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Happy New Year From The MetArt Mailbox

MetArt Girl Anita E by LeonardoI wanted to take a moment and wish our Members, Fans and Affiliates a Happy New Year. We have come a long way in 13 years and we understand that it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all of you collectively. MetArt has grown over this last year and we have plans to bring you never before seen content with a production value that is unheard of from any website. It’s going to be an exciting year and the MetArt team is poised and trained to bring you the most exciting erotic content in the world.

I wanted to give a special thanks to MetArt Member Rupert for the kind words he sent us today. We will continue to give you this level of service in the coming years. Thank you and Happy New Year!

To: MetArt Comments
I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all the staff at Met-Art. First of all, everyone who keeps what is the best website in the world, bar none, working. Your technical team do a first class job of keeping the site up and running 24/7/365. Secondly, to your fantastic photographers who produce some truely memorable pictures. The overall standard of photography is exceptional. Lastly, and most importantly, to the hundreds of amazing, wonderful, fabulous girls who pose nude for the site and who give so much pleasure. Without your beauty, elegance and charm the world would be a much worse place.

MetArt Girl Alexandra D by RylskySo thanks again for a superb 2011. The highlights of the year were definitely new girls Alexandra D, Anita E, Elise A, Lili H, Luka B, Oliwia A, Sian A, and Stacie A. All of these girls are absolute goddesses and it would be great to see more of them. The best series of the year was undoubtedly Anita E in Kuvutia by Leonardo. This series alone was worth the annual subscription. There were also some sensational repeat appearances by the flawlessly beautiful Adelia A, Alisa G, Bettina A, Darina B, Elisa A, Evilina A, Faye C, Lily C, Niki Mey, Sabrina D, and Sandy Summers. It would be wonderful if you could publish more photos of these girls.

Please carry on your fantastic work of unveiling gorgeous girls and I’m looking forward to seeing lots of new, stunningly beautiful, girls undress for Met-Art in 2012.



“Gulmek” starring Lorena B - how it’s done…

Lorena B: Gulmek, by Koenart, natural beauty, gorgeous MetArt model

I’ve written a lot about new MetArt models. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, as new girls are added to the site with an almost astounding frequency. And that is a very good thing, indeed.

But today I have the pleasure of reviewing a set featuring a “veteran,” a well established MetArt model. And, in the case of Lorena B., it’s immediately obvious why she has become a veteran and had such an enduring career at MetArt.

Lorena B. is beautiful. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and I don’t think there is such thing as absolute or entirely universal beauty. But Lorena B. is beautiful, and not only would I be happy to argue this point, I would be saddened to meet the man who didn’t agree with me.

And Lorena B. has an abundance of personality and an easy, extremely photogenic quality. She loves the camera, and the camera returns the favor. Koenart doesn’t do anything particularly dramatic or impressively technical in “Gulmek,” but the set is brimming with beautiful, eye-pleasing images. Which brings us back to Lorena B.

As the erotic photo series begins, Lorena B. is wearing casual street clothes. Even “dressed down,” her natural beauty and personality are on full display. A shot like #008, a fully clothed headshot, radiates bubbly, beautiful energy. I can’t resist it. And what about that cute smirk in #005? Love it. Love her.

But when she’s “working,” when she’s demonstrating her professional skills in a shot like #024, there can be no doubt. The pose is intriguing. The facial expression is genuine. The beauty is abundant.

Yes, there are wonderful close-ups of an explicit nature. And there are headshots, because that face demands them (I like #018 #027, for starters). And in a shot like #061, on all fours, the pose, the face, the hair, it’s just perfect. This is how it’s done.


“Desert Rose” starring Rilee Marks - Rylee? Rilee? Really!

Rilee Marks: Desert Rose, by Bo Llanberris, MetArt HD erotic movie review

It will come as a surprise only to newborns or those misbegotten souls once referred to as “simple” that someone such as I, with the lofty title and position of Professional Blogger, is not always made privy to the inner workings of the enterprise for which I toil so faithfully.

So, when I encounter a situation such as this - henceforth to be known as The Mystery of the Model’s Moniker - I must plead ignorance. When I first encountered the subject of the MetArt HD erotic movie titled “Desert Rose,” she was named “Rylee A,” and I was quite impressed by her first MetArt series. A bit later, still employing the introductory handle Rylee, I was, once more, intrigued by the model’s beauty (and her braces).

Today, having been asked to review the latest addition to the MetArt HD movie collection, this model who I have had two pleasurable encounters with, has changed her name, sort of. On the cover she’s billed as Rylee A. But in the credits, and in her spoken declarations, she’s proudly and unambiguously Rilee Marks. Wha?

Desert Rose,” the movie, is far less confusing. True to emerging form, director Bo Llanberris includes interview footage. Those who know Rilee Marks only through her still photos will be intrigued, and perhaps even shocked, by her frank revelations. As with previous Llanberris productions, I find the interview a valuable and entertaining element. The footage of Rilee, wearing a Santa hat and white panties while posing near a fully decorated Christmas tree is another treat.

The second half of “Desert Rose” is free of chat and focuses on Rilee Marks, outdoors, in her totally nude state - and with this girl that is a particularly fine state, indeed.

All viewers should be advised: Watch “Desert Rose” all the way to the end. There is a special after-the-end-credits treat, beginning at the 7:56 mark, that no fan or admirer of Rylee A. or Rilee Marks will want to miss!


“Confiance” with Leka C - comely and confident…

Leka C: Confiance, by Leonardo beautiful, conficent, seductive model

While it’s extremely easy - and extremely enjoyable - to examine and investigate every aspect of a beautiful woman’s physical body, the tangible components are not the only ingredients needed to generate attraction. A woman who would be considered beautiful strictly on her physical attributes, can be rendered ugly if she has an unappealing personality. And, conversely, a woman who is only “so-so” can raise her I.I.D. - that’s Intangible Index of Desirability, for those unfamiliar with the term - by possessing a warm and inviting personality.

There are those times, thankfully, when a woman is not only physically beautiful, but also in possession of certain enticing intangible traits. In “Confiance,” Leka C. proves to be in possession of both. She is a striking beauty, in both face and body, that is immediately obvious. But what is even more striking is the engaging confidence she projects in this MetArt erotic photo series.

Wearing a particularly sexy matching lace bra and panties set, Leka C. poses on a elegant portico. There is nothing too studied or calculated in Leonardo‘s design or execution of the set. It’s not difficult to imagine that Leka has wandered outside to enjoy the view on a beautiful summer afternoon. While the setting has a certain formality, and Leka has an undeniable elegance in her bearing, the feeling here is relaxed and enjoyable - a feeling enhanced by the model’s assured and confident appearance and performance. That confidence is very much on display in the explicit poses provided here, but it’s also present in far more demure images. In #027, for example, still “fully dressed” she shares a warm and lively smile (along with a firm, ripe rump). In #039, with her ample breasts revealed, her expression sultry, intriguing, and self-assured. And in #108, totally nude, she’s both comely and confident, a very appealing combination.


“Presenting” Nichole A - delight in a doorway…

Nichole A: Presenting, by Arkisi, young beauty in fine art photos

Some models - and some MetArt erotic pictorials - take a while to work their magic on me. With others, the attraction is immediate, and that is the case with this, Nichole A.’s MetArt debut. From the very first image in the series I found the model appealing, and there was also a difficult to define quality to that first image that also piqued my interest in the photographer.

Although he has contributed several photo essays to MetArt, this was my first opportunity to review Arkisi’s work, and I’m happy to say that I like it very much. In that introductory image, #001, Nichole A. is standing in a doorway. I’m not sure why, but at first I thought the image was a reflection in a full length mirror. At any rate, I was intrigued and immediately drawn into the series.

This young model has a warmth and confidence that enhances her physical beauty. And Arkisi’s lighting and technical style present her in a particularly appealing manner. The lighting is truly notable. In a shot like #015 the darkness of her hair and eyes is enhanced at the same time the smooth pale textures of her skin and lips are highlighted. In #031, a distinctly different image from the previous example, the background glows with a striking and effective yellow radiance.

Arkisi tends to favor a shallow, limited depth of field that places the emphasis exactly where he wants it, while also lending his images a soft, painterly, almost pastel quality. See #096 for one beautifully posed, composed, and lighted example. While Nichole’s breasts are petite her other feminine attributes are quite dramatic and Arkisi provides numerous explicit close-ups without sacrificing his unique artistic touch. And when I look at a shot like #020, a haunting headshot, or #077 with Nichole A.’s spontaneous smile, I have to say I’m roundly impressed.


“Presenting” Milagres A - a subtle session at sunset…

Milagres A: Presenting, by Antonio Clemens, natural light and beauty

In her debut MetArt erotic photo series , Milagres A. displays a natural beauty and an easy-going personality. And the design and technical aspects of the pictorial combine to capture these qualities with a relaxed, effortless style that is in perfect harmony with the subject.

Although she’s quite pretty, Milagres A. does have a girl-next-door quality that is a big part of her appeal. Here “next door” happens to be the balcony of a house with a commanding view of the ocean and coastline. While Antonio Clemens has chosen to minimize the views and keeps his focus on the model, he does employ the location in some very interesting ways.

Whether it was by design or accident, the set was created towards the end of the day. The setting sun appears to be the sole light source. Clemens masterfully employs the natural light to give these images a soft, informal feel. But he also captures reflected views of the glowing golden orb as it descends through scattered clouds in the windows behind the model - see #026, #036, and #050 for three examples. In other shots a flash of warm sunlight reflects off the blue metallic window frames to add a pleasing bit of color and contrast – #065 is one example, and #074 is another very pretty shot that employs the effect.

Milagres A. has a relaxed demeanor and a natural warmth that Clemens really captures here. She is not at all inhibited, and eagerly displays every inch of her body. Her physique is delicate and understated, from her petite breasts to her intimate anatomy, but not at the expense of curvaceous hips and long, shapely legs. The final shots in the series, #133 and #134 manage to showcase her mood, her beauty, her build, and a bit of the landscape in an effortlessly artful manner. A successful debut, to be sure, and I look forward to more from both model and artist.


“Visita” starring Jesika A - at home with a hottie…

Jesika A: Visita, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

During the long history and evolution of the cinematic art form filmmakers have developed a rich, nuanced language of symbolism with innumerable techniques for conveying information to the viewer. In this MetArt HD erotic movie the director, Leonardo, dresses his star in a pair of white panties. Printed in bold, block letters across the seat of these panties are the words: “That’s Hot.”

So much for symbolism. Those two words concisely summarize “Visita,” and also provide an apt thumbnail description of Jesika A.

If a short film can be broken down into “acts,” this one has three. In the first Jesika primps and poses in front of a mirror. Her printed panties and snug white top do much to flatter a curvy hourglass figure, and the sight of the model’s nipples straining beneath the tight fabric is a visual treat. The tone here is light and flirtatious, and Jesika’s twin pigtails underscore the girlish energy.

In the second act action moves to the living room. Sitting on a shaggy fur rug, Jesika A. uses brush and watercolors to paint in a coloring book. When she tires of painting between the lines, she turns the brush on her torso and firm, full breasts. Cleverness and cuteness ensues.

In the concluding segment the printed panties come off - and are tossed at the camera with a playful flourish at the 6:08 mark - and Jesika A. offers a series of far more revealing poses. While the mood, throughout, is light and cheerful, by the end of “Visita” I expect the many viewers will agree: That’s Hot.


“Carmelus” starring Dominika A - nice sitting/odd setting…

Dominika A: Carmelus, by Luca Helios, nude beauty, funky furniture

This might not seem like an obvious photo opportunity. It could be a corner of a rustic tavern, perhaps one frequented by lumberjacks. There is a tall table surrounded by stools. And these furnishings are crafted of large logs, stripped of their bark, and burnished to a warm, natural glow. Somehow, with her long hair, slender build, and refined beauty, I can more easily imagine Dominika A. in a sleek, modern setting, or outdoors in a meadow or by the sea. So, there is something somewhat odd about the location, but the model’s beauty and appeal more than overcomes this disadvantage.

In fact, the log furnishings and wood paneling of the room possess a warmth that is quite flattering to Dominika’s coloring. And the model, in her high heels, floral mini-dress (or is that just a blouse standing in for a mini-dress?), and bracelets (one of which later does duty as an anklet), is nothing if not attractive, even in this incongruous setting.

This experienced and eye-pleasing MetArt model works well with photographer Luca Helios. She’s at ease here, relaxed, and her smiles are frequent and genuine.

In terms of favorites, I do like the very first image, #001, for those mile-long legs. #110, a fully nude shot, illustrates how well the texture and color of the setting flatters Dominika’s coloring. #072 is a beautiful, natural, and moody headshot. And who can resist the smile on the model’s face in #106 as she reveals her intimate architecture?


“Stagona” with Lily C - cuteness and carnality collide…

Lily C: Stagona, by Leonardo, sexy girl, explicit erotic photographs

I liked Lily C. from the moment I set eyes on her debut MetArt erotic photo gallery. In my critique I used terms like “proud and confident,” and “warm and lively,” and those qualities are still amply evident in “Stagona,” the third Lily C. pictorial I’ve reviewed.

Leonardo was the photographer who crafted Lily’s debut, and that set, shot in the studio, was a deft and assured piece of erotic photo artistry. In “Stagona” he’s chosen an outdoor location and the results are, on a technical level, somewhat inconsistent. Shot at dusk and well into the night, the set is stronger when Leonardo is relying, at least partially, on natural light. After night falls the set, to my eyes, suffers. And there are shots late in the series - #117 and #118 are two representative examples - where large shadows obscure the model’s body for no discernable artistic or creative reason.

What does come across in these photos is Lily’s robust, vigorous, and powerful sexuality. This girl can look very cute, very sweet, but hers is never an innocent or sweet cuteness. Lily C. projects, without a hint of effort, a strong, physical eroticism. There is a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her pretty eyes, but her body is sending a powerful message that has very little to do with smiles and twinkles…and a whole lot to do with raw, fevered sexuality. This mix of cuteness and carnality is a major constituent of Lily’s considerable appeal.

My favorite shots in “Stagona” tend to fall in the first half of the set. There’s something particularly appealing about the soft twilight, the skin tones, Lily’s beautiful behind, and the out of focus background in #025, for example. If I can direct my gaze at her face when examining #033 I find a particularly fetching and inviting facial expression. There are numerous frank and explicit shots to choose from. And in #078 Lily C. is as cute as can be without revealing much more than her smile and attitude.


“Presenting” Diana I - young, blonde, and nude…

Diana I: Presenting, by Luca Helios, a young blonde arrives at MetArt

When it comes to women, you’ve got to admit that those three traits are a difficult combination to beat. At a tender and tempting eighteen years of age, Diana I. is certainly young. And while we have some latitude to determine the precise shade of her hair color, it is overwhelmingly and without question, blonde. When it comes to her nudity, and it certainly will, Diana does start out wearing a stylish pair of shoes and a particularly fetching lingerie set. So, for the sticklers among you, she isn’t totally and completely nude for the entire set.

But I don’t think that’s desirable or necessary. Some of the introductory images in this introductory series, when her shoes, bra and panties are still in place on her nubile frame, are quite pleasing. In fact, one of these non-nude shots, #024, is one of my favorites in the collection. It is such a pleasing photo that I will give it a paragraph of its own.

Image #024 is a beautiful photo of a beautiful young model. But Diana’s beauty is only one component in a sophisticated, artful composition. The more I study the image the more I’m impressed by how Luca Helios has composed it. The texture of the various surfaces, the lighting, the strong geometry of the various architectural elements – this would be an interesting shot even if the model wasn’t in it. But look how her long hair harmonizes with the vertical planes of the wall to her right. And notice how the sculpted curves of her body act as a visual bridge between the straight lines on one side, and the curved arm and spherical head of the lamp to her left.

The set is packed with an abundance of explicit images, and that is never a bad thing, in my estimation. But as is often the case, a handful of headshots have captured my attention here. There is an odd mystery to #012, for example, perhaps due to the averted eyes. And #097, with her eyes wide open (although not directed at the camera), the lighting, the model’s expression, and the texture of her blonde hair is very pleasing, indeed.


“Detain” starring Velvet A - a light touch…

Velvet A: Detain, by Banoo, natural light, natural beauty, erotic art

“New” is one of the most important words in the MetArt lexicon. Our members crave - demand, expect, and insist upon - new models, new pictorials, and new approaches to erotic art on a steady basis. Yesterday I wrote about a new model, in a new MetArt HD movie, from a new director (well, it’s only his second effort for us, so his status as new seems warranted). And today I get to review a nude photo series from a new photographer. Although the model has appeared in several earlier photo essays, she is not new in the strictest sense, but I’ve never seen her before, so she’s new to me!

Based on this debut set I can confidently say that Banoo isn’t simply new, he’s talented, skillful, and in possession of a pleasingly light touch. And I mean that in more ways than one.

While Velvet A. is the undeniable star of “Detain,” natural light - bright, streaming, warm sunlight - is her costar here. Banoo’s use of light creates a real sense of mood, of being in a special place, at a very special time. That place is in a bed, somewhere in a big city. It might be before, during, or perhaps after a passionate and intimate interlude. As I look at these beautiful pictures of this beautiful young woman I can feel the warmth of the sun, the smoothness of her skin, the softness of her hair, the crisp, though somewhat rumpled, sheets. This series really does establish a palpable mood.

There are moments when I feel that Velvet A. tries just a little too hard. It’s not at all necessary! Her beauty is quite enough without resorting to the tricks employed by lesser models. And when she relaxes into the mood of the pictorial the result is harmonious, evocative, and very pleasing. In #012 and 015 we know we’ve got a real treat in store. In #017 Velvet is relaxed but my pulse is accelerating. A fine figure study like #030 packs a wonderfully bedroomy punch. In #042 the light is just right (along with everything else on display). #103 is difficult to resist. And in #142 we find an engaging and involving headshot. With the help of a stunning model, “Detain” marks the arrival of a very talented new photographer at MetArt - let’s hope Banoo contributes additional work without “Delay.”


“Elle” starring Elle E - an enticing introduction…

Elle E: Elle, by Bo Llanberris, MetArt HD erotic movie review

The last MetArt erotic HD movie I reviewed was the first effort from filmmaker Bo Llanberris to appear on the site. “Watercolors” was obviously the work of an abundantly skilled director, and it made a fine showcase for Top Model Malena Morgan.

For his second offering, Llanberris recruits not a MetArt Top Model, but a complete newcomer to MetArt. The film titled “Elle” not only confirms the director’s abilities, it also makes for a fine MetArt debut for newcomer Elle E.

Bo Llanberris has a genuine knack for crafting erotic motion pictures that are very much in the MetArt mode. This isn’t a film of a still shoot, but it manages to capture the visual flair and flavor of the finest erotic art photography without sacrificing the dynamics and potential of motion pictures.

As with his first outing, the “beauty” footage in “Elle” is inter-cut with casual, candid, interview segments with the star. While the questions are suitably provocative, the chance to view Elle E. in a natural, conversational setting provides far more insight into her personality and character than still photos - or movie footage without any dialog, for that matter - could ever convey.

The movie consists of two segments. In the first we see the model walking along a road at dusk, riding in a car, and bathing in a clawfoot bathtub outdoors. While none of the nude footage here is particularly explicit, the mood and suggestions of autoerotic pleasure are undeniable. Combined with the interview clips, this first part is roundly enjoyable.

The second segment, while lacking dialog and possessing a distinctly different style and tone, is equally satisfying. Here the flavor is grittier, the images more explicit. The film closes with a snippet of behind the scenes action that is better seen than described - view it for yourself and share your impressions in the comments, below.


“Presenting” Amelia C - do the limb, oh…

Amelia C: Presenting, by Tony Murano, artistic, erotic, nude photos

The gnarled branches of dead trees on a rocky and desolate beach provide the props and decor in this new MetArt model debut. While it might not sound like an appealing combination, when it works, it works quite well.

The tone is established in the first image. Amelia C. strikes a somewhat formal pose, her left hand is raised and resting on a rough limb, her arm mimicking it’s form. Topless, she stands on tiptoe, subtly arching her back, her right arm at her side. A sheer “skirt” of golden metallic fabric encircles her hips, and an elaborate bracelet graces her wrist. There is something intriguing about the contrasts here. The few items of “wardrobe” suggest an exotic element that is in direct opposition to the natural, weathered setting. This contrast is emphasized in the photos that follow.

In many of these artful nude erotic images Tony Murano has Amelia C. assume formal, stylized poses. In others she’s more relaxed and natural. And when these natural images happen to capture a sudden gust of wind ruffling the model’s hair, there’s a candid, documentary quality to the photos that I particularly enjoy. Compare #015 and #020, for an example of the two styles, natural versus formal. Or consider #101 and #106. Both are carefully composed, artfully posed photos, but I prefer the latter for its more relaxed feeling.

Even when the setting presents a physical challenge, however, Amelia and her photographer conspire to create artful images. I’m referring to a shot like #070, where the model is reclining on an uneven carpet of large stones while resting her feet on a desiccated tree limb. Despite the seeming discomfort of the pose, there’s genuine beauty and skill both in Amelia’s stylish and graceful presentation, and in Murano’s framing and composition.

When it began I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it, but by the time it ended I most certainly did. “Presenting Amelia C” is plenty pleasing.


“Presenting” Yanika A - a stylish start…

Yanika A: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, beautiful redhead, stylish pix

There is little in the way of distraction to detract from this debut MetArt nude pictorial. There isn’t anything at all in the way of clothing, as the model is totally nude from the first image to the last. There is but a single piece of furniture - a simple sofa in the modern style, upholstered in white, without so much as a throw pillow or any other extraneous accessory. In view of the spare setting, it’s almost surprising that the model has been allowed the luxury of a single piece of jewelry - a turquoise medallion on a silver chain around her neck. But the blue of the stone picks up the blue light shining in the background, and it fits perfectly with photographer Alex Sironi‘s simple and stylish art direction.

With no props to pose with and no costume to hide behind, new model Yanika A. is front and center from beginning to end. And this is a good thing. Yanika is exposed from the word “go,” and doesn’t have the benefit of easing into the experience of nude modeling by slowly removing her garments, one piece at a time. And, while tease certainly has an honored place in erotic photography, here the tease must come from the model’s personality and attitude. Yanika A. has both of these qualities, and they are both engaging and appealing.

Yanika’s physical attributes are also quite fine. Her body is long and lean, her breasts are full and in perfect proportion to her frame, and that frame is encased in flawless, glowing skin and topped with a thick mane of auburn hair. And Yanika is quite adept at positioning her beautiful body. In fact some of the poses she assumes here are truly notable. The cute expression on her face in #032, for example, only serves to enhance her floating stance. And 022, 023, and 024, three variations on a theme, also showcase this new MetArt model‘s posing skill. Additional favorites in this set include #027, a figure study with classical overtones; #104 for the pose, the reflective mood, and the composition; and #113 for the natural smile and kittenish sexuality. A stylish start, indeed.


“Deriva” with Ganna A - subtle smiles and knowing looks…

Ganna A: Deriva, by Antonio Clemens, subtle, evocative erotic photos

As I viewed the photos in this erotic photo series I was struck by the model’s subtly expressive nature. While the design and art direction of the set is moody and quite dramatic, Ganna A. is nuanced and understated in her performance. She is playful, certainly. And she is sexy and flirtatious. But the way in which she conveys emotions is restrained, elegant and delivered with the lightest possible touch.

Ganna A.’s presentation is so knowing and sophisticated that I was surprised - shocked might not be too strong a description - when I read her bio and learned that she is only 18. I never would have guessed, and I’m quite impressed by the wise and worldly quality she projects.

As I mentioned, the art direction photographer Antonio Clemens employs here is moody and dramatic. The background is a deep, richly textured red. The floor is dark. And the model is sitting on a black leather and chrome Le Corbusier armchair. Ganna’s costume consists of a green diaphanous wrap and a string of brightly colored beads. Her warm, pale skin and glittering eyes really shine against the dark background colors.

The darkness of the set decoration and the lighting design allow for some very interesting effects. In #006, a non-nude, full length standing portrait, Ganna’s skin glows while her dark hair blends back into the shadows. #009 is another, not dissimilar, non-nude image. Shadow also plays a key role in #035, a three-quarter view of her rear, and #038, a three-quarter view of her body from the front. In both shots the lighting brings out the curves and contours of her body beautifully - and it really is quite a beautiful body.

For facial beauty #137 and #138 are hard to beat. In both shots her expression is subtly beguiling, and the lighting and compositions are intriguing and evocative.

Agree or disagree? Either way, feel free to share your impressions in the comments, below.


“Presenting” Suzanna A - an improvised introduction…

Suzanna A: Presenting, by Goncharov, busty, buxom, chesty, stacked

For this MetArt nude erotic photo series, frequent contributing photographer Goncharov does a bit of improvisation in the studio. A can of gold spray paint adds a bit of surface glitz to a Grecian stool. Two lengths of white seamless, rolled into tubes and placed vertically, suggest columns from some ancient temple. Add lighting and a statuesque new model and - hey, presto! - instant erotic pictorial.

The model showcased on this casually constructed set is beautifully built Suzanna A., making her first appearance in a MetArt gallery. Her costuming is interesting and eye-catching. Black thigh-high stockings, a sleek blouse with a plunging, ruffled neckline, and, well, that’s it. No shoes, and more conspicuously, no panties, either. Both interesting choices. Despite the exposed cleavage, the ample size and stunning shape of Suzanna’s breasts comes as a bit of a surprise when they are revealed, beginning with image #016. A generously proportioned and beautifully sculpted bust may not appeal to every viewer, but those who appreciate such things will find much to enjoy here. The model’s bosom is so bountiful that, even when her back is turned to the camera, as in #093, the glory of her chest is still readily apparent.

Suzanna A. seems to be comfortable with the camera, but there is the slightest hint, a mere breath of stiffness in some shots. This may be amplified by the somewhat slapdash nature of the art direction and technical execution of the set. Additional experience, in a more polished setting, can only help. But Suzanna’s impressive physical gifts make “Presenting” a worthy introduction, despite its somewhat improvised flavor.


“Watercolors” starring Malena Morgan - a treat for eyes and ears…

Malena Morgan: Watercolors, by Bo Llanberris, MetArt HD erotic movie review

MetArt HD erotic movies are a unique product in a highly specialized niche. The short form presents its own challenges, as does the fact that the majority of MetArt models are non-English speakers. We may hear a bit of chat here or there, but due to the language barrier, MetArt movies tend to tell their stories with images rather than with dialog. To further complicate things, many of these movies were created at the same time as a still photo session. I can find much to enjoy in these short subjects, but I have no illusions about their inherent limitations.

And then I view “Watercolors” and any thoughts of challenges and limitations go right out the window. This erotic cinematic experience marks both a departure and an arrival. Let me explain.

This is a stand-alone production. It was designed and created as a movie. But “Watercolors” is not only a departure from the typical behind-the-scenes video, it is also the arrival of a gifted new filmmaker. Bo Llanberris, who directed and edited the film - with the able assistance of cinematographer Jean Demile - has created a wonderfully engaging production. It is completely consistent with the MetArt aesthetic, but it also expands and builds on the potential of the short erotic film format.

To achieve this brilliant result he has crafted a film that falls, roughly, into three segments. In the first we have beautiful images of MetArt Top Model Malena Morgan looking delicious in lacy panties and a white shirt. Then something magical and surprising occurs: We watch as the starlet answers provocative questions posed by an off-camera interviewer. Her responses are informative and entertaining, to say the least! And her relaxed and warm personality is a delight. The middle portion consists of beautifully shot and edited footage of Morgan at work on a watercolor creation of her own. And the final third, with the model now totally nude, involves a vessel of water, a sponge, and a leisurely, eye-pleasing, impromptu erotic interlude.

The beauty of the imagery is exceptional. And the insight provided by the interview is invaluable. Thanks to the creative skills of those behind the camera, and the engaging beauty of the model in front of it, “Watercolors” really is something of a masterpiece.


“Rays” with Adriana F - spend a while with her smile…

Adriana F: Rays, by Koenart, pretty girl, many smiles, erotic photos

The title of this MetArt nude photo gallery may derive from the model’s smile. It’s bright, it’s warm, and it is almost ever-present. I would generally choose a smile over a frown, there is such thing as too much of a good thing, and after a while it takes on a somewhat forced feeling.

I much prefer Adriana F. in those moments when she’s more relaxed and natural. Two of my favorite shots here illustrate my point: in #051 and #054, two medium headshots, the model’s facial beauty is captured effectively without excessive effort on Adriana’s part.

The location Koenart has chosen is pleasant enough, but slightly odd to my eyes. It appears to be the lobby of some type of office building, or perhaps a luxury apartment. Walls of glass admit plenty of natural light, but also reveal a parking lot crowded with cars and the occasional pedestrian - a bit distracting. Tall palm trees sprout from the floor and Adriana poses with the fronds in many shots, but many of these poses feel artificial. And when she picks up a prop coconut and experiments with poses the effect is less than successful.

Some of the other poses have a curious quality, and when Koenart begins tilting the camera to add some variety to his compositions the result can verge on the comical. #056, for example, suffers from a neck-twisting lean, and in #086 I worry that Adriana may fall out of her chair.

Rays” ends with a group of clothed, outdoor shots. And here I find the solution to my dissatisfaction with this set. Adriana F. is a very pretty girl with a great body. Next time can we have her in a natural setting to bring out her natural beauty?


“Tactile” with Nikia A - multiple/choice…

Nikia A: Tactile, by Rylsky, a varied collection of erotic images

If variety is the spice of life, this MetArt gallery is very spicy, indeed. “Tactile” opens with a series of intriguing images. Here three types of light are used to create rich, graphically complex compositions. Nikia A., totally nude from the start, is stripped with light and shadow coming from somewhere behind the photographer. In the deep background muted daylight is visible through a window. And on a wall an electric light fixture glows warmly. The only props here are a hairbrush and a golden throw pillow. If the set consisted solely of variations on these elements it would have been completely satisfying.

That is not the case, however. Beginning at #041, the setting, lighting, and costuming change completely. Nikia A. is now wearing a white terry cloth robe, next to a white bed, in a brightly lit room. And her blonde locks are elaborately wrapped up in red and pink hair rollers. For added interest, but without explanation, she toys with a single black stocking.

This second section could also stand alone as a series based on its own merits. This is less moody than the earlier images in the set, and also far more explicit. The lighting reveals all and Rylsky can put the visual emphasis where he wants it by, for example, keeping the foreground in crisp focus while letting Nikia’s face, in the background, subtly blur (see #077). The bright light and lack of shadows also allows the model to express herself quite directly, and in a shot like #071 her relaxed personality is easy to appreciate.

In the very last shots in this diverse collection the props are gone, the background is now a pale green, and Rylsky moves in for some simple and effective headshots. “Tactile” offers many tempting choices.


“Attico” starring Feeona A - the cute’s no fluke…

Feeona A: Attico, by Rylsky, dimpled cutie, erotic photographic beauty

When I reviewed her first MetArt gallery I was impressed by this cutie’s beauty and ability, and those impressions are only reinforced by her follow-up appearance.

A luxuriously appointed bathroom is the setting in “Attico.” The cool, glossy surfaces and sculptural shapes of the fittings and fixtures add texture and interest that contrasts quite nicely with Feeona’s soft, inviting features and coloring. The model has been groomed, shaven, trimmed and styled since her debut, and her more polished appearance makes for a good match with this location.

I don’t recall noticing it in her debut, but here I do find a hint of stiffness in the placing and positioning of the model’s hands. Have a look at #018 and you’ll see what I mean. But it’s hard to complain when those hands are holding a face that pretty - Feeona A.’s eyes really are exceptional.

Rylsky’s lighting and photographic styles here are restrained and unobtrusive. Even in a room filled with glossy, reflective surfaces there isn’t a hit of glare. And, with the pattern of the tiles and the bold architectural curves of the bath, there is so much visual interest in each frame that he needn’t resort to compositional trickery.

The photographer does capture a wide range of poses, however, and you’ll find everything from full-length figure studies to explicit detail shots. Rylsky also throws in several black and white images that are subtly beautiful. Of these #085 is a gem. In a casual, playful moment Feeona regards her reflection in the mirror while touching her double’s fingertip.

Late in the series Feeona A. reclines on the floor and Rylsky achieves some beautiful and interesting effects. My favorite of these is #094 that has a dreamy quality and a feeling that the model is somehow floating. This effect is even more dramatic in #097, and only the chrome drain serves to remind that Feeona is horizontal, rather than vertical.

First an impressive debut, then a beautiful follow-up. Now all we need is…more.


“Vortice” with Luiza A & Penelope D - highly stylized…

Luiza A & Penelope D: Vortice, by Catherine, stylized erotic art pix

When I use the term “highly stylized” while discussing “Vortice” I’m not referring to the art direction, the set decoration, the lighting, or the technical aspects of the photography. Here the stylization applies to the models, specifically their interaction with on another.

In a MetArt gallery featuring a pair of women, any sexual link between them must be implied, and explicit contact is obviously not on the menu. Sometimes the two models have a genuine spark, that intangible something that creates a sense of sexual desire and pleasure. And sometimes that spark is missing, and the series derives it’s value from the beauty of each individual and the compositional and graphical potential of two bodies in the same frame.

The latter is very much the case here. Others may certainly disagree, but I don’t sense much sexual tension or interest between Luiza A. and Penelope D. Both models are pleasing to the eye, however, even if they don’t appeal to one another, and they do make an appealing pairing.

Photographer Catherine makes the most of this, and creates many highly stylized, extremely formal compositions as “Vortice” unfolds.

Luiza A., the darker and leaner of the two, and the more experienced model, is cast in the dominant role in this faux seduction. There is a sequence of shots, as Luiza removes Penelope’s bra - from #023 through #028 - in which Luiza looks directly at the camera to amusing effect. And in #037 that same effect is truly beautiful. The two-head headshots are also very nice, and images like #015 and #016 capture the refined features of these two beauties in a pleasingly stylish manner, even if it is somewhat lacking in steamy sexuality.


“Throne” starring Olga M - when mini means maxi…

Olga M: Throne, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Before screening “Throne” I was surprised to discover that this MetArt HD movie presentation boasts a run time of just under four minutes. I don’t know if there are other videos in the archive of similar length, but I do know this is the shortest feature I’ve critiqued. I must say that any concerns this raised evaporated seconds after I’d pressed “play.”

Olga M. is a glamorous beauty with a smoky sensuality that is particularly well suited to motion pictures. She’s a delight in her still series, without a doubt, and if you’re a fan of her pictorials “Throne” is an absolute must-see. In fact, whether you’re familiar with her or not, I can recommend this production without reservation.

Leonardo‘s approach here is beautifully simple and simply beautiful. It begins with Olga M. posing in front of a stone column. Her outfit - stiletto heels, sheer black hose, and a sheer black body stocking - is sexy and incredibly flattering to the model’s lithe figure and dark coloring. And Olga knows how to move that beautiful body. Leonardo’s framing and camera movements create some truly moving images, in every sense of the phrase.

After the upright sequence Olga appears in a chair. Oddly enough, this is not the “Throne” pictured on the movie’s cover, which is an image lifted from an earlier still set, “Graziosa.” While reclining Olga M. smokes a cigarette (at the 2:17 mark), reveals her completely shaven sex (at 2:59), and finally uncovers her stiff-nippled breasts (at 3:05). The pacing of these events approaches perfection.

While there isn’t a dreary image or dull moment in “Throne,” one of the genuine highlights starts at 3:16, when Olga M., with her feet on the ground and her head supported on the chair, forms a graceful bridge. The view across her hips, mons and torso at 3:20 is wondrous.

Short in duration but long on erotic beauty, “Throne” is royally entertaining.


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    Favorito 12 seconds ago

    For those in Rio Linda, watch out them perky nips could put your eyes out...

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    Warning: Delphine’s mammalian protuberances could be hazardous to ones oculus uterque. Proceed with extreme caution.

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    Her highly fashionable lack of eyebrows just remind us of the weirdness of "fashion."

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    Shows why:
    "pussy skin" is better with its natural fur;
    a girl is sexier when she isn't trying to be;
    give a model something to do other than lounge around remembering to smile;
    healthy natural nail color is best;
    some movies are more tolerable with the sound muted 🎼 🔇

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    What a gorgeous sexy woman , fast becoming 1 of my favourites ! Keep her sets coming please !!

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    Checkers 17 minutes ago

    Not only that, but she seems to put a lot of thought into the lighting and shooting angles to make them look especially beautiful. Some photographers just seem to have a knack for making certain parts of the body stand out - Natasha with navels, Matiss and Alex Lynn with bottoms, Arkisi with breasts....

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    BAGGY_PANTS 23 minutes ago

    Would you consider a phased in approach so that chihuahuas and artists can mend their silly ways, and K can publish her inventory of billiard balls?

    Does not need to be 100%, but something considerably greater than present would seem fair.

    Dream on silly me. I don't have enough years remaining to see anything more than tokenism.

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    Fabulous legs and breasts
    Maybe let Natasha Schon shoot her in an “art” set to show off those stunning features?

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    BAGGY_PANTS 31 minutes ago

    goggle pictures of Mona Lisa and see some wacko "adjustments" people have made to her over the years.

    Too many to list but I love the one where one half is Mona, and one half is da Vinci.

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    I too admire navels Mr. Czechers.

    I always think that Ms. Schön helps choose models based in part on their navels.

    Some are downright amazing.

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