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“Tactile” with Nikia A - multiple/choice…

Nikia A: Tactile, by Rylsky, a varied collection of erotic images

If variety is the spice of life, this MetArt gallery is very spicy, indeed. “Tactile” opens with a series of intriguing images. Here three types of light are used to create rich, graphically complex compositions. Nikia A., totally nude from the start, is stripped with light and shadow coming from somewhere behind the photographer. In the deep background muted daylight is visible through a window. And on a wall an electric light fixture glows warmly. The only props here are a hairbrush and a golden throw pillow. If the set consisted solely of variations on these elements it would have been completely satisfying.

That is not the case, however. Beginning at #041, the setting, lighting, and costuming change completely. Nikia A. is now wearing a white terry cloth robe, next to a white bed, in a brightly lit room. And her blonde locks are elaborately wrapped up in red and pink hair rollers. For added interest, but without explanation, she toys with a single black stocking.

This second section could also stand alone as a series based on its own merits. This is less moody than the earlier images in the set, and also far more explicit. The lighting reveals all and Rylsky can put the visual emphasis where he wants it by, for example, keeping the foreground in crisp focus while letting Nikia’s face, in the background, subtly blur (see #077). The bright light and lack of shadows also allows the model to express herself quite directly, and in a shot like #071 her relaxed personality is easy to appreciate.

In the very last shots in this diverse collection the props are gone, the background is now a pale green, and Rylsky moves in for some simple and effective headshots. “Tactile” offers many tempting choices.

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Latest Comments


    Bernadette 3 minutes ago

    What a lovely collection of images!

    on Velvet Throne

    Freal 26 minutes ago

    Maybe the best breasts on Metart.

    on Erika E

    Freal 31 minutes ago

    Fabulous breasts.

    on Amazzonia

    Gyro 33 minutes ago

    I hope Suzanna never quits posing for shoots. She is awesome. She will look good at 40 for certain.

    on I Mean Business

    a.k.a. 43 minutes ago

    Should add, looking back, that it just got to seem every shot was on that bed. The set starts promisingly. I was actually thinkin' "10!" But this was a case where they should have used the 80-shot minimum. Mo' and mo' and mo' is not always mo' betta ☝️😦

    on Presenting Juana

    a.k.a. 2 hours ago

    Juana is a very nice-looking young woman, and I saved a number of pics from this set. It has at least twice as many as it should. The repetition is tiresome. Every shot is of her on that bed as if the camera didn't move. She has a nice smile but smiles too much with the same expression. Many MET models are afflicted with smile-itis. Where did this contagion begin? If you want to see a "hairy" set with some dramatic variety, have a look at Kristel A's. Zestasia comes to mind. She moves all over the place, and her expressions change with her thoughts.

    on Presenting Juana

    WhyteKnight 2 hours ago

    Those beautiful brown eyes are awesome. Thank you for sharing your beauty with me.

    on Lakeview

    prehensile 3 hours ago

    among the few Met films I've wanked to since the days of the immortal Liza B

    on Glassy Kitchen

    annabelle 3 hours ago

    Monika is just lovely, very enjoyable video!

    on Glassy Kitchen

    prehensile 3 hours ago

    D-cups are awesome, and love the spreads. 9 stars

    on Twin Peaks