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“Charm” starring Barbara D - making her magic, again…

Barbara D: Charm, by Alex Sironi, a MetArt Top Model shows why

Charm” is a particularly apt title for this MetArt gallery. The model certainly exudes her own unique and irresistible brand of charm. And the photographs are designed and executed in a way that is also stylish and charming.

Simple art direction and lighting, two Alex Sironi signatures, are on display here. Costumes and props are minimal, and a white bed is the only furniture. Here he’s created an interesting effect. While I believe the room is white, through some lighting or technical device the background takes on a subtle, light yellow, tint - #068 is an excellent example of this effect. This bit of warmth in the background gives a gentle boost to the female heat in the foreground. And, while the lighting is soft and natural, Sironi adds just a kiss of key light to emphasize the gloss of a luscious lip or a golden hank of hair (see #011 for an example of the latter).

MetArt Top Model Barbara D. has vast reserves of nubile charm, and she dispenses it freely here. But she’s never overbearing, never pushy, never trying too hard. In fact she has a bedroomy expression in many of these images - see 100 and 101, for example - that is relaxed and, well, effortlessly charming.

In the right pose and the right light, Barbara D. can deliver real bombshell glamour - she does exactly that in #025, a stunning figure study. But, overall, her greatest charm is her youthful, natural beauty. It’s hard not to be charmed by an image like #035, in which she smiles softly and spontaneously. And her explicit poses - #057 is a sizzler - are no less effective.

To state the obvious, I was completely charmed by “Charm.”


“Presenting” Kaitlyn A - in bed with a bendy blonde…

Kaitlyn A: Presenting, by Catherine, pretty pictures/fine new model

Last week, here in the United States, we celebrated our Thanksgiving holiday. In that spirit, I think it’s worth noting that MetArt members have much to be thankful for. We have access to the largest archive of erotic art photography in the world. We can view the work of the finest photographers in the field. And we can feast our eyes on thousands of the most beautiful young women ever lensed. Plus, to top it off, new models appear on the site with dazzling frequency.

Kaitlyn A., a fresh-faced new arrival, inspired these thoughts of gratitude - along with several other thoughts and emotions. This tiny-top treat, with her bright blonde hair, energetic smile, and tanned and flexible body is nothing if not inviting. And photographer Catherine‘s stylish pictorial presents her subject in a broad range of poses and compositions that make for a fine and detailed introduction.

I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that Kaitlyn A. has previous modeling experience, albeit non-nude. She’s clearly at ease with the camera. And she has a confidence that is particularly impressive in view of her youth - she is only 19, after all.

As I review my notes I’m struck by the wide variety of photos in this series. There are several notable extreme facial close-ups, for example (#004 is my favorite, but #005 and #006 are also interesting, as is #019, a study of Kaitlyn’s lips and nose). In #053 and #054 extends her hand or foot towards the lens with an intriguing result. For a pretty headshot, free of distractions, #062 is perfect. And check #045 and #048 for a demonstration of the model’s flexibility. There’s a lot more in this MetArt gallery to enjoy, and for that - and this appealing new model - I am, indeed, thankful.


“Presenting” Hannah E - a new tilt on tempting…

Hannah E: Presenting, by Jam Abelanet, beautiful erotic photos

While this set is the first appearance at MetArt of a promising new model, it is also the second contribution by this photographer - and the first example of his work I’ve examined. In a nutshell, model and artist both deliver fine performances.

I’m most impressed by the art direction and lighting. The set unfolds on a white sofa, in a white room, in front of sheer white curtains, which diffuse but do not block the bright daylight. Working in a skillfully limited depth of field, Abelanet keeps the emphasis on the model while creating interesting effects in the background. An introductory shot, like #015 is just one example of this: Hannah E. occupies the foreground while the background glows dreamily behind her.

Hannah E. took her time working her magic on me. I liked her from the start, but I found myself picking nits. This girl has a habit of tilting her head to her right. The habit is so ingrained that I started noting those rare shots in which she tilts her head to the left - #024 is a particularly cute one.

As the set unfolded I was completely won over by 19-year-old Hannah. She’s sweet without being too sweet. She manages to blend a subtle shyness with a natural boldness that is quite endearing. And her body can look girlish in one image, and womanly in the next. There are a cluster of shots - from #079 to #087 - that capture her (not at all girlish) posterior and other charms particularly well.

Some of Hannah’s posing is particularly inventive, and Abelanet makes the most of it. Have a look at #099, an exceptional shot. And then treat your eyes to #104, same pose, from a nearly reversed angle. Great stuff.


“Heat” starring Veronika F - lovely, lean, and lusty…

Veronika F: Heat, by Leonardo, lean body, lusty beauty

Veronika F. is blessed with beauty and attitude, in ample portions. Even in this simple setting - a balcony with its vine-covered railing - and wearing nothing but a pretty pair of panties, she radiates polished, high fashion glamour. The styling amplifies this effect – with her hair pulled back tight into a single braid, there is nothing to conceal her refined and elegant facial features.

And Veronika’s body is equally refined and elegant. Long, lean, and toned, hers is a body that would be as at home on the catwalk as it would be on the athletic field. This is not a body that is only for display, one gets a very real sense that it is built for action, and the set’s title, “Heat,” seems particularly appropriate.

If Veronika F. has a single physical flaw, I cannot find it – and I looked particularly closely. The only criticism I might voice is that she does tend to try a bit too hard at times. Some of her expressions are a bit too dramatic, a touch too theatrical for the setting. When she relaxes and lets her beauty and body do the talking the communication is clear, direct, and extremely engaging.

Leonardo‘s approach to the set is subtle and unobtrusive. He captures his subject in a wide range of poses, some of which are particularly inventive, but attention is always on the model, not on the photographic technique. I would hate to pick a single favorite, but #010 is a real contender, brimming with that beauty and attitude I mentioned at the opening of this critique. Numbers 014, 015, and 016, a series of butt-shots, are stylish, indeed. #047 captures Veronika’s lean and sculpted body quite nicely. And in #162 her relaxed expression remains as intriguing as her body is beautiful, which is to say: very.


“Ask Me” with Irina J & Virginia Sun - adorable day-trippers…

Irina J & Virginia Sun: Ask Me, by Rylsky, two girls enjoying lifeThis MetArt gallery opens with a light-hearted and quite unexpected series of images. You have probably seen this type of thing at a fair or carnival. Characters in some fanciful scene are painted on a board or canvas. Holes have been cut in the painting, and individuals place their faces in the openings to have their photos taken with humorous results. That is certainly the case here. The cartoonish painting in this case is a scene of Russian domestic life: a woman presents a samovar to a bald-headed old man playing a balalaika. Irina J. is the woman, and Virginia Sun is the old man. And you will be amused.

After this comic introduction things move rapidly in a much more serious direction. The girls, both in fetching summer dresses, wander the grounds and pose in the rustic setting. There is flirtation, there are physical revelations. Next the girls are in some sort of stone room equipped with a tile-lined spa or bath. Totally nude, the twosome spend some time immersed in the water as they caress and explore one another. Of these shots, I think #071 is among the most effective. Not simply in terms of composition and framing, but for the erotic energy it captures.

The pairing of these particular models is quite effective. They are of distinctly different types, particularly in terms of coloring. Irina J. is dark, and Virginia Sun, a Swede by birth, has a pleasingly pale complexion. When Rylsky captures them side by side, as in a below the waist portrait like #067, the result is eye-pleasing and offers a chance to compare and contrast.

Another unexpected twist occurs towards the end of the series. Here the twosome are wearing entirely different dresses as they admire the goods offered by vendors at some open air venue. In #122 the last shot, the peripatetic honeys hug and smile, a happy end to an enjoyable day.


“Presenting” Semmi A - a cat and a hat (and a suitcase)…

Semmi A: Presenting, by Goncharov, new girl's first MetArt gallery

Prolific MetArt contributor Goncharov appears to have employed the “grab bag” technique while conceiving this pictorial. The costuming and, in particular, the props have a jumbled, disconnected quality.

This creates something of a challenge for first-time MetArt model Semmi A. However, she does her best to make sense of things, and exhibits an undeniable warmth along with an undeniably attractive physique.

In much of the series Semmi A. is wearing a horizontally striped black and white dress. In shots #022 and #023 she’s holding an odd-looking pussycat. Where the animal came from, or where it vanishes too is not made clear. But when she pulls down the neck of the dress to reveal her breasts in #033, there is no mystery at all, and effect is splendid.

The central prop in this series is an old suitcase. In much of the set Semmi is seated on it, and in several she reclines across it. It doesn’t look all that comfortable, but, as the pictorial opens it makes the slightest bit of sense. In those shots, Semmi is fully dressed (although barefoot) and wearing a large off-white hat. Could she be waiting for an imaginary bus in the elaborately lighted studio? Another mystery.

At some point the dress disappears and is replaced by a zip-front bustier. I don’t find the garment, particularly its color, terribly flattering. And its appearance is unexplained, because Semmi clearly wasn’t wearing it under her dress. Perhaps she pulled it out of the suitcase when she put away her cat.

My favorites here are those shots where the clothes are off and the props are minimized or off-camera. #074, shot from behind wearing only the bustier, is nice, as is the totally nude profile, #075. The suitcase performs platform duty in #093, which, despite being a touch “posey” is still a pretty image of this curvy MetArt debutante.


“Presenting” Rita H - it’s all about the girl…

Rita H: Presenting, by Egon Schneider, great girl, funky setting

I like this girl. I like this girl a lot. And I expect others will share my affection. But, having made that explicit declaration, I must admit, I like this girl despite this set, not because of it.

The level of effort expended here is minimal. The room and its decor is ugly. And busy. And distracting. Any “art direction” is so subtle as to be undetectable. The lighting? As far as I can tell, it’s limited to ambient room light, and a single, camera-mounted flash. No bounce, no fill, no diffusion. In fact, the set has a casual, almost candid feel. It’s almost as if Egon Schneider and his model were under the gun. Shoot this set, right here, right now. You will have no time to prepare, start now, finish, and that will have to do.

The fact that it does succeed is due to Rita H. For a newcomer, and a 19-year-old newcomer at that, she has a real poise and confidence. And her exotic beauty and voluptuous body are truly striking. The combination of professional poise, an engaging on-camera personality, and a voluptuous physique are more than enough to overcome the slapdash nature of the set.

The room is dark, cluttered, and the various patterns clash and clang. The colors are all wrong. In a shot like #041, with a nice pose and composition, Rita’s dark hair disappears into the dark background – an elementary level error. And the series is filled with similar compromised images.

There are, despite its handicaps, plenty of pleasing shots, most of them due to the model’s charm and beauty, and the photographer’s skill under less than ideal conditions. I like #018 for pure vah-voom. #011 packs a physical/sexual punch. #053, a reclining nude, is somewhere between a snapshot and a masterpiece. In #123, suddenly outside, on a balcony, the model is clothed, the background flattering, the light natural, and Rita H. is undeniably appealing, as is the entire image. More like this, please.


“Placidus” starring Eva I - and her little dog, too…

Eva I: Placidus, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewI have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. In fact, we’re in a sprawling green meadow, dotted with yellow flowers, and it’s probably somewhere in Eastern Europe. It’s a beautiful afternoon, wherever it is, and it’s made far more beautiful with the addition of Eva I.

Topless from the start, the pert-breasted and willowy model is wearing nothing more than a necklace, a bracelet, and a billowing skirt - there’s also a straw hat that she periodically plays with. As the title implies, this is a relaxed, calming interlude. Eva I. has a sweet personality and an eager smile, and appears to be at complete ease as she enjoys the day.

And Eva isn’t the only sweet and eager participant in “Placidus.” A costar soon appears, hiding in the crown of the model’s hat – a tiny puppy dog. Eva’s interactions with the diminutive doggy provide some of the movie’s undeniable highlights. In fact, that petite pooch is a real scene-stealer. At the 2:56 mark, for example, as Eva cups him in her hand (it’s a very, very small dog) he lunges in and plants a canine kiss directly on Eva’s lips. Later on, at around the 4:25 mark, he returns for seconds. Lucky dog.

When Eva isn’t lounging in the meadow she spends some time strolling and cavorting through it. While her skirt stays in place around her waist for much of the production, she does make sure to lift the hem, repeatedly and at some length, and we enjoy ample views of her clean-shaven nether regions.

A scenic location, a lovely girl, and a playful pup make “Placidus” a pleasant diversion.


“Sumaku” starring Caprice A - sultry little sizzler…

Caprice A: Sumaku, by Luca Helios, sultry, sizzling, explicit eroticaI’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a MetArt gallery and a MetArt HD movie starring Caprice A., and in both instances it was quite clear why she is a constant resident in the uppermost ranks of MetArt Top Models.

In “Sumaku” I have another chance to linger over this lovely - and particularly lusty - young woman, and I am not disappointed. This is not a complicated or elaborate series. In fact, it is really quite simple, even casual. But the model’s physical beauty and potent sexuality make it a highly enjoyable experience.

The setting is a patch of lawn at the foot of a weathered palm tree. Caprice is wearing high heels, a little black dress, and a whole lot of steamy attitude. She isn’t wearing panties - a fact made clear in the very first image - and it does take a little time before she is totally naked, but there isn’t a lot of effort expended on “tease” here, the set opens hot, runs hot, and ends hot.

Of the introductory images, #017 may be my favorite. Here the hem of her dress has crept up, and she’s pulled down the top to reveal her breasts. Her hair swings in the breeze, her eyes are downcast, her features exquisite.

Explicit images are the rule rather than the exception here, and Caprice displays her succulent charms in a range of stances with a variety of moods and expressions. In #048, on all fours in the grass with her ass aimed at the camera, she looks back at us with a look of smoky sensuality. In #084, seated, knees up, thighs spread wide, she smiles with genuine joy and delight. Even in a shot like #117, which is far from explicit, and in which her expression is somewhat enigmatic, Caprice A. radiates erotic energy.

The presentation may be simple, but Caprice A. makes “Sumaku” sizzle.


“Presenting” Mia D - lighting up the night…

Mia D: Presenting, by Leonardo, stylish, explicit erotic photography

There are two principal sources of illumination in this debut MetArt gallery. One is the model’s smile, the other is Leonardo’s lighting design. And this makes for a very effective combination.

Mia D. has striking features. Her body is long and lean, her breasts petite, her skin tanned to a warm bronze glow. Her smile is bright and brilliant. At times it feels just a bit theatrical, but when it’s spontaneous, as it is in #085, it’s impossible to resist. Her eyes are also exceptional, and an image like #080 captures their depth and beauty.

Although it may, at first glance, seem like a relatively simple series, there is a great deal of care and craft in Leonardo‘s design and execution of this pictorial. One of the more subtle elements is his choice of colors. Mia is wearing pink panties the color of which is a perfect match to the flowers on a bush in the background. The most dramatic element, however, is the lighting. Mia poses on an upholstered chair on a balcony or patio. As the set begins the sky behind her is darkening, and by the end night has fallen. There is a light source, out of view above and towards the right edge of the frame. This not only illuminates the vivid pink flowers, it also creates flattering highlights in Mia’s hair, and brings out the contours of her body (see #136). It also hints at the bright light of a full moon, adding more than a taste of interesting atmosphere.

Mia D.’s bright smile and sunny disposition is mated to a pleasing lack of inhibition, and explicit poses are offered in abundance. An eager model and a stylish presentation make “Presenting” a success for both Mia D. and Leonardo.


“Cocoon” starring Sofi A - naked (plus) lunch…

Sofi A: Cocoon, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie review

As I was preparing to watch this MetArt movie I had a minor epiphany. Before I watched “Cocoon” a question crossed my mind: would this be a self-contained production, or would it be a video recording of a still photo shoot. The names of Luca Helios and Leonardo immediately came to mind - both men are frequent contributors of still sets, and both have crafted videos that were shot at the same time as a still session.

Then it dawned on me. All of the movies created by Fenix have been self-contained, stand-alone productions, none of them have been video tapes of still photo sessions…because Fenix doesn’t shoot still photos! This may be obvious to others, but the realization took me by surprise. There are certainly photographers in the MetArt talent pool who have never shot a movie, but I wonder if there are other MetArt movie directors who have never shot a photo series? A research project for another day.

MetArt members have propelled Sofi A. to Top Model status and have kept her there. I share that enthusiasm. Sofi not only has an amazing body, she also has a sprightly attitude and a particularly graceful physicality. Whether it’s a still series or a movie, I never get tired of looking at her. “Cocoon” makes a fine and interesting addition to her catalog.

The movie has two completely different basic components. When it opens Sofi is indoors. She is barefoot and nearly naked - her sole piece of clothing is a diaphanous skirt. She poses, caresses, and displays her body with her signature skill. But then, without warning, we’re outdoors, in the rain, and Sofi, fully dressed, is chatting amiably with the cameraman. Another cut finds Sofi seated in a noisy restaurant. She chats some more, in English, while eating her lunch - a salad, a piece of cake, and a cup of green tea. After that we tag along as the model admires the offerings at a flower stand. Then it’s back inside for more posing.

The second round of posing finds Sofi on a circle of carpet and the camera looks down on her from above. Just after the four minute mark she assumes a pose that perfectly showcases her bodily splendor and her limber physical grace. The two distinct elements of “Cocoon” - formal nude posing and casual clothed “slice of life” footage - are sure to amuse and entertain Sofi’s many fans.


“Fattoria” starring Liza J - a slight problem with props…

Liza J: Fattoria, by Egon Schneider natural beauty, beautiful light

The first time I saw this model, and the work of this photographer, I was quite impressed. Now, not even two months later, my initial impressions have been confirmed. It is possible that even that brief span of time has made Liza J. even more beautiful. Look at #003, a fully clothed shot, for but one example.

And Egon Schneider‘s style and technique in “Fattoria” expands upon the strengths I noted earlier, particularly his handling of natural light. Image #101 is a perfect illustration of Schneider’s mastery of lighting.

Let me say that I quite like “Fattoria,” but I do have a couple of problems with it, or rather the choice of props. For much of the set Liza J. is standing on a rough-hewn ladder leaning against the wall of a structure built of logs. Her perch is somewhat awkward, but the coloring of the background is flattering in the natural light, and Liza is so appealing I can’t complain. But then she picks up the ax. She is cute, make no mistake, as she brandishes the tool, but this moment of silliness is a mood-breaker and a distraction.

Thankfully, the ax is put aside quickly. But then she picks up a rusty hand saw. There are a couple of shots of Liza pretending to cut the ladder she’s standing on, and these are silly enough. But additional shots - including one in which she gleefully pretends to lick the blade - are simply lame. Surely there must be a better way to convey Liza J.’s playful, carefree nature.

But those few false steps, as misplaced as they are, don’t manage to spoil what is, overall, an enjoyable gallery. Beautiful model, yes. Warm, natural light, yes. Silly props, no.


“Presenting” Nikia A - pert flirt in a man’s shirt…

Nikia A: Presenting, by Rylsky, perty, flirty, playful, sexy photo set

The first image in this gallery is notable. Nikia A., making her first appearance at MetArt, is seated on the edge of a bathtub. She is nude or seemingly so, but for a man’s dress shirt that has fallen from her shoulders leaving her breasts exposed. She’s looking at the camera with an expression that is very nearly neutral - it is not a bland expression though, there’s an intriguing depth, and room for interpretation.

If the set had continued in this thoughtful mode it might have been quite fine. However, this is only a tantalizing hint of what’s to follow. The inscrutable mood Nikia A. projects in that introductory image quickly gives way to a bold range of expressions and the set contains more than enough variety to keep the viewer guessing and thoroughly engaged. This girl has personality, to be sure, and photographer Rylsky does a wonderful job of capturing as many different elements of it as he possibly can.

By #007 Nikia reveals a subtly sly smile. And in #043 there’s an impish light in her eyes as she teasingly sticks out her tongue. #050 shows a young woman - the model is only 18 - in full, confident possession of her sensual allure. In #064, with water unexpectedly dripping on her face from the faucet there’s a vivid sense of play.

The shirt serves admirably, and there are several revealing back shots that are dramatically enhanced by it. The full nude compositions that follow - including several images where Nikia is partially immersed in clear bathwater, are pleasingly explicit. And when Nikia A. dons a plush, white, Turkish towel robe, it’s logical, consistent, and completely adorable - #115 and #117 are favorites from this section. A fine first effort for a promising and very “watchable” new model.


“Temor” starring Millis A - less is more meets more, more, more…

Millis A: Temor, by Alex Sironi, stylish erotic photo essay

Alex Sironi has a clean, simple style that I’ve admired since I first evaluated one of his MetArt galleries. And his style is not only distinct, it is also consistent. This is an artist with a clear vision of what he wants to achieve, and more than enough skill to turn that vision into photographic art.

But Sironi isn’t the type of stylist who is locked into a single mode of operation, he’s not chained to a rigid set of rules. And while his style is consistent, it is also adaptable. When I think of a Sironi series I immediately think of natural light. In “Temor” the lighting is exemplary, but it is anything but natural. In fact, a key element of the visual design here is the background - a whitewashed brick wall - which is bathed in a soft, uniform, and vividly pink light. A striking and evocative effect, but hardly “natural.”

All of this talk of backgrounds, color, light and style isn’t meant to detract from the subject. Indeed, that’s the point I’m striving to make about Sironi’s style - it’s simple and effective because it allows the model to expose and express herself without visual or technical distractions. Now, let me be clear: It would take some very strong distractions to pull the viewer’s eyes away from Millis A. I am well aware that not everybody enjoys busty models, but for those that do, this abundantly endowed blonde delivers a double dose of voluptuous delight.

For those so inclined, it would be all too easy to be mesmerized by this model’s magnificent bosom, but the rest of her is no less impressive. And Millis A. is an extremely generous and forthcoming model, she doesn’t hold back a thing, and is clearly enjoying the experience. An eye-popping model in an eye-pleasing setting makes “Temor” truly tempting.


Contributing Photographer Sergey Akion - MetArt on his mind…

MetArt contributing photographer Sergey Akion is a cut above!

Ever since his first photo series was added to MetArt on June 18, 2010, Sergey Akion has been a frequent contributor to the site. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing no fewer than six of his MetArt galleries, and I’ve never failed to be impressed by his work, whether it’s a naturalistic set in an outdoor location, or a polished studio production (you can find my comments on one from each category here and here).

But Mr. Akion wasn’t content simply contributing photo sets to MetArt on a steady basis. He was looking for another way of expressing his enthusiasm for the site. During a conversation with a stylist inspiration struck, and the concept was skillfully executed with scissors and razor. Now when discussing his artwork, Sergey Akion can not only point people to, he can point to his head!

In the past we’ve showcased artistic, creative work by MetArt members who were inspired by the site on the blog (see here and here). But Sergey Akion’s clever MetArt haircut got us wondering - in what other ways do MetArt members spread the word and share the site with the world?

If you’ve created your own artwork inspired by MetArt we’d love to see it! It doesn’t matter if it’s a poem, a poster, a video, a song, a PowerPoint presentation, a mural, diorama, or sculpture - if MetArt inspired it, and you made it, we want to see it!

Send us your MetArt art! And if we feature your work on the blog you’ll receive a full year’s membership to the entire family of MetArt sites:,,,,,, (coming soon), and (coming soon).

Send us your MetArt masterpieces and win a full year of the MetArt family of erotic sites!

MetArt contributing photographer Sergey Akion is a cut above!


“Disposa,” starring Adelia A - a blonde with real flare…

Adelia A: Disposa, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

As near as I can tell, this is a stand-alone movie - meaning that it was conceived and created as a moving picture. I can find no MetArt gallery featuring the same model, photographer, and location in the archives. And, while a still set might well have been created by these collaborators, for release at a later date, I don’t think this video was recorded while still photos were being taken. And, in case all the previous words don’t make it clear, I think that’s a good thing. I enjoy videos of photo shoots, but a self-contained movie offers a different experience.

A crucial part of that experience is the cameraman. In a video of a photo shoot, an assistant mans the camcorder while the photographer and nominal director handles the still camera. As a result, the assistant contributes much to the visual style of such productions. Here I think it’s safe to assume that Leonardo is operating the video camera, and his style and skill is very much in evidence.

The opening sequence - a quick shot of the background, a slow pan up Adelia A.’s body, from toes to head, and a dissolve to another headshot - has a subtle, controlled artistry that sets the tempo and the flavor of what follows.

Adelia’s trim body glows with a light sheen of oil. At several points in the production a flare of reflected light plays across her face or on various parts of her body - a pleasing and creative effect. And the model’s performance is well matched to the style and rhythm of the movie. Adelia is expressive, but in a controlled, restrained manner. This is an engaging performance, but it is not at all theatrical or overblown. The subject, the setting, and the artistry of its execution ensure that “Disposa” is anything but disposable.


“Proximite” starring Rylee A - a bit of mystery…

Rylee A: Proximite, by John Emslie - intriguing beauty, artistic pix

This is my second exposure to Rylee A., and the model’s second MetArt gallery. I’d titled this post “a bit of mystery” before I revisited my review of Rylee’s debut – and only then remembered that the last word of that first post was, in fact, “mystery.” That enigmatic, intriguing, but difficult to define quality is very much present in “Proximite.”

One dramatic fact becomes quite evident as the series progresses: Rylee almost never smiles here. She hints at it, but only a time or two. I only find one shot – #118 – in which she shares an open-lipped smile, and I’m reminded that Rylee A. has a mouthful of braces and may keep her lips closed in a self-conscious effort to conceal her orthodontic devices. Whatever the reason(s) for the subdued expression it does serve to create a haunting and mysterious mood, and I’m more than a little bit intrigued.

John Emslie, who also shot Rylee’s debut, has taken a slightly (and pleasingly) different approach with this set. The lighting appears natural, a combination of diffused, reflected light mixed with bright rays of sun shining through a window behind the subject. And Rylee wears a skin-tight pair of silver pants. With subtle manipulation of depth of field those tight pants almost appear to glow.

#024 captures Rylee’s haunting expression as well as any other shot here. #016 offers a bit of shoe-centric abstraction. #068 and #071 are simple and effective totally nude figure studies. And #084 is a fine example of the interesting lighting, Rylee’s beauty, as well as her mysterious mood.


“Parfaite” starring Anita C - an ample array of admirable attributes…

Anita C: Parfaite, by Dolce, an extremely appealing erotic pictorial

I don’t pretend to understand the techniques and methods used to name MetArt photo galleries. Some I understand immediately. Others I can decipher after careful study. While others leave me completely clueless and confused. Here, however, is a title that is crystal clear and entirely appropriate. “Parfaite,” you see, means “perfect,” in French, and the more I examine these photos, and the more I see of their subject, the more I’m impressed by the perfection of it all.

Anita C., in purely physical terms, is without flaw. Her proportions, her shape, her coloring, is a study in feminine splendor. Her hair is thick and lustrous, her eyes are clear, deep and lively, her nose, the plump curves of her lips – it all makes for a truly beautiful face. Her breasts - described in her bio as “medium” - strike an ideal balance between shape and size. In some shots she looks downright bosomy, but her breasts are in no way overwhelming to her physique.

But, in addition to a veritable laundry list of admirable physical attributes, Anita C. is also gifted with inviting intangible assets. There is an unmistakable playfulness and warmth to her personality that Dolce‘s camera has no trouble capturing. The combination of physical beauty and inviting, engaging personality is a mixture that’s extremely desirable and highly sought after, and this pictorial and this model are both more than worthy of the title “Parfaite.”


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    I too admire navels Mr. Czechers.

    I always think that Ms. Schön helps choose models based in part on their navels.

    Some are downright amazing.

    on Black Mesh

    a.k.a. 30 minutes ago

    Let's hope so ☝️😆

    on Black Mesh

    a.k.a. 31 minutes ago

    Gets more unreal all the time, Arkisi.
    However, see my comments under Cassia's set today.
    Fingers are getting closer and closer... reality ☝️😸

    on Black Mesh

    a.k.a. 42 minutes ago

    If they can "now" pinch their nipples maybe that means they can move their nice lush bushes out of the way for those who must see flesh? 😜
    Why not? No mo' excuses not to be "natural" down there!
    I'm ahead of my time, of course, but...
    Back to the future we go! ♻️
    Anything, ANYTHING to get away from always-bald pussies ☝️😾

    on Natural Brow

    prehensile 43 minutes ago

    Pretty, attractive girl
    As ever, Arkisi and his models give us plenty of cunt.

    on Black Mesh

    prehensile 47 minutes ago

    Great gash
    Nice buttfuck invitations
    Luv the cum-in-my- mouth suggestion, #116

    on Natural Brow

    a.k.a. 55 minutes ago

    Some folks are easy to please 👌 👠

    on Natural Brow

    a.k.a. 57 minutes ago

    It's gotta be 100% or nothing.
    Check out the Mona Lisa 🙂

    on Natural Brow