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“Elle’s First Movie” starring Elle B - an enjoyable item from the archives…

Elle B: First Movie, by Volkov, MetArt HD erotic movie

Rather than review the most recently released MetArt HD erotic movie, this week I decided to pick a film, more or less at random, from among the many titles in the MetArt archives. I might have picked a movie featuring a model who is still active on the site, but I deliberately looked for a model who I hadn’t seen before. As a bonus, the director of the film I picked is one I have little experience with. So I get to discover a “new” model and a (more or less) “new” artist.

The movie contains a few pleasant surprises. The first one comes before I’ve even started watching it when I realize that it’s over 18 minutes in length. Compared to the typical MetArt short film, that’s almost an epic! The next surprise comes in the form of Elle B - the moment she appears on screen I know I’ve made an excellent choice.

Much has changed, stylistically and technologically, since “Elle’s First Movie” was released back in early 2007, and I honestly haven’t seen any other MetArt movies that are directly comparable. It is, in its way, a behind-the-scenes movie, in that Volkov essentially films Elle as she moves through a variety of poses. But they are alone in the room, the director is manning the camcorder and there are no still photos being taken simultaneously. However, it does appear that the movie was shot in the same room, most likely on the same day, as Elle’s very first MetArt still gallery.

The film begins with director and actress exchanging a few brief pleasantries. A mere 26 seconds after it begins, Volkov politely asks: “Could you please take off your clothes?” Elle cheerfully complies and she’s totally nude before a minute has elapsed. She then puts on a two-piece outfit and proceeds to pose in it and then out of it for the remainder of the production. This is a lively, cute, sexy, and talented model and she does an excellent job of showing off her body as well as giving us some idea of her appealing personality.

Elle’s First Movie” has served to introduce me to a beautiful new model and I will be exploring the 29 remaining galleries and films in her portfolio in the immediate future. And it’s also reminded me that, while it’s easy to get distracted by the newest and the latest additions to the site, the MetArt archives are filled with vast quantities of amazing erotic art just waiting to be enjoyed.


“Calendula” starring Dame Wright - flashy in the pantry…

Dame Wright: Calendula, by Arkisi, blonde starlet + pretty pink

Even when fully dressed Dame Wright is an arresting sight. With her blonde hair styled with a bit of 70s flair and her big, dark blue eyes, she definitely captures one’s attention. Dame has a dramatic, stylized, big-screen type of beauty that calls to mind Wonder Woman or a character from Charlie’s Angels. And that quality makes the setting - a small kitchen - seem just a bit curious.

Arkisi has chosen to have Dame reveal her body from bottom to top. In #018 there’s a playful “peek-a-boo” expression on her face as she lifts the hem of her filmy shift to expose her shapely hips and other, clean-shaven areas of interest. We’re also treated to up-close investigations of Dame’s pink and succulent sections early on (see #032 and #046).

Dame Wright isn’t prone to the broad, dramatic gestures or expressions her flashy outward appearance might suggest. There’s a quiet, subtle quality to much of the emotion on display here along with a kittenish cuteness (#043).

As I’ve mentioned, a kitchen seems a somewhat unlikely backdrop for such a glamorous girl, but it’s perhaps a tribute to her looks and talent that Dame Wright pulls it off so well. Even when she gets down on the tile floor - hardly a glamorous or flattering spot - she manages to radiate real film star energy. You can absolutely see it in a floor-bound pin-up like #111, and her facial and bodily beauty are both splendidly captured when she happily performs a shoulder bridge off the tiles in #115 and #116.

This is only Dame Wright’s second MetArt erotic photo gallery, and both of them were shot by Arkisi. My suggestion, humbly offered, is for model and photographer to find a setting that more closely matches Dame’s style and spirit for future sessions - this type of beauty deserves a better backdrop than the simple kitchen of “Calendula.”


“Bregdet” with Irina K - nude girl on a blustery beach…

Irina K: Bregdet, by Ivan Harrin nude girl on a blustery beach

The term “nude beach” calls to mind sun-kissed bodies, the warmth of the sea and sand, and a sense of freedom both personal and sexual. In the MetArt erotic photo gallery titled “Bregdet” we have a nude girl, and we have a beach, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, but there is a chill in the air and the wind gusts and buffets the model and reddens the tip of her nose. A beautiful fall or early winter day, yes, but perhaps not exactly ideal for nude, erotic photography.

To her credit, Irina K performs like a complete professional throughout the gallery. To my eyes she absolutely looks like she’s cold, but she never once indicates or signals that she’s chilly. And considering the fact that a chunky bracelet is her sole piece of “clothing” for the entire set, that’s quite a performance.

Ivan Harrin places his subject in three distinct zones on this desolate and windswept stretch of pebble-strewn shoreline. Initially Irina strolls and lolls down at the water’s edge. Perhaps my favorite shot from this group is #002 as Irina walks along, both hands in her hair, eyes averted. Next Irina moves to a white towel on soft sand backed by a grassy thicket. These are the “warmest” shots in the collection, both in terms of ambient temperature and in explicitness. For the conclusion of “Bregdet” Irina moves to the top of the bluffs overlooking her two previous locations. The natural beauty and drama of the setting makes a fine backdrop in a shot like #108, but the sense of chill is very nearly palpable. I can easily imagine Irina K, bundled up and in the car after the shoot turning to the photographer and suggesting, politely, that their next session together be in the cozy confines of a well-heated studio.


“Presenting” Emily Bloom - another new nubile unveiled…

Emily Bloom: Presenting, by Arkisi - cute & sweet plus explicit heat

For the second post in a row I have the particularly pleasurable privilege of reviewing the premiere pictorial of a new MetArt model. New model debuts are a treat to be savored, and while it’s also rewarding to watch an established talent refine and practice her craft, there can only be one first time, which makes these sets uniquely enjoyable.

That is absolutely and unquestionably true of Emily Bloom‘s first pictorial at MetArt. And it’s not simply that she’s a very appealing young girl. I’ve seen plenty of debut sets in which the model was attractive but her actual modeling skills were lacking. That’s not the case here, at all! Emily Bloom has physical beauty in abundance, but she’s also a confident and skilled model.

To enhance this first offering further, the artist Arkisi has subtly but skillfully constructed the set so that it follows something of a mini-narrative. There is a story here, and an arc, and it allows the model to show off different aspects of her personality.

The beginning, middle, and end of this “story” consist of: Emily posing in the doorway of a bathroom. She’s wearing a little black dress (or is it a nightie?) and the implication is that she’s finished preparing for bed. Here Emily’s young, girlish cuteness is beautifully captured in shots like#008. In the “middle” of the story, as her clothes come off, she displays not only more of her curvaceous body, but more of her personality - I love the calm, thoughtful expression in #053, for example.

The final segment of the “story” finds Emily on the bed, totally nude, and brazenly displayed. The transformation of the innocent cutie in the doorway to the splayed and tempting siren on the sheets is truly dramatic. Of these suggestive, explicit images #087 is a favorite, as are succulent close-ups like #108 and #109, as well #106, a graphic pin-up. “Presenting” Emily Bloom marks the arrival of a talented and most welcome new addition to MetArt.


“Presenting” Rinna A - locked lips and stiff nips…

Rinna A: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, MetArt model makes nude debut

The first three images in this debut MetArt gallery provide an inviting introduction to first time model Rinna A. It was only after viewing the series in its entirety that I realized those three shots also foreshadow one of the model’s signature traits that I mention in the title of this post.

Rinna A has exceptionally beautiful lips. They’re ripe, they’re full, they’re shapely. But with only a couple of exceptions, those lips remain firmly closed - by my casual count she opens her mouth only two times in the entire pictorial. So resolute is her refusal to part those pretty lips that I got the feeling that she might have a mouthful of braces. She does smile broadly enough in #074 to reveal a gleaming row of pearly whites, however, so I am at a loss to explain exactly why those lovely lips are locked.

I can’t explain with certainty why the nipples of Rinna’s pert and petite breasts are so prominently and eye-catchingly erect throughout the set, either, but this feature is far easier to enjoy than the mystery of this model’s mouth. While those prominent protuberances are visible in nearly every topless or nude shot in the set, Alex Sironi devotes several detailed images to the tantalizing twins, of which #090 is one fine example.

In “Presenting,” Rinna A projects a surprisingly wide range of expressions for a (presumed) first-time model - a fact made even more surprising when one considers the limited expressive options her locked lips create. She can look polished and glamorous, she can look relaxed and casual, and she peppers the set with many unexpected and varied looks. I’m intrigued by her expression in #021, even if (or perhaps because) I can’t quite tell what she’s thinking. I love her glamorous look in #023, with her lips just barely parted. And her green eyes and luscious lips are highlights of #068 and #108. If she can better integrate her mouth into her modeling I expect Rinna A to earn a devoted following in the future.


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“Chora” starring Feeona A - sweetness by the sea…

Feeona A: Chora, by Rylsky - outdoor nudes of an all-around beauty

There’s a light, dreamy quality to the MetArt erotic photo series titled “Chora.” Much of this is due to the soft, hazy sunlight that illuminates the seaside setting and subject. Of course, that subject is Feeona A, and this fair-haired doll has a cherubic charm and angelic beauty that lends itself well to this type of presentation.

This is the only the second Feeona A series by Rylsky where the photographer has chosen to shoot her outside. And it’s interesting to compare his style and technique in a natural setting with his previous studio work. It seems to me that Rylsky understands the strengths and weaknesses of each location. In the studio he takes full advantage of the technology available. But in the picturesque location of “Chora” he takes a step back and lets the beauty of nature play a larger role. This isn’t landscape photography by any measure, but the photography is of a much simpler, natural style than his studio work.

My affection for Feeona A dates back to her MetArt debut. Since that happy occasion I’ve critiqued three - count ‘em: one, two, and three - more of her pictorials, and they never fail to delight. “Chora” didn’t bowl me over at first, however. It did take me a little while to adjust to the style here which, as already noted, is different than the previous sets. But, gradually, artist and model worked their usual magic and earned my praise and admiration once more.

Picking favorites in a Feeona A set is always a challenge, but let me mention these few: on her knees, explicitly exposed, and smiling in #031. The fantasy element of the series is well represented by #061. The sun shines just a bit brighter in #091 and captures the model during a quiet, thoughtful moment. The smile in #106, fully “dressed,” is wonderful. And the set ends with another smile, this time with an entirely candid, spontaneous quality.


“Logio” starring Karen A - for fans of furry femmes…

Karen A: Logio, by Karl Sirmi, sexy, slim, petite and fully furry fox

When it comes to women in general, and MetArt models in particular, I like to think I have catholic tastes. I have my opinions and my personal preferences, but I don’t really “run to a type” or have too many rules or regulations in terms of what I like. But I realize that others do. For some a tattoo is a deal-breaker, for others it might be big breasts, for somebody else flat-chested girls might be a turn-off. Hair, specifically the pubic and axillary varieties, is another polarizing topic. Some are aroused by a hirsute female, others repulsed. The clean-shaven style has never been more popular than it is now, and this makes the unshaven model stand out like, well, a lush, luxurious bush in the middle of a barren desert. Which, by no coincidence, brings us to “Logio.”

The star of this MetArt erotic pictorial, Karen A, is proudly and profoundly furry. Both armpits host fuzzy patches and south of the border, front and back, she sports a thick, dark pelt. Some will love the look, others will not. I’ve been spoiled by the seemingly endless parade of barbered beauties at MetArt and elsewhere, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Karen A with no hair there sometime, but I must say that this girl has a charm and allure that is more than worthy of your attentions - don’t let that bush blind you to her considerable talent.

This is the first Karl Sirmi series I’ve viewed - it’s only his third MetArt contribution - but I’m favorably impressed with his style and technique. Although the model is a girl-next-door type she’s a hot one, and Sirmi has put her in a bedroom setting that allows her to tease and tempt us quite effectively. There’s a dreamy, sexy, steamy undercurrent in much of the set, and whether Karen’s eyes are closed (#018), seductively heavy-lidded (#024), or wide open (#030) she radiates intriguing energy. Two favorites, which couldn’t be less alike, include #020, Sirmi’s wonderful figure study, and #110, where Karen A raises her ass high off the mattress and smiles spontaneously and invitingly.

My thoughts? Fur-lovers will love it. Bald-boosters, well, not so much. But I urge you to look past the curls and check out the girl: this petite, slender vixen has quite a lot to offer.


“Presenting” Zemira A - fortune smiles once more…

Zemira A: Presenting, by Rylsky, blonde beauty makes MetArt nude debut

MetArt members are a fortunate bunch. Not only do they have unfettered access to the world’s largest collection of erotic photography and thousands of beautiful nude models, they also get to enjoy the hundreds of new images that are added to the site daily, as well as the constant arrival of fresh modeling talent. As much as I love my favorite MetArt girls, there’s something uniquely exciting about discovering a new model - it’s one of the real perks of membership in this unique site. And the subject of this post, a recent new arrival making her MetArt debut, is a very exciting discovery, indeed.

Prolific and popular contributing artist Rylsky once told me that he prefers not to work with girls represented by the local modeling agencies. He did not, however, tell me where he finds his subjects. In the case of his most recent discovery, I don’t need to know where he found her, I’m just glad he did! Zemira A is the type of girl who earns instant and enthusiastic approval. She is absolutely adorable in her sheer pink nightie, but she’s also exceptionally beautiful. She has a bright, girlish charm, but she also exhibits a sultry, mature, sensuality. Her oval face is framed by waves of golden hair and rests on a long, graceful neck. Her breasts are high, round, and in perfect proportion to her shape. Viewed at a distance or in explicit close-up Zemira A delights.

For a (presumably) inexperienced model, Zemira acquits herself quite well here. Rylsky has kept the design and execution of the series rather simple, perhaps to put his model at ease or to allow him to work with her instead of devoting too much attention to technical concerns. One thing that comes as something of a surprise in “Presenting Zemira A” is Zemira’s emotional range. This isn’t at all a theatrical performance, but as the series unfolds she displays an impressive emotional and expressive range - compare the thoughtful mood in #048 with the bright, smiling energy in #049, and you’ll see what I mean (#011 and #012 offer a similar illustration). I love her attitude in #069, towering over the camera, and a shot like #114 packs a genuine erotic punch. To say that I’m eager to see more of Zemira A is an understatement, and I can’t be the only one who feels this way.


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“Prokopi” starring Semmi A - erotic and enjoyable implications…

Semmi A: Prokopi, by Alex Iskan, MetArt HD erotic movie

I evaluated Semmi A’s very first MetArt erotic gallery. While the photographer’s approach to that set struck me as somewhat odd at the time, there was no doubt in my mind that this was a beautiful and talented model. When I had the opportunity to critique a subsequent series I was once again impressed by Semmi, but the gallery had a distinctly strange quality that was distracting, at the very least. Now I have the chance to comment on Semmi A’s debut MetArt HD erotic movie. I can’t help but wonder if it will share the curious qualities of the two sets I’ve seen.

The short answer, thankfully, is “no.” “Prokopi” was directed by Alex Iskan, who also shot the second set I mentioned, above, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. But from the moment it began I had a good feeling about this movie - and that feeling was confirmed throughout the production. Yes, the film does contain one completely inexplicable element, but it is brief, it doesn’t detract from the overall quality, and I will discuss it later in this critique.

With just over ten minutes to work with Alex Iskan doesn’t have time to waste. So, with remarkable skill and economy, he sets up the “story” of “Prokopi” very simply. Semmi A, wearing a matching bra and panties set, stands at a wall of windows and ties back the heavy curtains. The implication is that it’s morning and she’s getting ready to start her day. And this particular day is going to begin with a bit of leisurely auto-erotic pleasure, made even more pleasurable by a subtly implied act of exhibitionism.

As the title of this post suggests, “Prokopi” relies on the artful implication of things that can’t be captured on film or shown on the screen. The act of slowly stripping out of her lingerie is a beautifully lensed act of foreplay. Once she’s nude the sliding, caressing, exploring hands that Semmi sends across her flawless skin, and below her waist, do nothing less than suggest that she’s masturbating. Masturbating and enjoying every minute of it! And realize that she’s doing this on a sofa in front of windows facing out on another building. Who knows how many strangers have a view of her activities? The thought adds an undercurrent of highly charged exhibitionist/voyeuristic energy that gives the film real heat from beginning to end.

Before I run out of space let me make some points quickly and concisely. Semmi A is a physical delight. She moves with natural ease, she plays her role with skill and grace, and when she interacts with the camera (the smile at 2:42, for example) it’s entirely genuine. Alex Iskan’s lighting, art direction, concept, and camerawork are all exemplary - this is a beautiful piece of erotic film making. Oh, but what’s up with that can of whipped cream? I find it totally extraneous and totally unnecessary in this totally entertaining effort.


“Supro” starring Jennifer Mackay - casting couch…

Jennifer Mackay: Supro, by Arkisi, busty blonde nude 19yo sexy art pix

A pink leather sofa is the principle posing platform in “Supro,” and the MetArt model doing that posing definitely has star quality. If we think of that sofa as a “casting couch,” and the role in question required the skills and beauty of a bosomy, long-legged, doe-eyed, long-haired blonde, Jennifer Mackay would easily conquer the competition and win the part.

While the name Jennifer Mackay has a distinctly British flavor, this blonde nubile is from Ukraine, not the UK. There’s been some discussion in the comments on the unique beauty of models from this country, and Jennifer is certainly no exception. Absent biographical information or context, I might even have guessed she was American, but regardless of national origin, this is an impressively beautiful girl.

Arkisi‘s set design is colorful and relatively simple. The walls of the room are painted a bold blue/lavender and several red apples are placed on a glass coffee table in front of the couch. Jennifer’s costume consists of just two pieces - a colorful necklace and a pair of patterned pantyhose. Although there are relatively few elements, there’s a slightly “busy” look to the setting, but the colors somehow combine in a way that flatters the model.

Jennifer Mackay does tend to operate in a fairly narrow expressive range, but there’s something natural and unforced about her presentation despite this fact. And when she does choose to gift us with something slightly more spontaneous, as she does in #050, the result is subtle yet wonderfully engaging. Beyond her physical charms, and they are many and quite splendid, I think Ms. Mackay, a mere 19-year-old, has considerable potential as she experiments with and expands her emotional/expressive scope.

What follows is a small sample of superior images from “Supro.” Standing topless in her tights, on tiptoes, one hand in her long, wavy hair and one hand on her hip, in a tempting three-quarter profile shot. #016, a headshot that emphasizes the model’s youth along with her dark-eyed beauty. #038, a beautifully framed and lit shot of Jennifer’s intimate bits. #076, a painterly image of feet and toes against the grain of the hardwood floor. And for true painterly artistry, #095, which I’ve titled “Still Life with Apple and Peach.”


“Neotita” starring Gwen A - moody, mysterious, and mouthwatering…

Gwen A: Neotita, by Samo Mervar, moody and mouthwatering MetArt model

This is one of those MetArt erotic galleries that took a while to make sense to me. And that’s surprising in view of the fact that I had nothing but praise for a previous set produced by this model and artist.

I made note of shot #006, describing Gwen A’s attitude and expression as “dour” and “serious.” And that impression stayed with me through much of the set. But as I grew accustomed to Gwen’s somewhat somber presentation I was able to focus on her physical beauty and the quality of the photography. If my first reaction to “Neotita” was cool, by the time I’d reached the end of the gallery it had warmed up considerably!

I was so intrigued by Gwen A‘s muted performance here that I took a quick look at her portfolio. And I must tell you I was surprised to see a handful of her covers in which she’s smiling exuberantly. In several early sets she appears totally nude in public settings, and gleefully exposes her beautiful all to dozens of lucky passersby. While she may be in a somewhat serious mood in “Neotita,” this model is one high-spirited, adventurous, daring, and playful individual.

And the word “shy” doesn’t appear to be included in her vocabulary, either. Gwen A’s intimate anatomy is delicate and inviting, and Samo Mervar accepts that invitation to create some truly mouthwatering explicit close-ups. But Mervar also takes time to capture the entire woman - from tight shots of feet and sexy shoes (#004 and #005) to Gwen’s beautiful breasts (#025), to intriguing figure studies like #049 which captures her hips and torso artfully, and on to full-length images (#031 and #034, both standing shots) that showcase Gwen’s lean yet shapely build.

Let me mention two additional favorite images in “Neotita.” #015, a frank, direct headshot, fully captures the moody intensity Gwen displays through much of the series. And #055, a beautiful, almost painterly composition, shot from above, with her eyes hidden, captures the quiet mystery that makes this model and this set so intriguing.


“Teraso” with Karina O - the invisible and indispensable ingredient…

Karina O: Teraso, by Koenart, young blonde babe in explicit erotic pix

Take a moment and think about a few of your favorite MetArt erotic photo galleries. Apart from questions of physical beauty, I’d be willing to wager that what makes your favorite galleries so appealing is something that’s essentially intangible: the model’s personality. It’s a look in the eyes, the way she presents herself, the tilt of her head, and the expression on her lips. And binding all these variables together is an energy. We recognize it when we see it, but it’s nearly impossible to define or describe. And we absolutely notice it when it’s absent. When we describe a model as “photogenic” I think this is the elusive quality we’re describing, this energy, the ability to project a personality from a live photo session to a still, inanimate photograph.

I realize her hair color will please some and alienate others, but Karina O is certainly a pretty girl. If she is perhaps just a touch over-styled here that is explained and excused when I read her bio - Karina is a professional hair and make-up stylist, and I have no doubt she handled those tasks in preparation for this set. Her body is petite and beautifully proportioned, the details, top to bottom and front to back, are all eye-pleasing, and her blue eyes are truly eye-catching. But…

But Karina O keeps her personality, that engaging, irresistible energy, under wraps in much of “Teraso.” Perhaps it is the stylist in her that is used to studying faces (both her own and those of her clients) and who knows just what to do to achieve that perfect look. Sadly, Karina’s “perfect look,” while certainly pretty, is somewhat limited. It only varies subtly from image to image, and it doesn’t allow for much in the way of spontaneity or warmth.

Would it have been effective if photographer Koenart had asked his subject to perform a few jumping jacks between exposures to shake her up and bring out more of her authentic qualities? Nod your pretty head! Mess up your perfect hair! Show us who you are, not what you want us to see! There are plenty of pretty pictures here, don’t get me wrong, from explicit to demure, the artist provides complete coverage. But the invisible ingredient is in short supply.

Teraso” ends with a pleasant surprise, however. In the last ten shots Karina is outdoors, in street clothes, hair down, scrubbed of make-up, and is projecting far more of her natural personality. The trick for this young beauty is to bring that appealing quality to future shoots!


“Mirtia” starring Sophia E - return of a talented team…

Sophia E: Mirtia, by Koenart wholesome beauty in explicit nude pix

When this MetArt erotic photo set crossed my desk I was immediately reminded of Sophia E’s premiere gallery. And before I looked at “Mirtia” I look another look at this model’s MetArt debut. That’s when I remembered that Sophia’s first MetArt gallery was also the first pictorial that photographer Koenart ever submitted to the site - it was a “double debut” and I was impressed by both the model and the artist.

“Mirtia” is Sophia E’s fifteenth MetArt pictorial. Even more impressively, it’s Koenart‘s 149th contribution - that works out to about six photo sets and/or MetArt HD erotic movies a month on average, definitely a prolific artist.

Koenart is the only MetArt photographer that Sophia E has posed for, and one gets the sense that they have the kind of comfortable rapport that can only be developed over time. I don’t imagine that there was a lot of “direction” done here - the artist has an idea of what he wants to achieve during the session and the model goes about giving it to him with the ease of an experienced professional.

Let me get one minor gripe out of the way. Koenart does tend to get a little “tilt-happy” here. In some shots I can ignore it, but in several it simply doesn’t make sense. In #073 Sophia’s pose and presentation are flawless, but the off-kilter angle combined with the strong vertical elements directly behind her compromise the image. #088 has a similar, almost fun house flavor. Odd.

This stylistic flaw wouldn’t matter if the model wasn’t so beautiful and charming. From modest headshots (#013 and #048 are both gems) to explicit anatomical close-ups, Sophia E simply delights the eyes. She can be an inventive poser (#064 and #119, for example), she’s comfortable exposing every inch of her inviting body, and she radiates a particularly alluring brand of vibrant energy. In “Mirtia” this model/artist team demonstrate, once more, how well they work together.


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“Neired” with Belinda A - background music for the eyes…

Belinda A: Neired, by Platon Averin, MetArt HD erotic movie

A relative newcomer to the MetArt talent roster - he made his first contribution to the site in September of this year - Platon Averin is also one of the few artists here who only works in video. He first came to my attention when guest blogger hipshot13 reviewed Averin’s MetArt debut, and I enjoyed the Averin creation I reviewed shortly thereafter. Even so, I find his latest effort somewhat puzzling.

There’s no question that Platon Averin has a style of his own and the technical skills to put that style on the screen. “Neired” is certainly stylish, but I wonder if it isn’t a bit too languid in its pacing and a too limited in its scope. There was the slightest hint of a story to the first Averin-directed film I saw, but there isn’t a shred of narrative or even the merest suggestion of a story here, it’s just pretty moving images of a pretty girl.

Wearing pink platform sandals and a pink knit dress, Belinda A stands in the middle of a long stretch of two lane road posing and playing seductively to the camera. A low stone wall runs along the road and she does some posing there, as well, and behind her there’s a large body of water, a lake perhaps. Bit by bit she reveals herself - she’s a tease, yes, but she doesn’t hold back on some fairly explicit views.

The dress doesn’t come completely off until around the five minute mark, and by this point Belinda A has moved down to the long, paved ramp leading to the water’s edge. Posing continues, and Belinda displays not only an appealing body but plenty of seductive charm, as well. But I still feel that something is missing, some spark of energy, a jolt of unexpected drama or suggestive mystery - just something more.

The model herself and the style and imagery of “Neired” are all pleasing and pleasant, but I have to ask if too much subtlety is a weakness and if overdone understatement is a flaw. This film isn’t at all like a hit song you can’t get out of your head, it’s more like background music for the eyes, enjoyable enough, but not particularly memorable.

As ever, I retain the right to be completely wrong in my assessment. Please feel free to share your opinions in the comments, below.


“Champan” starring Nastya K - in bed with a bottle of bubbly…

Nastya K: Champan, by Catherine, explicit, intoxicating erotic art pix

A pair of sheer white panties constitute the only bit of wardrobe in this MetArt erotic photo gallery, and a glass of wine and ice bucket holding a bottle of Champagne are the only props, but thanks to the model’s beauty and the artist’s skill, these minimal ingredients yield maximum results.

I reviewed 18-year-old Nastya K’s very first MetArt gallery, and it was a steamy and highly successful set. Catherine shot that pictorial, and I had high praise for her, as well. Rather than a natural setting, as in the debut, here we’re indoors, and “Champan” proves that the success of that first series was no fluke.

The series takes place on a sprawling, snow white duvet spread over a sofa. The back wall is subtly lit giving it a yellow/orange tint that adds interest while flattering Nastya’s coloring. From her flawless skin to the dark browns of her hair and eyes, to the vivid pink so often on view here, the model is exquisitely presented. The props also lend themselves to the pin-up genre, of which #004 and #041 are two stylish examples.

Even without its explicit images, and there are many of those, this is a very sexy set. There are several shots of Nastya K avidly sucking a finger (see #077), but I think this may be the slightest bit heavy-handed - this nubile vixen doesn’t need to resort to such theatrics to get her message across.

Champan” is filled with beautiful images, too many to call out individually, but here are a few of my personal favorites: #066, a stylized and interesting pose that shows off her body as well as her face. #079, another creative pose, a sultry expression, and an artfully framed composition. Of the explicit shots, I like the frontal view in #073 and the bold, buns-up stance in #055. And for pure, demure, adorability, it’s difficult to top #081. In “Champan” Nastya K and Catherine have created an intoxicating work of erotic art.


“Pithari” starring Yani A - no panties? No problem…

Yani A: Pithari, by Rylsky, super-sexy 18yo in explicit nude pix

The first image in this MetArt erotic photo series sets the tone for the remainder of the collection. This is not always the case. Some pictorials have a distinct, measured pace, doling out each new revelation of flesh one little bit at a time. Others jump around, tame here, explicit there, keeping the viewer on his toes. In image #001 in “Pithari,” Yani I reclines in a tall upholstered chair. She’s looking right at the camera and raising the hem of her dress, boldly revealing herself. I’ve seen sets in which the model is totally nude in the first image that were less overtly erotic than this shot of Yani A.

This is a hot, explicit, highly erotic pictorial. Oh, it’s stylish, and Rylsky executes some beautiful compositions throughout the collection. But while “Pithari” is certainly artful, steamy sexuality is present in nearly every frame. I find this particularly interesting because Yani A is very much a girl next door type. She’s appealing, to be sure, in both physical attributes as well as her attitude, but she comes across as a pretty young girl - she’s only 18 - and not some worldly heartbreaker.

And so, in shot after shot, Yani A offers us tempting view after tempting view of every inch of her slender, succulent, shapely, and inviting body. In #015 she’s bent over and supporting herself on a table with her arms while pushing her backside directly at the camera, a subtle smile on her lips. It’s an artfully erotic photograph of a young woman who clearly knows a thing or two about eroticism.

There are subtle, even demure images in the set. #016, a topless shot with no below-the-belt exposure at all (imagine that!) is stylish and painterly. #023, another fine Rylsky composition, captures Yani from behind, her dress dangling from her fingers, an intriguing look on her face. Her calm, relaxed expression also intrigues in #060, a seated pose with her knees pulled to her chest, arms holding them close. And, of course, in such a sex-centric pictorial, we also find explicit detailed close-ups such as #093, seated on a glass surface, thighs spread wide, the toes of her left foot relaxing up front while a double vision of delicate female flesh delights the eye and taunts the libido.


“Lilith” starring Mila I - milk, cookies, and other sweet treats…

Mila I: Lilith, by Leonardo, beautiful blonde in lighthearted nude pix

The first time I discussed a set starring this model was nearly two years ago. Mila I was seated comfortably in the #1 position on MetArt‘s Top Model rankings, she had 25 galleries in her portfolio, and her beauty, talent, and popularity were all well established. My extremely favorable impression of her was reinforced when I critiqued one of her MetArt HD erotic movie performances - a natural beauty, doing what comes naturally, and looking wonderful doing it.

As I write Mila I is #16 on Top Models, still quite a lofty rank. And the series scheduled for evaluation, “Lilith,” is the 46th pictorial in her ever-popular portfolio. Nobody - certainly none of Mila’s countless fans - will be surprised to learn that she’s as beautiful as ever, and as adorably charming, as well.

This is a lighthearted series. Leonardo’s set design and lighting are bright and lively, and the model’s energy suggests she’s never too far from smiling, giggling, or laughing out loud. Indeed, in a handful of images she’s smiling, grinning, smirking, or on the verge of outright mugging. Although it has moments of breathtaking beauty, this is not a “serious” set, but it is extremely engaging and entertaining.

Seated at a table in a breakfast nook, Mila I drinks from a tall glass of milk, munches on cookies, samples several spoonfuls of honey straight from the jar, and generally enjoys herself while Leonardo captures image after image. And with 174 shots in the set, that’s a lot of images. She starts out in a cute yellow lace lingerie ensemble, eventually rids herself of it, poses on a chair, or chairs, arranged in different ways, and then climbs on the tabletop for still more posing and playing. Whether she’s clothed and demure or totally nude and boldly exposed Mila I exhibits the skills of a complete professional and the spontaneous, natural energy of a cheerful young woman who loves what she’s doing. She’s beautiful, of course, but she’s also powerfully charming. Who could resist her?

I’ve got several “funny” shots called out in my notes (#006, #012, #023 are just a few of), but the beauty shots far outnumber them. #032, on a platform of two chairs, beautiful breasts exposed. #043, also topless, smiling naturally and spontaneously. #088, sitting on the table, nude, in a quiet mood. #092, hair falling across her gorgeous face. On all fours in #116 for that face, again. And #120, still on her hands and knees, but this time in an unusual and exceptionally beautiful headshot.There’s lots to like in “Lilith.”


“Lillies” with Edwige A & Mia Sollis - watching wenches at work…

Edwige A & Mia Sollis: Lillies, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie

I’ve sung the praises of both stars of this MetArt HD erotic movie previously. Although I’ve only critiqued one Edwige A gallery, I was extremely impressed with what I saw. I’ve had far more experience with Mia Sollis - I reviewed her MetArt debut, two subsequent pictorials, as well as a pair of erotic movies (read my enthusiastic comments about those films here and here). Now I get to see them in a movie, together - an enticing prospect.

“Lillies,” directed by Luca Helios, is a behind-the-scenes movie, not in the documentary/cinema verite sense, but due to the fact that it was shot at the same time the models were posing for still photos. The flashing light of director/still photographer’s strobe is visible intermittently during the film, and an assistant is manning the camcorder. This uncredited videographer does deserve mention - he or she has a very smooth, fluid style that adds visual interest that’s far more enjoyable than the over-the-still-photographer’s-shoulder or static camera approach used in other such movies.

The two leading ladies aren’t the only pretty components of “Lillies,” either. The location itself is beautiful and provides a variety of settings in which to shoot. There’s a flowing river in which to wade and splash, a cozy little nook backed by head-high grasses to pose and play in, a spreading tree near the water is also utilized, and nearby there’s an abandoned structure that ads a bit of mystery and additional opportunities. The film cuts randomly between these varied settings capturing the models together and individually.

The interaction of the models during their “scenes” together is a highlight of this production. In a still gallery the playful interaction between the models would be largely absent - here we see them laughing, joking, and playing with each other as well as the director, off-camera. The solo segments are also enjoyable, and provide the most explicit imagery in the film. While Helios and the camera operator make some effort to shoot around it, we’re also provided with views of Mia’s somewhat shocking upper-back tattoo, a shoulder-to-shoulder-wide image of a copulating couple in the style of the Kama Sutra. It’s the first time I’ve seen it, and I expect we’ll be hearing more about it in the future.

Even if you’re not a fan of behind-the-scenes videos, “Lillies” is likeable due to the skill of the film maker(s), the location, and the beauty and allure of Edwige A and Mia Sollis.


“Sciroppo” starring Irina B - looking sweet in a window seat…

Irina B: Sciroppo, by Rylsky, dark-haired beauty in explicit nude pix

Irina B spends much of this set sitting in a chair positioned in front of a large, open window. In many of the shots one gets a real indoor/outdoor feeling - the naturally lit interior in the foreground, the vivid mid-day sunlight on the trees in the background (#013 captures this division quite effectively).

While it’s certainly a beautiful day outdoors in “Sciroppo,” the beauty we (and, of course, photographer Rylsky) are focused on belongs to the model, and it is considerable. Irina B starts out the set wearing a clinging coral-colored tank top, doubling here as a dress. The tight garment is flattering both to her svelte body and to her coloring, as well. #029 illustrates this point, and the indoor/outdoor influence is also pleasantly noticeable, particularly in the sunny highlights in the model’s dark hair.

Some of the posing in this set feels a little bit stiff and unnatural, but Irina B’s beauty and personality are so appealing that it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the series. Look at the hands (or hand) in #002 or #008 and I think you’ll agree there’s something awkward in the poses, but it’s difficult to complain or protest too enthusiastically. And then she delivers a pose like the one in #081 and there isn’t a single critical comment to be made.

Some of the most interesting and effective images result when Rylsky moves the model onto a glass tabletop. Here we find a group of exceptionally beautiful headshots (#119 and #122 are personal favorites), and enticing explicit images (#104 is just one of several such shots in the pictorial) in which the model seems to be saying: “Well, what are you waiting for?” Whether she’s clothed and looking sweet in her window seat or on the table displaying her sultry side, Irina B makes “Sciroppo” both interesting and enjoyable.


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    Smudge1969 7 minutes ago

    This photographer is SHIT

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    a.k.a. 11 minutes ago

    Thanks for the reply.
    You say it well: if "sexual" hair is one of your favorite things on a young woman, MET is *not* for you. It's a miracle that Rylsky's Kristel showed up here; miracles are rare ☝️😇
    I tend to look at MET models in terms of "girlfriend" material: is she attractive and appealing enough to make me think she might be good enough for that. A hardcore model is automatically off that list, as are models who are always denuded. Other turn-offs for me include belly-piercings (suspect judgement to get one of those!) and tats (again, very suspect judgement.)
    It certainly is a matter of taste, and mine is fairly narrow when it comes to "gf" material.
    I was thinking of an "a" to "r" scale: from "attractive" to "repellant." There's one at the very extreme of the "a" side, and a number who go far the other way.
    I emphasize that all I know of these girls is what I see on the internet. In "real life", in person, things could well be different.

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    I like being infatuated. 🙂

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    Someone's in a bad mood today. 🙂

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    I always liked "Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick." Thank you Dead Milkmen. 😉

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    I'm pretty easy-to-please at restaurants, if they're not too expensive, but here it's true: I tend to focus on what I don't like. It's not hard; there's not much I like ☝️😆
    I apply a very high standard.

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    Checkers 41 minutes ago

    I personally prefer the "cute little bush" look, neatly trimmed and shaped, like Lily C or Alisa A (in her sets shot by Pasha). But the importance of the appearance (or not) of hair down there is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the list of things that matter to me. Always glad to see it; not heartbroken if I don't.

    Zestasia is a lovely Kristel set, I especially like the second half where she's wearing stockings. My favorable or not-favorable appraisal of her is much more based on how often she appears bottomless (hooray!).

    And I have ZERO hang-ups about HC models appearing here. Personally, there are quite a few who I'd love to see portrayed with MET's glamorous style.

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    john9876 46 minutes ago

    Excellent set! Love shots #5, #71, #93!

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    Looks airbrushed to me.

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    Ihre schönen Beine erregen mich, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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