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Happy New Year!

Iveta C: Pasado, by Max Asolo, joyous expressions of erotic beautyNo blogging today, but let me wish you all a happy, healthy, prosperous, and joy-filled new year. 2012 was a big year for the MetArt Network, and we have no intention of slowing down in the year(s) to come. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm, input, and support - and comments! - and I look forward to sharing the MetArt experience with you in 2013 and beyond. Cheers! - Adam


“Dirante” with Yana B - shadows of night…

Yana B: Dirante, by Luca Helios, stylish, explicit, nude art photos

It’s a rare artist who exists in a vacuum. Even the most isolated, monastic artist has been exposed to the work of other artists at some point, and that exposure can’t help but influence his or her own work. Indeed, studying the work of other artists is one of the most fundamental ways in which an artist learns and grows. Perhaps you’ve heard of writers who transcribe passages written by Hemmingway in order to develop a finer understanding of his signature structure and style. And painters will attempt to copy the work of the great masters, emulating their technique while refining their own.

In the MetArt erotic photo series “Dirante” we find Luca Helios borrowing a page or two from Tony Murano’s style book. Taken simply as an exercise, this is an intriguing proposition, as these two photographers have distinctly different styles. When I think of Helios I immediately imagine photos shot at a coastal location in a natural style. While Mr. Murano’s work is generally the product of a studio setting with highly stylized theatrical elements and a particularly strong explicit component. Here the lighting is subdued, candles burn low in the background and Venetian blinds cast their shadows across many of the images. And explicit poses and close-ups are prominently featured. When the model drapes a string of crystal beads across her sex we can easily imagine Tony Murano nodding with recognition and approval.

The subject of these photos, Yana B, brings her own drama to the series. She has a strong face and a shapely body, and she is generous and uninhibited in her presentation. The very first shot in the set, a headshot in profile, presents her structural beauty as well as the moody style of the set quite eloquently. Even in this moody setting Yana manages to stay relaxed and doesn’t take things too seriously - when she smiles it’s natural, spontaneous, and enjoyable (see #005, #031, and the invitingly explicit #0037). Additional highlights include #041 for Yana’s bedroom allure, and #044, a beautiful, understated standing full-body shot. “Dirante” is a short series (it contains just 61 photos) but it’s an intriguing stylistic experiment.


“Krilus” starring Ira A & Sharon E - a teasing, tempting, twosome…

Ira A & Sharon E: Krilus, by Voronin, MetArt HD erotic movie

“Krilus” is currently the Top Rated MetArt HD erotic movie. Not only is it #1, it’s also one of only two movies in the MetArt collection to have received a perfect 10 in member ratings. What makes these two statistics even more impressive is that the video was released early in 2006 - to remain in this lofty position for so long is quite an accomplishment.

Much has certainly changed since this production was created, in terms of technology as well as style and fashion. But “Krilus” doesn’t feel the slightest bit dated, even if it doesn’t boast the current wide screen format or benefit from cutting edge technical effects. And while styles may have changed since Voronin created this offering, standards of beauty have not - and both his stars are exceptionally beautiful and appealing.

Krilus” swings between playful and passionate. Ira A and Sharon E are joking and laughing one moment, and generating real sexual heat the next. Yes, despite the absence of any overtly sexual contact, this film is a hot one. There is no extended kissing, but the teasing, flirtatious way the girls use their mouths, lips, and tongues is highly erotic. There is plentiful caressing and groping - both those shapely bodies are well worth the effort. And while we never see an erect nipple being hungrily suckled, the act is implied and the effect is absolutely arousing.

There’s no story in “Krilus.” Sharon E is nude from the start, and when Ira A enters the frame a moment later she’s wearing lace-up boots and a matching bra and panties set. They take their positions on a long bench strewn with pillows and begin to play. The temperature rises quickly even with the initial absence of explicit shots - the eroticism here is often the result of what we don’t see, what’s implied. We are eventually treated to some reasonably explicit views, and even in more modest poses both girls show off their bodies to excellent and enticing effect.

While “Krilus” is enjoyable in and of itself, it also serves as a reminder of how much superior erotica is contained in the vast MetArt archives.


“Maua” starring Adelia A - two blues, two pinks, one blonde…

Adelia A: Maua, by Leonardo, blue sky, pink flowers, pink female parts

The obvious and undisputed star of this MetArt erotic photo gallery is Adelia A, but she’s got a costar here, playing a particularly impressive supporting role, and that’s color. The almost shocking blue of the cloudless sky, and the darker blue of the ocean, the bright pink of oleander flowers, and a frequently offered view of an entirely different shade of that most feminine of colors, give this gallery a vivid and eye-catching energy.

Leonardo has employed this location before, but I’m not complaining. The balustrades meeting at right angles and a column at their junction provide an interesting posing platform, and the bright white color of these architectural elements serves to heighten the intensity of the other colors.

I consider myself a fan of Adelia A. There are models with more emotional or expressive range, I’ll admit, and her hair may have strayed too far into the platinum range for those who prefer a more natural look, but I find her attitude and fit, compact body very pleasing. She’s quite free with that body, as well, and there are an assortment of particularly revealing explicit images to be savored in “Maua.”

One curious aspect of the series is that Adelia A is totally nude from the first shot, but suddenly appears in a summery dress in #108 and remains dressed for the rest of the set. This isn’t a complaint so much as an observation, and it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the gallery. Favorites? I like the pose, composition, and colors in #042. Both shades of pink - flower and flesh - are pleasingly present in #085. And Leonardo’s deft lighting really brings out Adelia’s eyes in #107.


“Madevo” starring Janice A - portrait of the model as a young artist…

Janice A: Madevo, by Alex Sironi, beautiful model with refined skills

Janice A started her MetArt career with a bang. The day her very first set appeared on the site she shot straight to the top of the Top Models list - an exceedingly rare and difficult accomplishment. I was every bit as impressed as the MetArt membership at large, and discussed her beauty and skill at some length. And Janice A wasn’t a “one hit wonder” or a flash in the pan, either - she’s remained in the uppermost echelon, and is sitting in the eighth position as I write.

Even though no two Top Models look alike, we can certainly agree that they are all beautiful in their unique, individual ways - and Janice A is absolutely beautiful. And she’s the perfect illustration of a critically important fact: the best, most popular MetArt models aren’t simply beautiful, they’re also highly skilled and talented. Any pretty girl can sit and have her picture taken. But the best MetArt models are working when they pose, they take an active role in the creation of the art, they bring skills and experience to the act of modeling that elevates them above the rest. And Janice A is a an exceptionally skilled and versatile model.

Let me offer two examples of this skill and versatility. In #005, tugging at the hem of her jumper with her right hand and raising it with her left, she’s smiling brightly and naturally - a beautiful young girl enjoying the moment. In #056, totally nude, she is fully engaged in a highly stylized, formal pose. Her body is set, every body part is positioned with precision, from a toe barely touching the floor, a forearm resting on a thigh, torso reclining, neck and head erect, her face a carefully composed mask - this image could only be the result of rigorous, highly technical experience and experimentation. Oh, you may find yourself focusing on the pretty face, or any one of her many fine physical features. But when you pull back and look at so many of the images in “Madevo” you’ll realize that Janice A is using her entire body to create these inventive and eye-pleasing photos.

I don’t think it’s an accident that Alex Sironi has placed Janice in a room with a classical Greek sculpture behind her and an oil painting on the wall. Both items have meaning here: Janice’s posing can have formal, sculptural elegance (see #099), and she covers the gamut between realism and impressionism. “Madevo” proves that Janice A isn’t simply a beautiful girl, she’s an expert in the art of modeling. Brava!


“Chrisos” with Chiara A - some highs/some lows…

Chiara A: Chrisos, by Luca Helios, a nude photo session by the sea

MetArt erotic photographer Luca Helios is something of a seaside specialist - I wouldn’t be surprised if his ratio of beach to non-beach galleries was substantially higher than the majority of his fellow contributors. The location he employs here, a sandy stone staircase, a patch of strand, and a rock just off shore, is undeniably scenic and intriguing - one of the “highs” I allude to in the title of this post.

Chiara A is another one of these highs. This is a beautiful, stylish model, and she’s confident and at ease despite the fact that her “costume” here consists only of jewelry and a pair of sandals. When she smiles - as she does in #005, a standing, full-body shot, or in #043, a beautiful and energetic headshot - she exerts an almost magnetic attraction on the viewer.

I’ve critiqued another Chiara A set, also shot by Helios, and it employs a similar style as well as a similar location. Some of the weaknesses I found in that set can also be found in “Chrisos.” One of these “lows” is the complete absence of explicit shots. While Chiara A is nude for the entire set she never offers us a meaningful glimpse of her intimate attributes. When a model is this pretty I feel cheated if she holds back like this, and I very much doubt I’m the only one who feels this way.

Another low is simply the quantity of images here - a rather scant 59 photos. Perhaps a memory card with the remainder of the set was accidentally dropped in the sea? Perhaps the explicit shots from this session were on the ruined card? Idle speculation, at best.

But despite its liabilities, and because of its assets, “Chrisos” leaves me wanting to see more of Chiara A - and not simply more images, but more images of everything this beautiful woman has to offer.


“Patientia” starring Flavia A - a short and somewhat curious creation…

Flavia A: Patientia, by Rylsky, MetArt HD erotic movie

I critiqued this model’s first MetArt erotic photo series, and one of her MetArt HD erotic movies, as well. When considered together, those two offerings bear certain similarities to the subject of this post, “Patientia.” And certain differences, as well.

All three were shot during winter. In fact “Patientia” begins and ends with Flavia A strolling through a frigid cityscape in a heavy coat and boots to shield her from the cold. I enjoyed these brief “bookends” because they give me a chance to see this pretty girl in what may well be her “natural habitat.”

The first two times I viewed Flavia A I made mention of her lack of inhibition, and in that photo series and erotic movie she offered numerous explicit poses and enticing views. The same cannot be said for “Patientia,” however. While Flavia A takes her top off just after the two minute mark, and is totally nude less than a minute later, the model is presented in a tame, demure fashion.

After the brief fully clothed introduction Flavia appears in an ornately decorated room. As the music swells with theatricality she peels a tangerine. When she eats a single segment the music reaches a dramatic crescendo - that’s one epic piece of citrus fruit! And it’s one of the more curious moments in this short film.

Once she’s nude the scene - and music - change. Now she’s on the floor in a dark room. A piece of sheer fabric drifts across her body, she shifts her poses, and we’re treated to some cute and appealing facial close-ups. Then, as previously mentioned, we see Flavia walking along that icy boulevard. Flavia A is cute and attractive, but “Patientia” fails to explore or exploit her more overtly sexual side. If the film had included a bit more heat I can’t imagine any viewer would have complained.


“Presenting” Patsy A - no holding back…

Patsy A: Presenting, by Rylsky, new MetArt model's explicit debutMetArt contributor Rylsky is among the most prolific artists on the roster. He’s so prolific that he recently launched his own eponymous site on the MetArt Network, But this gifted photographer isn’t simply productive, he’s also extremely versatile and is constantly experimenting with new styles and approaches to his projects. Indoor, outdoor, stylized, naturalistic, complex, or simple, Rylsky is always trying something new and different, and here he does just that with a new model.

“Presenting” Patsy A brings to mind two other MetArt photographers. The simple set design and lighting scheme recalls Alex Sironi, and I say that in the most complimentary way. He’s draped a large piece of white, semi-sheer fabric over a low chair and positioned it against a soft, white backdrop - clean and simple. Likewise, he’s dressed Patsy A in just one item - a cream colored crocheted sweater that both conceals and reveals at the same time. But there are also echoes of another erotic stylist here, and that’s Tony Murano. You won’t find the moody, nocturnal, candlelit theatricality Murano so often employs, but the explicit images - and they are abundant - that Rylsky has created here have a similar bold, vivid, almost lurid, quality that fans of Mr. Murano’s work will recognize - and, I expect, thoroughly enjoy.

For a first time model to eagerly pose for so many powerfully erotic and explicit photos speaks both to her confidence and strong sense of self. There are models who will never appear in so many bold and revealing images over the course of a career, so I can only praise Patsy A‘s willingness to commit herself so completely in her erotic photography debut.

You might have guessed that my favorites in this series are explicit images, and you’re at least partially right. Shots like #041 and #042 glisten with erotic energy, for example. And the close-up #114 has a powerful “you are there” quality I relish. But there are demure images, and fine ones, in the collection, as well. There’s a quiet, still beauty in #008, a non-nude. #027, a tame but tempting rear view with an over-the-shoulder glance, is enhanced by the black & white treatment. Patsy A’s graceful, shapely body is beautifully presented in #105. There’s a painterly, dreamy quality to #111. And towards the end of “Presenting,” we find #115, a casual yet confident pose and a simple and effective composition.


“Aplotis” starring Tofana A - winsome wench in a window…

Tofana A: Aplotis, by Matt Hathaway, moody beauty in erotic art pix

Tofana A is posing in a narrow room, something of an enclosed patio, in which an entire wall is composed of windows. I’ve seen this space, or at least one very much like it, in another MetArt erotic photo series, but I can’t seem to recall where or when. The room, with its white walls, monochrome patterned floor, and the soft light admitted by those windows gives both model and artist a lot of interesting creative options and opportunities.

And speaking of the artist, this one, Matt Hathaway, is making his MetArt debut with this offering. I’ll discuss it in greater detail in this post, but I can safely state that he’s a talented addition to the MetArt photographer roster, and he’s made a very favorable first impression with “Aplotis.”

Although she’s an 18-year-old, and this is only her second appearance at MetArt, Tofana A delivers a polished, thoughtful, and subtly nuanced performance here. This young woman has real emotional depth. Yes, she can be cheerful and bright when she wants to, but in much of the set she projects an understated, moody quality. Oh, she’s sexy, and enticing, but Tofana A has no need to shout about her sexuality when a whisper can be so much more effective. And her intriguing personality is matched by a beautifully shaped and proportioned body. Although her bio states that she’s a blonde, here she’s undeniably a redhead and those carrot-colored curls frame an appealing face and dark, mysterious eyes.

White thong panties and a white rug to pose on are the only props in “Aplotis,” and model and artist make the most of these minimal accessories. Tofana’s beauty and her moody nature are perfectly captured early on, in #007 and #008, as she gazes out the window. A hand gently tugging on a rump cheek adds erotic punch to a detailed rearview in #022. A fine figure study results when the model places her hands on opposite walls while her panties circle her ankles. I love the subtle smile and erotic implication in #088. And the set concludes with two beautiful images, numbers 119 and 120, where Tofana holds her hair up and regards the camera with yet another intriguing expression. More from this talented team, please.


“Presenting” Candy A - made in the shades…

Candy A: Presenting, by Matiss, glamorous beauty, sexy outdoor nudes

Have you ever been out driving with a “special” friend when the mood unexpectedly turned amorous? If you and your companion were adventurous types you might have found yourselves looking for an appropriate place to share some alfresco intimacy, a place that offered enough privacy to alleviate inhibitions while still providing the potential thrill of unsuspecting strangers catching a glimpse of your impromptu tryst.

There’s a bit of that flavor in this erotic gallery, Candy A’s premiere appearance at MetArt. While her outfit is cute and sexy, her strappy high heel sandals tell you that this leggy blonde wasn’t planning on a wilderness trek this sunny afternoon. And yet, there she is, posing against a stone wall hidden from the cars that may well be passing on the roadway above. Candy A has a glamorous, film star look that is amplified by the large, dramatic sunglasses she wears in the first few dozen images. Normally I’d object, but she wears them well and it is bright and sunshiny in this rustic hideaway.

There’s a posey/fashiony feel to much of this series, but the style Matiss employs here works well with Candy’s presentation. When I learn from her bio that she’s a budding actress I’m not in the least bit surprised. She has a bright, lively energy and a ready smile, and in a shot like #106 where she smiling broadly and perhaps even laughing out loud it gives a down-to-earth feel to an otherwise elegant and stylishly posed photograph.

Presenting” Candy A may be slightly lacking in explicit, detailed imagery, but the artist has done a fine job of capturing her beauty, personality, and energetic spirit. I can certainly picture Candy A in a highly stylized studio session, and I do hope we’ll have an opportunity to see this new model in more sophisticated surroundings in the near future.


“Agnand” starring Olivia F - highway to heaven…

Olivia F: Agnand, by Matiss, gorgeous girl, stunning, sexy, sweet

The location chosen for this MetArt erotic photo gallery is exceptional. The model stands next to and then poses on top of a stone wall next to a sparsely traveled road high in the hills. Behind her lush green forest, and in the distance, rugged cliffs, below her the coastline and the deep blue sea. The sun shines bright and puffy clouds decorate the sky. One can easily imagine taking a leisurely afternoon drive along this beautiful road stopping along the way to take in the beauty of the landscape and the expansive vistas.

But even the most beautiful setting can be improved with the addition of a beautiful girl, and Olivia F is a perfect choice to enhance this particular landscape. Barefoot and wearing only a pale pink shirt and a pair of white short-shorts, and with her long, lustrous black hair being teased by the breeze, she’s extremely appealing. And she’s not simply physically beautiful - although she is absolutely that, in both face and body - Olivia F has a natural ease in front of the camera and a charming and engaging personality. In a shot like #003, which has a spontaneous, casual feel, her smile and expression are entirely natural, and completely unselfconscious.

The artist, Matiss, takes full advantage of the setting and his subject, and he’s included a generous 138 images in the series. And that generous quantity contains abundant quality and variety. So much quality and variety, in fact, that it makes narrowing my list of favorites down to a manageable number quite difficult. But here’s an abbreviated list: #007, standing, in profile, one pert breast visible, her face raised to the sky, her hair reaching her waist. #019, a quiet moment, eyes averted. #030 and #031 two topless shots, similar yet different, and both strikingly beautiful. #067, framed against the sky, the wind in her hair. #121, #122, and #124 - moving closer and closer to that enchanting visage. And #102, nude, standing, totally exposed and utterly adorable. Detail shots are also included, explicit close-ups as well - from beginning to end “Agnand” is simply grand.


ReviewedPorn calls MetArt an "Art Form"

After giving our site an awesome score of 96.6, ReviewedPorn says that we offer "some of the most beautiful teens you will ever lay your eyes on." Here's a clip from the review: "If your haven't heard of Met Art you have either just come of age, or have been living under a rock somewhere. These guys have been around since 1999 and have been delivering the most beautiful women to our screens ever since. This is not a hardcore porn site, it is an art form. With the most gorgeous women, fabulous photography and the highest post production values in the business it's no wonder this site has had such huge success." Don't forget to check out the rest of the review by visiting


“Skafos” starring Katya AC - flirting, flashing, and tantalizing…

Katya AC: Skafos, by Alex Iskan, MetArt HD erotic movie

My only previous experience with Katya AC was in a MetArt erotic photo gallery. If you choose to revisit my critique, you’ll see that I liked the model, liked the photographer’s general style and approach, but found some fault with the setting and the waning natural light he had to work with. If only the setting had been somewhat more appealing or that the light had been warmer and brighter.

There are no such flaws or weaknesses in this MetArt HD erotic movie, and I say that both with relief and delight. “Skafos” is a completely engaging experience from beginning to end, and the star and her director are in truly fine form.

As “Skafos” opens Katya AC is running along a public path. In her sporty grey tank top and white miniskirt the long-legged model is a picture of beauty and energetic vitality. But it’s when she ends her jog and cools down with a bit of stretching against a wrought iron railing that the film begins to heat up. After checking each way for on-lookers, Katya bends over at the waist, teasingly revealing her sheer panties, which she takes a moment to adjust with a single finger - a simple gesture, but highly erotic.

Next she retreats to a partially enclosed patio in front of what may be a cafe, to adjust those panties a bit more and treat us to a few up-skirt views as well as topless and, after the panties are removed, bottomless shots, as well. Katya AC has a playful, “what can I get away with in this public place?” attitude here that is captivating.

Next Katya appears on a long flight of stairs. After a jogger passes by she squats down and treats us to explicit spread-legged views that are enhanced by the public nature of the setting. The remainder of the film takes place on a patch of sand surrounded by lush foliage on the edge of a body of water. Totally nude, the model shows off every inch of her splendid body while also charming the viewer with her lively and seductive personality. This is short form erotic film making at its finest, and Katya AC and Alex Iskan earn my unqualified and enthusiastic praise and gratitude for creating “Skafos.” Take a look, and let me know what you think, in the comments, below.


“Presenting” Varya A - happy to be here…

Varya A: Presenting, by Goncharov, first MetArt nudes of a happy honey

I’ve critiqued MetArt new model debut sets in which the first-timer appeared slightly unsure or tentative in her performance. I’ve also seen pictorials of new models that were bold and confident. But, without going back through hundreds of pages of notes, I can’t recall a first-time MetArt model radiating such pure happiness and enjoyment in her premiere series as Varya A does here.

And I don’t mean to say that Varya A has simply locked her lips in a smile and kept it in place for the duration of the pictorial - no, indeed! This is a very expressive young woman and I think her looks will work in a wide variety of settings and styles. But this playful, cheerful quality animates and elevates her performance in ways that are simply a pleasure to witness.

Goncharov has given Varya A just one piece of clothing, a sheer, ruffled blouse in a bright shade of pink. At first I wasn’t sure if it worked with the model’s coloring, particularly her red hair, but in the end I felt it was a perfect choice - it’s sexy, flattering, and Varya seems to enjoy working with it to achieve various looks. And the handful of images where the blouse is nowhere in sight pale in comparison to the rest of the gallery - to repeat, a perfect choice.

Although there are detail shots, explicit shots, and a variety of poses offered in “Presenting,” four of my favorite images in the collection are variations on the same general theme. In #012, sitting, knees together, feet apart, blouse open, Varya purses her lips and regards the camera - I’m intrigued. In #015 she adjusts her pose, lowers her chin, and grins impishly. Another change of pose, in #023, and a more muted, but no less intriguing facial expression. For #041 she stands, bold and confident, hair pulled back, fully exposed, while displaying warmth and playful charm along with her considerable beauty. Yes, Varya A looks happy in many of these shots, and I think a lot of MetArt members are going to be very happy that she’s decided to appear here.


“Ignite” with Milena D - wild angel…

Milena D: Ignite, by Erik Latika, nude beauty with a bad motor scooter

I’ve viewed the star of this MetArt gallery in several other pictorials on this site as well as a set I reviewed on the SexArt blog. As anyone who knows of Milena D will most certainly agree, she is a beguiling beauty, and her position in the upper reaches of MetArt‘s Top Model rankings - she’s currently #18 - comes as no surprise.

Any fan of Milena D can’t help but be familiar with the work of Erik Latika - the artist shot all but 3 of the 32 galleries in the model’s MetArt portfolio. Although Latika does work with other models, at this point it appears that Milena D works exclusively with him. This is something of a mixed blessing. The long-term association allows model and artist to refine and perfect their collaboration. But there are times when I get the feeling the pair are sharing an inside joke and the photos can suffer as a result. In one of their sets props were a significant problem, and that may be possible in “Ignite,” as well.

There is only one prop in “Ignite,” a Yamaha motorcycle, and this seems an odd choice. While Milena D’s costume - black boots, leather mini, and a corset - has the appropriate “biker babe” flavor, that flavor seems just slightly out of place on this particular site. To atone for this, or perhaps simply to confuse the viewer, the final 19 shots in the set feature an entirely different seaside location, different costume, and different style. I find this odd, but perhaps this oddness is simply one facet of Latika’s aesthetic.

There are some obvious underexposures, owing, perhaps, to the numerous puffy clouds scudding by overhead. And those clouds have a beauty all their own in a shot like #019 where the background has an almost painted look. Milena D is as cute as ever in a shot like #041, and she’s a bit silly in an image like #074, but when artist and model get it right, as they do in #115, the bottomless beauty and her bad motor scooter make (almost) perfect sense.


“Cathedra” starring Millis A - the model’s been modified…

Millis A: Cathedra, by Alex Sironi, busty babe, hot explicit nude pix

In the ten previous MetArt erotic galleries starring this model - including the one I reviewed - she appeared with her natural, blonde, hair color. In this set Millis A has dyed her hair a rich shade of auburn-brown that harmonizes nicely with her figure-hugging brown mini-dress. After some consideration I have to say that I think I prefer her as a blonde, but I can’t fault her for the choice, and it is, theoretically, only temporary.

Apart from her hair color, all the things I admired about Millis A before are all present and on stylish display in “Cathedra.” This model has a cheerful warmth and not even the slightest hint of modesty or inhibition. Explicit images are plentiful here and what Millis has to offer is particularly photogenic.

Even in less explicit images Alex Sironi manages to create subtle sexual suggestions through poses and compositions. The five shots beginning with #097 and ending with #101 artfully imply the act of masturbation without showing anything of the sort. But who can deny that #101 beautifully captures the look of post-orgasmic afterglow?

While many of my favorites in this collection are explicit (#046 and #047 to cite but two), there’s a wide variety of image types and poses here. Sironi includes several detail shots of Millis A’s breasts (#014 is a nice one of that splendid pair), her hand (#054) and a hand and foot (#075). And Millis stands, sits on a chair, stands on the chair, and gets down on the floor to explore poses aplenty. Those who enjoy busty models and enticing explicit images will find much to enjoy in “Cathedra.”


“Prestol” starring Candy Rose - sweet, sexy, sensational…

Candy Rose: Prestol, by Rylsky sexy, talented model, superior art pix

Beautiful, sexy girl! Gorgeous, creative photography! Thank you, Candy Rose and Rylsky, for giving me the opportunity to write the shortest review in the history of the MetArt blog!

I’m joking, of course. The MetArt erotic photo series “Prestol,” thanks to the beauty and talent of its star and the skill and artistry of its creator is more than worthy of close study and thoughtful examination.

My initial impressions were highly favorable, but only after I’d looked at the entire collection was I fully able to appreciate all that it has to offer. There is a lot of variety here, in terms of photographic styles, in terms of poses and compositions, and in terms of moods and emotions. “Prestol” offers a truly rich, complex experience that will hold up over time and which will reward repeat viewings - not something that can be said of every set.

This is the eighth pictorial in Candy’s MetArt portfolio, all of which were shot by Rylsky. Candy Rose is a fine physical specimen with a beautiful face and an eye-catching hairstyle consisting of straight-cut bangs that subtly recall legendary photo model Bettie Page. As enticing as she is physically, it’s Candy’s personality that’s so engaging and intriguing in these photos - this is a rich, nuanced, playful, and irresistible performance that covers the full range from demure to decadent with effortless ease. What a beautiful, sexy, and talented girl she is!

Rylsky is in top form here. The room much of the set takes place in is dark, with two different complex wallpaper patterns on adjoining walls, an ornate chair, and subtle, moody lighting. But even when things get crazy - when the chair is placed unsteadily on a bed - it all somehow works. And when the setting changes to softly diffused light and white, artificial flowers, and gauzy curtains, the mood and style is completely different yet somehow it remains a logical part of a totally satisfying whole. Rather than listing a few of my favorites I suggest you take a leisurely look at “Prestol” and pick your own. That’s no easy task with so many fine images to chose from, but it’s very enjoyable work!


“Presenting” Lia K - this teasing is pleasing…

Lia K: Presenting, by Michael Kotoff, MetArt HD erotic movie

I feel as if I’ve been commenting on a lot of new models lately, and that happens to be the case today, as well. And the subject of today’s post isn’t only a new model, it was directed by a new contributing artist, Michael Kotoff, so I have the pleasure of evaluating a double-debut. That fact, alone, is notable, but this debut is also unusual in that it is a MetArt HD erotic movie, rather than the far more prevalent still photo sets. This calls to mind the relatively recent arrival of director Platon Averin who, seemingly, only shoots motion pictures. I don’t know if Michael Kotoff will follow that pattern or if he will also be contributing still sets in the future, but I think most MetArt members would agree that the more talented filmmakers we have on the roster, the better.

Of course the same can be said of beautiful new models, and Lia K certainly fills that bill. The only remotely critical comment I can make about her is that her performance reveals a slight lack of experience in front of the camera. But experience can be gained, skills can be developed, and Lia K’s debut is totally engaging and thoroughly charming.

The action takes place on a leather sofa and in front of a picture window. Lia starts out in a short dress over a lacy white bra and panties set and sky-high platform heels. Those sexy shoes never come off, and the rest of her ensemble is removed, piece by piece, and very slowly. Tease plays a major role in “Presenting,” and Michael Kotoff‘s dynamic, agile camera and creative direction and editing heighten anticipation as Lia K tempts the lens. It takes nearly three minutes before the model is topless, but those three minutes - over a third of the film’s running time - are completely enjoyable.

Some viewers will, no doubt, be disappointed in the absence of explicit close-ups, but I’m willing to forgive this omission. Not only is this a young model’s MetArt debut, it’s also the director’s first contribution, and he may be been erring on the side of caution and discretion for his premiere performance. I’m doubly impressed - by both artist and model - and look forward to seeing more from the creator and star of “Presenting” Lia K.


“Aprire” with Kristel A - the mystery of the motionless mouth…

Kristel A: Aprire, by Alex Sironi, cute model with closed mouth

Kristel A is a living doll. That was the impression I got when she appeared in her first MetArt erotic photo gallery, and it was confirmed when I viewed two additional sets (this one and this one). But the more I saw of this model, the more I realized that there’s a singular weakness in her presentation, and this gives her a mask-like quality that makes her look more like an actual doll than a living one.

I’m referring to her mouth specifically, and to her general expressiveness (or lack of same). Kristel A is a very cute girl! Let me make that as clear as possible. At a distance or up close and in explicit detail, she’s a facial and physical confection. I like her very much, and it doesn’t seem to matter who is photographing her - she’s always pretty and appealing.

Unfortunately, as I realized while writing my second critique of a Kristel A gallery, she has an unfortunate, and seemingly intractable, habit of holding her mouth and face in one fixed expression. And this expression only varies in the most minute increments when she chooses to vary it. Can she smile? I’ve seen hints (you’ll find one in #044), but no conclusive proof. Does she have teeth? I can only assume so, but, again, I’ve never seen them so I can’t say with any certainty. But in face and body, she’s cute!

And yet this cutie strikes pose after pose, moving this way and that, all the while never changing the look on her (cute, pretty) face.

So, I will leave the mystery of the motionless mouth unsolved and call out a few of the finer images in “Aprire.” #027 displays the beauty of her standing body quite skillfully, as well as her waist-length hair. She’s as pretty as a picture, her face in profile, in #071, a stylish figure study. And #106, eyes closed, lips almost parted, Kristel A allows Alex Sironi to create one of the finest images in the set.

Oh, and in #075 Kristel A raises a single finger to her closed lips as if to say “Hush, no more complaining.” Should I obey her request? Am I out of line? Perhaps a reader will share some insight?


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“Vendim” with Katy D - all the chair’s a stage…

Katy D: Vendim, by Sergey Akion, expressive model in erotic art pix

A chair positioned in front of a wall covered with elaborately draped curtains provides the posing platform for the vast majority of this voluminous (167 image) MetArt erotic photo series. The model, one I have commented on once before, utilizes it quite well, and comes up with an impressive variety of poses and positions on this solitary piece of furniture.

Katy D‘s presentation is somewhat less polished and styled than the previous set I critiqued, but she exhibits a similar emotional range and versatility here. She can look young and innocent, older and wiser, sweet, devilish, playful, and thoughtful - and in a set containing so many photos she explores all of these looks, and then some more.

Considering that this is a model who can project so many looks, Sergey Akion made a clever decision by shooting her on such a confined, compact “stage.” With her slender body and delicate features a model like Katy D might get lost in a more expansive, more complicated set design. Here she’s front and center and the artist can experiment with lighting and composition while Katy experiments with mood and position.

I always welcome these large sets - who among us doesn’t like more of a good thing? - but that’s not to say that this pictorial would suffer with a bit of judicious editing. There are several “bloopers” in this big bunch, and a couple of shots that simply shouldn’t have been included. It is easy enough for the MetArt member to ignore or discard these flawed images, but why include them in the set to begin with?

When it comes to picking favorites in “Vendim,” I like Katy D’s glamour look in #060, and her far away eyes in #074, as well as the painterly quality of #088, the spontaneous smile in #129, and the moody, stylish beauty of #135. What are your thoughts about this set, good, bad, or indifferent? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments, below.


“Presenting” Yarina A - yet another newbie…

Yarina A: Presenting, by Goncharov, real beauty in trompe l'oeil room

The influx of fresh talent into the MetArt model talent pool continues unabated. Among the more recent arrivals we find Yarina A, a leggy, auburn-haired, 19-year-old newcomer from Ukraine.

This is a casual, off-the-cuff effort from contributing photographer Goncharov. There’s little, if any, attention to art direction, props, costuming, thematic content, or any technical complexity. This stripped-down, no-frills presentation doesn’t distract attention from the model and he captures her in enough different poses and compositions to allow the viewer to get a complete look at Yarina’s physical attributes as well as developing some sense of her modeling abilities.

The most distracting element of the set is the background. Yarina A poses in an arched doorway. The arch has been painted, in trompe l’oeil fashion, to resemble a brick masonry column complete with clinging vines. Another wall, this one with an actual (as opposed to virtual) mirror, is also painted in a stonework pattern. The main wall in the background is pale blue sky dotted with wispy clouds and soaring birds. It’s an unusual setting, to be sure, but I’m not certain it adds much to the collection. Still, at its most effective, in shots like #024 and #025, the mixture of actual, reflected, and fake elements is intriguing.

My favorite images from the series tend to be those that minimize the background and fill the frame with Yarina A. This young model - she’s only 19 - has a great shape and I suspect she may have some training in dance, or at least her posing suggests this. There’s virtually no background at all in #051, a headshot captured while Yarina is supine on the floor, and it’s a standout in “Presenting.” The model has a relaxed, natural countenance in #058, a shot that also conveys the sculptural elegance of her belly and hips. And while the background is somewhat cluttered in #073, it’s still lovely figure study of a truly lovely figure.


“Varmo” starring Grace C - swimsuit edition…

Grace C: Varmo, by Luca Helios, beautiful blonde + picturesque beach

I critiqued Grace C’s MetArt debut and while I did notice some minor technical issues in the set I was quite impressed with the model and her performance and looked forward to seeing more of her.

“Varmo” is Grace C’s sixth MetArt erotic pictorial, her first in an outdoor setting, and her first time working with the prolific and talented Luca Helios. Here the technical aspects are exemplary and the set makes a fine showcase for this adorable blonde vixen.

The bulk of the set finds Grace C posing on or next to a sizeable, sun-bleached log on a desolate beach. In the opening images she’s wearing a skimpy bikini in a vivid shade of pink. This “costume” is ideal for both the setting and the subject. With her long, bright blonde hair, trim build, and sun-bronzed complexion Grace C is every inch the beautiful beach girl. Helios handles the afternoon sunlight masterfully and these images glow with harmonious natural color and vitality. In a shot like #007, a rear three-quarter view, her hair and her bikini bottoms radiate while her face, indirectly lit, projects its own beautiful energy. There is a “swimsuit edition” quality to some of these pictures, but I don’t consider that a liability - it fits the location and it fits the model perfectly. The “clothed” section also includes two lovely headshots that really capture the model’s beauty and spirit (see #010 and #011).

The bikini is flattering, but what it’s concealing is exceedingly eye-pleasing, and when that vivid sunlight strikes the curves, planes, and private places of the model’s nubile body it creates visual magic. In #036, silhouetted against the sea, Grace C’s ripe rump costars with her pert profile and engaging smile. In #052 it’s a vertical smile, in close-up, that fairly glows with feminine and solar energy. While the set is biased towards the model’s sweet, smiling side (#076 is one example out of many), she does display some range and I like the relaxed, spontaneous feeling in #078 very much.

Towards the end of the series Helios changes his point of view. Rather than facing out to sea he turns inland and reveals entirely different aspects of the location. Rocks, sand and sunlight are indeed flattering in #114. And in the three final images we get yet another entirely different view of the landscape - Grace C, however, remains utterly adorable throughout “Varmo.”


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    a.k.a. 32 seconds ago

    Thanks for the reply.
    You say it well: if "sexual" hair is one of your favorite things on a young woman, MET is *not* for you. It's a miracle that Rylsky's Kristel showed up here; miracles are rare ☝️😇
    I tend to look at MET models in terms of "girlfriend" material: is she attractive and appealing enough to make me think she might be good enough for that. A hardcore model is automatically off that list, as are models who are always denuded. Other turn-offs for me include belly-piercings (suspect judgement to get one of those!) and tats (again, very suspect judgement.)
    It certainly is a matter of taste, and mine is fairly narrow when it comes to "gf" material.
    I was thinking of an "a" to "r" scale: from "attractive" to "repellant." There's one at the very extreme of the "a" side, and a number who go far the other way.
    I emphasize that all I know of these girls is what I see on the internet. In "real life", in person, things could well be different.

    on Formidable

    Checkers 51 seconds ago

    I like being infatuated. 🙂

    on Red Stairs

    Checkers 20 minutes ago

    Someone's in a bad mood today. 🙂

    on Vacation Pool

    Checkers 26 minutes ago

    I always liked "Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick." Thank you Dead Milkmen. 😉

    on Red Stairs

    a.k.a. 27 minutes ago

    I'm pretty easy-to-please at restaurants, if they're not too expensive, but here it's true: I tend to focus on what I don't like. It's not hard; there's not much I like ☝️😆
    I apply a very high standard.

    on Vacation Pool

    Checkers 31 minutes ago

    I personally prefer the "cute little bush" look, neatly trimmed and shaped, like Lily C or Alisa A (in her sets shot by Pasha). But the importance of the appearance (or not) of hair down there is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the list of things that matter to me. Always glad to see it; not heartbroken if I don't.

    Zestasia is a lovely Kristel set, I especially like the second half where she's wearing stockings. My favorable or not-favorable appraisal of her is much more based on how often she appears bottomless (hooray!).

    And I have ZERO hang-ups about HC models appearing here. Personally, there are quite a few who I'd love to see portrayed with MET's glamorous style.

    on Formidable

    john9876 36 minutes ago

    Excellent set! Love shots #5, #71, #93!

    on Vacation Pool

    a.k.a. 37 minutes ago

    Looks airbrushed to me.

    on Vacation Pool

    Spatz 2 39 minutes ago

    Ihre schönen Beine erregen mich, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

    on Bride

    seve 40 minutes ago

    when a.k.a. visits a restaurant - and dinner is served - no doubt the waiter comes back to check on him and says.. "Excuse me Sir, is ANYTHING ok?"

    on Vacation Pool