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From the MetArt Mailbox...

Monik B: Presenting, by Platon Averin, MetArt HD erotic movie

[As enthusiastic as he is opinionated, MetArt member hipshot13 is a frequent and outspoken contributor to the comments section of this blog. He submitted the following MetArt HD movie review as a comment on another movie. I feel that it deserves broader exposure than the comments allow, so I'm publishing it here for the benefit of the blog readership at large. - Adam]

With the release of “Presenting Monik B” by Platon Averin I am delighted to say that MetArt has achieved yet another two-fer! And it’s a magnificent one to be sure. If this video doesn’t get a rise out of you nothing will.

Both the model and the photographer are new to MetArt but there is nothing in either to suggest any lack of talent or inexperience. This video is a delight from the very first scene to the last, with both model and director proving they are more than qualified to be MetArt regulars - and I hope they will be.

Monik B is, simply put, amazing. I am sure that this walking dream is a well trained dancer. Her body is firm and tight with not a hint of excess. She’s supremely well conditioned and flexible - her toe points and graceful dancer’s movements are effortless, and her talent for combining this with erotic dance is mesmerizing and playful. In addition to all that, her face is delightfully animated and she’s constantly flirting.

This video is long for a MetArt video but I was delighted that is was. It gave me time to savor the amazing talent - both in front of the camera and behind it. The composition and style of this video is very pleasing. Director Platon Averin starts with a shot of Monik coming down a flight of stairs in a street scene crowded with people. It is easy to pick out Monik and she immediately establishes eye-contact and delivers a smile that instantly says you have got to watch this. Then your are switched to a brightly lit room with only a single chair in the middle and the light from a window shining on the floor. The chair is the only prop and it is all that is needed.

Throughout the video Averin continues to switch back and forth from indoors to outdoors, with Monik making costume changes, too. It sounds rather disjointed but Monik B is so bright and cheerful in both indoor and outdoor scenes - and she looks so awesome and fun in her street clothes, and so flawless in the nude - that it all becomes quite fun to watch. It’s as if the director is telling us she may be awesome nude but she is so much more than that. This is a perfect debut for both model and artist because we see that their talents span both environments and they are equally pleasing in either one.

Presenting Monik B” gets a full 5 stars from me for both model and artist. A very rare thing for a video, indeed. - hipshot13


“Ortancia” starring Altea B - return of the magnificent two…

Altea B: Ortancia, by Erro - the return of 2 magnificent MetArt stars

Today we celebrate the unexpected but welcome reunion and return of two individuals with a long and prolific connection to MetArt. The star of “Ortancia” has posed in 56 erotic pictorials on the site, but her last appearance was almost exactly two years ago. And the photographer is a living legend in the field of erotic art photography with a particularly grand total of 370 photo sets and movies at MetArt - not to mention the vast catalog of his work presented at the site he founded, which is also a member of the MetArt Network.

So, the arrival of a set created by Altea B and Erro is a notable occasion and worthy of celebration. And, as one might rightly expect, “Ortancia” doesn’t disappoint. Because the model’s MetArt contributions ended not long after I came aboard this is the first time I’ve seen her. But, now that I have, I can - and will - go back and savor the many sets she appeared in between 2006 and 2010. Petite, with dark hair and eyes, Altea B is a delicate nymph with a kittenish spirit. And she’s more than willing to offer inviting explicit views.

Erro takes full advantage of his willing subject and several eye-pleasing extreme close-ups are among the standout images in the collection. And the master stylist also includes detail shots that are delicately beautiful - I’m thinking of #090, a close shot of Altea’s feet, and #112, a portrait of her toes. More conventional portraits, like #084, effortlessly create an intimacy between model and viewer.

That effortless quality extends to the design and execution of the entire series. The model poses on two simple white tables, backed on one side by a white wall, and on the other by the landscape. The lighting is natural, soft, slightly diffused. When he frames his subject against the white wall it’s almost as if she’s posing against a seamless backdrop in an artfully lighted studio setting (see #047 for an example of this effect). But, overall, the mood is casual and relaxed - a seasoned artist working with a beautiful and cooperative model.

There’s much to enjoy here, but I can’t resist calling out some additional images: #076 (adorable sideways headshot), #037 (close, really close), #098 (on all fours, beaming – a irresistible centerpiece), and #095 (beautiful, intimate headshot).

Whether you’re already a fan of the model or artist, or if this is your first exposure to either one, “Ortancia” offers an unexpected opportunity to experience two uniquely talented MetArt contributors.


“Perastico” starring Astrud A - maiden in a mysterious mansion…

Astrud A: Perastico, by Rylsky, Brazilian beauty in moody nude art pix

It has been a long time - too long! - since I’ve had the pleasure of viewing an Astrud A MetArt erotic photo series. I reviewed her MetArt debut and thoroughly enjoyed it - you’ll find my comments here. The set I’ve just examined is in many ways the opposite of that first set - will Astrud A succeed in such a different setting?

The short answer is “yes.” And that’s as much a tribute to Astrud’s beauty and charm as it is to the artist who crafted both pictorials. When Rylsky shot her first set it was outdoors, with natural light, and Astrud A was nearly nude from the very first shot. Now he’s moved indoors, to a stately, dark, luxurious bedroom with heavy drapes, rich fabrics, and moody shadows. And he’s dressed the winsome and willowy Brazilian beauty in a subtly sexy lingerie ensemble. While Astrud’s MetArt debut was relaxed and natural, in “Perastico” we find her in a far more stylized and formal environment.

The two sets are as different as night and day, and yet they are equally satisfying. Astrud A is gifted not only with physical beauty, but with real emotional depth and a wide expressive range. She does an admirable job of tailoring her mood to the nocturnal feeling and hushed elegance of her setting. But there’s also an undercurrent of giddy unpredictability. She can shift effortlessly from the somber drama of a shot like #021, to the gleeful natural beauty on display in #042 or #062.

Astrud’s natural vitality adds real spark and substance to Rylsky’s moody set design and technical approach to “Perastico.” I get the unmistakable sense that model and artist quite enjoyed their collaboration - there’s no question that I did, as well.


“Verus” with Valeria A - holidays in the sun…

Valeria A: Verus, by Leonardo, a casual group of clothed pix + nudes

When I see that a MetArt erotic photo gallery was shot by master lensman Leonardo my expectations are high, but this set from the prolific artist isn’t what I expected at all.

“Verus” opens with a clothed shot (including sunglasses) of the model. This is followed by another clothed shot, and another, and still more. Initially I accept and enjoy these introductory images which were shot in some sunny locale and which have a distinct “what I did on my summer vacation” quality. But the clothed shots keep coming, and I begin to wonder if this appealing girl will ever shed a single stitch of her outfit.

Valeria A does, finally, expose her right breast in #048, but subsequent revelations come at a leisurely pace. She teases us with a glimpse of trimmed bush in #057, the first completely topless shot is #066, and she finally appears totally nude in #090. That shot, will revealing little, at least proves that there will be some nudity in this curious collection!

Despite the volume of non-nude images in “Verus,” when Valeria A does finally get naked she is uninhibited and we have several chances to view what she’s been withholding for so much of the set. The nude photos occur at the beach and in the water and the reddish color of the sand makes a nice, flattering backdrop to the model’s long auburn hair and pale skin. #068, a topless shot, with the model backed by blue water, captures a quiet, beautiful moment. I also like #110, with Valeria on her back at the water’s edge, eyes closed, hands in her hair - a nice figure study. And #123 (a tightly framed variation on #110) captures a moment of ecstasy that is a pleasure to behold.

There are absolutely gems to be found in “Verus,” but I do think it leans a bit too far in the direction of a young couple’s vacation snapshots collection.


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“Presenting” Jaime A - natural light + natural beauty…

Jaime A: Presenting, by Rylsky, new model in MetArt erotic debut pix

A new week, a new girl - yet another chance to experience the debut performance of a new MetArt model. Stop me if you’ve heard me say this before, but viewing new models is one of the real treats of being the official MetArt blogger - and, obviously, of being a MetArt member, as well.

This isn’t one of those galleries that takes a while to grow on me - from the first image I was impressed. Jaime A is a very pretty girl, that’s readily apparent. And the style and mood of the set is relaxed and natural with few distractions and a casual, intimate feeling.

Rylsky is shooting in some type of open air wooden building overlooking a lake or pond, using only natural light. In many of the shots Jaime is seated on a stout log, part of the structure. In some of the images the model is back-lit and exposed in such a way that the background is slightly blown out while the pretty face and figure in the foreground is subtly emphasized (see #024). Rylsky employs a light touch (no pun intended) here, and his technique is not only perfectly suited to the location, but to the model, as well.

I don’t know if Jaime A has posed nude prior to this session, but I can tell you that this 19-year-old is composed, engaging, skillful, and not the slightest bit inhibited. She has a bright, lively, smile (#039), beautiful eyes, ripe lips, and strong features (#027), and a sultry, seductive, sexuality (#107). Explicit poses don’t overwhelm the set, but they are plentiful, and they are, without question, enticing in the extreme.

Rylsky’s understated natural style and Jaime A’s natural beauty and allure combine to make “Presenting Jaime A” an impressive debut, to be sure.


“Zucher” starring Anna AJ - the apple of many eyes…

Anna AJ: Zucher, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie

While I don’t check the MetArt Top Models ranking terribly often, I can’t honestly recall a time when Anna AJ wasn’t somewhere very close to the top of the list. Indeed, as I write, she’s in the ninth position. Simply put, Anna AJ’s popularity is considerable and I imagine that she’ll remain in her lofty position of honor for the foreseeable future.

This is a somewhat understated bit of filmmaking from prolific craftsman Leonardo. It unfolds at a leisurely pace and the lighting and design is muted without some of his more impressive technical treatments. Day, or at least early evening, does transition to night, something we’ve seen in previous Leonardo creations, but he’s employing a softer touch here than is his custom.

That seems appropriate in view of Anna AJ’s somewhat reserved presence and performance. This is a strikingly beautiful model, and part of her allure, I think, is the way that she maintains an air of mystery and distance. She’s ready and willing to please, but I wouldn’t say she’s eager - I get the sense that Anna AJ does what she wants, how she wants, when she wants. And that’s obviously quite alright with her vast legion of admirers.

Those admirers should have no trouble enjoying “Zucher.” She first appears in a semi-sheer knit dress over erect nipples and not much else. She stands, moving to the music in her mind, revealing this and that quite seductively. When her breasts are bared we’re reminded of just how beautifully sculpted this young woman is. Next she moves to a plastic chaise (something of an odd choice), and after that, at the 3:18 mark, she appears seated behind a bowl of apples at a table. Rolling an apple around her chest also strikes me as odd, but what’s a girl to do - juggle, perhaps?

Night begins to descend in the final minute or so of the film and the sky takes on a beautiful dark blue hue which makes a fine backdrop. We’re also treated to one decent intimate close-up - I can’t be the only one who would have enjoyed more of these - and shortly thereafter the film ends. “Zucher” is certainly a must-see for fans of Anna AJ, and an enjoyable interlude in its own right, but I do think that both director and star are capable of more than they offer here.


“Protasi” starring Sinia A - from zero to sexy in nothing flat…

Sinia A: Protasi, by Arkisi, achingly erotic, explicit art images

Pacing is a term that I often use when discussing MetArt - or SexArt, for that matter - HD erotic movies. But the notion of pacing also applies to erotic photo galleries. A pictorial containing well over one hundred images allows the artist to tell a bit of a story as the model disrobes, for example, or as her posing becomes more and more frank over the course of the pictorial.

In “Protasi,” created by the artist Arkisi, the pacing is akin to a starter’s pistol. On your mark, get set, go! We have four images of the model, topless, barefoot, and wearing a skirt. Then in image #005 - bang! A boldly explicit rear view hits us right between the eyes. There’s virtually nothing in the way of build up, the merest hint of tease, and “Protasi” explodes with exuberant, up-close, detailed, and energetically erotic imagery.

Sinia A is no shrinking violet, that much I can assure you! This beauty is unabashed and unashamedly sexual. She is sweet and thoughtful, as well. And there’s an undeniable warmth and a playful intelligence in her gorgeous eyes, but her sultry, playful, “come and get it” sexuality is the most striking element of this bold and beautiful erotic offering.

I understand that some MetArt members have a limited interest in explicit intimate close-ups. But if you enjoy them, I think you’ll agree that the subject - delicate, pink, and succulent - is more than worthy of detailed scrutiny. And these aren’t simply pin-sharp pictures of Sinia’s (formerly) private parts. Each of these plentiful explicit images is a self-contained sexual story. I have far too many favorites to list, but one doesn’t often find photos as achingly erotic (and strikingly beautiful) as image #039. Go ahead, use your fingers and toes - you’ll soon see that there are too many super-hot shots in this collection to count.

Now, there are cute shots, sweet shots, and beautiful headshots, as well (see #109). Oh, she’s cute, charming, and engaging, alright. But in “Protasi” Sinia A simply sizzles with sexuality.


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“Axio” with Ariel A - giving the red a rethink…

Ariel A: Axio, by Luca Helios, redhead beauty ready for color change?

The first time I set eyes on Ariel A she earned something approaching a rave review. I was no less impressed by the second and third Ariel A galleries I critiqued, but a theme was emerging, and here I may have reached a tipping point in my overall opinion of her.

This is a very attractive, very sexy, extremely appealing model, that much seems obvious. No less obvious is that her hair color is dramatically and deliberately synthetic. It is striking, to be sure, and certainly a matter of taste. In the previous sets mentioned - all of which were outdoors - I enjoyed it more. In “Axio,” Luca Helios is shooting indoors, and that long, lush, thick head of crimson hair just doesn’t work as well as it has in the past.

The room is painted and furnished in light, neutral tones and I think this may throw the hair into bolder relief and draw unneeded attention to it. Additionally - whether it’s the fault of the room color, the lighting, or her makeup - the red hair throws a reddish, ruddy tint across Ariel’s face that doesn’t match the creamy flesh tones of her (impressive) body. You’re find unfortunate examples of this effect in #085, #097 (which is quite nice otherwise), and #119.

The lingerie Ariel is wearing at the beginning of the set is flattering and sexy. She’s captured in a variety of poses. There are several spontaneous moments that add some needed levity to the set. Ariel’s body is as shapely and inviting as ever. And Helios makes sure to include intimate close-ups as well as detail shots of feet, breasts, and butt. Yet, despite its many appealing ingredients, “Axio” is overwhelmed by that crazy crimson coif. Has the time arrived for Ariel A to rethink the red?


“Morgen” starring Alisa G - woman in the woods…

Alisa G: Morgen, by Max Asolo, beautiful erotic photos in a forest

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the pleasure of evaluating a MetArt erotic photo series by Max Asolo. I reviewed three of his sets early in my tenure here, but it was so long ago his style and my opinions of his work had faded from memory. “Morgen” provides a happy and welcome reminder.

It’s also been a while since I’ve set eyes on Alisa G, so this pictorial allows me to revisit two talents I’ve enjoyed in the past (you can find my first and only critique of the model here).

Alisa G, wearing a casual dress in what might be termed a primitive or tribal print (it’s her only bit of clothing) stands in a forest. The rustic setting makes a fine backdrop for this cream-complected blonde. And Alisa G - thanks, in part, to her hairdo - has a glamorous quality in many shots that sets up a nice contrast with the location. What is this glamorous beauty - see #013 - doing in this bit of wilderness? I don’t need an answer, by the way, I’m just happy to have the chance to see her there!

The set falls into several sections. The first takes place on or around a tree stump that makes a nice platform for posing. The tree-filtered natural lighting in this section is challenging and results in some interesting effects. In #006, for example, standing topless, Alisa’s torso is brightly lit while her lower body nearly disappears in the shadows.

The second section takes place on a dirt road running through the forest and provides a significant change of place while clearly belonging to the pictorial. I have a lot of favorites in this set, but #082, totally nude, back to the camera, with a hands in her hair and looking back at us over her shoulder is certainly a representative example.

The final section finds Alisa sitting in a plot of tall, dark green grasses and Asolo handles the lighting and composition here beautifully, while Alisa delivers some delightful poses. #097 is one of my picks from this group. Additional favorites from “Morgen” include #123 for the pose, that pretty face, and the way her golden hair is lighted from behind. Alisa’s smile and easy confidence in #028. And her muted, intriguing expression and relaxed pose in #126.


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“Prestatie” starring Flavia A - warming up a wintery evening…

Flavia A: Prestatie, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie

There are curious as well as clever elements in this MetArt HD erotic movie from the mind and lens of Leonardo. It opens with a quick shot of an earthen tablet inscribed with what appear to be hieroglyphics, but this is simply part of the room’s decor and plays no further role.

After only a few moments I got the distinct impression that the star of the production, Flavia A, was cold. And this impression was based on more than the fact that her costume consists of a bulky, oversized sweater and a pair of socks. Maybe there’s the slightest hint of color on the model’s nose and a bit of a twinkle in her eyes that suggests it’s chilly in that room, but that’s the impression I got. There might be snow on the rooftops only just visible through the window behind her, although it’s hard to tell. But when the daylight is replaced by the darkness of night the sense of a winter evening is further reinforced.

While it may, indeed, be cold, both Flavia A and her director manage to generate real heat. The model doesn’t resort to overt theatrics, she simply poses and moves from position to position, some of which are quite revealing. Flavia A is eager to please, but she’s not trying too hard or forcing it - her charm, appeal, and considerable beauty are all entirely natural.

Leonardo adds some clever visual effects about halfway through the film. He’s injected a bit of animated, visual shimmer by placing a strand of metallic discs (a necklace?) very close to the camera and almost completely out of focus. And then he has Flavia aim a small compact containing two mirrors at the camera. When the looking glass catches the light and sends its beam at the lens he adds a sparkle effect that livens up the visuals considerably.

That bulky sweater is only removed in the final, fading moments of “Prestatie,” but the fully nude image of Flavia A we’re treated to, while fleeting, adds still more winsome warmth to this wintery interlude.


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“Presenting” Faina B - little black dress/cute blonde girl…

Faina B: Presenting, by Albert Varin, a pale blonde's explicit debut

For her first MetArt erotic photo series Faina B has a minimal number of accessories and adornments. She’s barefoot and a clingy black mini-dress is her only item of clothing. She’s got an ankh on a chain around her neck, and a bunch of yellow long stem roses bound with yellow ribbon. The entire set takes place on a sofa against a wall papered in a striped pattern. There’s plenty of visual interest here, but it’s achieved with relatively few elements.

I’m not entirely happy with all of the choices photographer Albert Varin has made here. The color scheme of the room is too close in value to Faina B’s own cream and blonde coloring, for one. In a few shots where she’s framed against a dark background, as she is in #062, the result is much more flattering. And against the backing wall, with its horizontal chair rail, and the vertical stripe pattern of the wallpaper, he insists on tilting his camera this way and that through much of the set.

But these technical complaints can’t diminish the fact that Faina B is a most welcome addition to MetArt! The set is loaded with intimate anatomical close-ups and explicit poses, so shyness is not an issue for this newcomer. And Faina’s delicate features - both her face and body - are sure to earn her much favorable attention. It’s worth noting that while Faina’s lower half is quickly and completely exposed in the pictorial, we don’t see a topless shot until image #050 - but it’s definitely worth the wait.

As for favorites, I must say that Varin makes up for much of his off-kilter imagery here by delivering nicely composed (and well posed) shot of Faina regarding the lens in #109. I love the horizontal composition of #120, a beautiful headshot. And the key light in #099 brings out the pale fire of Faina’s blonde hair dramatically. I certainly hope there’s more Faina B in MetArt‘s future.


“Anixi” starring Sofi A - majestic maiden in a meadow…

Sofi A: Anixi, by Goncharov, bare busty beauty in a field of flowers

Whether it’s in the photo studio or in the field, the right setting can make or break an erotic pictorial. Here Goncharov has secured a particularly beautiful outdoor location and his art director, Mother Nature, has done an absolutely brilliant job of decorating the set. It’s a broad, flat meadow, uniformly carpeted in vivid purple flowers with coral colored blossoms sprinkled here and there. And this field of flowers extends as far as the eye can see.

Onto this floral stage steps bosomy perennial MetArt Top Model Sofi A. With a garland of wildflowers atop her head, her hair in a single thick braid down her back, and nothing but a few pieces of jewelry and a simple blouse she looks perfectly at home in this scenic landscape.

I’ve commented on no fewer than six of Sofi A’s MetArt galleries and HD erotic movies - she’s a prolific and popular model here, for obvious reasons. And, no, by “reasons” I’m not only referring to her most prominent assets, those tremendous breasts she’s been blessed with. Sofi has a lively energy that imbues her photos and films with engaging vitality, and I always get the sense that she’s enjoying the experience of posing for our pleasure.

That’s the case in “Anixi,” to be sure. Whether she’s standing, statuesque and stunning in #028 and #029, or if she’s lolling on her back, legs open, hands resting on her impressive chest, in #079, Sofi manages to strike the ideal balance between stylish posing and spontaneous, relaxed, naturalism.

Goncharov seems to be enjoying himself, as well. He plays some interesting games with depth of field, for example, presenting Sofi in two seated poses (#040 and #044) while blurring both foreground and background to emphasize the rich color of the foliage. A telephoto lens adds interest to many images, and these are balanced by close shots that not only capture a range of moods and attitudes as well as the photogenic details of Sofi’s splendid physique (#105).


“Expresivo” starring Kayla B - from impressionistic to explicit…

Kayla B: Expresivo, by Tony Murano, painterly, explicit, art photos

What if you woke up one bright morning to discover that your bed had been moved to a wooded area adjacent to a vast, verdant meadow? That seems to be the thematic premise of this MetArt photo gallery from consummate erotic stylist Tony Murano.

Now, when I write “you” I mean Kayla B., just so there’s no confusion. But that’s what we’re treated to in “Expresivo.” The bed is dressed in frilly pink linens, the model is in a sheer violet nightie, and a pitcher filled with vividly colored blossoms sits atop the nightstand. When Mr. Murano’s name is mentioned it usually brings moody, nocturnal, indoor settings to mind, here he breaks free of that trademark, while retaining much of his signature style.

The set unfolds at a measured pace. The theme is established with shots like #019, a pretty and modest fully clothed portrait in which Kayla B calmly regards the camera. In #045, with foliage in the foreground, now topless, Kayla greets the new day. And in #048, with the model draped in a violet shawl, her beauty - and the beauty of this fanciful yet naturally beautiful setting - is rendered in a fine composition.

For all the soft colors and thoughtful, painterly images, this is a Tony Murano set, so we can expect explicit shots in “Expresivo,” and the photographer is true to form. #065 is certainly painterly, but it is also a frankly explicit figure study. And when he moves in close - and stays in close - we find a wide variety of masterfully executed detail shots of the model’s inviting intimate attributes. There is a method to Murano’s mania for erogenous exploration. Compare and contrast #086 with #088. Notice how he subtly manipulates depth of field. In the first image one item is in crisp focus while the other is slightly blurred. And in the second image the crisp/blurred bits are reversed. This is the thoughtful and creative product of a photographer fully immersed in his craft.

Between the impressionistic and the artfully explicit there is much to be savored in “Expresivo.”


“Nomizo” starring Anita E - a charming cherub (with a dollop of devilish)…

Anita E: Nomizo, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie

I was charmed and delighted by this model when she appeared in her first MetArt erotic photo gallery. There’s just something about that sweet, plump-cheeked face, and the warm, cheerful personality she projects that won me over instantly – and her trim, yet curvy body sealed the deal. Now, working with the same photographer, I have the good fortune to comment on her first ever MetArt HD erotic movie performance.

My expectations are high, but they’re met almost instantly. As the film begins Leonardo frames Anita from the shoulders up. She’s wearing a red garment (we’ll soon see more as well as less of it) and bright exterior light turns the white curtains in the background into a cloudlike, luminous scrim. Anita E begins playing to the camera (and teasing the viewer) immediately. As the camera pulls back we see that the garment is a sheer, scarlet mini-robe, and that it is the only bit of clothing Anita is wearing. Sexy? Yes, very.

As the film proceeds Anita E is constantly interacting with the camera and the viewer. The more I watch the more I’m impressed (as well as charmed, once more) by this model’s beauty, skill, and personality. Her smile is energetic, playful, and genuine, but there’s also a distinct undertone of steamy eroticism. At the 4:27 mark, for example, Anita is on her side on a circular bed. She slowly raises her thigh and opens her legs - the look on her face is simply priceless. Devilish? Yes, but in a very, very good way.

Leonardo‘s lighting, set design, photography, and pacing are exemplary. He moves Anita E around the space in a way that creates visual variety in terms of shots and compositions - this also allows the model to change things up and experiment with different movements, poses, moods, and expressions throughout. Between the beauty and talent of its star, and the skill and creative vision of its director, “Nomizo” is not to be missed.


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“Presenting” Kolumbina A - a promising pair of premieres…

Kolumbina A: Presenting, by Alen Amadeus, new model + new artist

New models join the MetArt talent pool at an almost astounding rate. By my informal count, in the month of August, alone, 13 new girls debuted at MetArt. As I write, September is only five days old, and three new girls have already appeared this month. Impressive.

Obviously, it’s the talent in front of the camera that’s of paramount importance, but the artist composing the images is a critical part of the erotic art equation. And this MetArt erotic photo gallery is the first submitted to the site by photographer Alen Amadeus. So “Presenting” Kolumbina A is one of those happy occasions when we first meet a new model and artist simultaneously.

After examining only a few images I’m impressed, intrigued, and entertained. Kolumbina A with her lithe, lean, shapely body and long, wavy, pleasantly unruly auburn hair is a visual treat. She has particularly refined facial features, and she’s exceptionally expressive, conveying a wide variety of moods without a hint of stiffness or insincerity. She has a natural beauty that is enhanced by a relaxed ease in front of the camera. When she smiles one can’t help but smile along with her. I don’t know if she’s had prior modeling experience, but this 20-year-old knows what she’s doing and makes it look absolutely effortless.

Likewise, Alen Amadeus has a solid grasp of the task at hand. It’s an overcast day on the verdant banks of a river. He’s dressed the model in shades of red that adds visual snap to the images without looking the least bit contrived. He knows how to present and flatter Kolumbina to maximize her assets, and at the same time he fully satisfies the needs of the viewing audience. Modest, pretty headshots, figure studies, explicit anatomical close-ups, candid, spontaneous moments - he captures them all with a skilled ease and style that never draws our attention away from the model.

This MetArt photo series is a success for Kolumbina A and Alen Amadeus both as individuals and as collaborators. I look forward to more of their work, either together or apart.


“Poteh” starring Aprilia A - a new shade of sexy…

Aprilia A: Poteh, by Koenart, her hair was dark, now it's blonde

I didn’t recall ever seeing Aprilia A prior to viewing this set, and a quick glance at her model gallery explained why. In the first seven MetArt erotic photo sets she appeared in her hair was a deep, dark brown, almost black. And, yes, I had seen her before and was quite struck by her dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty, which I discussed at some length in my critique.

But here, in her eighth series, Aprilia A‘s hair is beautifully, naturally (or so it seems), blonde. While her previous look was indeed striking, I suspect blonde is her natural hair color, and it’s certainly appealing in these photos.

While the model wasn’t immediately familiar, the setting Koenart employs here was. It was shot just outside the front door of a clean-lined house in the contemporary style - the same location Koenart employed to excellent effect in his MetArt HD erotic movie “Invito,” starring Mia Sollis, which I particularly enjoyed.

The “narrative” of “Poteh” is somewhat similar to “Invito,” as well. Aprilia A emerges from the house, a plush blanket wrapped around her body. There’s a morning feel to the set, as there was in “Invito,” and it adds a pleasant, intriguing dimension.

Koenart takes full advantage of the setting and his model. We’re treated to a wide variety of compositions, including lovely headshots (#067), stylish pin-ups (#046), as well as a comprehensive collection of artful detail shots of Aprilia’s butt (#037), her breasts (#028), and her pedal extremities (#095). Explicit anatomical shots are also abundant. To wrap it up we get a handful of shots of Aprilia A, on the street, in casual clothes, and minimal makeup, making “Poteh” as pleasant as it is potent.


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    Love your smile and your pussy, yum!

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    Hardcore models are not the best "glam" material. Models who avoid hardcore are.
    I'm inclined to include any kind of "penetrative" act in my definition of hardcore. "Having sex." In my view the better glam models avoid publishing this.
    They keep within the realm of pure allure, and are good-looking enough to do that.

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    #59 - that's what Yummy looks like, friends!

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    Skinny legs

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    MOST of the time, I am glad there is not a "dislike" option on the comments - several of the a.k.a. post however, do leave me wishing for that..

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    agreed - I dug how in #49 - her expression says "Umm, my face is up HERE!" and in the rest of the set - her body language whispers in my ear "go ahead, take a good long look Mister!"

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