M,

We have received many positive comments about Halina A. I am, however, in complete agreement with regard to her hair in this set. I am not even positive it is a wig, but regardless, it’s very unbecoming. But I should mention that I actually received a comment from a member who said they were attracted to her hair. I guess variety of tastes and ideas makes the world go ’round :) . I will definitely be checking with our updater to see if Halina has any movies scheduled, as many have requested them. I am not sure if we will have any success there but we will try. Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful comments.

Kind regards,

- The MetArt Team

Dear MetArt,

Halina A. is another winner- young, fresh and also fun looking. It may seem a strange thing to comment on, but her hair is so smooth and silky it just draws my eye in many of her shots. I am not a fan of dark pubic areas but her labes are perfectly formed and I bet if she spread them in a few shots the contrast between brown and pink would be awesome!

- Z.

Dear Z,

As you’ve read, above, Halina’s hair has received mixed reviews from members. But response to Halina herself, and her latest set, has been uniformly and overwhelmingly positive. With her youthful, natural beauty, and uninhibited spirit she really is a perfect example of a MetArt model. I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed “Feeling” and I will do whatever I can to see that Halina appears in additional still sets – and hopefully a movie – soon!


- The MetArt Team

Halina A: Feeling, by Domenic Mayer, super-cute, sexy, uninhibited erotic pix


A dreamlike debut for Georgina B….

Georgina B: Presenting, by Sebastian Michael, beautiful, dreamlike eroticaThis is only the second series by Sebastian Michael that I have had the pleasure of evaluating, but even with that limited bit of experience I can say, without reservation, that he has a unique level of skill and creative vision.

The light is natural, filtered daylight, muted and indirect. Georgina B., wearing a short grey skirt and a bulky white sweater, lounges among the pillows on a pleasantly rumpled bed. She has a faraway look in her eyes, and this intriguing distance is emphasized by the photographer’s none too subtle use of depth of field. In many of the early shots Georgina’s face is in soft focus, placing the visual emphasis elsewhere.

Her position changes, much as a dreamer shifts in the course of sleep. Her skirt creeps upward. Her white cotton panties are revealed. The camera lingers. Georgina B. appears to be lost in thought. The viewer begins to have thoughts of his own.

The panties come off, in due time. As does the sweater. But this really isn’t a strip show. There’s too much style, too much emotional weight, too much intriguing atmosphere. As portrayed her, Georgina B. is no ordinary model. And it’s quite clear that Sebastian Michael is no ordinary artist.


“Presenting” Luiza A….

Luiza A: Presenting, by Catherine, MetArt debut, brunette beautyThis premiere appearance has a muted, understated flavor. With her dark, lustrous hair pulled back in a tight bun, her modest black dress, and her, and her big, brown eyes, Luiza A. radiates a gentle energy. Even when she smiles there is a hint of restraint. Of course, I could be reading too much into it, and I could well be wide of the mark. But examine a pair of headshots – #0090 and #0091 – lovely photographs, actually, and see if you don’t recognize the quality I’m describing.

There is a certain formality to some of the posing, I find. Whether this is due to first appearance “butterflies,” or if the chosen postures were suggested by photographer Catherine, I can’t say. In some shots Luiza’s hands are somewhat stiff. And in other shots – #0127, for example – the pose is just odd. Interesting, yes. Unusual, certainly. But odd.

Her face is so pretty, her dark eyes so intriguing, and her features so refined, that I can’t help but look forward to future sets from Luiza A. Perhaps outdoors, on a bright, sunny day?


Rated R: Rina in “Right” by Rylsky…

Rina A: Right, by Rylsky, slender, stylish, erotic art photography

I can imagine there being some division in opinion of this set. While she is undeniably beautiful, Rina A. also has very much a fashion model’s body – she is skinny, there’s no getting around that. If she is your “type,” you may well love this offering. If you prefer your pretty with a bit more padding, MetArt can provide countless examples to satisfy that stipulation.

My sole complaint is that Rina often wears her “model face.” She doesn’t smile, she doesn’t frown, she adopts a somewhat stylized “set” to her facial features. Perhaps I’m not explaining it as clearly as I might. But if you have a look at #0046 (a clever shot of the model tossing her white panties at the camera) her expression is relaxed, spontaneous, and far warmer and inviting than her “model face.” And in #0119, quite a fetching torso and headshot, all the beauty a model could desire is on display along with a beguiling, natural, relaxed, feminine personality.

Rina A. is a professional and obviously takes her job seriously. I think she’s at her best when she’s just a little less serious. I could certainly be wrong about Rina A. in Rylsky‘s “Right,” and I welcome your comments.


Blonde heat on a white sheet…

Kamilla A: Presenting, by Albert Varin, nude debut, explicit images

Albert Varin unveils another MetArt newcomer in this bedroom series starring Kamilla A. I don’t know if Kamilla has previous modeling experience, but she brings an undeniable confidence to her appearance here. This fair-haired honey displays a range of expressions, but it’s her bright, natural smile that I find most moving. In #0009, a non-nude shot, she plays with her long hair with a soft smile on her lips. In #0047, a headshot, her smile is wide, natural, enthusiastic, and entirely engaging.

But all is not giggles and grins here, there is much forceful, vigorous, explicit erotic imagery in this series. Some of it, I’m thinking of a shot like #0025, feels a bit awkward. But in #0060, an eye-popping acrobatic display, Kamilla’s brazen physicality is truly impressive.

I do find myself drawn back to her smile, however. And in #0064 I can enjoy Kamilla A.’s smiling face and her cheerfully offered charms at the same time.


Proudly “Presenting” Lauren C….

Viewing the debut series from a new model is an experience I never tire of. I don’t fall in love with each and every new model on MetArt - there are too many, and more are added with dizzying frequency - but the potential to discover a new favorite adds excitement to the experience.

In this case, photographer Tony Murano and his subject, Lauren C., played a bit of a trick on me. In the introductory images I found a sweet, seemingly innocent, young woman shot in a visually busy setting. Floral print curtains throw shadows on floral print wall paper, and a similar motif is repeated on the bed dressings. Fine, I decide. Murano has cluttered the image with complexity to compensate for a shy model as she grows accustomed to posing for erotic art photos. The twosome certainly had me fooled.

Yes, the first two dozen images capture a demure, somewhat reserved model. #0024 captures Lauren C.’s winsome beauty quite effectively. If the set remained at that relatively restrained level of intensity I would not have complained. But there was more – much more – in store. Once she is fully nude, Lauren holds nothing back. What seemed so quaint at the start became a stunning, explicit expose. And all those floral visual clues suddenly made sense. This impressive debut ranges from shy to shameless and, as a result, I can’t wait to see more of Lauren C.


Monika A. makes “Awiss” a winner…

Monika A: Awiss, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie review

If you enjoyed the Luca Helios set “Timass,” starring Monika A., which was added to MetArt in early 2010, it quite likely whet your appetite for more. Here, to satisfy that craving, comes “Awiss,” a behind the scenes movie shot at the same time as the series.

But this is more than a mere documentary. It provides a delightful insight not only of the technical aspects of a still photo shoot, but of Monika’s high-spirited personality, as well. We see her, in street clothes, playfully sliding around the hardwood floor in her slippers while she takes a break from putting on her makeup. In another vignette, wearing a figure-hugging knit dress, she demonstrates some playfully provocative dance moves. Her playful interaction with the photographer and his assistants adds a multi-dimensional view of her personality that even the finest still photos are simply incapable of capturing.

“Awiss” lets you see a Monika A. at work, and reveals unknown aspects of her personality, but it also reveals every inch of her voluptuous body. As a companion to the still set, or as a stand-alone offering, “Awiss” is definitely a winner.


Irina J., spreading “Smiles”…

Irina J: Smiles, by Tony Murano, moody erotica, gorgeous, photo art

A sense of mood and effective pacing are two highlights of this set crafted by Tony Murano. A smiling Irina J., wearing sheer black stockings and a bra and panty set, is seated before an ornate mirror on an ornate chair of similar style. Moonlight streams through a nearly sheer curtain, while much of the room recedes into deep shadow.

Slowly by slowly, bit by bit, the brunette beauty relaxes and reveals herself to the viewer and to the mirror. Some of these “doubled” images are extremely pleasing. In #0056, standing, Irina J. looks away from the camera, into the mirror, and back at the camera – offering two enticingly different views of her body, and two subtly different facial expressions. More brazen poses are similarly amplified.

While the set begins, appropriately, with a smile, as it proceeds it gets more and more serious. By the time we arrive at the final image Irina has been completely, expertly, and explicitly exposed. Outstanding.


Getting “Familiar” with Renee C….

Renee C: Familiar, by Rylsky, warm, engaging, erotic photo artistry

Although I have viewed much of Mr. Rylsky’s work, “Familiar” is my first exposure to Renee C., and from the very first images in this series I’m pleased and impressed. This is a spare, yet extremely effective work of photographic art. A near black background provides ample contrast to Renee’s pale coloring. Her cardigan and stockings are sexy, in an understated way. A settee covered with a metallic fabric provides a bit of muted glitter. The style here pushes the model to the fore, and she is more than comfortable being the center of attention.

Here is a confident and self-assured performance. Renee C. engages the lens, toys with it, experiments. Look at shots #0062 through 0065. First, two thoughtful, introspective headshots. Then a frank confrontation with the viewer. And then a wonderfully expressive, and particularly sly smile. These four images give us a rich sense of the model’s personality – a fine example of her skills.

Of course Renee’s charm isn’t limited to her personality – her physical gifts are many, and they are artfully captured here. A lovely and talented model, and a sensitive and creative photographer make “Familiar,” a pictorial well worth getting familiar with.


See Emily A….

Emily A: Aspesia, by Alex Iskan, warm, approachable, sexy, explicit pix

For those who get the reference, there’s nothing at all psychedelic about the star of Alex Iskan‘s “Aspesia,” Emily A., although some of the room decor here verges on the trippy. No, Emily is just a high-spirited, long legged beauty with a thick mane of black hair, pert, round breasts capped with inverted nipples, and an eager-to-please attitude.

Her warm personality and ready smile are on display throughout much of the set, but there are a few times where she stops playing to the camera so enthusiastically, and the resulting images are notable. In #0113 she isn’t looking at the camera at all, and the result is a beautifully thoughtful portrait. And in #0100, eyes closed, mouth open, she conveys the very spirit of ecstasy.

I’m certain that the generous assortment of intimate close-ups the series contains will elicit the spirit of ecstasy in those who take the time to appreciate all that Emily A. has to offer.


Anika A. is in “Control”…

Anika A: Control, by Ron Offlin, steamy, explicit, sultry, nubile sexuality

Chances are good that you’ve known a woman who “blows hot and cold.” I’m thinking about the type of female who is steamy and sexy one minute, but who can be chilly and distant a moment later. That type of unpredictability can add drama to a relationship, but it can also be frustrating.

Anika A. doesn’t suffer from that syndrome. She isn’t hot or cold – she’s hot or hotter. This really is a case where the girl can’t help it. She’s as sexy as the day is long, and there’s nothing she can – or should! – do about it. From the beginning to the end this set is a showcase for Anika’s irrepressible sexuality. Oh, she experiments with expressions and positions, but no matter what she does the result is the same: sultry, simmering sex.

Of course, she’s got the body for it, all plush curves and fresh, nubile vitality. And she’s got that doll-baby face. Additionally, the styling and art direction lend extra emphasis to Anika’s physical traits and personality. Whether Ron Offlin frames her intimate delicacies in tight close-ups, or pulls back for full-body erotic glamour shots, Anika A. radiates sizzling, searing, sexual heat. Who among us wouldn’t be happy to fall under her “Control“?


The private afternoons of Julia Gordon…

Julia Gordon: Anoventis, by Rigin, slender, young, natural eroticaA slip of a girl in black platform pumps, black panties, and a waist-nipping button-front corset, Julia Gordon stands in front of an open window. It is mid-day, and the windows of nearby apartments are visible. An exotic, almond-eyed beauty, Julia has a youthful quality, a trait enhanced by her slender build. In some of the earlier images in the series I find a bit of “let’s play dress-up.” Not a complaint, simply an observation.

Once she’s “dressed-down,” and nude, but for those sexy stilettos, she brings a seasoned model’s skills to the task at hand. Photographer Rigin talks her through a wide range of poses, including a couple of particularly striking headshots – I’m thinking of #0100. But I had a bit of difficulty connecting to some of the posed shots here. It was the more spontaneous, candid images that I most enjoyed.

In #0167, eyes closed, Julia Gordon laughs, and I’m impressed and intrigued. In #0113, looking out the window to the street, she appears to be talking to a passerby, another involving moment in this generous, 183 image, collection.


The delightful debut of Elle D….

Elle D: Presenting, by Alex Iskan, nude debut, exquisite natural beautyThere is no subtle interpretation required here. One need not qualify, make excuses, compensate or rationalize. From the very first image in her very first set for MetArt, Elle D. is a total delight, and perusing Alex Iskan‘s photos of her is pure pleasure.

Big, expressive eyes perfectly set in a ovoid face framed by long, dark brown hair. An exquisitely shaped body encased in glowing, flawless, olive-tinted skin. She is slender, but not skinny. She is fit, but not at the expense of her femininity. She is creative with her poses, but never stiff or stilted. And the details of her physique – arms, belly, ass, thighs, breasts – are individually exemplary, and in complete, delicious harmony.

Welcome to MetArt, dear Elle D. May your may your career here be pleasurable and rewarding, and may your future contributions be frequent!


The eye-catching Lana I….

Lana I: Archeia, by Leonardo, busty, voluptuous, teasing, eroticaI strive to maintain a certain detachment, an aesthetic objectivity, when I sit down to evaluate a MetArt photo series. But the moment I opened “Archeia,” starring Lana I., any attempt to maintain cool sophistication flew straight out the window. I felt like a cartoon character, my eyes are on stalks, my jaw has dropped, my tongue is hanging out of my mouth, and my pulse is pounding.

Holy moly, is this babe built, or what?! That hourglass shape and that prodigious pair of breasts grab my pleasure centers by the nerve endings and don’t let go! In the words of the ancients: Hubba, hubba! Va-vooom! And yowza!

There, I think I can now proceed with some semblance of objectivity. Wearing only a white, Turkish towel bathrobe and slippers, Lana I. sits on the edge of a bathtub. The lighting is subdued. The model’s spirit is anything but. There is a light dancing in her eyes and she takes obvious pleasure in sharing her buxom beauty with the viewer. She is a tease and a flirt, but always with a lively sweetness. Oh, and when she steps out of the robe and turns on the water? Photo. Graphic. Magic!


Gwyneth A., a “Blonde” behind the scenes…

Gwyneth A: Blonde, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Some titles in the MetArt video collection are self-contained mini-movies, others serve to document a still photo shoot. “Blonde” belongs to the second category.

Luca Helios shot the still series “Blond” which was added to the site in early June, 2008. At that time a friend or assistant manned a camcorder and recorded the session. In post production the video was edited to a pleasing ten-minute length, music was added, and “Blonde,” the video, was born.

If you enjoyed the photo set, you will most definitely want to schedule a viewing of the movie. Not only does it allow you to spend some quality time with Gwyneth A., it also provides a glimpse of the nuts and bolts of a photo session. The model adjusts her poses per off-camera direction, she laughs at unheard jokes, she plays to Luca’s lens.

The videographer remains static, but by zooming in we’re treated to some intimate views. If what you see here piques your interest, and I expect it will, I suggest you explore the still set. “Blonde” and “Blond” make two parts of an enjoyable whole.


Light, shadow, and Kasia B….

Kasia B: Ancora, by Slastyonoff, natural, casual, evocative erotica

Cream-skinned Kasia B., wearing only a pair of white cotton panties, is seated on a plushly upholstered chair. Lace curtains screen the large windows, and the summer sun is low in the sky, bathing the room in bright light. But that bright light presents challenges to photographer Slastyonoff. And in these challenges, the lensman finds opportunities. He works with the light, rather than against it. The curtain throws a grid pattern on the model’s torso. He uses this natural geometry to his advantage. A beam of bright light falls on Kasia’s beautifully groomed sex, while her torso and face are in shadow – another striking image results.

The light, the effortless style of the photography, and beautiful blonde Kasia’s relaxed demeanor, convey an almost palpable sense of time and place. Looking at this set it is easy to imagine the time of day, the warm of the sun, the peace and quiet of the house. Of course, if you were in that room, with that beautiful woman, and Mr. Slastyonoff had returned to his studio, things might not be so relaxed and quiet. And that is the inestimable value of erotic art - it evokes emotions and inspires the imagination.


The petite pleasures of Isabella C….

Isabella C: Lansivia, by Peter Guzman, hot nude babe, bedroom beautyWith her hair styled to suggest she emerged from the bath not long before she posed for these pictures, Isabella C. has a fresh-scrubbed, youthful appeal that is hard to resist. Wearing a man’s dress shirt and a pair of sheer white knee-high stockings (the latter remain for the entire set), the model experiments with a nice variety of stances on a bed. “Lansivia” is a basic series, there is no dramatic theme, and nothing too technically elaborate. Lighting equipment, visible in several shots, contributes to the casual flavor.

From head to stocking-clad feet Isabella C. is a nubile delight, and Peter Guzman captures her assets at a distance as well as moving in for tempting detail revelations. As I neared the end of the series I was beginning to think that the model was the slightest bit limited in her expressions, but when I reached #0139 and #0140, she changed my mind. In the first of those two similar poses she delivers a surprising smile. And in the second she shifts gears and radiates pure, steamy, bedroom allure. As I said earlier, hard to resist.


A bed, a rose & Peggy A….

Peggy A: Concede, by Ron Offlin, romantic, explicit, erotic photos

A single pink rose is the primary prop employed in “Concede,” although Peggy A.’s lingerie also figures prominently in this Ron Offlin series. Some of the rose shots seem a little forced, but when it works, it works extremely well. In shots #0074 and 0075 the flower adds a vivid burst of color to images that are already striking in their own right.

It takes the model some time to work her way out of her bra, panties and fishnet stockings, but the prolonged tease is a pleasure to endure, and the viewer’s patience is rewarded with an abundance of beautifully composed, evocative and romantic images, along with explicit close-ups that provide intimate eyefuls.

Peggy A. appears to be fully involved in her portrayal here, and she brings a moody, yearning, hunger to many of the images. Those few times when she breaks character, in #0092, for example, provide a welcome respite, I must “Concede.”


Sophie F.’s “New Star” quality…

Sophie F: New Star, by Antonio Clemens, cute, new nude model, erotic pix

When I reviewed her MetArt debut, I was particularly pleased by Sophie F. Her sophomore effort, “New Star,” once more photographed by Antonio Clemens, serves to confirm my initial impressions.

Once more, Clemens keeps the set-up simple. Once more Sophie F. is wearing an outfit that seems a little too “racy” for the persona she projects. And once more she is as adorable as can be.

A red key light, high and to the model’s right, throws a warm accent and gives the series a hint of thematic unity. There is a chair, a dress, a pair of panties, and high heeled shoes. And there is Sophie, radiating that delightful warmth that is her defining quality. Foot fanciers get a selection of images to cherish, there are explicit shots, front and back, to please that audience. And Sophie, charming and cheerful, enjoys every minute of it.

Sophie F. has big, beautiful eyes, full lips, lovely, long hair, firm, jutting breasts, a slim build, long legs – she’s a visual delight. But I’m convinced that it’s her personality that give this new model her “New Star” quality.


Room with a view…

Anita C: Evik, by Los Angeles, stylized, artistic, magical erotic photos

From the first image it is clear that “Evik” is out of the ordinary. That image? A picture of a picture – a somewhat garish oil painting, in an antique style, of cherubs cavorting in the heavens. That picture of a picture serves to “reset” the viewer’s expectations, and helps prepare him for what follows.

The second image pulls back. From a low angle the room is revealed. The picture hangs rather high on the wall. That wall is patterned with vertical stripes that exaggerate the ceiling’s height. Oh, and there’s a beautiful young woman, Anita C., on her knees on an elaborate bed. There is more than a hint of magic and mischief in the set design, photography and the model’s expression.

This sense of “through the looking glass” mystery imbues the entire set with a whimsical flavor that is both entertaining and involving. And Anita C. appears to be in on whatever joke is being played. There is a sly glint in her eyes and she is clearly enjoying this theatrical, stylized performance.

Photographer Los Angeles doesn’t sacrifice sex on the alter of art, there are numerous explicit and inviting shots of Anita C.’s ripe, young body. I will be curious to learn how members react – I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a love it/hate it proposition. I, for one, can confidently state: I love it!


“Presenting,” Gera B….

Gera B: Presenting, by Rylsky, first nudes, Spanish beauty, unshaven

How many first-time MetArt models as the intrepid Mr. Rylsky photographed? Dozens, certainly. Many dozens. I can only imagine the creative challenge this presents. One only has that single chance to make a first impression, and choices the photographer makes can have a profound influence on the model’s future. With new model Gera B., Rylsky takes an interesting, two-pronged, approach.

The set begins outside, in the snow, no less. Gera B. is fully dressed, in boots and a heavy coat, posing with a wooden chair and a cup of, one hopes, hot tea or coffee. Her raven-black hair and dark eyes are in pleasing contrast to the white that surrounds her.

Photographer and subject move into the studio. She is barefoot and wearing a black dress, the seamless background is pale blue. Here the pleasing architecture of her face and body is skillfully and simply expressed. She is unshaven and unashamed. The darkness of her hair emphasizes her sex, as well as emphasizing the luminous clarity of her flawless complexion. Clever poses and angles, a lack of inhibition, and a winning, eager attitude make Gera B.’s debut a delight.


“Mostly” in motion…

Lili H: Mostly, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie review, shaved cutie

With a piano providing the soundtrack, this tasteful and low-key effort from Fenix allows the viewer the simple pleasure of ten minutes in the company of Lili H. - a welcome and enjoyable interlude.

Wearing a little black dress, without any unnecessary underthings, Lili H. first appears at the top of a staircase. Some teasing up-skirt glimpses add a tempting hint of things yet to come. Lily wanders down the stairs and through a hallway, giving videographer Fenix the opportunity to play with the effects of light and shadow.

The model wanders into a large room. A music video plays on a television monitor and Lili H. moves around the space, easing her trim and inviting body out of her garment. She is obviously enjoying her performance and a smile threatens to burst forth on her pretty mouth. The viewer may find himself smiling, as well.

With her cute and kittenish personality, and her petite and shapely body, Lili H. is a pleasure to experience - in “Mostly,” she is entirely adorable.


Woman on top…

Divina A: Presenting, by Peter Guzman, MetArt Top Model, explicit nude debut As I sit down to write this, Divina A. is the reigning MetArt Top Model, and it is my singular pleasure to congratulate her on this achievement. But let us delve a little deeper and discover what a truly impressive achievement it really is.

The series titled “Presenting,” by frequent contributor Peter Guzman, is Divina A.’s debut. It is her first appearance here. She has not built up a following of devoted admirers over time. She has shot straight to the top with her maiden effort.

It is a further tribute to Divina’s crowd-pleasing beauty and allure that the set in question, is actually very simple. It is, in some ways, even odd. Consider the set: A chair placed on top of a bare mattress. A curious arrangement. And yet, with a model as stunning as Divina A., it doesn’t matter.

This is a very beautiful young woman. She is slender, but curvy. Her pert breasts are perfectly balanced by her round rump. Her brown eyes are big and doe-like, her features are refined, and her chin bears the slightest hint of a dimple. And she reveals the remainder of her beautiful all completely and without reservation. The membership has spoken! The votes have been tallied. Divina A. is our new Top Model. Now all we can ask is that she appears again soon, and often!


From the MetArt mailbox…

Sasha I: Ballet, by Goncharov, MetArt HD erotic, nude art, movieDear MetArt,

I normally have been attracted most to brunettes and redheads, but lately I have had something for blondes as well. I guess, these days, my mind thinks less about the stereotypes of blonde, brunette, redhead that has been taught to me growing up. It is more how each presents themselves.

I’m amazed by the excellent work that Goncharov continues to do with videos. I recently watched one with a blonde model, Sasha I. I love different forms of art, and that is probably why I love MetArt among other nude sites. I have no doubt Sasha is an experienced ballet dancer, like she stated in her bio. Watching her move in “Ballet” was amazingly graceful. Like it was meant to be performed on stage in an actual play. I could really see that both Goncharov and Sasha I. were playing a part in making this video as perfect as possible. Goncharov, Sasha I., or whoever picked the music, also has great taste in adding the right atmosphere to the video.

Kind regards,

- Mark

Dear Mark,

You were absolutely right about Sasha’s graceful movement in this video. I had to go back and watch it again since it has been so long. I am curious as to why we never published another video of her or at least a photo set. I am going to check with our updater to see if we have anything else that we can post of her. Rest assured there will be plenty more of Goncharov’s great work on the site soon.

Have a great week!

- The MetArt Team


Two new for you…

Marta D & Rosa A: Twins, by Marlene, playful, arty, erotic pixThe prospect of a series featuring a new model is always enticing. Doubly so in the case of a girl-girl set. And we’ll need to significantly up the multiplier if those two girls are twins (whether identical, fraternal, or simply by some coincidence or quirk of fate). But if that isn’t enough to pique your interest, you might also note that this set is the debut MetArt contribution by a new photographer. And a female photographer, at that!

Although Marta D. and Rosa A. are very, very similar in appearance and presentation, they are not identical. But they are certainly close enough to create an impressive and intriguing pair. The mood here is light, playful, with a hit of “sleepover party” thrown in for good measure. There is a bit of mock pillow fighting, and a good natured “truth or dare” aspect when it comes time to strip down.

I also enjoyed a faint surreality in some of the compositions, the just perceptible sense of something slightly, but pleasingly, off-kilter. The set didn’t knock me over or take away my breath, but it did intrigue. I wonder how members will react?


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