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“Diavgia” with Isabella C - beach, babe, sun, and shadow…

Isabella C: Diavgia, by Peter Guzman, nude blonde beach babe

The title of this MetArt erotic photo series is the Greek word for “clarity.” I had this bit of information in mind when I sat down to examine the pictorial. And it didn’t take long for a bit of confusion to take hold. I suspect the word may have been used ironically, because the pictorial is filled with diffused lighting, soft focus, and detail-obscuring shadow.

The setting and subject are certainly pleasing. Isabella C., wearing only a necklace and a pleasantly skimpy white bikini, is on a sandy beach, a large, placid body of water is out of focus in the deep background. The model seems eager to please. But the Sun, apparently the only source of light, is not in a similarly cooperative mood. Hazy skies and scudding clouds create a certain unpredictability in the lighting, and the result is some unevenness in the exposures.

I also sense that photographer Peter Guzman is working with minimal gear here. The apparent lack of a reflector to fill in unexpected or unfortunate shadows takes its toll, and this can be noticed in shots where the sun is at its brightest, as well as when it is dimmed by a passing cloud.

Isabella C., cute, nubile, fun-loving, and uninhibited is not concerned, it seems, with the technical difficulties of shooting under these conditions. She strips, teases, and flirts with the camera throughout. Her enthusiasm results in some novel poses - in #047, she is happily contorting herself into an abstract human pretzel. And in #107 she arches into a high and graceful full back-bend.

When the light, composition, and pose are in synch, the result is a beautiful shot like #067, one of the finest in the collection. While it may be somewhat short on actual clarity, “Diavgia” does clearly possess some beautiful images.

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“Refinat” starring Erika F - versatile vixen…

Erika F: Refinat, by Sergey Akion, shapely blonde beauty, arty erotic images

As “Refinat” opens, Erika F. is dressed to impress in a sleek, clinging, tight, white dress and black high heels. The dress is so tight that every curve of the model’s body is revealed, and, even when she is entirely clothed, it’s a pleasure seeing her pose.

And, like the model who is wearing it, that dress is particularly versatile. Not only does it showcase a particularly pleasing shape, it is constructed of a stretchy fabric that allows Erika F. to reconfigure it on the fly. With the hem pulled up to mid-thigh, and the top tugged down to free her beautiful breasts, it becomes an instant mini-dress in a stylized image like #040. Some more pulling turns it into a corset, with bosom and bottom exposed in #060.

Of course, even the most sexy dress ultimately needs to be taken off entirely, and Erika F. is eager to oblige. This model has range. In some shots she can have a natural, girl next door quality, and in another she’s a polished performer, elsewhere she’s serious, and in other shots playful. In #066, totally nude, she eyes the camera with an inscrutable, but extremely intriguing look on her face.

Sergey Akion has plenty to work with in this subject, and he takes full advantage of it. We find close-ups of feet, with shoes and without, figure studies, explicit intimate close ups, and a handful of edgy, artsy compositions that hint at the breadth of the artist’s creative range. In #112, for example, a curtain, out of focus in the foreground, bisects the model’s beautiful face to create a moody, painterly portrait.

A versatile model and a creative and adaptable artist behind the camera help make “Refinat” a refined and rewarding erotic art experience.


“Opportunite” starring Candice B - a chance to be charmed…

Candice B: Opportunite, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

While I clearly can’t claim to have discovered her, I can say that I knew a good thing when I first saw it - my review of Candice B.’s debut MetArt gallery was profuse in its praise, glowing in its admiration, and energetically optimistic about her future as a MetArt model.

While I recognized the debut of a major talent, I had no way of predicting with any certainty how successful Candice B. would become. As it happens, she’s been very successful - Candice has become a MetArt Top Model - a Top Ten Model, in fact - and her popularity is easily understood (I understood it, again, in my second review of a Candice B. gallery).

Now I have the “Opportunite” to view this stellar specimen in a motion picture. I am expecting a rewarding experience, and I am not disappointed by Leonardo‘s creation.

As “Opportunite” opens, Candice B. is wearing nothing but a subtle smile and an abbreviated denim vest. Color me tantalized. While every inch of this model’s body is delectable, her magnificent breasts are two of her most outstanding (ah-hem!) assets, and making us wait to see them exposed adds some pleasant tension to the proceedings. And when they are unveiled it is absolutely worth the wait. Mother Nature does some truly wonderful work, but this girl’s body really is a masterpiece.

Candice maintains a cheerful, warm, and engaging spirit for the entire film. And she is completely comfortable, and generous, in front of the camera. Those who seek the intimate details will certainly find them. And those who simply want to revel in the sight of a sweet, flirtatious, and exquisitely constructed young woman will celebrate every shapely second. If you are an admirer of Candice B., “Opportunite” is an opportunity you must not miss.


“Idoni” starring Ganna A - basic beauty…

Ganna A: Idoni, by Antonio Clemens, long-limbed and shapely beauty

A seamless backdrop, colored lights, some fabric and a pillow on the floor, a paisley-patterned peasant dress - and a dark-haired model to show it off, then take it off. Those are the rather basic ingredients of “Idoni,” but don’t mistake “basic” for “simple,” “crude,” “bland,” or “uninteresting.”

True, there is not an overabundance of drama here. There is something restrained yet entirely self-assured in Ganna A.’s performance. And the style of the photography is very much in tune to her somewhat muted mood. I’d suggest that it’s the perfect series to enjoy when the viewer needs a retreat from the chaos of daily life and wants to share some quite time with a beautiful and subtly engaging young model.

There is something classical about some of Ganna’s posing here, and that may also have something to do with her physical proportions as well as her controlled demeanor. An image like #023, with her dress down around her waist, her torso in profile, her face turned to the camera, the lush cascade of dark hair down her back, has a painterly, almost sculptural simplicity that the model and her photographer, Antonio Clemens, must surely be proud of.

While it is easy to enjoy the sight of Ganna’s willowy, shapely body, and quiet confidence in these carefully composed and thoughtfully posed photos, I have to admit that the set scores its highest points when Ganna A. “breaks character” and shares a warm smile or laughs at the photographer’s jokes. Standing on tiptoes in #040 her body is beautifully presented, but notice how that natural smile gives the shot a burst of sweet vitality. The pose in #089 is more formal, and the smile a bit more muted, but the effect is basically, and enjoyably, beautiful.


“Anemos” starring Indiana A - beachy, balmy, breezy, beauty…

Indiana A: Anemos, by Luca Helios, kittenish beauty, stunning body

I didn’t immediately recognize the star of “Anemos.” In fact it was only after conducting a search of the blog that I was reminded I have, in fact, seen her before - in MetArt HD erotic movie “Lavico” (you’ll find my impressions here).

Lavico,” which was directed by Luca Helios, left me scratching my head. But he also photographed “Anemos,” and it has me grinning and nodding my head in emphatic approval. This series takes an undeniably beautiful model, places her on a scenic stretch of sandy shoreline, and results in some extremely pretty pictures.

A necklace of brightly colored beads and a piece of red/orange fabric are all Indiana has in the way of costume - and they are all she needs. Although it isn’t a piece of clothing or a prop, there is a third crucial ingredient in the set - the breeze that flutters Indiana’s fabric wrap and which teases her hair in unpredictable ways (see #016, #071, or #100 for three distinct examples). And #046, with the model on all fours in the sand, gets a real burst of energy from a gust of wind.

Even at a distance, Indiana A. is breathtaking. In an image like #118, standing tall on those long legs, with her long, wind-blown, hair, and her perfect breasts, she is a vision. But move in close and her charms are no less impressive. In #109, a head-and-shoulders shot, the model radiates a youthful, kittenish quality. In the very next image Helios moves in even closer - so close that all we see is her right eye, a bit of her freckled nose, an eyebrow, and breeze-ruffled hair. This photo really does give one a finer sense of the model’s mood, attitude, and engaging personality.

I’m pleased to say that I have more favorite images than I have space to list them, but I will direct you to #028, #032, #034, and #037. That exquisite body, the variety of poses, the wind, water, sun, and sand all make for fine images. But it’s Indiana’s smile and spirit that makes them utterly delightful.


“Gallie” starring Dominika A - fabulous female physical fitness…

Dominika A: Gallie, by Luca Helios, physical beauty/artistic creativity

I’ve critiqued MetArt erotic galleries featuring Dominika A. on three previous occasions, one just a month ago (the other two are here and here). After revisiting those posts I’m struck by this model’s versatility. Viewed as a group, all four sets are distinctive and unique, and Dominika brings something different to each one.

“Gallie” was shot by Luca Helios, who also happens to have lensed the three pictorials I mention above, and the photographer also demonstrates considerable versatility. None of the series under discussion are alike, but, of this quartet, “Gallie” is the most dramatic.

The design of this studio shoot is simple yet clever. A black fabric backdrop extends to and covers the floor. To the model’s right, a blue light, to her left, a red one. A white light illuminates the middle. In the introductory image the model stands en pointe, directly facing the camera. Dominika A. is posing, but she finds the perfect balance between natural and stylized. Totally nude, her body glows with a sheen of oil, and the colored lights create an intriguing blend of highlight and shadow.

But what is perhaps most striking about this overtly artistic scheme is how it emphasizes Dominika’s physique. The artificial amplifies the natural, physical beauty of her firm, fit, and shapely body. In #011, this time with her back towards the camera, the details of her body - subtle sacral dimples, toned calves, etc. - are made plain in a lovely figure study.

The female body as a work of art receives a boost - literally and figuratively - when a white cube is added to the set. In a handful of shots - 033, 045, 051, and 069, are fine examples - Dominika’s poses atop the cube evoke a stunning human sculpture on display in a gallery or museum. In “Gallie,” model and artist have created a striking work of erotic art.


“Seductor” starring Alysha A - field of dreams…

Alysha A: Seductor, by Rylsky, beautiful girl, wonderful erotic pix

I concluded my review of Alysha A.’s first appearance at MetArt with this: “I think we can flatly state that we’re eager to see more of Alysha A., in movies, in stills, in whatever form we can get her!”

Alysha’s debut happened to be a MetArt HD erotic movie, and her performance was truly winning. In “Seductor” we have the opportunity to view her in a proper still photo gallery, and it more than lives up to the high standard established by her debut.

The bulk of the series was shot in a large field in the countryside on a sunny afternoon. Wearing a floor-length white embroidered dress – her only bit of clothing as we soon see - Alysha A. is a vision of loveliness (see #003 or #005 a ethereal topless shot). Her bright blonde hair, fine features, and warm smile are, indeed, effortlessly seductive. In an image like #015, with a pensive, intriguing look on her face, her beauty is beguiling. And in a playful, explicit up-skirt shot, her lively spirit is as appealing as her physical charms. And how beautiful is she in #050? Nothing less than angelic, despite the devilish pose.

Later on in the series the setting changes. Now she’s on a blanket on the roof of a shed, perhaps. Here the temperature climbs, considerably. The sequence of shots spanning numbers 092 through 102 or so, with the model on her stomach, legs parted, are frankly sexual and explicit. But notice how her facial expression and attitude changes from shot to shot. Alysha A. has a genuine knack for honest, open self-expression.

Photographer Rylsky, who created all four of Alysha’s MetArt contributions, does us a service by including several shots unrelated to the main photo shoot. We see her in an oversized T-shirt, for example, and she’s on a bed wearing only a blousy sweater. These images help round out our knowledge of the model. And do have a look at #129 - what beautiful eyes she has. I will absolutely be keeping my eyes peeled for future appearances of this delightful dream girl.


“Verbena” starring Sandra D - sexy is as sexy does…

Sandra D: Verbena, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Although this MetArt model has half a dozen still sets in her portfolio, this is Sandra D.’s first erotic movie appearance. My first two reactions are: Better late than never! And this was definitely worth waiting for!

Verbena” starts innocently enough. It’s nighttime and Sandra, casually dressed in tight jeans and a red and white ski sweater, stands in front of a white balustrade. But while Sandra displays a wholesome beauty, the minute she begins to move her innocence evaporates. This is a very sexy woman. Even fully clothed, or with just a bit of her midsection revealed as the hem of her sweater rides up, there is no mistaking it. Her movements, her expressions, her smile, her attitude project a particularly inviting brand of erotic allure. And when the sweater comes off and she sashays towards the camera, beautiful breasts jiggling, just after the 2 minute mark, it’s a magical moment.

It’s also a significant transition. After fading to black we now find Sandra D. seated on a couch. A subtle circle of light illuminates Leonardo’s sultry subject perfectly, while also adding a hint of voyeuristic intimacy. Sandra is wearing nothing more than a white blouse, and it soon comes off. But, semi-nude or totally exposed, Sandra exhibits an incendiary sexuality.

Nothing really “happens” here, but Sandra D. is in near constant motion. Even while seated or reclining her hips writhe, flex and undulate. And the more she moves, the more aroused she becomes - this will most certainly be the case for the lucky viewer, as well!

Without a single forced or false move, Sandra D. continues to raise the temperature. Things get distinctly feverish at the 5:30 mark, as the model directly faces the camera. Leonardo takes full advantage of this vulnerable pose and moves in for exquisitely explicit close-ups. And when she raises her body off the couch and pushes herself towards the lens the viewer can’t help but feel that he’s a participant in a supremely satisfying virtual sex act.

In the mood for something sexy? Let Sandra D. show you how it’s done.


“Straler” starring Milena D - when the light’s just right…

Milena D: Straler, by Erik Latika, shaved nubile, seaside session

A friend tells me that the name of this MetArt erotic photo series is the Swedish word for “rays,” as in rays of sunlight. That seems particularly apropos, as the illumination provided by the setting Sun figures prominently in “Straler.” And not always in an entirely good way.

I’ll discuss the lighting issues in a moment, but there are a few other curiosities in this set I feel the need to mention. The first eleven shots in this collection present nubile beauty Milena D. as she carries a bird cage - complete with bird, a budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), if I’m not mistaken - here and there on a beautiful day. She is wearing a floppy hat and a exposes a breast in a couple of shots.

Then, absent reason or rhyme, she is wearing comically huge sunglasses, a skimpy denim outfit over exposed bra and panties, while posing before a graffiti-painted sea cliff. It is against this backdrop that the bulk of the set takes place, and where the challenges of the setting sun are manifested.

At first I suspected some inherent underexposure - see #054, for one example. But then have a look at #065. Here the light is much brighter, with the distinct warm tones one expects as daylight fades. This inconsistency is present, to one degree or another, throughout the set.

What of the model and her photographer? Milena D. is a cutie, a fact I’ve made clear here and here. In “Straler” she is shaved clean, I mention this because she wasn’t in the two previously noted sets. When the light is right, with the wind toying with her long, flowing hair, and her nubile body free of distracting accessories and costume, Milena is as appealing as can be.

Although her first three MetArt galleries were shot by other photographers, the remainder of Milena’s portfolio was shot by Erik Latika. He obviously knows his subject - I suspect in the biblical and romantic senses, as well - and the series, although compromised to some degree by the difficult lighting, presents her in a range of poses and compositions. My favorite may be #091, one of the few “reverse angles,” where the sea is visible and surprisingly close, and Milena D. sprawls on the rocky shore.


“Provoquer” starring Liv B - to cause la chaleur…

Liv B: Provoquer, by Balius, creamy skin, explicit, artful erotica

As happened with yesterday’s entry, “Provoquer” took some time to win my affection. But today the reasons are nearly reversed. In yesterday’s post I liked the model but took issue with some of the photographer’s choices. Today I liked the art direction and approach that Balius has taken, but I failed to respond to his model. At least initially.

The fact is, if you look at ten pretty girls - or 2,595 by today’s total MetArt model count - you’re going to find some of them more attractive than others. We are all individuals and have our own unique tastes and preferences. So, speaking candidly, Liv B. didn’t really “trip my trigger.” At least initially.

Oh, there are some fine shots early on in the set. And Liv’s pale, creamy skin is set off quite beautifully by the dark background and rich colors of the set design. I very much like #016, for example, with that glowing skin, the fur rug adding warmth and texture, the foot reflected in the high-gloss floor.

Then, with #030, Liv B. begins to win me over. It may be something about that subtle smile, and it certainly has something to do with that beautiful behind with its nearly lunar radiance.

But when Liv B. bares all - and Balius moves in for a series of explicit images - she finally reaches me on a profound and undeniably animal level. This may not be everyone’s ideal, but my reaction to shots like #039 and #040 is powerful and immediate. And when Balius captures Liv from a greater distance - but still in an enticingly explicit pose - her physical charms are joined by her personality with wonderful results. Note the contrast between eyes open and eyes shut in #049 and #050. And #055 and #056 are two powerfully erotic, painterly photographic gems.

There’s much more to enjoy here, not all of it so frankly revealing - I’m thinking, specifically, of #090 and #095. And for an amusing conclusion to an unexpectedly heated session, Balius captures Liv B. as she tidies the bed in the closing shots of “Provoquer.”


“Lunares” starring Bridgit A - doll face…

Bridgit A: Lunares, by Albert Varin, nubile cutie, wet, sexy, beauty

Some MetArt erotic photo sets grab me right out of the gate, others take a while to earn my respect. “Lunares” belongs very much in the latter category.

The model, Bridgit A., is certifiable cutie-pie, with a sweet, nubile body and a delightful doll face. She’s got that newly-acquired confidence that only a young girl can possess, and she’s willing and eager to please, and to demonstrate what a fine model she is.

But still I resisted. There was something forced and unnecessarily formal about some of her poses. And this was compounded by the fact that she is posing in the shallow waters of a broad lake or inlet. Her costume - a black bra and panties set and a semi-sheer black blouse with white polka dots - and her styling seemed a bit too “fashiony” for the location. A nothing-showing shot like #026, with her blouse billowing in the wind, has an undeniable appeal. But when I get to #037, panties around her knees, and with the blouse on backward (!) I’m at a loss.

Thankfully, my attitude warms and the set improves. Free of her lingerie, Bridgit A., strikes a relaxed and explicit pose in #075 that captures her beauty and youthful spirit. And in #085, another nothing-showing shot, with the damp blouse clinging to her torso, Bridgit turns to regard Albert Varin‘s lens with a particularly intriguing look on her particularly pretty face.

The set concludes with three dynamic images - 115, 116, and 117 - that capture the model in elegant, carefree motion, running and splashing in the shallow water.


“Galop” with Tracy A - her sophomore session…

Tracy A: Galop, by Majoly, blue-eyed blonde, stripped and spread

Galop” is only Tracy A.’s second appearance in a MetArt erotic photo series. So, even if she has some modeling experience, she is still likely a newcomer. And this is my first experience with her, so she’s new to me, too.

I learn from her bio that Tracy A. resides in Budapest. This is a bit of a surprise, I most likely would have guessed she was an American. There is something about her hairstyle, perhaps, that has a bit of a “Charlie’s Angels” feel. Not a bad thing, certainly.

The setting photographer Majoly has chosen is a luxuriously appointed bedroom. Perhaps a bit too luxuriously appointed. As I proceed through the set I have trouble imagining how this sweet young girl wound up is such tony surroundings. Are her wealthy parents traveling? Is she “dating” a wealthy tycoon?

I have similar misgivings about another styling detail. Tracy’s blue bra and panties set is certainly appealing, but the back satin ribbon tied in a bow around her neck seems incongruous, an afterthought.

The set, itself, is casual in style and approach. There is a variety of poses. Tracey moves around on the bed, removes her clothes, hops up into the niche above the bed, but there’s something missing. Truthfully, the set is at its very best when it’s at its simplest and most explicit. #054, for example, shot from behind, panties lowered, hands on thighs, is a frank display of enticing anatomy, even if it isn’t a lofty artistic statement.

While the strengths of Majoly’s offering are overmatched by its weaknesses, Tracy A. displays more than enough ability and beauty here to warrant further exposure. May I suggest something fun and informal, a day at the beach or a hike in the mountains, perhaps?


“Formular” starring Yanika A - an alternate approach…

Yanika A: Formular, by Alex Sironi, beautiful body, artful nude photos

Change is good. Variety, as you may have heard, adds spice to life. And experimentation leads to expanded knowledge.

And all the above has something to do with this MetArt erotic photo series by Alex Sironi? Yes, it does, indeed.

Before viewing this set I would have felt comfortable summarizing Mr. Sironi’s style thusly: Clean, minimalist set design, white surfaces, soft colors. That thumbnail description applies to all the Sironi pictorials I’ve seen, including Yanika A.’s MetArt debut.

Here, working with the same model, Alex Sironi is true to form, with one major exception: Rather than a stark white or warm pastel background, he opts for inky black. That’s a big, big change.

And it’s a big, big success. I’m newly impressed by this artist, who is even more skilled and versatile than I’d imagined. I’m impressed with this model, as well. Unlike her debut, here Yanika A. has a dress to wriggle out of. Some of the tease shots may be a touch contrived, but when that dress slides down that lean, shapely body, her curves really “pop” against the velvety blackness of the background (see #017 through #020).

The antique loveseat (the only furniture in the set) with its white frame and gray satin upholstery was a clever choice. It’s a platform well suited to a wide range of poses – from stylish figure studies (like #034 and #037); it flatters Yanika’s warm flesh tones whether the pose is demure or boldly explicit; and when she’s seated centrally the twin arches of the backrest strongly suggest the wings of an angel (see #029).

Yanika A. continues to impress in “Formular,” and Alex Sironi, by diverging from his usual formula, demonstrates impressive artistic skill, range, and vision.


“Zilian” starring Jenya D - another wonderful wet one…

Jenya D: Zilian, by Voronin, MetArt HD erotic movie review

Last week, on the recommendation of a MetArt member, I reviewed a MetArt HD movie from the archives. I was so impressed by the video and pleased with the experiment, I’ve decided to try it again this week.

Based on the suggestion of MetArt member Paul B., I just watched “Zilian,” starring Jenya D. My comments follow.

First let me offer a confession and apology. This is only the second time I’ve written about magnificent MetArt model Jenya D (here’s the first). I knew of her, even before I signed on here at MetArt. And with 100 galleries and 8 movies in her MetArt portfolio, one would assume she’d be more frequently featured on this blog. Let this be the first step, hopefully of many, to remedy this shameful lapse!

I did have a bit of difficulty watching “Zilian.” But not because of any faults or flaws - far from it! There are so many stunning images, so many entrancing bits of action, and so many memorable moments that I found my self repeatedly pausing, making notes, rewinding, and re-watching Voronin‘s energetically arty offering.

With the swooping, tilting camera, the strong soundtrack, and a variety of creative special effects, “Zilian” has a high fashion flavor with a classic rock video feel. Of course, Jenya D. is the most special effect of them all, and she is pure female magic here. Check out how she starts, smiles, then laughs when a female photo assistant hits her with the feathery spray from a garden hose at the 00:48 mark and you’ll know what I mean.

The pacing here is brisk, the movement nearly constant, the editing quick. Jenya’s posing is dynamic, energetic, but always sensuous. Water figures prominently. It soaks the model’s hair and gleams on her voluptuous body; airborne droplets form a glittering scrim in the sunlight, and a glossy surface on the floor.

Can a video with a total run time of just over seven minutes contain too many notable moments to mention? Voronin’s “Zilian” starring Jenya D. does!

Thanks, again, to Paul B. for the recommendation. Readers are encouraged to suggest their favorite MetArt movies (or still photo sets, for that matter) in the comments below.


“Nevinovat” starring Alex M - bare, in the woods…

Alex M: Nevinovat, by Dave Preston, natural beauty/natural cutie

I’ve evaluated several MetArt erotic photo sets that were shot in thickets, forests, or woodlands. Perhaps because I’m a city dweller I find these natural locations particularly appealing. There’s something quiet and calming about a verdant, shady bower that relaxes me even as I write these words. And when a pretty girl arrives in such a setting the imagination and fantasy are free to take flight. “Nevinovat” is a fine example of one of these evocative sylvan idylls.

I take a leisurely moment to study the introductory image. Alex M. is in front of a tall, lichen-spotted tree trunk. On tiptoes, she stands on two mossy stumps. Her only clothing is a sheer, white lace dress. She directs her gaze off to one side, away from the camera. In the background, diffused foliage and dappled sunlight. Perfect.

The set progresses. In #010, her dress pulled down so that she’s topless and wearing a “skirt,” she smiles, softly and sweetly, her knee raised as if she’s about to run off. And #019, a more revealing pose, one hand and one foot in contact with the rough bark, another natural smile, a perfect little nymph, bare in the woods.

I will say this, and it is entirely my opinion, one I’m certain not all will share. Alex M. is cute, she’s adorable, in fact. There is not a flaw or physical fault to be seen here. But, in my view, she is cute, yet not overtly or exceptionally “sexy.” In #030, a explicit pose, the spark, the sizzle is missing. She is sweet, however, and her style is in perfect synch with the setting.

MetArt contributor Dave Preston has a firm grasp of his subject and location, and he demonstrates a wonderful, painterly style in quite a few of these images. Alex M. is at her most alluring in #073. #051 and #067 are beautiful, indeed. And #075 is timeless, classical.


“Casetta” with Carina A - a touch too much…

Carina A: Casetta, by Tim Fox, explicit shots of a hard-body babe

When I first experienced this model I was impressed. And not simply by her beauty, her toned, tanned body, or her strong and shapely glutei. I noted a polished professionalism in her presentation. And, naturally, I am eager to see if my favorable first impressions still apply for our second go-’round.

Unfortunately “Casetta” is a bit of a disappointment. Oddly enough, a portion of the blame can be assigned to the same professionalism I noted earlier. Here Carina A. seems to be trying a bit too hard. Some of her poses, and many of her facial expressions are forced and exaggerated. She is trying to look sexy, rather than simply being sexy. And this girl should have no problem being sexy - she is built for it, there can be no doubt. That’s why the finger-sucking and feigned ecstasy rings so false in many of these images.

In Carina’s defense, it is fair to assume she is merely following direction. And that direction can only be coming from photographer Tim Fox. In addition to giving his subject some questionable cues, he’s also made some missteps in styling the set. With her bronze skin, dark blonde hair, and brown eyes, Carina A. has the gold and brown section of the spectrum well represented. Unfortunately, the series takes place on a bed dressed in brown and gold print fabric, creating an overabundance of earth tones, or a least a touch too much, in my estimation. Against a crisp white backdrop Carina’s coloring would be warm and welcoming, here it tends to blend in with the background.

This is a large set, however, with just shy of 200 erotic images, so a bit of editing helps the viewer stay focused on the pictorial’s strengths. Carina A.’s greatest asset is her toned and curvy body, and Tim Fox provides ample views of that athletic shape - along with lots of explicit poses and close-ups. I like this model, and I’ve enjoyed other MetArt galleries by this photographer, but I’ve seen both be better than in “Casetta.”


“Presenting” Tacia A - mild and mellow…

Tacia A: Presenting, by Tony Murano, artful, moody, erotic images

With its nighttime lighting and predominantly dark decor, there’s a distinct mood to this new model introduction from photo artist Tony Murano.

And that mood seems in keeping with the personality projected by first time MetArt model Tacia A. While there’s definitely a lively spark in her dark blue eyes, and a playful pout on her plump lips, in this series the prevailing tone is understated and restrained.

That’s not at all a bad thing, either. In a shot like #020, with her eyes downcast, rich auburn tones of her lush hair subtly warmed by a key light, pale skin glowing against frilly white lace lingerie, one can sense the silence of the night and no small amount of romance.

Of course, this being a Tony Murano erotic photo series - first time model or not - there are numerous explicit close-ups that glisten and sparkle extremely invitingly.

The power of color to create mood is illustrated, via contrast, in a couple of interesting images. While most of the set finds Tacia against a dark backdrop of rich red, brown, and gold tones, in #087 she’s backed by a white and blue wall, and in #104 she’s seated on the white carpet. Both of these shots have a distinctly different flavor, while still obviously being integrated parts of the entire collection.

As to favorites, I like #034, with Tacia topless, eyes closed, on her back, in some romantic reverie. Another topless shot, #043, this time standing, is particularly sweet.


“Intensita” starring Angel A - hot, wet, and wonderfully wild…

Angel A: Intensita, by Erro, MetArt HD erotic movie review

In the past I’ve asked commenters to recommend their favorite MetArt erotic videos. Today I revisited the list of suggestions. At random I chose “Intensita,” a suggestion from a reader who uses the moniker “Nonsense.” That must be an inside joke, because after viewing the movie, Nonsense’s observations made perfect sense. He wrote: “A classic shower video with a lot of energy…Angel plays direct to the viewer.” And he is absolutely right on all counts.

This is my first experience with Angel A. She is a dark haired stunner with a curvy body and a beautiful, ample bosom. From the first frame she has my full attention. As it happens, this is my first opportunity to comment on a creation from legendary erotic artist Erro, and I’m more than eager to see what this team have concocted.

Angel A. is nude, wet, and in a shower when the movie begins. The music is propulsive. The editing is quick, with a distinct rhythm. The camera is in constant motion. And, as Nonsense promised, Angel plays directly to the camera. And that isn’t the only playing she does, not by a long shot! With a chrome, hand-held shower nozzle, Angel A. has a devilish and delightful good time. She aims the stream into her open mouth, she plays the water across her amazing body, she teases her intimate areas with the tingling spray.

This is not simply a record of a naked girl taking a shower! This is a teasing, tempting, mouthwatering, pulse-quickening erotic adventure. Whether standing upright, practically dancing with delight, or spread out on the floor and directing the warm flowing waters wherever they will have the most powerful visual impact - and one can only assume by the looks on Angel’s gorgeous face, tactile impact, as well - the images and action here are engaging, engrossing, eye-popping and completely entertaining. Thanks to Angel A. and Erro’s masterful filmmaking skill, “Intensita” is hot, wet, and wonderfully wild.

I’ve mused, mulled, expounded, theorized, and even joked about the sometimes cryptic and occasionally opaque MetArt naming convention. But, in the case of “Intensita,” there is no decoder ring required, no insider information needed, no translation app necessary. “Intensita” is intense, and very, very highly recommended. (And thanks, Nonsense, for the recommendation!)


“Muse” featuring Kira J - stylish reflections…

Kira J: Muse, by Rylsky, graceful model, stylish erotic photos

Prolific MetArt contributing photographer Rylsky delivers an interesting series in “Muse.” The subtle, understated lighting, the warm, pervasive, earth tone color palette, and the use of mirrors are just three of the eye-pleasing and intriguing elements here.

Of course an erotic photo set is nothing without a model, and Kira J. is particularly well suited for the aesthetic style of this series. Did she inspire the design? Or did the design dictate the choice of model? We have no way of knowing, but it’s a question worth pondering.

The set is imbued in warm shades of brown - from weak tea light, to burnt ebony dark. And Kira J.’s natural coloring, along with her make-up, blend wonderfully with her surroundings. A wall of floor to ceiling mirrors reflect and repeat the color scheme, as does a glossy, polished table top.

In this highly stylized setting it’s perhaps appropriate that the model employs a somewhat formal style of posing. Frankly, in some images I find it a bit too formal, but when it works - as it most certainly does in the quintet of images spanning numbers 015 through 019 - it works very well, indeed. And in a shot like #087, the formality of the pose is refreshingly tempered by Kira J.’s candid and enthusiastic smile.

Detail shots range from a beautiful study of the model’s breasts reflected in the table top (#003), and an explicit, below the belt, close-up (#067) which delivers twice the erotic and artistic impact.

Muse” hits a particularly high note in #090. Here the model’s skill, beauty, and personality work in complete harmony with the photographer’s design, technique, and creativity - an inspiring image.


“Presenting” Stacie A - no time for tease…

Stacie A: Presenting, by Arkisi, engaging beauty, explicit erotic pix

This MetArt erotic photo gallery doesn’t waste any time. The model is nude from the first image to the last, and explicit close-ups appear early on, and continue in abundance.

This might be surprising in a debut set, but Stacie A. has fewer inhibitions than she has clothes in this series - and her wardrobe consists only of a pair of high heels and a necklace. There isn’t a single suggestion of any discomfort with the frank nature of the set and Stacie A. delivers an energetic and confident performance.

Although it is not immediately clear where in this home Stacie is posing, in #018 we find a clue. Here the model’s legs open wide and she’s flashing a broad smile. Just behind her we catch a glimpse of a washing machine. Perhaps her clothes are being cleaned? She doesn’t seem to miss them, however, and her curvy body more than compensates for the lack of garments to strip off and tease us with.

As Arkisi‘s pictorial unfolds we also learn that the laundry room does double duty as a luxuriously appointed W.C. I’m being completely sincere when I say that a few of my favorite shots in this set have Stacie posing adjacent to a bidet and toilet. Even though there is nothing explicit on view, the pose, composition, and Stacie’s expressions make #024, #025, and #026 quite delightful.

I can’t say why, exactly, but the shots where Stacie A. stands in the suds-filled bathtub didn’t make complete sense to me. The set, in general, is a bit short on logic, so maybe it makes perfect sense after all. It may not even matter as the model’s beauty and engaging energy make “Presenting” plenty pleasurable.


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