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“Velavia” with Frances A. - wonderful woman in a window…

Frances A: Velavia, by Alex Sironi, lovely, long-limbed, long-haired honey

With just a single, diaphanous garment, a bouquet of flowers, and a few yards of dark blue fabric Alex Sironi has all he needs in the way of props and set decoration. The “location” is a window seat set into a rustic brick wall. His model, Frances A., is the irresistible ingredient that brings all these elements together in beautiful harmony.

That hair. While Frances boasts a full complement of physically appealing parts, it’s her long – make that extremely long – blonde hair that makes the most dramatic statement here. Those lustrous locks fall enticingly down the model’s back very nearly covering her entire ass. Hair that long creates a range of posing options that are particularly well explored in this pictorial - it’s practically a prop and set decoration in its own right. #0001 tells the tale.

Her hair can be used to conceal, reveal, highlight and enhance her body – and what a body Frances is blessed with. With long, graceful limbs, a slender build, and breasts in delicious, perfect proportion, Frances A. is a physical delight. And her face is equally delightful, a word that also describes her intimate areas.

A few favorite images: #0008, a capsule and concise summation of the pictorial, enhanced by extra rays of natural light. #0036, for the pose, the skin tones, and that refined face. #0114, a somewhat similar pose, beautifully revealed limbs and torso - and Frances A.’s long hair in a co-starring role.


“Scillas,” with Kira K. - young, fresh, and natural…

Kira K: Scillas, by Catherine, natural beauty, shot indoors and out

This series opens with shots of Kira K. in stylish street clothes, outdoors on a bright, crisp afternoon. Although her short skirt may not offer much in the way of warmth, her energetic spirit and natural beauty provide all the heat needed to begin the series on an inviting note.

Photographer Catherine then moves her subject indoors. There are no transitional images. Outdoors she is clothed, indoors she is totally nude, but for an elaborate necklace. Although the teased-out, gradual removal of clothing is a trusted technique, here the clothed/nude contrast is quite effective.

Kira can certainly project glamour and sophistication, as she does here while dressed, but when she’s stripped down to nothing but a smile she appears very much as a girl next door. With her diminutive breasts and girlish build her appeal is wholesome and natural.

Kira K. is relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and it is interesting to see her deliver a wide range of poses and attitudes. I find some of the more formal posing to be a little stiff and not completely in harmony with her natural qualities. In a spontaneous shot like #0113, where she’s sticking out her tongue playfully, we get a glimpse of her youthful spirit. However, in a stylized, almost gymnastic stance, as captured in #0141 and #0142, there is no question that the nubile beauty of her body is artfully rendered.


Landysh A. in “Simenia” - cute, cute, cute…

Landysh A: Simenia, by Rylsky, super-cute girl, delightful art pix

Have I mentioned that Landysh A. in “Simenia” is particularly cute? Forgive my redundancy, but I can’t think of a more perfect description of this adorable minx. I can uncover no definition for the word “Simenia,” so, from this point forth, “Simenia” now means “cute!”

Yes, Landysh is cute, powerfully so. And it seems that her photographer here, Rylsky, has been captivated by her cuteness. How can we otherwise explain the striking preponderance of headshots and non-nude portraits contained in this series? I’m not complaining, by the way. Many, indeed most, of the multitude of headshots here are particularly enticing and reward close scrutiny. And these headshots, infused as they are with Landysh’s signature trait - cuteness - are not at all repetitious, indeed they are quite varied.

#0014, with her hair down, is outside. And is she ever cute! #0025 and #0026, now inside, with her hair intriguingly styled. More, and different, cuteness. #0060, another headshot, is a beautiful image (cute, as well). And #0057 and 0058 show the model experimenting with her expression in a particularly cute way.

There is heat, there is eroticism, there is seduction in these images - no matter how kittenish Landysh may appear, no matter how girlish and playful, she is a proud and uninhibited little vixen. In shots candid or posed, clothed or totally nude, Landysh A. is a pixieish piece of pure cuteness.


“Touluk” starring Janette A. - bed, bath, and beautiful blonde…

Janette A: Touluk, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie review

This MetArt movie is Janette A.’s second contribution to the site. When I critiqued her first appearance I was impressed. If this movie was merely a continuation of her debut series, I’m sure I would be quite satisfied. Although it seems to have been shot at the same time, and contains some footage of her still shoot, there is a whole lot more to like in “Touluk,”

As it opens, Janette is drawing a bath. There is just a hint of uncertainty in her movements as she disrobes, but I find this endearing. And watching a girl as attractive as this one as she undresses can only be a pleasurable experience.

We next find Janette, totally nude, on a bed strewn with rose pedals – the scene of her first series. She looks every bit as delicious as she did in the still shots, and the added motion is a distinct bonus. She is also seen elsewhere in the room, posing on the furniture. She tosses the pedals into the bath and then joins them for a soapy interlude.

As the film moves from scene to scene director Luca Helios (or is that “A. Fresno”?) makes sure to include a nice mix of detailed close-ups and full-length compositions.

Janette ends up in the shower, and it’s hard to tell if it is the water or her beautiful body that is steaming up the glass enclosure. A wave, a blown kiss, and a playful smile end this varied and enjoyable offering on a particularly satisfying note.


Lachia A. in “Colvex” - an odd mixture…

Lachia A: Colvex, by Balius, experimental, artistic, erotic photos

If I could employ but one word to describe this series it might be “uneven.” Single word reviews might be easy to write (harder than you might imagine, actually) but I doubt they’d please you, dear reader, or my superiors at MetArt, so I will elaborate.

There is a hit-or-miss, up and down quality to this set. Two shots provide an example of what I describe. In #0079 we find Lachia A. posed on a chair, on her knees, hands on the chair’s arms. Light strikes her nude body from above and to the side creating pleasing shadows and emphasizing the inviting curves of her body and planes of her face. In #0077 the model is similarly posed, but the light is dimmer, diffused almost to the point of underexposure. And so it is throughout the pictorial. Perhaps the set would benefit from some more rigorous editing.

The unpredictable nature of the collection results in a certain amount of frustration. When it is good it is really quite good. Lachia is a versatile, adventurous model who exhibits a wide range of moods and who seems to enjoy experimenting with subtle adjustments of her expression and pose. And when photographer Balius gets the light just right his artistry is obvious. When model and lensman are in synch - as they are in #0041 and 0042, among others - I have nothing but praise. But then I open an image like #0118 with its odd pose and odder lighting and I can only scratch my head. Up and down, an odd mixture. But it certainly has its moments.


“Interest” starring Rachel B. - reasons to be cheerful…

Rachel B: Interest, by Tony Murano, busty beauty, explicit eroticaIn this steamy offering from Tony Murano his subject, Rachel B., smiles a lot. I might even, under different circumstances, be tempted to say that she smiles too much. But then I revisit favorite images in the collection and I realize that Rachel B. has a lot to smile about!

Rachel’s smile has a contagious quality. It is hard to look at her smiling face and those feline eyes and not feel a certain uplift in one’s spirit. This lovely lady radiates a warmth that is nothing if not inviting. But it’s her body that generates and radiates the real heat and humidity here.

Watching her peel off her clinging pink dress is a delight, and the gradual revelation is well paced. A body like Rachel’s deserves to be savored, piece by delectable piece – this isn’t an experience any sane man would want to rush through. Her breasts, stunning in and of themselves, are worthy of extended study, and Murano provides ample opportunities and angles.

When complete nudity is achieved neither model or photographer is at all timid. Rachel freely exposes all, and Tony moves in extremely close for all the libido-pleasing detail one could ask for. Yes, Rachel B. smiles a lot. Have a look at “Interest” and you will, too!


“Presenting” Patrizia A. - a bit of before and after…

Patrizia A: Presenting, by Dolce blue eyed beauty, casual and formal pix

This debut set - the first MetArt appearance for Patrizia A. - falls into two distinct segments. It opens in the dressing room. Fully clothed, the model relaxes with a cup of coffee, peruses a magazine, and tends to her hair and make-up. Of these initial images my favorite might be #0010. Shot in profile, with a hank of her long hair combed down in front of her face, we get a sense that this is a dedicated model who takes her job seriously, and we also get a hint of the beauty of the body she will soon be revealing to us.

The bulk of the set is a stylized, formal studio shooting that stands in stark contrast to the casual quality of the opening shots. Wearing white stockings and a lacy white garter belt, Patrizia A. stands on a light blue seamless backdrop, her sole prop a clear umbrella.

Of the umbrella shots, #0047 is an excellent example. It provides a flattering, full length view of the model’s slim and shapely body, and the stylized nature of Dolce‘s concept and composition is fully realized. I must also mention #0069. This is a simple headshot, it almost has a passport photo quality, but the beauty and clarity of Patrizia’s pale blue eyes is anything but simple.


“Axuntia” starring Anna A.J. - pretty + personality = perfection…

Anna AJ: Axuntia, by Leonardo, stunning model/sensational series

The last time I had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on the glory that is Anna A.J. I somehow managed to include a tiny bit of criticism. In the video I was reviewing I felt that Anna was a bit limited in her expressions. I won’t flatter myself to imagine that the model reads this humble blog, but in her latest contribution, Anna delivers a stunningly varied and entirely beguiling range of entrancing emotions.

It’s not difficult to understand why Anna is a perennial MetArt Top Model and member favorite. She is beautiful - breathtakingly so. She is elegant. She is superbly proportioned and seemingly without a single discernable flaw. She is so entrancingly appealing that even when she is fully clothed she exudes an unmistakable erotic allure. In fact she is fully clothed in the first two dozen or so images in “Axuntia,” and several of the fully clothed shots (#0022, 0039 and 0102, to cite a tempting trio of headshots) easily make it to my favorites list.

Clad in a blue plaid mini-dress and sky-high wedge sandals, Anna is a tower of mouthwatering temptation in Leonardo‘s “Axuntia.” And she hits all her marks in the high fashion style her looks so ideally suit her for. But she goes well beyond that. She is flirty, playful, giddy, gleeful, even jocular as the set unfolds. She projects soft, subtle sensuality. But she also “cuts loose,” experiments, and displays an invitingly silly side. No matter what mood or feeling she displays she is never less than exquisite - physically and emotionally. A Top Series from a Top Model.


“Presenting” Alysha A. - a splashy debut…

Alysha A: Presenting, by Rylsky, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewAlysha A. makes her MetArt debut in a movie, rather than a pictorial, and it’s an extremely pleasing first-time effort. She appears in a glittering dress and high heels. After a bit of tantalizing strutting and preening, off comes the dress with a playful kick. A bathtub in the background beckons, and the svelte blonde makes the most of it.

Alysha wears her long, blonde hair in two impressive braids that frame her pretty face and accentuate her lissome physique. Her proportions are delicate and her features refined – this is a model who should have no trouble building a large and enthusiastic fan following.

My sole complaint here, and it is indeed minor, is that the soundtrack to this satisfying bit of cinematic artistry doesn’t quite fit the content. It’s a pleasing composition for solo piano, but I find it somewhat dour and serious, and the highlights of this high quality offering from the mind and lens of Rylsky are light and humorous. There is a bit of conflict between the visual and aural. My solution? Turn down the sound – problem solved!

With that trivial pursuit put to bed, I must mention something I find particularly entertaining in this production – and endearing in this model. Alysha performs admirably throughout. She takes her job seriously and I expect she’s following Rylsky’s direction to the letter. There are moments, however, when things don’t go as planned. At around the 2:52 mark, while playing with a red rose, one of the petals sticks to her lip. Alysha smiles at the “error” and looks right at the camera. In this “imperfect” moment, I find perfection. If your reaction at all matches mine, I think we can flatly state that we’re eager to see more of Alysha A., in movies, in stills, in whatever form we can get her!


“Vimasia” with Sophia E. - a polished performance…

Sophia E: Vimasia, by Koenart, natural beauty, inviting erotic images

The first time I evaluated a set featuring this model I was doubly impressed. Not only was it Sophia E.’s first appearance at MetArt, it was also the photographer’s first contribution to the site. Although this set differs greatly from the initial offering, I’m pleased to say that my initial impressions have been confirmed and amplified by this pictorial.

Koenart shot Sophia’s debut on a beach at sunset. The setting and her presentation was entirely natural. In “Vimasia” we move indoors, into the controlled environment of a bedroom. No longer the wind-blown girl next door, now Sophia has a much more polished appearance and much talented effort has been expended on her makeup and styling. She is still a naturally beautiful girl, of course, and even though the “flavor” here is distinctly different, she remains a visual delight.

Relaxed and completely at ease in front of the camera, Sophia E. can’t help but project an enticing warmth. Whether she’s striking a stylized pose or erupting in laughter – as she does in #0097 – she engages the eye and the imagination. Another spontaneous burst of personality occurs in #0038 when she shoots a big smile to somebody off-camera.

Perhaps my favorite shots in this pictorial, three of them, form a sequence – #0086, 0087, and 0088. In the first Sophia is shown (very nearly) full length, her expression is intriguing as she regards the lens. In the second shot her face is more tightly framed, her expression now slyly inviting. And in the third image, a mix of the first two, her blue eyed beauty and relaxed poise are in full effect.


“Ikalis” with Kotetka A. - a picture of pertness…

Kotetka A: Ikalis, by Domenic Mayer, petite nubile, subtle erotic pix

Trim, nubile, and shapely, as only a young woman can be, Kotetka A. has a body that represents a particularly delicious ideal. She is fit, yet entirely feminine. She is impressively curvy, but without a hint of voluptuousness. Her breasts, two petite handfuls, are the very definition of pert – an impression her insistently erect nipples serve to eloquently underline.

Domenic Mayer has her positioned at the top of a staircase in a luxurious home. Kotetka starts out wearing an animal print shift, which she soon sheds, revealing a matching leopard print lingerie set. She is barefoot, it is worth noting, and there is a subtle emphasis on foot-centric images in several sections of the series.

The pace of the set is measured and deliberate. Kotetka takes her time while disrobing, and the result is a heightened sense of tease. The best teases end with a satisfying pay-off, of course, and this one is no exception. By the time she is totally bare it’s highly likely your circulation and respiration will be both be elevated.

The lighting is subtle throughout “Ikalis,” and rarely draws attention to itself. The same thing might be said of the photographic style, which is unobtrusive. One image that breaks the pattern of literal representation is #0078, a butt shot with a shallow depth of field that borders on abstraction - with a distinctly erotic undertone.


Kelly F. in “Aleghias” - simply pleasurable…

Kelly F: Aleghias, by Alex Iskan, beautiful girl, pleasing nude photos

There’s nothing too terribly complicated in this series. No elaborate art direction, not much in the way of set design or costuming, nothing too theatrical in the presentation, and all of it captured in workmanlike fashion by Alex Iskan. And that’s exactly why it’s so enjoyable!

This style of presentation allows the model to express herself without undue effort or distraction. In fact, in the few images where Kelly F. attempts an overly dramatic or theatrical pose, the result seems forced, unnatural. I’m thinking, in particular, of #0013 and #0069. They are pretty pictures, don’t misunderstand. But they feel staged and a touch too formal.

Perhaps that formality stands out and draws attention to itself in this series because Kelly has such a wonderfully natural manner – and such completely natural beauty. My favorite shots here just look “real.” Not like journalism or documentary photos, but erotic images that have a “and you are there” quality - we should be so lucky!

Kelly F. radiates a warmth in this series that is quite disarming. She has an ease and joy that is a pleasure to experience. She is beautiful, but I get the sense that she’s a down-to-earth type who enjoys life and is fun to spend time with. She seems approachable, fun, playful, sexy and an all-around pleasure – perhaps that’s what “Aleghias” actually means!


Alina H. in “Myself” - and what a magnificent self it is…

Alina H: Myself, by Leonardo, awesome model/stunning erotic art photos

Leonardo steps well clear of the usual in this arresting offering. This is a stylistic and conceptual departure from what most would consider a “typical” MetArt photo series, but it is without question artistic, as well as powerfully erotic – and if “artistic” and “erotic” don’t define MetArt, I don’t know what does!

I was impressed with Alina H. when I first encountered her, and her appearance and style are perfectly suited to the visual treatment here. The highly stylish art direction, the wardrobe, and those sky-high stiletto heels, coupled with the model’s manner, lend an unmistakable fetish flavor to this collection, and it’s filled with pinup-worthy images – #0035, to cite one particularly tasty example.

Rather than wax rhapsodic, let me rattle off a small selection of favorites: #0010 and 0011 - fully clothed and completely impressive. #0013 - notice the shadow of her ass on the floor! #0021 - seated, clothed, so pretty. #0071 - panties down, top off…and blowing a bubble!?! #0081 - Alina H., totally, gloriously, powerfully nude. And those are but a tiny sampling - this series really must be experienced in its totality to be fully appreciated.


“More” with Caprice A. and Melisa A. - a pretty pair, poolside…

Caprice A & Melisa A: More, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie review

This movie, before I even press “play,” has a leg up on the competition - four of them, in fact. Those shapely stems belong to Caprice A. and Melisa A., two highly rated MetArt models, both of whom are personal favorites of mine.

With two stars of this high caliber, director Luca Helios doesn’t need to resort to elaborate set decoration or editing room hijinks to enhance this offering. The action, such as it is, takes place next to (and in) a backyard swimming pool. The girls tease each other out of their bikinis, savor a sip or two of white wine, and enjoy a leisurely and lighthearted bit of time together.

There is not much in the way of sexual tension between this pretty pair, but the fact that they are both so individually beautiful makes watching them interact enjoyable nonetheless.

And, as a bonus, if watching “More” leaves you wanting more, you can find exactly that in the still photo collection titled “More,” which was shot in the same location, with the same models, by the same photographer. What more could one ask for?


“Recuerde” with Leila A. - making memories…

Leila A: Recuerde, by Rylsky, engaging beauty, enjoyable erotic pix

I could devote an entire post to this model’s chin - it really is that beautiful. But Leila A. has so many refined and pleasing features I won’t limit myself to such a narrow examination. Indeed, it is Leila’s combined assets - the physical as well as intangibles like personality and talent - that make her such an engaging model.

Rylsky’s set decoration, a sofa with silver trim and the floral print of the background, subtly flatters the model. And the black, fishnet dress she’s wearing flatters in a far less subtle manner.

Leila A. has a lively, high spirited, energetic and playful demeanor. And there is a hint of the unpredictable. She can turn up the heat and project a sultry, smoky sensuality. And she can smile with unrestrained delight. She is kittenish here and a tigress there. But no matter what mood she is projecting, her physical beauty is absolutely riveting.

This series gives the impression that it was as enjoyable to create as it is to view. And that makes it a memorable series, indeed.


“Presenting” Susanna A. - a sticky situation…

Susanna A: Presenting, by Albert Varin, naked girl, sticky cake

I like naked girls. And I like food. But, where possible, I prefer to enjoy them separately. Call this an eccentricity, a quirk, a personal problem, but that is my preference. If you are someone who finds the combination of nudity and foodstuffs erotic, I don’t judge you. Satisfy your appetites in whatever way you wish. And I shall do the same.

Sadly – for me, at least – Albert Varin has chosen a cake as the central, omnipresent prop in “Presenting” Susanna A. She poses with the cake. She plays with a candy strawberry. She makes a show of eating the creamy icing. She places a strawberry in her naval. The cake is in the great majority of images here, and the model wears or interacts with parts of it throughout the series. This is either a stroke of erotic genius, or something quite the opposite. Have I made myself clear enough, dear readers?

Susanna A. has a very nice body. I rarely address the issue of non-head hair, but in her case I believe some depilation is in order. The sometimes harsh lighting in this set isn’t always flattering to the model’s coloring and I think she might be better presented in natural light - and without any baked goods. Please.


“Presenting” Bianca C. - new beauty, via Balius…

Bianca C: Presenting, by Balius, new model, superior erotic art photosI was impressed with the work of photographer Balius when he contributed his first series to MetArt. Now, several months later, I have the opportunity to examine more of his work. Will it validate my initial impressions?

The short answer is an emphatic “yes!” Balius has a distinctive style and the technical skills to realize it fully. An unusual and intriguing prop is employed in this pictorial and the result is genuine erotic artistry. Of course, erotic artistry is nothing without a suitable model, and here we find newcomer . making a truly impressive debut.

Large-breasted with a curvaceous build, Bianca, a ballet student, rises to the challenge of this set with admirable skill. The sole prop, a thick rope suspending from the studio ceiling, is well suited to her knowledge of dance. Indeed, in many images she creates the undeniable illusion of motion – #0005 is just one example of this dynamic effect. Other favorites include #0027 (which highlights her face a breasts); #0031 and #0054 (for her stunning body and dancer’s poise). Beautiful model, clever concept, superior execution.


“Presenting” Ekaterina D. - a tempting tangle…

Ekaterina D: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, fresh beauty, erotic art photosAlex Sironi utilizes an interesting and unusual prop - a handful of brightly colored lengths of ribbon - for the MetArt debut of Ekaterina D. Shot against an inky backdrop, the bright strips of shimmering fabric serve as improvised clothing, and as dynamic, colorful set decoration. And, like the very best costumes and props, the ribbons serve to enhance emphasize the model’s beauty, not distract or detract from it.

Ekaterina is both cute and beautiful. At 18 she’s young, and I think it’s reasonable to suggest she’s inexperienced as a model. There is a hint, a mere suggestion, of uncertainty in some of her expressions. It’s charming, by the way, and I fully expect that she has the potential to acquire the skills simply by appearing in more pictorials. Physically, she is a nubile treat, and her personality is lighthearted and sweet.

As for favorites: #0021, standing tall, surrounded by airborne ribbons, illustrates the perfection of her body and the art direction, as well. In #0031, seated, her body draped with ribbon, puts the focus on long limbs and foxy face. In #0050 Ekaterina assumes a fetal position and Sironi frames a delightful composition. And for sheer, tousle-haired, blue-eyed beauty, I can’t resist #0075.


“Vita” starring Lidiya A. - vivacious, vixenish, vitality…

Lidiya A: Vita, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Even if one were to strip out the edits and mute the soundtrack “Vita” would still have a propulsive, kinetic energy. Credit for this engaging dynamism goes to Lidiya A. Here she is very nearly a perpetual motion machine. Even when she is seated she’s constantly moving, adjusting her pose, and shifting her stance. And when she’s standing, usually on tip-toes, her movement pattern is somewhere between active posing and dancing. It makes for a riveting viewing experience – one doesn’t want to miss a single frame.

And speaking of frame…Lidiya A. has a splendid one! Her body is a delight, from the tips of her enticingly erect nipples to the slim contours of her torso, to her long, shapely legs – simply fantastic.

Beyond her physical beauty and her spirited movement, Lidiya A. has an absolutely irresistible smile. It really is her costar in this performance. Watching her work, dancing from pose to pose, playing with her hair, toying with her blouse (her only clothing), is pure pleasure, and her lively smile is never more than a few seconds away. I got the sense that it was chilly when this outdoor session was recorded, but Lidiya’s smile is as warm and bright as a mid-summer’s day. I would be surprised if that smile - and everything else Lidiya has to offer - doesn’t put a smile on the face of all who view “Vita.”


“Possibility” with Ralina A. - potential for pleasure…

Ralina A: Possibility, by Ron Offlin, subtle, moody, erotic artistry

An unmade bed in what might be a suite in a luxury hotel. The soft light of a leisurely afternoon. A dark eyed girl, nude from the waist down, wearing only a glittering necklace and a pink nightie. True to its title, this setting is ripe with “Possibility.”

Ralina A. is subtly expressive as the set unfolds. She is pensive, thoughtful, happy, and sometimes the slightest bit sly. In #0068 I get the suggestion she may be looking at a lover, off-camera.

Behind the camera, Ron Offlin exploits the “Possibility” before him. Considering that the model is bottomless throughout, he manages to include several beautiful non-nude images – #0032, a lovely pinup, and #0066, a wonderful headshot.

And, of course, the necklace comes off and serves to embellish Ralina’s intimate architecture in Offlin’s signature style. Evocative and confidently erotic (I refer both to the model and the pictorial), “Possibility,” provides ample pleasures.


Rylsky: Skillfully “Presenting” Kristel A….

Kristel A: Presenting, by Rylsky, beautiful model, skilled photographerMetArt members have a vested interest in and seemingly insatiable appetite for new models. But consider the photographer for a moment, in this specific case, Mr. Rylsky. When he photographs an experienced model he knows what to expect, both visually and behaviorally. His challenge is to make something familiar feel fresh and new. But when he works with a new model he is starting with a clean sheet, a blank canvas – a model he has never seen, and who may have little or no experience. When Kristel A. entered Rylsky’s studio, it was an opportunity brimming with potential, and I’m pleased to say that both participants - model and photographer - took full advantage of it.

In my notes I’ve called out over half a dozen headshots – #0097 is but one stellar example – this is a testament to Kristel’s beauty. But a wide selection headshots are just one element of this broad, varied and exquisitely detailed photo essay. There is a shot, #0003, of the model’s hands as she unbuttons her blouse. Yes, just her hands. And it is a truly beautiful image. There are several pictures of Kristel A. holding her braided ponytail that are both playful and stylish at once. Explicit poses and body shots provide all the expected views, and each image is subtly enhanced by the clever composition and pastel colors of the set design – see #0038 for instance.

An arresting premiere appearance by a talented new model as captured by the skilled lens of a talented photographer.


“Presenting” Brandy A. - a cute debut…

Brandy A: Presenting, by Majoly, blonde sweetheart, cute debut pix

If I didn’t know that MetArt newcomer Brandy A. was from Hungary, I might have guessed she was American in origin. She has a wholesome, fresh-scrubbed, girl next door quality that is, to my eyes, very stars and stripes with a slice of apple pie.

Wherever she comes from, she’s a welcome addition to the site. Brandy A. has a bright and bubbly personality and appears to take complete delight in performing for Majoly‘s camera. In some images I think her high spirits almost run away from her - by that I mean her “happy” sometimes overwhelms her “sexy.”

As a result, I find myself gravitating to the moodier shots in this collection. I’m thinking of #0063 and #0087, in which Brandy’s eyes are closed as she strikes a couple of distinctly different yet pleasing poses. And #0066 and #0067 in which she gives the smile a rest and replaces it with expressions far more sensuous and smoky. For pure cuteness, however, it’s hard to beat #0060.


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    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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    Lisa ALWAYS puts on a great show! She has a big beautiful ass and she's always ready show it off. In just about every set you can count on Lisa to be spreading her cheeks so wide that her pussy peels open. Just look at shots 87- 91! She's wide open, I love it!

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