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“Favor” starring Toxic A - slim, rich, and rewarding…

Toxic A: Favor, by Arkisi, the fine art of erotic photography

This is a very good set. That’s the condensed version of my initial impressions, and if it’s enough to get you to take a close look at the MetArt erotic gallery titled “Favor,” then I consider my job here complete. For those who require further persuasion, however, I will elaborate.

When this model made her MetArt debut I was immediately smitten. It was a beautifully shot gallery, to be sure, but what won me over was the model’s beauty and personal warmth. My only difficulty with the set was the model’s name - I still don’t know why she’s named Toxic A, and I doubt I ever will. “Favor” her sixth series, offers ample proof that my “love at first sight” was no fluke.

And when I say that “this is a very good set” I’m referring to more than the model, much more, in fact. Arkisi photographed “Favor,” and it is a rich, varied, and truly impressive demonstration of artistry. It falls, roughly, into two segments. The first of these takes place before large windows looking out on tall trees. The lighting is complex and tricky, but Arkisi masters the challenges it presents. Notice, for example, how the backlighting in #021 brings out the details of Toxic’s slender body while shrouding her sex in darkness. Another, entirely different effect is achieved in #050, where bright light shines on her hand and hip while her smile radiates softly from the shadows.

In the second section, Toxic A moves away from the windows and into what we now learn is a bedroom. Here the rich, warm colors of the furnishings and subdued light create a romantic and inviting setting in which Toxic’s charms - both physical and emotional - bloom vibrantly. An eager and inventive poser, Toxic A delivers and energetic and lively performance. In a calm, pensive mode she helps Arkisi create a painterly gem in #058. In #097, her body striped by vivid light and shadow her smiling face fairly glows. And in more than a few of these diverse and delightfully artistic images Toxic A‘s luscious intimate anatomy is fully and explicitly revealed.

On further thought, “this is a very good set” seems to be a bit of an understatement. In considering the model’s natural beauty and ability, and the photographer’s technical skill and artistic talent, I have to say that “Favor” is fine, indeed.


“Metaxi” with Yasmine A - silk and steam…

Yasmine A: Metaxi, by Ron Offlin, steamy, explicit, erotic images

Despite her glammed-up hair style and the elaborate and luxurious furnishings of the bedroom she’s presented in, Yasmine A has a girl next door quality with a subtle hint of tomboy flavor. And she projects a teasing, come-and-get it sexuality that is unmistakable. One also gets the sense that this compact little kitten can give as good as she gets, and this quality tints even the tamest images in this MetArt photo series an aura of eroticism.

Photographer Ron Offlin happily occupies the more explicitly erotic end of the stylistic spectrum and working with a model with Yasmine’s attitude and attributes plays directly to his strengths. I might quibble about a certain lack of polish in the presentation of the model, but there’s no doubt that this team generates a good deal of sexual steam over the course of their collaboration.

The set decoration is a bit busy and complicated, however. The burgundy satin sheets of the bed contrast quite nicely with Yasmine’s complexion, but the gaudy black, gold, and white headboard, with its swoopy, demi-deco curves and the varied, complex patterns of the wall treatment create a type of visual chaos that’s difficult to attenuate. Those shots that frame the model solely against the rich, red bedding are among the most harmonious and effective here - see #078 for one exceptional example.

Other interesting images in “Metaxi” include #002, which captures the over-the-top set along with a helping of Yasmine’s attitude; #032, a cute tease shot with emphasis on her ripe, round, rump; and #046, a playful, explicit, and unmistakable invitation.


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“Oberon” with Uma B - Gonchie’s angel…

Uma B: Oberon, by Goncharov, a nude girl and a feathery prop

Let us consider, for a moment, the power of the prop. In the right setting, with the right model, a thoughtfully selected prop can elevate a pictorial to excellence. But even if a prop gives a photo series its theme or distinctive flavor, it must do so without distracting the viewer from the most important element of the image, the model.

In this somewhat curious offering, prolific MetArt contributing photographer Goncharov has chosen one dramatic prop, and he’s strapped it, quite literally, to his subject’s back. In the very first image he captures his seated model from behind, giving us a fine view of two black, feathered wings. Is she a dark angel or a crow? And what are we to make of the black cowboy hat? Thankfully, the hat only appears in this shot, so that question can remain unanswered.

I suppose in a different setting the wings might make a bit of sense. But here, in a backyard decorated and landscaped in a fanciful tropical jungle theme, the wings are a distraction.

That’s unfortunate in this case because what the wings are distracting us from - Uma B - appears to be more than worthy of our full attention. This model has a lean, vital physical presence and a lively spirit. I would welcome the opportunity to experience more of both, without those feathered accessories lurking over her shoulders.

I am able to pick favorites in “Oberon,” however. In #009 the lighting brings out the tone and definition of Uma’s torso, and in #038 through #042 the model gets down on the planks of a rustic boardwalk and strikes some explicit and interesting prone poses that show off her firm, powerful, and inviting physique. With a relatively scant total of 70 images in “Oberon” I’ve seen enough of Uma B to want to see more - in a set without that plumed prop I imagine she could soar to impressive heights.


“Eternalis” starring Danae A – beauty on a backseat…

Danae A: Eternalis, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie

I let the MetArt membership do the choosing when it came time to pick a movie for review this week. As I write, “Eternalis” is the “Top Rated Movie” based on member votes, and is one of only two titles in the entire movie collection to have earned a perfect score: 10.00.

With that statistic in mind I was somewhat surprised to discover that this production, which was added to MetArt HD erotic movie collection back in July of 2008, is a behind the scenes video shot at the same time as the still photo gallery of the same name (which, for the statisticians among you, was added to the site a full year earlier).

Although I’ve enjoyed my fair share of photo session movies, I’m aware of the genre’s limitations. While I find it both informative and entertaining to see how a still photo session unfolds, it can become tedious and is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

So, what might explain the stellar rating, that perfect ten-point-oh? It’s got to be the girl. Danae A is a striking beauty - facially, bodily, and in her on-camera persona. “Eternalis” features live sound, so we hear model and photographer speaking, but I was surprised to hear how little verbal instruction Danae receives during the session. Quite often, without prompting, she moves from pose to pose, adjusting her body and attitude - sometimes dramatically, sometimes in minute, subtle increments. And these are excellent poses, too. All the more so because the “set” here is the back seat of a luxury automobile.

Director Luca Helios is present, to some degree, in much of the film - his lens or the back of his head is often visible on the edge of the frame. But, considering that the videographer is shooting over the still photographer’s shoulder much of the time, we’re still treated to unobstructed views of totally nude Danae A, including explicit and intimate anatomical details.

Eternalis” the movie inspired me to have a look at “Eternalis” the pictorial, and each production helped me understand its counterpart that much better. And both productions gave me a greater appreciation of Danae A. In-car entertainment is rarely more appealing, or, as it happens, more highly rated.


“Poem” with Janice A - ode to a cute blonde…

Janice A: Poem, by Antonio Clemens, sweet, young, cute, nude beauty

A little over a year ago I had the pleasure of critiquing this model’s first MetArt nude gallery. To briefly summarize, I was impressed. And I wasn’t alone, either. That debut gallery made a powerful impression on the MetArt membership, and within hours of appearing on the site Janice A had ridden to the pinnacle of popularity on a wave of enthusiasm that landed her in the #1 position on the Top Models list.

And Janice A’s popularity wasn’t a fluke or a passing fad, either. As I write these words she’s at #5 on the Top Model rankings. And a gallery like “Poem” is filled with enjoyable evidence that explains her popularity.

Working once again with Antonio Clemens, the artist who created her premiere gallery, Janice A exhibits all the physical and less tangible charms of her personality in this set. Her nubile young body is as invitingly photogenic as ever, and her warm, cheery persona is also very much present - a beautifully posed composition like #029 captures both quite nicely.

Poem” differs stylistically from Janice A’s debut quite dramatically. In the first set photographer Clemens kept the decor simple. Here he’s placed his subject in a room that is buzzing with visual activity. The walls are cluttered with multi-dimensional decorations, a dresser with a busy harlequin pattern is centered in the background, fabric in differing textures and colors dresses the mattress and hangs from bed frame - even the model’s sheer lace negligee is embroidered and embellished. And yet it all comes together in a harmonious, inviting way.

Janice A looks completely at home in this cozy but cluttered space, and even in those shots where she’s chosen a reflective or thoughtful expression one gets the feeling she’s enjoying the experience immensely. I suspect it’s that light and lively, enthusiastic spirit that makes her so popular - combined with her girl-next-door beauty and her sweet and shapely little body, of course.

Favorites? #020, a pert and pretty topless shot. #034, a moody, painterly figure study. #053 for the model’s pose and the photographer’s lighting and framing. And #125 for that creamy skin, that erect nipple, the look in those half-closed eyes, and the smile on those parted lips.


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“Gerberas” with Karina J & Sofi A - faux kiss group…

Karina J & Sofi A: Gerberas, by Goncharov, busty babes, nude and wet

As I have stated in the past, and will doubtless have opportunity to restate in the future, there are two distinct types of girl/girl MetArt erotic photo galleries. Some overcome the restrictions of the “house rules” to generate a stirring simulation of Sapphic sensuality. Although no direct intimate contact is depicted, these series still manage to create the impression of erotic attraction and interaction between the participants. This is no easy task, and it requires a gifted artist wielding the camera as well as models with skill, sensitivity, and considerable sensuality.

The second basic type of two-girl pictorial doesn’t bother to pretend. It presents two girls together and lets their beauty as individuals work its magic. Sets of this type operate according to a simple mathematical principle: If one beautiful nude girl is good, then two beautiful nude girls must be twice as good. And this is quite often the case!

A third type attempts to be a bit of both, and “Gerberas” belongs in this group. Shot in a backyard swimming pool - much of it on a concrete “island,” complete with palm tree, in the middle - Goncharov captures two bosomy and appealing beauties in relaxed, informal, cheerful nude photos.

The models make a fine and extremely “watchable” team. I’ve reviewed several Sofi A sets in the past, but this is my introduction to Karina J, and this voluptuous twosome present a particularly bountiful feast for the eyes. And those luscious bodies are revealed without restraint or even a hint of inhibition.

The one thing these girls lack is any trace of sexual attraction to one another. And this becomes clear in those shots were they attempt to pretend otherwise. The set is at its best when it simply captures two lush and lovely girls posing and playing, poolside. When they feign erotic affection - in #011, for example, or #027, or #043, or #047 - it just feels false. But there’s no denying that they make a very pretty pair!


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“Presenting” Grace C - new week, new model, new artist…

Grace C: Presenting, by DeltaGamma, curvy blonde cutie/hot nude pix

This pictorial is an example of that relative rarity, the double-debut. Not only is this Grace C’s first appearance at MetArt, it’s also the photographer’s first contribution. I can certainly think of worse ways to start off the work week!

And the very first image certainly begins “Presenting” on a promising note. In this shot Grace C is framed from mid-torso up. Against a warm (but somewhat dimly lit) background, the model’s bright blonde hair frames a pleasingly round face, and the expression in her big, dark eyes is a few intriguing degrees removed from neutral. A low-cut white frock reveals just enough of a shapely bosom to entice, and a string of steel-gray beads provides a touch of contrasting color.

Although I only realized it in hindsight, the set’s single greatest weakness is revealed just three shots in: #003, a pleasantly moody portrait, is ever so slightly underexposed. One could argue that this was intentional, but the presence of a handful of similarly murky images suggests otherwise to me. In any event, these underexposures are easily omitted and won’t be missed in a gallery containing 141 images.

Photographer DeltaGamma‘s design and execution of the pictorial is enjoyable in other respects. His - hers? their? - set design is simple and spare. A clean-lined couch upholstered in gray fabric is the sole piece of furniture, and it fits well with the color scheme and provides Grace with a versatile posing platform.

In some of my favorite shots here Grace C is fully clothed - #027 for example. When the hem of her short dress rides up it teasingly reveals a pair of sheer white panties. And when the dress and panties come off completely the body on display is impressive from every angle and at every distance, from explicit close-ups to full length studies of that foxy little figure.

While both model and artist will surely benefit from additional experience, this double-debut achieves its primary goal: it leaves me eager to see more!


“Kerasi” starring Michelle H - fresh grapes and other ripe delights…

Michelle H: Kerasi, by Arkisi, striking model, tempting erotic images

MetArt contributing photographer Arkisi has created a subtle and effective lighting scheme for “Kerasi.” And the color palate of the bedroom he’s shooting in, with its softly glowing purple niches in the ceiling and the deep purple shag (!) carpet on the floor, provides a flattering background for his model. The addition of a single white plate bearing two luscious bunches of dark grapes is a clever touch that ties the set design together.

The model occupying this inviting space is powerfully inviting in her own right. With her pleasingly pale complexion, amply sized and superbly shaped breasts, and waist-length dark red hair, Michelle H is a truly striking specimen. I initially felt that the shade of her hair color was a bit too vivid, but it works wonderfully with the decor, and the model is so extremely expressive that I can hardly complain. In the introductory image, standing on tip-toes and wearing only a scant satin mini-slip Michelle projects a confidence and composure that is as intriguing as her physical appearance is arresting.

“Kerasi” boasts ample variety in terms of compositions and poses but it’s Michelle’s nuanced expressiveness that takes these beautiful images to a higher level. Consider two similar shots from early in the set: In #004, hands in her hair, body turned slightly away from the camera, the look on her face is warm and subtly flirtatious. In #005, hands on her breasts, directly facing the camera, her expression is now one of innocence and vulnerability.

Michelle H’s many varied moods add an emotional richness to this set that had me lingering over individual images. #051 has an real you-are-there intimacy that makes me regret I wasn’t! And numbers 117 and 122 are stylized “aerial” shots that are as flattering to the model as they are to the photographer’s skills. An impressive and expressive model, and thoughtful and stylish photography (not to mention some exceptionally powerful explicit images) make “Kerasi” a tempting treat.


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“Hot” starring Lily C - truth in advertising…

Lily C: Hot, by Leonardo, naughty hottie with a smokin' body

There is certainly no shortage of hot photo sets in the vast MetArt archives. And models worthy of that three-letter description are MetArt‘s stock in trade. Still, choosing to title this pictorial “Hot” was an exercise in accuracy and honesty.

Lily C is a singularly hot model. I realized this moments after viewing the first handful of images in her first ever MetArt series. Putting aside her facial beauty and spirited, engaging on-camera personality, this girl has an exceptionally hot body. There’s a robust vitality to that toned and sculpted physique that suggests passionate, vigorous sexuality. And in “Hot” Lily’s beautiful body is as irresistibly and explicitly inviting as ever.

Frequent MetArt contributor Leonardo has crafted the majority of galleries in Lily C’s portfolio, and in “Hot” he demonstrates once more why theirs is such a successful collaboration. The lighting - and the slightest sheen of oil on the model’s smooth skin - enhances and emphasizes the sculpted perfection of Lily’s body while also adding highlights to her hair and eyes.

While “Hot” contains many eye-opening explicitly erotic poses, I find it interesting that there are no extreme close-ups. Leonardo seems to understand that with a girl who projects so much high-voltage sexuality, detailed close-ups are unnecessary.

Some of my favorite shots in “Hot” are: #023, for Lily C‘s kittenish demeanor in a fully clothed, full length composition; squatting, bottomless and smiling with her mouth and eyes in #061; #098, an revealing rear-view with enticing over-the-shoulder attitude; and #125 for spread-legged, spontaneous, explicit sexuality.


“Erotsis” starring Anna AJ - babe+bed/strip+tease…

Anna AJ: Erotsis, by Voronin, MetArt HD erotic movie

I had a little help from the membership in selecting this MetArt HD erotic movie for review. While browsing the Movies page I sorted the list by “Most Popular.” A title in the top row that I’d neither reviewed or viewed caught my eye. I am certainly familiar with the star. And the fact that this production was added to the MetArt archives over three years ago didn’t deter me - even after that span of time “Erotsis” has remained highly popular with the membership. An easy pick with an extremely meaningful endorsement.

As Anna AJ makes her entrance I was a little surprised. The outfit she’s wearing is cute, yes, and sexy, but it’s got a bit more American porn star flavor than I’m used to seeing anywhere at MetArt. And the style of the bedroom setting is slightly curious. To me it looks like the bedroom of a stodgy older couple. Perhaps that’s the idea: Anna AJ in her naughty cheerleader outfit is going to put on a show in her parents’ bedroom. I put my concerns aside - if Anna AJ is going to put on a sexy show, she can do it wherever she likes!

And so she does. Voronin‘s creation is very much a leisurely and enjoyable record of a strip tease. The pace is slow and deliberate - although we do get a glimpse or two at Anna’s south-of-the-waistband charms early on, her micro-mini skirt doesn’t come off until the just after the six minute mark. There’s a cute bit of action where Anna plays it pleasingly coy. Her top has slid up slightly and threatens to expose her left breast. She tugs the top back into position and smiles ever-so slyly (see for yourself at 5:28).

While Anna stays in a near-constant state of motion, Voronin’s camera is far from stationary. In one memorable sequence, beginning at the 6:28 mark, he follows the models’ hands from between her thighs, up to her bosom, and back down again. The cinematography is fluid, the body it’s capturing is flawless.

Voronin also places the camera high above the bed for a particularly dramatic effect. In fact, he uses the high angle in the final moments of the production. But in those waning moments he also skillfully deploys a somewhat subtle double-exposure. As Anna AJ writhes sensually on the bed a second, far fainter, out of synch image, appears creating a multi-limbed, kaleidoscopic effect. In “Erotsis” we have a beautiful model, creative direction and camerawork, and plenty of inviting tease. No wonder it’s so popular!


“Mansion” starring Yanika A - how to stuff a wild bikini…

Yanika A: Mansion, by Alex Sironi, sassy, sexy, erotic, artistic

I strive to evaluate every MetArt pictorial as a free-standing, individual artistic creation. If it features a model I’m particularly fond of I do my best to view it with fresh eyes. I do the same thing with new works from favored photographers. Beautiful and talented models have “off” days, and gifted creative artists sometimes make technical or aesthetic blunders.

Having said that, it is always a pleasure to view a new set by one of my preferred artists, of a model I have admired in the past, and find that it meets or exceeds my expectations. And “Mansion” absolutely does that.

By the time Yanika A made her MetArt debut (you’ll find my impressions of that set here) I was already a fan of the photographer who shot her premiere pictorial, Alex Sironi. In the second Yanika gallery I critiqued (look here), my impressions of the model were reaffirmed and I also noted a pleasing evolution in the photographer’s style.

In “Mansion” the team is reunited, and it’s an engaging and satisfying collaboration. Alex Sironi‘s set design is true to form: simple lighting and a single piece of furniture - an ornate (some might say gaudy) black sofa with silver-metallic painted ornamentation. Technically, the photography is impeccable. Detail shots, in particular, really stand out in this collection: a close shot of Yanika’s hand, thumb hooked around the waistband of her bikini, in #011; her lacquered fingers “walking” down her thigh, in #059; removing her bra to expose her right breast, in #025; a single playful hand and two splendid breasts in #078; polka dot panties around up-thrust ankles, in #021. I could easily go on.

From Yanika A‘s newly darkened hair, to her red and white bikini, to her crimson fingernails and honeyed skin, to the white, black, and silver of the set, the color scheme approaches perfection. The range of compositions and poses is also exemplary. You’ll find great pin-ups (#042 and #049). Plenty of bold and sexy attitude (#077). And much inviting sexuality - I love the splayed-legs pose in #125 as well as those “walking” fingers and the intriguing expression. And for sheer erotic impact the look on her face, and that stealthy right hand in #114 can’t be, shall we say, beat.


“Presenting” Orvelia O - when the light is right…

Orvelia O: Presenting, by Arkisi, new MetArt model, total nude throughout

In her debut MetArt gallery Orvelia O is totally nude from start to finish. To her credit, she seems quite at ease in this completely exposed state. And she isn’t at all reluctant to present her most intimate attributes in a selection of revealing close-ups.

Without a costume to strip out of, variety must necessarily be achieved through a diverse selection of poses, the photographer’s choices in terms of composition, and the model’s position in and around the set. As it happens, this is a key to this particular series.

In the first shot, which I quite like, Orvelia is leaning against a stylized column of wood and metal, a bed and a softly glowing lamp occupy the background. Later, in wider shots, we see that the column marks the junction of two sliding panels that can be shut to enclose the bedroom. This may seem like a needlessly detailed description, but it is important.

The first portion of Arkisi‘s pictorial takes place outside the bedroom. While there are flattering, pleasing images among this group - #032, for example, in which Orvelia spreads out on the dark wood floor - the indirect light here isn’t exceptionally flattering. It’s a subtle defect, some might not consider it a defect at all, but when the model moves into the bedroom - either on the bed itself, or on the floor next to it - the lighting is without question far more flattering to Orvelia’s coloring.

I noticed this dramatic shift when I got to #075, and the set gains strength from there until its conclusion. “Nice light” is a term that recurs repeatedly in my notes. #087 is one lovely example (a dreamy and inviting rear view). #095 is a nicely lit headshot. In #118 Orvelia O moves closer to the table lamp which brings out the color of her hair and the beautiful details of her face. #100 is another charmer, as is #119, an expressive and unique headshot. When the light is right this debut delights.


“Sponda” with Hannah E - once upon a tractor…

Hannah E: Sponda, by Luca Helios, beauty-body babe...on a tractor

When this model appeared in her first MetArt erotic photo set I was generally impressed. I felt that she had a pleasing combination of girlish charm and more womanly sensuality. And the art direction and photography, by Jam Abelanet, regrettably an infrequent contributor, made the most of the model’s beauty.

This set, shot by prolific lensman Luca Helios, offers a welcome chance to see how Hannah E has evolved as a model, but it also has me scratching my head. The model is beautifully styled and presented, and Helios includes a wide range of compositions - from headshots, to figure studies, to detailed close-ups. But the setting for the shoot - a weathered tractor sitting in a weedy field - strikes me as an odd and not terribly erotic choice.

I’m inclined to give Helios a pass on his location selection. I generally enjoy his work, and the MetArt membership does, as well - he’s a fixture in the photographer’s Top Ten. And in terms of productivity, the man is a machine - as I write these words he has 590 still galleries and videos in his portfolio, and that number is sure to climb, probably before I’ve finished this post! So, perhaps in an effort to include something unusual, he picked a tractor.

Model and photographer do their best to make the most of a not entirely favorable situation. In a shot like #020, Hannah E strikes a standing pose and Helios captures the contours of her body quite beautifully. Still, the images I prefer here are those in which the presence of that French blue farm implement is minimized. Look at #040 (a torso and headshot), #059 (an intimate close-up of Hannah’s beautiful backside), and #066 (with her wrap covering the hood of the tractor, and with the wind in her hair), to see how the absence of tractor distraction improves the images.

Hannah E has, without question, grown more skilled with experience. She’s a confident and creative poser, and several bursts of candid spontaneity (like #044) add a nice bit of engaging energy to “Sponda.”


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“Parusa” starring Dominika A - a lovely lady lingers, leisurely…

Dominika A: Parusa, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie

I’ve critiqued four - count ‘em: 1, 2, 3, and 4 - MetArt pictorials featuring Dominika A during my blogging tenure and she’s never failed to impress me. But natural beauty and considerable modeling ability do not necessarily guarantee a successful motion picture performance. As I’ve mentioned previously, while there is some overlap, the skills of each discipline are different. In posing for a still photo the model must only maintain her pose and expression for the duration of the exposure. On video she must project and express over time, any hesitation or false step is recorded.

In “Parusa” any hesitations or false steps are absent, and Dominika A proves that she’s equally adept in front of a still or movie camera. I can’t honestly say I’m surprised, but I will say I’m quite pleased to have made this discovery.

The pace and progress of Luca Helios‘ production is deliberate, measured, and leisurely. The model walks past some shops, enters a room, and slowly removes her clothing, piece by piece. Seeing Dominika in motion is a treat - and the camera takes great care to capture every graceful movement, and every luscious inch of her svelte physique.

Total nudity is reached at the 3:37 mark and Dominika A spends the remainder of the film lolling languidly on a circular bed. There is a subtle undercurrent of sexual energy here and even though she is alone, and despite the fact that there is only the mere suggestion of self-pleasuring, the mood is unmistakably erotic.

As Dominika shifts positions and assumes a variety of poses on the mattress we’re given a comprehensive tour of her tempting body, including her arresting intimate assets. If you’ve enjoyed Dominika’s still sessions “Parusa” will only add to your appreciation of this talented beauty. For those who’ve yet to view her, this movie provides a lovely and leisurely opportunity to get acquainted.


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“Elato” starring Mirelle A - full figure in a field and with a flower…

Mirelle A: Elato, by Rylsky, curvaceous and engaging nude beauty

Most of this Rylsky-lensed pictorial takes place rustic meadow on a beautiful, sunny day. The natural beauty of the setting is in perfect, flattering harmony with the ripe, natural beauty of the model.

In addition to her voluptuous physical blessings, Mirelle A displays a warm, sunny attitude throughout the entire MetArt gallery. Although some might ask for a bit more range in terms of emotion and expression, the mood she projects is so inviting that one wouldn’t dream of complaining.

One cluster of my favorite images from the series occurs early on. The first 15 shots are all variations on a headshot. Each variation has its own charms, but #009, with the sun and wind in her hair, and her arms covering her breasts, is among the best of this particular bunch. But so is #010. Or #013. And so on.

I was so pleased by the natural setting that those shots which reveal that Mirelle is standing or sitting on a pair of truck tires buried in the ground come as something of a surprise. And a handful of images in which Mirelle A is photographed posing on a circular reflector feel a bit awkward. To my mind this implies either resourcefulness on the photographer’s part, or his failure to bring along a more suitable and appropriate piece of groundcover.

Towards the end of “Elato” there is a change of venue - a lush garden replaces the wild meadow. Although several shots from this segment are quite appealing, my stand-out favorite has to be #107. Shot from above, Mirelle A is on her back on a vivid emerald green swath of lawn, a single vibrant rose rests just beneath her ample bosom. The colors, the composition, the model’s curves, and her wide-eyed and intriguing expression result in a uniquely beautiful photo.


Malena Morgan and Charlotte Stokely Live Girl/Girl cam show!

Malena and Charlotte will be doing a Girl/Girl MetCam show! You'll be able to catch the action today at 2PM PST! To see their Girl/Girl Gold shows, just visit and search for search for SexArt_Live.

“Coresmos” with Irina J. Paloma B, and Liv A - three for thee…

Irina J, Paloma B, Liv A: Coresmos, by Rylsky, three cute girls, naked

Can you imagine how much fun it would be to spend time with these three girls? If their personalities are even half as engaging as they appear to be, even mundane activities in their company would certainly become fun-filled, memorable events. Or spend some time considering the erotic possibilities. Yes, it’s almost overwhelming, but just think how much pleasure would be possible with these three vixens offering themselves for your personal enjoyment. Finally, picture what would ensue if this trio were to engage in explicit Sapphic sex acts for their own gratification - and for your viewing pleasure.

Keep those steamy erotic images handy, because you will find nothing approaching them for heat or intensity in “Coresmos.” The strengths of this MetArt gallery are its three stars. In their own right, each of these models are delicious, delightful individuals. Irina J has received the most extensive blog coverage, here, here, and here. But Paloma B and Liv A, have also earned favorable notices, there, and over there.

But when frequent and talented contributing visual artist Rylsky takes on the triumvirate he may have bitten off more than he can successfully masticate. And when intimate sexual contact is not permissible his hands are tied. So he tries a variety of approaches, some are more successful than others. But the overall effect is a bit of a jumble and doesn’t come close to matching the potential these models present.

There are odd bits. Several images of Paloma B, fully dressed, are included in the series, for no discernable reason. There are a few outdoor, fully dressed shots of Irina J and Liv A, but there is no logic to their inclusion here.

The bulk of “Coresmos” finds the trio posing and preening in geometric and faux-erotic tableaux. Not a lot of this makes much sense. Individual bodies and faces are appealing, and there are pleasing images sprinkled here and there, but nothing truly compelling. My favorite shots are probably those that present the threesome seated at a coffee table, topless, like three giddy girlfriends staging a sexy tea party (see #021 through #025). Cute? Oh, yes! Erotic? Not so much. Have I missed something? Please enlighten me, in the comments, below.


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    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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