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“Secreto” starring Alina F - honeymoon sweetie…

Alina F: Secreto, by Antonio Clemens, super-cute girl/fine erotic pixI’m familiar with - and extremely fond of - Alina F. So it was with no small amount of anticipation that I approached “Secreto.” My reaction to the first image in the series was qualified – I wondered why this young, playful angel was all dolled up in a quite elaborate, and somewhat old fashioned lingerie set. After viewing additional images it all began to make perfect, indeed wonderful, sense.

The setting is a fancy, extremely plush bedroom, complete with elaborate draperies, gilt wall paper, and luxurious bedding. Could this be the honeymoon suite in a grand hotel? And could Alina F.’s lacy finery be a special treat for her newly wedded husband? It could, but I certainly hope not! There’s a hint of playing “dress up” here, and I’d much prefer to imagine that this playful minx is merely putting on a bit of a show for her lucky lover.

There is something magical about this girl. There’s a pixieish glint in her eyes that’s often accompanied by a delicate smile on her lips – and those cheeks! As I’ve said before, Alina F. is the very definition of “cute.”

She’s also thoughtful, tempting, expressive, alluring, inviting, giddy, adventurous, teasingly sexual, and entirely natural. And Antonio Clemens lets her stretch out - sometimes quite literally - in this MetArt gallery that includes an extremely generous 170 photos and an abundance of widely varied poses and compositions. With not a single false move in the set, I have far too many favorites to list. Pick a number, any number, between 001 and 170 and prepare for an extremely enjoyable view of this entirely adorable beauty.


“Corali” with Chiara A - revealed (but restrained) on the rocks…

Chiara A: Corali, by Luca Helios, dramatic location, long legsA hillside crowded with boulders at the shores of a still body of water provides a particularly promising setting for this MetArt gallery from Luca Helios.

With her strong facial features and long-limbed body, and wearing nothing but a leather belt and a necklace, Chiara A. is a striking addition to this desolate landscape.

Although I have a list of preferred images from this set, one of my favorites is #010, a casual shot in which the model smiles warmly and is captured in the act of brushing her hair out of her face with her left hand. That smile really stands out. And it also signals one of this pictorial’s two weaknesses.

For most of “Corali” Chiara is wearing her serious “model face.” This can result in pleasing images, without doubt, but after a while it seems somewhat contrived and out of synch with the natural surroundings. My feeling is that she is trying the slightest bit too hard. But in a shot like #075, with a natural, relaxed facial expression, she is as beautiful as can be.

The limited emotional range is accompanied by a somewhat limited range of poses, and exposures – and by that I mean physical revelations. While there are several “full frontal” views, the model (or the photographer) has chosen to keep her tender bits out of view. I know that MetArt members have their own tastes and preferences regarding more explicit images, but I would prefer to have them and not need them, rather than need them and not have them.

If you are interested in a far more explicit look at Chiara A., as I was when I reached the end of “Corali,” you’ll find it in another Helios series entitled “Sleepless.”


“Armario” starring Nata F - don’t forget “seductive”…

Nata F: Armario, by Leonardo, voluptuous, sexy, supremely seductive

When I critique a MetArt photo gallery, I generally read the model’s bio after I’ve had an opportunity examine all the images. When I read Nata F.’s bio I had to chuckle. What inspired my laughter was this quote: ” I am definitely a very sociable and kind girl.” I don’t doubt that this is a statement of unquestionable fact. But I believe Nata omitted one obvious and overwhelming adjective: “seductive.”

Nata F. has a warmth and sweetness that is readily obvious in this series, but it’s her steamy, seductive bearing and expression that readily and completely captures my attention. I can only imagine the effect she has on the men she comes in contact with during a typical day. There’s nothing insincere or forced about it – when Nata treats Leonardo‘s lens to a seductive facial expression - which she does nearly constantly throughout the series - it has an undeniable and irresistible effect on the viewer.

Wearing one of the sexiest and most flattering black lace camisoles ever made, the model is seated on a white, padded platform of some indecipherable sort. Behind her is a curtain of cream fringe, behind that clothing hangs on a chromium rack - a stylized dressing room. While I sometimes grow impatient with models who remained dressed, however scantily, for too long, here I savor every moment. Nata’s style - the voluptuous curves of her body, her long, auburn hair, and that seductive face - conveys pure, sultry eroticism whether she’s clothed or exposed. I certainly would have enjoyed a selection of more intimate close-ups, but this is a young woman who could radiate magnetic sexual charm wearing an overcoat. Thankfully, she isn’t wearing one here, and I don’t see one hanging in her improvised “Armario,” either.


“Axensus” starring Sharon D - night of the living blonde…

Sharon D: Axensus, by Tony Murano, beautiful model, explicit art pixLike the last Tony Murano production I evaluated (“Noche” starring Niki Mey), this is an evocative, after hours series. Candles flicker, but more as set dressing than as a light source - the most incandescent element in these photos is, without question, the model.

I make no apology for my affection for Sharon D. She is a versatile talent, the personality she projects is warm and approachable (a possibility that is extremely appealing), and her body is exceptional.

The introductory images in this MetArt gallery win me over yet again. In the very first shot, Sharon holds a raised finger to her lips as if to say: “Hush, what you’re about to see is just between you and me.” Combined with the nighttime lighting this does much to create a sense of intimacy. The two shots that immediately follow are headshots – one thoughtful, one cheerful – and I’m eager to discover where “Axensus” takes me.

There’s a definite pace to the set. Even though Mr. Murano has a reputation for explicit images (and this set does not disappoint in that regard), Sharon’s teddy and matching panties are slow to come off. Such is the model’s talent that she can appear fully clothed and still radiate sultry eroticism, as she does while “riding” the arm of the sofa in #021.

The lighting in this series is particularly flattering to Sharon’s eyes, they possess an enhanced sense of clarity and depth. In #030 those eyes lend real weight to her expression. Additional favorite images include, but are by no means limited to: #083 (a seated profile, just beautiful), #090 (a stylish figure study), #095 (spread and smiling, wide), #101 (a wonderfully explicit and enticing “without-headshot”), and #108 (a delicious pin-up).


“Platina” with Dido A - two cameras, one girl…

Dido A: Platina, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewA bed is a fine place to discover a beautiful, young, completely nude girl. And that’s where we find Dido A. in the MetArt movie titled “Platina.” And, while there is certainly plenty of movement - of both camera and subject - Dido never leaves the comfort of the mattress for the duration of the production.

The bed is in front of a window, and the strong backlight creates an interesting effect - I can only imagine that it also made the shoot just a little bit more difficult for still photographer Luca Helios and his uncredited videographer. The crisp white sheet and several large orange pillows prove a particularly flattering combination and Dido’s tanned body has a luscious and inviting glow throughout.

Those hoping for a gripping narrative or involving theme will feel slighted here - this is a simple recording of a still shoot, put to music, without a second of live sound. The lens hood and strap of Luca’s camera appears at the edge of the frame intermittently, and the flash of his strobe provides a certain visual punctuation. Some effort to spice things up was made in post production, but this is limited to a variety of optical fades and digital transitions.

Dido A. is focused and self-assured in her performance. She moves from pose to pose with ease, and offers every inch of her scrumptious body to the two lenses that she’s working with. Fans of Dido A., myself included, will find “Platina” an enjoyable diversion, others may want to make an alternate selection from the MetArt HD movie library.


“Gates” with Chantelle A - a stunning shut-in…

Chantelle A: Gates, by Luca Helios, beguiling, long-limbed nude beautyAn imposing wrought iron portal provides this MetArt gallery with both its title and location. Outside the gates we see what appears to be a lightly traveled country road and a lush green landscape. The gate itself is framed with climbing vines. In the shaded area inside the gates we find Chantelle A. And it is not at all difficult to find her - the pink and white bikini she is wearing stands in strong contrast to the setting, and the model’s long-haired, long-limbed beauty attracts the eye with a powerful magnetism.

The costume – which is completed with a bulky necklace, a pair of black stilettos, and a sheer pink shawl with odd, worm-like embellishments – doesn’t seem completely (or even partially) in place here. Has Chantelle A. wandered onto the grounds of a country estate in search of a pool party? But, while the logic of the series may be elusive, the photos themselves are readily accessible.

I am glad when Chantelle dispenses with the scarf, it adds little to the set, and functions best as a bit of ground cover for the model to spread out on later in the series. Indeed, images numbered 104 and 105, in which Chantelle reclines on the scarf, are two of this gallery’s finest images.

I have one slight quibble with “Gates.” Luca Helios uses the rigid vertical and horizontal bars of the gate as a visual element in many shots, and they contrast nicely with the model’s lithe curves (see #036 or #052). But he also tilts the camera in many shots. I love Chantelle’s genuine smile and stance in #035, but the tilted composition doesn’t make aesthetic sense to me. I do quite like #061, however, and here the tilt seems to work well to balance out the model’s striking, backward arch.

Technical points aside, when Chantelle A. drops her professional pout in favor of a sincere smile – as she does in #026 or #050 – I cannot find fault with this gorgeous keeper of the “Gates.”


“Noche” with Niki Mey - in the still of the night…

Niki Mey: Noche, by Tony Murano, moody nocturnal eroticaA hint of muted moonlight, a heavily shaded lamp, and a pair of flickering candles augment Tony Murano’s subtle lighting in the moody, after hours offering titled “Noche.”

Blonde Niki Mey, wearing heels and black lingerie, is seated on an ornate fainting couch. The visual elements – stylistic, technical, inanimate, and human – combine in a pleasing and promising way.

The model is captured in a range of poses, clothed and nude, sitting, standing, and lounging in several distinct positions. And, because this is a Tony Murano series, there is no shortage of explicit, intimate close-ups.

While those anatomical revelations are indeed pleasing, one of my favorite images from the set is a rather demure composition, #046, in which Niki touches her right nipple and looks at the camera. The shot is framed in such a way that the background is mainly the gold brocade upholstery of the couch, and the diffused lighting gives the shot a soft, warm glow and a painterly sensuality.

Another aspect that makes that shot so pleasing is eye-contact. And that brings me to what I consider this MetArt gallery’s greatest liability. In many shots, perhaps even a majority of them, Niki’s eyes are closed. Sometimes I find this evocative – is she lost in a romantic reverie? But most of the time the closed eyes don’t really make much sense, they’re inconsistent with the poses and the setting.

I don’t expect to maintain constant eye-contact with a model in this set or any other, I just find those closed eyes (often accompanied by a tilt of the head to the model’s right) somewhat overdone. I much prefer a shot like #070. When Niki Mey opens her eyes (and her thighs) this “Noche” is at its most memorable.


“Rencontre” starring Emilia A - simply beautiful/beautifully simple…

Emilia A: Rencontre, by Dolce, beautiful girl/simply beautiful erotic artIt didn’t take me much time at all to fall in love with this model and this MetArt erotic photo series. Indeed, by the time I’d reached image #006 I was well and truly hooked. That photograph - a headshot in which Emilia A. looks directly at the camera - is a gem. That hair, those luscious lips, those eyes - that face! All that feminine beauty, front and center, against a rich, red background, it’s really quite striking. And my initial affection for the set only grew as I continued to examine it.

Dolce‘s series has a simple, logical progression. The barefoot beauty appears at first wearing a white top and a pair of white panties. The set decoration is simple and uncluttered but strong colors, bold lines, and a bit of foliage create a pleasing but unobtrusive setting. It does take Emilia quite some time to disrobe, but her great beauty and subtly engaging personality make the process extremely enjoyable.

From the tips of her toes to the ever-erect nipples of her pert breasts, Emilia A.’s body is a delight. Although we’re never provided with absolutely explicit anatomical views, Dolce does move in for some revealing extreme close-ups. Stepping back, and with Emilia standing up, her shape is stunningly captured in #129 and the exceptionally fine #131.

Emilia has beautiful long hair, and Dolce devotes several images only to those flowing locks. But when the model turns to face the camera my very favorite images in the collection are created. A head that beautiful deserves beautiful headshots, and there are many here to be enjoyed. Here’s a selection of my favorites: #038 (with a single nipple to sweeten the deal); #058; and #061 and #062- profile shots of an exceptionally refined profile.


“Beviz” with Kalina B - enigmatic, inscrutable, intriguing…

Kalina B: Beviz, by Paromov, enigmatic, intriguing, nude erotic model

Some MetArt models are chameleons. Put them into a scene or situation and they can instantly mold their expression to match the setting. Others are open books. They don’t attempt to hide their feelings, no matter where they are or what is going on around them, and their expressions are entirely spontaneous and sincere. And there are those models who, by temperament or calculation, choose to restrain their emotions and withhold those facial and physical signals that inform us as to their thoughts and feelings.

Kalina B. belongs very much in this last group. She projects an extremely narrow range of emotions in “Beviz,” and it is nearly impossible to guess what she is thinking or feeling. Yes, she does deviate from her “poker face” several times. She treats us to a smile in perhaps half a dozen images - she even appears to be laughing in #091. But, overall, this young woman is very, very difficult to “read.”

This is not a bad thing – far from it. The more I tried to decipher and determine her mood or emotion, the more complex and intriguing I found her to be. In #069, a headshot framed from just below her breasts, I can’t tell if she’s pensive, angry, impatient, frustrated, thoughtful, or simply relaxed. She could be any of those things. What is so intriguing is how she “plays hard to get” with her feelings.

When I turn my attention from the model’s interior life to Paromov‘s photos of her, I find much to like. #021, with its soft, pastel tones and lighting, has the feeling and composition of a painting. #070, hugging a pillow and raising her ass, has a subtle erotic glamour, and #074 continues in that vein with the addition of a pleasing, dreamlike quality.

I know what I’m thinking while I study Kalina B.’s beautiful body - I only wish she’d give a few more clues as to what’s going on in that pretty head.


“Mythos” starring Lorena B - the pleasure of her company…

Lorena B: Mythos, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie review

When I review a MetArt gallery or erotic movie I take deliberate care to avoid seeing the model’s numerical rating or reading the reader-submitted tags. But in the case of “Mythos,” I made an exception. I have, after all, reviewed a Lorena B. movie before, and I’ve also evaluated one of her still galleries. I wasn’t at all surprised by what I found. Users are effusive and prolific in their praise. The word “beautiful” is used eight times, for example, and a wide selection of additional superlatives reveals the depth and intensity of the devotion of Lorena’s adoring fans.

Lorena B.’s status as a MetArt Top Model is a testament to her great beauty, but her physical appearance is only one part of what’s made her so popular – this woman has an absolutely magnetic and mesmerizing personality.

Lorena’s combination of physical beauty and personal charm is so potent that simply watching her be herself is immensely entertaining. And that’s a fair description of this production from Luca Helios. There’s no story, just Lorena B. in and around a backyard swimming pool. Underwater shots of the totally nude siren are visual poetry. These are inter-cut, seemingly at random, with footage of the model wearing a red dress, as she walks around the pool and pets a pair of tail-wagging dogs. When the dress comes off Lorena jumps in the pool, swims around, plays with an inflatable raft, and generally appears to enjoy herself. There’s not any story in “Mythos,” and at times it has the feel of a casual home movie, but that doesn’t matter – indeed, that’s part of what makes it so enjoyable.

Lorena B. is so beautiful, and so warm and engaging, that I would be happy to watch her cooking a meal, shopping, or doing the laundry. And I image that reflects the feelings of her countless fans and admirers.


“Attrait” with Kira K - wee wench in a window…

Kira K: Attrait, by Catherine, sweet, petite, nubile neighbor girlMetArt’s Kira K. has a distinct girl next door flavor, so it’s particularly appropriate that she’s posing here in the window of what might well be her apartment. It’s a shame that passersby on the street below don’t look up and catch a glimpse of the naked nubile posing several stories above their heads, but their loss is our gain.

In keeping with her subject’s wholesome, natural appearance, photographer Catherine‘s treatment here is straight forward and free of extraneous frills, technical tricks, costuming, and set decoration. Kira is wearing only a pair of tight jeans (which she teases off at a pleasing pace). The floor-to-ceiling windows behind her and the shaggy cream-colored carpet she stands, sits, and reclines on are the essential elements of the series. In Catherine’s skilled hands this is more than enough.

Kira K. is not a flashy, glamorous type. Her figure is understated - she is absolutely cute, but nobody would mistake her for a bombshell. But every inch of her compact body is refined and inviting. Her pert little breasts are truly sweet, and when she smiles and opens her thighs (as she does in #076), what she reveals is pristine and as pretty as can be. Beyond the obvious points of interest, I found myself studying Kira’s skin tone - Catherine’s lighting does wonders to bring out its soft uniformity and warmth.

The sequence in “Attrait” beginning with #031 and ending with #035 offers several takes on a single pose that displays a range of moods nicely. #070 is a stylish highlight. As mentioned, I do like #076, but #110 is a real contender for the single best image of this wee wench posing in her window.


“Wasser” starring Augusta Crystal - aquatic/erotic…

Augusta Crystal: Wasser, by Rylsky, aquatic/erotic art photography

Water in various natural settings – the seaside, rivers, lakes, backyard swimming pools – has played a supporting role in countless MetArt galleries. Take a scenic bit of oceanfront, position a beautiful nude model appropriately, add a skilled photographer, and the potential for a satisfying work of erotic art is very high.

But move indoors, into the controlled environment of the studio, and integrating water into a photo series becomes far more complicated. Water, electricity, sensitive (not to mention expensive) equipment, and delicate (not to mention priceless) feminine flesh, all need to function in harmony and safety. Confident and accomplished artisan Rylsky brings water, light, and woman together beautifully in “Wasser.”

The floor and background are inky black and an orange light behind MetArt model Augusta Crystal tints a steady spray of falling water droplets throughout the series. Two seashells provide the only props, a necklace and bracelet her only costume. This is a dreamlike landscape, and at moments the glowing light in the darkness evokes a tropical moon, or perhaps a midnight sun in some otherworldly locale. This beautiful illusion is, however, shattered in those images in which the light, with its barn door shades and stand, comes into direct view, as it does in several shots.

Apart from that regrettable technical slip-up the series contains some truly notable images. Numbers 034, 035, and 036, shot from a high angle, with “raindrops” blurred in midair, constitute subtle variations on a pleasing theme. Framed from mid-torso up, #020 captures Augusta Crystal’s warmth and vitality along with her facial features and beautiful breasts. And for sheer, dreamy, painterly beauty I can’t resist #067. Augusta Crystal in Rylsky‘s “Wasser” is both wet and wonderful.


“Pelopeas” with Erika F - toga party…

Erika F: Pelopeas, by Sergey Akion, shaved and bosomy beauty

As this MetArt gallery opens, Erika F., her body draped with a blue toga, strikes a stylish pose next to what appears to be an antique sculpture. When the angle widens we see that the location is a colonnade in which the columns are sculptures of stern-faced women. It is quite an impressive location for a photo shoot, and the warmth of the model’s coloring gets a boost from the stark white of the location.

But that stark white, while visually pleasing, presents a problem. With the sun behind him, Sergey Akion is confronted with harsh reflections that make getting accurate exposures somewhat difficult. And the angle and brightness of the sun, along with reflected light, also presents a problem to Erika F. In many, perhaps even a majority of images, Erika is squinting her eyes against the sun (see #064) or closing them entirely. This lack of eye-to-lens (and ultimately model-to-viewer) contact compromises the emotional, expressive range of the series.

Both the model and her photographer do manage to cope with their various challenges, however, and there are impressive images aplenty in the series. #063 is a stylized but also natural standing pose that makes excellent use of the statuary while artfully capturing the beauty of Erika’s body. #118 is another image with a similar flavor, and one in which the model’s closed eyes are entirely appropriate. In #083 Erika treats us to a truly intriguing facial expression. And several shots move in close to capture her stunning breasts – of these #041 is a truly exceptional composition.

I should point out that the toga I mention in this post’s title plays a very limited role here, and Erika F.’s body is undraped and unashamedly exposed throughout - and that, in itself, is reason enough to celebrate.


“Sevikis” starring Candice B - return of the magnificent two…

Candice B: Sevikis, by Leonardo, amazing breasts, hot, sexy modelI was quite impressed by this model’s first MetArt gallery, and I lavished Candice B.’s performance and physique with heartfelt (truth to tell, other organs may well have been involved) praise. And it is with some satisfaction that I announce that her sophomore performance confirms my initial impressions.

In his comment on Candice B.’s first series, MetArt member Nonsense made an amusing reference to a line from the model’s bio. Candice wrote: “I like very much to look at myself in a mirror and especially I like my breasts.”

Well, dear Candice, you’ll certainly get no argument from me – or from Nonsense. We especially like your breasts, as well. In fact, “like” isn’t nearly a strong enough word - they really are exceptional. My notes are filled with references to vivid images that feature those amazing breasts, but I won’t bother listing them - the set is simply overflowing with bosomy goodness.

I mentioned Candice’s lack of inhibition in my first post about her, and she’s no less forthcoming here. Leonardo takes full advantage of his subject’s willingness, and includes everything from winsome headshots, stylized, full-body pin-ups, frank and provocative poses (always with a healthy dose of the model’s inviting warmth), and eye-opening close-ups of a distinctly explicit nature.

To demonstrate (or at least simulate) some sense of objectivity, I will offer one tiny criticism. In a few shots the model’s hands are a bit stiff, their placement somewhat forced. Everything else Candice B. has to offer - from her appealing attitude to her amazing architecture - is wonderful. Check out “Sevikis” and tell me I’m wrong. As ever, I welcome any and all comments.


“Exchange” starring Barbara D - one to adore on the studio floor…

Barbara D: Exchange, by Alex Sironi, amazing body/young blonde beauty

With a scant four MetArt galleries to her credit, Barbara D. has been a constant resident at or near the top of our Top Models rankings. Take even the briefest glimpse at any of her sets and it’s all too easy to see why. From the top of her beautiful blonde head to the tips of her tempting toes, this model is a study in natural perfection.

At the tender age of 19 I do find a hint of tentativeness in several poses and a bit of restraint in her expressions, but she has plenty of time to learn the finer points of modeling. The skills required of a model can be taught, they can be practiced, and they can be learned. But beauty is something else entirely. It’s a gift, and one that Barbara D. has been blessed with in abundance.

Alex Sironi keeps the set decoration and costuming to a blissful minimum in “Exchange.” A small wooden table is centrally placed, its top covered with a white crocheted doily. A glass vase holding a single flower and a few stems of foliage sits on the table. And the model, wearing a summery plaid dress, stands barefoot on the hardwood floor. The lighting is subtle, unobtrusive, and particularly effective.

Favorite images? Any shot of Barbara D. is a contender, of course, but there are plenty of superior images to choose from. #038 is a simple headshot that is well worth lingering over. There are breast close-ups scattered throughout (for obvious reasons) that amaze and delight. And when Barbara sits down on the floor the set hits new heights. #045 is a highly stylized and formal image, and #050 is a wonderful figure study (of a wonderful figure) shot from a low angle. Throw in an assortment of explicit shots and “Exchange” can’t help but impress this Top Model’s many admirers.


“Tendance” starring Zhenya C - a living doll in the dunes…

Zhenya C: Tendance, by Dmitry Masloff, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewI have a feeling this MetArt movie will divide viewers into two general groups. Those who find Zhenya C. particularly appealing will enjoy it. And those don’t won’t. It really is that simple. And it’s that simple because the video is simple. There really is nothing to it beyond a location – in this case a huge pile of sand – and a girl, mainly naked, standing and sitting.

The location is interesting. For much of the production it’s difficult to determine where this sand is, exactly. Is it at the seaside? Could it be in the desert? I think director Dmitry Masloff makes a bit of an error in several shots that include buildings in the background which suggest to me that this is some sort of construction site. So much for an exotic locale.

As for Zhenya C., herself, I proudly include myself in the group of her admirers. This girl is a petite piece of particularly sweet young femininity. She has a ready smile and a type of impish charm I have difficulty resisting. And her young body is delectable. She has a creamy complexion, understated curves, and perfectly shaped and proportioned breasts. Those pert beauties are neither too big nor too small – they’re “just right” and in perfect harmony with Zhenya’s diminutive frame.

But, as I began, if you don’t like the model, it’s unlikely you’ll enjoy the video. Nothing much happens. The model is nude. Now she has on denim shorts, she takes them off. She takes off her blouse. She walks idly around. She sits and plays with her beautiful waist-length hair. She spreads her legs and rubs her toes in the sand. She stands and plays with her hair. She displays her body and smiles at the camera, sweetly, warmly, and often. I won’t presume to speak for others, but, for me, that is enough.


“Ilexian” with Ira H - lazing on a sunny afternoon…

Ira H: Ilexian, by Pasha, rural setting, evocative erotic art photosI was somewhat slow in warming to this MetArt gallery. There is some inconsistency in the exposures - some over, some under, at least in my entirely fallible estimation - and a certain timidity in the posing that is a bit of a Pasha signature. Added to that, the model is not entirely my type. I in no way intend this as a criticism. Is there a man a live who would feel attracted in identical measure to every single MetArt model? The answer is quite clear.

Ira H. has strong features, and she really is quite striking, even bearing in mind that she is not quite my cup of tea. Her face - her high cheek bones, jaw line, and chin, in particular - is both expressive and sculpturally fascinating. And her trim body – even though we are denied the pleasure of any exceptionally intimate views – is blessed with appealing attributes. Her plump nipples, to name two, really are standouts - and I mean that in both senses of the word.

As I progressed through the set I felt my initial resistance diminishing. The rural setting - the lush green grass, the light of the summer sun easing its way towards the horizon - became more and more evocative with each passing image. Anyone who has taken a drive in the country on a summer afternoon, picked a secluded spot, spread a blanket, and enjoyed a few amorous hours with a beautiful and willing woman will know exactly what I’m speaking of.

The images spanning numbers 060 to 070 illustrate my point. In the first two Ira H. is upright, and the lighting flatters and reveals the contours of her body beautifully. But it’s when she reclines that the true magic happens. No, she’s not precisely my type, but if she said to me what her eyes and body are saying in an image like 062, my answer would be an immediate and emphatic “Yes!”


“Ediss” with Eufrat A - temptation on a tabletop…

Eufrat A: Ediss, by Luca Helios, outdoor nudes, breezy erotic photosIt’s actually quite a nice table, too. Circular in shape, crafted of dark wood, with slats arranged radially, the table has been placed at the very edge of an impressively scaled backyard swimming pool. Atop the table sits Eufrat A., wearing a blue wrap and a necklace.

While the surface of the water is still and glassy, there is a hint of a breeze in the air that musses the model’s hair and gives a sense of casual reality to the session. Eufrat’s performance ranges from studied, formal poses, to casual, almost candid shots. I quite enjoy seeing a model express both extremes. On one hand she’s obviously an accomplished professional, and on the other hand she’s real, she’s down to earth, she’s a laughing, happy - and quite beautiful - human being. #003 is a bit of both - notice how her legs are consciously posed, her back arched, her toes pointed skillfully. But then look at that entirely natural, spontaneous smile - that’s not artifice, that’s pure, natural happiness.

Making the most of what he has in the way of props, Luca Helios turns the table on its side in the final third of the series. Now the wooden disk is not obviously a table. In fact, when he frames Eufrat tightly, the table becomes a visually intriguing backdrop. Image #124 is just one particularly fine example.

A beautiful day, pleasing location, a lovely and talented model - and a nice table - make MetArt gallery “Ediss” easy to enjoy.


“Mannica” with Peaches A - bath time for beauty…

Peaches A: Mannica, by Ken Tavos, dripping-wet bathing beauty

This MetArt gallery took a while to grow on me. In the very first image Peaches A. is seated, totally nude, on the edge of a bathtub. So far, so good. But there is something particularly off-putting about her facial expression. She almost looks startled, but there is no sense of erotic subtext – no voyeuristic undertone to add a forbidden sexual spark to the implied intrusion.

But, as “Mannica” unfolds, Peaches A. manages to relax. And what better place to relax than a warm (one presumes) bath? In the early images in the collection it’s almost as if she’s struggling to find her rhythm. Her expressions are mixed, lacking emotional focus, and in some instances, slightly forced. But the water works its magic and the pleasing images eventually begin to flow.

I particularly like the composition Ken Tavos employs in a shot like #010. It’s difficult to describe, but I’ll try. Peaches, hand on head, looks off-camera while reclining in the bath. One of her feet, slightly out of focus, is in the foreground, her leg at an odd but relaxed angle. There’s a surprising harmony in the hard surfaces - the gridlines of the tiles and the curvilinear shape of the white porcelain - and the warm skin tones of the model. Hard to describe, but easy to appreciate.

Peaches has a splendid body, and #029, seated on the rim of the tub, looking off-camera again, her round hips, delicate waist, and delicious breasts (all that skin glistening with moisture) presents it quite nicely. Shots #047, 049, and 055 make interesting use of the waterline to bisect her partially submerged frame. The heat does get turned up quite a bit as the set progresses, and you’ll find steamy, suggestive poses like #075, and explicit extreme close-ups - count the water droplets in #079.


“Shakti” starring Kelly F - all the right moves…

Kelly F: Shakti, by Alex Iskan, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewLast week, when I critiqued the MetArt movie “Spielen,” I ended my post with a question for MetArt members: What is your favorite MetArt movie?

This week I will answer my own question: As of today, mere moments after watching it, my favorite MetArt movie is “Shakti,” starring Kelly F. From the very first frame to the very last, Alex Iskan‘s production had my full and undivided attention. “Shakti” is an inventive, entertaining, entrancing, and extremely erotic work of motion picture art.

This is no simple record of a photo shoot. One of the many beauties of this movie is that it is a fully realized story. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. It is a simple story, to be sure, but it is artfully told. The camerawork is exemplary. The editing is fluid and effective - and it’s particularly effective when it is deliberately choppy, as it is at the 7:30 and 7:40 marks, for example. And I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the soundtrack. The music - which changes, dramatically, several times - underscores and enhances the onscreen action perfectly. Indeed, the various songs help divide and define the “acts” of the movie.

Kelly F. delivers a riveting performance. She is playful, seductive, sweet, sensuous, and she is an absolutely wicked tease. She is also completely uninhibited. While there’s no questioning the artistry of the visual style here, this is an extremely explicit, graphic, and overtly sexual presentation.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, I urge you to watch “Shakti” at your earliest convenience. And once you’ve seen it, I’ll repeat my question: What is your favorite MetArt movie?

I have a strong suspicion I can guess your answer!


“Timilis” with Dana E - the curious case of the cutie in a kitchen…

Dana E: Timilis, by Majoly, sexy, shapely, totally shaved nude model

Timilis” starts on a distinctly curious note. A beautiful, raven-haired model, wearing a risque black outfit, is seated in a kitchen, pretending to stir the invisible contents of a frying pan with a wooden spatula. She smiles warmly and looks directly at the camera. The lighting suggests it is late at night – it is hard to image that the subject, styled and dressed as she is, has risen in the pre-dawn hours to prepare herself an imaginary omelet for breakfast.

There are certain glaring incongruities present in that first image, but as the set progresses they are not diminished or resolved. Why is Dana E. dressed in an outfit more appropriate for a stripper or porn star? And even if we can accommodate the outfit, what is she doing in a kitchen? And who’s idea was it to mime the act of cooking invisible food? Is there a less erotically appealing prop than a shopworn spatula (see #112)? We may find our answers to those three questions in #115 – it’s possible something is getting lost in translation from Dana’s native Hungarian, but the smirk she is wearing in this image speaks volumes. And what it says is: “This spatula is a pretty lame prop.”

Dana E. is, without question, a very beautiful young woman. And Majoly does capture her in a range of poses. While there is nothing too terribly explicit here, we do get to see much of Dana’s shapely body in some detail. She never completely removes her garment, however, it’s always wrapped around her mid-section. Was this an aesthetic/artistic choice, or is something being deliberately concealed?

Distractions aside, Dana E. is intriguing and appealing, and I look forward to exploring her other MetArt galleries. But, at least to my sensibilities, “Timilis” is a curious creation.


“Evoke” with Nastya J - youth in bloom in a dimly lit room…

Nastya J: Evoke, by Natasha Schon, nubile beauty, painterly erotic pix

The plaid skirt and starched white shirt of the classic school girl uniform enjoys massive popularity as a signifier of youth in the visual lexicon of erotica. In my opinion, however, nothing can match the age-minimizing power of a mouthful of braces. Like any normal 20-year-old, Nastya J. does her level best to keep her luscious lips together through much of “Evoke.” But, like any normal 20-year-old, sometimes she just can’t keep her emotions under control and a big, tooth-exposing smile appears on her pretty face revealing the metallic apparatus of cosmetic orthodonture. Endearing? Cute? Absolutely adorable? Yes, yes, yes indeed!

As is often the case with her indoor pictorials, Natasha Shon employs a dark, moody style of lighting here. The soft light and abundant shadow, combined with thoughtful set decoration, adds a rich, natural, flavor to the session. While I’m sure there are those who will disagree, I do think a handful of images are too dark, but the best shots in “Evoke” have a distinct painterly quality that is extremely evocative. #072 (mouth closed) and #081 (lovely smile) are just two of my favorites.

This MetArt gallery offers abundant artistry, and copious quantities of Nastya J.’s nubile adorability, but it does fall short in one area - the area at the bottom of the torso and between the legs. I subtract points for this vexing omission, other observers may not object. As ever, please feel free to express your opinion in the comments, below.


“Heliras” starring Marina L - a riot of red…

Marina L: Heliras, by Anry V, pale and pretty blonde in a riot of red

There’s no way around it. This series is saturated with it. From the glowing, mottled backdrop to the tips of the model’s lacquered fingernails, virtually every element in “Heliras” is a shade of red. The model’s panties may be black, in fact, but there is so much red on display that they take on a bit of the dominant hue.

Marina L., a striking, pale-skinned blonde, thrives in this dramatic setting. There is an undeniable theatricality to her posing, and a highly stylized flavor that brings to mind heavy metal music and horror movies. Certainly a step or two outside the norm for a MetArt gallery, but it’s absolutely engaging and enjoyable.

In the midst of all this color and drama, however, there are moments of calm and quiet. In #093, to cite one beautiful example, Marina relaxes into an intriguing pose on the floor, and her facial expression is serene and entirely natural.

If I may mention two minor quibbles. The style and lighting here present a technical challenge that erotic artist Anry V. has handled admirably. There are a few shots, however, where Marina’s body is slightly overexposed – I’m thinking, specifically, of #031 and #038 – and the surface details of her body are blown out and lost. A quibble, at best, as I said. Additionally, and I don’t know whether to “blame” the photographer or the model, I would have preferred a bit more in the way of explicit images. A selection of dramatic close-ups would certainly be in keeping with the red-hot style of the series.


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    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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