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“Presenting” Nikia A - pert flirt in a man’s shirt…

Nikia A: Presenting, by Rylsky, perty, flirty, playful, sexy photo set

The first image in this gallery is notable. Nikia A., making her first appearance at MetArt, is seated on the edge of a bathtub. She is nude or seemingly so, but for a man’s dress shirt that has fallen from her shoulders leaving her breasts exposed. She’s looking at the camera with an expression that is very nearly neutral - it is not a bland expression though, there’s an intriguing depth, and room for interpretation.

If the set had continued in this thoughtful mode it might have been quite fine. However, this is only a tantalizing hint of what’s to follow. The inscrutable mood Nikia A. projects in that introductory image quickly gives way to a bold range of expressions and the set contains more than enough variety to keep the viewer guessing and thoroughly engaged. This girl has personality, to be sure, and photographer Rylsky does a wonderful job of capturing as many different elements of it as he possibly can.

By #007 Nikia reveals a subtly sly smile. And in #043 there’s an impish light in her eyes as she teasingly sticks out her tongue. #050 shows a young woman - the model is only 18 - in full, confident possession of her sensual allure. In #064, with water unexpectedly dripping on her face from the faucet there’s a vivid sense of play.

The shirt serves admirably, and there are several revealing back shots that are dramatically enhanced by it. The full nude compositions that follow - including several images where Nikia is partially immersed in clear bathwater, are pleasingly explicit. And when Nikia A. dons a plush, white, Turkish towel robe, it’s logical, consistent, and completely adorable - #115 and #117 are favorites from this section. A fine first effort for a promising and very “watchable” new model.

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    Typhoon of Dew 21 minutes ago

    Do I know You
    Miss Deja vu
    Have I held you close with these eyes
    Did you pose for Matisse
    Have You glittered in the Stage-light

    Are we acquainted
    Lady Deja vu
    Have we been introduced at the Galla
    Were You patient with the Wallflowers
    Had You slipped your heel upon the night's high-hour

    Have I heard Your story
    Dear Deja vu
    Written in all-kinds-of-fur
    Told to Me in the name of Vasilisa
    Whispered in the delight of the Feline's purr

    Darling Deja vu
    Although so intriguingly familiar
    No One could know the All of You

    on Summer Wake

    Chris13 48 minutes ago

    It's been a far too long since MATILDA's last appearance, almost 10 months. And now she comes back in the best possible way: in a video! YES!
    If I had to describe MATILDA in 2 words I'd probably say natural beauty. She has a wonderful body and her flawless, closely shaved pussy is sensationally hot!!
    Very sexy video of a very pretty girl in bed - thank you so much!

    on Rucava

    Biker13 52 minutes ago

    Excellent video with plenty of time spent celebrating her beautiful pussy. Thank you.

    on Rucava

    Trip---Wire 53 minutes ago

    Title: Tacida
    Featuring: Milena D
    Same beaded underwear

    on The Pearl

    BlindGuy 56 minutes ago

    Would had been more interesting if she was bottomless while water skiing. Even better totally nude, but safety first so needed the life jacket.

    on Summer Wake

    Biker13 59 minutes ago

    Amazing that that little Barbie Doll pussy with its little non assuming slit opens into this full blooming flower with so much personality. A real sleeper pussy. Yes, I just made that up.

    on Favorite View

    BlindGuy 1 hour ago

    I really like this girl, but her sets are just the not that exciting. Especially when there's three other sets that are released and hundreds of other models. Put her with an artist that will bring the sex kitten out of her! But my guess, this is all we'll ever see until someone offers her a lot to be more explicit, if that's how it works.

    on Summer Wake

    Chris13 1 hour ago

    What an amazing girl, I adore her asian look! WOW, KIMIKO is absolutely stunning, really! And she is an example that SMALL tattoos in the right place can be very sexy, at least IMHO.
    Great set, that blue couch makes a very nice location and a perfect contrast to her tanned skin and KIMIKO's poses are sooooo hot!
    What would I give for videos with this beauty!
    Awesome job, thank you!

    on Favorite View

    C4Metard 1 hour ago

    It's good to see smiling photos of Kimiko. So many of these photo sets lack even one smiling photo.

    on Favorite View

    zzmaskers 1 hour ago

    10 points for the water skiing by Linda!

    on Summer Wake