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“Marzenie” starring Anika A - models and artists…

Anika A: Marzenie, by Alex Sironi, steamy sexuality, explicit art pix

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the work of MetArt model Anika A. I had the good fortune of reviewing her very first MetArt erotic photo gallery, and she made an extremely favorable impression. That impression was confirmed, some months later, when I reviewed “Control.”

Since that time Anika A. has built up a tidy little portfolio - 11 sets at present. The two sets I’ve previously commented on were created by Ron Offlin who shot the first seven of Anika’s pictorials. Since then she has been working with Alex Sironi, and “Marzenie” is their latest collaboration. Here I have the opportunity not only to revisit an impressive model and gifted photographer, but also to see how they work as a team.

One difference emerges relatively quickly. In Mr. Offlin‘s sets Anika A. is subtly but stylishly presented with just enough artful makeup to bring out her beauty. In “Marzenie” the presentation is much more natural. Although I think I prefer Anika’s styling in the Offlin sets, the fresh, unadorned look Sironi has chosen is still very appealing.

No matter who is shooting her, Anika A. invites and excels at steamy, sexy, explicit poses. Whether she’s glammed up or dressed down, there’s no way to suppress or conceal her sensuality. And Alex Sironi‘s lighting scheme and art direction, true to his established form, create a stylish and unobtrusive setting that doesn’t divert any attention from his stunning subject.


“Suzette” starring Landysh A - if cuteness floats your boat…

Landysh A: Suzette, by Egon Schneider, cute, sexy, skilled model, enjoyable pix

The MetArt model roster boasts an embarrassment of riches. The variety is truly staggering, and the range of types is breathtaking. If you hunger for a polished, high style beauty with some supermodel flavor, you might begin with Anna AJ. If you prefer a more voluptuous woman, with an emphasis on generously proportioned breasts, Sofi A. makes a splendid start, but she is just one of many shapely, bountifully gifted MetArt models. And if you value slender, youthful, vibrant, adorable, unquestionably cute nymphets I direct your attention to Landysh A.

The first time I saw her I subtitled my review “cute, cute, cute…” Limiting myself to just three cutes was an exercise in self-control. Whether it’s her slim, curvy, perfectly proportioned body, her warm, youthful, energetic, and engaging personality, or her flawless facial beauty, this is one extremely attractive girl. But her predominant, overriding trait is pure, natural, cuteness. If you’re unclear on my meaning, simply have a look at her latest set, “Suzette,” and full understanding will soon follow.

Photographer Egon Schneider - quite wisely, I think - employs a direct, natural style to this series. At first he has his subject in a summery little dress, but she’s quickly rid of it. The setting, a commercial boat at its mooring, is interesting, honest, with ample opportunities for varied set-ups and poses, but it is not glamorous or contrived. Landysh is immediately at ease and appears to enjoy every second of the experience.

My emphasis on the model’s cuteness isn’t intended to diminish her other qualities - Landysh A. presents a complex, multi-facetted personality in “Suzette.” Landysh is, by turns, thoughtful, seductive, playful, casual and relaxed, stylish, flirtatious, direct, silly, and engaging. But, no matter what mood or emotion she’s projecting at a given moment, her cuteness never wanes. If cuteness floats your boat, get ready for an extremely enjoyable voyage.


“Presenting” Kate E - The light, the hands and the wardrobe…

Kate E: Presenting, by Catherine, first-time model in nude MetArt pix

The vast majority of MetArt‘s erotic photographers are male. This makes perfect sense, given the subject matter. But one need not be male to be drawn to the nude female form, and several of our contributing artists are, themselves, women. Of these, Catherine is certainly among the most prolific.

Her latest subject, and a first-time MetArt model, is Kate E. Based on the first shot in the series, I can easily see much potential. Kate’s face is particularly pretty, her lips full, her eyes a deep blue, and all this framed by long, wavy brown hair. In the second shot, although I do not yet realize it, she exhibits one of the telltale errors made by inexperienced models. Her hands - one held above her head, and one down at her side - are stiff and self-consciously “posed.” Indeed, there are few images in the set in which this isn’t the case. Now, I admit, the style and placement of her hands may well have been at her photographer’s request or direction. But, no matter the origin or motive, these rigid hands impart a stiff, artificial feel to the set.

And, for the second post in a row, I must grumble about two other factors here, both of them chosen by the artist. There is a light in an adjoining room that casts a coppery glow on the subject. In certain compositions, headshots in particular, the effect is flattering. But when there is more skin on display it skews the flesh tones in an unfortunate direction. Catherine also throws in a selection of oddly tilted frames. Between the light and the illogical tilt, I can now say I’ve had the opportunity to voice my two current pet peeves.

Because Kate E. has a “go-to expression” (lips neutral to almost pouty, head turned slightly to her right), the best shots are where she strikes an unusual or surprising pose. In #016, leaning against a large wardrobe, her costar in the set, she’s on her knees, with her feet raised, toes pointing skyward, and regarding the camera over her left shoulder. In #038, a stylish figure study, captures Kate from the rear, her face in thoughtful repose. And, for sheer, what-the-hell, variety, #084 provided a spontaneous laugh. Here Kate performs a graceful handstand and provides an unusual and eye-catching view of her body. Similar displays of spontaneity and athleticism will prove valuable in future sets.


“Eftaxis” starring Nichole A - extreme cuteness (with extreme close-ups)…

Nichole A: Eftaxis, by Arkisi, dark-eyed beauty, artistic erotic pix

When Nichole A. first appeared in a MetArt erotic gallery I was “roundly impressed” (you can read my impressions here). Will her second appearance, working with the same photographer, prove as impressive, or will she fall victim to the “sophomore slump?”

The answer is a bit of a mixture. But, in the model’s defense, I can lay what quibbles I have at the feet of the artist, Arkisi. I must say, in the spirit of fairness, that this set’s technical and design aspects far outweigh the primary flaws in its execution. Those flaws are a slight reddish pink tint to many of the images, and a bit of TCS - Tilting Camera Syndrome. Neither flaw is terminal, however, but it is my duty to mention them.

Arkisi has designed a set with a pleasing bit of theatricality. He’s placed an upholstered, cream-colored armchair against a patterned scarlet curtain. In the foreground he’s hung two panels of sheer, golden fabric. It is on this “stage” that Nichole A. delivers her performance. When the set opens she’s wearing open-toe stilettos, lacy pink panties, and a smile. While I do love that smile, Nichole has a range of expressions, and I very much like the quiet, calm, direct look in #005. Then again, the spontaneous smile she exhibits in #012, as she slides her panties down her thighs, is a thing of beauty, as well.

The photographer can create beautiful images that are completely free of any “naughty bits,” as he does in #023, in which the model obscures her body with the golden fabric. But he also delivers powerful, eye-opening explicit close-ups of Nichole‘s fleshy delicacies. The details available to the eye in extreme close-ups like #074 and #079 seem certain to satisfy lads who love lush, lavish, labia.

A personal favorite here is one that straddles the extremes contained in “Eftaxis.” In #084 Nichole A. is seated. Her feet are far apart, her knees touching. Her elbows rest on the arms of the chair, her hands are raised, her fingers curled. She looks directly at the camera with a sweet, but somewhat mysterious, look on her face. There is something whimsical about this photo that is in perfect harmony both with the model and the clever design of the set.


“Ready?” starring Loreen A - sweetheart of “self-shot” cinema…

Loreen A: Ready?, by Rylsky, MetArt HD erotic movie review

The MetArt erotic HD movie titled “Ready?” has an amusing premise. As it opens our star - the always lovely Loreen A. - is sitting on the floor of a parlor and adjusting a camcorder mounted on a tripod. Once she’s happy with the set up and framing of her “shot” she smiles with playful joy (see the 00:33 mark) and rises.

Clad in a top and short skirt, Loreen A. takes her position on a sofa facing her camcorder and a leisurely strip tease performance begins.

While there is actual self-shot footage contained in “Ready?” the movie plays with the point of view, and most of the film was shot from the side - capturing Loreen on one side of the frame, and “her” camcorder on the other. For the sake of the “story,” and when we are viewing director Rylsky‘s footage, Loreen A. is playing to “her” camcorder and not to the viewer. Some may consider this a weakness, but the storyline does provide a solid excuse.

One thing I have a bit of difficulty excusing is that there are two large windows, covered by diaphanous curtains, in the background. And this somewhat harsh back-lighting creates detail-obscuring shadows. It may add a bit of realism that fits with the story - we are watching a young girl create an erotic video for her personal use - but for our purposes, a bit more detail would certainly be welcome.

Loreen A. is cute and extremely appealing, and she moves gracefully and naturally while delivering her solo performance. I particularly enjoyed her spontaneous, totally nude, jumping-jacks that begin at 02:24. Another not to be missed highlight occurs when she crawls across the table that separates couch from camcorder and aims an “air kiss” right at the lens (at 06:19).

Ready?” ends on a cute and clever note, and leaves this viewer ready for more Loreen A.


“Presenting” Cloud A - plenty of pink (but not what you think)…

Cloud A: Presenting, by Luca Helios, long-legged, shapely new model

Another day, another new model makes her first appearance at MetArt. Life is good! And the same can be said of the model herself. Cloud A. is unquestionably appealing. Long-limbed, lithe, but not at the expense of alluring curves and a full, shapely bosom. Everything she displays to the camera - and I will have further comments on this in a moment - is inviting and enticing. So far, so good.

The art direction and execution of this series shot by Luca Helios is at best interesting, and at worse curious. Whether the background wall is white, and has been tinted pink through the use of gelled lights, or if it is painted pink, and is bathed in additional pink light I cannot say. But it is pink - and that pink tends to tilt the entire color scheme of the photo set towards the red/pink section of the spectrum.

And, speaking of “tilt,” in the overwhelming majority of images here the camera is tilted one way or the other. One grows accustomed to it after a while, just as a passenger on a ship gets used to sailing on choppy seas, but I can’t help but wonder what these same poses would look like if they were square, plumb, and true.

In #044 we have fine, totally nude introductory image that captures Cloud standing, tall and tempting - and that little smile sweetens it further. There’s a bigger smile in #064, showcasing her breasts as she holds her hair up with both hands. And #066, a headshot with just a tiny glimpse of nipple, even if it does suffer from the pink tint syndrome, is another loveable headshot with a lively, candid feel, and great dimples, too!

Cloud A. is a charming and eye-pleasing model, and I look forward to seeing more of her. And not just more sets, but more of her body - there isn’t a single explicit image, hardly even a suggestion of one, in the entire collection. Next time, I hope.


“Presenting” Romina A - a new romance…

Romina A: Presenting, by Rylsky, young, natural, beautiful - hot, too!

Have I ever mentioned that I love to see new MetArt models in their debut photo sets? Yes, I have. And more than once. A new set featuring an established, well-loved model is something to eagerly anticipate and to savor. But the “thrill of the new,” is a unique experience, and once you’ve enjoyed that rush of discovery it can’t be repeated. There can only be one “first time” after all.

I will cut to the chase in the case of Romina A.’s MetArt debut: She’s a winner, without reservation. Of course my assignment here is to provide details, opinions, and observations, so, feel free to read on. If however, you’d rather go straight to the “Presenting” Romina A., by all means, do so!

I believe Romina is something of a “natural.” The techniques and skills of modeling come easily to her and there’s not a false move in the entire collection. It’s also particularly fitting that Rylsky, in his wisdom, has chosen to present this naturally talented model in a natural setting, and employing a naturalistic style of photography.

Wearing a simple white frock, Romina A. sits in the sandy beach (I can’t be certain if it’s a large lake or an inlet from the sea). A light breeze teases her long, brown hair. And there’s a playful, youthful glimmer in her dark eyes - after viewing only a handful of images there is no doubt: this girl is enjoying herself. And that always adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the viewer’s experience. Look at her face in #006, as she runs, still dressed, in the soft sand and see what I mean. Or #045 and its companion, #047 - this little doll is delighted to be sharing herself with the camera. And I’m delighted to be viewing the results.

Let me list some favorites. #015 is a great butt-shot. In #061 we have a fine detail shot of two petite breasts (and two particularly stiff nipples). Numbers 037 through 040 find the totally nude minx on all fours in the water, capturing her natural beauty as well as the beauty of the location. There’s a wonderful pin-up quality to the cluster of shots spanning #100 through #105 (love those legs, love that smile). And #095, with her face in soft focus in the background while her eagerly displayed succulence is revealed in the foreground is one of many tempting explicit shots. A most welcome new addition to the MetArt talent roster!


“Ideale” starring Aprilia A - a familiar ring…

Aprilia A: Ideale, by Koenart, blue-eye beauty, explicit erotic art pix

Dark hair and blue eyes makes for an alluring combination on an attractive woman. One of the great screen sirens of cinematic history, Elizabeth Taylor, is a singular example of the legendary beauties blessed with this comely combination and it certainly did nothing to hamper her success.

Dark-haired, blue-eyed Aprilia A. uses these two pleasing physical assets - along with several others - to potent effect in this MetArt erotic photo gallery. It may not be to every viewer’s liking, but if you find the look attractive, you will find much to enjoy here.

Obviously, the hair and eyes receive the most attention in dedicated headshots, and Koenart includes a selection of pleasing portraits in his photo series. Early on, before she disrobes, in #004 he captures Aprilia A. in a somewhat moody shot and the eyes contribute much to that image.

If I must find fault with “Ideale” it is that the photographer is prone to tilting the camera to, perhaps, add some extra interest to certain shots. Sometimes, to his credit, it’s effective. In other shots, #016 for example, it adds an almost queasy element to the shot - it would be, in my opinion, a more effective composition if the vertical elements were, indeed, vertical.

There are many explicit images here, and the subject certainly warrants the attention. The set hits a prolonged series of high notes in a cluster of shots in which the model’s back faces the camera, spanning numbers 063 through 071. Here Aprilia A. is totally nude and positioned on the hardwood floor. #063 is a simple figure study, with a pleasing emphasis on her feet - note the delicate toe ring. This sequence of shots quickly heats up, however, and reaches a peak of erotic artistry in #070. On her knees, head resting on the floor, the flared fingers of one hand gripping her ass, and those blue eyes regarding the camera with a subtle but unmistakable sensuality.

After so many powerfully erotic images it’s refreshing that the set closes with several pictures of Aprilia A., in casual dress, out in the street - it’s a sweet way of winding down from the intensity of the collection.

(PS: Does anyone else find that ring on her left hand unsettling?)


“Alecto” with Sarah C - a flower for flavor…

Sarah C: Alecto, by Ron Offlin, a blonde, a bed, a rose for flavor

Lilies are lovely, forget-me-nots are fine, but in the romantic, literary, and artistic worlds, the rose is the undisputed potentate of the flower pot. From the intoxicating perfume, to the dazzling colors, to the soft, satiny petals, the rose is an apt metaphor for woman - even the thorns represent the fatale aspects of the femme.

So there’s plenty of logic and no surprise when MetArt photographer Ron Offlin gives his model a single rose to pose with in this MetArt erotic series. Set in a white room, on a cream-colored bed dressed with white sheets, the bright pink blossom adds a valuable burst of color to the images it appears in. And it even matches the tiny flowers printed on the model’s bra and panties.

The design, theme, and “story” of “Alecto” isn’t difficult to decipher. A pretty blonde teases us while lounging on a bed. Only the most oblivious observer could miss the message Sarah C. is telegraphing. And, even if her presentation is somewhat erratic and at times lacking in subtlety, seeing her move around on that mattress is pleasurable in and of itself.

Sometimes I think Sarah C. tries too hard. Her “come hither” glances can be a tad heavy-handed, and the pouty mouth doesn’t always come across as entirely sincere. But when she relaxes and lets her natural sensuality and sexuality - she has ample supplies of both qualities, by the way - she becomes quite appealing.

Although Mr. Offlin resists the urge to pose the pink flower in direct juxtaposition to Sarah’s feminine counterpart, there are plenty of frank and explicit shots in the collection. But even a “fully clothed” shot like #023 packs an erotic punch, as does the painterly, completely nude, flower-free, #087.


“Foulari” starring Night A. - caught in the act…

Night A: Foulari, by Rylsky, MetArt HD erotic movie reviewBefore I proceed with my comments on this MetArt erotic HD movie, a scheduling note: Of the most recent MetArt movie releases “Cyan,” starring Mia D. was the one that most appealed to me. However, since I wrote about her latest still series only yesterday, I thought it best to postpone my critique of the Mia D. movie. I do look forward to seeing it, and hope that it merits the wait.

Some MetArt movies can be a polarizing proposition. There are members will embrace and enjoy any production featuring their favorite model. I sometimes like the girl while the movie fails to move me - and vice versa. And there is certainly an ongoing controversy regarding “behind the scenes” videos that were recorded simultaneously with a still shoot.

The good news regarding “Foulari” is that it is a stand-alone movie. Further, the star, Night A., is a pleasure to look at. The not so good news, at least in my view, is that there is an aimless quality to the “action” and a lack of direction or sense of purpose. The muted natural lighting and the somewhat somber interior decor also contribute to the generally downbeat tone of the proceedings, such as they are.

It opens nicely enough, with the model seated on a window sill, flanked by two shoji screen-styled windows, and backlit almost into complete silhouette. Next she’s seated on a sofa where, at a languid, meandering pace, she takes off her dress and moves around. Night A. has a lovely body, and there is certainly pleasure to be derived from seeing it in motion, but her lack of expression and the randomness of her movements don’t make much sense, and any drama or excitement evades me.

I can’t tell if director Rylsky has given his subject the freedom to improvise her performance, or if he is actually directing her. At 4:43, for example, prone on the floor, she buries her face in her balled-up dress and appears to be inhaling its aroma. That may be the most curious moment in “Foulari,” but it isn’t the only one. Night A. is “caught in the act” here, but the question remains: the act of what, exactly?

Have I missed the mark? Any clarification, insight, or education the reader cares to offer is most welcome!


“Placida” starring Mia D - smiles for miles…

Mia D: Placida, by Leonardo, blue eyes, spread thighs, and a big smile

I liked Mia D. the from the moment I set eyes on her. That was in her debut MetArt erotic photo gallery, and I expressed my admiration for her (and her photographer) without reservation (you can find that post here).

The closest I came to criticizing Mia D.’s debut appearance was when I described her smile as “just a bit theatrical.” What I meant then was that, although her smile is bright, warm, and winning, one does get the sense, particularly after prolonged exposure, that it is a bit forced. In “Placida” that smile is back, bigger and brighter, and the theatricality remains. Even if we don’t question the sincerity of that smile, it is very nearly constant, and it leaves one yearning for some variety, some variation, some alternative emotion.

In a set comprising 140 images, the comb one employs must be particularly fine-toothed to cull the non-smiling shots in “Placida.” Mia D.’s lips are closed and she’s not quite smiling in #001, for example. There’s no smile in #104 (a very pretty image) or in #108. And two of my favorite shots here, #136 and #139, both headshots, derive much of their power from the absence of that bright and bouncy smile.

As in her debut, also shot by Leonardo, Mia is anything but inhibited. She shows off her nude body with pride and a playful, inviting, enthusiasm. While Leonardo seldom moves in for an extreme close-up, nothing is left to the imagination. And, like her debut, Leonardo’s lighting and set design are particularly harmonious. The white, fringe curtain and the vivid, cloudless sky in the background flatter the model’s build and coloring. I certainly want to see more of Mia D., but, that said, I’d also like to see a bit less of that smile and a bit more emotional range in future pictorials. Is that too much to ask for? Please feel free to share your opinion in the comments, below.


“Ventus” with Ralina A - one sheet to the wind…

Ralina A: Ventus, by Albert Varin, nude nymphet exposed and explicit

The MetArt erotic seriesVentus” is a model of simplicity. We have a desolate location, a sandy coastal plane dotted with low vegetation. We have a large piece of translucent fabric - a white bed sheet, perhaps. And we have a girl, totally nude from beginning to end, save for a necklace and stud earrings in her ears, and one in her nose, as well.

I’ll get to the model in a moment, but first let’s consider that sheet. As the sole prop in the pictorial, it receives much attention from the artist, Albert Varin. With the fabric held aloft by the model (with some help from an assistant who remains outside the frame with the exception of a couple of what I consider “blooper” shots), it’s really quite an interesting and effective prop. The day - and the time of day - are perfectly suited to it. The fabric floats and flutters, flattering the sky and clouds above. And it also has more mundane, practical uses, as an improvised wrap - a spur of the moment sari, if you will - as well as an impromptu beach blanket. Is it enough to sustain an entire photo set? Maybe, maybe not.

As noted, Ralina A. is nude for the entire set. There is little in the way of introduction, and few opportunities to hold back or to tease the viewer. She is nude and “in your face” quickly, and quite explicitly. I’m not complaining - this tiny-top nymphet’s intimate attributes are as inviting as they are photogenic. But I do think that a bit of anticipation, some warm-up before the big reveal would have been useful and would have added some tension and dimension to the series.

So we have this slim young girl, playing with her sheet, and then a parade of variations on several, mainly explicit poses. Ralina A. remains eager and uninhibited throughout, and her slender frame manages to entice and inflame quite effectively. I could call out several of my preferred images, from mouthwatering anatomical close-ups to intriguing headshots. But I do find it notable that two of the most striking images here - #128, an artful shot of some wetlands weeds, and #129, a hauntingly beautiful landscape that captures water, forest, sky, clouds, and the Moon - don’t include the model (or that sheet) at all.


“Firefly” starring Kami A - down the road, a piece…

Kami A: Firefly, by Samo Mervar, redheaded seductress in the country

As a child I spent a couple of carefree summers visiting a farm owned by distant relatives. One of the memorable highlights of those days long ago was chasing and capturing fireflies during the balmy nights. “Firefly,” with its verdant, rural setting, evokes these pleasant memories even though the sun is high and there isn’t a winged insect in sight.

What is in sight, however, is certainly worth chasing and capturing - if only on the memory card of a sophisticated digital camera. Kami A., a flame-haired, green-eyed charmer, is the subject of “Firefly” and she is a fine specimen, indeed. A lesser beauty in a less satisfying series might have me asking questions. What is she doing by the side of this dirt road through farms and fields? And where have the rest of her clothes gone? And where did that green blanket come from that suddenly appears mid-way through the set?

But Samo Mervar‘s confident, natural photographic style, and Kami’s intriguing attitude and appearance put such trivial concerns far from my mind. The vivid, not-entirely-natural scarlet tint of Kami’s hair contrasts and compliments her lush, green surroundings in an exceptionally pleasing manner. And, as she removes her filmy blouse and panties, she displays not just an inviting body, but a wonderfully complex and appealing personality. Numbers 018 and 019 are two beautiful relaxed, examples from early on in the offering.

There are numerous explicit close-ups in “Firefly” and they are sure to ignite flames of desire in countless viewers. I certainly lingered over several of these images. But, as so often happens, I find myself gravitating to the headshots and those irresistible green “windows to the soul.” Of these, #027 is brimming with that attitude I mentioned earlier. #099 is as pretty as, well, a picture. I love the seductive squint in #083. And the sly semi-smile and sidelong glance in #114 is a gem.


“Espuma” starring Lorena B - glossy, frothy, with a touch of mud…

Lorena B: Espuma, by Luca Helios, gorgeous girl, slick, stylish nudes

In America we have a term, “feel-good movie,” that describes a film that, through simple means and sentiment, evokes a feeling of well-being in most viewers and invariably concludes with a happy ending. We also have what we call “comfort food,” certain familiar dishes that sooth us when we’re ill, warm us when we’re cold, or evoke cheerful memories of festive events and happy times.

But what, exactly, does that have to do with this nighttime shoot of a brunette beauty on a black sand beach?

After reviewing several of her sets, and enjoying them all, it strikes me that Lorena B. is a feel-good movie and comfort food rolled into one extremely pretty package. The smile that so often graces her beautiful face is lively and entirely genuine. Some models have a grin that, at times, resembles a mask. But I never, for a moment, doubt that Lorena B. is enjoying herself, no matter what the setting or circumstance.

Of course, a balmy summer evening spent splashing in the surf as the Sun sinks into the warm waters in the background is hardly an unpleasant setting. But in viewing this MetArt erotic photo series I know that Lorena is enjoying herself, and it makes me feel good watching her do it!

Luca Helios has chosen a slick, polished, almost commercial style for these photos, and some of these images have a glossy “swimsuit edition” flavor that is a tad outside the MetArt norm, but is nonetheless pleasing and technically impressive.

My single favorite image? #051. Lorena B. is totally nude, sprawling in the surging tide, an engaging smile on her parted lips, smoky fire in her dark eyes, surrounded by the dynamic “texture” of the water around her.


“Enthusiasm” starring Billie A - entertaining energy…

Billie A: Enthusiasm, by Erro, MetArt HD erotic movie review

In choosing a MetArt HD erotic movie for review each week I generally pick the most recent release. Sometimes this choice is made for me - there is only one new release that week, so it gets the position of honor. This week, however, I have choices. There is no art, science, or much method to my decision-making process. I scan my options, and make my pick. At this point I’m committed, for good or ill.

As I screened “Enthusiasm” I immediately wished I’d made a different choice. Not because of the model, I liked the star here, Billie A., from the first frame. And certainly not because of the director, Erro’s legendary reputation will suffer no challenge from me.

My regret was that, for the second week in a row, I would be reviewing a behind-the-scenes movie, a filmed record of a still photo session. Last week, in my review of “Bustani” I was frustrated by the star’s lack of interaction with the video camera. Here that problem is minimized and diminished.

This is partly due to the fact that “Enthusiasm” makes no effort to present itself as something it isn’t. From early on the still camera is visible on screen, centered at the bottom edge of the frame. The videographer is positioned immediately behind and slightly above Erro, and thus we are seeing much the same thing he is looking at in his viewfinder. And the model is looking, more or less, in our direction. This creates a valuable sense of connection and intimacy. Also, there are times when an assistant is on screen, holding a large reflector, and the still photographer’s and videographer’s reflections are visible in a pane of glass behind the model (see 00:22). I find such details interesting, others may not.

Watching Billie A. work through her still session is entertaining in itself. She’s got a bubbly energy and moves from pose to pose with - what’s that word? - real “Enthusiasm.” Additionally, seeing her interact with Erro and the assistant is a treat. The greatest treat contained her, though, may be towards the very end when she interacts directly with the video camera. More of this, please.


“Presenting” Flavia A - some welcome winter warmth…

Flavia A: Presenting, by Rylsky, blue-eyed babe shows all in erotic pix

When we first meet Flavia A., in her first MetArt erotic photo series, she’s outdoors and fully dressed. She had better be! The skies are dark and leaden, and there’s a dusting of snow on the frigid ground - it’s cold out there. But the model, in her boots and stylish, hooded, fur-trimmed, coat cuts a striking figure in this wintry scene, and even in the chill her warm smile and beckoning blue eyes are certainly enticing. Thankfully, she soon retreats to a far more cozy interior space, in a far more revealing outfit.

My notes contain repeated references to Flavia’s eyes. This girl has a beautiful body, and numerous admirable assets, but her eyes have a particularly powerful allure. There are several simple, direct headshots that showcase those blue beauties - I’m thinking of #059 and #078, both lovely shots of a lovely girl - but my favorite of these is something less than direct. In #015 our Mr. Rylsky stands close to and above his seated subject, and she tilts her head back and to the side. It’s an interesting pose, and a beautiful composition, to be sure.

I sometimes find myself shocked - perhaps impressed is the better word - by how readily and completely some first-time MetArt models reveal themselves in their debut pictorials. That is most certainly the case here. If Flavia A. possesses a single inhibition I can find no evidence of it in this series. She gives the photographer full and complete access to her most intimate areas, and he moves in for a series of exceptionally detailed close-up images. While these may not be to every viewer’s taste, those who appreciate them will do exactly that!

Flavia A. has a lively, inviting personality and considerable physical appeal. She also has an intriguing bit of “attitude” that adds an undeniable spice to those images where she chooses to employ it. A shot like #116, with the frank and unusual pose, and strong, playful spirit, leaves me eager to see what this model will deliver in future offerings.


“Virtue” starring Ilze A - the power of a pose…

Ilze A: Virtue, by Rylsky, beautiful face and body exposed in art images

MetArt erotic art photography - indeed, all erotic art photography - is a rich, complex subject. Even at its most basic - a nude or nearly nude model and a photographer to capture her image - things are never simple. Add props, costumes, cosmetics, lighting, sets, and we see how the complexity increases with incredible speed. And these are all tangible, concrete, palpable aspects! When the personality of the model, the chemistry between her and the photographer, their moods at the moment of creation, and countless other intangible but important variables are added to the mix we can easily comprehend how intricate the art form is. And this is why when we find a photo set that perfectly matches our personal tastes, aesthetics, and desires - three more complicating factors! - we find the experience so satisfying.

In considering “Virtue,” we find a beautiful, charming model, with quite a wonderful body. In Rylsky we have a proven talent with an expansive portfolio. And the styling here, the model’s scarlet lingerie, the rich furnishings and fabrics, the diaphanous gold of the canopy surrounding the bed. All these things are ripe with potential. And when they all come together the result is beautiful erotic photo art. Is it asking too much that all these elements combine seamlessly and consistently throughout the entire set? In this case, the answer is “yes.”

I hesitate to blame Ilze A. for what weaknesses I find here - I’d hate to blame her for anything! But some of the posing here, particularly (and repeatedly) of the hands, is stiff an artificial. I love her looks, but in shots like #014, #016, and #027 I wonder what model and artist were striving for. I’m not suggesting that every shot should be natural and spontaneous - #046 is hardly a candid snapshot, but here the model’s beauty commands the image, not her hands or her pose. And in #082, the entire pose, including the hands, creates a wonderful totally nude pin-up style portrait.

Some of the poses may be contrived, some may be stiff, but the set winds up more than compensating for these weaknesses. There are many explicit images that are nicely tempered by Ilze’s engaging attitude, and in a trio of artfully torrid shots - 129, 130, and 131 - the stiffness of the model’s hands will be the last thing on the viewer’s mind.


“Presenting” Elona A - stiff nipples and soft curves…

Elona A: Presenting, by Catherine, first time nudes, sexy erotic photos

Newly legal and ready for a fresh, bold, and exciting challenge, 18-year-old Elona A. makes her erotic modeling debut in this MetArt gallery. I’m always drawn to first time models, and take my word, a youthful age and lack of professional experience are not liabilities in my book - far from it!

Perhaps in deference to her subject’s youth, photographer Catherine has kept things particularly simple and uncomplicated here. The setting consists simply of a bed dressed with crisp white sheets, a pair of side tables, and a lamp. A patterned curtain along the back wall provides a backdrop, and a light source, out of sight on the floor between bed and curtain, casts an upward glow.

Elona A. is totally nude from beginning to end, she isn’t wearing a single stitch of clothing, and her sole adornment is a petite diamond solitaire decorating her right nostril. Despite her inexperience, Elona seems to be quite at ease being so completely exposed. In fact, she has a calm, natural self-assurance that gives her a sexy, worldly quality. At the same time, she is also quite spontaneous, and in an image like #024, where she smiles broadly, in the middle of a hearty laugh, perhaps, her personality is particularly appealing.

Many of my favorite compositions here are headshots (see #001, #073 notable for the soft smile and over-the-shoulder pose, and #103, with her head partially obscured by a pillow). I also like #005 and #007 two roughly similar poses, with two different facial expressions, but with a unifying “bedroomy” quality that makes for a concise thumbnail of this enjoyable MetArt debut.


Zalman King – We Will Miss You!

Our good friend Zalman King passed away early Friday morning. I only knew him a short time but he immediately made me feel like we had known each other all our lives. On the set of Kamikaze Love that MetArt Films produced, Zalman immediately told the entire film crew that we were their bosses, including himself. The experience humbled me. I was standing next to one of the greatest storytellers of our time and he considered us his “Boss.” You might think the opposite effect would happen but watching someone like Zalman, a person with so much gratitude for life, that moved so gracefully through it, made me feel like my journey was still a long one. Kamikaze Love would be Zalman’s final cinematic story he would tell and I was honored to experience it with him. I’ve said on countless occasions that meeting Zalman was fate, but I didn’t fully understand what it meant for our company. I still don’t completely grasp the implications of meeting such a great man but just meeting him has been a gift in and of itself. Zalman, thank you for the love and gratitude you showed us. Here’s to you our friend, with love, you will be missed. –MetArt Staff

Zalman King – We Will Miss You!

Our good friend Zalman King passed away early Friday morning. I only knew him a short time but he immediately made me feel like we had known each other all our lives.

On the set of Kamikaze Love that MetArt Films produced, Zalman immediately told the entire film crew that we were their bosses, including himself. The experience humbled me. I was standing next to one of the greatest storytellers of our time and he considered us his “Boss.” You might think the opposite effect would happen but watching someone like Zalman, a person with so much gratitude for life, that moved so gracefully through it, made me feel like my journey was still a long one.

Kamikaze Love would be Zalman’s final cinematic story he would tell and I was honored to experience it with him. I’ve said on countless occasions that meeting Zalman was fate, but I didn’t fully understand what it meant for our company. I still don’t completely grasp the implications of meeting such a great man but just meeting him has been a gift in and of itself.

Zalman, thank you for the love and gratitude you showed us. Here’s to you our friend, with love, you will be missed.

–MetArt Staff


“Borderline” starring Malina A - off-the-cuff, casual, but cute…

Malina A: Borderline, by Alex Iskan, relaxed, casual, outdoor nude pix

The introductory images in the MetArt erotic photo gallery “Borderline” present the model in casual, sporty, clothes. In some shots she’s holding a spiral bound notebook. She might be a college student between classes. The bulk of the set, however, takes place in a field with fences farm buildings in the background. Perhaps she crossed the “Borderline” between her urban university and the agricultural countryside?

While that suggestion may not make too much sense, neither does the set. There’s a casual, spontaneous, off-the-cuff quality to the entire presentation. But that is not meant in a negative sense. Rather, there’s a certain informality here - the choice of clothes, the locations, the natural light, and the model’s impetuous, playful, jocular manner - that gives the series a larky, light-hearted quality. I imagine Alex Iskan and Malina A. enjoyed themselves while putting “Borderline” together, and the viewer, after the fact, gets to share in that pleasure.

With her blousy top, purple socks, and black and white panties, there’s a thrown together aspect to Malina’s costume here. But it somehow works. It is completely the opposite of a set where every hair is in place, and the model’s outfit is part of a carefully designed visual theme. Here it’s much more of a “Hey, it’s a beautiful day, let’s drive out into the country, you get naked, and I’ll take pictures of you!” proposition. When the photographer’s shadow falls across Malina’s spread legs and boldly exposed body we can’t tell if it’s an accident or deliberate - it’s all just part of the relaxed fun.

Malina A. is very much in on the joke here. She mugs, makes faces, and teases the camera - in #070 she laughs heartily and covers her eyes with a hand. In #051 she eyes the camera with faux impatience. The set certainly has its serious, more thoughtful moments, and in a shot like #084, with the sun on her skin, the wind in her hair, and an intriguing look in her dark eyes, the result is quite beautiful.


“Bustani” starring Melisa A - a view from the wings…

Melisa A: Bustani, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie review

A still photo shoot is very much a pas de deux - a dance between two people. The photographer’s focus, both literally and figuratively, is on his subject. And she, in turn, directs her effort and energy directly at him. This bond, this connection between artist and model, is at the very heart of what draws us to erotic photography and is really at the core of the MetArt experience. We admire the artistry of the photos, but the emotional element, the chance to see the “spirit” of a model elevates the experience well beyond simply looking at pictures.

Now - and I hope you can follow my reasoning - imagine you are at a play. A beautiful actress is delivering a monologue. So great is her beauty and so compelling is her performance, that you feel as if she is speaking directly to you, and to you alone. Now, imagine that you are backstage, hidden in the wings, and watching the same performance. You may be witnessing a great performance, but the feeling of connection is missing. The actress is reaching the members of her audience while you look on from the shadows.

Which brings us, at last, to “Bustani.” Directed by Luca Helios, this MetArt HD erotic movie was shot at the same time as the artist was shooting two separate still galleries (those pictorials are “Directa” and “Weekend,” by the way). Melisa A. is the star of all three creations, and she is, as always, a pleasure to witness. But.

But there is a bit of a problem, and I’ve alluded to it in the introductory paragraphs, above. Here Melisa A. is directing her attention to the still photographer. She is a skilled, professional model, with a warm, spirited personality. And her warmth and spirit is being lavished on lucky Luca’s lens, while we watch through the lens of the camcorder wielded, presumably, by an assistant. We are watching from the wings, as it were.

I can find value and enjoyment in this style of movie. It’s interesting to watch a model at work. It is only because Melisa A. is so beautiful, sexy, and engaging that I wish she interacted directly with the movie camera and let the still photographer play second fiddle for a while!


“Influer” starring Liza B - no strip, but tons of tease…

Liza B: Influer, by Leonardo, sexy, seductive super-beauty

The star of “Influer” never once completely removes her costume for the entirety of the pictorial. True, that costume consists only of a pair of black stiletto sandals and a knit mini dress that is more “mini” than “dress,” but the fact remains: Liza B. never strips in this MetArt gallery.

Liza B. does, however, completely expose every luscious inch of her exquisite anatomy, and she does it with beauty, style, and tons of tantalizing tease. Liza may know she is beautiful - I certainly know she’s beautiful, as would any man with at least one functioning eyeball - but she doesn’t use this knowledge as a weapon, she uses it as a powerful instrument of seduction. A subtly arched eyebrow, a glint in the eyes, a pout on the lips - Liza is a master of enticement. And this lively, lusty spirit makes an already appealing physical package completely irresistible.

Frequent MetArt contributing photographer Leonardo has created a particularly flattering set for this starlet. Shot mainly against a railing overlooking a lush garden, the artist has placed a bright light source just above the top, right-hand corner of the frame (a bit of the reflector is visible in a few shots, but this is hardly worth mentioning). The result is an intense, bright, “enhanced” sunlight that imparts a vibrancy to the canopy of foliage, brings out the curves and angles of his model, and adds a golden spark to her hair and a glow to her skin (see #012 for example).

I’m always pleased when a set contains too many fine images to list, and that’s certainly that case here. I will, however, call out a selection of highlights. I’ll start with #001, a frank, straight-to-the-lens portrait - I can’t recall ever seeing a similar shot of Liza B., and I find it striking. I love her teasing smile and energy in #006. I can’t resist the bold, fists-on-hips attitude in #036 (not to mention the eye-catching genital embellishment). For a mix artful and explicit I must mention #045. And I’ll close with #120 and #123, two entirely different images of one completely beautiful model.


“Farfallino” starring Katy D - a lot of looks to like…

Katy D: Farfallino, by Sergey Akion, gifted model, pretty pictures

The model’s costume in the MetArt erotic photo gallery titled “Farfallino” is both pleasing and somewhat distracting. The sheer black body suit with opaque, built-in bra and panties, and decorated with diagonal stripes, along with matching stockings, is certainly sexy and flattering, but it is also so visually “busy” that it dominates many images and diverts one’s attention from a very lovely girl.

But once I got into the rhythm of the set, and when I had a less obstructed view of Katy D. - particularly after she’d disrobed - I discovered a model with genuine beauty and skill. Katy has a very adaptable appearance. Compare the wide-eyed, innocent look in #082 with the sultry vixenish expression she projects in #085. The same girl, but those two shots are entirely, and delightfully, different.

The zigzag pattern of Katy’s outfit, and her thoughtful, creative, poses result in several very nice pin-up style shots (#032 is probably my favorite). And the novelty of an image like #093, in which the model appears to be forcefully twisting herself like a sculptor with a piece of clay, is certainly intriguing.

The set takes place on a vanity table in a narrow, wood-paneled, niche. This might lead to a boxed in or claustrophobic effect, but Sergey Akion uses the setting to his advantage. In #097 the wood tones and strong vertical elements contrast nicely with the long-legged model’s pale skin and stylized pose.

Three of my favorites fall towards the end of the set. In #120 Akion moves in extra-close to capture the lower half of Katy’s face and those plump, luscious lips. #122 is a candid, flash-lit headshot with a documentary flavor. And #124, a head-on, from the waist-up portrait of a smiling girl is simple, direct, and beautiful.


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    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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