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“Yallis” with Davon Kim - posing, poolside…

Davon Kim: Yallis, by Koenart, suburban setting, subtle artistic pix

This series by Koenart boasts a strict formality that is somewhat at odds with its setting. A backyard swimming pool, with its suggestions of summertime fun and carefree suburban life, is the backdrop. The model is placed in the foreground. She stands, she sits, she changes position. But she never moves away from her central position. Although the framing of individual shots changes, one gets the sense that the camera is fixed, on a tripod. It may be something of a conceptual leap, but there is an element of the automated photo booth to this set.

My single favorite image in the gallery is #088. Davon Kim, her arms crossed, hand on waist/hand on elbow, is framed from her hips up. Her expression is relaxed, neutral, but there is an unmistakable hint of mystery. The blue pool glows softly in the background. She is directly lit, from the front, bringing out the warmth of her skin. A strong sidelight creates a sharply defined edge on the right side of her body. This edge creates the illusion - the crisply delineated nude torso appears to almost float over a diffused, muted background. Cut-and-paste, the subtle suggestion of collage. Intriguing, to be sure.

While Davon Kim operates in a rather limited emotional range - at least in your not always humble blogger’s opinion - her style is well suited to the visual flavor of “Yallis.” If an exotic model, posing in a stylized suburban setting, appeals to your unique sensibilities, by all means, dive in.


“Spielen” starring Malina A - standing and delivering…

Malina A: Spielen, by Alex Iskan, MetArt HD erotic movie review

This is only Malina A.’s third contribution to MetArt, and her first movie. I recall being impressed by her first appearance in a MetArt gallery, and voiced my enthusiasm in a post that can be found here.

Spielen” is her third session with Alex Iskan, but this time the photographer is capturing her on video, and I welcome the opportunity to view her in motion.

Simplicity is the rule of the day, and beyond a mirror and a white shirt-dress (or is that a dress shirt?) there is not much here in the way of props or costuming. There is style, however. In a room devoid of furniture the windows become a dynamic backdrop and Iskan’s use of light is unquestionably deft.

There is not much of the way in action, but there is Malina, and that is certainly enough to sustain interest. This young model has a playful, pixieish quality to her personality that is a pleasure to experience. Watch her apply lipstick, and then kiss the mirror (at 1:48) and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

Malina’s long-limbed body is a delight, and the changing light as she moves flatters it and reveals subtle contours that still photos can’t quite capture. A bit more emphasis on close ups of that moving body - and I mean that in both senses of the phrase - would certainly be welcome, however.

A quick question for MetArt members: What is your favorite MetArt movie? Please feel free to share your choice (or choices) in the comments, below.


“Validation” starring Gwen A - set, subject, camera, artist…

Gwen A: Validation, by Samo Mervar, superior erotic art photographyThe four elements I mention in this post’s title are present in every MetArt series – what differentiates one series from another is how they interact. I can think of individual sets in which a single component dominates the pictorial. Likewise, there are times when one of the puzzle pieces can drag a set down and compromise its overall quality. In “Validation,” all four factors are in perfect balance, and combine to create a uniquely beautiful and satisfying work of erotic art.

The set is a bedroom. Not a set designed to look like a bedroom, but an actual bedroom. In addition to the obvious symbolism and practicality of the bed itself, the room provides ample visual opportunities and options.

The subject, Gwen A., is a gifted model, both in simple physical and less tangible emotional terms. She is curvaceous, but she is lean. She can project a rich, weighty sensuality, and she can radiate joy that is as light as a feather.

The camera is a tool. In the hands of a mere technician it is a recording device, little more. But in the hands of an artist, it becomes infinitely more.

Here, Samo Mervar is that artist. There is nothing self-conscious or obtrusive or distracting about his style. His compositions are thoughtful, but with an easy, natural grace.

I find three basic divisions in the collection. Shots where the stark white of the bed clothes dominates, accentuating Gwen’s pale skin and dark hair. Shots in which the room is visible in the background adding a rich, warm tonality. And a group of shots in which the curtains are opened bathing the room in bright, unexpected, and extremely pleasing daylight.

A rewarding and diverse collection, viewers will find images to satisfy a wide range of appetites. This MetArt gallery really is an impressive “Validation” of the beauty, talent, and skills of the two people who created it.


Lucy B - terrifically tempting on the “Terrace”…

Lucy B: Terrace, by Leonardo, versatile, vixenish, big-eyed beauty

Model Lucy B. has a particularly pretty face. In an image like #100 in this MetArt gallery - a ribs-up headshot, with one petite breast exposed - it’s difficult to resist her brown eyed beauty. And that face isn’t simply beautiful, it’s also remarkably changeable and expressive. Lucy can project a kittenish cuteness that is almost cloyingly sweet – and with a flip of her long, flowing hair and an adjustment of her attitude she can instantly transform herself into a sultry vixen.

Her style of posing is varied, as well. She seems to delight in striking stylized, glamorous, pin-up poses. But she’s also utterly convincing in spontaneous, natural, and far more earthy postures. And she has a way of skillfully employing that long hair almost as a prop or decorative bit of costuming to add additional variety and expressive style to her performance.

Working with such an engaging and eye-pleasing model has to make the photographer’s task both easy and enjoyable, but Leonardo doesn’t take the easy route here. He matches Lucy’s range by mixing things up and throwing in some surprising angles. Compare #020, a basic (and beautiful) three-quarter standing rear view, with #136, a dreamy, erotic abstraction.

Whether she’s being cute or being carnal, and whether she’s in a glamorous stance, or something far more animalistic (see #055 for an apt example), Lucy B. in Leonardo’s “Terrace” is truly tempting.


“Divilia” starring Sophia E - subtly seductive…

Sophia E: Divilia, by Koenart, subtly seductive explicit erotic artistryThere is no great drama in this MetArt gallery. The art direction is refined, the set decoration is tasteful and understated. The lighting is natural, and the style of the photography is unobtrusive. The model delivers a restrained performance free of ungainly poses or theatrical gestures. But don’t think that all this understatement and restraint has resulted in a dull or uninteresting series. Far from it.

“Divilia” is an impressive collection precisely because of Koenart‘s thoughtful craftsmanship, and Sophia E.’s beauty and subtly seductive performance.

Although the room she’s in is somewhat sparsely furnished, one hardly notices – from the first image Sophia E. commands attention. But that first image is, once more, understated. In a white frock, the model is seated on a leather settee, thighs together, barefoot, on tiptoes, hands relaxed. And just in case you dare anticipate a slow unfolding, the very next image is an explicit close-up.

The set does tend to bounce from one extreme to the other – beautiful headshots and figure studies are mixed in with copious quantities of eye-opening intimate close-ups. The fact that Sophia E. is so visually pleasing, no matter what the focal length and framing, only sweetens the experience.

The pictorial concludes with several shots of Sophia outdoors, wearing modest street clothes. The contrast this provides serves to underscore the impressive quality of erotic artistry that precedes it.


“2892″ starring Katerina H - feel the heat…

Katerina H: 2892, by Dolce, hot, explicit, intensely erotic art photos

There is a distinct, very nearly palpable sense of heat in this explicit outdoor MetArt gallery. I suggest you open a window and have a cool beverage within reach before perusing it.

When “2892″ opens Katerina H. is wearing a large, stylish pair of sunglasses and a strand of crystal beads. Those two pieces comprise all there is in the way of costuming here, and the sunglasses are soon discarded leaving this extremely sexy blonde completely nude for the entirety of this erotic interlude.

Shot in a sandy clearing on the edge of a thicket of conifers, Katerina lounges on a blue blanket, basking in the rays of the shining sun. Bright natural light certainly contributes to the sense of heat, and in many shots Katerina’s skin glows with faint sheen. Whether this is body oil or perspiration is immaterial – that glow creates a vivid, tactile, vitality and helps give the viewer a sense of “being there.”

Joining Katerina H. on a sweltering summer afternoon in this secluded location may be the stuff of fantasy, but the model’s seductive and playful presence and Dolce‘s naturalistic treatment make that fantasy particularly satisfying.

The photographer has been thoughtful enough to include a wide range of images – in this collection we find several black and white shots, stylized poses (#100 is one favorite), beautiful figure studies (#048), nipple manipulation (#017), some stunning breasts-up headshots (#106), and more succulent, explicit, intimate close-ups that I can count. In “2892″ Dolce and Katerina H. create heat you can feel.


“Schizzi” starring Nina A - hot, humid, with scattered drizzle…

Nina A: Schizzi, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Shot at the same time as the still set of the same name, “Schizzi” is a polished and diverting production from lensman Luca Helios (although it was, necessarily, lensed by an assistant).

I had never had the pleasure of seeing Nina A. before, and I’m pleased to report that the movie itself more than lives up to the promise of its enticing cover image.

Beyond Nina’s glamorous beauty, the secret ingredient in “Schizzi” is water. A garden sprinkler sprays fine streams from the floor or from above creating interesting patterns and complicating the model’s job somewhat. There is a spontaneous (and amusing) moment when an errant jet hits Nina in an intimate and sensitive spot - you can enjoy her reaction starting at 3:03.

Because the video camera is playing second fiddle to Luca’s still camera, Nina A. rarely directs her attentions to the viewer of the movie. This isn’t a significant liability, as there is considerable interest and entertainment value in watching a girl this beautiful in the act of creating erotic art.

Nina’s performance and appearance is beyond criticism. She is every bit as skilled as she is beautiful - and she is very, very beautiful. If I had to voice a single complaint it would be that there is a distinct lack of close-up or explicit imagery here. The same can be said of the still series, as well, so if you want to have a more intimate look at this model you will have to explore her other MetArt galleries. That’s exactly what I did, so I owe this MetArt movie a debt of gratitude.


“Perfectly” with Aljena A - a fetching farmer’s daughter…

Aljena A: Perfectly, by Dmitry Maslof, rustic setting, outdoor nudesHere is a situation in which the chosen location is both an asset and a liability. Dmitry Maslof has posed his subject on a rustic fence of rough-hewn logs in front of a earthen structure with a thatched roof. With tall grass in the foreground and the setting sun behind, it is certainly a scenic locale. But it is not, at least not here, a particularly erotic locale - at least not to my eyes.

The opening image, with barefoot Aljena A. clad in her board shorts and plaid blouse, and with the sun low on the horizon, is certainly picturesque. But when her clothes eventually come off, it is not what one would describe as a cozy or comfortable place to be. A model’s job is to look her best no matter where she is photographed, and Aljena is to be commended for her poise, but I find that the potential eroticism of the pictorial is hampered by rough and rustic textures. And some of the poses, in particular those images where the totally nude blonde is seated on a vertical fence post, are simply awkward – #087 is one example.

It is undeniably a scenic locale, as I’ve mentioned. And Aljena adds her own sophisticated spin to several shots by employing the crude fence as an elegant ballet dancer would use the barre.

Although certain elements in the design of this series dampen my overall enthusiasm for it, there are completely pleasing images to be found. My favorites include #051 (a painterly image that fully captures the beauty of the model’s face), #052 (a variation), and #094, a total nude shot.


“Presenting” Frida B - variety is a nice spice…

Frida B: Presenting, by Rylsky, nubile new model, wide range of hot pixWhen the subject is a new MetArt model even the most stripped down and basic pictorial can provide a fine introduction. But for this debut performance Rylsky has chosen to include a surprisingly wide variety of shots and the result is an unusually well rounded pictorial.

We first meet Frida B., wearing skin-tight jeans and a simple black tank top, outdoors. She poses in several locations - next to a fountain in the city, in front of a bridge over a river, eating an ice cream cone, etc. - and the effect has a casual, informal, snapshot quality. It’s a good way to get a feeling for a model’s personality, and she’s certainly cute – #017 is my favorite from this group.

The temperature quickly rises in the next setting, and #023, a detail shot of the model’s skimpy blue panties barely covering her privates, packs a pretty punch. Sprawling on a bed Frida B. reveals all – and all that she’s got is immaculate and inviting. Totally nude, in #040, sitting upright with the soles of her feet pressed together, she is relaxed, composed, naturally beautiful, and at ease.

Next, after a session with a stylist, Frida appears in a short lace dress, for a far more formal and consciously artistic mini-session. Of these, #071 is my pick, in its own right, and in contrast with what has come before.

Not content with three distinct approaches, Rylsky throws in additional variety: A colorful print dress makes a brief appearance, Frida poses on a balcony, there are several pretty shots that employ a silver curtain to pleasing effect, and there’s a section where she poses at the top of a staircase, as seen above. Beyond Frida’s obvious charms, variety is the condiment that makes this premiere pictorial so enjoyable.


“Sure” starring Fergie A - guaranteed gorgeous…

Fergie A: Sure, by Dolce, entrancing eyes, luscious lips, beauty bodyIt’s easy - as well as rewarding - to become distracted, even obsessed, with the virtually endless parade of beautiful bodies on display in the MetArt galleries. Fergie A, from the neck down, has a particularly fetching physique. And Fergie’s body isn’t just beautifully shaped and proportioned, she’s also blessed with the flexibility of a trained dancer, as she demonstrates with eye-popping ease in #055, a standing vertical split. And in #073, a somewhat “posey” shot, the sculptural delights of her build are expertly captured.

Yes, Fergie A. has a beautiful body. But take even a quick glance at her face, and you may forget she even has a body. This beguiling brunette has blue eyes that entice, entrance, and delight. And she has plump, full, luscious lips that are irresistibly alluring. Dolce has done a brilliant job of capturing the glory of Fergie’s facial features here, and towards the end of the series, when I opened #140, I was rendered speechless. That is one beautiful headshot of one seriously beautiful head!

The set takes place in front of a make-up mirror with a couple of curious decorative touches – the carnival mask and mirrored disco ball seem extraneous, but they are far from major distractions. I very much enjoyed those images, early on, in which the model is captured putting the final touches on her make-up. And #007, a shot of Fergie in profile, as she applies hairspray, is an intriguing, stylish, artful image, no mere behind-the-scenes snapshot.

In addition to the style, artistry, and beauty of the set and the model, there’s a sense of fun and enjoyable energy throughout. Whether you’re drawn to her body or captivated by Fergie’s face, “Sure” is certain to satisfy.


“Vilseria” starring Sharon D - tempting transformer…

Sharon D: Vilseria, by Rylsky, beautiful and skilled model, hot explicit pix

It was only when I read her bio that I recalled seeing Sharon D. before. And after a quick search of the blog I was surprised that I’d reviewed not one, but two of her MetArt galleries before sitting down to have a look at “Vilseria.” What is most striking - aside from the model’s fundamental beauty - is how completely different she can look. And not just from set to set, in “Vilseria” she presents two completely different looks, easily doubling value to the viewer.

The set begins outside on the street. Sharon, her hair artfully curled and styled, is wearing tight black jeans and a jacket. A few flakes of snow float in the air. Although it is obviously chilly Sharon D. radiates warmth and lively energy. She is showing very little in the way of skin, and her outfit does little to reveal her shape, but her beauty is on ample display. Of these shots I find #015 irresistible. Caught in mid-stride, strutting towards the camera, with a big, genuine smile on her face, this is a girl you want to see more of.

Of course that is Rylsky‘s plan, and the remainder of the set takes place indoors, on a bed, and it is brimming with beauty and abundant, explicit, eroticism. But Sharon D. hasn’t simply walked inside and disrobed. Her hairstyle has changed, she has received a dramatic new look thanks to a skilled make-up artist, and she’s wearing a short, fashionable dress. But not for long.

There is much variety here, and Sharon’s energy, enthusiasm, and allure never flags. In everything from simple and satisfying headshots like #109, to a moody, full-body shot like #078, to a broad selection of joyfully uninhibited explicit images in a diverse range of poses, she is present and performing her heart out.

I wonder what tempting transformation Sharon D. has planned for her next series?


“Liberian” starring Sofi A - bosomy beauty on a (basically) barren beach…

Sofi A: Liberian, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie review

It’s not a beautiful day, but it’s nice enough. It’s not a particularly beautiful beach, either, but there are only a few people around, off in the distance, and it appears the water is warm enough to swim in. The light is somewhat flat, the sky isn’t exactly overcast, but it’s far from crystal clear. All things considered this is an unexceptional location for a video shoot. Unexceptional only until we are introduced to the star of this show, Sofi A.

Although I strive for a type of impartiality here, I must confess: I love this model! Sofi A. has a type of bombshell beauty without the bombshell attitude. She’s got a wildly womanly hourglass physique matched to a playful, lighthearted, girlish personality that I find endlessly engaging. And I needn’t point out that she is stupendously, and outrageously, symmetrically, super-shapely, almost shockingly - oh, what’s the word? - right, yes, stacked. I know, I know, there’s far more to a woman than her chest. I like little boobs, I like big ones, and every size in-between. But in a battle of the breasts nobody can deny that Sofi is a champion.

So Fenix takes this voluptuous natural wonder, gives her a skimpy dress (hardly more than an oversize T-shirt), a beach towel, a bag to carry it in, and turns her loose on this bit of strand. Sofi skips, jogs, hops, and generally cavorts. The dress comes off, she rolls in the sand, she frolics in the surf, she poses, she demonstrates her impressive flexibility, she plays to the camera, she plays for the simple pleasure of it all.

There is nothing fancy going on, just a beautiful young woman with a breathtaking body showing off, sharing, and enjoying the moment. It is no stretch to assume that many, many others will enjoy the moments they spend watching this MetArt movie.


“Pavilas” with Lusi A - cutie in a kitchen…

Lusi A: Pavilas, by Leocont, stylish domestic erotic photo essay

The very first image in this set really captured my attention, and that is not always the case. Lusi A., wearing only a pair of heels and a white chef’s apron, stands at a kitchen counter, adjusting the flame under a kettle. It’s quite the stylish and enticing domestic tableaux, and one of my favorite images in this collection.

Shot at some distance, Lusi A. becomes a figure in an interior landscape. The composition of the opening image is clean and pleasing. The model tends to the task at hand, seemingly unaware of the camera. Although only her long limbs and the side of one of her breasts are exposed, the suggestion that she’s nude underneath her functional garment adds a subtly titillating element.

That naturalism, the almost candid quality of the introductory image, is largely absent from the remainder of the set, and I think that’s a shame. Lusi is attractive, without question, and it’s a pleasure to view her, but some of the poses here - particularly when she’s standing on the countertop in those lofty heels and pretending to perform some unidentifiable task – make me long for something a bit more realistic.

The upright and level framing of the first shot also gives way to what I consider excessive use of off-kilter angles and oddly tilted images. It may be that lensman Leocont is striving a bit too hard to achieve an “artistic” effect. It may also be that he has completely succeeded and it is I, your faithful scribe, who fails to appreciate it. Still and all, one of the tilty images, #061, is another of my favorites, along with #060, a plumb and true rendering of Lusi’s legs, ass, and her inviting in-between bits.


“Sultavia” starring Sarah C - in a busy bedroom…

Sarah C: Sultavia, by Rylsky succulent, nubile, tiny-top blonde

When I describe this set, shot in a bedroom, as “busy” I’m not, sadly, referring to an abundance of amorous activity. And that’s a shame, because who wouldn’t jump at the chance to get busy with Sarah C?

It is possible that Rylsky has tried to compensate for the model’s somewhat narrow emotional range by cluttering his set with distracting visual elements. Consider image #002. The horizontal and numerous vertical bars of the bed frame chop up the foreground. The model, wearing lingerie with black stripes that run at a variety of angles, is in the middle. And behind her the bed frame adds still more confusion against a white wall hanging with bold, irregular black stripes and a black curtain patterned with white and grey squiggles. Sarah C. looks good, yes, but she is overwhelmed by the visual equivalent of noise.

When she is stripped down and posed in such a way to minimize the background distractions Sarah C. is a nubile confection. As mentioned, she is not the most theatrical or expressive model in the MetArt galleries, but her facial and physical charms are absolutely mouthwatering.

Although perfection is always the goal, not every set can achieve it, and I readily acknowledge and accept this for fact. What is frustrating, in this instance, is that, with a few minor adjustments this good pictorial could have been so much better.

Have I let the distractions here distract me? Did I wake up on the wrong side of this particular bed? Am I missing the boat or off my rocker? Please feel free to correct, chastise, or enlighten me in the comments section, below.


“Vikianis” with Gia C - second time around…

Gia C: Vikianis, by Samo Mervar, second set from new MetArt modelWhen this model’s first MetArt gallery was added to the site I was roundly impressed and unrestrained in my praise. In the skilled hands of legendary erotic artist Erro, Gia C. delivered a truly impressive debut performance, and left countless MetArt members hungry for more.

More has now arrived, in the form of “Vikianis” from photographer Samo Mervar. While it is a pleasure to once more lay eyes on Gia C., the set is not quite up to the lofty (and lusty) standard set by the earlier pictorial.

In her second outing I find Gia’s styling – hair and make-up – less flattering. And this is compounded, to some small degree, by the art direction. The set falls roughly into two halves – first on a striped chair, then on a white bed. When Gia C. is on the bed the background colors are much more complimentary to her own coloring and the second half of the set is far more appealing.

And there is a hint of stiffness in some of the posing that was entirely absent in Gia’s first collection. Indeed, if I had viewed “Vikianis” before viewing “Presenting,” I can imagine commenting on how much Gia’s modeling skills had improved!

Still, it’s worth remembering that this is only Gia’s second appearance, and it does contain many worthy images (see #030, 033, and 051 for three of my favorites). And it does make one wonder what her next set will be like. I, for one, look forward to it with undiminished enthusiasm.


“Presenting” Sanny A - dreams of desire…

Sanny A: Presenting, by Ron Offlin, stunning, sexy, explicit, artistic

Of the many erotic art photographers who contribute to MetArt - some 223 by my count - I can safely assert that Ron Offlin‘s work occupies the more explicit end of the spectrum. And there are images in this collection that are as explicit as any in the entire MetArt archives. But there is also poetry, romance, and intense passion. Indeed, this is a rich, nuanced, and particularly evocative pictorial. And it owes as much to the artist who created it as it does to the model who sat for it.

Sanny A., appearing in her first MetArt gallery, is sensuous, seductive, voluptuous, with a powerful erotic allure that issues not simply from her curvaceous body, but from her very soul. This is an exceptionally expressive model, and what she expresses the most is a fascinating and irresistible eroticism. Even with her eyes shut, as they are in #075, she projects a sultry, steamy, undeniable sexuality - and that beautiful image is but one of many in this rich collection.

The model is, at first, wearing a marabou-trimmed lingerie set in a most vivid shade of pink. The wall paper is blue, the bedding off-white. The style of the room is somewhat old fashioned but perfectly suited to Sanny‘s style and presentation. Even fully clothed, in #023 (once more with her eyes dreamily shut) she exudes erotic allure in Offlin’s painterly composition.

A lusty, luscious list of favorite images: #027, a headshot (eyes closed, again, mouth open). #037, a splendid topless shot. #080, achingly explicit, as pretty as possible. #103, on all fours - an incendiary invitation. #118, tugging on her necklace, pulling the viewer.

Sanny? Oh, so, sexy!


“Rodeo” starring Danae A - mild in the country…

Danae A: Rodeo, by Tim Fox, MetArt HD erotic movie review

This MetArt movie is a simple behind-the-scenes record of a still photo shoot. There are a few quick edits and a couple of little technical tricks to add some visual “snap” to the proceedings, but is essentially a brief documentary. As such, it is somewhat limited. I say this because the set – a saddle sitting in front of a stable and the stable’s equine resident – is somewhat static. The videographer has the good sense to move around, and he does manage to capture some alluring close-ups, but there is not much in the way of “action” here.

What is here is Danae A., and that can never be a bad thing. This MetArt model is relaxed, confident, uninhibited, and displays an easy professionalism. She also looks particularly fetching in her Western wear, particularly after those tight, dusty jeans and cowboy boots are stripped off. I will note that Danae doesn’t reveal her breasts until well into the movie, which is somewhat surprising considering just how eye-catching they are.

While there is a (slightly incongruous) musical track, live sound - including patter between photographer Tim Fox, his model, and an assistant - adds a certain interest even though I don’t understand a word of the lingo being spoken. We also get to see the model posing with her passport and photo ID - a legal requirement of every nude photo shoot, and an interesting aside.

It may not be as exciting or as dramatic as its namesake, but this “Rodeo” is not without its rewards.


From the MetArt mailbox…

Jackie D, Vilomax, by Leonardo, coverA recent MetArt gallery by frequent contributing photographer Leonardo inspired one of our members to create his own artistic variations on several favorite shots with image editing software. You can read his comments, below, and you can have a look at his handiwork, as well. Thanks, Aio!

- The MetArt Team


I’ve got some photos from Jackie D‘s “Vilomax” set and it is one of the nicest ones I’ve ever seen. So fashionable, beautiful lighting, model is a dream, hot sexy, absolutely marvelous. All photos I’ve seen are very, very good.

Thanks for doing a nice job for natural beauty and letting us know about it. Jackie is a piece of natural art too – a precious, precious, precious piece of artwork. Congratulations. Beautiful model. Brilliant photo shoot.

When [will there be] a nude MetArt fashion catwalk?

Thanks for sharing her nudity and sexyty,

- Aio

Jackie D: Vilomax, by Leonardo, photo art by MetArt member AioJackie D: Vilomax, by Leonardo, photo art by MetArt member Aio


“Presenting” Candice B - new and notable…

Candice B: Presenting, by Leonardo, bosomy beauty, cute and hotI never cease to be impressed - perhaps awed is the better word - by the seemingly endless procession of new models into the MetArt galleries. Day after day, week after week, nubile beauties of every description shed their clothes and pose for our photographers. And day after day, week after week, MetArt members log in to feast on this fresh and ever-changing bounty.

Candice B. is one of the latest arrivals at this banquet of beauty, and she has all the attributes and endowments to make a major impression. I will overstate the obvious and say that this model is gifted with simply magnificent breasts. Really. Spend even the slightest bit of time examining that prodigious pair and prepare to be impressed. Generously scaled, superbly symmetrical, splendidly shaped, and capped by perfectly puffy nipples, those knockers are truly notable.

There is more to Candice than her stellar bosom, of course. Indeed, her long-limbed, 19-year-old body is a complete treat. And this model’s charm extends well beyond her physical body - she has a warm presence and eager lack of inhibition that belies both her youth and her presumed lack of erotic modeling experience.

Leonardo has given this newcomer a dramatic yet simple presentation. The set is a vivid, glossy orange. Candice wears a string of black beads, a barely there breath of black lace around her waist, and a pair of bejeweled stiletto heels. While these ingredients allow for a roundly pleasing collection of images, the decorative elements never detract from the physical and personal splendor possessed and projected by Candice B.


“Presenting” Catherine A. - an exotic set for a sweet pet…

Catherine A: Presenting, by Dolce, flawless body, blue-eyed beauty

This MetArt gallery serves to introduce a brand new Met model, Catherine A. Photographer Dolce has chosen an exotic theme, a set dressed in a Middle Eastern motif, complete with hookah. Although the pipe isn’t lit in any of the photos the model does pose with it early on. Thankfully, this odd prop is put aside relatively early in the set.

Catherine A. is right at that wonderful stage of her development when she can look like a sweet young girl in one shot, and a knowing, mature woman in the next, but her youth and innocence do tend to have the upper hand. There are images in this collection that have just the slightest bit of “let’s play dress-up” to them, but that may be amplified by the set dressings and art direction.

While every inch of her nubile young body is a visual delight, her eyes must be among her most outstanding assets. Indeed, those crystal blue gems are exquisitely lit and make several headshots here truly striking - #013 and #015 are two of my absolute favorites. There is an almost surreal flavor to the first, and the second one really captures her youthful, natural beauty. Oh, and #010, pulls back to include her perfect breasts to make a beautiful headshot even more pleasing.

While the exotic elements of this pictorial seem slightly out of synch with the subject, there is more than enough here to thoroughly enjoy - and to whet one’s appetite for more!


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    stop looking at the finger 😂

    on Summer Rest

    Jazzman 4 hours ago

    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

    on Pink Lady

    Jazzman 4 hours ago

    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

    on Pink Lady

    a.k.a. 4 hours ago


    on Pink Lady

    a.k.a. 4 hours ago

    They don't do different expressions 😁
    Does anybody recall bikini tan lines on a girl with a nice thick bush?
    The contrast could be very, very hot ☝️🔥

    on Pink Lady

    PushTheEnvelope 8 hours ago

    Lisa ALWAYS puts on a great show! She has a big beautiful ass and she's always ready show it off. In just about every set you can count on Lisa to be spreading her cheeks so wide that her pussy peels open. Just look at shots 87- 91! She's wide open, I love it!

    on Black Mesh