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“Presenting” Surime A - good “news” comes in twos…

Surime A: Presenting, by Koido, busty, 19-year-old, nude newcomer

This MetArt erotic photo gallery marks the arrival of two new talents. This is 19-year-old Surime A’s debut appearance here, and while photographer Koido isn’t completely new, this is only his second contribution, and the first I’ve seen. Short story: two impressive “new” talents.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that Surime A is just 19, and only recently graduated high school. As I went through the set I was struck by the model’s natural and spirited expressiveness. While she is lively and energetic, she also has a knowing, worldly quality that implies a certain maturity - certainly more maturity than we expect from a 19-year-old. Her performance is that much more impressive when one considers her youth and (presumed) lack of experience.

An expressive and physically impressive model makes any photographer’s task easier and more enjoyable, and Koido demonstrates his own considerable artistic ability both in his design of the set and the wide variety of compositions and poses he manages to include with only a minimum of set decoration. I’m particularly impressed by how the slate gray floor blends seamlessly into background. It’s a slightly unusual color choice - strong yet still neutral - and it flatters Surime A’s natural coloring.

A simple, light gray stool makes an effective prop, particularly in the sequence of shots spanning #020 through #030 - whether standing next to it, her back to the camera, in #027, or seated on it, in a playful pin-up pose, in #022, model and artist get maximum effect with minimal decor. Even knocked over, as it is in #049, the stool adds a hint of graphic interest to an already interesting figure study.

Two more favorites from this series dispense with props entirely. Totally nude, curling her body up off the floor and eyeing the camera, in #062. And #063, flat on her back, eyes closed, face relaxed, hands above her head, is another beautifully posed and composed image from this talented new twosome.


“Veritat” with Bella C - c’mon, get happy…

Bella C: Veritat, by Koenart, curvy model, nude photographs

Sharp-eyed readers - well, even one-eyed readers - will immediately recognize the location of this set. I wrote about a series created in the same space by the same photographer just the other day. It’s a pleasant room, with lovely light, the only question is, will this MetArt gallery be as pleasing as the previous example?

I could make you wait and turn my attention to the more pleasing elements of “Veritat,” but I will spare you the wait. After all, the set’s title is the Latin word for truth, so I have no choice but to be honest. The answer is: no.

In technical and stylistic terms Koenart is consistent from the previous set and this one. He’s rearranged the room slightly, moved out the chair and replaced it with an ottoman. So, why is this set less successful? Who gets the credit, or the blame? Our choices are limited. Would anybody care to venture a guess?

Yes, a gold star for those who picked the model. What is it about her, what she’s done, or what she hasn’t done, that makes this series less than satisfying? It can’t be her body, she’s voluptuous, shapely, and otherwise inviting. It can’t be her tattoos - Koenart studiously avoids including them in his compositions and they are only visible in a few shots. And it’s not her face, not exactly.

It’s her smile, or absence of same. It’s her attitude. Truthfully, I can only say that I get the distinct feeling Bella C isn’t enjoying posing for this set. When she attempts even a shadow of a smile, as in #032, the result is faint and forced. And in #058 her expression is almost one of resentment.

I don’t mean to suggest that all models should always be happy and smiling broadly – far from it! Some of my favorite MetArt galleries feature models in contemplative, thoughtful, understated moods. But in shot after shot, no matter how appealing Bella C is physically, I get the feeling she’d rather be somewhere, anywhere, else.

As it happens, the last few shots feature the fully dressed model outdoors. In these shots Bella C is happy! She is smiling, naturally and genuinely. I only wish she’d brought some of that cheerful spirit to her nude sitting.


Mr. Pinks calls MetArt sets delectable!

"Met Art proves that subtlety and suggestiveness can be just as arousing as a sloppy blowbang" says Mr. Pink's, in their most recent review of our site. Giving us a 10 in the quality category, and an overall average of 96%, it's plain to see MetArt is "considered by many to be the premiere erotic photography website on the ‘net" Here's a direct quote from the review: "Met Art and its enormous collection of original, exclusive erotica is clearly one of the ‘net’s absolute best “erotic art” websites. Great stuff all around!" You can check out the rest of the review here!


“Grifos” starring Diva A - tease descending a staircase…

Diva A: Grifos, by Rylsky, MetArt HD erotic movie

This recent addition to the MetArt HD erotic movie collection is an energetic, perfectly paced, and wonderfully performed exercise in temptation and tease. Here filmmaker and star work together in complete harmony, and the film is a high-voltage delight from beginning to end.

The key ingredient in the success of “Grifos” is tease. And the young woman doing the teasing here is a gifted expert in this erotic art form. Diva A can be more suggestive with a look in her dark eyes or a pout of her luscious lips than lesser talents can accomplish with their entire bodies. Consider this: the lingerie-clad Diva A doesn’t reveal so much as a breast until the 3:30 mark - a full third of the way into the movie. This girl, to employ the technical term, is hot - clothed or nude, or anywhere in between.

Director Rylsky employs an interesting set and some clever blocking. As “Grifos” begins, Diva A is descending a staircase. If you’re ever wondered if walking down a flight of stairs could possibly be sexy, you’re find your answer here. Once she’s reached the ground floor Diva is in a rather compact space. A slat-back chair occupies the foreground, and a gold column, which serves as a symbolic stand-in for a brass stripper pole, is off to the left of the frame.

First Diva works her way to a wall. Legs spread wide, she gracefully lowers her lithe body to the floor - I can’t adequately describe this move, but you’ll find it at 1:58, and it’s worth finding. She spends some time in the chair, something of a lap dance without a lap, then briefly and effectively “works the pole,” and winds up on the floor. There’s a moment, at 4:46, where she rises to stand and the lighting captures the elegance and physicality of her body absolutely beautifully.

The teasing continues. Diva works her magic with sultry confidence. And Rylsky, through clever pans, cut-aways, and lap dissolves, heightens the effect masterfully. Of course, a tease without a pay-off can be annoying, to say the least, and when Diva A ditches her panties the pay-off is well worth the wait - explicit images and erotically-charged action fills the final third of the production.

While much of the sexual energy here is generated by Diva’s body - have a look at the section right around 9:00 as she “works the floor” - much attention is paid to her face, and it’s no less sexy. “Grifos” is a real star turn for Diva A, and a wonderful piece of erotically-charged cinematic art from director Rylsky.


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“Volico” with Mary C - motivation matters…

Mary C: Volico, by Leonardo, beautiful nude model, fine photography

My initial reaction to this model and this MetArt erotic gallery, based on a handful of images, was positive. The set design was bright and colorful, Leonardo‘s photography was direct and free of gimmickry, Mary C’s beauty was obvious, and her energy and spirit was quite engaging. In short, I fully expected to enjoy the pictorial and consequently write a glowing evaluation.

But, as I worked my way through “Volico,” several flaws made themselves apparent, two I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, and one that I may have never had occasion to mention.

Mary C has a type of accessible beauty that is easy to appreciate. She has the ability to project a wide range of moods - she does give us a hint of that here. But only a hint. Mary has a habit of holding her face in the same cheerful semi-smile from shot to shot, pose to pose. Additionally, she has some difficulty relaxing her hands that compromises many of her poses (see #031, for one example) and gives them a stiff, unnatural quality.

Both those problems I’ve experienced with other models. But, as I thought about it, I realized that they might be part of a larger problem. And I think it comes down to motivation and purpose. Actors address the issue regularly - “What’s my motivation?” - to give their performances realism. And what is the purpose of this performance?

Volico,” like all MetArt pictorials, is an erotic photo set. “Erotic: of, relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.” Her purpose here, her motivation, is, on a fundamental level, to arouse sexual desire. And in many of these images, even the most explicit ones, I feel that Mary isn’t quite clear on this point. She poses earnestly, she’s fully engaged, and she isn’t uninhibited physically. I’ll cite just one example. In #088 she couldn’t be more completely exposed. But what is that beautiful face expressing? I couldn’t even venture a guess.

I have never seen any of her other sets, so I will give her the benefit of a doubt. And there are some absolutely beautiful images here - in #132 I love the innocent (and different!) expression; #136 captures the slender perfection of her body (again with a slightly different facial look); and #137, a torso and headshot, has a spontaneity that’s (sadly) missing from much of the series. A girl this beautiful is certainly capable of arousing considerable amounts of sexual desire or excitement. If she gives her motivation and purpose some careful thought, future sets will realize her full potential.

Of course, as always, I could be completely wrong! Please feel free to share your opinions, below.


“Dinamita” starring Edwige A - weapons of mass distraction…

Edwige A: Dinamita, by Koenart, curvy natural beauty, explicit nudes

This model’s gifts are plentiful, powerful, as well as particularly pretty. She’s got an easy, natural, girl next door charm, but it’s not at all difficult to imagine her dressed to thrill and knocking ‘em down in the big, sophisticated city.

If I have one complaint about Edwige A it is simply that she sticks to a rather narrow range of facial expressions. She has a pretty face - I only wish she would explore more of its innate expressive potential. Here she’s mainly in studious, serious, model-at-work mode. When she steps away from that safety zone she generates far more interest.

What has no trouble generating interest here are her physical gifts. From the texture and color of her smooth skin, to the shapely curves of her legs and ass, to her generously proportioned and artfully shaped bosom, she offers an enticing array of bodily beauty. As luck would have it, she doesn’t appear at all shy about showing it off.

Koenart doesn’t let the opportunity escape his lens and, while the set begins on a somewhat demure note, by the time it’s finished we’ve been treated to a broad assortment of explicit shots, including many wonderfully detailed close-ups.

The lighting and set design are clean and stylish. Edwige, barefooted from the start, is wearing a figure-hugging little black dress over pleasantly provocative black lace panties. Even when nothing much is exposed, as in a detailed figure study like #017, her ripe curves are irresistible.

Dinamita” concludes with ten shots of Edwige A, dressed down in faded jeans and a printed T-shirt - and, yes, that message is true in my case, and countless others, I don’t doubt. It’s a nice way to end the set. It gives a greater sense of who Edwige is as a person, and leaves us hungry to see more.


“Opus” with Nella A - lewd attitude…

Nella A: Opus, by Tim Fox, hot and sexy erotic images with attitude

Now is probably as good a time as any to remind my readers that the opinions expressed in my posts are entirely my own. I evaluate each MetArt erotic photo series based on my visceral reactions to it, my personal aesthetic preferences, and my taste, mood, and temperament at the time of writing. All of this is to say I strive to give an honest evaluation of a set based on my personal observations and opinion. You may disagree - that’s sort of the whole point. I welcome any and all opinions, whether they correspond with mine or not.

So, knowing full well that countless MetArt members may consider Nella A to be a sweet angel, I find her predominant trait to be quite devilish. While she can undeniably project sweetness, this is not her natural state. In this pictorial she radiates raw sexuality. She may be wearing lingerie in a virginal shade of white, but there is nothing at all virginal about her presentation or attitude in these photos.

I’m tempted to use words like “hard” or “severe” to describe Nella A. She definitely has a frank, animal appeal. And I also think her overtly sexual, provocative attitude here is underscored by her hairstyle, which brings to mind (to my mind, anyway) Bettie Page. Her piercings - tongue and navel - do nothing to soften her image. And the way she’s styled her eyebrows also contributes something sultry and suggestive. While some models put one in a romantic mood, Nella brings to mind nothing short of raw lust.

As a result, my favorite shots in “Opus” are the unashamedly explicit, blatantly sexual, and completely uninhibited images, and there are many to be found among the 164 photos Tim Fox has provided. In #087, although her face is in soft focus in the background, the flesh in the foreground ensures that Nella’s message comes across lusty, loudly, and clearly.

There are times in “Opus” when things go a bit too far. Things get a touch too dramatic in #072 as she faux-struggles with her panties, for example. And the panty-chewing in #077 seems similarly over the top. She’s certainly cute in #151, but I much prefer what she’s offering in #107: raw sex and a lewd attitude.


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“Presenting” Gracy Taylor - oil in a day’s work…

Gracy Taylor: Presenting, by Luca Helios, greased girl, arty/oily nudes

Frequent MetArt contributing artist Luca Helios‘ design and execution of this new model debut gallery is interesting and effective. A white, high-gloss floor blends seamlessly into a bright white background. There is just one prop - a wooden cube, minus two of its sides - and it is used sparingly as a seating surface.

The first time model also receives a minimal treatment. Apart from a string of black beads, Gracy Taylor is totally nude in every image in the gallery. The only additional item she has in the way of costuming is a generous coating of shiny, shimmering, oil that slicks her body from neck to toe. Quite a dramatic and eye-catching presentation.

Gracy Taylor seems confident and self assured here - particularly in view of her complete nudity and greased condition. I wouldn’t say she is the most dramatic or expressive model, but she more than compensates for this with her complete inhibition and posing skill.

One thing that struck me about the set, early on, was the model’s seeming reluctance to smile. In image #040 I found my answer. It’s a headshot, one of the more spontaneous images here. Gracy’s eyes are averted, her head tilted forward and down, and her lips are parted just enough to reveal a row of braces. The model does an excellent job of concealing her orthodontic appliances throughout the set, but in so doing she mutes her natural expressiveness.

The lighting here, coupled with the stark, glossy white set, does a wonderful job of highlighting the contours of Gracy Taylor’s body. And the coating of oil on her skin amplifies the effect markedly. The oil also adds considerable impact to the generous assortment of explicit anatomical close-ups. Gracy Taylor is a slick piece, so to say - and “Presenting” is a slick piece of work.


Sir Rodney agrees, MetArt is 10 for 10!

Sir Rodney's Porn Reviews gave MetArt a perfect score of 10/10. Here's a snippet of the review we received: "If you're a lover of all natural beauty then Sir Rodney highly suggests you take a look at Met Art for a number of reasons. First, as mentioned above, is the beauty of the females within Met Art which has made Sir Rodney spill his coffee. From browsing an archive which spans from 2003 to present time and separated in monthly covers we begin to realize that maybe we too have all but forgotten to appreciate the female physique in all its wonder." All in all, Sir Rodney is pleased with out site! "Sir Rodney gives Met Art a thumbs up on the pure basis of the beauty and layout of Met Art and what they represent. For all connoisseurs of the female form then Met Art is definitely worth a look at."

“Odeur” with Ralina A - bare blonde babe on a big bed…

Ralina A: Odeur, by Elxian, MetArt HD erotic movie

This is my first exposure to the work of MetArt contributing photographer Elxian. Indeed, before I received this assignment I’d never even seen his (or, I suppose, her) name before. So a new artist to experience, always an enticing prospect.

While I’ve never seen any of Elxian’s work, I have critiqued two photo sets featuring Ralina A. previously (those posts are located here and here, for the curious among you).

So. New artist (to me, at least). And cute, sexy model. That’s a promising combination - will “Odeur” deliver on that promise?

In some ways, yes. But, disappointingly, in other ways the answer can only be no.

Ralina is as cute as ever. And here she’s taken the unexpected step of bleaching her dark hair an almost Monroeian shade of blonde. The color and hairstyle have a playful, and I think pleasant, retro/costume feel. I’d probably say I prefer her with her natural shade, but in this setting it’s somehow appropriate.

The setting is a lavishly furnished bedroom. As the movie begins Ralina enters wearing a fluffy white terrycloth robe. She quickly sheds the garment and spends the balance of the production lolling on the bed in her beguiling birthday suit. The only prop she’s been provided is a single, long-stemmed, white rose.

As appealing, sexy, and engaging as Ralina A. is, she is faced with a challenge: maintaining motion and viewer interest over nearly ten minutes of running time. And she has to do that while retaining some spontaneity and logic for her behavior and actions. I’m not sure if she has entirely succeeded, although I hesitate to blame her.

I think if Mr. (or, I suppose, Ms.) Elxian had been a bit more dynamic with the camera, and perhaps a bit more adventurous with the direction, “Odeur” might have been a bit more engaging. The lighting, while appropriate to an actual bedroom, is somewhat dim and the details of the model’s body are not always revealed with the clarity that body invites. Additionally, with so little in the way of “story arc,” and with such an uninhibited subject, I think “Odeur” would have certainly benefited with more emphasis on explicit anatomical close-ups of the intimate variety. For example, simply look at the cover shot - more images like that, of the moving type, would have made “Odeur” a far more moving movie. That’s what I think. Please feel free to share your impressions in the comments, below.


“Candidat” starring Catherine A - vote early, vote often…

Catherine A: Candidat, by Dolce, blue eyes, beautiful body, art pix

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to critique this model’s debut MetArt erotic photo gallery. “Candidat” is her sixth series, and it provides a welcome chance to revisit a promising talent, and to evaluate both her development as a model, and the accuracy of my initial observations.

Catherine A. impressed me with her eager expressiveness in her debut. That quality is still very much in evidence in “Candidat.” This model has a natural ability to project a truly impressive range of emotions and moods, and she’s a gifted and inventive poser, as well. Her ability to transform her appearance from shot to shot is almost uncanny. And I’m talking about something far more complex and subtle than simply putting her hair up, or letting it hang free to achieve different looks (she does both here, by the way). Compare #005, for example, with #021 - two almost eerily different looks.

Catherine A. can be composed, formal, and deliver highly stylized poses. And she can be unpredictable, spontaneous, and entirely natural. Photographer Dolce - the creator of all of Catherine’s MetArt pictorials - manages to capture her many moods and attitudes quite adeptly. The photographer does have a weakness for tilted compositions, however, and the off-kilter images here seem an unnecessary distraction. Images #097 and #098 provide instructive examples. Catherine’s pose is unusual and extremely interesting (as is her facial expression) in both shots. The first is tilted, creating a queasy feeling that the model is at risk of sliding out of the frame. In the second image, now on the level, the pose and composition achieve something approaching perfection.

I like the simple set design here. The rich color and texture of the walls, the dark planks of the hardwood floor, and a single potted plant provide interest without distracting detail. And the upholstered armchair makes a versatile platform for Catherine A.’s creative posing. Two favorites illustrate my point: #036 seems destined to decorate many desktops with its particularly effective composition. And in #041 Catherine gracefully forms a bridge between the arms of the chair with her beautiful body. This “Candidat” easily earns my most enthusiastic vote.


“Arkada” starring Caesaria A - kitten on the keys…

Caesaria A: Arkada, by Rylsky, stunning young nymph, erotic excellenceIs it an omen? Coincidence? Conspiracy? This much I know: I was assigned two MetArt erotic photo series for review. They were both added to the site on the same day, in sequence - there is no third set separating them. The first I reviewed yesterday, the second is the subject of today’s post. The models couldn’t be much different. One set is a product of the studio, the other was shot on a breezy beach. And here’s the curious part: the central prop in both these completely dissimilar sets is a piano! What are the chances?

A piano in a photo studio, as we had in yesterday’s set, is pleasant and not at all unusual. But in “Arkada” an upright piano, with a hippie paint job, has somehow been deposited on a beach. How did it get there? And why? I might devote some time to answering these questions if it were not for the presence of Caesaria A. This breathtaking nubile is such a treat that she renders any incongruities or curiosities completely irrelevant.

I’ve experienced Caesaria A. once before, in a studio session also created by Rylsky. I was impressed, to say the very least. And I like this gallery even more. The first sitting was somewhat formal and the model’s presentation polished. In “Arkata” all she has in the way of a costume is a camisole, no shoes, no panties, no skirt or pants, no jewelry - just the sand beneath her feet, the wind in her long hair, and the sun on her skin. And that is enough! Less is more! And the more I look, the more I love. In pose after pose Caesaria delivers an impressively broad and endlessly intriguing range of moods, expressions, and moments to be savored.

That little body is flawless, and the natural light and Rylsky‘s varied compositions capture all the vitality and physical beauty of this exquisite nymph. And the face that so intrigued me the first go ’round is even more mesmerizing here. I was going to call out a handful of noteworthy images but I’m faced with far too many diverse and exemplary choices.

Splendid model. Entertaining and enjoyable photography. What piano?


“Lunettar” starring Angel E - theme and variations…

Angel E: Lunettar, by Ivan Harrin, blue eyes, creamy skin, long hair

An old piano is the central prop in this MetArt erotic photo series. The well-used instrument contributes dark visual mass, and a makes a versatile platform for posing on or against. It also contrasts pleasingly with the clean, polished design of photographer Ivan Harrin‘s set - a chair and a potted tree are the only other items placed on a glossy white floor before a subtly textured white background.

So, the non-model ingredients are pleasing. What about the girl?

Angel E. really is quite striking. With her slim build, and long, thick, dark hair and bangs running straight across her brow line, this model has a distinct high fashion flavor. And the combination of her sparkling blue eyes against a creamy complexion is a personal favorite.

I have two minor complaints with Angel’s performance. This girl has a subtle, intriguing smile. My complaint is that she doesn’t share it nearly enough! In #070, standing temptingly tall on her tip-toes, she gives us a taste of it, but I, for one, would like to see much, much more. My second gripe is that Angel has habit of tilting her head to her left. In one photo, or a dozen, this wouldn’t be notable. But it seems to be her default position, and it gets repetitious. Those shots where she tilts her head in the opposite direction are rare, and really stand out.

Angel E. is totally nude from beginning to end, and is pleasingly at ease revealing all. The high gloss floor and some creative poses combine to create some exceptional and interesting images - see #006 and #009 for two examples.

Lunettar” has wonderful moments and all of the individual elements that might result in a stellar series. But I can’t help but feel that it would be vastly improved if beautiful and talented Angel E. loosened up and performed with a bit more spontaneity.


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Malena Morgan does billboard duty for revolutionary new site When MetArt was launched in 1999 there was nothing quite like it - the site created and defined an entirely new form of online erotica. Although MetArt inspired dozens of imitators, it has remained the undisputed leader in artistic photo erotica by constantly adding fresh, new models, new photographers, and hundreds of exquisite new images on a daily basis. And the creators of MetArt are committed to maintaining the site’s quality and standing as the biggest and best erotic photography site in the world.

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“Sasiavis” starring Divina A - Miss Popularity…

Divina A: Sasiavis, by Peter Guzman, MetArt HD erotic movie

Although it’s not a hard and fast rule, I generally review the newest, most recently released MetArt HD erotic movie each week. There has been no update since last week’s impressive offering, so I decided to let the MetArt membership make the choice for me. I went to the Movies page and on the “Sort By” pull-down, I picked “Most Popular Movie.”

After taking note of the fact that two of the finest MetArt movies I’ve had the pleasure of critiquing in this space were in the Top 5 - “Shakti” starring Kelly F., and “Gazelle” starring Miela A. - I picked the current most popular production, the inscrutably titled “Sasiavis” starring Divina A.

I was very, very impressed by this model’s first MetArt erotic pictorial - and so was the membership at large. Immediately upon release of her debut still set Divina A. shot to the very top of MetArt‘s Top Models rankings, and she has been a fixture at or near the top of the list since then.

Sasiavis” helps explain Divina A.’s extraordinary popularity. It is not a great movie based on the technical skill or artistic vision of the director - I would suggest that this production is popular simply because Divina A. is so beautiful, so sexy, and knows how to move her firm, nubile body in beautiful, extremely sexy ways. I mean no disrespect to director Peter Guzman, I’ve praised his work in the past and look forward to more, but here he’s making no great creative statement. He aims the camera, hits the “record” button, and lets the model work her magic.

Shot in a bathroom, and featuring much running water (more about that shortly) the live sound, heard in the first half of the film, is somewhat jarring. The soundtrack, edgy and propulsive, seems ill chosen. The lighting is somewhat erratic. Yet none of these “flaws” matter one bit when Divina A. starts doing her thing.

That “thing” is simply standing in a spa tub and directing the stream from a handheld showerhead at her profoundly pretty private parts. A moment ago I used the word “magic,” and I wasn’t kidding. The moment Divina begins to roll and rotate her hips you’ll be completely spellbound. It’s not dramatic, but it’s far from subtle, and it’s entirely entrancing - this girl can move!

In the second half of “Sasiavis” Divina steps out of the bathtub but continues to display her magnificently sculpted body and to gyrate and pulsate in provocative and revealing positions. It’s so simple! And yet it’s completely riveting. Face, body, attitude, beauty, steamy sexuality - Divina A. has it all, and she shares it freely in this pulse-quickening production. Thanks to Divina A., “Sasiavis” sizzles.


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“Presenting” Kristina J - on a bed, against blue, a new girl for you…

Kristina J: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, explicit erotic art photos

A wall bathed in blue light in the background and a bed dressed in earth tones in the foreground are the primary decorative elements in Kristina J.’s first MetArt erotic pictorial. The model is an interesting decorative element in her own right, and the more I looked at her work here, the more I liked both it and her.

Slender and shapely, with long dark hair, Kristina J. is wearing a sheer pink nightie as the set begins. The filmy, frilly garment leaves nothing to the imagination, but it does add a bit of pleasing color and a flirtatious flavor to the initial photos. By image #028, with the neck pulled down to reveal her pert and petite bosom, the model is definitely winning me over. In #035, the lower half of her face masked by the pink fabric, I find the look in her dark blue eyes (and the composition and framing of the photograph) quite delightful.

Frequent MetArt contributing photographer Alex Sironi takes care to capture this new model in a variety of poses. Two headshots - #052 and #111 - feature two different aspects of the model, while also demonstrating the artist’s compositional skill. In the first, lying on her side, her raised right forearm is balanced by a bedpost in the background, while Kristina’s smile and creamy complexion fairly glows in the foreground. In the second image, the frame is much tighter, the mood more reflective - a different but certainly beautiful shot.

The variety of moods and photographic styles extends to explicit shots and intimate close-ups, as well. The ripe delights of the model’s rump and other fleshy assets make #091 particularly memorable. I love the way Kristina’s face is framed by her bent leg in another bold exposure, #057. And #061 offers an interesting pose and a confidently stylish photo that cleverly and most effectively captures Kristina J.’s physical attributes as well as her intriguing personality.


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“Neraida” with Katya AC - nude interlude on an autumn afternoon…

Katya AC: Neraida, by Alex Iskan, casual nudes with an feeling of fall

There’s a distinct feeling of fall in this MetArt erotic pictorial. The late afternoon light casts a mellow (some might say dim) glow on the scenery, and the leaves on some of the trees have turned the golden tones of autumn. Which is slightly incongruous due to the fact that it’s now early spring in the Northern Hemisphere where and as this is being written.

Neraida” is a simple bit of work. The feeling and execution are both casual and the style and presentation is relaxed and natural. Katya AC, wearing a forest green dress (and nothing else) is standing in a field of dry grass in the countryside. The fading light is a mixed blessing in this instance. When the sun strikes the setting and subject at just the right angle there’s a natural warmth to the images. But as the sun dips lower in the sky, or falls, perhaps, behind a ridge of unseen trees, the exposures become more dim and difficult.

Katya AC is slender and willowy and her performance is eager and willing. While I find the setting somewhat less than ideal, she deals with it gracefully, using her dress as ground cover and delivering a range of poses from demure to quite daring, complete with explicit close-ups.

The best images in the series, in the opinion of your not always humble blogger, can be found in the cluster spanning numbers 103 through 111. In these shots the model is standing, her backside to Alex Iskan‘s camera, her body silhouetted against the early evening sky. In contrast to the bulk of the set the emphasis here is on azure sky and invitingly exposed feminine figure. The light, the color, the composition are at their most flattering and the set’s weaknesses are reduced to an inconsequential minimum.


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“Oxido” with Henessy A and Rosa A - the duet dilemma…

Henessy A and Rosa A: Oxido, by Ingret, two girls posing together

The MetArt erotic photo galleries that feature two models present certain challenges to all concerned. The rules of engagement specify that no overt sexual contact may be depicted, and this challenges the models to - if they choose - create the illusion of mutual erotic attraction and arousal. The photographer must deal with this issue, as well - in addition to the extra effort required when dealing with two separate subjects working together. And the viewer, who may be aware of these various challenges, must also make adjustments in his expectations. He knows he won’t see any explicit sexuality, but with some imagination it is sometimes possible for an engaged viewer to “fill in the blanks.”

Oxido,” however, is what I think of as a photo set that happens to have two models in it. They pose together, they certainly interact, but there isn’t much at all in the way of sexual chemistry between the two. The set is at its best when the girls simply relax and present themselves in a natural, spontaneous manner (#058, almost a candid, captures some of this casual energy, and #113 does, as well). The harder they work at looking “sexy” and “into it,” the more strained and stilted they become.

Both girls are certainly attractive, and they do, at times, seem to be having a pleasant session. The set decoration, a mix of interesting textures and colors, also offers fine potential. But when photographer Ingret attempts to inject some visual interest by suggesting awkward or insincere poses, and then compounds the damage by framing his subjects at off-kilter angles, the result is something of a hodgepodge.

Henessy A. and Rosa A., as individuals, are charming and pleasing to look at, and fans of either, or both, will certainly find satisfying images here, but those who expect Sapphic sparks may be disappointed.


“Pergula” with Ariel A - natural light and unnatural color…

Ariel A: Pergula, by Luca Helios, shapely model, really, really red hair

For a model with such striking natural gifts, it is somewhat ironic that her most noticeable feature is her artificially crimson-tinted hair. The far-from-natural hue of Ariel A.’s luxurious mane is undeniably eye-catching, but I suspect it is also somewhat polarizing. I know that there is a large and vocal group of MetArt members who eschew such blatant cosmetic manipulation and who prefer a more natural look. Others don’t object and can embrace the model and whatever personal choices she has made with regard to her appearance and presentation. I consider myself to be at the more tolerant extreme of the natural group - and I do like Ariel A. (see here and here).

However. “Pergula” has given me pause. I’m beginning to think that the dye-job is somewhat limiting. It may be Ariel’s signature, her trademark, but I think it narrows her appeal somewhat. The good news is that she could change the color of her hair at any time - and that’s not a luxury tattooed MetArt models, to cite another polarizing “enhancement,” enjoy.

Here, and in the previous sets I mention above, the shocking shade of the model’s hair seems to infuse the entire set with a subtle reddish tint. In “Pergula” this is amplified by the color of the set and furnishings, and by the overcast sky and natural light Luca Helios employs. I don’t know if it is avoidable, or if some level of color correction would minimize the effect, but it is noticeable.

Color me somewhat disappointed overall, but there are highlights to be found in this MetArt erotic photo gallery. Among my favorites: #068 and #069, the graceful, athletic (and erotic) presentation of her body in a shoulder bridge stance. And the trio of images - 078, 079, and 080 - that showcase Ariel’s refined facial features (and, yes, her hair) in dramatic profile.


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“Cordella” starring Ganna B - particularly pleasing perpetual motions…

Ganna B: Cordella, by Slastyonoff, MetArt HD erotic movie

“Cordella” is interesting and unusual for several reasons. For one, it is the model’s first appearance at MetArt. This isn’t actually unusual - new models are added to the site on a near-daily basis. It is unusual, if not unprecedented, for a model’s debut to occur in a MetArt HD erotic movie, however.

It is also notable for being the first Slastyonoff-directed movie I’ve had the opportunity to review. The artist’s MetArt portfolio is truly massive - it numbers 515 galleries at the moment - but a relatively small number of those are films.

Finally, the entire concept and execution of this production is unlike any that I’ve yet critiqued. It is not a video recording of a still photo shoot, so we need not revisit that tiresome conversation. But it doesn’t attempt to create a narrative or tell a story, either. “Cordella” through simplicity, artistry, creativity, and energy is a unique erotic motion picture, with extra emphasis on all three elements.

We pan up a figure wrapped in a cobalt blue satin sheet. The sheet is parted, mimicking the curtains in a theater, and Ganna B.’s completely nude body is revealed. The camera pans back down, and the motion begins - the screen will be filled with near constant motion until the film’s end.

Think of this as a combination of nude figure posing and modern dance. Ganna moves her body creatively, easily, gracefully, and constantly. And she makes fine use of her single prop, turning that shimmering sheet of blue fabric into a tactile, physical, dynamic, and kinetic dance partner.

While the performance has a fluid, spontaneous feeling, it is also completely free of repetition. There is a varied pace, and an involving tempo to the model’s movements. And there is s similar variety in the cinematic framing and style. The use of slow motion is a particularly pleasing enhancement, as well.

And all this creativity - both physical and technical - doesn’t obscure the explicit and erotic aspects. Indeed, the various elements combine in balanced harmony to yield a fine piece of vigorous and engaging erotic artistry.


“Presenting” Firebird A - debut on a dune…

Firebird A: Presenting, by Erik Latika, simple, sexy, outdoor nude pix

MetArt contributing artist Erik Latika chose to keep things simple for this new model debut pictorial. I, for one, think this was an excellent idea.

The “set” is a sand dune. For those who are counting, we may also include the blue sky as a second element of the design. The model has been given a single long piece of fabric. When she wraps it around her body it can function as a shroud, a robe, a skirt, or a gown. When she spreads it on the sand it also functions as a beach blanket.

And Firebird A., the first time MetArt modelPresenting” presents, doesn’t have one stitch of clothing, no shoes, only minimal make-up - her only adornment, besides the flowing fabric, is a chunky bracelet.

Happily, this minimalist simplicity proves, yet again, that less is quite often more. Firebird A. seems genuinely at ease in this simple setting, and she experiments with a wide assortment of poses, presentations, and emotional attitudes. But even when she’s being thoughtful or putting extra effort into her pose selection, I get the feeling she’s enjoying the entire experience - and that translates directly into extra enjoyment for the viewer.

Her oval face framed by a pleasingly unruly head of long, dark hair has a brooding quality in #018 an evocative topless shot. Totally nude, in #053, Firebird A. reveals all, including her refined profile. Numbers 044, 045, and 046 are three subtly different but extremely pretty figure studies. And on all fours, in #106, with her beautiful backside to the camera, the over-the-shoulder expression adds a jolt of not at all subtle eroticism.

From playful to passionate, from explicit to artistic, Firebird’s first flight, with Erik Latika as her copilot, is a solid success.


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“Chamber” Starring Ulya I - dramatic, decadent, devilish, delicious…

Ulya I: Chamber, by Leonardo, stunning model, super-stylish erotic pix

This set falls somewhere outside the conventional bounds of what I’ve come to expect from MetArt. But just because I find it atypical doesn’t mean I disapprove - in fact, quite the opposite is true. “Chamber” is a tour de force performance by a truly impressive model and a gifted and versatile photographic stylist.

“Chamber” is a lush, dramatic, highly stylized, and extremely stylish creation. Leonardo’s use of light and shadow is simply masterful, and the series contains many images fairly dripping with genuine film noir flavor. But as impressive as the photography, art direction, lighting, and costuming are, they would be wasted on a less talented model. Ulya I., a voluptuous, cream-skinned, scarlet-haired seductress, throws herself into the theatrical spirit of the pictorial and delivers an award-worthy performance. This is a true collaboration, one of those wonderful combinations in which the artistic whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The opening image sets the stage but only hints at what is yet to come. Ulya is seated on an ornately carved and upholstered chair in the center of a richly appointed room - “Chamber” really is the better word to describe this space with its patterned parquet floor, tiled fireplace, and lux finishes. Hands on the arms of the chair, feet and knees together, Ulya regards the camera with a composed but subtly mysterious look on her face. This model has a lot of attitude - and she knows how to use it!

And Leonardo knows just how to emphasized and capture Ulya’s moody beauty. In #082, for example, he hides the lower half of her face in shadow and lets her eyes work their considerable magic. But an expressive face is just one of Ulya’s gifts - her voluptuous body is no less dramatic. #103, with its stark, almost flood-lit treatment, captures that glorious shape most effectively.

There are far too many striking images to list in detail, but here are some favorites. Totally nude, but for shoes and jewelry, straddling an arm of her chair in #110. #067, seated, legs spread wide, topless. #131, a style-soaked silhouette. #137, a beautifully abstract headshot. And #106, looking down at us, and #116, looking up - both shots with bundles of attitude.

Chamber” is splendid, and both model and artist are to be commended!


“Scene” with Oliwia A - a second opinion…

Oliwia A: Scene, by Antonio Clemens, shaved and busty, nude erotic pix

When I discussed this model’s first MetArt erotic series I was genuinely impressed and generous in my praise. Now that I’ve seen “Scene,” her fourth gallery as this is written, my reaction is decidedly more mixed.

In viewing her debut I was struck by Oliwia’s ample breasts and puffy nipples. In this set, however, I can’t help but notice a certain lack of symmetry from side to side. I am well aware that true symmetry is rare, but here it suggests that those abundant assets may not be entirely natural. And I notice that members have used the tags “implants” as well as the opposite, “natural breasts,” to describe Oliwia A., so there is some ambiguity and lack of consensus here.

Beyond the physical, there is a somewhat stilted quality to the posing in “Scene,” and a reliance on a half-smile that feels somewhat put on. I have no doubt that Oliwia is a charming girl - she did, after all, charm me with her MetArt debut. But I do wish she would relax and present a more natural range of expressions.

Further, some of the poses here are simply odd. Next to images numbered 067, 068, 092, and 094 I have written “why?” in my notes. Were these odd postures suggested by the photographer? Were they Oliwia’s ideas? I can’t help but wonder.

As to the photographer, I can’t find fault with the design of his set (the blue light on the brick background adds a bit of appealing mystery) or Antonio Clemens‘ execution. I think that I was simply troubled by the issues I’ve outlined above and that compromised my enjoyment of this set. Perhaps Oliwia’s next gallery will win me over, once again? We’ll have to wait and see. Please feel free to share your reactions to this set, this model, or even my (admittedly fallible) reactions, in the comments, below.


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    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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