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“Cover” starring Jenya D - what a living legend looks like…

Jenya D: Cover, by Leonardo, stunning, voluptuous model, fine art pix

There may be, somewhere, somebody who doesn’t find Jenya D. at all attractive. I don’t think it’s highly likely, but I recognize the possibility. Should such a person exist, while I understand that differences in taste and aesthetic preferences are entirely individual and personal, I extend my deepest sympathies.

To her legions of admirers, Jenya D. is nothing less than a legendary beauty. Highly prolific - as I write, she has 110 pictorials and films in her MetArt portfolio - and exceptionally talented, Jenya’s bombshell beauty and multidimensional on-camera personality place her in the erotic modeling elite.

In “Cover” Jenya has a fine showcase. The set has, shall we say, certain “issues,” but one of these are due to any weakness or failing of the model. On the whole, this is a very beautifully designed and executed set. Lens-master Leonardo gets nearly everything right with his lighting and set decoration, a study in bright white. He does, however, get a bit carried away with diffusion added at the image editing stage and some absolutely beautiful images are compromised by the heavy-handed application of digital Vaseline - see shots #004, #050, and #069.

Delete the over-manipulated photos and you’re left with a more than ample collection of superior erotic artistry. “Cover” also provides Jenya with the opportunity to express a wide range of moods and emotions. The prevailing sentiment here is steamy, sultry sexuality. When this model turns up the heat one can’t help but feel it - Jenya projects smoldering desire with an ease that (I hope!) implies that it’s her default state, on the photo set and off.

But, adding to the richness and rewards of “Cover,” Jenya D. also has a spontaneous, carefree, even zany side that is on prominent display in the group of images beginning with #077 through #085. The smiling and clowning around in those pictures is as engaging as her sexiest super-vixen poses. I hope you will forgive me when I say that Jenya D. is a impressively well-rounded model.


“Aclamat” starring Candice B - a double feature in a single film…

Candice B: Aclamat, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

This is the second MetArt HD erotic movie starring Candice B. that I’ve had the pleasure of critiquing. Ordinarily, I would make an effort to review a production starring a model I’ve not yet seen in a motion picture. But I’ve been so impressed by this model’s still galleries (here and here), and by an earlier movie, that I can’t resist risking the repetition.

After viewing “Aclamat” my enthusiasm for Candice B. is undiminished. Between her exceptional physique and sweet, lively, flirtatious personality, she’s quite irresistible. But, in all honesty, this outing pales a bit when compared to earlier efforts.

The problem is one that I’ve discussed several times - and that readers frequently comment on - but with an interesting, somewhat redeeming twist. The first half of “Aclamat” is a video recording made while a still shoot is taking place - the pictorial “Sevikis” I reference above. This means several things. One, Leonardo isn’t operating the video camera. Two, the video is punctuated by flashes of the still camera’s strobe. Three, the model is playing to the still camera which distances her from the video viewer. There is one wonderful moment, at the 3:03 mark, when Candice turns her attention briefly to the camcorder, smiles warmly, and raises her eyebrows playfully.

Shortly thereafter, there’s a noticeable change in the production. At approximately 4:54 Candice transitions to posing for the videographer - who may indeed be maestro Leonardo. From this point to the conclusion, Candice B. is front and center - as befits a MetArt Top 10 model - and directing her full attention to the camcorder. Much, much better!


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“Assets” starring Lily C - the light that night? Just right…

Lily C: Assets, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

I’ve commented on over 60 pictorials and erotic movies created by (obviously prolific) MetArt contributor Leonardo. After viewing this production and giving considerable thought to those previous works of his that I’ve seen, I was reminded that one of Leonardo’s greatest talents is his skillful use of light, both natural and artificial.

This talent is immediately apparent in “Assets.” And the fact that this MetArt HD erotic movie was shot at night makes the lighting all the more impressive. While necessarily artificial, Leonardo’s lighting scheme bathes his subject in a warm, even light that makes her skin glow invitingly. Shadows are kept to a pleasant minimum, but so is any hint of harshness or glare. Leonardo deftly balances the nighttime atmosphere with the viewer’s desire to see what he’s filming in clear, revealing detail.

The ability to capture that clear, revealing detail is all the more important when the subject in question is Lily C. This MetArt Top 10 model’s debut set - also shot by Leonardo, as it happens - won me over instantly, and I’ve enjoyed her subsequent appearances immensely. There’s a distinctly physical, animal quality to Lily’s charm, and her bold, teasing, fun-loving personality gives her work an impact far greater than her (considerable) beauty.

In “Assets” Lily C. freely shares all she has to offer, both the ripe delights of her body and the less tangible aspects of her personality. The look in those, dark, glittering eyes speaks volumes, and her movements and varied poses also communicate her amorous and alluring message very directly.

Lily C., artfully lighted and lensed by Leonardo, brings real heat to the night in “Assets.”


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“Paravan” starring Alisa G - nothing to hide…

Alisa G: Paravan, by Erik Latika, sensuous, sexy, playful erotic model

Rules, as you have doubtless heard, are made to be broken. That’s certainly true in the case of this MetArt erotic photo series. Several rules that I frequently employ while judging pictorials are broken during the course of “Paravan,” with quite entertaining and impressive results.

I’ve given photographer Erik Latika demerits in the past for his set design and choice of props. The model’s costume here, sheer thigh-high stockings, sheer black panties trimmed with a bit of coral colored net, and a pair of elbow length lace gloves in similar, but not matching, shade is curious, but here it works. The set is busy, as well. The central prop is an ornately carved wooden privacy screen, there are mirrored closet doors, what appears to be a tutu sits on a bed in the deep background, and the sharp, parallel lines of the hardwood flooring add additional visual complexity. To top things off, Latika freely indulges in off-angle tilts creating a woozy, eye-assaulting visual confusion. But, in this context, and with this model, the results are undeniably pleasing.

Ah, yes, the model. This is my first experience with Alisa G., and I’m impressed. Perhaps rising to the challenge presented by the slightly odd style of the set, she embraces it fully and delivers a rich and varied modeling performance. She’s playful, serious, experimental, thoughtful, flirtatious, and steamily sensuous. She even makes a shot like #096, certainly a quirky pose (one might call it a contortion), interesting and intriguing.

Alisa G. is gifted with a natural, easy allure. And even when she’s not trying hard she projects genuine sex appeal. In #028, for example, that subtle smile and the look in her eyes send an unmistakable message. When she just goes with the moment and expresses her amusement - as she does in #030 - one can’t help but share it.

This beautiful and versatile model and her creative photographer prove that breaking the rules can sometimes be extremely rewarding.


“Ostrako” with Sofy B - give the girl a break…

Sofy B: Ostrako, by Antonio Clemens, casual nudes on a sunny day

I must state, in the name of fairness, that Sofy B. is not my favorite MetArt model. It doesn’t come down to any dramatic fault or flaw, she just doesn’t have a particularly strong effect on me. I can certainly see and admire her modeling abilities, however, and I did just that in my critique of her second MetArt gallery - you’ll find it here.

Although that set was shot by a different photographer, it actually shares a fundamental characteristic with “Ostrako.” I’m referring to the barebones presentation, the mundane locations, and the near total absence of props and embellishments in both sets.

Here Sofy B. is dressed casually: sandals, denim cut-offs, a boyish shirt. The location, a rocky hillside, is not precisely picturesque, nor does it look particularly comfortable to pose in. Perhaps artist and model were driving to a more suitable place and their car broke down? At any rate, Sofy B., displaying her game professionalism, makes valiant effort to add some beauty and eroticism to this unlikely spot.

Antonio Clemens adopts a simple style for this pictorial. The bright sunshine appears to be the only light, and there doesn’t appear to be any flash or reflector to brighten up and bring out detail in the deep shadows.

The highlight of the series may the quartet of images, starting with #029, in which Sofy B. is joined by a Praying mantis. The model displays genuine delight while posing with her insect friend, and it makes for an unusual “co-star.” But I have to wonder if Sofy B. would make a better general impression with the assistance of a stylist and a more inviting setting.


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“Presenting” Bony A - a dramatic (and demure) double-debut…

Bony A: Presenting, by Ivan Harrin, dark, dramatic, demure erotic art

This MetArt erotic photo gallery is cause for two celebrations. Not only is it the first appearance of an appealing model, it’s also the premiere pictorial from a new contributing photographer. Before getting into the particulars, let me say that both artist and subject demonstrate considerable talent and much potential.

With her refined features, dark, brooding eyes, and long, luxurious mane of deep-sable hair, and splendidly proportioned body, Bony A. is certain to draw many admirers. Although I can’t confirm this, I do feel that she is new to modeling, and not simply new to MetArt. She tends to hold herself, particularly her head, in the same way from shot to shot, a habit displayed by many inexperienced models. But her looks are so striking it’s easy to forgive this mistake, and I certainly hope additional time in front of the camera will result in a wider variety of expressions in future sessions.

Photographer Ivan Harrin has a clean, simple style, both in his compositions and in the design of his set. Simple, unobtrusive lighting illuminates a hardwood floor, a white, S-shaped chaise, and a boldly patterned background. The shape and the color of the chaise provides a fine contrast to Bony A.’s coloring, and a bit of geometric drama, as well. With the clean lines, pleasing colors, and intriguing shapes, I do have to wonder how tilting the frame - #066 is one example - is of any aesthetic benefit. I’d call it a minor quibble.

My only other criticism is that this series lacks any truly revealing intimate images. All viewers are different, of course, but when a model is as attractive as Bony A., I would prefer to see everything she has to offer - and I certainly hope we will in future pictorials.

Despite the tilt, I like #073, #074, and #075 very much. Perhaps because the “upside down” pose is unusual, and also because it forces the model to break out of her typical posture. #067, eyes closed, long hair flowing, is beautiful both for the mood and the model’s facial and physical features. And #096 and #113 are two beautiful, thoughtful, figure studies.


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“Verder” starring Helen F - pretty, pink – nice dress, too…

Helen F: Verder, by Rylsky, pretty pink, moist and enticing

The MetArt erotic photo gallery “Verder” begins with a particularly pretty portrait. Here the model, her body in profile, her face turned toward the camera, is against a diffused pastel background that compliments her long blonde hair, her dark blue eyes, and her off-the-shoulders pink dress. And it concludes with an informal shot of Helen F., outside and now wearing a jacket over that short pink dress. While these two images do a good job of capturing the model’s facial beauty, it’s what lies between these two tame extremes that gives this series its potent erotic kick.

When a flirtatious young woman wears a dress that short the potential for tease and titillation is abundant. Neither Helen F. nor her photographer, Rylsky, waste the opportunity. They don’t waste any time, either. In fact, in shots #010 and #011, when she raises a long leg and rests her knee on a low wall all is revealed and her facial expressions add an extra bit of “oomph” to these enticingly explicit up-skirt images.

Indoor and outdoor shots are included, and there are an interesting array of artistic, non-explicit images in “Verder.” I like the detail and composition of #064, for example, in which Helen rests a long-nailed finger on her plump lower lip while her left breast, in soft focus, occupies the foreground. Two more modest images - #050 an indoor portrait, and #055, a tightly-framed face shot - capture the beauty, cuteness, as well as some subtle intensity.

The series is not without its miscues, however. There’s something odd about #003, for example, in which Helen has pulled her dress down to reveal her pert breasts while gazing upward with an inscrutable look on her pretty face - is it surreal? Perhaps devotional? And in #016, standing between two trees, she takes hold of a branch of each - another head-scratcher.

There is nothing odd or indecipherable about the explicit images here, however. And some of them are unqualified gems. #046, a delightful detail shot of Helen F.’s backside, scores a perfect bull’s-eye. With her smiling face only just discernable in the diffused background, in #060, Helen’s moist magnificence sits in open invitation. And those who relish up-skirt images will find much to enjoy in the shots spanning #093 and #102 (of these I love her expressions in #099 and #101, and I can’t resist the detail in #102).


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“Invito” starring Mia Sollis - morning becomes electric…

Mia Sollis: Invito, by Koenart, MetArt HD erotic movie review

With a cast of one, the constraints of a brief, limited running time, and the high standards demanded by the parent company, these MetArt HD erotic movies present a set of very real challenges to the filmmaker. If you think anyone with a suitable model and an HD camcorder could easily create an acceptable movie…either do just that and prove me wrong - or think again. And simply being a gifted still photographer won’t get the job done in the cinematic arena either - despite some overlap, motion pictures really are an entirely different animal.

Koenart, as you may well be aware, is a fine still photo stylist. But he’s also versatile, and demonstrates real skill when he trades his digicam for a camcorder. If you’ve never witnessed his work, “Invito” provides an excellent (and highly enjoyable) introduction.

It doesn’t at all hurt that the director’s star here is MetArt model Mia Sollis. I was highly impressed by her MetArt debut, also shot by Koenart. And her second still sitting, artfully executed by Peter Guzman, reminded me that Mia Sollis is a uniquely beautiful and talented model.

Wrapped in a blanket, the scarlet-tressed starlet steps out of a contemporary house. With a demitasse and saucer in hand, she takes a seat on the pavers of the patio. The pace is languid, the implication is that it’s early morning. Mia is thoughtful and alone. I get the feeling her lover has recently departed and she is reflecting on the time they’ve just shared. It’s only after the mood is well established that Mia even looks at the camera - it’s quite a pleasant surprise, actually, and it happens a the 2:23 mark.

The remainder of the production continues in the thoughtful, romantic mode, but there are many sensual and explicit moments and images. Look how she moves at around the 3:50 mark. And notice how a retreating hand at 5:26, after some particularly explicit close-ups, subtly implies the act of self-pleasuring. The animated and extremely intimate action at 6:41 and 6:51 will also impress and arouse.

A beautiful and talented model, and a skilled and inventive director combine to make “Invito” inviting, involving, intriguing, erotic, and entertaining.


“Presenting” Swan A - spreading wings and other things…

Swan A: Presenting, by Rylsky, new model, explicit, sploshing, sticky

This MetArt erotic photo series is a bit of a jumble. There’s a casual, thrown-together flavor to the set design. The model’s costume - a shirt and panties - seems somewhat randomly chosen. And there’s an odd and - to my eyes - unappealing and completely unexplained and unexpected twist that appears later in the set (and which I’ll discuss later in this post).

Here Swan A. makes her first appearance as a MetArt model. Long-limbed and with a sweet, girl next door demeanor, Swan poses eagerly and freely, offering explicit, intensely suggestive poses along with demure images that seem more in keeping with her youthful, genial personality.

Rylsky is no shrinking violet, either - he maneuvers his lens as close as can be and some of these intimate views are almost startling in their proximity and detail.

Oddly enough, but in keeping with the slightly odd nature of the entire pictorial, there are also a group of shots that appear to have been subjected to rather extensive image editing. #023, for example, almost looks like a piece of airbrush art circa 1980. Interesting and curious.

As mentioned earlier, the oddness here extends to the set design with includes various curtains for background, a red leather couch with a white frame, and flooring composed of photographic tiles of white button-tufted leather cushions. Interesting, yes (in an odd way) but the effect is far from harmonious.

The unexpected twist comes in the form of dessert - an orange filled with ice-cream on a plate of sticky fruit syrup. Like a good girl, Swan plays with her food and makes a mess of herself in the process. Certainly a memorable debut, but perhaps not for the right reasons.


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“Trust” starring Alina H - appealing assets and abundant attitude…

Alina H: Trust, by Leonardo, sophisticated, expressive, explicit, sexy

Cute is cute and pretty is pretty, and I’m drawn to MetArt models who fall into both those categories. But in Alina H. we have someone distinctly different. She can be cute - if the mood or situation requires it. And she’s pretty, without question. But what makes her so exceptional is a certain intangible but very nearly palpable attitude. This is a powerful, intriguing, and complex woman. And she can infuse even the most simple images with a richly textured sensuality just by tilting her head or arching an eyebrow.

Prolific and gifted MetArt contributing photographer Leonardo is clearly aware of Alina’s attitude and ability. The set he has designed for “Trust” is simplicity itself. The background is white, the lighting is bright and even, no key lights or hot spots are required. A large, peach colored bedspread or throw entirely covers a sofa. This forms a stage on which Alina H. delivers another riveting performance.

Wearing a sheer, black, ruffled camisole and matching panties, even the fully clothed introductory images have a subtle but undeniable drama. In #007, a relatively modest photo, there’s a hint of kittenish flavor, and a suggestion of the heat that will shortly be unleashed. Rid of her panties, Alina H. delivers back-to-back shots, #017 and #018, that express entirely different emotions. I find this kind of emotional variety irresistible, and the set has barely begun!

Let me simply call out a few of my favorite photos in “Trust” with the briefest possible explanations. #009, arms crossed, attitude cranked up to 11. #053 and #055 - hey, how about that smile?! #059 through #061 - getting a grip on the gorgeous goods. #064 and #065 - on her knees, upright, and gloriously nude. #002 - pure pin-up perfection. As for explicit shots, there are many to choose from - the majority of them enhanced by Alina’s erotic attitude.

An exceptional model and an exemplary erotic photo set - that’s my sincere opinion. Agree or disagree, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.


“Halle” with Martha A - slim, youthful, willowy, with a wild side…

Martha A: Halle, by Antonio Clemens, slim, young, and very sexy girl

My feelings about the MetArt erotic photo series titled “Halle” developed and evolved considerably as I worked my way through the pictorial. To be candid, my initial impressions were not entirely favorable. I wasn’t immediately won over by the art direction, particularly the red light in the background. And the model, while undeniably cute, failed to make an instantaneous connection with me.

But the more I looked, the more I found to like. Some of this, as with all matters of taste, is down to personal preference. Martha A. is slender, some might say skinny, which presented some difficulty. And there is, to my eye, something amiss with her make-up. I don’t object to a bit of tasteful cosmetic artistry, but her presentation here isn’t particularly flattering.

Even so, as I delved further into the set I found more and more to enjoy - more than enough to tip the scales in a very favorable direction. Martha, partly due to her slim build, and party due to that indefinable “something special,” has a very youthful allure. She’s got a sweet, girlish charm that makes her appear younger than her actual age. At the same time, and this surprised me at first, she has a very mature, very bold sexuality. And that makes for a very potent combination. It also creates a certain energy as she swings from one extreme to the other. Compare the beautiful young girl in #121, for example, with the fevered vixen in an explicit image like #115 for a thought-provoking and pulse-quickening illustration of this dichotomy.

As I warmed to the model, I also warmed to the style and execution of Antonio Clemens‘ erotic artistry. The red glow that I objected to in the early images imbues the set with a bit of warmth, and he deftly manipulates depth of field to excellent effect. In #035, an invitingly explicit shot, the model’s intriguing face is in slightly soft focus while the femininity in the foreground is rendered with glistening clarity.

Do I prefer the cute Martha A. in shots like #084? Or do I gravitate to graphic photos like #112? In “Halle” I have the luxury of enjoying them both.


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“Presenting” Katherine A - if you need a new nubile…

Katherine A: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, new nubile in nude art pix

Time marches on…and new beauties never stop marching into the ever-growing MetArt model collection. MetArt members all have their favorites among the thousands (!) of established models the site has to offer, but they can also count on the frequent arrival of fresh talent.

Katherine A., makes her debut in “Presenting,” and if you’re in need of a new nubile, she seems destined to please. With her long hair and willowy build this 18-year-old has a lithe, graceful appearance and seems comfortable fully (and explicitly) posed and exposed in these photos. In many of the shots in this collection she is consciously “modeling,” and she is quite good at it, particularly in view of her youth and (presumed) lack of experience. More spontaneous, candid moments are captured here, however, and in #019 I can’t help but respond to her natural smile.

The set is something of a stylistic departure for Alex Sironi, and it is entirely successful. Here the colors bias more towards warm earth tones than is his custom, and there is less of a “photo studio” feel to the art direction. His compositions are, however, true to his masterful form. And the lighting, always a signature, is particularly skilled. Katherine is blessed with beautiful skin, and Sironi photographs it in a way that makes it positively glow. Detail shots are plentiful here, but #055 - a hand, a breast - illustrates my point well.

Lighting, pose, and composition combine to produce a handful of varied but equally notable headshots in this series. If I had to pick just one it would probably be #109, a romantic abstraction. It’s a simply beautiful image.

Explicit shots in the set provide a comprehensive view of Katherine A.’s intimate delights. And if one prefers something tamer, with a painterly flair, there is much to enjoy. #049 is just one of many high style figure studies here, and it artfully presents a body that is something of a masterpiece in its own right. And, for a bit of humor mixed with the beauty, I direct you to #118, in which this welcome newcomer plays peek-a-boo with her photographer and audience.


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“Cyan” starring Mia D - One will experience ecstasy…

Mia D: Cyan, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie review

If you are already familiar with Mia D., the recent release of this MetArt erotic HD movie was genuine cause for celebration. If you have not yet had a chance to view this splendid specimen, then I urge you to view it at your earliest possible convenience.

I have had two previous encounters with Mia D., and they were both extremely enjoyable experiences (find my comments here and there). My only complaint, and I voiced it in both posts, was that I found her smile, at times, to be the slightest bit forced. It is a very beautiful smile, I must say, but at times, in her still sets, it struck me as somewhat “theatrical.”

In “Cyan” this theatrical smile is missing. Oh, she smiles, and will put smiles on the viewer’s face, but here her smile is entirely genuine. And I think I may know why. In a still set the process is: strike a pose/exposure, strike another pose/exposure, and so on. As a professional model, Mia D. takes great care that every smile in every shot is as powerful as possible, and maybe she overdoes it a little bit. In a movie, however, the action is fluid, constant. The opportunity for “theatricality” is still there, by definition, but here I think she’s devoting her efforts to the entire performance rather than individual images. If that’s not clear, let me put it this way: I loved Mia D. in her still sets, but after seeing her in motion I love her even more!

Leonardo, the artist who photographed or filmed every item in Mia’s MetArt portfolio, keeps things subtle and simple in “Cyan.” Shooting across a swimming pool (the tiled edge is just visible at the bottom of the frame) he presents bikini-clad Mia against a railing, with the azure sea in the deep background. Her top comes off (at around the 1:53 mark), she toys with her stiff nipples and petite breasts, she poses and preens, seated and standing, all the while radiating fresh, engaging allure.

In the final third of the film Leonardo moves closer to his subject. Now Mia’s back is to the pool and at the 4:33 mark she strikes a particularly pretty pose in an artfully composed frame - followed by a sweet, subtle (and completely non-theatrical) smile at 4:39.

Also included are several explicit interludes that add certifiable steam to the proceedings (see 5:29). Later a voice on the soundtrack intones: “Coming to the wonderful position of self-realization one will experience ecstasy.” While Mia D., on her back, knees raised, thighs spread, goes through some ecstasy-inducing movements of her own.

Cyan” is one beautiful little “blue movie.”


“Sculpte” with Suzanna A - interior decoration…

Suzanna A: Sculpte, by Goncharov, busty, shaved, and unashamed

There was an improvised quality to the first Suzanna A. set I reviewed. My reaction to the model (making her first MetArt appearance with that series, I should add) was generally positive, but I also welcomed the chance to view her in different settings.

In “Sculpte,” once more working with prolific MetArt contributing photographer Goncharov, I have that chance. Instead of a studio this series was created in a house or apartment. And instead of props fashioned from odd items around the studio, we have the fixtures and furniture of an actual living space.

Even so, there is still an oddly jumbled, impromptu quality to the whole affair. When the set opens Suzanna A. is totally nude, posing on an unusual sofa in front of a wall decorated with particularly busy graphic wallpaper. In some of these images the lighting is soft and diffused. In others however it is harsh, as if a curtain had been pulled back. And that seems to be the case. The setting sun, low in the sky, presents a real challenge when the drapes are open. In some shots the light (and accompanying shadow) helps create beautiful images. #023, a back shot, is one good example. But in other shots the harsh light is less than flattering to the model.

The tricky, on again/off again lighting is just one curiosity here, however. Midway through the set Suzanna appears in a blouse, in an entirely different setting in what is most likely the same location. There is not much logic in this move, and even less when she appears against a third backdrop. Again, there is an improvised, random feeling to this photo essay that gives it a somewhat uneven quality.

Still, there can be no question as to Suzanna’s ability or architecture - she seems eager to please and her voluptuous shape is certain to please fans of busty beauties. Perhaps with a bit more thought and thematic consistency “Sculpte” would have been a masterpiece worthy of this curvaceous talent?


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“Rusalka” starring Bogdana B - why don’t we do it…

Bogdana B: Rusalka, by Ratmir Aliev, nude nymph on a road in the woods

…In the road? That question might have been posed by photographer Ratmir Aliev when proposing the location for this MetArt erotic photo series to a prospective model.

In this case the road is not much more than a dirt track through the forest. The daylight is muted, one senses that people don’t travel this route very frequently, and one can almost hear the soft crunch of two beautiful bare feet on the carpet of fallen pine needles that litter the ground. It’s a fine, atmospheric location, and one that seems to suit Bogdana B. very well.

Subtle, minimal, and natural are the keys to “Rusalka.” The model is wearing a single piece of clothing - a simple, black and blue plaid shift - and two strands of fanciful beads. Bogdana radiates an easy, relaxed, and pleasant personality - it’s very much on display in a clothed shot like #019. And when her expression is a bit more mysterious, and the wind is toying with her dark hair in a nude shot like #041, there’s no doubting this model’s natural allure.

When Bogdana B. executes more stylized, formal, “artistic” poses I think something is lost. Compare the natural, easy grace of #042, for example, with the studied, stiff, and contrived pose in #044.

This wanderer in the woods is not a shy type, and she offers an ample selection of explicit poses to the photographer. In some of these her jewelry is draped along side her intimate anatomy. I hardly think this is a necessary embellishment when the model’s natural gifts are so splendidly photogenic.


“Livadi” starring Aljena A - a suitable and superior setting…

Aljena A: Livadi, by Dmitry Maslof, natural beauty, lovely nude art pix

The first time I encountered a MetArt erotic photo gallery starring Aljena A. I was less than completely satisfied. Although I liked the model, I had real difficulty with the setting. The rustic location was so uncomfortable looking that it diminished any erotic energy in the series.

Here the model returns, once more to a rural location, and once more with photographer Dmitry Maslof, but this set is a complete and unqualified success. A swing, fashioned from rope and a rough-hewn log hangs from a tree. The surrounding terrain consists of gently rolling hills and meadows. The swing, its seat thoughtfully wrapped in soft, white fabric makes a pleasant perch for Aljena A. Wearing a simple white dress and a floppy hat, there are several shots here that look as if they might have been pulled from the pages of a chic fashion catalog (see #023, for example) and I mean that in the most complimentary sense.

Livadi” contains more than a few exceptional headshots - never a bad thing, in my opinion - and they range from bright and energetic (#010), to beautifully thoughtful (#090), to relaxed, natural, and direct (#113).

Aljena A. eventually abandons the swing, and the shots where she’s seated or reclining in the tall grass are no less pleasing. Of these, I particularly like #066 for her expression and for Maslof’s painterly composition. And two shots, #081 and #082, of the model reclining, totally nude (save for the hat, which remains in its pretty place throughout the set). And in a seated pose, dominated by arms, legs and winning smile, #089, Aljena A. is nothing but adorable. Oh, and #108 through #110, with the model suspended and supporting herself on the swing with her hands are also delightful. The right model, with the right photographer, in the right locale make “Livadi” loveable.


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“Klimedin” with Domenica A - attractions and distractions…

Domenica A: Klimedin, by Domenic Mayer, sexy, energetic, erotic pix

When I wrote my comments on Domenica A.’s first MetArt erotic photo series I was impressed. I was so impressed, in fact, that I waited until the very last lines of the review to mention the single factor that detracted from my enjoyment of the set. In that critique I wrote: “For a model who has been so nicely styled and strategically shaven, I do wish the shadow line of down decorating her upper lip had been dealt with. Some may not mind it, some may even like it, but I don’t care for it.”

Domenica A. is a very appealing girl, truly. But that line on her upper lip, that merest suggestion of a mustache, bothers me. Call it a personal problem - if you don’t notice it or mind it, consider yourself lucky! Just understand that, as I look for the best in this pictorial I am struggling to ignore something that is right there, in plain sight, on the model’s face (see #028 for graphic proof). I’ll consider my point made, now on to the set.

Domenica A. is a sexy, high-spirited, girl, and she has an excellent rapport with photographer Domenic Mayer. The model appears to be fully engaged with the lens and eagerly moves through a wide variety of poses, from stylish to explicit, and quite a few that combine both qualities. Of these, I very much like a group of shots from early in the set, #013 for example, where Domenica, topless but wearing black panties, is spread out on a sofa, legs parted. Later on, in #094, now fully nude, she assumes a similar position with potent results. And for pure sex appeal it’s difficult to resist #114 with the model’s eyes projecting a playful invitation in the background while her exposed charms occupy center stage framed by casually (but perfectly) positioned legs and feet.

Yes, my favorites in “Klimedin” tend to minimize the model’s face, but even I can’t resist the beauty, energy, and fun, sexy spirit of #132, a particularly pretty headshot.


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“Presenting” Lexi Bloom - little house on the drawing board…

Lexi Bloom: Presenting, by Bo Llanberris, MetArt HD erotic film review

In the MetArt HD erotic movie archives, and on the cover art, this new release is titled “Presenting,” due to the fact that it marks the debut of a new MetArt model. However, as the movie begins, we see a title card: “Architect.” As we soon learn, that is the “story” of this exercise in short-form erotic cinema.

The new model introduced here is Lexi Bloom, a slim, petite, native of Portland, Oregon. We learn this bit of biographical background during an informal interview that’s been interspersed throughout the first half of the movie. Based on reader comments, such interviews are a polarizing issue. Some viewers enjoy them, others don’t, and there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. I place myself in the former group, however. I find that the casual, candid style of these little chats help round out my understanding of the model’s personality. In Lexi’s case I find her to be a mix of lively, spirited, and uninhibited, with a subtle undercurrent of shyness.

The action in this offering is deliberate and languidly paced. The model, wearing a short, tight, black skirt, a crisp white shirt, and black stiletto heels, is seated at a drafting table working on renderings of a single family dwelling. Perhaps in an effort to free up her creativity, she takes off her skirt. Finally she repairs to a nearby chair to reflect on her design in progress - and to rid herself of her white bra and panties. The session in that seat gives us a long, leisurely opportunity to view Ms. Bloom’s totally nude body, and she offers herself quite freely. Still nude, she goes back to the drawing board before strolling from the room, shirt in hand.

Typical of works by director Bo Llanberris, “Presenting” allows us the opportunity to experience a model in a stylish, artistic setting, as well as in an uninhibited and off-the-cuff interview. As an introduction to a new model, I think it does the job quite nicely. What are your thoughts? You’re invited to share your impressions in the comments, below.

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    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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