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“Properly” starring Lorena B - this is how it’s done…

Lorena B: Properly, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie review

This MetArt movie is a perfect example of just how good a behind-the-scenes video can be. Like a master chef, director Luca Helios starts with the finest ingredients. The location is elegantly furnished and beautifully lit. And his subject, perennial Top Model Lorena B., is as charming as she is beautiful - and she is very beautiful. While Helios mans the still camera, an unseen videographer is making his own kind of art with thoughtfully chosen angles, graceful, unobtrusive movement, and judicious use of zooms and close-ups.

The perfect complement to all this high visual style is the soundtrack. Or should I say, the absence of a soundtrack. There is no music in “Properly,” just the live sounds of the photo session in progress. We hear the clicks of the camera’s shutter, the splashing of water, the photographer’s spoken instructions, Lorena’s responses, and her sparkling laugh. “Properly” puts you on the set with two of MetArt‘s most gifted contributors, and watching them work is a rare and engaging pleasure.

While it’s interesting to hear the photographer instructing his subject, it’s no less fascinating watching Lorena make her own choices. She has the instincts of a truly skilled professional and has a genuine knack for subtly adjusting her poses in almost telepathic anticipation of her photographer’s cues. Whether she’s dressed to thrill in a sheer, skin-tight, lace mini-dress, or stripped nude and submerged in the crystal clear water of the spa, Lorena is a masterpiece in motion - and “Properly” is a masterwork in its own right.


“Attimi” with Sandy Summers - blonde on a balcony…

Sandy Summers: Attimi, by Jason Self, Brazilian model, nude pixMy practice is to view a set in numerical order – I start at the beginning, and look at each image in sequence. For reasons that may never be known, the contents of the “Attimi” folder were, it appears, not numbered in sequence. The model is totally nude, but for a pair of stiletto sandals, when the series opens, and appears fully dressed several dozen shots later. A simple error, but it did have an effect on my reaction to the pictorial.

If I rearrange the series, going from fully clothed to totally nude, I think it is much more effective. I have a chance to see Sandy Summers for the first time, as she’d appear on the street – or, in this case, perhaps at a party – and she has the opportunity to demonstrate her stripping and teasing abilities.

Because I had been “cheated” of the opportunity to be introduced to Sandy in “proper” fashion, my initial reaction to this set was somewhat muted. Even after compensating for the error, which was certainly not her fault, I think I can honestly say that her range is somewhat limited. This is exacerbated by the somewhat static nature of Jason Self‘s framing and composition. There is a certain blandness to a shot like #019, for example. Compare that to #021. The poses are similar, but a simple deviation in the oft repeated pose (moving her hands), and getting a little light to bring out the shape of her face results in a much more pleasing shot. In fact, one of the better images here, #043, is technically “flawed” by the presence of a lens flare, but the technical glitch does add a bit of spice.


Brigitte C. - new talent by the pool…

Brigitte C: Presenting, by Majoly, new model, pretty smile

Brigitte C. makes her MetArt debut in this informal offering from Majoly. The setting - a backyard pool - is somewhat cluttered and the primary piece of furniture is upholstered in a vivid shade of green that may be a bit too loud. The off-hand, casual nature of the series suggests that it’s something of a test sitting, a chance for a new model and photographer to get comfortable with one another.

Brigitte C. has a pleasing shape, delicate breasts, and a ripe and round rump. Her long, dark hair and big, brown eyes may be her finest assets, though, particularly when she treats the camera to a big, energetic, and genuine smile. She’s pretty when she’s pouting, or thoughtful, or seductive, but when she smiles the photos really come alive. See for yourself in #0023 and #0046.

The bulk of the set takes place on the chartreuse chair mentioned earlier, and there is a certain sameness as the series unfolds. When Majoly asks for major changes in position or alters his framing dramatically the monotony is broken. There is a sequence at the very end of the set, for example, when Brigitte C. stands up, the chair is minimized, and the sky becomes the backdrop with a very nice result. If I had to pick a single favorite image, however, it would be #0067, a somewhat formal composition that captures Brigitte’s gifts artfully.


Karen A in “Presenting” - a modest offering…

Karen A: Presenting, by Goncharov, slim young girl, nude photosConsisting of 83 images in total, this set from Goncharov is limited in size, and it is also somewhat limited in scope. The setting – a niche set into a wall just large enough for a model to sit in, and a mirror placed on the floor in front of it – is tightly framed, as well. There are no sweeping panoramas here.

This treatment puts first-time MetArt model, Karen A., front and center. Youthful and modestly proportioned, Karen has an understated, natural, and approachable style. Her charm is very much in the girl-next-door category. When – given the limiting constraints of the set on which she’s posing – she steps out of her sweet persona and reaches for something a bit more artistic the result is my single favorite image in the series, #0036. Reclining on the mirror, knees up, elbows out, her gaze averted from the lens, photographer and model arrive at a composition that is erotic and artistic in equal measure.

In an attempt to inject some pizzazz into his series Goncharov gifts his subject with a saxophone. As props go, this one fails to move me. I don’t see this petite femme making music, and certainly not with that tarnished apparatus. This may be a personal problem, however, and perhaps the sax will appeal to jazz aficionados. Having said all that, let me add that in #0078, posing with the horn, Karen A., minus her usual smile, delivers one of the stronger images in the collection.


Dido A. in “Mauritius” - vitality, energy, youth, and beauty…

Dido A: Mauritius, by Luca Helios, nubile perfection, nude in nature

Are you in the mood for a bit of fun? Could your spirit do with some elevation? Is your life filled with too much stress and too little joy? If your answer is “yes” to any or all of those questions I have the perfect cure for your condition, and no prescription is required. It’s a delightful little something called “Mauritius,” and the primary active ingredient is Dido A.

In purely physical terms, Dido A. is a natural wonder. Her nubile physique is flawless, her individual attributes are all exceptional, and her proportions are endlessly eye-pleasing. But to view Dido in purely physical terms is not only unfair, it’s very nearly impossible! This model has a joyful spirit that is impossible to resist. Her smile can’t help but put a smile on the viewer’s face. And that smile - so warm, so playful, so genuine, and so infectious - rarely leaves her lips. That smile infuses this series with a truly delightful energy.

Luca Helios has chosen a particularly photogenic seaside location to showcase this photogenic blonde nymph. The sky, the water, the rocks, a passing sailboat, it all makes a splendid backdrop. Surrounded by such natural beauty, Dido takes obvious pleasure in sharing herself with the lens, the photographer, and the audience. I will name just two highlights out of many: #0025 - a full frontal view that perfectly captures the perfection of Dido’s body; and #0083 for her smile, the splashing surf, the pose, and all those caressable curves!


“Cotone” starring Cindy B - steaming up the bathroom…

Cindy B: Cotone, by Tim Fox, MetArt HD erotic movie review

The MetArt movies I’ve seen thus far seem to fall into two basic categories. They are either self-contained films, envisioned and executed on video. Or they are recordings of still photo shoots, over-the-photographer’s-shoulder or behind the scenes views of the making of a pictorial series. “Cotone” belongs to the second group.

The photo set of the same name first appeared in 2008. Just over three years later we have a chance to visit the scene of the shooting. Shot in a bathroom, space is tight. Between the model, Tim Fox manning his still camera, the unseen videographer, lights, reflectors, and the make-up artist, the location is cramped. The movie does a good job of placing the viewer in the room and provides an intimate view of what it takes to create a pictorial.

The spontaneous and unrehearsed interaction of a model and a photographer is one of the things I most enjoy in this type of production, and Cindy B. laughs and jokes with the crew as she moves from position to position – she even smiles and waves to the videographer a couple of times. There is no live sound, however.

Tiny-top Cindy B. is a spirited and uninhibited model, and while the video does contain explicit moments, the production leans towards the documentary end of the spectrum rather than the erotic. But that’s one of the strengths of these behind the scenes movies: after watching it one can open up the still series and satisfy your hunger for detail.


“Athenias” starring Liza B & Sharon E - a hot and wet duet…

Liza B & Sharon E: Athenias, by Leonardo gorgeous girl/girl erotica!

Based simply on a list of the participants, this series has all the makings of a winner. But even being well acquainted with the principals – Liza B., Sharon E., and Leonardo – didn’t quite prepare me for the entertaining and erotic excellence that is “Athenias.”

The models are similar enough in structure to complement each other, and just different enough in coloring to provide the idea amount of contrast. Shot between two towering columns of a portico, the natural light is skillfully augmented and the architecture of those two elegant bodies is thrown into bold, beautiful relief.

As the set opens both women are holding glasses of wine, and I can only imagine that a sip or two may have served to enhance the afternoon’s efforts. There is certainly an energy between Liza and Sharon, and it is a rare treat to watch them work together.

Many of the poses are stylized and “posey,” but there are numerous flashes of spontaneity - the smirk on Liza’s face in #0079, and Sharon’s smile as Liza gropes her in #0144. And there are moments of smoldering sensuality and passion, as well. The sequence beginning at #0124 through #0133 includes some vigorous and graphic French kissing, for example. You’ll find another memorable kiss in #0155 - and a whole lot more!


“Corsean” with Julia AB - lighthearted and lovely…

Julia AB: Corsean, by Elena Ray, nubile beauty, lighthearted eroticaThere is a curious thread running through this series. It isn’t unpleasant, in fact it can be rather amusing. There are times when I sense that model and photographer may be sharing a private joke. I find it entertaining and enjoyable, but it isn’t something one often finds in the MetArt archives.

Julia AB is eye-catching, not least for her extremely long, flowing hair. And she’s got a trim, nubile body that is a pleasure to view. But what stands out most in “Corsean” is her lighthearted, playful spirit. And this is more than a smile or a twinkle in her eyes. There are, indeed, images in this set where she is somewhere beyond playful, and getting pretty close to silly. I have appended the note “odd expression” to several shots – #0002, 0003, 0041, 0056, and 0060. Have a look for yourself and see if they don’t put a smile on your face. And for #0038 I’ve written: “She must really like that pillow!” Yes, it’s silly, but I like it – the photo, I mean.

This is only the second set by Elena Ray that I’ve viewed. The first set was polished and formal - in this series she employs a casual, informal style. This doesn’t appear to be a carefully designed, styled, or executed pictorial. We have a chair, an elaborate floral wall hanging, a couple of items of wardrobe, a curtain (which easily converts to a floor covering), and that loveable pillow. I can almost hear the photographer asking the model, excitedly and gleefully: “Hey, Julia, wouldn’t it be fun to shoot some naked pictures?!?”

While the humor and playfulness of “Corsean” is plentiful, so is beauty and sex appeal. Even clothed and in an unusual stance, as she is in #0024, Julia’s beautiful face and body come across loud and clear. And her sultry expression and suggestive pose in #0075 are nothing if not inviting.


“Presenting” Coco A. - night of the living doll…

Coco A: Presenting, by Tony Murano, curvy beauty, dramatic erotic pix

Under the guidance of a competent photographer, a new model’s “newness” is often enough to excite and maintain the viewer’s interest. Although we may have our own favorite models, we are always looking to add to that list, and if a girl has talent and appeal, she can be presented in the most simple manner and manage to satisfy.

But frequent contributor Tony Murano is no mere “competent” photographer. And while he certainly had the option of presenting new model Coco A. in a simple and straight-forward series, he has chosen a particularly stylish and elaborate approach for this pictorial. And it is a spectacular success, on all counts.

The room is dark. Moonlight throws a eerie blue glow through sheer curtains. A lamp casts a mellow glow in a corner, while a row of candles on a shelf flicker and dance on the breeze. Coco, skin glowing, full breasts exposed, sits on the edge of an antique fainting couch. This introductory image drips with dramatic atmosphere, with romance, and no small amount of mystery.

In this theatrical setting Coco A. proceeds to deliver a stunning performance. She disrobes slowly, deliberately. She is expressive, but in a subtle, restrained way - the setting is theatrical, there is no need for her to resort to overblown dramatics. This is an accomplished and impressive debut.

Favorites? More than a few! #0003 (candlelight and angel face); #0015 (full lips and ripe breasts); #0088 (classical, painterly, beauty); and #0119, #0122, #0133, and #0138 (eye-popping, explicit, erotic impact).


“Listen” starring Kari A. - music for your eyes…

Kari A: Listen, by Koenart, beautiful girl/beautiful erotic art photos

I can’t quite decide what the title of this set means. No matter how much I concentrate, no matter how I strain my ears, I hear nothing more than the pounding of my pulse and my increasingly heavy breathing. My eyes, however, are wide with pleasure and delight as I take a leisurely look at “Listen.”

The model is particularly impressive. Kari A. is a genuine beauty. She’s so beautiful, in fact, that one wouldn’t mind if she was cold and distant in a way that some beautiful women are. But Kari radiates a natural, down-to-earth warmth that makes her even more appealing. From the subtle dimple on her chin, to her trim waist and the womanly flare of her hips, to her eyes, and on to her intimate bits, Kari is a study in feminine fineness.

Koenart‘s treatment takes full advantage of his subject’s attributes and attitude. He has her on an inviting bed, in flattering lingerie. In several shots a stray ray of sunlight strikes her in a visually pleasing and evocative manner – is it morning, or perhaps a lazy afternoon well suited to romance and passion? The photographer has and eye for pleasing composition, and he also has an effective sense of pace. The bra and panties come off slowly, and anticipation builds very effectively.

Extreme close-ups are featured, and quite impressive (#0062, for example). But some of the most enticing images are far less explicit, including headshots where her most intimate areas are concealed – #0099, #0100, #0102, and #0105. Let me also quickly mention #0004 (for the sunlight), #0024 (thighs and chin), and #0044 (ass). In case I haven’t made myself clear, I loved looking at “Listen.”


“Silexia” starring Ralina A. - a review…

Ralina A: Silexia, by Rylsky, MetArt HD erotic movie review

[I had planned to write a critique of Rylsky's "Silexia," starring Ralina A., to appear today. Shortly before I viewed the movie, a MetArt member, Cyranos, submitted his own impressions. What follows are his thoughtful insights, in his own, quite eloquent, words. - Adam]

This movie is MetArt at its finest, truly a showcase offering. My compliments to all involved, this is a fine work of art.

To say Ralina is beautiful young lady is an understatement, she is a dream and a delight. Her performance is classic, she portrays that line so thin that divides woman-child from woman, those moments as she accepts into herself the full scope of her life and her loves. I am far more a voyeur of hearts than of bodies, and Ralina’s performance is what a man of the heart hopes to see in the woman in his life, that modesty that isn’t shame but rather self respect, a modesty she will set aside only for her love and lover, and no other. Ralina has serious talent as an actress, watch her eyes, watch those transitions as her eyes pass from girl to woman-child to woman and then back again.

When I watch the Met movies I always ask myself this question: what set of circumstances in real life might produce what I’m seeing here? In the case of this movie the answer was so very easy to find. If a guardian angel were to make a movie of a honeymoon this is what I would expect to see, the images that angel would record, take into his immortal memory for safekeeping to be shown back when the mortal memory might dim, to reinforce in those he watches over the love to be seen in those moments.

From a technical standpoint there is only one thing I would have done differently. I would not have shown her genitals at all, not until the very end of the movie. She always looked to her right as if her lover was in that direction, I’d have emphasized that look just a bit more, and ended the movie by having her hold out her hand as if in invitation: come to me? No? Then I will come to you… and as she stood given just a glimpse of a gentle arousal, the one associated to making love without lust, and ended with that look she can portray so well, the one that says my love, don’t worry, if I conceive now it will not be too soon. I’m ready, and so are you… her transition to woman shown complete.

- Cyranos


“Hamak” starring Niza A. - “swinging” sensation…

Niza A: Hamak, by Goncharov, sensational nudes, erotic photo art

How lucky are we? And in how many ways? Both are rhetorical questions, and I won’t make you wait for my answers.

We - and by “we” I mean we MetArt members - are extremely lucky. We are lucky that some of the most gorgeous women and girls in the entire world – thousands of them, in fact – choose to share their beauty with us. And we are lucky that a sensitive, creative, and supremely artistic group of erotic photographers contribute their best work to us. And we’re lucky that, in the hundreds of thousands - well over a million - stunning images in the MetArt archives, we can find inspiration, stimulation, escape, arousal, romance, lust, and exquisite beauty beyond calculation or measure. Yes, we are truly lucky.

What got me thinking about our collective good fortune was the very first image in this series. I mean, wow. It stopped me in my tracks and broke my routine. I paused and drank in the sight of Niza A. For several long moments I marveled at the sheer beauty of her body, her face, her expression. When I regained some small amount of composure I studied the non-Niza elements of the photo - the colors, the composition, depth of field, the soft, indirect, natural light. Yes, I am lucky to be able to experience this single piece of erotic art.

And I’m luckier, still, that all the beauty in that introductory image is present and abundant throughout the set. Goncharov has created a subtle, casual, seemingly effortless, artistic, erotic photo essay here. And Niza A., from image to image, pose to pose, is sensational.


“Biximi” with Nina A. - pretty, posed, and underexposed…

Nina A: Biximi, by Slastyonoff, shaved, voluptuous, erotic modelOne of my guiding principles here is to look for the good and praise it. If I can bring something to the reader’s attention that he might otherwise have missed, if I can provide an alternate point of view, or if I can suggest ways of viewing a photoset that help MetArt members develop a finer appreciation for a model, a photographer, a series, or even a single image, I consider myself successful.

But one thing I cannot do – indeed, one thing I will not do – is overlook a glaring fault. I’m not talking about the models, by the way. If a girl is not exactly my type I will never critique or criticize her on a physical level. I’m referring to technical or stylistic issues, mainly. And it’s particularly vexing when the technical problems with a series might have been so easily remedied. Enough explanation. Let me, as they say, cut to the chase.

This set is underexposed. The problem isn’t confined to a couple, or even a handful of images, it is pervasive. And this flawed presentation becomes even more egregious when one considers the subject. Nina A. is a very beautiful, very sexy, very talented model. She is well styled here, and her shoes and lingerie are exceptionally appealing. But she is consistently underexposed.

Nina is seated on a chair in front of a large window, and the subtle backlighting (outside the light is muted, the sky overcast) presents a bit of an issue. But surely not for a photographer of Slastyonoff‘s experience and ability. Thankfully, both the model and the photographer are frequent contributors to MetArt, and it’s easy to find superior examples of their work. “Biximi” remains a tempting example of what might have been…if only it were correctly exposed.


“Farenis” starring Lili H. - sheer sweetness…

Lili H: Farenis, by Goncharov, a piece of sweet, nubile perfection

I first had the pleasure of viewing Lili H. in the movie titled “Mostly,” (you can read my comments here). I liked, very much, what I saw in that production. And I’m pleased to say that this still series confirms and amplifies my initial thoughts about this utterly adorable model.

Lili H. is a petite piece of nubile perfection. She doesn’t have the high gloss glamour of a model like Anna A.J., and she doesn’t have the bombshell build of another MetArt Top Model like Sofi A. What Lili does have is an entirely natural sweetness, and the absolutely perfect little body.

The single garment she is graced with as this set opens is a sheer and exceedingly skimpy mini skirt, the merest breath of a garment. While it conceals nearly nothing it manages to flatter and add a welcome bit of tempting tease. In the way of props, Goncharov has selected two mirrors and a bed. Even with such simple tools the model and photographer proceed to make erotic magic.

There are too many delightful images in this collection to call out individually, but I can’t help but mention a few favorites. #0025 for pure nymph-appeal. #0034 for the seated but up on tiptoes pose. #0040 for the gentle smile – and #0059 for the big, big smile! And #0078 for the petite treats so artfully presented.


Aida D. - “Regina” in rehearsal…

Aida D: Regina, by Andre Le Favori, pale skinned model in wild black bootsThere is a certain roughness to this set, and seemingly unfinished, not completely polished aspects. And I think this can be said of the technical qualities of the pictorial, and maybe even of the entire concept.

In the technical arena, I find that the exposures can be uneven. Andre Le Favori may have a particular effect in mind, but in more than a few shots – #0022 is one example – the lighting blows out details and suggest overexposure. Is this deliberate? In another shot a clip holding the seamless in position is visible – could this not be cropped out, or is it an artistic statement? There are tears in the backdrop, as well, and scraps of tape. Post-punk, deconstructivism, or something less high minded? I find it distracting.

Aida D. may, in my opinion, be trying a bit too hard. This is easily excused, of course, in view of the reality that this is only her second MetArt set. She may also be trying to overcome the “art direction” as well as her costume. Aida is wearing a pair of exceedingly dramatic, thigh-high black boots and a black tank dress, and the costume tends to overwhelm the pale skinned and delicately proportioned model. In fact, I think Aida begins to look her best when the set design and clothing are minimized, as they are in a shot like #0081.

As I suggest in the title of this post, there’s a casual, “still in rehearsal” quality to the series. And I do wonder how other members feel about it. Agree or disagree, but by all means, feel free to share your observations.


“Cieli” starring Natalia A. - beauty and the bush…

Natalia A: Cieli, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Natalia A. spends a good deal of “Cieli” posing, pouting, preening, and performing amidst the leaves and branches of a flowering shrub. This may sound odd – it certainly sounds more odd than it looks – but the colors of the foliage complement and flatter this model’s coloring in an extremely pleasing way. Of course, Natalia could pose in a scrap yard and look great doing it, but the choice of setting here is particularly apt.

Although I was struck by Natalia’s beauty when I first evaluated one of her still series, viewing her in a movie provides a distinctly different experience, and showcases additional dimensions of her considerable modeling talent. Although the “takes” in the video tend to be lengthy and uninterrupted, Natalia never stops performing, reacting, and playing to the camera. Her energy never stops flowing, and her movements are graceful and erotic in equal measure.

With a model as visually pleasing and as skillful as Natalia A., Leonardo can keep his videography and editing styles simple. The result is subtly artful and extremely engaging.

A handful of highlights and random observations: Starting at around the 4:20 mark, a full frontal view, as the model slowly strokes her ass. The texture of Natalia’s skin is pleasingly captured here, a tribute to HD video’s resolution. At 6:15 where she strides over the prostrate cameraman. Her splendid body, shown in profile, as she arches into a “bridge” position at 7:50. And 7:59. And 8:19. I could go on, but I’ll close with this simple truth: “Cieli,” starring Natalia A., is filled with exquisite moments and memorable images.


“Prestias” starring Ksu A. - slender, sly, and seductive…

Ksu A: Prestias, by Leonardo, long limbed beauty, stiff nips, bald box

This series surprised me, and it contains a couple of little surprises, to boot. Let me explain: The set decoration is minimal. Not deliberately stark to advance some artistic vision, just simple. Two chairs, a table, wooden Venetian blinds on the windows. The furnishings are basic, functional – this isn’t a set or location, it’s a room. And how can one possibly make a somewhat threadbare room look amazing? We call it: Ksu A.

Granted, if you are drawn exclusively to busty, voluptuous models, she may be too slender to turn your head. But if you value grace, beauty and refinement – not to mention a dead sexy attitude – you will be impressed. Ksu has the long, tall, lithe, and limber look locked up. Add an expressive face (see #0063 for a particularly feline look, and #0101 for an irresistible pout), and you’ve got a winsome and winning combination. Oh, any my foot-loving friends should be advised: Ksu A. is blessed with exceptionally long, particularly elegant, toes.

I started off with a mention of surprises. Here are two that jumped out at me. Ksu is wearing panties, and only panties, as the set opens. And they take quite a while to come off. But I’d looked at a dozen or more images before I realized that these panties are of the split-crotch variety. Dressed and undressed at once, tender flesh hidden in plain sight. A very pleasant surprise, indeed. And I’d looked at over 100 photos in the collection before I caught a surprised glimpse of the tattoo on her upper back. Praise to Leonardo for keeping this potential source of controversy out of the line of sight, and keeping the focus on Ksu’s many inviting attributes.


“Presenting” Xenia E. - the white room is the right room…

Xenia E: Presenting, by Ron Offlin, delicious model, explicit imagesSkilled lensman Ron Offlin has created a simple and very stylish setting for this first-time MetArt model’s debut. The room is bright white, refrigerator white. There is a blocky, rectilinear sofa in the same shade. The studio light is diffused (although a few stray rays of sunshine add clever accents to several images) and in many shots the white furniture blends into the white background with a pleasant effect.

Xenia E., wearing only sheer stockings, a white garter belt, a clingy camisole, and a necklace, is seated on the couch in the first image. Her pale complexion is complemented and flattered by the set decor, while her wavy auburn hair adds a strong bit of contrast. The colors of the set and the model’s coloring are in perfect, tempting harmony, and the Xenia’s flesh tones are exquisitely rendered.

With so little in the way of clothing to remove, the set begins – and remains – at a rather elevated level of eroticism. Xenia reveals all with an easy, charming honesty. And Mr. Offlin, no shrinking violet, takes full advantage. Those who enjoy detailed close-ups will be rewarded, but not at the expense of full body views in a variety of poses. I was struck by #0026 – the model looks much taller and slimmer when she’s standing. I love #0100, in which Xenia is on the floor, on her back, with a swatch of sunlight on her belly and a look of blissful contentment on her face. And #0031, shot from behind but with the model’s face in full view, has a pleasingly casual feel.

Oh, and you’re going to love that freckle!


“Presenting” Antonia A. - freshness, eagerness, and energy…

Antonia A: Presenting, by Antonio Clemens, uninhibited new model

You have your favorites from among MetArt‘s many models. Everybody does. How long do you imagine it takes a new member of the site to start rating and ranking the girls he views? Minutes, surely less than an hour. But it’s almost impossible to arrive at absolutes, because new sets and new girls are being added to the site at a steady pace, day in and day out. And that brings us to Antonia A., a new arrival, and perhaps a new addition to more than a few “favorites” lists.

What I find particularly impressive is the model’s eagerness and energy. She projects a happy, almost bubbly enthusiasm and her cheerful demeanor and expression seems entirely natural. She is completely uninhibited and her high spirits never waver. Whether she’s fully dressed, in the process of disrobing, or displaying every inch of her body proudly to the viewer, Antonia A. is completely comfortable and obviously enjoying the experience.

Shooting in the studio, with a vivid, light blue background, and with fabrics and flat pillows on the floor, Antonio Clemens has created a setting that is rich in visual potential while keeping the focus on his subject. Many shots are straightforward – Antonia in a dress, a close shot of her high heeled shoes. But others have a fanciful, almost impressionistic style (#0057 is a good example). #0100 is difficult to resist, capturing the model’s smile and body in a most flattering way. And the sequence spanning #0073 through #0076 is forcefully, frankly, erotic.


“Liverna” with Betty C. - heating up the home office…

Betty C: Liverna, by Majoly, elegant beauty, mundane surroundingsIn her bio Betty C. reveals that she works as a make-up artist. Whether she did her own preparation for this shoot, or if she was attended to by a third party professional, her presentation is polished and immaculate. In fact, the model may even be a bit too glamorously styled for the location Majoly has chosen to shoot her in. It’s a home office – a desk, mouse, monitor, printer, dangling cables – all the mundane accessories one would expect. Although it’s safe to say we’d all be happy to have as beautiful a visitor in our own home offices, it does strike me as a curious choice.

But Betty’s great beauty and alluring demeanor can more than compensate for the workaday setting. Watching Betty C. peel off her stylish underthings is a pleasantly drawn out pleasure here, and what that sexy lingerie has been covering is absolutely exquisite – above the garter belt as well as below.

Apart from the set decoration, the technical aspects of the series are exemplary. The lighting is soft and diffused – it allows Majoly‘s camera to capture every delicious attribute Betty has to offer, without a hint of glare or harshness. But, again, this display of technical skill may be a bit much for what is still only a home office. Betty C. has a type of elegant beauty that wouldn’t be at all out of place in far more luxurious surroundings. Perhaps it’s time to consult with a location scout?


“Torrent” starring Lily B. - wet, wild, and wonderful…

Lily B: Torrent, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie review

My first two exposures to the lithe and lovely Lily B. have been in still photo sets (you can revisit my musings here and here). In the first set, she posed on a Jeep, in the second on a rocky cliff. In either setting - natural or manmade - I was extremely impressed by this model’s beauty, spirit, and performance. Will Lily’s photogenic qualities transfer to moving pictures? That’s the question I ask myself when I sit down to watch “Torrent.”

It is only a matter of seconds before I have the answer. And that answer is an emphatic “Yes!” The camera - still or video - loves this girl! And this girl loves the camera right back.

The setting here is a mixture of manmade and natural. She’s standing in a rocky, rustic waterfall and pool. But this isn’t in the forest, it’s a lifelike recreation in the backyard of a private residence. In much of the movie Lily B. poses and plays as a broad sheet of crystal clear water cascades down her toned and tempting body. There is a joyful energy and enthusiasm on display here that is entirely natural and which makes for involving and entertaining viewing. There isn’t a second in the entire production in which Lily doesn’t look like she’s having the time of her young life.

Director Fenix keeps the pace lively, shoots from a wide variety of angles - including close-ups - and takes full advantage of the location. The energy never flags and Lily’s irresistible beauty and sexuality flows with the liquid grace of the water she’s cavorting in.


“Station” with Koty A. - traveling light…

Koty A: Station, by Volkov, evocative location, nude, natural beauty

The basic elements of this series are visually pleasing and extremely evocative: A beautiful young woman wearing only a trench coat and high heels, a (seemingly) deserted train station, a graffiti decorated train in the background. Where has she come from? Where is she headed? Has she abandoned a traveling companion? Or is she looking for one? Is anybody looking at her from one of the many windows of the train?

As it begins, I think that Volkov makes decent use of what he has to work with – how can one look at image #0000 and not be intrigued and primed to see what comes next? And by #0008, when the natural beauty of Koty A.’s body has been revealed, we are still very much on the right track, to coin a phrase.

But as the set unfolds I find that it loses steam. With such a rich setting there is a static quality to the set-ups. Indeed, when the photographer moves the camera and chooses a dramatically different P.O.V., as in #0125, for example, the effect is quite refreshing.

There are extremely pleasing shots in the collection, but I don’t find it completely satisfying. If I sound slightly disappointed it only reflects that, in my opinion, the set fails to completely exploit the potential of the setting and the model. Feel free to disagree, enlighten, or share your own opinion in the comments, below.


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    a.k.a. 48 seconds ago

    It's getting worse. But maybe the darkest hour before the (unshaven :-) dawn :-? 🌚 🌅

    on Natural Brow

    Favorito 1 minute ago

    For those in Rio Linda, watch out them perky nips could put your eyes out...

    on The Jungle

    Favorito 4 minutes ago

    Warning: Delphine’s mammalian protuberances could be hazardous to ones oculus uterque. Proceed with extreme caution.

    on The Jungle

    a.k.a. 6 minutes ago

    Her highly fashionable lack of eyebrows just remind us of the weirdness of "fashion."

    on Natural Brow

    a.k.a. 13 minutes ago

    Shows why:
    "pussy skin" is better with its natural fur;
    a girl is sexier when she isn't trying to be;
    give a model something to do other than lounge around remembering to smile;
    healthy natural nail color is best;
    some movies are more tolerable with the sound muted 🎼 🔇

    on Summer Rest

    HCP1 14 minutes ago

    What a gorgeous sexy woman , fast becoming 1 of my favourites ! Keep her sets coming please !!

    on Black Mesh

    Checkers 18 minutes ago

    Not only that, but she seems to put a lot of thought into the lighting and shooting angles to make them look especially beautiful. Some photographers just seem to have a knack for making certain parts of the body stand out - Natasha with navels, Matiss and Alex Lynn with bottoms, Arkisi with breasts....

    on Black Mesh

    BAGGY_PANTS 24 minutes ago

    Would you consider a phased in approach so that chihuahuas and artists can mend their silly ways, and K can publish her inventory of billiard balls?

    Does not need to be 100%, but something considerably greater than present would seem fair.

    Dream on silly me. I don't have enough years remaining to see anything more than tokenism.

    on Natural Brow

    prehensile 28 minutes ago

    Fabulous legs and breasts
    Maybe let Natasha Schon shoot her in an “art” set to show off those stunning features?

    on Pink Lady

    BAGGY_PANTS 32 minutes ago

    goggle pictures of Mona Lisa and see some wacko "adjustments" people have made to her over the years.

    Too many to list but I love the one where one half is Mona, and one half is da Vinci.

    on Natural Brow