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“Presenting” Feeona A - charmingly cherubic…

Feeona A: Presenting, by Rylsky, cherubic blonde, beautiful studio pix

First time MetArt model Feeona A. concludes her bio with the following suggestion: “Enjoy life and smile often.” And it becomes quickly clear that she follows her own advice. There is a lively light dancing in this model’s eyes, and a smile is never far from her lips. And when she is smiling, quite often that smile is joined by a pair of pretty dimples in her cheeks.

The set begins outside on a sunny day. Wearing a short dress - and that adorable smile - Feeona makes a fine first impression. A shot like #010, with the model leaning against the wall of a building, has a casual quality and her pleasant personality is evident.

After getting to know the model in an urban setting, the series moves indoors for a more formal, stylized photo session. Here the studio light is diffused, the background is white, as is a layer of sheer fabric which gives the floor a cloudlike texture.

One of my favorite shots in this gallery is #037. Feeona is still fully clothed in this headshot. She’s framed from her shoulders up, and the composition, combined with the lighting and the expression on Feeona’s face is very pretty. Another headshot, #100, is another favorite. The dress is absent here, and the model is lying down, but the beauty of her face is deftly captured.

While photographer Rylsky tends to hang back at a respectful distance for the more explicit poses, Feeona is quite open and uninhibited in her presentation. I get the feeling she is completely at ease before the camera, and enjoying this experience to the full. Have a look at a totally nude shot like #065 and you’ll see exactly what I mean.


From the MetArt Mailbox…

Original art by G.M., a MetArt fan and member from France

We recently received an e-mail from a French MetArt member. We were not only impressed by his sincerity and enthusiasm, but also by the high quality of his original artwork – skillful pencil renderings of MetArt models. What follows is an interview we conducted with the talented artist who goes by the initials G.M.

MetArt: How and when did you first discover MetArt?

G.M.: I discovered MetArt by chance about six years ago. I had been searching for nude models of the Web to draw and learn anatomy, especially female curves, shadow and light.

MetArt: What first inspired you to create your images of MetArt models?

G.M.: I would say that first of all I looked for natural girls, the harmonious body and face consistent with my standards of beauty. When I discovered MetArt I was immediately inspired by the models – they are young and have a nice freshness that I have never seen before. There is a purity, an innocence, but also very “womanly” quality.

MetArt: Who are your favorite MetArt models to draw, and why?

G.M.: I would say…all! They are all captivating. I do have a preference for a few:

Liza B. who for me is a perfect model. Her face can take different attitudes, sometimes cold – eyes glaze – penetrating, laughing or fun, or the glance of a “femme fatale.” I really feel an intensity in her eyes.Original art by G.M., a MetArt fan and member from France

Julia I. I love her as she is exciting – blonde or brunettte! In “Positiva,” “Xerta,” and “Paraiso,” is where I find the most expressive with different attitudes and ways of playing with the photographer.

Also there is Ariel A. who is really a very beautiful woman, and Jesika A, Anita C, Lily A, Maya C…the list would be too long, but I do have a preference for blondes in general.

MetArt: Do you have a favorite MetArt photographer? If so, what draws you to his or her work?

G.M.: I like photographers who base their model’s pose in nature, there is a dynamic between the brightness and contrast the place, and the scenery found behind the model.

Whether in the forest, a field, or a beach there is something that gives a link between nature and the model that I find really beautiful, a return to simplicity and beauty is perfect for me. So I enjoy photographers like Galio Giovanni, Leonardo, Luca Helios for their outdoor photo sets. There is also the shadow and the light which challenges me in my work to find the right balance to highlight the model. Voronin and Mark are both experts at this.

MetArt: How has MetArt contributed to the development of your own artistic skills?

G.M.: MetArt always helps me and helps me to improve my approach. It has also helped me perfect the realistic body proportions of the anatomy and especially the attitudes of women who are much more varied and complex in their expressions than a man.

Every time I start a new drawing I seek to achieve a realistic look of Original art by G.M., a MetArt fan and member from Francethe piece. The goal for me is to come to represent one of your models as accurately as possible, taking the beauty of the model and the original photograph and giving it the unique charm an artist’s pencil can create.

MetArt: If you could meet and draw one MetArt model, who would you choose, and where would you draw her (studio, nature, etc.)?

G.M.: I think I will choose either Liz B or Julia I.

For the place, because of major difficulties of drawing outdoors – changing sunlight, the moving sun making shadows – I would say indoors, in a softly lit studio.

Let me thank you again for the attention you gave to my first e-mail, it gives me great pleasure to share my work with MetArt.

MetArt: Thank you, G.M., for sharing your beautiful artwork with us!


“Win-Win” starring Peaches A - victory at see…

Peaches A: Win-Win, by Majoly, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Win-Win” has a relaxed, leisurely pace, and this is underscored and emphasized by the music. The film progresses at an even tempo and it is free of distracting cuts and extraneous footage.

There is no plot, no live sound here, it’s simply a tasteful video record of a still photo shoot, in this case Majoly‘s “Traum” starring Peaches A., that was added to MetArt in September 2007.

The action, such as it is, begins and ends on a large leather sofa. Seated and fully dressed, Peaches A. tempts the viewer with a couple of fleeting glimpses up her short skirt. The model’s attitude here is distinctly seductive. And, because she is playing primarily to the still camera, she holds her poses at some length, even as she maintains her sultry attitude.

Bit by bit more and more skin is exposed. When her breasts are revealed, at the 1:56 mark, I was tempted to hit the pause button – they really are worth lingering over. But the pacing here is so measured that no pause is necessary, we have ample time to enjoy each new revelation, each pose, each variation.

Those who require absolute nudity may complain - the model never removes her stiletto heels and sheer black stockings - but I find the minimal bit of clothing quite sexy. Peaches A. doesn’t need any costuming to enhance her body or amplify her sex appeal, however. Her long hair, dark eyes, and curvaceous body are a visual treat, and when she begins to play more directly to the video camera, as she does in the closing moments of this production, the effect is striking.


It’s Good To Be The King

So I'm standing in the back of this long, narrow jazz club straining to see though the thick haze. Shadows of a long black coat and black hat cut through the backlights creating a silhouette that looks like it might be an angel descending down from the heavens. But it aint no angel. In fact, two mostly naked, erotic goddesses walk down the narrow club in front of me towards the figure in the black coat, each one holding an arm of Malena Morgan. All three women wear masks, but it's Malena who Zalman has us focus on.

You think I might be talking about a scene from Vanilla Sky, but it's not. It's MetArt Films production of Zalman King's Kamikaze Love. I stood there trying to be quiet while watching the master of erotica, Zalman King, do his magic. To the left of me stood an extremely sexy young lady wearing a red and back skintight latex outfit, and to the right stood two tall, thin, naked women whose faces were concealed by skimpy black costume ball masks. In front of me stood Malena Morgan looking so hot I could almost see the steam rising from her soft, perfect body.

But it wasn't steam. It was a fog machine. And hidden in that fog stood four movie cameras, dozens of lights and camera equipment, and a crew of nearly 30 people. It felt like I was standing in an erotic jazz club in New Orleans in a universe that only the privileged could peek into - and for two hours I was one of the chosen few. After about an hour of filming I looked over at the master, Zalman King, who never took his eyes off the monitor as the action unfolded before him like an erotic poem. He was creating that thing that only he can do, that magic that is his erotica. He was so transfixed by the action he actually broke a sweat.

Next stop, the editing room where the real magic happens!


“Presenting” Leona D. - if you love this girl…

Leona D: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, her first MetArt photo shoot

…It’s highly likely you’ll love this set. I am a fan of the photographer, Alex Sironi, but I feel it’s only fair to declare, before I proceed, that this model doesn’t completely “do it” for me.

And that’s exactly the way matters of personal taste work. While the MetArt talent pool is overwhelmingly biased in the direction of truly beautiful women and girls, I favor some over others, you do the same, and we will not always be in complete agreement, nor should we be. I can easily imagine that Leona D. is a charming girl, with personal and physical attributes that will earn her countless admirers. I like her, but I do not love her.

True to form, Mr. Sironi keeps the set design simple. The entire series unfolds on a sofa in front of some windows with a picturesque view of a cityscape. Leona D. is wearing a turquoise blouse, a necklace, and a pair of sexy panties. As the set progresses, and her clothing comes off, the model attempts a range of expressions, some with more success than others. I will attribute this inconsistency to a lack of modeling experience. And, as is so often the case, the most successful shots here are those in which the model stops “working” so hard, and simply relaxes and lets her natural spirit shine through. A shot like #107 makes my point. Here her pose seems natural, her face at ease - a pleasing image. Another shot, #088, although more explicit, if not quite as flattering, reflects this more natural presentation.

But some of the more consciously posed images here do provide a glimpse of Leona D.’s warm spirit, and #072, a full-length standing shot, has a pleasing style and an inviting energy. And what’s not to like about that?


“Non Detto” starring Fergie A - hordes of heavenly headshots…

Fergie A: Non Detto, by Dolce, beautiful headshots, and a lot moreI have reviewed countless MetArt photo galleries in which one or more of my favorite images were headshots. But I can never recall a series that featured eye-catching headshots in such abundance. This is by no means a complaint, and when one considers the head being shot, it’s quite understandable. Fergie A. has exceptionally fine features, and all the separate elements - nose, lips, eyes (oh, those eyes!), cheekbones, hair - are proportioned and placed with something approaching perfection. Really, hers is a face that fascinates, beguiles, beckons, and bewitches!

So it’s not at all surprising that Dolce‘s lens would be drawn in the direction of Fergie A.’s face. The first image that I made note of was #008. The set has barely begun, the model is still clothed. She tilts her head, parts her plump and luscious lips, and looks right into the lens. It’s difficult to look away. I get to #012, a different composition, but still delightful. #036, a completely different take, her eyes looking off-camera, her hair wrapping over, wave-like, framing that face exquisitely. Quite simply, there are too many fine headshots in “Non Detto” to mention and describe. But I can’t resist mentioning #093 and #096. In the first she seems slightly more relaxed, just a shade more natural. That ease is present in the second image, as well, and it’s effect on me is hypnotic.

Lest you decide that Fergie A. has mesmerized me and transformed me into a toothless, fawning worshipper, I must say I do have a couple of problems with the set. As I hint at above, sometimes I feel that Fergie A. is trying a little too hard, and some of her expressions seem slightly forced. And what is the logic or purpose of that antique telephone Dolce has Fergie pantomime with? This is one of the dumber props of recent memory, a opinion Fergie, herself, seems to share in #016.

Although the set has a pleasant bias to above-the-neck shots, Fergie’s body does receive ample exposure. #081 has a candid quality and captures her at full length. And #109, as she bites her lower lip and parts her thighs, boasts a jolt of animal eroticism.


“Lavico” starring Indiana A - gorgeous girl in a grab-bag…

Indiana A: Lavico, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie review

I’m not exactly certain how I feel about “Lavico,” the latest addition to MetArt’s HD movie collection. This production is unlike any other I’ve reviewed and it really is something of a curiosity.

It opens on a stretch of oceanfront. At some distance a long-haired young woman walks slowly, her white dress fluttering in the wind. The sky is leaden, the natural light dim, a storm appears to be impending. Then, without warning, we’re indoors. A girl - at this point we can’t be certain it’s the beach wanderer - wearing a floppy hat and an oversized T-shirt is cheerfully eating lunch, she waves at the camera. Next, again without warning, we watch a girl in a black dress walking along a promenade, the sun shines brightly, tourists sit with their baggage, palm trees in the background suggest this might be Spain. Another cut and our female friend is seated at a dinner table having an amiable and animated conversation while smoking a cigarette - she even addresses the camera, but I am unable to translate her comments.

We return to the dark beach. The girl removes her dress to reveal a splendid body, but the camera remains at a distance. She throws her dress to the winds. A female assistant scurries into the frame chasing the garment.

Now we’re on a brightly sunlit beach, islands dot the horizon. Now our star is wearing sunglasses and an orange bathrobe. The camera remains at a distance, the robe remains closed.

There is something disjointed and jumbled in this presentation. It really is a hodgepodge. The footage on the dark beach is appealing, if overly dark. And Indiana A. is both beautiful and charming. I would very much like to have a closer, well-lighted, view of her, but it is not to be, at least not in “Lavico.” The companion photo series, “Magazine,” also by Luca Helios, features only the dark beach setting, and it does offer a just a bit more detail.

And still, even after giving it some considered thought, I’m not sure how I feel about “Lavico.” Please feel free to share your impressions in the comments, below.


“Presenting” Malena Morgan - a star on the rise…

Malena Morgan: Presenting, meet the star of MetArt's Kamikaze Love

When I learned that MetArt was producing a feature length erotic movie - directed by an unrivaled master of that genre, Zalman King, no less! - I was more than intrigued. This is a truly enticing prospect, and, like so many of who left a comment or otherwise conveyed your support and enthusiasm, I eagerly await the premiere of Kamikaze Love. But, while I am quite familiar with Zalman King’s oeuvre, I had yet to experience the film’s star…until today.

This is Malena Morgan‘s first MetArt photo gallery, and, based on her beauty, confidence, and erotic allure, I hope there are many more to follow. And viewing her here only makes the prospect of seeing Malena in a full-blown Hollywood feature film written and directed by one of the legends of erotic cinema all the more enticing.

Jason Self‘s art direction and pacing are both nicely handled. Malena Morgan’s costume is extremely sexy, and perfectly suited to an erotic star on the rise, and she takes it off with tantalizing expertise. And each teased-out bit of body is worth waiting for. Malena’s physique strikes a pleasing balance between slim and curvaceous, and the details are lovingly captured in an ample number of explicit close-ups. A shot like #070, with its shallow depth of field, the pose, the composition, the texture of the model’s skin, and a little burst of color is a standout among these.

Although she’s not looking directly at the camera in #023, I love the smile on her face as she toys with her costume and breasts. And #086 and #091, two variations on a breasts-up headshot, help convey not just Malena’s beauty, but her emotional range, as well.

An impressive MetArt debut for Malena Morgan, and an abundance of compelling reasons to eagerly anticipate the release of Kamikaze Love.


“Puella” starring Mia Sollis - twice is nice…

Mia Sollis: Puella, by Peter Guzman, cute redhead, erotic art pix

I enjoyed this model’s first MetArt gallery, and I’m pleased to report that her second offering confirms my initial reaction. And, while her debut series was created by Koenart, this one was lensed by a different photographer, so it has a distinctly different visual flavor.

To my eyes, Mia Sollis has a sweet demeanor, but her costume here adds a pleasing bit of steamy sexuality. She starts out in black high heels that tie in a bow around her pale ankles, black panties, and a sheer, black lace blouse. The sweetness of this model’s gentle smile sets up a nice bit of tension with her overtly erotic outfit.

The most outstanding aspect of Peter Guzman‘s approach in “Puella” is most certainly his lighting. I can’t claim to understand what techniques he has employed, but he’s managed to light the background in such a way that it is in softly, subtly diffused shadow, and it is imbued with a hint of saffron-tinted color in a way that is particularly flattering to the model’s hair and complexion. It isn’t exactly easy to describe, but it’s immediately obvious when viewing the series, and on those few occasions where the lighting deviates, it certainly captures one’s attention.

The second image in the set is a gem. #002 is a clothed headshot. The lighting I mentioned above is readily apparent. Mia’s lips are barely parted, and her face is relaxed and natural, as well as particularly pretty. A similar shot, #010, pegs my personal cutie-meter. Image #0046, a headshot with breasts revealed, is moody, evocative, and painterly. And #087, one of the shots in which the lighting is somewhat different, is a lovely figure study, as is #124.

By doubling the size of her MetArt portfolio, Mia Sollis, with gifted support from Peter Guzman, has proved that twice is, indeed, nice.


“Camisa” starring Kitty B - doorway to heaven…

Kitty B: Camisa, by Leonardo, sexy, saucy, sensual erotic photo art

The always pretty Kitty B. greets us in the open doorway of a bedroom. We are in the hall, the neatly made bed is behind her. Others might rush to get this beautiful blonde out of her costume - a man’s white dress shirt and a string of black beads - and unto that mattress, but Leonardo and his model have other plans.

In fact, the majority of “Camisa” takes place in the doorway, and this allows for some interesting effects. Some are purely visual. The doorway is framed in dark wood and allows for flattering compositions. And, as a static “prop,” Kitty B. can arrange herself within the aperture to create differing effects. At one point, for example, she stands on a chair and places herself at the very top of the portal (see #060).

When she’s seated in that chair Kitty B. is anything but bashful, and she offers up an abundance of explicit views of her immaculate intimate areas. When her face is visible in these frank images there’s often an inscrutable, yet subtly saucy attitude in Kitty’s eyes that adds more than a hint of suggestive spice.

After a long period of blocking our entry into the bedroom, Kitty finally relents and takes her place on the bed. A pleasing selection of varied poses follows. In #120 nothing too taboo is on view, but her pose and expression are no less enticing. And in #122 Kitty B. offers herself up, completely, and in #123 she averts her closed eyes in an erotic reverie.


“Elevato” with Liv A - smiley dancer…

Liv A: Elevato, by Rylsky, a dancer displays her charms in erotic pix

When I read Liv A.’s bio after viewing this set I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that she studied dance for ten years. Not only does her body have the long, lean lines we associate with dancers - specifically ballet dancers - but she also has a very “dancerly” presentation. In a shot like #032, for example, she uses the railing on a staircase in a way that evokes the barre, although, in this case the barre is on the diagonal.

This creates a bit of a problem for me. Sometimes the effect is quite pleasing. Have a look at #041, shot from behind, with the hem of her peach colored dress raised to reveal her firm, ripe rump. There’s a stylish, formal quality to this image that I like. And #062, kneeling with one leg while the other is on tip-toe, is a truly unique and unusual pose. But, at other times, it seems just the slightest bit contrived and ill suited to the rustic setting.

Liv A. is a happy girl, and her smile is a near constant companion. But, again, the attitude her face is projecting doesn’t always mesh well with her surroundings. Take an image like #093, for example. Here Liv is striking yet another dancer’s pose, and smiling broadly while leaning against a large stack of cordwood. What is she saying here? That she really, really likes firewood? It isn’t always easy to understand or share her enthusiasm.

Mr. Rylsky does manage to shoot his subject in many different spots at this interesting outdoor location, and he includes everything from moody, evocative, fully clothed shots (see #015) to explicit close-ups (see #047). And, on the subject of variety, the final 20 shots in this MetArt gallery appear to be from an entirely different photo shoot, this one indoors, with completely different styling. I find this curious, others may find it a delightful bonus.


“Acusado” starring Leka C - mainly mellow moments…

Leka C: Acusado, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie review

MetArt members know better than to expect car chases, explosions, and other such dramatics from the site’s catalog of HD movies. That’s not to say that erotic fireworks, sexual tension, and pulse-pounding passion are not to be found in abundance - I’m simply pointing out that these movies tend to be far more subtle, nuanced, and sophisticated than an audience raised on Hollywood blockbusters, video games, and mainstream “adult entertainment” may be accustomed to.

Acusado” directed by Fenix, is a perfect example of this understated, measured, almost minimalist style of erotica. We have but two locations - one, beside a small lake, the other a field of tall grass (if that’s actually wheat, I hope you can forgive this lifelong city dweller’s ignorance).

And, of course, we have a girl. Leka C. is bosomy and curvaceous, a fact that is equally obvious whether she’s clothed, or when she’s totally nude. This model has a subtle sort of expressiveness. While she never resorts to facial dramatics, she does have a sly little semi-smile that is quite alluring.

But, as I began, don’t expect much in the way of action or theatrics. Leka teases a bit before dispensing with her clothes. Then she walks around, towards and away from the camera. After a session by the lake she moves into the meadow and does more to and fro strolling. The most engaging section of the production takes place towards the end when, totally nude, she goes down on all fours and crawls through the tall grass. Here she has a seductive, elemental, almost animal appeal, and it’s all to easy to imagine joining her for an al fresco frolic. I’d have to call that a special effect.


“Netto” starring Betty C - striking a pose in fishnet hose…

Betty C: Netto, by Majoly, sexy, explicit, lingerie, hosiery erotica

I enjoy those times when I’m able to decode and understand the sometimes obscure titles of MetArt galleries. In this case, because the model’s black fishnet stockings remain in place on her shapely legs for the entire set, I think it’s safe to say that “Netto” is a shortened, stylized version of “Fishnets.” And I will go further and give the title my full endorsement. Somehow “Fishnetto” doesn’t sound terribly appealing.

Betty C. is certainly appealing, however. In two previous posts (here and here) I’ve been pleased by what I’ve seen, and “Netto” extends the model’s run. Betty C. is a bit more glossy and glamorous in her presentation than many other MetArt models. This must surely have something to do with her day job - she’s a make-up artist, as I’ve previously noted.

“Netto” may be the third set I’ve seen from this model, but each one has been shot by a different photographer, and each one has its unique virtues. While it’s not immediately apparent, the setting Majoly has chosen is a luxurious bathroom with travertine tiles and a dramatic, abstract paint scheme. In addition to her fishnets, Betty is wearing a stylish bustier with matching panties, and stiletto heeled sandals. While much time is devoted to getting her out of her costume, once she’s nude (but still wearing her shoes and stockings) the set takes a not entirely expected turn toward the explicit.

While I have noted something mysterious and brooding in Betty’s demeanor in the past, here she’s generally bright and sunny, a smile never far from her beautiful lips. And the combination of that cheerful spirit with the more blatant poses and exposures blends happiness with heat in a most engaging manner.


“Sirina” starring Laila A - those cool and limpid green eyes…

Laila A: Sirina, by Leonardo, pale, piercing green eyes, erotic art pix

It didn’t take long at all for this model and this MetArt gallery to grab my attention. In fact it was image number 003 that stopped me in my tracks. Here the model is seated, her knees pulled in towards her pert breasts. Her left arm is extended downwards, supporting her body, while her right arm points up, her hand resting on her dark, glossy hair. Her face is relaxed, her eyes gaze directly into mine. And what beautiful eyes she has! They are clear, light, and in a seemingly impossibly pale shade of green. These are eyes that enchant, and while Laila A. has numerous attractive attributes, it is those eyes that are the major constituents of so many of the finest shots in this collection.

The exceptional beauty of Laila A.’s eyes is so pronounced that she can get away with a rather muted range of expressions here. She tends to keep her facial expressions composed and controlled, but her eyes lend a sizzle, spark, and intrigue that more than compensates.

Topless and barefoot from the start, and wearing only panties, a bracelet, and a necklace, Laila A. is positioned next to a kidney shaped swimming pool. While this is no sunbathing session, sunlight and skillfully deployed artificial light play an important role in Leonardo‘s aesthetic scheme. “Sirina” begins in soft daylight. Then, as the set progresses, and day turns into night, the lighting bias shifts almost imperceptibly from natural to man-made. It’s quite an impressive feat, a fact made plain by looking at shots #001 and #125 side by side.


“Presenting” Oliwia A - in praise of puffies…

Oliwia A: Presenting, by Antonio Clemens, pretty model, puffy nipplesIf you are a member in good standing of I.A.I.P.A.P.N. - the International Association for the Identification, Preservation, and Adoration of Puffy Nipples - this MetArt gallery is one you do not want to miss!

While first-time MetArt model Oliwia A.’s nipples are fine specimens of the so-called “puffy,” they are by no means her only outstanding attributes. Her breasts in general - full but without a hint of pendulousness - are splendid, and the rest of her body is womanly and proportioned to perfection. In my mind, the word “womanly” implies a certain sense of maturity. And I was somewhat surprised to learn, after reviewing this series, that the model is only 19 years old. If I had to guess, I would have said she was somewhat older. That is a trivial concern, however, because Olivia is a more than welcome addition to MetArt.

This is neither a flashy or complicated pictorial. Pillows and sheer fabrics of green and blue decorate the floor of Antonio Clemens‘s studio, and the backdrop is glows a light shade of blue. Dressed in heels and a paisley print peasant dress, Oliwia A. makes a fine first impression. And that impression only improves as she teases off the dress, necklace, and shoes as the set progresses.

When the dress comes off her shoulders to reveal her bust the effect is stunning (see #017), and #045, a tempting topless shot, will put a look on the viewer’s face to match the broad, genuine smile the model is wearing. Oliwia A. smiles throughout the pictorial, and she has a very warm and engaging presence. And when the smile falls away she’s capable of generating sensuous heat, and she does just that in #098 (among others) an explicit view of the model, on all fours, captured from behind.


MetArt, MyErotica & Zalman King

Director Zalman King on-set of Kamikaze LoveMetArt is embarking on an epic project that involves shooting major motion pictures with Zalman King, the Godfather of erotic story telling, for a new website called

Zalman King's amazing cinema resume includes being the creator of movies like 9 1/2 Weeks, Wild Orchid, Two Moon Junction and the series Red Shoe Diaries with David Duchovny. And now MetArt, the number one nude site on the net, and Zalman King, have joined forces to produce and create Erotic movies, the likes of which have never been seen on the internet.

MetArt has started production on it’s first movie with Zalman named Kamikaze Love. The movie is set in Southern California where a wealthy real estate developer takes a young woman, played by a top MetArt Model, Malena Morgan, from an everyday mundane life and shows her a world of decadence and debauchery that pushes her sexual limits to the brink.

Typical Porno film made by an Erotic company? Not likely. This film is driven by a solid storyline. A narrative that is interlaced with well written characters and plenty of twists that keep you on the edge of your seat - and, of course, lots of truly erotic sex.

MetArt model Malena Morgan on Set of Kamikaze LoveYesterday, I showed up on the Set of Kamikaze Love in Malibu, California and watched the shooting of a few scenes. One thing I instantly noticed is the difference between a porn shoot and a movie being made by a Hollywood Director with a Hollywood film crew. Like a well-formed beehive, crew, actors, director and producers buzzed about the set doing their individual jobs when suddenly they all came together as the director called "Action!" and the actors began their lines. That's when the magic all came together and the collective work of the team made the scene look utterly amazing.

I was particularly pleased to see that one of our top models, Malena Morgan, was not just a pretty face. Her acting ability was as hot as her body, and when she got into her part I couldn't help but think I was watching a seasoned actor do that thing so few actors can do – make you believe. Under the masterful eye of Zalman King, the two actors on set became a thing of beauty and art. They spoke to each other as two cameras scanned them from all sides - from above and below, yet the two actors saw nothing but each other as their commitment to their roles was all consuming.

It was also exciting to see the extravagant Malibu location Zalman chose for the film. The home is itself a work of art, spanning three stories and over looking the ocean, rolling hills, and mini farms that dot the seaside landscape. I took a tour of the house that stopped in the upstairs bedroom. The room was completely encased in glass and the view of the ocean was breathtaking. As I stood there looking out I could not help but think of all the Hollywood celebrities that lived in the houses below. The energy of all that talent was palatable, you can taste in the air.

Keep an eye out for my next post as I go back to the set for new insights and stories of MetArt's up-and-coming production of Zalman King's new movie, Kamikaze Love.


“Nadir” starring Ariel A - hot girl on a cool spool…

Ariel A: Nadir, by Luca Helios, beautiful body, unusual setting

Whether you’re a member or a guest, it’s highly likely that you found your way to MetArt because you’re attracted to beautiful young women - and not just any beautiful young women. I can state with near mathematical certainty that you’re drawn to naturally beautiful women. You’re not after high fashion models, or film stars, and certainly not the performers in “adult” videos. Nor are you interested in surgically “enhanced” strippers, heavily tattooed and pierced rocker, biker, or Goth girls. You seek feminine beauty in its natural state, free of excessive make-up and untouched by the air brush or image editor.

I bring this up because the model in this series boasts one completely unnatural feature. I will tell you, up front, that I like her very much, and I’ve praised another pictorial she’s appeared in. But there’s no getting around it: Mother Nature did not color Ariel A.’s shockingly scarlet hair. For some this may be too great a sin to abide, a violation of the unwritten “What makes a MetArt model a MetArt model” law. But, if you’ve been around for any appreciable length of time, you’ve by now learned that not every blonde was born that way, and so on down the spectrum. Women, be they “natural” in appearance or not, employ artifice. What degree of artifice you can tolerate is entirely up to you.

Luca Helios has chosen an unusual location for the inscrutably titled “Nadir.” Ariel A. spends the entire set atop a huge wooden spool, the type that heavy cable is dispensed from. And this spool is half-submerged in a body of water. In #005 Ariel stands, her hands in her hair, her body beautifully displayed, in a way that echoes Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus.” In #095 the soft light makes her hair appear a bit more natural, and an interesting (squatting on tip-toes) pose is sweetened by Ariel’s gentle smile. And in #115 the off-kilter angle can’t detract from what is simply a truly fine figure study, of a truly fine figure.


“Dinamico” starring Natalia A - bump and grind comes to mind…

Natalia A: Dinamico, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

When a beautiful young woman dances suggestively next to a post it can’t help but suggest a modern pole dance, even if the pole in question supports an antique style gas lamp. And that’s how “Dinamico” begins. Wearing strappy, high heeled sandals and a figure-hugging red dress, Natalia A. proceeds to tease and tempt the camera with some particularly seductive dance moves.

If one has a sense of dejà vu while watching this MetArt erotic movie it’s not some psychological mystery or anomaly - we have been here before, and I even wrote a critique of the experience. That movie featured a different model, however, and it was shot at night, giving it an entirely different feel.

“Dinamico” was shot using natural light, on a somewhat gray and overcast day, and this robs it of some of the drama and atmosphere of the nighttime production. Leonardo employs a much more dynamic and varied style of camerawork here, and the results are mixed. Some may find the sometimes radical tilting of the compositions, and the frequent changes in angle unsettling. And there are times when the backlighting throws the model’s face and body into shadow.

The action then moves to a flight of shallow stairs, still outside, but away from the lamppost. Here the pinkish floor tiles, red dress, Natalia’s red hair, and the bricks of the structure in the background bias the entire frame a bit too far into the red range for my tastes, but the model makes up for it by turning up the heat with additional tease and some eye-opening posing, providing extremely intimate views in the process. Take a look at the sequence beginning at the 4:50 mark and all will be revealed.


“Presenting” Toxic A - particularly pretty poison…

Toxic A: Presenting, by Angela Linin, odd name/outstanding new model

Not too long ago, in this space, I made mention of the difficulty I have comprehending many of the names appended to MetArt photo galleries. Now I come face to face with a far greater mystery in the moniker manufacturing department.

Look for even the briefest of moments at the cover of this series. Pick any image from the pictorial, totally at random, and glance at it. Or, study every last shot, at the highest resolution available, and scrutinize each one on a color corrected and finely calibrated monitor. And, after doing one - or all - of those things, answer a question for me. Tell me why in the world this gorgeous girl goes by the name of “Toxic?” I just don’t get it.

I might have named her “Sunny,” or “Honey,” or “Joy,” or any number of appellations synonymous with beauty, sweetness, and bliss. This darling girl is an absolute delight, and Angela Linin‘s photography, simple and naturalistic, captures her energy and enthusiasm beautifully.

The setting is a pebbly patch of shoreline. The model - I will struggle every time I have to type “Toxic A.” - poses at the water’s edge, gets splashed by breaking waves, and wades into slightly deeper water. She’s nearly always smiling, and that smile is entirely, engagingly, natural – check #024 and #025 for two examples. She isn’t smiling in #020, however, and that shot is gorgeous, as well. And while I’m naming favorites I should mention #092. Here the model, is lying prone on the pebbles, drops of water dot her skin. Her hair is mussed, and it glows with the light of the lowering Sun. Truly an idyllic day at the beach - and a truly impressive new MetArt model.

But I’m left wondering. What were her (undoubtedly proud) parents thinking when they christened their daughter? And if the name was chosen by the model, what message is she attempting to send? If Toxic A. really is poison, I will happily and repeatedly consume as much as I can get, consequences be damned!


“Gazing” starring Barbara D - a star worth staring at…

Barbara D: Gazing, by Alex Sironi nubile blonde, artful erotic photos

I was impressed the first time I had the pleasure of reviewing a MetArt gallery featuring Barbara D. This young blonde has the type of beauty - and a particularly tantalizing body - that has a near universal appeal. That helps explain why she’s a permanent resident of the uppermost reaches of our Top Model rankings.

In “Gazing” Barbara D. returns, posing once more for Alex Sironi, and I’m every bit as impressed as I was the first time.

As before there’s a faint air of inexperience in some of Barbara’s poses. But I actually find this endearing. She is not a jaded veteran, she is still a newcomer in the world of erotic modeling, and her lack of polish is completely in keeping with her natural beauty and unassuming attitude. While she may lack some of the subtle skills that more experienced models possess, Barbara D. projects a sunny, sweet, friendly approachability that is genuine and natural.

Barbara’s natural good looks and inviting spirit make her an ideal subject for Alex Sironi. This photographer has a restrained, simple, yet refined style that elegantly captures the essence of his model. He keeps decoration and costume to a muted minimum, then goes to great lengths to capture a wide range of compositions.

The detail shots really stand out here: #010, a headless torso shot, captures the model’s bosomy beauty before she’s taken off her bra. #019, a hand on a slim hip, is a minimalist abstraction, as is #041, a hand on a knee. By reducing the model to such small parts we get a far finer sense of Barbara D. in her totality. And, yes, there are mouthwatering detail shots to please lovers of more explicit erotica, as well.

I’m always happy to admit that a series has too many superior images to mention, and that’s certainly the case here. But I can’t help noting #040, a somewhat formal reclining shot. Or #092, a beguiling headshot. Or #123 for the pin-up pose and that sunny smile.


“Presenting” Liz Ashley - a dreamy and delicious double-debut…

Liz Ashley: Presenting, by Kent Hepburn, masterful erotic artistry

MetArt adds two extremely promising new talents to its ever-expanding roster of models and artists with this impressive and eye-pleasing new series. This is very much a collaboration, where both participants contribute, and in the process create something far greater than the sum of its parts.

I don’t know what happy series of events brought Liz Ashley and photographer Kent Hepburn together, but I am grateful that they met and had the opportunity to create this work of erotic art. The model’s voluptuous body and steamy, glamorous, seductive nature seems tailor made to compliment Mr. Hepburn’s refined, painterly style.

And that style is consistent throughout. Whether she’s fully clothed in #018 (a white bra and panties are as fully clothed as she gets), or totally, unashamedly nude, in #118, the soft light, subtly manipulated diffusion, and gauzy, pastel tonal palette imbues this gallery with a rich, romantic sensuality.

I’ve spoken before of “bedroom eyes” or a “bedroomy expression,” and both those terms apply here. Truly, Liz Ashley doesn’t even need to open her eyes to project an inviting sexuality. Indeed, a great number of shots here are of the model with her eyes closed as if in some erotic reverie, and the effect is powerful. But when she confronts the camera and gazes directly into the lens the effect is even stronger. In an image like #040, the combination of an inviting pose and that direct eye-contact is wonderfully alluring.

Towards the end of the set model and photographer play a subtle trick. Up until now we’ve viewed Liz Ashley from somewhere near the foot of her elaborate bed. She has either averted or closed her eyes, or directed them at the camera. In #091 her attention shifts. Could she be looking at her reflection in a mirror? Yes, she could (and is), as #092 pulls back to reveal. And after that we reverse and see her remarkable reflection in #096. A masterful sequence in a most impressive gallery - for model and photographer, alike.


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    Jazzman 4 hours ago

    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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