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“Waiting” with Sofi A - hanging on the telephone…

Sofi A: Waiting, by Goncharov, breathtakingly bosomy brunette beauty

As props go, this one’s pretty silly. It’s an elaborate, antiquey, rotary dial, telephone. But it serves to illustrate one of Sofi A.’s strengths as a model. Here is a young woman so naturally beautiful, and so stupendously gifted, that it doesn’t matter! Bring on the silly props! Give us your bowling trophies, your failed taxidermy experiments, your kitschy tchotchkes, your rummage sale rejects – Sofi is so stunning it doesn’t matter!

And it doesn’t matter that, in many of the shots here, Sofi pretends to be talking on that prop telephone. And her performance is completely convincing! That is true talent, and I mean that with all sincerity.

Of course, Sofi is a striking specimen, and our Goncharov captures both her physical structure and her personality with seasoned skill. Early on I find #0014 noteworthy. The model, shot from behind, arches her back and admires her reflection in a mirror – and it’s impossible not to share her admiration. In #0042 and #0050 the poses are different but her breasts, body, and subtle expression are wonderfully captured. Oh, and #0064, a headshot with gripped breasts offers a pleasingly moody abstraction.


“Marinian” starring Eufrat A. – Earth, wind, and woman…

Eufrat A: Marinian, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie review

This production differs from other MetArt movies I’ve seen in one key respect: the sound is live, there is no music, and all one hears is the clicking of a still camera’s shutter, the photographer’s comments and instructions, and the blowing of the wind. I don’t object to the music in other videos, mind you, it often serves to enhance the images and create a mood. But here the natural sound gives a real sense of the place and the photo session itself.

Posing against a backdrop of dark volcanic boulders at the seaside, Eufrat A. is a natural beauty in a naturally beautiful setting. She is nude but for a necklace and a bit of diaphanous orange fabric that floats and flutters on the breeze. Although Luca Helios does call out an instruction here and there, for the most part Eufrat appears to be improvising, and watching her subtly shift her position gives insight into the considerable skills of a talented model.

While this is a record of a still photo session the “action” moves along at a pleasant pace. And there are several unexpected moments that add to the documentary quality of the film. In one section the model momentarily loses her footing, but recovers with skill and poise. And, at the 5:31 mark, she sneezes – spontaneous, pure, involuntary, cuteness.


Jenya G. in “Presenting” - a dewy debut…

Jenya G: Presenting, by Ron Offlin, moist, plush, erotic, bedroom pix

An old friend of mine had an expression he’d use to describe a girl who was attractive, but who wasn’t really his type. If someone in our group said he thought a particular girl was beautiful, my friend might say: “She has her days.” No disrespect, just a statement of opinion.

And that’s pretty much my feeling about Jenya G. She is a bit more plushly upholstered than I generally prefer. I can easily imagine her fulfilling any number of fantasies and even being someone’s absolute ideal. But, for me, she has her days. Or, in this case, she has her images.

To my eye, she’s particularly pretty in #0053, a topless shot in which she’s frozen in the act of removing her white panties. #0072, 0073, and 0074 are evocative, extremely erotic images. I tip my hat to photographer Ron Offlin for #0082, a dreamy, inverted headshot. And for joyous bedroom flavor it’s hard to resist #0092.


“Presenting” Chloe C. - an odd introduction…

Chloe C: Presenting, by Catherine, disposable overall erotica

A model’s first appearance at MetArt is a special event, a rare opportunity. New faces and fresh talents are always in demand here, and our members are accustomed to the almost daily arrival of newcomers. The right model in the perfect introductory series can find herself thrust into the Top Model spot on a wave of unbridled enthusiasm (I’m thinking of relative newcomers like Divina A. and Janice A., among others). I doubt very much that this set will experience a similar fate.

If Chloe C.’s debut is less than stellar, I think it’s safe to lay the blame at photographer Catherine’s feet. The set design, a deep blue background, couldn’t be simpler, and that’s fine. But I really must question the choice of costume. Disposable painters overalls. Really? Maybe for a couple of shots, and maybe with a more confident and more voluptuous model. Maybe. But this model is slender, she is inexperienced. She gets lost in the garment and it does little to flatter either her face or body. And it is in virtually every shot in the set.

Out of respect to Chloe C. I will wait until she appears in another set (with a different photographer, perhaps) before I formulate a more definitive opinion. I wonder how other members feel about this pictorial. Are there any disposable overall fanciers out there?


“Ladalia” starring Natalia G: from her lips to God’s eyes…

Natalia G: Ladalia, by Ron Offlin, explicit, fleshy, erotic art pix

This series opens on a sweet and innocent note. Natalia G., holding a yellow flower, looks directly at the camera, a slight smile on her plump lips. She’s wearing a white dress, which is modest and sexy at the same time, and her necklace brings a bit of vintage/antique style to the image, that seems in keeping with the rather old fashioned wall paper behind her. The next twenty images restate the theme of beauty and innocence.

Then things get decidedly less innocent. When Natalia raises the hem of her dress and parts her thighs the viewer is greeted by explicit, exceedingly frank views of sex in full, succulent flower. In fact, the presence of an actual flower in many of these shots seems a bit overdone. Yes, Mr. Offlin, we get the visual pun! Full credit to you, sir, now back to this sensational model! One favorite image: the look on Natalia’s face in #0033 - along with the fleshy delights she so proudly displays - is priceless. And there is a lot more of this type of brazen eroticism to be enjoyed here.

I had to chuckle, when I got to #0060, in which the model is again fully covered and coyly teases the strap of her dress off her shoulder. Are you really going to take us back to sweet and innocent after all we’ve just experienced? I love this girl, and I love this set, but I don’t refer to it as “Ladalia.” In my notes it’s titled: “Gen-Natalia!”


“Scavilan” starring Hunter A….

Hunter A: Scavilan, by Leonardo, full bush, blonde beauty, erotic pics

I had some trouble connecting to this set. And I can’t really explain why. There is nothing “wrong” with it – the technical aspects, the location, the styling, are all quite fine. And Hunter A. is a skilled model, with an appealing personality as well as physique. Still, something was missing.

When I stopped musing about my visceral reaction and simply enjoyed the photos, I did discover some very pleasing images, however.

#0056 is one favorite. Thanks to the lighting – a break in the clouds? – the scenery takes on a diffused, painting-like quality, while the model “pops” in the foreground.

In #0061, a very “posed” pose, Hunter’s expression, and her eyes, is difficult to resist – I can imagine that the model would be particularly pleased by this shot.

And in #0058, it’s Hunter’s attitude – the way she interacts with Leonardo’s camera, not simply the pose – that intrigues. I wonder how other members feel about this series?


“Vacations” starring Anna AJ: Wish she were here…

Anna AJ: Vacations, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

I usually choose recently released MetArt movies to review. This time, however, I chose one that was released about a year ago. Why? Anna AJ. If that doesn’t seem like a good enough reason, you obviously have never seen this Top Model and I urge you to correct this unfortunate oversight as soon as possible. You can thank me later.

Let me trot out some superlatives, because I know I’m going to need them: Stunning. Striking. Gorgeous. Yes, Anna is all those things. Here she’s posing in front of a somewhat cheesy painting of a tropical beach. As the movie begins she’s wearing a crocheted outfit that flatters her bosom and leaves her blissfully nude below the belt. The garment comes off and the perfection that is Anna AJ is fully revealed. Really. Hit the pause button and take it all in.

I have two minor complaints, one for Leonardo, one for Anna. There is a lot of zooming. And there is a lot of fading. I suppose this adds a bit of dynamic energy to what might otherwise be a somewhat static presentation. I would prefer to linger. But perhaps that’s what the pause button is for. And I do wish Anna would break character, if only for a moment, and bless us with a smile.

Still, Anna AJ is stunning, striking, gorgeous and generally breathtaking. If you haven’t seen “Vacations,” or even if you have, I suggest you schedule a screening. Soon.


Proudly “Presenting” Janice A….

Janice A: Presenting, by Antonio Clemens, sweet young blonde, hot pics

On the day this set debuted at MetArt, the model received so many high rankings from the membership that she temporarily held the title Top Model. Janice A. has dropped back, slightly – as I write, she’s currently #15 – but the strength of her performance is still impressive, and not at all surprising.

This blonde sweetheart radiates a cheerful, youthful energy and vitality wholly appropriate in an 18-year-old. And for a model so young and, presumably, inexperienced, she appears to be completely at ease in front of the camera. She delivers formal, complex poses that are truly impressive, as well as spontaneous, off-the-cuff stances that seem entirely unrehearsed. Although she is smiling in many of the images, her happiness isn’t forced, and she also exhibits a wide range of expressions and moods. Impressive.

Working with a natural beauty with such well developed modeling instincts must surely be a pleasure for a photographer, and Antonio Clemens has kept the session simple and free of distraction. A vivid background color, an unobtrusive chair, and a black bra and panties for the model. A noteworthy debut, a very enjoyable series, and a model with a bright future.


Julia I: There’s no “Escape” from maximum pretty…

Julia I: Escape, by Leonardo, super-pretty model, beautiful photos

The laws, ingredients, and equations of attraction are complex. A great body and a bad attitude can make a woman magnetic. A plain face combined with a playful personality can be irresistible. But few things are more powerful than pretty. In describing Helen of Troy, a great beauty of myth and legend, it was written that hers was “a face that launched a thousand ships.” No mention is made of her sense of humor or intelligence. Enter Julia I., a mesmerizing miss with truly fantastic face.

Julia has a face of inspiring, uplifting, pulse-accelerating beauty. And it seems to have inspired photographer Leonardo. This set is a masterful mix of the natural and subtly manipulated artifice. The use of light – both natural and man-made – is particularly effective. There are some images – #0015 is a superb example – that have a multidimensionality that is so real it almost looks synthetic. The shot I refer to almost looks like a collage – the composition, the light, the perspective and depth of focus. So, the photography here is exemplary, and worthy of examination in its own right. But what about the girl?! Yes, she is a wonder, a delight.

I could rant and rave about this model and the artistic technique on display, but I’ll conclude with a few favorites. #0037, a profile, from behind. What’s that word, again? Pretty! #0099. Totally nude, beautifully posed, and…pretty! Same for #0114 and #0130…and so many more. “Escape”? As long as Julia I. is here, I’m staying put!


“Semper,” a beautiful way to view Avia A….

Avia A: Semper, by Luca Helios, statuesque model, exquisite body

When she first appears in “Semper,” I feel it’s safe to say that Avia A. is overdressed for the occasion. She’s wearing an elaborate matching camisole and panties set in shades of blue, a large blue bracelet, and chunky necklace of bulky blue stones. This seems a bit much for a photo session in a lush, overgrown farmyard adjacent to a disused outbuilding.

While her costume may be overdone, Avia A., herself, is done to perfection. This brunette is the very definition of statuesque beauty. In #0049, having stripped off her lingerie, the model stands tall in her stiletto heels. Her long limbs, trim waist, full hips, and ample breasts are stunningly proportioned.

Luca Helios does a commendable job here. There are abundant detail close-ups, some pleasing headshots, a variety of postures, and full length images that capture Avia’s breathtaking physique in its exquisite entirety. And, thankfully, by the set’s end, Avia has taken off the unnecessarily distracting jewelry and appears completely nude, effectively rendering whatever trivial complaints I have with the set completely immaterial.


Diva A. is “Very Very” oily and sandy…

Diva A: Very Very, by Albert Varin, oiled skin, sandy outdoor nudesThis series opens strong. In the very first image, shot at some distance, we see Diva A., totally nude but for a necklace and white high heels. She strikes a pose while standing on a massive pipe elevated over a dirt road. Hardly a typical image, and one that definitely got my attention.

The sky is a vivid blue, the sun shines brightly, and Diva’s lean, bronzed body glistens with a liberal coating of glossy oil. An interesting and unusual approach, but with her hair pulled back tight and her coloring and physique, it works. However, I believe the oil is the set’s undoing.

There is sand where the pipe emerges from the earth. And there is sand on top of the pipe. As Diva moves from pose to pose sand begins to stick to her oiled skin. More poses, more sand sticking to oily skin. Soon she is deliberately pouring sand on her body. She grips her sand-covered breasts in #0125 to singularly odd effect. Her genitals become encrusted with grit. I am not feeling the eroticism here.

A pretty girl. An unusual location. Both with much potential. But if it were my decision to make, I’d send Mr. Varin back to the drawing board. And I’d send Diva straight to a long, warm, soapy shower.


“China” starring Zhang A. - hello pretty…

Zhang A: China, by Fan Xue Hui, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Ah, the inscrutable mysteries of the East! Westerners have long been fascinated by the allure of Asian women. The cultural differences are myriad and manifold, the language barrier is considerable, and there is also that wall to contend with. But thanks to the thoughtful and creative effort of photographer/director Fan Xue Hui, we can visit “China” and enjoy a bit of quality time with a charming Chinese maiden.

This production has a distinctly different style from other MetArt movies I’ve reviewed. It opens with a shot of a living room, the back of a female’s head is visible as she watches TV. An older man sits down to eat lunch at a table. It is hard to see where we are headed. Then we find Zhang A., in a sunlit bedroom, reading a magazine. She takes off her top and massages her firm breasts and then takes off her pants. The camera lingers on her beautiful butt.

At the 3:28 mark the screen goes black. A match is struck, a fire lit. Zhang A. lounges, totally nude, on a flight of stairs. She is quite beautiful, and very calm and reserved. The camera frames her face in a tight headshot. We next see Zhang, dressed for winter weather, as she leaves the house. She runs, happily, on the glittery, icy snow.

Make no mistake, this is a curious bit of filmmaking, but it reflects genuine effort and artistry, and the model is, without question, a delicacy to be savored.


“Pivanis,” starring Katrin B….

Katrin B: Pivanis, by Giovanni Galio, flawless beauty, adorable model

I make every effort to avoid prejudging a series I plan on evaluating for this blog. I avert my eyes when I see a list of tags attached to a set. I don’t read reader comments. And, even though I have no choice but to look at a cover shot when I sit down to write, I do my best not to judge the set by its cover. But, in the case of “Pivanis,” I let down my guard. I judged this collection by its cover, and by that I mean I loved it before I’d even opened it!

I don’t have any idea what a “Pivanis” might be, and I don’t care - one look at that face, those eyes, that body, that pose, and I am in love with Katrin B., and I’m more than ready to love the set. And with such a promising hint of things to come, how could I be disappointed? Well, I wasn’t. The set isn’t without flaws, mind you. There are some tricky exposures here, perhaps due to the changing light of the setting sun? But, overall, the quality of Giovanni Galio’s photographs, the location, the variety of poses, and the Adam-pleasing beauty of the model, conspire to create a completely enjoyable collection.

There are too many favorites for me to list, but here’s a sampling: #0007, the cover shot (you had me at hello); #0049, legs, belly, breasts; #0061 and #0067 for the poses, plus everything else; #0088 for cheek bones and eyes; and #0148 for a priceless, utterly adorable smirk.


“Presenting” Amelia B. - winner is served…

Amelia B: Presenting, by Catherine, curvy blonde, delicious imagesTo extend the dining metaphor, this set by Catherine is a three course meal. The appetizer consists of two dozen images, give or take, and in all of them the model is fully clothed. First time MetArt model Amelia B., in elegant street clothes, appears in what might be a shopping mall. The second shot, #0001, is quite arresting – a “simple” headshot made complex by a partial reflection.

The main course, shot inside, with a yellow leather sofa as the only prop, consists of a wide variety of images of creamy-complected, plushly curvy Amelia. This is a very appealing girl, and she appears to enjoy working with the camera. I think the use of her tongue to flirt and tease is unnecessary – she can flirt and tease quite well simply with the look in her eyes. In fact, she can close her eyes and still speak volumes (see #0059 and #0060).

The third course finds Amelia B. dressed in completely different lingerie, wearing different jewelry, on different furniture. Is this a preview or an outtake from an entirely different series? I can’t say. But it does include some beautifully explicit images (#0114, for example), and serves as a fine conclusion to a satisfying visual feast.


From the MetArt mailbox…

Kira J: Almost, MetArt HD erotic movie directed by Rylsky

Dear MetArt,

I am not much of a movie fan. At least in the erotic modeling genre. However this is one of the best movies I have seen on the Met. Kira J. did a great job of looking natural and playful and not giving the impression of just doing a series of poses like a still shoot. She is a very beautiful lady with a perfect body, a warm smile, and a very seductive personality. Firm and very well muscled, yet soft and so sexy. This is a full, graceful, perfectly formed woman. No lanky skin-and-bones look here.

I liked the quick little dance moves in front of the curtain and how they really accentuated her well toned body and showed her balance and poise while still being playful and informal.

She was already on my favorites list but this shoot really increased my respect and admiration for her.

Of course Rylsky did a wonderful job of getting the right shots and setting the right mood to enhance this fine model and presenting her perfectly.

- RZ

Dear RZ,

We actually received quite a few positive responses about Kira’s movie. It's weird though, because her rating is still not great and she isn't in the top 150 yet. Hopefully, since this movie is a great one, she will get some much deserved recognition.

Kind regards,

- The MetArt Team

Dear MetArt,

Following up on my previous note: Yes, I am hoping for the same results from the movie. I am thinking that her photo shoots thus far were a bit sedate and that she has a type of charm that needs to be seen in motion to capture her charm and personality. Kira’s face is not immediately stunning like so many of the girls here tend to be, and she has more substance than the willowy little things that tend to be in the top numbers. And Met viewers are quite spoiled.

I think, like myself, many viewers tend to look at the face first and if it is not really special we tend to move on. I confess I too passed over her until I saw the video, but now that I have gone back with that image in my mind I find her very sexy indeed. I like the fact that she has a bit of body fat to fill in between the ribs, smooth the hipbones and make the legs more feminine. Relaxed and unmoving these things tend to add the impression of weight to her photos while in motion you see that there is well toned muscle beneath that smooth flawless skin. I for one think this makes her all that much more alluring. The fact that she has very firm breasts and perfectly formed genitals which she is very willing to display is a BIG bonus for me. I’m hoping to see more of this enchanting lady!

- RZ

Dear RZ,

Based simply on the positive member reaction to her video, it’s obvious that there’s a lot of interest in Kira J. If she was “on the fence” about doing more work for MetArt, your comments, and the many others we’ve received, ought to be enough to convince her. Cross your fingers!


- The MetArt Team


“Siaviak” with Selene B. - a nostalgic feeling…

Selene B: Siaviak, by RyanMedia, natural, nostalgic, naturist photos

The style of the photography, the setting, and the model’s simple, largely unadorned presentation in “Siaviak” reminded me of naturist photos from the 1950s. Those were more innocent times than these, but Selene B. projects a wholesome image that wouldn’t be out of place in that bygone era.

Shot on the banks and in the shallow waters of a pond in the forest, it’s easy to imagine Selene wandering through the rustic landscape of an isolated “nudist camp.” There are no particularly explicit images in the series, and that fact seems in keeping with the overall tone. Selene B. is healthy, happy, and pretty - a perfect exemplar of the naturist lifestyle, captured au natural, al fresco, with all the salutary and spiritual benefits that come with it.

RyanMedia seems a rather chilly and corporate name for the photographer that produced these refreshingly warm and naturalistic images. Have a look at shots like #0054 and #0094, and see if you don’t agree.


Nataly F.’s “Appointment” is right on time…

Nataly F: Appointment, by Goncharov, sexy model, erotic art photos

Sometimes it takes a series a while to open up and win me over. In others, such as this one, it only takes a single image. Of course, a strong beginning is no guarantee of an equally strong conclusion, but with “Appointment,” we needn’t worry. This is an accomplished effort by all involved.

Goncharov has styled and lighted the set to perfection. There are but two props. A small wooden box and a chair. The chair is so dark that it is almost invisible. And the background is as black as night. With her black stilettos and sheer black blouse and panties, Nataly F. is the pleasingly pale, beautifully blonde focal point. She modulates her expression and uses her body with confidence, skill, and no small amount of joy. Here is a girl who takes pride in her work, but also obviously derives pleasure from the effort. She is a tease, she is a flirt, and she is as sexy as the day is long.

This is a stylish, artistic series, but it is brimming with luscious, human, femininity. The perfection of Nataly’s body and the refined beauty of her face are on full display, even if she’s never completely nude, and in the absence of explicit close-ups. Splendid.


Art of the unexpected - in unexpected places…

Street art: the wall is a canvas, the city is a gallery, we all benefit

When you visit MetArt you expect beauty and art. There are certainly surprises to be found, new discoveries to make, fresh experiences to have. But the basic premise – Where flawless beauty meets art - remains constant and overriding. It’s what our members want/it’s what we strive to provide.

But what about those times, and those places, where we don’t expect to find art, and where beauty is hidden or completely absent? This is the allure and promise of street art. Whether it’s a graffiti artist with a grander vision than mere “tagging,” or a fine artist looking for a larger than life canvas, the walls, buildings and infrastructure of urban and industrial areas provide limitless opportunities – for the creator of the art and everybody who views it.

Street art provokes and surprises. It adds beauty where there is often blight. It repurposes and reuses space that would otherwise be wasted. A dreary commercial building in a depressed neighborhood radiates new life and potential after a muralist works their magic. Art elevates the spirit. Street art does that, certainly. But it can also elevate a building, a neighborhood, a city. It is both pleasurable and powerful. And the more you look for it, the more you see. Keep your eyes peeled.

Is there any notable street art in your area? Feel free to share it in the comments, below.


From the MetArt mailbox…

Aida B: Sennivi, by Ingret, auburn hair, sexy, erotic photographsDear MetArt,

What shall I say? Aida B. is such a wonderful model, watching her photoset is nothing but pleasure. Likewise my compliments to Ingret for all those marvelous photos of this ravishing beauty. Watching those photosets I’m coming always to the same conclusions, joining MetArt is more than worth its money.

Thank you so much,

- H

Dear H,

I thought Aida did a great job in this series, too. I actually had to do a double take with the cover because I thought it was a photo of Indiana :) . It is great hearing from you, thank you for your comments and enthusiasm!

Kind regards,

- The MetArt Team

Dear MetArt,

I just wanted to send along my compliments to you and to Aida. Aida is something special. I love her eyes, her hair color is perfect (in my opinion – I love that color!), her body is beautiful. I actually have seen some of the women on this site who may be more beautiful, but Aida has that something extra that is just incredibly sexy. More of her please! :)

I love your site – your models are really stunning. I am a satisfied customer. Thank you!

Best regards,

- RS

Dear RS,

It is great hearing from you again. I am glad to learn that you enjoyed Aida so much. We were pleased to receive so many positive reviews for her. She has not yet made it into the top models but I see a lot of potential in her. Thanks for the email!

Kind regards,

- The MetArt Team

Aida B: Sennivi, by Ingret, auburn hair, sexy, erotic photographs


“Liveran” with Natalia H….

Natalia H: Liveran, by Rigin, nude pix, puffy nipples...stripper pole?

A member sent us a note with two comments regarding this set: First, he praised Natalia H. for appearing in her unadorned state, without any make-up to interfere with her natural beauty. Secondly, he complained about a curious pink tint that is visible in the majority of shots in the series. I must admit he makes two valid points. Natural beauty is one of the guiding principles of MetArt, and that pink hue, whether it is deliberate (an attempt to “warm up” the model’s skin tones) or accidental, creates a sense of artificiality.

While Natalia H. is fully engaged and appears to be enjoying herself, I find that the pictorial lacks conceptual focus. The use of props – a fish net, a hand fan of vivid blue feathers, and a stripper pole (!) – seems haphazard, at best. My two favorite images here – #0063 and #0071 – dispense with or deemphasize the props and let Natalia’s beauty speak for itself.


“Presenting” Janette A….

Janette A: Presenting, by Luca Helios, new model, erotic photosMetArt members are well aware that several new sets are added to the site on a daily basis, come rain or shine. They’re also aware than new models are also constantly joining our ranks. Still, there are times when I have to pause and marvel at the quantity and quality of new material and new models we have access to. Which brings us to Janette A.’s debut appearance.

From the first image, my impression is favorable. Janette has, to my eye, a slightly “American” flavor, despite her Slovakian extraction. It may be her make-up, her hair, perhaps her elaborate manicure. Her sheer black bra and panties flatter what is obviously an impressively shapely body.

As the lingerie comes off, bra first, her shape is even more impressive than I’d guessed. #0024, a topless shot, is all long legs and beautiful breasts. And #0061, a similar pose but this time totally nude, is also pleasing. Some of the poses feel a bit too posed, but that will fade with experience, I expect. And when she is more dynamic (throwing rose petals in the air in #0114), or relaxed and pensive (#0127) her talent and beauty are fully expressed.


“Ecologie” with Agni A.: natural nude in nature…

Agni A: Ecologie, by Erik Latika, nubile beauty, natural erotic photos

I don’t much care for the outfit Agni A. is wearing at the start of this series. I don’t hate it, mind you, but it (and a passing yacht on the horizon) is the only unnatural distraction in this compelling collection.

When she’s totally nude and wearing only a flirtatious expression, Agni is the very definition of nubile perfection. The model projects such an unpretentious, natural, enthusiasm! The combination of her eye-pleasing physique and her warm, open attitude is one I find quite irresistible.

As near as I can tell, Agni A. isn’t wearing any (or certainly not very much) make-up here. Not only is it unnecessary for the style Erik Latika employs for this shoot, but it’s also appropriate to the natural location – a mossy rock surrounded by the gently lapping water of the sea, and in a second, dryer, but no less rocky spot nearby.

And, just as I found my self hankering for a closer look, Agni, on all fours, arches her back, looks straight at the camera, and practically throws it at me. They might be a bit too strong for some, but shots #0068, 0069 and 0114 define “natural splendor” in a very specific way!


In “Prix” Cristina A. heats up a snowy landscape…

Cristina A: Prix, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Opening, as it does, with a slow motion shot of Cristina A. catching a dress, followed by a close shot of her feet and the back of her totally nude, prostrate body, I didn’t quite know what to expect from “Prix,” and the jaunty, vaguely olde English soundtrack offered few clues. But when the model donned the full-skirted Elizabethan dress things became somewhat clearer. But only somewhat.

The action in this Luca Helios production then moves outdoors. There is fresh snow on the ground and the winter sun shines brightly. Into this scene walks Cristina, a vision from some non-specific bygone era, now with what may be a bicorn hat on her head and thigh-high boots on her feet. The setting and the costuming – and, of course, Cristina – are all quite striking. And when the model reveals her breasts, as she does at the 2:03 mark, it’s a particularly pleasing revelation.

And there are more exposures along those lines. Helios mixes in full-nude, indoor moments with the outside footage, and we get a detailed view of Cristina’s unadorned body to enhance the dressed and semi-undressed outdoor views.

A humorous highlight occurs at around the 3:19 mark. Standing on a mound of snow, with her skirt hiked up, Cristina wriggles out of her frilly panties. At that moment a pedestrian, in modern dress, walks past in the background, seemingly oblivious. Another entertaining moment among many to be found here.


“Sierlijk” with Sharon D.: aquatic elegance…

Sharon D: Sierlijk, by Antonio Clemens, elegant, impressive erotic art

This set’s title, I’ve learned, is the Dutch word for “elegance,” and it is entirely appropriate. In both concept and execution this is art photography of a particularly elegant sort. Not stiff, stuffy, formal elegance, but the organic, stylish, natural type.

It isn’t easy to describe, but the blue studio floor is a pool of water, two or three inches deep. A large piece of sheer yellow fabric floats in a flowing abstract shape. The light comes from directly above, but no effort is made to simulate sunlight. Sharon D., completely nude, reclines in the water. And from this, a subtly mysterious and strikingly beautiful series flows.

The water is ever-present, but some combination of color and light make it appear as if the model is floating in air in several of the images. Each change of pose, no matter how small or large, moves the fabric and so no two images are alike. And those poses are many. I love #0015, a lovely figure study. And #0049 for the pose. And #0142. I could go on and on. Antonio Clemens‘”Sierlijk” contains ample amounts of elegance and excellence.


“Echitas” starring Nomi A.: red hair revelations…

Nomi A: Echitas, by Rylsky, unshaven and unashamed, redhead erotica

It’s nowhere near an obsession, but I will admit to having a special place in my heart for redheads. So it was with no small amount of pleasant anticipation that I sat down to examine “Echitas.” I warmed instantly to the set and the model. In the second shot, for example, we’re gifted with a topless shot brimming with natural beauty and warmth – this is a sweet girl with a very sweet body.

Since Nomi is already nearly naked, Rylsky lets the model keep her panties in place for over two dozen images. When they begin to come off it’s captured skillfully in #0023, a beautiful butt-shot.

Proudly (and prettily) unshaven, Nomi A. seems to take pleasure in displaying her furry bits. There is one particularly (perhaps unintentionally) amusing shot, #0046, where her left armpit fills the foreground while her smiling face, in soft focus, occupies the background. In #0053 the beaming beauty gives armpit obsessives a double dose.

My favorite images here include #0088 (for the pose and the face); #0052, a most unusual full-body headshot (!); and #0064 (for the bedroom stance and bedroom expression).


A sopping, sizzling “Session” with Gisele A….

Gisele A: Session, by Ingret, dripping wet, hot, explicit erotic art

The very first image in this series is cute. Gisele A., wearing a frilly red dress and red stockings, smiles and curtsies. As I said cute. But it is also delightfully deceptive. Because within the span of only a handful of images that cuteness has been replaced by raw physicality and vigorous carnality.

The black set and backdrop Ingret employs is a crucial component. In the very first images it provides an inky, featureless background – the scarlet-clad model really “pops” in the foreground. But then the “rain” begins to fall, barely visible in the air, but quickly accumulating on the obsidian floor.

Gisele A. is an active, fully engaged participant here. She strikes a very wide range of poses, many of them exceedingly frank and revealing. And for those who prefer things less raw, there are beguiling headshots (#0060 and #0087) and appealing figure studies (#0049 and #0050). This is a dramatic, visceral, stylish, and forcefully erotic set, and an entirely satisfying “Session.”


Natasha U. - new to you…

Natasha U: Presenting, by Sergey Akion, new MetArt model, erotic pixHere the MetArt talent pool gains a new member in the stylish and inviting form of Natasha U. With a white on black polka dot bra and panties set and a similar scarf wrapped around her neck for visual interest, the newcomer poses on a somewhat old fashioned chair. The set design creates a bit of contrast: with her fashionably cropped coif and her slim build, Natasha projects a distinctly modern image that’s not at all stuffy or formal, unlike her surroundings.

Sergey Akion has lighted the set with a dose of subtle mood. There is just enough sense of darkness and mystery to elevate certain images – #0009 illustrates my point quite nicely. #0049 is another shot where bright light emphasizes Natasha’s pale skin tones, blonde hair, and blue eyes, without sacrificing the nighttime vibe.

I was pleased when the scarf was finally removed, it very nearly outstayed its welcome, but Natasha has a bit of fun with it in #0093 and #0094, two very appealing headshots. When she’s completely unadorned, as she is in #0110, the result is pure, natural, beauty.

There’s much more to this set, including explicit images, that make it an impressive and most welcome debut.


In “Simavia” Zoe C. meets a mirror…

Zoe C: Simavia, by Nikonoff, natural, girl-next-door, simple eroticaA wall-hung mirror is the central prop in this series photographed by Nikonoff (not to be confused with Canonov or Leicawitz). It’s a popular trick and for good reason – including two views from different angles more than doubles the visual interest in an image.

The doll undergoing the doubling here is Zoe C. Despite the “fancy” lingerie, there is a certain unembellished, natural, girl-next-door quality to this model. Her physical charms are many and undeniable, but whether it is the art direction or something in her attitude, I don’t get much of an erotic sensation from the pictorial. With a bit of color and a touch of “glam” I have no doubt that Zoe C. could achieve great things. Indeed, one of the standout shots here, #0114, is one in which she’s flipped her hair to one side to achieve an entirely different look.

I’m sure the leg, foot, and lingerie admirers will find much to enjoy here, and #0077, a shot of Zoe, from behind, on tiptoe, caught my eye for those very reasons. What did you like (or dislike) about this set? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


See Katerina H. “Express” herself…

Katerina H: Express, by Dolce, glamorous nudes, stylish erotic pics

With the most notable help of his model, photographer Dolce has created a rich and interesting visual experience in “Express.”

It begins on a back road. Katerina H., in jeans, a tight top, and towering black stilettos brings a distinctly urban type of beauty to the rural setting. From this group, #0002 – the road, the trees, the statuesque beauty – is an easy choice.

Then there’s a complete shift of time, place, and style. It is night, a bright light shines from the model’s left. She is wearing a lacey top and sheer white stockings which she never removes. #0018, is a tasty three-quarter length portrait from this section of the series. And then comes #0050. As she removes her blouse the camera pulls back and we get a bit of a surprise – Katerina is standing in the water at the edge of a creek. Once more, the model’s citified glamour is in striking contrast to her setting.

Things proceed to get wetter and wetter, with pleasing tinges of abstraction and surrealism. #0108 captures water, eyes and nipples to impressive effect. And in #0147 and 0148 the model jumps, joyously. “Express” can’t help but impress.


Sabrina D. is “Basically” beautiful…

Sabrina D: Basically, by Leonardo, beautiful nude model, artful photos

I’m not taking too great a risk with this post’s title. Sabrina D., with her newly tinted hair, or in any of her previous iterations, is beautiful. And I wouldn’t want to cross paths with someone who didn’t think so. But a beautiful model doesn’t guarantee beautiful photographs, and it’s always interesting to see what approach a MetArt photographer will take when shooting her.

Leonardo, who has photographed Sabrina D. many times before, takes a refreshingly different tack here. It is nighttime, dark, the model is well lit, but not harshly so. And the sleeves of her sheer black top – her sole piece of clothing – disappear into the inky background where only a few blurred points of light break up the darkness. There is a real sense of intimacy created. And I can think of few models I’d rather share such intimacy with.

Sabrina’s face is a seemingly endless source of delight. The fine line of her jaw, the subtle dimple on her chin, those eyes. But, of course, her body is every bit as delightful. Three quick favorites: #0043 for the smile; #0121 for head-to-toe beauty (certainly not for the wedding band); and #0103 for spontaneity, fun, energy and, need I add, beauty.


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    Eva Jolie's thin, perfectly formed vulva is bound to become one of my favourites.

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    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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    Jazzman 4 hours ago

    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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