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“Aprey” starring Paloma B - 3 rooms with views, and couches, too…

Paloma B: Aprey, by Rylsky, MetArt HD erotic movie

A minute or so into Rylsky’s latest MetArt HD erotic movie, “Aprey,” I had distinctly mixed feelings. The model is totally nude after only a minute, and in her case this is a very good thing. And the setting, a room with elaborate silver-patterned wallpaper and an equally ornate antique sofa is visually interesting without being too busy. But the lighting is quite uneven - the left half of the frame is dark while the right side sports a bit of glare, in between the model is veiled in the dimness. If “Aprey” had remained in this space for the duration of the production it might have proved problematic.

However, just before it hits the 3-minute mark, the setting changes - completely. Now Paloma B is in a new room, with a different couch, in a different outfit - a pink satin top over a black bra and dark brown tights. Watching as she teases her breasts out of her bra at 3:45 or so is one of the highlights of this segment. And, yes, there’s another segment coming.

The third change of scene happens at about 4:10. Now Paloma B, wearing a T-shirt over a pair of teal shorts, is holding a compact and using the mirror to apply lip gloss while seated at a vanity. Her hair is sleek and pulled into a single braid and she directs her composed attention directly at the camera before adjourning to the third, and final, couch of the film. Off comes the T-shirt, shortly thereafter she playfully kicks off the shorts, and we savor unobstructed views of that delicious, young body. Even when she puts her outfit back on we’re treated to additional explicit shots and “Aprey” reaches a satisfying conclusion.

Paloma B is a delight to watch, by the way. She’s flirtatious without being obvious, and she moves naturally and unselfconsciously. Rylsky‘s camera captures all that cuteness from a variety of angles, and, apart from the lighting issues at the very beginning, he’s done an excellent job here. The music is also notable - the dreamlike soundtrack sets the pace and creates an extremely enjoyable atmosphere in “Aprey.”


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“Paroch” starring Nedda A - a doll in front, a distraction in the distance…

Nedda A: Paroch, by Egon Schneider, petite, sweet, and sexy girl

I’m not sure, exactly, if it’s what is sometimes known as “the elephant in the room,” but there’s a large, eye-catching, bright red structure in the distant background of most of these photos. And it’s not part of the series, it’s not a graphic or stylistic element in the pictorial. Unlike a series of a girl on a bridge, for example, or at the seaside where the structure or the landscape is a primary component In each composition, this bright red architectural object is just there. In those shots where the structure isn’t shown, it isn’t missed. But in the majority it’s there, looming, and distracting from what is otherwise a pleasing series. Odd.

This is Nedda A’s second MetArt erotic gallery, and the first time I’ve seen her. She’s got a strong, pretty face, ripe lips, a thick head of shoulder-length auburn hair, and a trim, appealing body. She also boasts a luxuriant bush, which either enhances or detracts from her dramatic intimate architecture, depending on one’s personal preference.

I can’t decide if the red paint on that structure in the background complements or clashes with Nedda’s coloring and her orange dress. Here immediate setting, a lush thicket of dark green shrubs and trees and a carpet of grass, is flattering, however, and Nedda A is at ease and delightfully uninhibited in this location.

As for favorites, I have more than a few. I like #014 for Nedda’s pretty face and the quality of the afternoon light, and #015 - a standing up-skirt rearview as she teasingly lifts the hem of her dress - is certainly eye-catching (despite that scarlet arch in the deep background). The arch is absent from #085 allowing us to appreciate her delicately sculpted body and the natural setting. I love the energy and the expression in #020. And #115, totally nude and reclining in the grass, presents a natural beauty in the beauty of nature. As a bonus, the set concludes with several shots of Nedda in the city, in street clothes. She’s a doll, alright, and her smile in #138 is truly winning.

Did the red arch in “Paroch” diminish your enjoyment of this set? Did it add to your appreciation? Does anybody know what or where it is? I’d be curious to know.


“Presenting” Lina Diamond - a first time with girl next door charm…

Lina Diamond: Presenting, by Rylsky, 18-year-old girl's first nude pix

Another day/another new model makes her debut appearance in a MetArt erotic photo series. While this is routine in the world of MetArt, it’s also truly exceptional. Day after day, week after week, all year long, new models are swelling the ranks of the MetArt talent roster, at a rate no other site can dream of matching. New girls/more girls, that’s what’s known as a win/win situation.

And this newcomer, a slender, long-haired, 18-year-old is truly new. “Presenting” isn’t simply Lina Diamond’s MetArt debut, is the first nude photo series she has ever posed for. This first time really is a first time.

Rylsky is behind the camera for Lina Diamond’s debut, and she’s in more than capable hands. The photographer has chosen a pleasant setting. There is a single chair on a patio with an elaborate, black wrought iron railing. In the background the tall trees of a forest or parkland gently filter the abundant sunlight. One can sense the warmth and quiet of that afternoon and it ads a pleasant dimension to the set.

“Presenting” begins with series of varied and exceptional close headshots. Lina’s eyes are closed in the first image, she’s smiling in the third, and her eyes are closed again in #005 and her expression is both dreamy and evocative. When he pulls back we see the model is wearing a tight black dress. The top will come down and the hem will be quickly raised, but it stays on Lina’s body in one way or another for nearly the entire pictorial.

Explicit shots are plentiful and nicely balanced by more modest shots, and Lina performs quite nicely, particularly for an inexperienced model. She offers up intimate views without hesitation. A bit more attention to south of the border grooming might have been in order for a premiere pictorial, but that’s a flaw that’s easily fixed in future photos.

Lina Diamond has a warm and natural quality, and to my eyes belongs in the girl next door category. I look forward to watching her grow and evolve as a MetArt nude model. And you, dear reader, what are your thoughts about this new arrival? Please share you reactions in the comments, below.


“Fustani” starring Feeona A - joys in the attic…

Feeona A: Fustani, by Rylsky, blonde cutie in an attic apartment

To anyone who would accuse me with being a fan of Feeona A, all I can say is: guilty as charged! If you have a look at Exhibit A, Exhibit B, or Exhibit C, you’ll find ample proof of my affection for this blonde angel. She hooked me with her first appearance in a MetArt erotic photo gallery, and I’ve been an unabashed admirer ever since.

But if you’re expecting another gushing rave review of her latest effort, you’re in for a surprise. In “Fustani,” working once more with the able and skilled Mr. Rylsky, Feeona is adorable as ever. But there are elements of the set that prevent it from achieving a level of excellence comparable to the previous sets I’ve viewed.

Feeona has her moments in “Fustani,” don’t get me wrong. But she seems a bit stiff in many of the shots, and her bubbly personality has few opportunities to express itself. I also find her hairstyle a bit overdone. It’s pretty, to be sure, but it seems a bit put-on and too fancy for the setting. Physically, she’s Feeona A, so no complaints there!

I think the setting and the colors Rylsky selected are the biggest problems with “Fustani.” It was shot in a room that once might have been an attic with low, sloping beamed ceilings. The back wall boasts a rather garish mural of a tropical sunset, all orange sky and palm trees. To go with her fancy hairdo Feeona wears a frilly, gunmetal gray satin dress, the bedding and furnishings are in shades of brown and yellow. The dress adds a bit of contrasting color, but not an in entirely flattering way. And when she’s nude and surrounded by yellows and golds the effect has a certain quality (I’m thinking of #119) but I don’t think the color scheme here is particularly pleasing.

Of course, it’s a Feeona A set, so a few gems did catch my eye. The opening image, #001, is a nice headshot. There’s a painterly quality to the pose and the composition of #067. And I like the casual pose and genuine smile in #100 very much. I wonder if other fans of Feeona had a similar reaction to “Fustani.” Perhaps they’ll share their thoughts in the comments, below.


“Oasie” starring Lily C - sexy and the single girl…

Lily C: Oasie, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie

No excuses, no quibbles, no complaints - “Oasie” is a perfect example of exactly how enjoyable a MetArt HD erotic movie can be. And to think, I actually was planning on reviewing something else today.

The cover image of “Oasie” has the lusty and loveable Lily C posing on the blue-tiled edge of a swimming pool - the same swimming pool director Leonardo used for “Solstice,” that I wrote a post about on August 10. Was it too soon to review a movie shot in the same location I wondered? But I recall being urged not to judge a MetArt HD erotic movie by its cover, and as I watched the production I soon realized that the cover image, and its setting, isn’t from the “Oasie” shoot at all.

Oasie” takes place against a white balustrade on a covered patio or portico backed by lush green foliage and vivid pink flowers. As it opens, Lily C is topless, dressed only in a skimpy red thong, and savoring the sweetness of a heart-shaped lollipop. My goodness, is she ever a sexy thing! I’ve seen girls who were sexy but not exceptionally pretty. And I’ve seen very pretty girls who weren’t particularly sexy. Lily C is supremely sexy and powerfully pretty, and you’ll find ample proof of that in this audio/visual confection.

Watching those panties come off is one of the highlights here, and Lily C prolongs the pleasure with a series of steamy moves and brazen manipulations of the thin, stretchy garment. First she pulls aside the segment bisecting her beautiful backside for an explicit view from that angle, then she faces the camera and pulls them up and into the succulent folds of her femininity. Hot? Yes, extremely!

But Lily’s steamy, bold sexuality is balanced by a sly sweetness. Notice how, shortly after the 3:30 mark, she squats and pushes her knees apart with her hands - and make certain to note the teasing smile on her face. Oh, what a doll! And, later on, when she’s spread out on a striped chaise and toying with her nipples, notice the smile at around the 4:25 mark. This little honey enjoys her work!

Back in her panties at the very end, Lily C smiles once more at the 5:10 mark. Wow. Talk about a “happy ending!”


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“Spriance” starring Veronika I - busty beauty by a lackluster lake…

Veronika I: Spriance, by Egon Schneider, busty beauty/funky setting

It seems like only yesterday - well, it actually was only yesterday - that I discussed a MetArt erotic pictorial that was shot in an absolutely breathtaking location. My assignment for today is to evaluate a set that was photographed in an entirely different outdoor location, with an entirely different result.

From yesterday’s soaring mountaintop with the deep blue sea as backdrop, we’ve descended to the weathered wooden planks of a rustic pier at the edge of a large, muddy pond - or is that small, muddy lake? The sky is slightly overcast and the light somewhat muted. Voluptuous Veronika I, in a not entirely flattering green dress, appears eager and ready to make the most of the location in the first shot, and in the second she gleefully sheds the dress - a significant improvement.

Veronika I, plush and busty in the body, and pretty and cheerful in the face, appears at ease and comfortable as she follows the photographer’s instructions. Not all of Egon Schneider‘s instructions result in superior photos, however. In #029, for example, he has her strike what I imagine he considered an artistic, impressionistic pose, but the result is contrived, even if the model’s body is undeniably beautiful. The two shabby boats in the background also prove irresistible, and having Veronika sit in one of them and play at pulling at a length of rusty chain (#085) is another odd choice.

But Veronika I is more than capable of rising above the less that ideal setting. Indeed, the very best shots in this collection are those in which she reveals her natural, spontaneous side. Whether she’s casually gazing off-camera in #003, jumping for joy in #005, or standing on the prow of a dilapidated dinghy (#076) or disembarking from that crusty craft (#118) her charming energy and splendid body are beautifully captured. In “Spriance” Veronika I makes even this lackluster location look lovely.


“Dirupo” starring Adelia A - scene-stealing scenery…

Adelia A: Dirupo, by Leonardo, slim and sexy model, stunning setting

Apart from the model, there are several critical choices an artist makes while conceiving and executing a MetArt erotic photo series that can determine its success or failure. Poorly chosen props can clutter the frame and distract from rather than contribute to the beauty of a model. An unpleasant or unsuitable location can also handicap a pictorial in which all the other elements are pleasing to the eye.

In “Dirupo” we have an example that beautifully illustrates how powerful the choice of location can be in the success of a photo set. Leonardo has made a masterful choice here, and the location he’s chosen is simply breathtaking. It’s a coastal mountaintop, just a small, jagged gray outcropping of rock soaring over a vast expanse of blue water and backed up by a vivid blue sky decorated with clouds.

Adelia A poses confidently on this lofty perch, savoring the feeling of sun on her nude body and the wind in her hair, while surveying the majestic beauty that surrounds her. While there is a slight degree of inconsistency in the lighting, when Leonardo (or, more likely, the assistant handling the reflector) gets it right the results are exceptional. Every trim, sculpted detail of Adelia’s petite body is rendered in bold, crisp detail. This is a subtle departure from a more naturalistic style of lighting and photography. Some images, #014 for example, are so “real” they almost look fake. There is no faking the wind in the hair, the blue of the sky, and that beautiful body in #066, however. And in #011 the rock, the sea, the sky, provide a stunning stage for the star of “Dirupo.”


“Tangere” starring Mia Sollis - simply redhead…

Mia Sollis: Tangere, by Luca Helios, fetching freckled redhead revealed

Make no mistake, MetArt model Mia Sollis is a redhead. And that rich, ruddy hair color is the natural kind, not some concoction formulated in a laboratory. Additionally, the red on her head is complemented by a pale complexion liberally sprinkled with fetching freckles. I’ve always had a certain weakness for redheads, and Mia’s redheadedness is so strong that I believe she would be identifiable as a natural redhead even in black and white images.

Thankfully - and thanks to photographer Luca Helios - the MetArt erotic photo series titled “Tangere” is in vivid, vibrant color, so the full glory of this resplendent redhead is on display and fully revealed.

The set Helios has chosen is an interesting one. It consists of a circular bed, topped by a white sheet, and accented by three coral red pillows. The real drama here, and it is considerable, is the wall behind the bed - it’s papered or painted with outsized, photorealistic images of pink flowers in full bloom. Between the model and the background, I initially felt there was too much red in the frame and that it distorted the color spectrum of the images, but I got used to it.

And once I was used to the profusion of shades of red these photos contain I could appreciate both the model and the quality of the photography. Mia Sollis has a beautiful body, and those soft, inviting curves are combined with a lithe, toned fitness that is well captured in #006, in bra and panties, and in #029, a similar pose, only this time totally nude.

But as beautiful (and explicitly revealed) as that body is in “Tangere,” some of my favorite shots here are headshots. Her right breast makes a cameo in #072 and #073, two distinctly different views of that pretty face. And freckles are featured in another pleasing image, #033, this time in a thoughtful mood. Mia’s eyes are the stars of #111, and the slightest smile gives #119 that extra bit of pleasing sweetness. If you like redheads, “Tangere” is a tasty treat.


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“Wine” starring Miela A - one for the road…

Miela A: Wine, by Koenart, MetArt HD erotic movie

A single glass of red wine is the central, single, simple (and, I suspect, delicious) prop in this briskly paced production. With a percussive, propulsive tune establishing the tempo and the mood, Miela A pours herself a glass of red refreshment and relaxes on a sofa. Barefooted and wearing a short dress over white lace panties, the model’s freshly tanned skin fairly glows and her face is framed by bright blonde hair.

Those pretty panties come off first, and rather quickly. She’s nude from the waist down shortly after a minute has passed, and we’re treated to an up-close view shortly thereafter. Things happen quickly in “Wine,” and that’s a big part of this MetArt HD erotic movie‘s charm. If Miela isn’t moving into another position or removing another article of clothing, the camera is in motion or the picture is cutting or dissolving to another angle. Blinking is not recommended while viewing this movie - you risk missing an eye-pleasing tidbit!

Relaxed and uninhibited - you’ve heard the expression “…but liquor is quicker”? - Miela treats the audience to numerous spread-legged views of her intimate attributes. She rids herself of her frock after just two minutes and it takes her a tantalizing 45 additional seconds before she casts aside her brassiere. That tanned, curvaceous body is an intoxicating sight.

A single second over five minutes in total length, Miela spends the closing moments of “Wine” toying with her breasts, finishing her drink, and keeping her thighs mercifully far apart. For a final stylish flourish Koenart has Miela walk away from the camera until her nude body is slightly diffused and out of focus, and then fades to white. Potent and delicious, with notable undertones of explicit eroticism and tease, this “Wine” will no doubt improve with age but is ready to enjoy immediately.


“Espina” starring Yanika A - an unfair advantage…

Yanika A: Espina, by Alex Sironi, stunning body, beautiful nude photos

You can probably think of a MetArt erotic gallery in which the model wasn’t exactly to your liking, but the photography was so skillful and appealing that you developed a new appreciation for the girl. Or perhaps you’ve seen a beautiful model who made the most of a less than ideal location or overcame her photographer’s limitations. What about a model with a so-so face but a body you find irresistible?

None of these examples apply to Yanika A in Alex Sironi’s “Espina.” This is really a situation were all the elements are exceptional, and the combination results in a truly winning piece of erotic art.

This is a case where everything simply comes together in seemingly effortless fashion. This is the seventh erotic photo series Yanika and Alex Sironi have collaborated on, and to say they work well together is an understatement. Sironi has a gift for natural and flattering lighting, and Yanika’s splendid body and warm, flawless skin tones benefit from his skill. He also knows how to dress a set to achieve the most with the least and there’s little here to distract our attention from the model. But then, the model offers some truly wonderful distractions of her own. That body is really breathtaking. Standing (in #022) or seated (in #024) Yanika’s physique is an architectural marvel.

Poses are provided in seemingly endless variety. Explicit close-ups leave no detail to the imagination. And entirely modest poses, like #075, are no less appealing. Yanika’s moods are also varied - I love the sly smile, out of focus in the background while her inviting intimacies are up close and boldly offered in the foreground. She’s playful and happy in #085 (love the pose), and dreamily mysterious in #045. If Yanika has a dominant personality trait it has to be sweetness, and a shot like #017 captures this most engaging of qualities. Additional favorites? #010, a close headshot, in profile; #034, face down on the sofa, nothing showing, beautiful body, beautiful mood, beautiful photo; #097 for the details Sironi brings out in that toned and shapely body; #102 for the pose, the lighting, the muted expression, the casual yet stylish composition. Yes, there are a couple of tilted shots that don’t make sense. Yes those might be considered flaws. But I don’t care. In virtually every aspect, “Espina” is excellent.

Is such a high level of excellence an unfair advantage? I’ll leave that decision to another referee. In the meantime I’ll simply enjoy this wonderful pictorial.


“Tribale” starring Milena D - city nymph/country nymph…

Milena D: Tribale, by Erik Latika, living doll and pout-mouthed nymph

Erik Latika, frequent MetArt contributor - and frequent photographer of this particular model - has a bit of fun with this series. He starts it off on the roof of a large building in somewhat gritty urban area. The photos in this opening sequence are casual, spontaneous, and have something of a snapshot feel. Milena D is as cute as ever, and very sexy (see #007), in her flat sandals, blue mini-dress, and sheer white panties. But none of these items of clothing come off. And after ten images the set changes. Completely.

After the brief tease on that rooftop in the city, “Tribale” moves to a pastoral meadow surrounding a small pond. Milena D has traded her casual street clothes for sheer, flowing fabrics in shades of pale yellow. Her hair is elaborately styled and she has a bunch of yellow lilies that complement her coloring and are in perfect harmony with the natural setting. Where the presentation in the opening shots was off-the-cuff, here it’s much more stylized. The location, the costuming, and Milena’s beguiling beauty infuse the country photos with something mythical and magical.

Milena D has been blessed with the face of an angel as well as a heavenly little body. Her big blue eyes and the plump, pouty lips give her an almost doll-like quality, and even when she stays in one fairly limited segment of her wide range of expressions she’s a delight to view. Her youthful girlishness is in full force in #014 and #023, two nothing-showing but still effective portraits. And #060 moves in tighter for a flower-enhanced headshot. Explicit images are plentiful, and Milena attempts to stoke the flames with some suggestive posing, but it really isn’t necessary. Here Milena’s natural beauty, the location, and Latika’s design and technique create a bit of erotic art magic.


“Presenting” Vana A - two “news” for you…

Vana A: Presenting, by Higinio Domingo, new model + new artist debut

MetArt members are accustomed to a steady diet of fresh, newly discovered talent. New models are added to the site with almost metronomic regularity, and this series marks the arrival of a green-eyed Estonian with considerable charm and potential. As an added bonus, the set is also the first MetArt contribution by a new artist, so we are blessed with two “news” at once.

Set off by subtly dramatic make-up, Vana A’s eyes are exceptionally pretty. And while she presents a somewhat restrained, somewhat cool expression for much of the series, when she allows her spontaneity to shine forth those green eyes glitter with joy and delight. Her pale, creamy complexion is set off nicely by a lush head of thick, dark hair, and her body is an appealing combination of plush and delicate elements. Vana A isn’t inhibited in the least, and she delivers a nice variety of interesting poses. A roundly pleasing premiere performance.

And I think the same can be said for photographer Higinio Domingo‘s debut, as well. The lighting is soft, neutral, and natural. And the set design, particularly his choice of colors, is spare and effective yet possessing a certain depth and richness. The white walls are nicely set off by the black frame around a mirror and the black chandelier reflected in it. And the dark upholstery of the furniture provides a flattering backdrop to his model’s pale complexion. It’s a versatile set, as well. In much of the series the white walls figure prominently, to fine effect. But when he composes his frame in such a way as to omit the walls entirely, as he does in #047, he achieves an entirely different look. Well done.

Presenting” Vana A isn’t without flaws, but its strengths are such that what flaws it does contain are easy to forgive. #067 is a haunting and evocative close headshot. I love the pose and Vana’s beautiful facial expression (as well as the color and strong horizontal elements of Domingo’s composition) in #001. The high, bird’s eye angle in #042 is a pleasant and dramatic surprise. #066 is a subtly seductive headshot. There’s something natural, casual (and explicit) in #080, enhanced by the artist’s confident and creative framing. After this debut, I look forward to more from both of these newcomers.


“Solstice” starring Candice B - warm sun, cool water, hot girl…

Candice B: Solstice, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie

I’ve commented on a MetArt HD erotic movie starring Candice B relatively recently. Under other circumstances I might have made an effort to select a production showcasing a different model for today’s post, but I find it difficult to resist this girl, so here we go, again.

As I’ve doubtless mentioned in the past, and will certainly repeat in the future, Candice B isn’t simply beautiful, and she isn’t only blessed with a truly exceptional body - she has a personal warmth and lively, engaging spirit that comes across as well in still photos as it does in moving pictures. Candice has a cheerful, almost bubbly, energy and she always appears to be enjoying the experience of modeling. And that’s absolutely the case in “Solstice.”

That’s not difficult to understand. Luck has gifted the model and her director, Leonardo, with a bright, warm, sunny day. As “Solstice” begins Candice is descending an outdoor staircase, wearing only a diaphanous pareo. The subtle jiggle and bounce of her breasts in this brief sequence is a genuine treat.

Gradually ridding herself of her skirt, Candice takes a position on the tiled edge of a swimming pool and delights in the feeling of the sun’s warmth on her glorious, totally nude body. She then employs a garden hose to cool off - the viewer’s temperature will certainly climb while witnessing this, however.

After relaxing poolside, and revealing her most intimate charms in the process, Candice B decides to take the plunge. Fortunately, Leonardo has prepared for this, and as Candice dives beneath the surface, so does his camera. The underwater footage that follows provides an extremely cool conclusion to an enjoyable interlude with an extremely hot model.


“Pivoter” starring Tamara F - casual and curious…

Tamara F: Pivoter, by Alex Sironi casual, sexy girl, sweet, stiff nips

As is my habit, I start at the beginning. I open the first image in “Pivoter,” a fully clothed shot, and I smile. Not because the photo makes me happy, but because it’s a funny picture. The model is seated on a plank of wood (we later see that it’s a swing hanging from lengths of stout chain). She’s wearing a pleasant, summery, blue dress, a rustic necklace hangs from her neck, and her hands are loosely clasped in her lap. Her hair is casually messy, as if it was carefully styled and then she took a nap. And her face has a subtle sheen as if the studio air conditioner is broken. Her head is tilted and her expression is relaxed and neutral. And the shot is tilted a few degrees to the right. The feeling here is casual…and curious.

This is my first direct experience of Tamara F, but she has been mentioned on the blog in the past. In that post we published a letter by an enthusiastic member regarding her MetArt debut. The post received a single comment, and I think it’s illuminating. The commenter wrote: “I like her raw beauty, not pretty but very sexy…” I will say that I don’t completely agree with the comment, but I find it interesting. In Tamara’s debut she’s quite nicely styled. In “Pivoter” she doesn’t appear to have been styled at all. Her natural charms are presented in unvarnished form. I think a few minutes in the make-up chair would not have been wasted, others may find the candid presentation pleasing. Tamara F does have the raw beauty the commenter mentions, but I think a touch of make-up helps bring out the pretty I believe she also possesses.

Apart from the styling, or lack of same, “Pivoter” is typical of photographer Alex Sironi‘s style. Simplicity is the rule, there are few distractions, and the emphasis is on the model, as it should be. There are a couple of missteps - that first shot I already mentioned, and #075 in which Tamara pretends to chew one of the chains supporting her swing, for example. Her physical attributes do receive appropriate and artful attention. Her pert breasts and stiff, prominent nipples are suitably showcased - #041 is a fine portrait of her powerful perkiness. The sexy fitness and physicality of Tamara’s body is nicely rendered in #052 and #064. The naughty bits are brazenly and beautifully revealed in #058. And despite the annoying tilt, #100, a back shot, is nicely posed and takes advantage of the simple set.


“Thelxi” starring Lana I - the large and the lovely…

Lana I: Thelxi, by Leonardo - busty beauty with a bombshell body

I have a friend who doesn’t care for big breasts. This discerning and thoughtful gentleman prefers small breasted women and can explain in well reasoned detail the theory behind his preference. While I completely understand this fellow’s thinking, and I find petite-chested models every bit as attractive as he does, I also find myself inexorably drawn to beautiful women with large and lovely bosoms. Big, little, or in between, if they’ve got an appealing shape, attractive nipples, a base level of symmetry, and are free of distracting blemishes, I love boobs. Period. Yes, my name is Adam and I am a breast-lover.

And that is the single most prominent reason - well, double reason - why I love Lana I. This sultry, bedroomy, voluptuous, temptingly top-heavy heartbreaker is blessed with a truly brain-boggling pair of mouthwateringly magnificent mammaries. She’s beautiful. And she’s built. That’s a one-two punch, and it’s powerful.

Lana I is so stunningly shaped and amply endowed that I can even forgive the somewhat jumbled and off-the-cuff nature of the styling and execution of “Thelxi.” I think of MetArt contributor Leonardo as a particularly meticulous artist, with a genuine mastery of lighting and design. But here he’s made some curious choices. The room is somewhat cluttered, a rather cheesy landscape painting dominates the background, and the furnishings in the room are a bit awkward. Throw in some odd shadows and a sporadically listing, tilting camera and I can only scratch my head and suggest the artist was having an off day. But then he clicks off a set of breathtaking close-ups of those bodacious bazooms - see #014 through #018, for starters - and all is forgiven!

If you don’t love big breasts (or the lusciousness that resides between Lana’s creamy thighs, for that matter) I believe that Lana’s sexy, expressive, seductive face is still enough to elevate “Thelxi” by itself. She’s got a ripe, teasing, pouting mouth with plump, succulent lips. And even when those lips are firmly sealed she communicates volumes with her dark eyes. Between chin and forehead this girl has more sheer sex appeal than some lesser models have in their entire bodies. And when you put that alluring face together with that knock-out, bombshell body? Pure, powerful, sex appeal. My flat-top-fancying friend and I will agree to disagree about this girl and this set, but if you feel the way I do about busty beauties, Lana I in “Thelxi” offers hefty helpings of out-sized orbicular entertainment.


“Pefko” starring Nichole A - maiden on a majestic mountain…

Nichole A: Pefko, by Arkisi, stunning locale/pretty + expressive model

MetArt contributing photographer Arkisi has chosen a particularly striking location for this erotic pictorial. It’s a small, flat area high on a mountainside. If he pans to his right a lush, gnarled conifer blocks the view. But when he swings his camera to the left we see a vast expanse of azure ocean and the coastline, far below. It’s a setting that is both dramatic and versatile. And an unseen element, the gusting coastal breeze, adds further drama when it plays, quite vigorously, with the model’s long, dark hair.

Nichole A is the maiden on this mountain, and she seems at home and at ease in the rustic setting. She stands, barefoot, on a soft carpet of pine needles, her sole piece of clothing a floral print sarong that rides low on her slim hips and flutters prettily in the wind. When the skirt comes off it does double duty, providing a comfortable place to recline and relax.

Perhaps it’s the setting, and it may have something to do with Nichole’s appearance and attitude, but there’s a suggestion, the merest hint, of classical mythology in these images. She’s not a siren on a wave-splashed rock, luring mariners to their doom. And she’s not a wood nymph doing whatever it is that wood nymphs do, but there’s a bit of inexplicable flavor that makes “Pefko” particularly enjoyable.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Nichole A is as expressive as she is physically appealing. There’s real depth here, and as her expressions change from image to image one thing remains consistent: Nichole’s relaxed sincerity. Although she strikes a multitude of interesting poses, her emotions are never put-on, stiff or false-seeming.

As mentioned, the wind figures prominently in many of these photos and it contributes energy and spontaneity to three of my favorite shots, #005, #009, and #015. Although it’s rather modest, in #002 we can clearly see the thoughtful beauty of the model and the natural splendor of the location. #020, a rear three-quarter view, showcases Nichole’s slender, elegant build. There’s an earthy/arty drama to #093, and I love the easy, natural smile in #073. “Pefko” is packed with particularly pleasing pictures.


“Pareo” starring Alysha A - up on the roof…

Alysha A: Pareo, by Rylsky, MetArt HD erotic movie

I’ve mentioned, several times, the unique restrictions faced by the artists who create MetArt HD erotic movies. I also have the privilege of doing a bit of blogging over at our sister site, SexArt, and the movies I review there are an entirely different species of erotica. They’re hard-core, to state the most obvious distinction. And they’re much longer. “Pareo,” the MetArt movie I’ve just viewed, is a bit over 6 minutes in length. “The Score,” which I wrote about yesterday at SexArt, is over three times longer - that’s a substantial difference. And it puts substantial limits on MetArt filmmakers.

In the case of “Pareo,” director Rylsky isn’t content simply to record a still photo session and present it as cinema. Here he’s created a prologue and an epilogue to bookend the primary “action” of his video vignette. While the beginning and ending segments consume a portion of the relatively brief amount of time he has to work with, they succeed in giving “Pareo” a bit of whimsical mystery and added to my enjoyment of the production.

Apart from narrative structure and time constraints, the most outstanding element of “Pareo” is without question its star, the luminous Alysha A. This platinum blonde made her MetArt debut in another motion picture (which I commented on here). And I also wrote a post about the photo series, “Seductor” that was shot at the same time as “Pareo.” In pictorials or in movies, Alysha A is a delight.

That’s certainly the case in “Pareo.” The opening segment finds Alysha indoors. She pages through a book, discovers a blank sheet of paper, and then writes out her name in fanciful script. This triggers what may be some type of fantasy. Now, in a flowing white dress, Alysha A is on a rooftop, her long hair blowing in the wind. She lays out a blanket, slowly disrobes, and relaxes as muted sunlight and gusts of wind play across her beautiful body. Although that body is fully and explicitly displayed here, Alysha’s sweet, angelic face is equally deserving of attention - you’ll see exactly what I mean right around the 3:45 mark.

When her outdoor interlude ends (all too soon, due to the time limits mentioned above), Alysha returns to her book, replaces the paper between randomly selected pages, and “Pareo” winds to its conclusion. It is brief, to be sure, but even a few minutes in the company of Alysha A is time to be savored, and “Pareo” provides a pleasing erotic interlude.


Check out Lexi Bloom and Jasmine W!

Don't forget to tune in this Sunday at 2PM PST to check out our two SexArt Stars Lexi Bloom and Jasmine W! Watch this live girl/girl session get hot and heavy on via SexArt Live!


“Bolero” with Swan A - an intriguing approach…

Swan A: Bolero, by Rylsky, impressive, artistic, erotic photography

Photography is a wonderful combination of art and technology. And the masters of this medium know how to harness the technology to bring their artistic concepts life. Anyone can point and shoot, but it is a rare individual who can first envision something uniquely beautiful in his mind’s eye and then craft and create it for public exhibition.

Frequent MetArt contributing photographer Rylsky is one of these rare and gifted artists, and this series is a fine demonstration of how art and technical skill can be combined to produce something truly impressive.

Crafted in the studio, “Bolero” is a study in simplicity. But how it was executed was anything but simple! We have a model, and we have an inky, velvety, completely impenetrable black background. The model is beautifully lit and every detail of her body is clearly visible, but there is not a hint of glare, the source of the light is never revealed, and while her extremities may be shrouded in shadow from time to time, she never throws a shadow of her own, the background is simply too deep and dark. The effect isn’t easy to describe, but it is an impressive technical and artistic accomplishment.

As for the model, I commented on her first MetArt erotic photo gallery, which was also shot by Rylsky, and I enjoyed her performance but felt the set was something of a jumble. “Bolero” is anything but a jumble, this is an organic, cohesive, and expertly executed pictorial. And Swan A brings an uninhibited attitude, as well as a lively, varied, and energetic spirit to the proceedings. Unlike the subject of my last post, Swan A uses her face to create dozens of different looks and moods. In three images, chosen at random - #010, #053, and #083 - one gets some sense of the model’s expressive range. Still more notable variety, in terms of expression and pose, can be found in #098, #110, and #120, a truly fine figure study. I don’t know how, exactly, Mr. Rylsky works his artistic magic, but I’m certainly glad he does - “Bolero” is a bravura performance.


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