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“Presenting” Zsanett Tormay - a promising premiere performance…

Zsanett Tormay: Presenting, by Arkisi, pretty, sexy, new MetArt model

I make a concerted effort to evaluate every MetArt erotic photo gallery, and every MetArt model, on its or her individual merits, and the same is true for every MetArt photographer. Still there are times when it is impossible not to compare, contrast, and refer to another model in a different set photographed by a different photographer.

In yesterday’s post I reviewed a model’s first MetArt series. As you will see (scroll down or click here), she was a particularly pretty girl, and the photography was pleasing, as well. My single greatest complaint was that the model exhibited a rather limited expressive range. That is most definitely not the case with the set I address in this post, Arkisi’s “Presenting” Zsanett Tormay.

Of course, a model’s expressiveness isn’t normally the first thing I notice in any pictorial, and it wasn’t the case here, either. What struck me first was this dark-haired beauty’s big, almost impossibly blue eyes. I’ve mentioned in the past how powerful I find the combination of dark hair and blue eyes and here’s a perfect example of the effect. It certainly doesn’t hurt that those azure orbs are set in a face that is refined and elegant, with ripe lips, and that her slender body is so appealing, either.

What emerged as I viewed the series was the broad and varied range of facial expressions and body language Zsanett Tormay employs in what may well be her first nude erotic photo set. She can be perfectly formal in pose and expression in one shot, and then entirely spontaneous and candid in the next. Here thoughtful, and there giddy. Seductive, teasing, sly, mysterious, flirtatious, frank, pensive, playful - these are just a few of the many expressive moods Zsanett presents to us here.

I can’t say what role the artist Arkisi played in getting his subject to share so many moods, but in terms of style and technique there is much to admire in the photographer’s approach to this pictorial. In #018, to cite one example, he shoots Zsanett from behind, her head in profile, while she’s leaning against a wall that is sharply divided between light and dark - just one of many beautifully composed images here.

Notice the little patch of bright light on the floor near the model’s right foot in #042 and the unusual “X” formed by her artfully positioned arms and legs. I love the sly expression on Zsanett’s face in the background while her toes and feet blur in the near field and her sex occupies the middle. From explicit to demure, from pose, to composition, to the many varied moods and intriguing expressions (#085), “Presenting” Zsanett Tormay signals the arrival of a beautiful and particularly talented new model.


“Annysia” starring Pammie Lee - garden of voluptuous delights…

Pammie Lee: Annysia, by Tony Murano, busty beauty, explicit erotic pix

When MetArt contributor Tony Murano‘s name is mentioned it calls to mind dark, moody, highly stylized - and often extremely explicit - pictorials painstakingly created in the studio. That’s an apt description of this model’s MetArt debut, which showcased her in high Murano style.

But in “Annysia” the photographer abandons the studio and places the almost shockingly shapely Pammie Lee in a quiet garden surrounded by the natural beauty of flowers and lush foliage. It’s a tribute to the artist’s versatility that even in this natural environment, far from the tricks and techniques available in the studio, the pictorial retains many of the signatures of Murano’s work.

The series falls roughly into two segments. In the first, Pammie Lee is wearing an ecru dress and a dramatic metallic necklace. Perhaps “wearing” isn’t the correct word, however, because the neckline is pulled down to reveal Ms. Lee’s bosom throughout this section. And when the hem of the dress creeps up we’re treated to a generous assortment of up-skirt images.

The panties the Pammie Lee isn’t wearing in the first half of the set make their appearance in the second half. While the “order” of the series may not be completely logical, those lace panties are without question sexy, and the model devotes some time and energy teasing and toying with them, revealing a little or a lot to Murano’s lens.

Those who expect eye-opening explicit images in a Murano-made pictorial will not be disappointed! Tony Murano’s skill at combining artistry with anatomy is matched here by the model’s luscious flesh and her complete willingness to present it for inspection. While she’s completely uninhibited, Pammie Lee does tend to operate in a rather narrow, somewhat restrained emotional range. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing her break out and let more and different aspects of her personality show, but I’m not complaining - everything she does show in “Annysia” is a pleasure to view.


“Catharios” starring Caprice A - a fine way to start the day…

Caprice A: Catharios, by Koenart, MetArt HD erotic movie

Do you have six minutes in your schedule to add a bit of enticing and exquisite beauty to your day? If your answer is “no,” you have my sympathy and I urge you to correct your situation as soon as possible. There’s more than a bit of truth to the expression “All work and no play makes John a dull boy,” after all.

But if you do have that brief amount time to spare, I suggest you spend it watching the recently released MetArt HD erotic movie titled “Catharios.” This highly enjoyable short subject packs an abundance of delectable beauty into its brief running time, and it’s filled with eye-pleasing imagery and sweetened by the fun and flirtatious nature of its young and luscious star.

That star, Caprice A, happens to be #1 in the MetArt Top Models rankings as I write these words, and this will come as no surprise to anyone with even a passing familiarity with this stunning young specimen. Facially and bodily Caprice A is truly exceptional, and her many MetArt still photo galleries are filled with evidence proving this point. But in “Catharios” we not only see all her beautiful physical attributes, we also get to experience her personality, and it’s every bit as enticing.

The “story” of director Koenart‘s creation is simple. Dressed in a short and sheer nightie over matching thong panties, a cup of coffee in hand, Caprice heads to the bathroom to perform her morning ritual. The model doesn’t pretend she’s alone, and shoots the first of many friendly, teasing glances at the camera at the 00:11 mark. Off comes the nightie. Then, at 00:53, as her panties come off, the smiles are even more energetic. Only a minute into the picture and I’m hopelessly smitten. That’s the power of a MetArt Top Model in action!

Caprice A then draws a bath, lathers up, rinses off, drinks some coffee - there’s nothing at all remarkable about what she does, but the fact that it’s Caprice doing it makes it extremely engaging entertainment. Notable moments range from revealing explicit close-ups (04:47), to a gleeful little outburst (4:42), and a beautiful moment in which Caprice rests her arms on a window sill and then turns her adorable attention to the camera (05:02).

My suggestion? See “Catharios” as soon as you can, it’s virtually guaranteed to enhance your day.


“Presenting” Zelda B - outdoor introduction/indoor intimacy…

Zelda B: Presenting, by Rylsky, a new model, in public and private

When MetArt contributor Rylsky introduces us to this fresh-faced new model she’s casually dressed, it’s in public, onlookers look on (the fellow in #004 stares at the camera in a way that suggests he’s used to being stared at, himself), and we get to know something of Zelda B in her natural environs.

After the ten images of the introduction, the setting and spirit changes completely. The remainder of the series takes place indoors, in a luxuriously appointed room decorated in rich, dark shades of brown: the leather upholstery of an overstuffed armchair, the wood of the floor and a side table, and the leather, button-tufted walls. Zelda B’s costume now consists solely of green blouse which is not long enough to hide the fact that she’s otherwise completely nude.

I admire this lack of inhibition in any pretty girl, but for a first time MetArt model it’s particularly impressive. There’s no warm-up phase here, no getting used to the camera - Zelda B is immediately comfortable showing us all she has to offer. We get explicit intimate close-ups (#054 and #066 are two prime examples) that showcase not only the model’s anatomy but also Rylsky’s nuanced art direction and lighting. These shots are nicely balanced by images that bring out Zelda B’s bright, girlish charm (#026, with the blouse worn as a flattering mini-skirt, and #107 smiling genuinely in an inverted stance).

There is the slightest air of inexperience to Zelda B’s performance in this series, but that is easily forgiven, and her charms easily outweigh what few trifling flaws might be present. And I do love the way she can take a “posey” pose, like the one she assumes in #074, and make it seem utterly spontaneous and natural with the beaming energy of her facial expression. Despite the explicit content, “Presenting” Zelda B tends to skew to the cute end of the scale, but in a moody, expressive shot like #047 this new MetArt model is nothing less than beautiful.


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From the MetArt Mailbox…

Indiana A: Panakia, by Luca Helios, commentary from a MetArt member

[MetArt member - and frequent blog commenter - hipshot13 recently submitted the following detailed evaluation of a MetArt erotic photo gallery. Whether or not you share his opinions, you can't help but appreciate the thought and effort that went into crafting this critique. And, whether you agree or disagree with hipshot's observations, please feel free to share your own opinions in the comments section following this, and every other post, on this blog. The more MetArt members we have participating in the dialog, the more valuable the conversation will be to one and all. - Adam]

In my time on MetArt I have seen many girls come and go. Some fade as they get older, a lot just disappear, while others seem ageless and don’t lose that glow at all. Some are very popular and then fade away, some linger for a good time. And there are a very, very small number that actually mature and become even better the longer they stay.

Indiana A is one of those rare women that improve over time. She’s been here for 4 years, done 42 galleries, and she’s always stayed near the Top 10. When she started, way back in December of 2008 at 19 years of age, she was a cute, feisty, somewhat devilish young thing. Red hair, fresh face, and a talent for making you think that she could really turn your world upside down. At 5’7″ and just over a hundred pounds she was the classic sugar and spice type. She was, and is, pretty, and she looked like someone who would be fun to be with. I found her to be as cute as a button, but I am a stickler for small firm breasts and hers never were. I was quite enamored with her for awhile but that one thing finally won out and I moved on to girls that fit my ideal more closely. Of course this is easy on MetArt because there are always new and even prettier models coming on board. Then yesterday Indiana A had yet another series debut and I realized that I had missed a bunch by simply passing over her sets.

Panakia,” featuring Indiana A, and photographed by Luca Helios, opened my eyes and made me realize that this little teen sprite has flowered into a sophisticated “new” model that I hardly recognized. All the impish, youth-driven cuteness has morphed into a stylish, elegant, wistful young woman with tons of wow factor. That cute little redhead is still there when she smiles, but she has so much more depth now and this makes her so much more mysterious and alluring. Luca Helios really did everything right in this set. The simple white backdrop with only a large vase of dried flowers highlights her beautifully oiled body in a very sophisticated way that really accents this new Indiana and brings out an innocent sexuality that is very moving, indeed. Even her breasts are better and I didn’t think that could happen. Time does indeed change things, and sometimes it is definitely for the better.

I like this “new” girl. A lot!


“Presenting” Melena A - brown eyed girl…

Melena A: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, brown eyed cutie/beauty

Feminine beauty, even though we recognize it instantly, is extremely difficult to quantify. Make a list of ten physical attributes that define beauty for you and compare it with a friend’s list. Chances are there would be some overlap, but it’s highly unlikely the lists would match. Everybody is different, and everybody has different tastes. And if we move away from the general topic of beauty to attempt and describe what constitutes a sub-category, in this case cuteness, the task becomes even more difficult. Like beauty, cuteness is something far greater than a combination of physical traits. It’s a spirit, an energy, personality, and other appealing intangibles.

But when I opened this debut MetArt erotic gallery I didn’t have to consult my notes or review any lists - Melena A is the very embodiment of cuteness. She’s quite beautiful, strikingly so, but I find her cuteness to be the overriding quality. The sparkle in those dark brown eyes, the smile that so often graces those ripe lips, the slightly mussed hair, and her carefree attitude all express a tempting cuteness I have difficulty resisting. Melena A is so cute, in fact, that I was almost surprised to learn that she’s a 22-year-old - to my eyes her cuteness subtracts 3 or 4 years from that figure.

And while we’re speaking of figures, Melena A happens to be blessed with a particularly fine one. She’s got long, graceful limbs, petite, dark-nippled breasts, exceptionally delicate details, and she’s got a slim waist and full, yet perfectly proportioned, hips. When you combine her physical beauty with her undeniable cuteness the effect is particularly pleasing.

Alex Sironi has a good grasp of Melena’s attributes and potential, and he’s styled the set and dressed her in a way that flatters her while also conveying a bit of her casual charm. She’s barefoot, wearing a sheer blouse, a bracelet and a necklace, and her makeup is subtle and natural. She’s seated on a small wrought iron bench draped with a piece of sheer yellow fabric, and that’s it. This simple arrangement allows the first time MetArt model’s beauty and cuteness to blossom for the lens in “Presenting” Melena A.


“Yperogi” starring Liza B - night moves…

Liza B: Yperogi, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie

Liza B became an instant favorite of mine the day, nearly two years ago, when I first wrote a post about one of her MetArt erotic galleries. The series I reviewed was shot in full sunlight, artfully augmented by artificial light sources. Those beautiful photos of a beautiful model were executed by Leonardo, who happens to have crafted the MetArt HD erotic movie I’ve just viewed.

Liza B, not surprisingly, is as beautiful as ever. But Leonardo’s styling and design of “Yperogi” are entirely different than that first set I mentioned. Here it’s late at night in a garden cloaked in inky shadows. Liza B is seated on a chair and a circle of light illuminates her and the wall in the background. Juggling the balance of light and dark is a challenge, but the result is a mysterious and evocative atmosphere. While there is little in the way of boldly explicit imagery in the production, critical details are still quite visible - Liza B’s piercing (the one south of the border) can be clearly observed in several shots.

I do think Leonardo hangs back a bit too far at times. The effect is aesthetically interesting as foliage in the foreground and the aforementioned shadows crowd the frame, but I’d much rather he’d gotten up close and personal with this particular model.

Whether she’s revealing her beautiful bosom, a mere 29 seconds into the film, or exposing her beautifully groomed goods a mere nine seconds later, Liza B is an erotic delicacy. And when she’s totally nude and we have the opportunity to view her magnificent body in motion it’s a genuine treat. Once more, closer views, and not just more explicit ones, would have enhanced my enjoyment of “Yperogi,” but what is here is certainly enjoyable in its own right. One brief sequence (right around the 5:50 mark) captures Liza’s striking face as she raises her hands above her head throwing shadows on her body in the process - it only lasts a few seconds, but it’s truly beautiful.


Exercise-induced Orgasms?

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“Krinos” starring Kira J - split personality…

Kira J: Krinos, by Rylsky, some public nudity then explicit inside pix

Don’t allow the title of this post cause you to jump to any conclusions about the model’s state of mind. Based solely on this set I can say that Kira J has a lively, warm, and engaging personality and I have no doubt it’s a delight to spend time in her company. Rather, the “split personality” I’m referring to is the nature of the erotic pictorial itself.

“Krinos” falls into two distinct parts. In the first 31 images we’re outdoors, on the street with cars passing by, and in a green, leafy park. In this section Kira J is wearing a short, figure-flattering dress in a vivid shade of French blue. She’s also wearing a necklace and a pair of black, open-toed, stiletto-heeled pumps. And we soon learn, thanks to a handful of up-skirt shots, that her outfit does not include panties.

While several shots in this first section don’t include any nudity, they are still extremely sexy and enjoyable. I get a real sense of how exciting it must have been - for both photographer Rylsky and his subject - to be shooting these erotic images “on the fly” and right out in the public eye. Non-nude favorites include #002 for Kira’s legs, ass and spontaneous smile; #010, a real traffic-stopper; #007, a playful breast-flash; and #026, an up-skirt shot, that’s beautifully lit, framed, posed, and which is brimming with the model’s sunny spirit.

The remainder of “Krinos” takes place indoors. Here the clothing, color scheme, and style are entirely different. While Kira J’s personality successfully makes the transition, these photos are far more “posey” than those in the opening group. They are, thanks to the privacy of the setting, considerable more explicit, as well. Lucky passersby on the street could only dream of getting a glimpse like those provided in #074 and #083 from the indoor session, for example.

Favorites from “Part 2″ of “Krinos” include #044 and #045, rear and front views of Kira J’s lean, toned, and shapely physique; #085, eyes closed and thinking happy thoughts; and #109, posed, yes, and somewhat formal, but very pretty nonetheless. What part of this gallery’s “split personality” to you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments, below.


SexArt Live this Sunday!

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“Acerca” starring Jackie D - a simple session in the studio…

Jackie D: Acerca, by Leonardo, simplicity and artistry in the studio

Although I’ve viewed, enjoyed, and praised the elaborate lighting and set designs employed in many erotic photo sets by prolific MetArt contributor Leonardo in the past, here he offers a simple, stripped-down treatment. The glossy white of the studio floor fades into a diffused white background. The lighting is uniform, with one stray highlight striking the model in just a handful of shots (see #066 for an example). The model is barefoot and dressed in a tight black lace dress in the first section of the series, and then totally nude with the unexpected addition of a pair of high heel sandals in the final images.

Appropriately for this simple setting, Jackie D is subtly styled. Her plump, luscious lips sport a slick, wet-look gloss, and her long, thick hair has a rich, almost damp, luster. Although the dress she’s wearing is essentially sheer, Jackie D still makes a show of taking it off in a prolonged tease - and she displays considerable delight in doing so. This model definitely looks like she’s enjoying herself, and she offers up both highly stylized poses, some seemingly dance-inspired, as well as relaxed, spontaneous expressions that range from gleeful to thoughtful.

Acerca” isn’t a set that hooked me instantly, but as I browsed through the collection and studied the obvious highlights I developed a finer appreciation both for the photography and for the subject. #015 is a fine showcase for Jackie D’s style, attitude, and that see-through dress. I love her sly expression in #051 as the dress comes off. Standing, with her back to the camera, in #063 we find a beautifully composed figure study. The pose in #093 is certainly stylized, but Jackie’s facial expression is wonderfully spontaneous and natural. Arching in a full bridge in #124 is impressive physically and photographically. And #134 wins with pure, natural, candid simplicity.


“Presenting” Charlotte Stokely - the “debut” of an established star…

Charlotte Stokely: Presenting, by Luca Helios, SexArt star at MetArt

While this is the first appearance at MetArt by Charlotte Stokely, she’s no stranger to the MetArt Network. She’s been a headline attraction at SexArt essentially from that site’s inception, and I reviewed one of her solo motion picture productions some four months ago for the SexArt blog - you’ll find my comments here.

For her MetArt debut Ms. Stokely has been teamed with prolific MetArt lensman Luca Helios. It’s a bright, sunny day, the vegetation suggests a Mediterranean location, and a swimming pool and fountain - complete with incontinent cherub statue - occupies the background. The model, in the foreground, is dressed for the balmy weather, and her costume consists of a short, stylish dress in a flattering shade of red and a pair of very high heeled platform sandals - a sexy and pleasingly minimal outfit.

Charlotte’s make-up is also pleasingly minimal, and very much in the MetArt style. In the SexArt movie I reviewed her eyes, in particular, reflected time spent in the stylist’s chair. Here her styling is much more natural - seldom a bad thing for a naturally beautiful girl. #014, an informal headshot, is one alluring example of this natural presentation.

With a total of 75 images, the gallery itself is somewhat brief, or perhaps compact is a better word. But, in terms of both poses and compositions, the model and photographer do provide a variety of shots in the collection. It’s difficult to resist the flirty pose and big smile in #005; her petite, stiff-nippled, bosom, shapely posterior, and long blonde hair (along with an intriguing facial expression) add obvious interest to #034; and explicit shots are plentiful - #044 and #058 are two favorites, the first captured from behind, the second a fetching full-frontal view.

If you only know Charlotte Stokely from her work at SexArt, “Presenting” gives you an opportunity to discover different aspects of her beauty and personality. And if this is your introduction to the model I can predict with some confidence that you’ll find her a welcome addition to the MetArt model roster.


Faster Download Speeds

MetArt is now using a global content delivery network -- this means everything you download and everything you stream should be much faster than before. Let us know at if you have any issues.


“Itinero” starring Lana L - a new model in motion…

Lana L: Itinero, by Platon Averin, MetArt HD erotic movie

New models appear at MetArt with a frequency no other erotic site can match - I never get tired of proudly trumpeting this fact. The vast majority of these newcomers first appear here in still photo sets, however, and it is relatively rare that a new model debuts in a MetArt HD erotic movie. And that’s precisely the case with Lana L in “Itinero.”

I’m always eager to view a new MetArt model, whether in stills or in a movie, but here I was also looking forward to experiencing the work of director Platon Averin. I first learned of Averin in a review written by MetArt member and frequent blog commenter hipshot13. Now I have my chance.

It’s only a matter of moments before I find myself being drawn into “Itinero.” The first couple of minutes find Lana L in a park-like setting, in a stylish outfit. The expression on her face as she reads a text message on her phone intrigues. And when she casually tidies her outfit there’s a very subtle suggestion of reverse striptease. I’m hooked.

Without warning the setting changes. Now Lana is in the lush countryside, wearing only a bright white satin bra and panties. Now the striptease - with a tantalizing extra helping of tease - proceeds in the proper direction. Lana L obviously has some experience in this erotic art, and Averin’s camera knows how to build up our anticipation with each new revelation.

Itinero” is very much a film, not simply a series of images haphazardly strung together. It doesn’t have much of a narrative or through-line, but there’s no question that it creates a mood and a sense of fantasy. And it makes a fine showcase for first-time MetArt model Lana L. Whether the sun is shining on her curvaceous and bronzed body, or she’s sashaying elegantly along a country road in the nude, she makes a strong impression in her premiere performance.


“Persy” starring Nelly A - a blonde delight in the twilight…

Nelly A: Persy, by Nudero, beautiful blonde in erotic outdoor art pix

It’s been nearly two years since I’ve had the distinct pleasure of viewing this model as well as the work of this photographer. And in the case of Nelly A and the artist with the descriptive name of Nudero, two years is too long!

Both model and photographer earned my admiration and respect when I commented on one of their collaborations, and they’ve returned to do exactly that once more in “Persy.” Shot in a grassy meadow in the fading light of the setting sun (with some artful assistance from a well utilized strobe light), this MetArt erotic gallery provides a fine natural setting for a truly fine blonde beauty.

There’s not a single prop to be found here, and Nelly A wears but a single piece of clothing - a man’s undershirt - and only briefly as the set opens. After that it’s the beautiful nude blonde interacting with Nudero‘s lens for the duration of the series. Facially, bodily, and in the strong but warm personality she projects, Nelly A is a treat. Her oval face is exceptionally pretty (#005), and her body is perfectly curvy without being overstated. She can deliver formal, stylized poses, but when she relaxes and follows her natural instincts (#049) her beauty and personality are magnetic (#060).

Whether she’s sitting ever-so-pretty and calmly regarding the lens (#033), jumping for joy (#102 and #103), or boldly displaying her succulent charms in detailed close-up (#108), I find it impossible to look away. And why would I? As I revealed when I first discovered Nelly A, I am quite fond of blonde. And in “Persy” Nelly proves, once more, that she’s a fine example of the breed.


“Ventalia” starring Macy B - introducing an overnight sensation…

Macy B: Ventalia, by Arkisi, 19-year-old beauty is overnight sensation

When a new model is added to the site and appears in her first MetArt erotic photo series, that series is nearly always titled “Presenting.” And so, as I viewed “Ventalia” I assumed it was the work of an experienced model - and nothing I found in the set indicated otherwise. This is a confident, polished, and extremely enjoyable performance by Macy B. Only when I realized that it was her MetArt debut did the full weight of her accomplishment become clear. This is a very impressive model, and an extremely impressive premiere!

I say that based on what I see here, based on my personal preferences and reactions. But I’m not alone in my approval! As I write, Macy B is sitting at #8 on the Top Model rankings - this 19-year-old beauty shot to her lofty position propelled by a wave of highly enthusiastic MetArt members. It’s no fluke, this Ukrainian newcomer has transitioned from debutante to overnight sensation in a virtual instant and her continued success and popularity seems assured.

The artist Arkisi appears to have enjoyed shooting this shapely newcomer. The setting is a clean-lined room in a high-rise building, an apartment with modern furnishings and a view of the urban environment. The light shining through floor-to-ceiling windows is natural but diffused, and it is particularly flattering to Macy B’s coloring - her long, very dark hair and smooth, warm skin tones are beautifully emphasized by the background palette.

Dressed in a black bra and skin-tight blue jeans Macy’s pleasingly pear-shaped physique is highlighted by a temptingly textbook pair of puffy nipples, a narrow waist, and a ripe and round derriere. Arkisi moves his model around the space in a way that not only allows Macy B to display herself from every angle, but which provides numerous opportunities for varied compositions. We have a sweet smile and a hint of things to come in #001, there’s undeniable cuteness as those pants come off in #021, a pair of pretty headshots in #033 and #034, and beautifully composed and posed images like #048. And those are only a few of the highlights here. “Ventalia” marks the arrival of an overnight sensation. I only hope Macy B doesn’t make us wait too long before appearing in more MetArt pictorials.


“Synantiso” starring Ksenya B - a beauty, a blossom, a brown background…

Ksenya B: Synantiso, by Antonio Clemens, a simple and satisfying set

In a world that can be chaotic and cacophonous, sometimes at the same time, art that quiets jangled nerves, reduces strain and stress, and reminds us of the simple pleasures life has to offer is invaluable. “Synantiso” invites us to spend time in the company of a beautiful girl in an uncomplicated, and easily appreciated artistic interlude.

The ingredients of this creation by Antonio Clemens are few: a single long-stemmed flower, a pair of frilly panties, a seamless backdrop in a rich shade of cocoa brown, and Ksenya B. With so few distractions it’s extremely easy to appreciate this lean, long-stemmed, long-haired blonde beauty.

I critiqued Ksenya B’s first MetArt erotic photo series, which was also shot by Mr. Clemens. That was nearly two years ago, and I’m somewhat surprised to find that this is only the model’s fourth MetArt gallery. But I’m happy to see that what I found so pleasing in her debut is still in evidence. I have one small complaint: Although there are a generous selection of images here, 152 in total, and a wide range of poses, Ksenya tends to utilize a single expression, with her head turned slightly to her right side, in shot after shot, even when the poses vary. Even so, she’s a pleasure to look at. As I said, a small complaint.

The simplicity of the set allows us ample opportunity to appreciate the model. #001 is both a nice introduction and a concise summary of the gallery, with the model standing tall on tiptoe. In #139, still on her toes, she squats and parts her thighs in one of the set’s most pleasing compositions. #010 is a very nice headshot, and #072 provides a close view of the model’s exquisitely delicate delights. I did also enjoy the sly, very subtle smile in #142. “Synantiso” hits painterly high points in #032 and #039, with Ksenya B at ease and reclining on the floor, two beautifully posed and artfully composed images.


“Mare” starring Lorena B - smiles of a summer day…

Lorena B: Mare, by Luca Helios, pretty beach/pretty girl/pretty pix

Due to the appealing power of her personality - and also to the fact that I’ve critiqued no fewer than five of her MetArt offerings - sitting down to view Lorena B in her latest pictorial feels like a welcome reunion with a cherished friend. This model exudes a natural warmth and charm that I find simply irresistible.

Like the another Luca Helios photo set I recently commented on, this one takes place on a scenic stretch of beach, but this time the lensman has his subject positioned in full sunshine, and the difference is dramatic. In “Mare” the rugged beauty of the setting and Lorena B are both fully and naturally illuminated, in a way that, as I mentioned at the time, would have benefited the other seaside series.

Lorena B is a seasoned professional. She is well practiced and confident when she’s in front of the camera. This is both an asset, and to a far lesser degree, a bit of a liability. There are some images in this collection that are a touch too “posey” for my liking. On the other hand, there are dozens of shots that are absolutely spontaneous and sincere, and these captured moments are almost infectiously enjoyable. Have a look at numbers 032, 077, 089, and 092, and see if you don’t agree.

And beautiful, bright, beaming smiles are not the only highlights here. In numbers 058 and 095 we find Lorena B in a somewhat more subdued, slightly mellower mood, and this results in two truly beautiful headshots. And, if I may mention another favorite, I have to single out #076 - I suspect this shot will be employed as a desktop image on countless computers, capturing as it does the natural splendor of the location with the beauty and high spirits of the model. In “Mare” the weather is beautiful, and the water is as warm and inviting as the model.


“Zengin” starring Elle D - the beauty of simplicity…

Elle D: Zengin, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movie

Working with the relatively short running time of a typical MetArt HD erotic movie, a director has a few basic creative options. He can dress his model and his set with elaborate costumes and props to add as much visual interest as possible. He can have the model attempt to act out a story or narrative, however scant it may be. Or he can simply try to capture and convey the beauty of the model, keeping non-essential elements at the bare minimum. Leonardo has taken the latter route here, and it was a wise choice, indeed.

Elle D is totally nude for the duration of the film. She is barefoot, as well, and a long necklace hangs from her graceful neck. In what qualifies as the only “costume change” in the film a second necklace appears at various times, adding a subtle bit of visual variety. And - wow! - is Elle D ever beautiful! In every respect, this model is simply breathtaking. Her face, her slender but wonderfully shapely body, her spirit, her screen presence are all exceptional. And it’s Elle’s beguiling beauty that makes Leonardo’s approach to this movie so singularly effective. A model this attractive doesn’t need special effects or gimmickry. With a creative talent manning the camera and Elle D in front of it, success seems all but assured.

And “Zengin” is, in my unequivocal opinion, most definitely a success. As it begins Elle D walks slowly towards the camera, and she’s either standing or bent over at her trim waist for the opening minutes. By the end of the production we’ve seen her straddling a railing and seated on the tiled floor. And, as an eye-pleasing bonus, we’re treated to close and frequent views of her delectable intimate bits. Whether she’s caught from behind in explicit detail (1:56), leaning off the balcony to smell the flowers (4:26), or shooting the camera a coy, cute smile (5:52), Elle D is a delight. In “Zengin” director Leonardo harnesses the beauty of simplicity to showcase a simply beautiful woman, and the result is exceptional.


“Mojave” starring Margot A - on the sandy shore of a blue lagoon…

Margot A: Mojave, by Luca Helios, freckled femme on shaded sands

I have no formal training in the art or technology of photography. I have studied and dabbled in the medium on a strictly casual, amateur level. But I know enough to have abundant respect for those individuals who elevate photography to an art form. There is an immense gulf between simply “taking a picture” and creating something worthy of the descriptor “art.”

Let me add that I consider a major part of my assignment as MetArt blogger in residence to look for the good and praise it. Yet there are those times when I find myself questioning the choices an artist I respect makes with a particular gallery. “Mojave,” by Luca Helios, and starring Margot A, is one such gallery. The model is attractive, even striking in certain respects, and the location in scenic and intriguing. But certain choices Mr. Helios makes here compromise the collection.

Margot A poses on the sand at the edge of a vast lagoon, first in a pink bikini, and then totally nude. The shoreline, water, and landscape visible in the background is bathed in bright sunlight. The plot of sand Margot occupies is in shadow, however, lending a muted quality to the entire set. Without a towel or blanket to pose on Margot is soon covered to one degree or another with sand. Some may find this appealing. But anyone who has had the pleasure of sex on the beach - the act, not the cocktail - will tell you that gritty sand, moist femininity and sexual activity can make for an uncomfortable mix. This may be a personal problem. A little sand can certainly create a sense of place and convey the atmosphere. Here I feel that it “dirties up” the model. Oh, and Luca gets a little crazy with the tilting camera here, as well. With a crisp horizon line in the background how does the off-kilter composition enhance a shot like #056?

Margot A’s face is heavily freckled. I don’t mind this type of complexion, and her face, beautiful blue eyes, and smile are flatteringly framed by long, dark hair. She’s pretty, but with a natural, fit, active appeal. My main complaint is that she’d come across much more effectively if the artist had made some different decisions in the concept and execution of “Mojave.”

Those are my opinions, and you’re welcome to correct, condemn, or corroborate them. Please share your thoughts in the comments, below.


Charlotte and Lexi on Sunday!

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“Aegean” with Helen H - let’s face it…

Helen H: Aegean, by Leonardo, dark-haired beauty with long, lean body

Take a look at the very first photograph in this MetArt erotic gallery. That too-short little black slip provides a tantalizing glimpse. The stiletto-heeled sandals add a sexy and leg-lengthening accent. The upright pose, hands tugging at her shoulder straps, emphasizes a strong and confident presence. And that face, framed by long, dark, wavy hair is undeniably alluring. The setting itself is pleasing, another view of a location the photographer has used many times before. And the colors - landscaping, architecture, sea, and sky - are particularly harmonious.

And yet I still find a little something missing. After working my way through the set I think it has something to do with Helen H‘s emotional range. She is a beautiful, sexy girl, but she tends to operate in a very narrow span of expression. She parts her ripe lips in something short of a smile revealing beautifully white teeth in the process, and she arches her right eyebrow. I imagine this is supposed to be a provocative, teasing look, but shot after shot it becomes a bit repetitious. In a shot like #029 that facial expression is the only thing that diminishes an otherwise pleasing photograph. It’s sexy, to a degree, but it also feels somehow put on.

This isn’t one of photographer Leonardo‘s flashier sets (no pun intended). The seasoned image maker puts his subject through a respectable variety of poses and, as mentioned, the setting is so pleasing in its own right that when everything comes together the results are truly fine. A shot like #018, is a beautifully balanced composition, and I particularly like how Helen’s upright body obscures and replaces the column behind her as the predominant vertical element in the frame.

Yes, there are some odd moments, particularly those where the model is standing in direct sunlight. And that ice bucket seems a touch too contrived when it appears late in the set. “Aegean” does end on a high note, however (see #111). Here Helen H reclines, totally nude and barefoot, on a chair. Her pose and the lighting brings out the natural beauty of her body. And, most importantly, her face, viewed in partial profile, is relaxed. No arched eyebrow, no toothy smile, just a beautiful woman in appealing repose. That’s more like it.


“Pecado” starring Violla A - a wench in the woodlands…

Violla A: Pecado, by Matiss, explicit poses and extreme close-ups

The first time I commented on a MetArt erotic photo gallery featuring Violla A she had dyed her hair a particularly vivid shade of orange. Although I quite enjoyed her performance and the set in general, I felt that her hair color might put some viewers off the series. In this pictorial I’m happy to say that Violla now sports a somewhat more natural color, one that flatters the model rather than drawing attention away from her other attributes.

Generally speaking, there are very few distractions in the photographer’s design and execution of “Pecado.” The model is totally nude and barefoot throughout. She does use a piece of fabric or clothing as a ground cover in several images, but other than that, a colorful manicure and earrings made of a single feather complete her costume.

The location is a forest. Much of the gallery has Violla situated among the gnarled branches and roots of a toppled tree. There is much visual interest and texture to work with here, and, to her credit, Violla seems completely comfortable in what isn’t necessarily a comfortable area. Violla A has a warm, lively, and fun-loving personality that really comes across in these photos. She laughs, she smiles, and she speaks volumes with her exceptionally beautiful eyes.

She is also completely free and at ease with her body and she seems to delight in striking the most explicitly revealing poses possible. Even at some distance these poses are bold and enticing, and when Matiss moves in for intimate close-ups the detail is truly exceptional. Better keep the fire crew on high alert - in “Pecado” Violla A is more than capable of igniting an erotic inferno.


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    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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