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“Presenting” Merinda A - nature’s many varied splendors…

Merinda A: Presenting, by Goncharov, the glory of nudity in nature

The raw and wild beauty of the natural world provides this series with a dynamic, changeable, and unpredictable backdrop. Vigorous gusts of wind whip through the trees and bend tall reeds until they’re at a pronounced diagonal angle. Unseen clouds scuttle across the sky. The scene is overcast and the light muted at one moment, then a ray of sunshine bursts through and the scenery is bathed in warmth. This might be a challenging situation for even the most experienced photographer. And it is most certainly a challenging situation for a model posing for her very first MetArt gallery.

I’m pleased to reveal, however, that both photographer Goncharov and his subject have risen to their respective challenges. But the beauty and splendor of nature isn’t confined to the location here. Merinda A. is blessed with some unusually eye-catching attributes of her own. One is the long, flowing, wind-whipped glory of her hair. I’m certain that some effort was expended before the shoot to brush and style that luxurious coif, but when the wind starts to blow Mother Nature is the stylist - this results in some beautiful and spontaneous images, of which #016 is just one. In that shot Merinda A. is fully clothed. When she’s totally nude the wind works considerable magic - I direct you to #074, one of the finest images in the gallery.

Merinda A. boasts a second natural attribute that is sure to draw plenty of attention. I won’t describe it explicitly, but I urge interested explorers to begin their search below the navel. Once you’re in the region it won’t be at all difficult to spot!

The series includes a blend of clothed, semi-clothed, and fully nude shots. They are mixed in at random, something that has distracted me in the past, but for whatever reason it works quite well here. The location changes somewhat - we appear to have moved to somewhat higher ground - at the end of the set. Here the sun is shining and the sky is a cloudless blue. The wind still blows, however, and in #103 Merinda’s hair is flying and her body is stunningly showcased.


“Gazelle” starring Miela A - little love letter…

Miela A: Gazelle, by Koenart, MetArt HD erotic movie review

There are times when it makes me laugh, other times when I scratch my head in confusion, and others when I do a bit of musing, and reach a higher level of understanding. However, no matter how many of them I’m exposed to, the internal logic of MetArt’s set-naming convention continues to elude me. What this MetArt movie has to do with a “Gazelle” is completely beyond my comprehension, but I will leap over this impediment, as swiftly and gracefully as possible, and get to the business of reviewing this recently released production.

As it opens, we find blonde and beautiful Miela A. seated on pillows next to a window. She is writing a letter, it seems, and as she puts pen to paper we get a glimpse of her white panties under the short hem of her dress. This subtle but effective bit of tease sets the tone for the entire movie, and whets the viewer’s appetite for more.

Of course, a tease without some form of follow-through is one of life’s frustrations. But we need not worry about that, because “Gazelle” steadily offers up more and more of these tempting visuals.

With his restrained camerawork and adroit editing, Koenart maintains a pleasant pace with a satisfying amount of variety. Miela goes from clothed to topless in an eye-opening instant at the 1:20 mark, and her curvy, voluptuous body is a sight to behold. The fact that she then picks up her pen and continues writing goes further in establishing that this is not a homework assignment or a shopping list, but an emotional and amorous letter to a lover. A minute later, inspired by the words she’s just written, Miela removes her panties. And her thoughts of her unseen correspondent move her to continue writing, with pauses to pose, reflect, to tease the camera, and to tempt those in neighboring buildings by pacing back and forth, totally nude, in the large picture window.

This is a subtle yet entirely engaging visual experience. Miela transitions gracefully from thoughts of her lover to direct interaction with the camera. Close-ups and detail shots are seamlessly mixed into the leisurely pace. And highlights – like when she brushes her lips with a hank of her blonde hair at the 5:43 mark – pop up at exactly the right moments to keep the heat at a satisfying simmer. Now, if only someone could explain why it’s called “Gazelle.”


“Presenting” Domenica A - meet and greet on a sheet…

Domenica A: Presenting, by Domenic Mayer, new model, stylish nude pix

If regular readers have sensed that I’ve been griping a little more than usual lately - you’re not alone, I’ve noticed it, too - I’ll do you a favor and wait until the very end of this entry to voice my sole complaint about this MetArt erotic photo gallery.

A girl - Domenica A. - sprawls on the crisp white sheets of a bed in what appears to be a hotel room. She is wearing a matching camisole and panties set, her eyes aimed at the ceiling. That’s the introductory image here, and it’s a bit of a puzzler. But she quickly directs her attention at the camera and the results are quite pleasant.

Domenica has a build that straddles the divide between girlish and womanly. Her breasts are petite, her nipples puffy, but there is a pleasing fullness to her hips and a generally plush look to her body that is quite inviting. And, in the many included explicit images, she absolutely glows with active, vital - and perhaps recent? - sexual energy.

The artist guiding Domenica through her MetArt debut does so with considerable skill. Domenic Mayer fully documents all of his subject’s varied physical attributes. And, in the process, he captures her engaging, friendly nature as well as flirtatious and sensual aspects of her personality. Some of my favorite shots in the series are beautifully composed and posed figure studies. #038 begins in mid-thigh and ends towards the top of Domenica’s torso, and the contours of her body are beautifully revealed. #080, an unusual pose, is almost a geometric abstraction. And #094 combines equal measures of artistry and old fashioned pin-up style.

As promised, I will now air my personal grievance: For a model who has been so nicely styled and strategically shaven, I do wish the shadow line of down decorating her upper lip had been dealt with. Some may not mind it, some may even like it, but I don’t care for it. That is all.


“Presenting” Rylee A - the girl next door, or something more…

Rylee A: Laukos, by John Emslie, first-time MetArt model debuts

My initial reaction to Rylee A. in her first MetArt gallery is that she is very much a girl next door type. And, just so I’m understood, this is a simple description, absent of any negative judgment, and it’s a type that I’m generally fond of. With her big, brown eyes, and gentle demeanor, she’s got a genuine sweetness. And when those pretty lips part into a smile - and reveals her braces - I can’t help and smile back at this fresh-faced 19-year-old.

While John Emslie has done a good job of capturing Rylee in this series, the choice of costume is a curious one. Here’s this girl who radiates sweetness and unaffected, natural, next door appeal. But he’s chosen an outfit that would better suit a stripper or big city streetwalker. The red pleather hot pants and matching bikini top are sexy, to be sure. And Rylee wears them well. But they create a conflict. Based on first impressions, I think we’d be a bit closer to reality if she was wearing denim shorts, say, or a boyfriend’s oversized plaid shirt – the sort of outfit the girl next door might wear.

The series has a pleasant pace and includes enough variety in terms of poses and compositions to satisfy viewers with many specific preferences: fully clothed images, headshots, full length figure studies, detailed close-ups (a close shot of those revealing shorts like #022, for example), demure poses, as well as explicit anatomical renderings. I’ve made note of #039, for those round breasts, those braces, and that sweet, smiling face. Also #075, a rear three-quarters view that emphasizes hair, face, and haunches. And #129, in which Rylee A. is seated, completely revealed, but with downcast eyes adding a bit of thoughtful mystery.


“Laukos” starring Dido A - disarming, delicious, delightful…

Dido A: Laukos, by Luca Helios, delicious model, natural erotic photosWhen I’m composing an entry for this forum it is my stated practice to “look for the good and praise it.” Sometimes this is more challenging than others, of course. And if, in the process of looking for the good, I encounter something bad, it is my duty to comment on it. A MetArt gallery like “Laukos,” thanks to its charismatic subject, makes looking for the good exceedingly easy.

Dido A. radiates warmth and charm. The platinum blonde has a sunny, free-spirited, and irresistibly attractive nature that the camera has no trouble capturing. In every set of hers that I’ve had the pleasure of viewing, I never fail to get the feeling that Dido A. is enjoying the photo session every bit as much as I’m enjoying the photos.

If Dido’s personality on the set is at all like the personality I perceive in her photos – and I would be quite surprised if it was not – she must be a delight to work with. She has an “eager to please” quality, and I expect she makes the photographer’s job as easy and enjoyable as possible.

A blue dress improvised from a large piece of semi-sheer fabric and an elaborate necklace are the only bits of costuming. Luca Helios has placed Dido on a sandy hillock, a fallen tree trunk the primary “prop.” The lighting is natural and when a stray ray of sunshine hits Dido’s hair it adds an extra bit of magic. #001, a fully clothed headshot, is one instance of this effect. And #113, a totally nude shot of Dido A. spread out and reclining on the tree, is another fine example. #041 adds a similar “sun kiss” to a low angle shot in which Dido’s facial expression is a little less smiley, but even more intriguing.

Perhaps there is a more hard-hearted critic who could find fault with this model or this pictorial, but I pity the man who isn’t completely disarmed by the delicious and delightful Dido A.


“Lustroso” with Kristel A - second time’s a…

Kristel A: Lustroso, by Rylsky, interesting styling and moist visuals

I was extremely impressed by this model’s first MetArt gallery. Will her second offering, with the same photographer, elicit similarly enthusiastic praise?

Unfortunately, I must answer that question in the negative. The styling of the series is fine, clever even, and I don’t have a single complaint about Rylsky‘s execution here. In technical and artistic terms, “Lustroso” is virtually without flaw.

Through an elaborate and complex process of elimination you may have reached the conclusion that I’m less than pleased with the model here. If so, you are quite correct.

It took me some time to realize what was troubling me about Kristel A. in “Lustroso.” I know some will complain about the unshorn axillary and public regions. (And at the same time others will rave about her hirsute state.) But that is not the problem.

The difficulty I have with the model is her mouth and lips. From beginning to end her mouth is locked in a single expression. She neither smiles nor frowns. She doesn’t pout or purse her lips. And she never reveals her teeth. She maintains the same neutral expression for the entire set. As a feat of endurance, this may be notable. But in terms of emotional expression and nuance, it is a distinct liability.

Conceptually, the series is interesting. At first the blue speckled background appears to be simply that - a background. But when Kristel A. leans back, and gets splashed with falling “raindrops,” we realize that the background is a dynamic, liquid, animated optical illusion. And the water is put to good effect as the model gets wetter and wetter.

Shot #095 is my pick of this particular litter. Here we can experience the “raindrops” illusion, as well as its very real results. And the composition, a torso shot framed from navel to clavicles, further illuminates my reasoning.

Is my assessment unduly harsh? I’d be interested to hear conflicting opinions. Feel free to educate me in the comments, below.


“Spietato” starring Hunter A - a lady and a lamppost…

Hunter A: Spietato, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewYes, there is a bit of costuming, some accessories, shoes, but the two central visual elements of this MetArt erotic movie presentation are Hunter A. and the old fashioned lamppost she spends much of the production interacting with.

Leonardo shot this at night, and the light (not supplied by the antique lamp, incidentally) and shadows infuse the film with a rich and evocative mood. This appears to have been shot as a stand-alone movie, there are no telltale strobe flashes to signal that a still shoot is taking place simultaneously, which also contributes to its effectiveness.

With a throbbing sound track providing the beat, Hunter A. dances and writhes, playing to the camera and teasing the viewer mercilessly. This model can say a lot with her body, and even more with her eyes, and one doesn’t want to blink and risk missing a second of the performance. Although it may well have been chilly on that night, which might provide an explanation of Hunter’s ever-erect nipples here, it is no great leap to suggest that she’s in a heightened state of arousal. The heat this gorgeous creature generates is more than sufficient to banish the chill on the set, as well as raise the temperature in the viewer’s location.

Topless from the start, Hunter is “wearing” a tight, pale blue dress that’s pulled down and bunched up around her waist. She makes quite a show of taking off her black belt, and that’s followed, not long after, by the taunting, drawn out, removal of her skimpy white panties. That undergarment gets thrown in Leonardo’s direction, with a wicked little smile, at the 3:13 mark. Another moment to savor begins at 5:19. With her back turned to the camera, Leonardo frames Hunter from a low angle and the rear aspect of her beautiful body is thrown into delicious relief.

This collaboration between a heated Hunter A. and a creative Leonardo results in one hot “Spietato.”


Sara D. in “Presenting” - a new model + a new photographer…

Sara D: Presenting, by Adam Livos, flame-haired model, skilled photog

Things fresh, new, and never before experienced are a staple of the MetArt experience. Our members crave it, and the company works around the clock, and around the world, seeking it out and presenting it with pride and unrivaled frequency. Here we have a set that delivers a double debut - model and artist are both making their first appearances at MetArt.

Sara D. has a particularly strong look. And it goes well beyond her flowing crimson curls and pale, creamy complexion. She has a particularly strong face – a very strong, square jaw and a dimpled chin. Her eyes also have an unusual quality that is difficult to define. To say that they have a feline quality is not far off, however. This type of beauty may be polarizing. She is at ease in front of the camera, though, and has no difficulty projecting a varied range of looks.

First-time MetArt artist, Adam Livos, has a lot to work with in this model. And he’s chosen a location that provides a lot of variety. The series falls into (roughly) three sections.

Early on, Sara D. is wearing a sheer, filmy dress over a pair of sheer panties. She’s standing barefoot in the sand and tall grass next to (and sometimes in) a body of water, an indistinct ironwork structure is in the background. Later on, there is a grouping of shots - my favorites in the collection - where she’s totally nude, and reclining in a luxuriant patch of tall, green grass. The sun behind her lights up her hair like fire, and in many shots of the images in this section the grass throws fascinating shadows on her luminous skin.

The third group comes as something of a surprise. Now Sara is on her back, laying on an expanse of sand, and the photographer is shooting from some height - pale skin, shapely body, feet tracing patterns in the gray sand, flame-red hair providing a brilliant burst of color. An interesting debut, times two.


“Presenting” Amanda B. - finding her niche…

Amanda B: Presenting, by Goncharov, long blonde hair, big round breasts

Another day, another new model appears in her first MetArt erotic photo gallery. Life is good!

And the model is good, as well. Amanda B., a leggy blonde with a particularly impressive superstructure, will have no trouble at all attracting admirers.

The series itself is something of a mixed bag, at least in my humble estimation. While some of my niggling complaints might spring from the model’s lack of experience before the camera, I choose to lay the blame behind it. But bear in mind that my complaints are minor.

Amanda B. is, for much of the set, positioned in a tall, narrow niche in a blue wall. For no apparent reason, there is a saxophone next to her. Thankfully, she never picks up the horn, but I still find it an unnecessary addition. It adds nothing, and when it is hidden, or removed from view, the images are far more pleasing.

As he has done before, photographer Goncharov places a mirror on the floor in front of the niche. Although this does allow the most explicit images in the pictorial, it seems contrived. Surely explicit close-ups could have been achieved through some other means.

Some, but far from all, of the posing has a similar feeling. With arms and legs akimbo, Amanda’s natural charm is sacrificed in the name of artifice. And it is exactly that natural charm - not to mention that stellar physique - that combine to create the most impressive and pleasing photographs in the set.

In #008 Amanda opens her vest (the only piece of clothing here) to reveal her chest to breathtaking effect. In #020 we get to take in a full length view of Amanda B., and it really is something to see. Seated in #038, and with the sax hidden from view, Amanda strikes a pose that’s both formal and relaxed. And in #084 the model is at ease and extremely pleasing.


“Presenting” Denisa Heaven - unadorned introductory images…

Denisa Heaven: Presenting, by Koenart, redheaded model, natural pixIn her first MetArt gallery, Denisa Heaven is totally nude from beginning to end. She isn’t wearing a single stitch of clothing. She is completely free of jewelry of any kind. And she is very nearly bereft of makeup.

The set - a sofa and a couple of throw pillows in front of a window shaded with vertical blinds - is nearly as simple and stripped down as the model. The combination provides and opportunity to view Denisa Heaven in a natural, unembellished state.

Denisa’s most striking physical attribute has to be her hair. This lush mane of wavy red is truly eye-catching, and she can attain widely varied looks with a shake of her head. In some shots she looks somewhat plain, freshly-scrubbed and natural, as if she’s recently taken a shower. In others she has a polished, glamorous look that is entirely different. With no real props to play with, aside from the pillows, and no clothing to remove, Denisa’s hair becomes one of the most important visual components of the series. Those with a weakness for redheads will be rewarded.

Koenart has a way of presenting his unadorned subject that captures the full range of her expressions. Some images - #027 for example - have a natural, nearly candid quality. Others are beautiful, formal compositions - I like #018 - and there is a very generous, very frank series of explicit, intimate close-ups.

One appealing aspect of seeing a model in this type of pared down presentation is that one can get a clear, unobstructed view of her physical assets as well as her basic ability as a model. Here Denisa Heaven is a bit like a blank canvas, and the potential for embellishment and erotic artistry is virtually limitless.


“Presenting” Liza J - an extremely pleasing premiere…

Liza J: Presenting, by Egon Schneider, beautiful girl/beautiful photosBefore I opened this MetArt pictorial I made a mental note: The set only includes 100 images, shorter than usual. This can be a bad omen. Sometimes, due to technical concerns, an artist has to pick the “least worse” images from a photo shoot to come up with an acceptable product. Happily, that is most definitely not the case here!

From the first image to the last, “Presenting” Liza J. is exceptional. The model, in her first series for MetArt, is a natural beauty with a face and figure that the camera simply loves. And her fresh, youthful beauty is flattered by the lush setting and masterfully handled natural light.

The set begins and ends with Liza in a simple summer dress. It soon comes off and she (and we, the viewers) enjoy an au natural, al fresco interlude. She puts the dress back on the last few shots, adding a delightful bit of “reverse tease” and adding a happy conclusion to what appears to have been an experience she’s looking forward to repeating. I certainly hope so!

This is the first gallery shot by Egon Schneider I’ve reviewed, and I’m thoroughly impressed. I made mention of the lighting here earlier, and it really is exceptional. In a shot like #016, the model is totally nude. Her body is softly and fully lighted, her skin tones warm and inviting, her hair picking up subtle highlights. The background, however, a lush meadow of tall grass, is brightly sunlit and in soft focus. Balancing the two extremes, foreground and back, took real finesse, and the result is perfection.

Too many favorites to list, but I can’t resist calling out a few: #068 (beautiful face, beautiful light, beautiful breast, beautiful photo!); #089, #090, and #091(three views of a reclining nude, a truly beguiling body). I hope to see more, much more, from this model and her photographer. And I doubt very much I am the only one!


“Sheila” starring Sheila C - jumping in with both feet…

Sheila C: Sheila, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewIt has, doubtless, happened before. But, in my own admittedly limited experience, I’ve never know a model to make her first appearance at MetArt in a movie. And that’s precisely the case with this production.

The location is interesting and unusual. It’s a large body of water, or at least a portion of one. I’d guess that it is freshwater, a lake, or perhaps an estuary or inlet. And the potion of it that Sheila C. is filmed in is extremely shallow, not much more than ankle-deep. She walks, runs, spins and cavorts, covering some distance, all the while remaining in the shallows. When she steps out of the water, but hardly on to dry land, she has a bit of fun rubbing sandy mud on her trim torso before rinsing it off with handfuls of cool, clear water.

This doesn’t appear to be a day that’s ideally suited to frolicking in the water wearing nothing but the merest breath of a “skirt,” one made from coarse fishnet, however. There is a steady breeze to disturb the water’s surface, and the clouds in the background suggest that a storm is not far off. Despite the seemingly chilly conditions, this new MetArt model projects an exceptionally sunny attitude throughout.

Director Fenix remains at a distance for much of the movie, and we have ample opportunity to examine Sheila’s nubile body. While she does indulge in some proper posing, many of the most enjoyable moments here are when the model runs, splashing, through the water towards the camera. The look of glee on her face, and the bounce and jiggle of her firm breasts are absolutely delightful.


“Talisman” with Demi A - slim pickings…

Demi A: Talisman, by Luca Helios, slender nude on a beautiful beachA picturesque and desolate beach, rocks, sand, sea and sky. The natural beauty of such a setting makes a fine location for a nude photo essay, and it’s quite possible we’ve seen this stretch of shoreline in other MetArt galleries. So far, so good.

And it’s a creation of Luca Helios. Although I’ve never done an accounting, it’s quite possible I’ve reviewed more of his sets than any other MetArt contributor. If not, he’s certainly near the top of the list, and I’ve enjoyed his work whether he’s shooting outdoors or in the controlled environment of the studio. A talented artist is wielding the camera. What of his subject?

I don’t recall ever seeing Demi A. before, and my initial reactions are generally positive. But as I work my way through the series I begin to cool to it. Some of this has to do with the model. Matters of attraction are entirely personal and I mean no offence to Demi or her admirers, but she doesn’t really “do it” for me. I enjoy many body types, from lean to voluptuous, but to my eye Demi is simply too lean.

Further complicating matters, the harsh daylight and lack of fill flash creates deep, dark, and occasionally unfortunate shadows. In #019, #067, and #073 the model’s extreme leanness and the harsh lighting throws shadows on her torso that are anything but attractive. Oh, and that soda can that appears in the background (#032 and #035) does nothing to enhance the otherwise pristine setting. While I’m griping, let me add that I don’t much care for the sarong or the necklace, although I can live with the tattoo.

When Demi moves away from the rocks she spends most of the set posing on, dispenses with her jewelry and “clothing,” and relaxes on a soft patch of sand, “Talisman” yields its most pleasing images. I do like #090, #095, #097, and #108, a nice pose, a pleasing composition, and an undeniably pretty face.


“Lotura” starring Alina H - an intriguing intensity…

Alina H: Lotura, by Leonardo, beautiful, powerfully erotic, art photosDetermining a model’s personality simply by looking at her photographs is an extremely inexact science. It is very difficult to say what, exactly, conveys an individual’s spirit, but there can be no question that we all come to our one personal assessments of a given model’s nature. Sofi A. has a playful, friendly quality. Anna AJ seems a bit more restrained, cool, and aloof. Some models project a down to earth, girl next door quality, while others suggest glamour and sophistication. The star of “Lotura” has a brand of erotic intensity that is completely her own, and it is powerful.

The first time I discussed a series starring Alina H. I was impressed. I was struck not only by her facial and bodily beauty, but also by the attitude she powerfully projected in her photos. The second series I evaluated confirmed the conclusions I’d come to about Alina H. This is a complex and unusual woman, and she is strong, self-possessed, and extremely confident in her sexuality.

Leonardo‘s “Lotura” does a wonderful job of showcasing this formidable talent. I don’t have any idea of how the photographer and this model get along off camera, but when they work together (he shot all three of Alina’s sets I’ve written about) there’s a real sense of collaboration. The set design is simple, clean, and direct. Compositions tend to be bold and direct. Costuming and styling is simple, but designed for maximum erotic impact. And the posing is stylish, frank, explicit, and smoldering with the Alina H.’s signature sexual intensity.

Notice how Alina‘s long fingernails grip the cheeks of her ass in #053. There is an “attitude” in that gesture that is both undeniable and irresistible. From that explicit image turn to #012, a fully clothed shot framed from mid-body. Enjoy the symmetry of that face, the refinement of that jaw line. But note the look in her eyes. There’s real depth there, complexity, and genuine intensity. As with the rest of “Lotura,” I find it nearly impossible to look away.


“Presenting” Ariana A - a doubly delightful discovery…

Ariana A: Presenting, by Matiss, young, pert model, erotic art pixOne of the true pleasures of my assignment here is to evaluate a new series from a familiar and favored model. Tomorrow, for instance, I’ll be spending some quality time with Alina H., and trust me when I say I’m very much looking forward to that experience.

Today, however, I also have a different type of pleasurable experience to discuss. Indeed, I have two of them. The set in question is “Presenting” starring Ariana A., and photographed by a single named individual who employs the moniker Matiss. This is the first appearance at MetArt for both model and artist, and my first exposure to either one. Based on the evidence contained in this pictorial, it is a highly successful debut for both participants.

At a tender 19 years of age, Ariana A. is young and fresh. And she has the wonderful, unpredictable, mercurial ability to appear innocent and girlish in one image, and worldly and womanly in the next. There is a hint of inexperience in a few (actually, very few) images, but I find this appealing. Her body also has a multidimensional quality. She can look a bit waifish in some angles, and curvaceously mature in another. At any rate, I won’t soon grow tired of looking at her.

Matiss deserves a full measure of credit here. The set has a nice pace, it includes a broad range of poses and compositions, and the styling and set design are all well conceived and executed. Some truly fine headshots do a superb job of introducing us to Ariana A. #008, #015 (with a sidelong glance), and #092 (eyes closed) are gems. I also love #054 (a standing back shot – of a beautiful backside), #096 (a reclining, fully exposed, pin-up).

As a team, and as individuals, Ariana A. and Matiss are welcome additions to the MetArt talent pool.


“Presenting” Lida C - first views of a new addition…

Lida C: Presenting, by Dmitry Maslof, willowy model, artistic nude pixLet me dispense with a minor complaint - perhaps clarification is the better word - about this set. It is my routine to download the low resolution file for a set I’ve been assigned to evaluate. I then start at the beginning and work my way to the end, in numerical order. I don’t look at the set online, and I never “jump around” a set, at least not during the first look. A vast majority of MetArt photo galleries have an arc, an order, a linear logic. The model appears fully dressed, she slowly disrobes, she poses while gradually offering up more detailed views.

This is an easily understood convention. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, this series has been scrambled. In the first 33 images the model is nude but for a necklace. At #034 she is suddenly wearing white fishnet stockings and a garter belt. As the numbers mount the nude and “clothed” shots are randomly mixed. And now I’ve given more than enough space to my “minor complaint.”

Lida C. is slender, willowy, and I think she acquits herself quite nicely here. Some of her poses are really quite creative - I’m thinking of shots like #017 and #043. And she has a quiet, understated type of natural beauty that is admirably showcased in #014 and #015, a pair of headshots.

#014 leads me to one of this set’s outstanding qualities. Nearly all of the series finds Lida seated on a countertop with windows behind her. The natural light is very bright, but Dmitry Maslof skillfully finds a perfect balance to his exposures. Lida C. is never in shadow or blown out, and what might result in blinding glare for a less skilled technician is transformed into a diffusion that gives a wonderful texture to the model’s hair and skin. A confident debut for this new model, and a nicely crafted effort from her photographer.


“Canas” starring Sasha J - a leisurely interlude…

Sasha J: Canas, by Dmitry Maslof, MetArt HD erotic movie review

As this MetArt movie begins its star is wearing a short red dress that seems somewhat out of step with the setting - a lush, wooded area with a brook running through it. Even so, when Sasha J. begins to toy with the hem of her scarlet garment it does tease and tempt us with the prospect of what is yet to come.

This is a placid, leisurely offering, and under Dmitry Maslof‘s direction it takes just under three minutes for the dress to be removed. Sasha’s undraped frame is a sight to be savored, and the natural landscape provides ample suggestion for any number of fantasies and scenarios.

Thanks to the languid pacing, we have ample opportunities to gaze at this gorgeous girl. Some may grow impatient with the long takes in which Sasha J. only moves or shifts position in tiny increments. But once I got into the subtle rhythm of the film I found the results relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

If I could make any adjustments to this production I would ask for a bit more variety in the way of poses. More footage of Sasha J. moving around, exploring, playing, or simply striking a larger selection of poses would not detract from the overall mood. And if the camera were to move in and capture a few more detailed views, I would be the last to complain.

I’ve come to think of “Canas” as a visual tone poem. It creates a vivid sense of place, and captures a very beautiful nude female in an extremely beautiful setting. Have I neglected to mention that Sasha has a great ass? That, alone, may be worth the price of admission to “Canas.”


“Rendezvous” starring Elina B - an enticing erotic interlude…

Elina B: Rendezvous, by Alex Sironi, erotic art photography excellenceI reviewed photographer Alex Sironi’s first contribution to MetArt, and I’ve had the pleasure of viewing and commenting several more of his sets since then. While no two of his pictorials are alike, the technical skills and effortless artistry that so impressed me at first have remained both consistent and impressive.

Rendezvous,” I’m pleased to say, is a worthy addition to Sironi‘s portfolio. Art direction and styling are both simple, minimal, and effective. Here the back wall of the studio has been painted a shocking shade of pink. The color might easily overwhelm, but Sironi takes pains to keep the background out of focus adding just enough diffusion to “dial back” the impact of the color. A collateral benefit of this technique is to put the emphasis on his subject. And what a fine subject she is!

Elina B. has a slender, long limbed, delicate, and completely eye-pleasing body. And her beautiful face is framed by a lush, slightly wild, head of auburn hair. Posing on a pleasantly rumpled bed with a white wrought iron headboard in the otherwise empty room, there’s more than a suggestion of a “Rendezvous” that is about to occur, or which may have recently ended, or which may have reached an “intermission.” No matter what the scenario, whether she’s seated, sprawling, lolling, or striking a wide variety of poses, Elina is a treat.

My favorites here vary considerably in style and flavor, a tribute both to the artist and his model. #012 and #013 are dramatic, theatrical images, and #087 is a more romantic, fully nude, variation on that theme. Another pair, #094 and #100, are refined, stylish, and painterly images that are, as they say, “suitable for framing.” And #132, ends the collection on an exquisitely beautiful note.


“Presenting” Mia Sollis - for fans, fanciers, and fetishists of the freckle…

Mia Sollis: Presenting, by Koenart, redheaded, freckled, and foxy

I would have added a word for “redhead” to this post’s title, but I couldn’t come up with one that begins with an “f.” But, whether you’re attracted to a freckled complexion, or if you’re particularly drawn to flame-haired females, or if you just love the sight of a nude nubile’s shapely young body, you’ll want to have a look at “Presenting” starring new MetArt model Mia Sollis.

A selection of headshots in this Koenart creation made it into my notes as I reviewed the series. Not simply because they are exceptionally pleasing compositions, but also because Mia has such a striking appearance. She’s got a sunny, lively, youthful beauty and attitude, to be sure. But what really sets her apart, and does so in quite a dramatic fashion, is her complexion and coloring. You’d better like freckles, though! I’ve always found them pleasing – on the right girl, of course – and Mia definitely meets that standard. And her scarlet hair combined with her overall beauty is bright and vivid enough to stop traffic. Of the headshots, my picks include: #020, an on-her-belly shot that with face and breasts exposed. I also very much like #031, framed from mid-torso up, and with her hands holding her hair up. And #119 is a sweet shot with those crimson locks in appealing disarray.

There’s much more to Mia Sollis than that concentration of beauty atop her neck, however, and the set does include a variety of poses and approaches. #049, shot from a low angle roughly between the model’s wide-spread legs and looking upward, captures both her body and expressive face to excellent effect. And Koenart devotes a generous number of images to Mia’s dainty and delicious intimate architecture.

The set concludes with a few fully dressed shots, a nice touch that helps give a better sense of this appealing newcomer’s personality. But you’d better like freckles!


“Verdure” starring Bijou A - quiet on the set…

Bijou A: Verdure, by Tim Fox, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewThe MetArt erotic movie titled “Verdure” opens with a slideshow. Punctuated by the sound of a camera’s shutter being tripped, we are treated to a selection of enticing images from the still series of the same name. I’d never seen the model before, and I found this to be a particularly effective introduction.

As the actual motion picture portion of the production begins we see Bijou A., in the nude, rummaging through her suitcase in search of lingerie. She finds a bustier and a very scant pair of panties, dresses, and proceeds to pose for a still shoot. This is reasonably typical behind-the-scenes material. The still photographer and movie producer, Tim Fox, clowns with the videographer briefly; we see assistants amidst the lighting gear, an assistant is at work on a laptop, and the stylist adds some finishing cosmetic touches to the model.

Bijou A. is a very animated, energetic, and lively model. She has a ready smile and, apparently, an equally ready laugh. I use the word “apparently” because I have never heard her laughter, I have only seen her laughing. Although many MetArt movies have a musical soundtrack and no live sound, and do quite well without it, the absence of on-the-set audio is a particularly vexing omission here. Of course, I might not understand a word of what’s being said that earns so many broad grins and bursts of laughter from Bijou. And I might not understand her spoken retorts, either. But there’s a lot of banter taking place during this session, and I only wish I could have heard some of it!

One bit of still photo technique captured here quite surprised me. At one point Tim Fox has his lens perhaps a foot, perhaps less, from Bijou’s face. I was struck by that close proximity. And I was impressed how easily the model adapted her pose and maintained her composure during this segment. Those close-ups are highlights of “Verdure,” the still series. Similar close ups, below the neck, are missing from “Verdure,” the movie, but the pictorial more than makes up for this with some breathtaking explicit images. The series and the movie make a fine pair - and, yes, I’m making a none too subtle reference to Bijou’s breasts. I suggest you check them out - in her photos and HD video.


“Tory” introducing Tory D - red is the color…

Tory D: Tory, by Leonardo, gorgeous, glamorous, new MetArt modelThis gallery is a dramatic and, in many ways, impressive debut of an appealing new MetArt model. With her flowing auburn hair, pale and creamy skin, and dark, ever-erect nipples, Tory D.’s look is somewhat out of the ordinary - a very pleasing change of pace. Although it’s certainly amplified by the styling and art direction of the set, she also has a particularly glamorous look and a face with a real “screen star” quality.

Photographer Leonardo has chosen a stylish and stylized treatment for the series. Apart from the furry throw she’s posing on, a couple of pillows, and a chair that appears towards the end of the set, everything is one or another shade of red. Tory’s marabou-trimmed, kitten-heeled mules, her silk shorty kimono, even the stones in her necklace are red. The backdrop is a dark shade of reddish pink, and, in a dramatic flourish, an arched window frame casts it’s angled shadow on the wall.

The lighting is somewhat inconsistent here, and the shadows create complications the artist doesn’t entirely come to grips with. There are more than a few shots that are severely compromised by the exposure/shadow problem (#069 and #075 are just two examples).

But, when the art direction works, it works very well indeed. From the first, Tory D. is an eager and self-assured performer. She is aware of her own beauty (a fact she admits to in her bio), and she has a real knack for posing, be it in a natural style or something far more stylized. Her look and attitude, combined with the visual style of the set, result in some truly exceptional pin-ups. Of these, #058, #062, and #065 are my personal choices. In #011 Tory D. displays her natural, sexy, attitude (as well as her splendid breasts). And #085 is another fine introduction to this pretty and promising new arrival.


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