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“Presenting” Mango A - pictures and an exhibition…

Mango A: Presenting, by Vlad Kleverov - new model + new artist

They don’t happen terribly often, but when a new MetArt erotic photo series marks the debut of two first-time contributors, it’s an event worth noting. “Presenting” Mango A not only presents a new model, it’s also photographer Vlad Kleverov’s premiere creation for the site, so I approach it with a two-scoop serving of anticipation.

And that anticipation is more than satisfied by what I find in the series. Mango A is a natural beauty and - particularly considering her age and lack of modeling experience - acquits herself quite well in her debut sitting. From her bio I learn that she’s “a true nudist,” and that certainly results in a relaxed and uninhibited on-camera demeanor.

Vlad Kleverov‘s concept and execution of the set, barring a couple of minor missteps, is inventive, unusual, and enjoyable. The model is nude throughout. She’s positioned on the hardwood floor of a naturally lit room with a package of mounted photographs - half a dozen urban landscapes. Much of the set features Mango scrutinizing and arranging the photos. It’s an interesting device, but it isn’t completely successful. Is she the proprietor of a nudist art gallery? Is she decorating her own living space? Some of these posing-with-pictures shots, #038 or #120 for example, verge on the silly.

Even if the idea isn’t entirely successful, I give the photographer credit for coming up with an interesting new approach to a set - it really was quite clever of him.

There are a couple of underexposed images, these could (and should) have been omitted (see #022) but I have no trouble choosing favorites from the remaining shots. In #029 the model assumes what I’m told is known in yoga circles as the “happy baby” pose with a pleasing result. I like the casual, thoughtful, naturalistic feel of #049. I like the explicit abstraction of #060. #061 is an interesting head-and-shoulders shot. #070 offers an explicit and creative pose. And additional explicit highlights include #089 and #091. “Presenting” Mango A is a promising debut, times two.


“Corasida” with Kristel A - single expression photo session…

Kristel A: Corasida, by Alex Sironi, stylish and creative photographer

With hair that hangs nearly to her waist, a trim and long-limbed physique, and a flawless complexion, Kristel A is certainly a pretty girl. I said as much when I commented on her MetArt debut. But the second time I critiqued one of her pictorials I was disappointed. She was (and is) still quite pretty, but the flaw that marred her performance remains firmly in place in her most recent erotic gallery.

Those first two pictorials were both lensed by Rylsky, and even though they were quite different in style and approach, they were both beautifully executed. “Corasida,” however, places Kristel A in the able hands of Alex Sironi. I am on the record as an admirer of his work, and I’m hopeful he can bring out the best in this model.

Well, he certainly makes a valiant effort! He shoots her clothed, he shoots her nude, he shoots her standing, climbing on the single piece of furniture, and spread out on the floor. Sironi moves in close for delicious explicit close-ups, he throws in shots of fingers, feet, and toes, a headshot here, a portrait there. He puts his camera right down on the floor, he cajoles and coaxes his subject into intricate and abstract poses. But no matter what he does, Kristel A can’t seem to change her facial expression.

It really is vexing. The pretty lips of that pretty mouth seem to be cemented together and locked into a benign semi-smile. After a while it takes on a mask-like quality. So tightly and relentlessly clenched are those lips that I’d bet cash money that she’s struggling to hide a mouthful of orthodontic appliances. Whatever the reason, I only wish Kristel A would grin, frown, stick out her tongue, blow a raspberry - offer something, anything, in the way of an alternative facial expression.

As mentioned, Sironi works considerable stylistic and technical magic with this model. And, despite the mouth thing, Kristel A delivers some particularly interesting poses. Numbers 076, 078, and 079 are variations on one unusual, almost abstract composition. #009 is a classical, painterly topless still life. #126, eyes closed, is a fine, floor-level figure study. There’s some truly skilled modeling on display in “Corasida,” but much of it is marred by the locked look of the model’s lips.


“The Offer” starring Katherine A - say yes to this dress…

Katherine A: The Offer, by Alex Sironi, leggy nubile/pretty art photos

The arrival of new models at MetArt is a frequent and most welcome occurrence, and when Katherine A made her debut on the site several months ago she made an extremely positive impression on me (which you can read here).

The pleasure of discovering a fresh talent is easily matched by watching that talent grow and gain experience, and all the charms that Katherine A displayed in her debut are present in “The Offer.”

Alex Sironi photographed Katherine’s MetArt debut, and he’s behind the camera for this effort, as well. And that is a good thing. This photographer has a light touch and a less-is-more aesthetic that is consistently effective, as it very much is here.

Wearing an extremely elegant haute couture dress with a sheer bodice, Katherine A reclines on an antique sofa. True to form, Sironi has dressed his model and his set in subtle, muted, flattering tones. As beautiful as she is dressed in #001, we can’t wait for that stylish costume to make a stylish exit. But the sheer fabric - see 008, 009, and 010 - makes the wait for nudity entirely tolerable!

When Katherine A raises the hem of her skirts she reveals pristine perfection, and when she stands and lets the dress pool around her knees, that lithe, exceptionally graceful shape is wonderfully presented (see #037).

“The Offer” offers a complete range of poses and compositions. Detailed close-ups are plentiful, devoting attention to breasts, hands, feet, and delicate intimacies. The long, elegant lines of the model’s body are the subject of several wonderful figure studies - 076, 089, 095, and 116 are some of my favorites. And for radiant, youthful, blue-eyed beauty it’s impossible to resist a headshot like #107. I expect that lovers of nubile beauty and deft photographic artistry will eagerly accept “The Offer.”


“Protypo” with Divina A - super setting for a star…

Divina A: Protypo, by Leonardo, Top Model against a beautiful backdrop

The location Leonardo has employed for this erotic photo gallery is particularly pretty: a glossy marble floor edged by a curved, white stone balustrade, looking out on the deep blue sea and a blue sky decorated with puffy clouds. The colors and shapes of the setting provide a fine backdrop for one of MetArt‘s most popular Top Models.

Divina A, wearing only a filmy, frilly white blouse and a pair of towering high heels is the star on this flattering stage and, as the series progresses, she utilizes much of it to present a pleasing variety of poses. One thing that doesn’t vary much, however, is Divina’s expression - she has a sunny smile on her face throughout the set and one longs for a bit of variation after a while. In #033, for example, crouching down on her heels, wrists crossed between her thighs, her relaxed and candid expression offers a pleasant change of pace.

I wouldn’t dare argue or dispute Divina’s success. She’s a lovely girl and I’ve loved the two photo sets (here and here) I’ve critiqued, as well as a fine MetArt HD erotic movie performance. But here, despite the beauty of the setting, the variety of poses, and the high quality of the photography, there’s something slightly amiss. It’s difficult to define or pin down, but I think it may have something to do with the way Divina A has been styled here, particularly her hair. It seems to me that it’s longer and flatter than in previous sets and that her earlier hairstyle was a bit more flattering. Feel free to file this under “Nits Picked,” however, and if any readers disagree with me I welcome their comments and insight.

While this may not be Divina A’s finest set, it is a Divina A set, and that means there’s still much to be enjoyed in “Protypo.” I particularly like #015, a butt-shot that captures the long-legged and round-rumped perfection of the model’s body as well as the splendor of the setting. I love the smile and the raised left foot pose in #024. And for explicit shots I like the two legs-spread-wide options offered in #049 and #103.


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“Topaz” starring Violla A - colors, countryside, and controversy…

Violla A: Topaz, by Matiss - colorful, artistic, expressive + explicit

One image in and I can say, with mathematical certainty, that this set will be polarizing. Some will love it, others will hate it - there won’t be much of a middle ground between those extremes of opinion.

Why? The color, or should I say the color, specifically, of the model’s hair. MetArt has built its reputation and empire on a natural, unembellished type of feminine beauty. And while Violla A is a natural beauty, there is nothing at all natural about her hair color. The closest and most descriptive analog might be “Lamborghini Orange,” that vivid, radiant shade that is so arresting on an exotic automobile, and so glaring on a young woman’s head.

And there’s the divide. I can praise the model, the styling, the location, the technical and artistic aspects of the photography, to the skies. But if you can’t get over that hair color, you’re not going to get into this set.

Oh, I had a moment of doubt at the start. But I got over it. And by the time I was through I loved the set, loved the model, loved the choices made by the photographer. And I even came to love that outrageous hair.

Of the many clever choices Matiss has made here the location is the most important. It’s a rolling meadow, surrounded by a line of trees in the distance, a verdant carpet of tall grass dotted with flowers in a vivid shade of (entirely natural) purple. It’s so pretty that one wouldn’t mind looking at landscape photos of the location, even minus a model.

He’s placed Violla A in this beautiful setting, totally nude, and hung a necklace of large, glossy, purple and blue beads around her neck. The colors here - both natural and synthetic - work extremely well together.

And, having noted all that, perhaps the most striking aspect of the set is Violla’s expressive face. This girl has a lot of looks, and her emotional and expressive range is truly impressive. Between the smile in #027 through the “crouching tigress,” nearly hidden in the tall grass of #058 I found a dazzling array of exceptional headshots - too many to list, in fact.

You’ll also find figure studies, explicit and enticing (and moist) detailed close-ups, and additional compositions among the generous selection of images “Topaz” contains. If you love the hair you’ll love the set. If not? You won’t.


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“Dexiosi” starring Gracy Taylor - temptation in the tiny-top tavern…

Gracy Taylor: Dexiosi, by Luca Helios, exposed babe and bricks

There’s something about the furnishings of the room and the style of the model’s costume in “Dexiosi” that brings to mind a saloon in the Old West. Perhaps she’s a waitress in a sporting house on a lawless frontier that’s been subtly updated. Whether others get the same impression isn’t precisely my point, let’s just say that, between the girl and the setting, there’s plenty of visual interest in this MetArt erotic gallery.

Toned, trim in the torso, long limbed, and with her dark hair and darker eyes, Gracy Taylor is every bit the “cool drink of water.” Her pink and black lace lingerie ensemble, complete with garters and black stockings, definitely has a theatrical flair, but I think taking it all off makes a distinct improvement. After she’s fully disrobed a shot like #033, totally nude, standing, with her arms up and hands behind her head, the lines, shapes and contours of her sleek physique can be fully appreciated.

The rough and rustic shape of an exposed brick wall adds graphic as well as sculptural interest to the set Luca Helios has styled here. And several antique chairs, lacquered to a high, modern gloss provide options in terms of placement and pose (and also help create the atmosphere of a dark and stylish tavern). Lighting strikes a pleasing balance between mood, clarity, and artistry - see #016 for one sassy sample.

My ordering advice in this imaginary roadhouse? #030, topless, with hair temptingly tousled. #060 and #061 for a pair of shots of intimate spots. #075 hands down, literally, and for the facial expression. And #116, where that shapely body and the various design and lighting elements all come together.


“Deos” starring Natalia A - wind, sea, and sunlight…

Natalia A: Deos, by Leonardo, natural redhead in seaside nude pix

The location employed in “Deos” would be striking under any circumstances. A rugged stretch of shoreline studded with massive concrete tetrapods melds the natural and manmade worlds. And it gives a photographer and his subject a splendid backdrop as well as dramatic and interesting options in terms of pose and placement.

The model here is striking, dramatic, and interesting in her own right. I’ve critiqued three of her previous contributions to MetArt - a single still set and two (one and two) HD erotic movies – and enjoyed them all. A natural redhead, Natalia A’s coloring and complexion are exceptionally appealing, her facial features are elegant and refined, and she has a sultry, seductive presence that is both complex and undeniable. When she smiles, which isn’t very often, she can be sweet. But her default demeanor is far more subtle and textured. This model has an intriguing attitude and she can speak volumes with an arched eyebrow or a sidelong glance.

The weather makes its own contribution to “Deos.” Although Natalia A maintains a professional’s poise throughout the set, I suspect it was chilly that afternoon. And the wind whips and teases her hair with some interesting results - see 008, 057 and 060 for three examples.

The wind also propels clouds across the sky and the changing light adds an unpredictability and variety to the set. Sometimes the sudden dimming results in a less than idea exposure, but overall the vivid lighting is one of the set’s real assets. Numbers 077 and 078 capture the blue of the sea and Natalia’s coloring with truly painterly skill. And Leonardo also crafts several wonderful portraits - the light in her hair in 004, and the topless 019 (note the slightly muted lighting) are lovely shots of a lovely subject.


“Qualite” starring Feeona A - enticing and angelic…

Feeona A: Qualite, by Rylsky, adorable model/lovely erotic photos

I’ve had the pleasure of commenting on two previous MetArt pictorials starring Feeona A and she never fails to impress me (first impression, impression the second). And it’s not simply because of her physical beauty - this girl has an utterly charming and disarming personality that really comes across in photographs. Do you have ice water in your veins? You’ll need it if you choose to resist this model or this set!

The series is composed of three basic segments. This isn’t always an effective approach, I must say. Sometimes one section stands out and the additional material seems weak in comparison. But in “Qualite” the three separate sections combine to create a unified whole that is even greater than the sum of its parts.

Rylsky‘s photo essay begins in the make-up room as Feeona A prepares herself for the work ahead. Topless but wearing a tight pair of jeans, the model works with powder and a brush as well as a curling iron. These casual images are a delight, and there are some truly beautiful photos here. #034, for example, is as beguiling a headshot as one might want. Feeona also displays her playful side here, and whether she’s sticking out her tongue (036) or having impure thoughts about her curling iron (029) she delivers a natural and spontaneous performance.

The second section reveals the results of the pre-show preparation. Here her appearance is polished and more formal, but her spirit is still sweet and lively. Seated, quite gracefully, on a banister in #039 she gives the photographer all he needs to create a beautiful image. There are a few explicit shots in the mix, as well as two beautiful butt-shots (101 and 102) as well as an absolutely angelic headshot (095).

Qualite” concludes with a group of shots taken during a mid-day meal. These are the least erotic images in the collection, but they’re enjoyable nonetheless because they allow us to see Feeona A in an entirely different setting and style, which gives us a finer sense of her enchanting personality.

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“Dawn” starring Mia Sollis - a beautiful way to start the day…

Mia Sollis: Dawn, by Koenart, MetArt HD erotic movie

The MetArt HD erotic movie format presents several unique challenges to the director. The first is simply the issue of time. “Dawn,” to cite the example at hand, has a total running time of 8 minutes and 12 seconds. That’s not a lot of time to tell much of a story. Further, most of these films don’t feature any dialog, so the filmmaker must rely on a purely visual mode of communication.

Of course, when the subject is as visually appealing as Mia Sollis, the director’s task of constructing a narrative, however scant, is made that much easier. And Koenart, a gifted visual artist, has the skills, sensitivity, and intelligence to tell his story in the limited time available.

Mia Sollis emerges from a house carrying a bottle of lotion and a cell phone. It’s easy to overlook during the first, casual viewing, but the phone is the central plot device here. While she waits for an eagerly anticipated text message the beautiful redhead relaxes on the patio.

Koenart has an eye for beauty and a particularly light touch. Just before the minute mark, for example, Mia stands at the railing looking out at the landscape beyond. Koenart moves in close and captures the hem of her frock as it flutters in the wind. There’s really nothing to it, but it’s a beautiful image and adds to the sense of time and place.

The director has made another interesting choice. Rather than pretend she’s unaware of the camera, Koenart has Mia Sollis play directly to the lens throughout. After she’s removed her shift and is dressed only in a pair of white panties, Mia lies back on a chaise and spreads her legs. As she does so, at the 2:26 mark, she shoots a tiny, sly smile right at us. It’s just one of many wonderful moments here.

Headshots are featured, and to excellent effect. To pose for a successful still headshot is one thing, but the unblinking eye of the camera puts additional demands on the model. Sollis shines in these beautiful, intimate moments. And Koenart also devotes generous screen time to the rest of Mia’s body, much of it in tightly framed, deliciously detailed close-ups.

Whether your day is just beginning, winding down, or if you’re simply in the mood to savor a brief, beautiful, erotic interlude, “Dawn” is a delight.


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“Tigris” starring Liza B - an exceptional specimen…

Liza B: Tigris, by Leonardo, stunning blonde beauty, alfresco photos

I suspect this set was named for the animal print wrap that Liza B wears, poses on, and plays with here, but the model has a vibrant spirit and stunning physique that adds an engaging and undeniable feline undertone to the pictorial. Liza B is an exceptionally beautiful woman, refined, glamorous, and elegant. But it’s her vigorous physicality that adds an earthy element that suggests a fiery sexuality - I know she’s stunning on the street, and I can easily imagine she’s an absolute beast in bed.

Yes, I’m fond of Liza B. She’s got film star and supermodel level good looks (am I the only one who sees echoes of Sharon Stone and Jerry Hall in that face?). She’s got legs for days, her proportions are very nearly perfect, and she’s lithe, fit, and exquisitely feminine. She’s also an experienced and polished model, and I very much get the sense that she’s enjoying the experience of working with photographer Leonardo.

Having such a splendid subject makes the photographer’s job that much easier, and in this familiar setting, once the lighting is right, I get the feeling he pretty much turns her loose and snaps away. Whether that’s precisely true or if there’s more effort involved, I can’t know, but I can certainly make that case with the ample and excellent collection of images in “Tigris.”

Lest I be accused of fawning or frothing, there are a couple of missteps here. In #006 the pose just seems overdone and corny. In #020, a pretty shot, feels somewhat contrived. Even ignoring the iffy exposure in #057, I have to wonder, is Liza demonstrating her pole-scaling ability? But the flaws are few here while the delights are many.

There’s a bold, casual majesty to Liza’s body and bearing in #045, for example. Numbers 040, 041, and 042 provide three variations on a heavenly headshot. I like the floating fabric effect in #046. The background landscape, the beautifully lit leaves at the edges of the frame, that torso, that hair, and those eyes in #108. And the very last shot, #139, that so-subtle expression, the arching back, up-thrust ass, and casually crossed ankles - irresistible.


“Presenting” Ashley Doll - a pretty premiere…

Ashley Doll: Presenting, by John Emslie, natural light and beauty

When I sit down to review a MetArt erotic photo series I strive to remain objective and arrive at an honest opinion based on what I see in the photos. I never review a pictorial’s rating before I’ve looked at it, I don’t peruse the various descriptive tags MetArt members have given a set or a model, and I don’t look at member comments or e-mails regarding a set before I write my review.

But, even though this is Ashley Doll‘s first appearance at MetArt, and my first time seeing her, I couldn’t help but make the smallest of prejudgments before opening the set. And that prejudgment is based on her name. While it isn’t always the case, when a MetArt model uses a first and last name it implies two things: she is likely, but not necessarily, an American; and it is also likely that she has embarked on, or is considering a career in other forms of erotic entertainment. I don’t know if Ashley Doll is going to follow a career path similar to Malena Morgan or Rilee Marks, but if she does, she certainly has the beauty - and the name - for it!

A petite and exotic brunette, Ashley Doll receives a extensive and stylish introduction in this John Emslie pictorial. The set is big - it contains a bumper crop of 185 images. And the set is, on the whole, very nicely executed. The lighting is natural and flattering, and the colors of the set are particularly complimentary to Doll’s complexion and coloring. My only gripe with Emslie’s work here is a tendency to tilt the camera for no obvious reason. When he’s framing his subject tightly it’s hardly noticeable, but when he pulls back it can be distracting.

My gripe aside, there is much to like and a lot of variety to be found here. The lighting, wardrobe, poses and Doll’s subtly steamy attitude make even a clothed shot like #014 sizzle. There’s an almost retro/Playboy magazine quality to #067, a pretty prone pose. Of the many explicit shots #157 is both moody and inviting. And, as “Presenting” winds down, #177 and #181 are two finely rendered standing body shots of this beautiful and promising newcomer.


“Kitrino” starring Zlatka A - stylish on some stones…

Zlatka A: Kitrino, by Cloud, stylish and effective erotic art photos

I’ve never seen any work by the MetArt contributor known as Cloud. The artist is a new arrival on the site and only has two sets, including “Kitrino,” in his (or her) portfolio as I write. But based on this set alone I think Cloud will prove to be a valuable addition to the MetArt talent pool.

Cloud exhibits a variety of technical and stylistic strengths in this pictorial. The location, a landscape of large, jagged boulders, is interesting in its own right and provides the model with a variety of platforms and backgrounds to work with. And the colors of the stones mesh pleasingly with the model’s outfit - a simple yellow dress, brown leather sandals, and several pieces of wooden jewelry. Cloud shoots from a distance as well as close up, and displays a knack for composition at any range. It is interesting, considering the artist’s name, that he (or she) has chosen to blow out and slightly overexpose the sky so that any clouds in the atmosphere are rendered invisible.

Interesting setting, plenty of visual style, what of the model? Zlatka A, also a newcomer to MetArt, works well with her surroundings. There isn’t a hint of discomfort visible and she seems perfectly at ease. I like the fact that, when she’s nude, she doesn’t bother with a towel or a cushion while seated on the rocks. Yes, she uses her dress as a seating surface, but it’s natural and spontaneous.

One thing I was struck by as I viewed the set, and then reviewed my notes afterward, was how many fully clothed shots made it to my favorites list. For example, #010, #012, #027, and #030, are all stylish, sexy images. They capture and convey Zlatka’s beauty, and they are beautiful photos in their own right. And when that yellow frock comes off we’re treated to many views of Zlatka’s appealing assets. In “Kitrino” photographer Cloud and his (or her) subject prove themselves to be a skilled team. I look forward to seeing more work from both of them, either together or apart.


“Peridot” starring Adriana F - a lounge, a lamp, a Latvian lass…

Adriana F: Peridot, by Koenart, redhead poses in nude pictures

My reactions to this MetArt gallery are mixed and contradictory. For instance, I like the way the model looks, but I’m not crazy about how she models. I like the simplicity of the set design, but I don’t much care for how certain elements of it are employed. There is genuine skill and polish to the photography, yet there are some curious, almost comical, compositions and angles. As I said, mixed.

I’ll start at the beginning. In image #001 Adriana F is standing, barefoot, clad only in sheer black panties and a black bra. She’s got long, thick hair in a rich, natural shade of red, a pretty face, a trim, appealing build, and smooth, pale skin. She’s standing next to a low, swooping, white chaise lounge, in front of a wall or windows covered by drapes in pleasant, neutral tones. Her raised right hand is positioned, rather stiffly, on the arching neck of a metal floor lamp. Viewed as separate, discrete elements, there’s nothing wrong - pretty girl, nice lighting, a couple of props. But there’s a subtle lack of harmony.

In number 020, however, hands on her torso, with a relaxed expression on her pretty face, Adriana strikes a more appealing pose. In 028, looking as if she’s preparing to put the metal lampshade on her head and wear it like a hat, I can’t understand what she, or photographer Koenart, are hoping to achieve.

And it’s like that, for me, throughout the entire series. We go from #040, a very nice detail shot of a hand slipping into her panties, to #098, a full nude shot that captures her body beautifully, but which makes it appear as if she’s about to fall off onto the floor. Curious.

When it’s good - I like #110 for Adriana’s expression and the pose which differs from the bulk of the set - it’s good, but “Peridot” doesn’t always hit the mark. Of course, I could be off-target, too. Please share your thoughts in the comments, below.


“Reprise” starring Jenya D - how to stuff a body stocking…

Jenya D: Reprise, by Leonardo, stunning model, beautiful art photos

I arrived unfashionably late to the Jenya D party. I’ve only commented on three of her MetArt erotic galleries (you’ll find those entries here, there, and elsewhere), which is only a tiny fraction of her output - she currently has 111 sets and videos in her portfolio. I never fail to be impressed by her confidence and skill as a model, and her beauty and body are stunning.

But she’s been appearing on the site since 2005, and longtime MetArt members may have fallen in and out of love with her over the span of her career. There was a time, in 2007 through 2009 that Jenya D was a fixture at the top of the Top Models list. But while her popularity may have diminished in recent years, what made her so popular then is still very much in evidence, and “Reprise” is filled with the eye-pleasing proof.

Jenya poses on marble staircase backed by stone-tiled walls. She’s wearing black stiletto pumps and a sheer black body stocking that is particularly flattering to her spectacularly curvy body. As he so often does, Leonardo lights his subject and set to perfection - there’s just enough darkness to create drama and enough light to bring out and emphasize the details. We see this in #068, to cite but one example. Jenya has pulled her garment up around her neck. She arches back, resting her head and shoulders against the wall - the way her frontal aspect is revealed here offers a lesson in anatomical excellence.

Jenya D models up a storm throughout. In a less talented model her performance might verge on “over-doing it,” but here it works splendidly. Let me mention some of my favorite images. #003 and #004, two “fully clothed” shots, both beautifully lit, that showcase that stunning shape. #072 for the pin-up style and her exquisitely sultry expression. #093 for the pose and the refined features of her face. #122, totally nude but for her shoes. And #119 for a radiant, spontaneous, and completely unexpected smile. Spectacular.


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“Sebille” starring Sharon D - smiling face, parted lips, and happy feet…

Sharon D: Sebille, by Rylsky, explicit pix with foot fetish flavor

I am not a “foot guy.” There, I’ve said it. I freely and truthfully admit that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a foot fetishist. When it comes to a pretty girl’s feet I am neither repulsed or attracted. I maintain a strict neutrality on the general subject of pedal extremities. All I ask is that they are neither too big or too small (I suppose), that they are well formed, groomed, healthy, and firmly attached to a pair of shapely legs.

Either by accident or design, the feet featured in this MetArt erotic pictorial seem determined to attract my attention. They creep in from the edge of a frame. They pop up, arched or pointed, in the background. They hover in the general vicinity of other far more intriguing pieces of anatomy. Sharon D is the main attraction here, but her feet seem to be demanding equal time in the spotlight.

Now, if you are a “foot guy,” this has got to be a very good thing! Not only do you get a beautiful, playful, uninhibited, and engaging model, you also get an extra emphasis on her tempting tootsies.

While photographer Rylsky may have consciously decided to put additional visual stress on Sharon’s feet here, he hasn’t done so at the expense of the rest of her body. Her trim physique is showcased in full length portraits (#054 is one fine example), as well as explicit, detailed close-ups of her moist and succulent femininity. We have beautiful headshots like #112 (and a variation with more body in #077). And, as mentioned, no matter how pretty the face, how warm the smile, or how explicit the pose, Sharon D’s feet are ready for their close-ups. In #075 Sharon’s head and upper body fill the right side of the frame with glowing beauty…even as her right foot occupies the other half of frame begging for (and perhaps receiving) attention. I think Sharon D’s most fetish-worthy feature lies roughly halfway between her head and her toes, but no matter what you prefer, you’ll find it in “Sebille.”


“Melisi” starring Lana I - shapes and shadows…

Lana I: Melisi, by Leonardo, voluptuous ultra-vixen/super-sexy art pix

The shapes I reference in the title of this post belong to the exceptionally voluptuous star of this MetArt erotic photo series. While she may not be to everyone’s taste, if you have a preference for abundantly endowed and beautifully busty models, Lana I really is a striking specimen. When I first encountered this lavishly sculpted siren I was thunderstruck. And she’s every bit as impressive here.

The shadows I reference in the title were created by Leonardo, and the artist’s manipulation of light in this pictorial is particularly effective. Earth tones predominate and the lighting brings out the honeyed glow of the walls, floor, and furnishings, and flatters Lana’s coloring in the process (see #002, for one example). Elsewhere, by subtly adjusting the lighting, Leonardo suggests trees blowing in the moonlight and adds drama to the images while putting the emphasis where he wants it. An interesting example of this can be found in #061 and #064. The pose in each shot is similar, but in one the shadow falls on her face, in the other it falls below her waist. And the result is two entirely different images.

In terms of different images, “Melisi” provides a wide and varied range, compositionally, as well as in terms of poses, moods, and emotions. Early on we have some tamer offerings - of these, #007 conveys Lana’s sweeter side. I love the hint of a smirk on her face as she begins to unveil her bosom in #013. In #084 we get an eye-filling, standing, rear three-quarter view with extra pin-up flavor. On her knees and fully exposed in #075 she radiates vixenish attitude. And in #108, curled up on pillows on the floor, Lana I projects a relaxed, effortless allure.


Lucky Porn Reviews calls our models "fresh and appealing!"

With a long list of pro's and an overall score of 4.2 Lucky Porn Reviews says Metart is "worth a visit". Here's a clip of the review:
"For over 10 years Met Art has presented some of the prettiest amateur girls around in beautifully shot erotic photos and videos. I'm not just saying that, either. These are natural beauties, and the models here aren't porn stars with fake tits or over-30 so-called 18 year olds - they're fresh and appealing, and they're actually 18 to 20something and pretty. And the photographer and photography is truly magazine quality." Make sure you check out the whole review here!


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Happy June everybody! We've got tons of new photo sets coming up this summer. To start off the month we've got sets with our top rated girl Malena Morgan, and way more! You can check out our newest photo sets here! Don't forget to see Malena in her newest set "Humecto"!
And make sure to check back daily for new sets of our gorgeous girls.


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