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“Malengo” with Rachel Blau - the hole thing…

Rachel Blau: Malengo, by Arkisi, erotic art photos of nude beautyMetArt contributing photographer Arkisi has made some rather interesting choices in this erotic photo series. I might also describe those choices as challenging, curious, as well as mysterious. Perhaps the most obvious of these choices is the costume he’s dressed his model in. Rachel Blau wears a dramatic black body stocking ventilated with circular holes. Owing to the stretchy nature of the fabric the holes at her ankles, for example, are the size of small coins, the holes around her hips are much larger. While every aspect of the model’s anatomy is clearly visible through this barely there garment, the stocking stays in place for the entirety of “Malengo.” As I mentioned, curious.

Perhaps the greatest challenge the artist has brought upon himself is the room he’s shooting in. It’s a small, somewhat cramped sitting room in a garret or converted attic space. The walls are dark as is the heavy leather and wood furniture. There is a bit of natural light from a curtained window, but the primary light source is a pair of lamps. Strangely, although they are similar in design, one glows white, the other a dingy orange color. So Rachel Blau, wearing her dramatic bodystocking, is forced to pose in this dim, dark, not particularly pleasant or appealing little room. Curious.

The various curious aspects of the set are well presented in #021 - the lamps throwing their strange shadows on the ceiling, the colored walls, the furnishings, and Rachel Blau in her dramatic and unusual outfit attempting to make sense of it all. Another bizarre moment is captured in #052, her backside to the camera, thighs out of focus, hair hanging down, face in shadow, as she looks back at the camera. It’s certainly an unusual composition, I’ll grant Arkisi that much.

There are highlights to be found in “Malengo,” however. #037 is a cute, sideways headshot, for example. And there’s ample cuteness on display in #084, a modest but creatively posed shot with plenty of visual appeal as well as personality. And the explicit shots, including #030, #075, #094, and #120, provide enticing relief from less successful images in the collection.


“Bourgeon” starring Aria Amor - savor the sweetness…

Aria Amor: Bourgeon, by Holly Randall, MetArt HD erotic movieThe star of this MetArt HD erotic film is a newcomer to the site - this is only Aria Amor’s second appearance here. The filmmaker, Holly Randall, is also a relatively recent arrival at MetArt, but she’s a seasoned professional with an expansive portfolio. This particular pairing, artist and model, results in something approaching perfection.

I will quickly and briefly mention the only flaw I can find: there isn’t much in the way of explicit imagery here. While that is a statement of fact, it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of “Bourgeon” in the slightest. This is an exceptionally enjoyable film, and credit for that is shared by the star and her director.

Aria Amor is a visual treat. She’s tall, standing 5-11 (taller still in a dramatic pair of platform high heels), and that slender, graceful physique is enhanced by a pale, creamy complexion. Aria’s long, auburn hair frames a beautiful face, and her dark hazel eyes glitter with playful energy. She’s also got a warm, engaging smile which she isn’t afraid to show off, and when the camera lingers on Aria’s face it’s impossible to look away.

Holly Randall‘s camerawork and editing is polished, fluid, and effective, and her knack for art direction and set design is truly impressive. She’s dressed her star and the set in red and black. A single chair and the glossy studio floor are black, as are Aria Amour’s lace high-waisted panties and gloves. She briefly wears a mask of black lace over red satin (which matches her previously mentioned shoes), and the backdrop is a wall upholstered in red satin. A beautifully conceived stage for a beautiful young model.

“Bourgeon” is a visual and aural delight - the music is perfectly suited to the style and pace of the film - and all of the various elements work together in perfect, seamless harmony. A beguiling star turn by Aria Amor, and a masterful creative achievement from Holly Randall. I suggest you savor the sweetness of this production at your earliest convenience.


Coming soon to the MetArt Network: HollyRandall!!

MetArt is proud to announce the new addition to our network,! If you haven't heard of Holly Randall, then you've been missing out on renowned high-end glamour photography and videos. The site will be redesigned and added into our network, so current members will be able to join through the upgrades section! Make sure you check back in for updates on the HollyRandall re-launch!


“Volunt” starring Chandra A - charming, disarming, delicious…

Chandra A: Volunt, by Rylsky, gorgeous, charming girl, erotic art pixSeveral commenters have voiced their approval of those MetArt erotic photo sets that feature a selection of images of the model fully clothed - not in costume, but in street clothes. I wholeheartedly agree, and that’s precisely how Rylsky has chosen to begin this series.

In the first image Chandra A, wearing flip-flops and a summery peasant dress, leans against a carved post and smiles at the camera. From this moment I am completely charmed. But, as I soon discover, Chandra and Rylsky are just warming up. In the first 13 images in “Volunt,” Chandra A is irresistibly engaging. Her expressions are subtly, and naturally, varied, her smiles are warm, and her beauty undeniable. As a bonus, she even treats us to an unexpected up-skirt view. Notice how her expressions change from #008 through #013 while she’s seated on a bench - and the series is only just beginning!

After she moves inside - to a wooden staircase in what I can only call a log cabin - the sandals come off and, after some delightful posing, the dress does, too. With her long limbs, petite breasts, sun-bronzed skin (complete with tan-lines), and short, dark, wavy hair Chandra A is a visual confection. To enhance the package her gorgeous smile and big, beautiful, blue eyes seem to be having a contest to see which facial feature can draw the most attention. Truly, this young woman has a wonderful, bright, lively energy that really comes across in these photos.

Chandra A’s abundant charm and arresting physical beauty and natural ease in front of the camera are enhanced by a complete lack of inhibition. I get the sense that Chandra A is enjoying every single minute of this experience. The explicit images are mouthwatering. The coy moments are delightful. The variety of expressions, the various smiles, the light and energy in those eyes - it’s simply mesmerizing. “Volunt” is only Chandra A’s third MetArt gallery - I sincerely hope she appears in many more, and very soon!


“Volere” with Caprice A & Indiana A - two girls together…

Caprice A & Indiana A: Volere, by Luca Helios, Top Model + pretty palTwo of my favorite shots in “Volere” are from the very end of the series. In #117 Caprice A and Indiana A, both totally nude, stand on a sun-dappled lawn, holding hands. The beauty of their nude and unadorned bodies (no jewelry, no nothing) is on full display and their faces are relaxed and natural. In #120, the very last shot in the set, they’re now walking away from the camera. Caprice shoots the lens a winning smile and Indiana raises her hand and waves. Two simple, pleasing photographs of two very beautiful models.

There’s no questioning the quality of these two delightful subjects. As I write, Caprice A is at the very top of Top Models, reigning supreme at #1. Indiana A’s rank isn’t quite as impressive, but her petite stature and perfect proportions are an excellent fit in this exceedingly pretty pairing.

So, two gorgeous girls, together, in a MetArt erotic pictorial - “Volere” certainly boasts fine ingredients. And yet something is missing. That something is connection. No matter how they position themselves, no matter how hard they try to feign meaningful glances, there’s nothing linking these two girls to each other. They could have been shot individually on the same “set” and created more compelling erotic art. Of course, these are beautiful girls, and I welcome the chance to savor the sight of them, but the lack of connection blunts the effect of the series in my estimation.

Despite the pastoral setting, Luca Helios has chosen a somewhat challenging location. The grass and greenery are appealing, but the light streaming through the trees creates hot spots and there’s no way to work around them. He’s also given each model a large necklace, perhaps for the color they provide, but they seem out of place and the girls look better without them. As for favorites, I love it when Indiana A drops the Sapphic façade and grins broadly in #026. And #048, a double headshot, provides a fine opportunity to compare two different, but extremely beautiful faces. A smattering of explicit shots spice things up, but the heat generated by even a pretend connection is missing from “Volere,” so enjoy it for what it is: pretty pictures of two pretty girls together.


“Mirinda” with Elle E & Helen H - ups, downs, and in-betweens…

Elle D & Helen H: Mirinda, by Leonardo, explicit pix of two hot chicksThis girl/girl MetArt erotic photo series is a bit of a mixed bag. I’ve written about each of the models individually - Elle E in an HD erotic movie, Helen H in a pictorial, both of which were created by prolific contributor Leonardo. Each model brings her strengths (at least some of them) and her weaknesses (at least some of them) to “Mirinda.”

Based on just one experience, I’d have to say that Elle E is the more skillful of these two models. However she appears to have lost a considerable amount of weight and she may be getting uncomfortably close to “too” skinny, at least to my eye. On the plus side, however, while I found Helen H to be a bit limited in her expressive range previously, here, with another model to interact with, she gives a more varied performance. So, up and down.

As I’ve written in the past, and commenters have often noted, the girl/girl pictorial is a tricky, somewhat compromised proposition. The models can’t have direct intimate contact, and they don’t in “Mirinda,” but Leonardo has done his best to compensate, with mixed results. There are a group of shots, spanning #050 through #058, in which Helen stands behind Elle, and presses her hips against her partner’s backside. If this were a man and a woman the pose none-too-subtly implies rear entry. But these are girls. No amount of erotic face-making can compensate for the absence of the necessary “hardware” to make this pose make sense.

On the upside, however, Leonardo does take advantage of another opportunity. Both girls are extremely uninhibited, and he includes numerous explicit shots. Another highlight are several aggressively erotic poses. #030, for example, very strongly suggest digital/vaginal contact. In #039, #044, and #045, Elle sucks quite enthusiastically on Helen’s right breast. And in #133 and #134 the twosome share a particularly frank French kiss.

Highlights? #015 with Helen’s face and Elle’s explicitly exposed backside. #064, a slightly abstract composition with kinky undertones. And #082, an explicit image with tempting flesh in the foreground and background. A mixed bag, yes, but “Mirinda” has its memorable moments.


MetArt's site SexArt wins "Glamcore Site of the Year!"

Hey Guys! I'm sure you all remember when we first launched SexArt just under a year ago in April. Well, even in that short time, SexArt has claimed it's place in the adult industry as XBiz's "Glamcore Site of the Year!" XBiz is the leading adult industry authority, and is known for providing news and information about the entire adult entertainment industry. The XBiz Awards are considered to be the biggest and most respected honors in the world of erotic entertainment. Celebrate with us as we recognize this amazing achievement, and congratulate yourselves for being part of the success we have in the MetArt Network. We couldn't have done this without the support from our amazing members, and we look forward to our futures together!


“Fortuna” starring Anita E - a peach on the beach…

Anita E: Fortuna, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movieOne of the many enjoyable aspects of the MetArt experience is discovering a new model and then having the opportunity to watch her as she adds additional galleries to her portfolio. I enthusiastically blogged about Anita E’s first MetArt erotic photo series, and I enjoyed her in a subsequent MetArt HD erotic movie performance. Today I’m fortunate enough to be reviewing another movie - the 18th appearance by this charming and exceedingly attractive MetArt model.

Based on my previous experiences with Anita E I expected to enjoy “Fortuna,” and after mere seconds my expectations were met. Wearing an orange dress and carrying an umbrella and a straw bag, Anita arrives at a rocky stretch of shoreline. She quickly sets up camp, then drops the dress to reveal her beautiful breasts and shapely body. Before even a minute has passed she’s removed her skimpy bikini bottoms and is totally, gloriously nude.

What follows in this production from director Luca Helios is as simple and enjoyable as a day at the beach. Anita E basks in the sun, splashes in the water, lolls on the pebbly sand, and shares her alluring natural beauty in a naturally beautiful setting.

I suspect that “Fortuna” was shot late in the afternoon - some of the film is the slightest bit dark, but at other times the light imparts a warm glow to Anita E’s skin. Luca’s camera captures the casual and spontaneous action from a pleasing range of angles. Yes, he does get up close for a generous amount of intimate revelations, but he also shoots from a distance allowing us to savor the sight of Anita’s truly beautiful body in motion. This model has a lively spirit and an exceptional body and I doubt I’ll ever get tired of looking at it.

Fortuna” runs no risk of wearing out its welcome, either - the film’s 6:44 run time may be short, but it’s undeniably sweet. Anita E is a peach, and having the chance to watch her frolic on the beach is sweet, to say the least.


“Oraison” starring Zlatka A - genuine generosity…

Zlatka A: Oraison, by Cloud, explicit outdoor nude art photosIn my last post I discussed a pretty girl who was a touch reluctant about revealing her intimate anatomy. The pretty girl I discuss in this post has no such problem. Indeed, she’s quite the opposite. I consider this an extremely refreshing, not to mention invigorating, change of pace.

My single prior experience with Zlatka A was a good one. And I quickly realize this time may be even better. In the previous set the sky was overcast and the sunlight flat and wan. In “Oraison” the light is bright and the colors vivid. It’s a beautiful day in an interesting location - the sloping concrete bank of a canal.

Photographer Cloud has provided Zlatka A with just one piece of “clothing,” a long piece of red fabric. The fabric ads a burst of vibrant color, and it’s also versatile, serving as a shawl, robe, hood, a flag riding the breeze when held aloft, and a comfortable blanket when spread on the ground.

#004 provides an overview of the location and of Zlatka A’s beauty as she stands on one foot holding opposite ends of the fabric in each hand. After Cloud zooms in and Zlatka A switches to a rear three-quarters view, the result is a fine showcase of her face and backside. Tightly framed in #029, with the sky filling the background, artist and model create another striking image. I will let explicit images like #047, #073, #089, #090, #094, explain themselves, but I will say there’s quite a lot of stylistic variety in these steamy shots. And #107, a headshot, artfully combines style with spontaneity. The shots I’ve mentioned, and numerous others, provide many reasons to enjoy Zlatka A in “Oraison.”


“Presenting” Mika B – baring means sharing…

Mika B: Presenting, by Catherine, 19-year-old beauty in first nudesWhen a beautiful young woman decides to pose for erotic art photos in the nude she deserves our respect, admiration, and gratitude. Appearing totally nude in the digital age means that those images will be seen by millions of people, all around the world, and will be accessible and available for countless years to come.

Mika B - a 19-year-old first time MetArt model - has made this weighty decision, and she’s placed herself in the sensitive and capable hands of a female photographer, frequent and respected contributor Catherine.

I’m quite accustomed to giving new models a little leeway with their debut efforts. There are certain skills that only come with practice and experience, so I don’t expect a new model to perform at the same level as a model with dozens of sets in her portfolio. And in virtually every way - physical and emotional - Mika B’s debut is impressive. She has a great shape, lean but curvy, and her pert breasts and stiff nipples are tantalizing. Her face, framed by long, straight brown hair is also appealing - here she’s made up in an understated style, but I suspect she could also excel with a more polished, sophisticated cosmetic treatment.

And Catherine‘s design and execution of the series is pleasing, as well. The indoor setting, the soft, even lighting, and the colors selected all flatter the model, and there’s plenty of variety in terms of poses and compositions. One thing that is missing, however - and I blame both artist and subject - are any truly explicit images. As I suggest in this post’s title, baring means sharing, and when a nude model is as pleasing as Mika B, viewers expect her to share everything. There are a couple of shots of Mika’s beautiful behind, and details can be seen in the shadows, but these few glimpses only whet the appetite.

There are numerous beautiful images, thoughtful poses, and artfully framed photos in “Presenting,” but I wish Mika B hadn’t held back. When I come to a totally nude shot like #102, in which the model is seated, one leg resting on a nearby table, her other foot folded under, thighs parted, with one hand raised to her hair, the other one hiding her intimate bits, all I can think of saying is: “Mika, please move that beautiful hand!” I certainly hope she chooses to bare all and share all in future offerings - I very much like what I see here, I just want to see the rest!


“Pelagos” starring Sabrina D - she floats my boat…

Sabrina D: Pelagos, by Leonardo, blonde super-beauty onboard a boatThere, I said it. And I’ve said it before, on the two - count ‘em: one and two - previous occasions I’ve been lucky enough to critique Sabrina D galleries, although I did phrase my declarations somewhat differently. This is an exceptionally beautiful young woman in my view, and her beauty is illuminated and enhanced by an intriguing and engaging personality. The physical details are flawless, and the attitude in those impossibly big and spectacularly blue eyes is impossible for me to resist.

Now let’s take this irresistible beauty and place her on a luxurious motor yacht, on the deep blue see, on a picture-perfect day. Further, let’s have a taker of countless perfect pictures craft a voluminous and immensely enjoyable MetArt erotic photo gallery. And that’s what we have in Leonardo’s “Pelagos.” There’s real synergy between model and artist here, and it is very difficult to cull even a couple of substandard images out of the 169 included in the set. Quality, quantity, and Sabrina D - an ideal combination.

There are times, while evaluating a pictorial, when I have to search for the truly outstanding images. Here I have the opposite problem - Sabrina D is so beautiful and charming, and Leonardo‘s artistry (particularly his lighting) is so pleasing, that it’s not easy to narrow down my list of selections. So, if the following list of the finer photos in “Pelagos” seems lengthy, at least you know why. #001, setting the scene, in bikini bottoms and striped top, mainly in shadow, but with a splash of light on her hair and upper chest and her feet slightly diffused in full daylight. #006, hood up, bottoms off, hand on hip, projecting adorable attitude directly into the lens. #025, body fully revealed - angelic, yes, but with a devilish undertone. #098. Wow. That face! Those eyes! Yes, #098 is a jewel.

To repeat, in “Palagos,” Sabrina D definitely floats my boat. It’s also amusing to note the various vessels in the background of several images, perhaps cruising closer for a better look - and who can blame them! How about #103, a glass of Champagne in her hand? If that’s not an advertisement for the good life, I don’t know what is! Yes, we find explicit shots, but we also have #148 in which she sticks out her tongue playfully. I could easily go on, but I think I’m going to have another look through “Pelagos” instead. I suggest you do the same!


SexArt Wins Big at 2013 XBIZ Awards!

[I wrote this for the SexArt blog, but good news is worth sharing so I'm posting it here, as well. SexArt and the MetArt Network are starting off the new year in high style! - Adam]

SexArt is pleased to announce that we have been named “Glamcore Site of the Year” at the 2013 XBIZ Awards. Considering that SexArt launched in April of 2012 and hasn’t even celebrated its first birthday yet, the award is all the more impressive. XBIZ is the leading adult industry authority, and provides unequalled news and information about the entire field - from feature films, to online erotica, to technology and sex toys. The XBIZ Awards are, quite simply, the biggest and most respected honors in the world of erotic entertainment.

The 2013 XBIZ awards were held on January 11, 2013, at the legendary Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California. The event was hosted by XXX superstar Tera Patrick and the vast ballroom was packed with a veritable galaxy of adult stars and industry movers and shakers. Riley Reid, the star of two SexArt erotic movies, won the “Best New Starlet” award, and also announced SexArt‘s “Glamcore Site of the Year” award.

SexArt wasn’t the only site in the MetArt Network to win at the XBIZ Awards. The Free Speech Coalition, the leading adult industry legal advocacy organization, gave MetArt the “Leadership Award” for the company’s extensive efforts on behalf of adult industry performers and producers.

The award winning success of SexArt is just one part of the MetArt Network story. Recent months have seen a dramatic expansion of the MetArt family of premium erotic art and entertainment websites., a showcase of longtime MetArt photographer Rylsky, was recently launched, and MetArt has also acquired legendary director Michael Ninn’s site - including his entire motion picture catalog, as well as highline European studio, star erotic photographer, and industry pioneer

The MetArt Network and SexArt would like to thank XBIZ for the “Glamcore Site of the Year” award. The MetArt Network has big plans for the coming year and we hope to be back on the red carpet at the XBIZ Awards 2014!


“Versu” starring Vanessa H - pretty in a park, lovely at the lake…

Vanessa H: Versu, by Platon Averin, MetArt HD erotic movieAt the visual banquet that is MetArt, nude photo galleries are the main course, and HD erotic videos are side dishes. A quick look at the “menu” proves my point - as I write these words there are 12,402 photo sets offered, compared to “only” 1,038 movies. Pictorials will always be the signature offering at MetArt, but I expect to see more and more emphasis placed on movies in the months and years to come. And after watching “Versu” I can only say this is a very good thing!

There’s been some discussion in the comments lately about the value of seeing a model in street clothes, prior to, or after seeing her nude. Director Platon Averin has seen fit to introduce us to his subject when she’s wearing denim short-shorts, a black tank top, and flat sandals - perfect. And this girl, Vanessa H, needs no more than that to show us exactly how cute and appealing she is. Fully dressed and in a public park, she has my undivided attention from the start. The idea - to call it a “story” would be to exaggerate - is that Vanessa is an artist out for a day of sketching. In the park she delights when a squirrel spontaneously runs across the lawn, and Averin’s camera tours her clothed body while she draws in her sketchbook.

Next we’re transported to a forest at the edge of a vast, placid lake. Vanessa H still has her pencils and paper, but now she’s dressed only in a white blouse. The body barely concealed by that solitary garment is trim and shapely, a nubile treat. And Vanessa H has a lovely, warm, engaging personality - she directs a lot of playful eye-contact at the camera, to the viewer’s benefit.

Vanessa strolls down to the water’s edge, eventually removes her blouse, plays and poses in the shallow water, then gets “dressed” and returns from whence she came. I only hope she comes back soon. I also look forward to more from director Averin - his mastery of the moving picture medium makes a “side dish” like “Versu” extremely appetizing!


If you haven't checked out the latest addition to the MetArt Network, yet, you better get on it! You'll never run out of hot HD content to watch all created by AVN's most awarded director. Whether it's boy/girl, fetish, or solo scenes, you'll find what you need. Be sure to check out, and add it to your current subscription through the upgrades section!


“Lautus” starring Ariel A - attack of the killer color(s)…

Ariel A: Lautus, by Luca Helios, colorful MetArt erotic nude pixWhen I saw that this MetArt erotic photo series was on my schedule I made a vow not to mention the model’s hair color. I’ve addressed it in my critiques of several of her earlier sets, and I pledged to myself to find something else in this particular gallery to focus on. After viewing no more than two or three images in “Lautus,” however, I was forced to break my vow and rescind my pledge.

You may love Ariel A‘s head of flaming orange hair, or you may hate it. But one thing you can not do, however, is ignore it. When the sun hits those flowing locks it lights up like a torch - frankly, I find it distracting. And if something can distract my attention away from Ariel A’s splendid body and gorgeous face, that’s one powerfully distracting something!

But here that distracting hair has some colorful co-conspirators, and I’m afraid they’re bent on compromising this pictorial. Those colors are purple and red. Purple is the vivid color of the filmy, asymmetrical mini-dress that Ariel A is wearing as the set begins. And red is the color of the chaise lounge she does a fair bit of posing on. The interplay of the hair color, the clothing, and the furniture creates some truly disturbing effects. In #010 and #024 the combination of red hair and purple fabric gives Ariel a 5 o’clock shadow. And in #039 the dress and chair hopelessly skew the color spectrum.

Ariel A is a beautiful woman. And Luca Helios is a talented photographer, but some of the choices made here do the finished product no favors. But looking for the best shots in “Lautus” does yield some notable examples. Without the frock the colors calm down somewhat in the totally nude #050 - the red upholstery may even enhance the image somewhat. I love (yes love) Ariel’s hair in #075. #095 is a thoughtful and interesting headshot. And the bright highlight on that hair adds some spark to the full-body composition of #119. If Ariel A is married to the hair color, so be it. But, please, consider the effect of costuming and props in the future, because, as we see here, the wrong colors can be killers.


“Presenting” Sarah Luvv - newcomer shoots newcomer…

Sarah Luvv: Presenting, by Holly Randall, new MetArt model and photogIn the world of erotic photography and video she’s a member of a legendary dynasty. Her mother, Suze Randall, is a pioneer of erotica having worked as a fashion and nude model, photographer, producer and director of soft and hardcore films in a career spanning 35 years. Her father, Humphry Knipe, is an author, a writer/director of XXX videos during the genre’s 1980s heyday, and an erotic website administrator. But while Holly Randall has a well-established reputation of her own in the family business, she’s only recently become a MetArt contributing photographer - this is her second MetArt erotic photo gallery.

I have no idea whether Mr. or Mrs. Luvv have any experience in the adult entertainment industry, but their daughter, Sarah Luvv, has embarked on a modeling career, and this set marks her debut as a MetArt model.

While the Randall women - mother and daughter - may be best known for shooting glamorous women in a glamorous style, Sarah Luvv is something of a girl-next-door type. Randall has come up with a treatment that is flattering to the model as well as a showcase for her own technical and stylistic talents.

Luvv is nude throughout. She’s posing in the shallow water at the edge of a grotto style swimming pool in a lushly landscaped backyard that very much evokes a tropical island setting. Sarah Luvv looks quite at home here, and seems at ease in front of the camera, as well. An introductory shot like #003 not only captures Luvv’s pert attributes and warm demeanor, it also demonstrates Randall’s deft lighting - and I do like the way the diffused background evokes an untamed jungle setting. There are explicit shots here, as well as shots that showcase the model’s big, brown eyes - #042 offers a bit of both. In #059 we find a beautifully posed and composed pin-up. And in #087 and #088 photographer and model create two wonderful headshots, the first eyes closed, the second eyes open. “Presenting” shows great promise for artist and model, alike.



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“Poza” starring Tracy A - the ideal vs. the real…

Tracy A: Poza, by Koenart, slender, blue-eyed model, explicit nude pixEvaluating this MetArt nude gallery was an interesting experience. I’d seen the model once previously, in her second MetArt pictorial, so I had those initial impressions in mind. As I looked through the series I found myself pulled in two directions. There was something about the styling, and to a lesser extent the model’s performance, that I wasn’t quite sure of. But after her outfit came off and I got a better look at the model minus her costume, I found myself liking her, and the set, much more. The “key” that unlocked the set and finally won me over to Tracy A came in the final ten shots in the collection. Here I could finally see the “real” model, and it helped me understand and appreciate the “ideal” model that had been presented in the pictorial.

What was this “key”? The last ten shots in “Poza” present Tracy A in public, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Her hair is pulled up in a scrunchie, and her makeup, like her hair, is casual and natural. In the main section of the set Tracy is elaborately styled, hair, makeup, outfit - and she’s also “styled” in her presentation. She’s modeling in those pictures. In the final ten, however, her presentation is much more natural, much more genuine, much more real.

Now, the Tracy A in the nude section of Koenart‘s creation is very appealing. She’s slender, elegantly proportioned, and whether she’s captured in a full body shot like #071, or in an explicit close-up like #075 it’s impossible to find a flaw. Although I find glimpses and glimmers of Tracy A’s casual, public personality throughout the nude section of the set, there’s just not enough of that bright and bubbly spirit here, and I think they - artist and model - have put just a bit too much emphasis in an idealized style rather than the model’s abundant natural attributes and attitude. There’s much to enjoy in “Poza,” let me be quite clear about that. But to see more of the real Tracy A in future galleries would truly be ideal!


“Fond” with Nastya C - back to the beginning…

Nastya C: Fond, by Luca Helios, slender blonde with a haunted look

This is a downbeat, moody MetArt erotic photo series. Some of this is due to the style employed by the photographer, but much of it comes from the model’s restrained performance and her haunted expression. And as I worked my way through the set I became haunted by a sense of dejà vu. A brief stroll down memory lane explained the feeling: I had “been here before,” for the very first post on this blog.

Nastya C starred in a Luca Helios set, “Seasons,” that was the subject of my first critique when the MetArt blog was launched back in November 2010. Today, 652 posts later, I sit down to evaluate “Fond,” with Nastya C, and also photographed by Luca Helios. And not much has changed. I have no way of confirming this, but I suspect the two sets were shot at the same time, in different areas of the same location. And while Nastya wears a different dress in each series, her styling is virtually identical. So, two sets, “separated at birth,” or so it seems.

As similar as the two sets are, my reaction to this one is quite unlike my response to the first. While the model is physically appealing, her restrained performance and limited emotional range creates a sense of distance in this pictorial. Even when she manages something approximating a smile, in #043, there’s a certain lack of warmth. In other shots she seems oddly angry (#012) and distracted (#024). I’m not suggesting that Nastya C should be grinning from ear to ear and radiating cheerful joy, but there’s a certain detachment and lack of energy that diminishes her considerable beauty in “Fond.” Maybe she needs to get out of that hotel room and into a more convivial environment?


“Deniz” starring Lily C - See? Nymph! Sea? Nymph…

Lily C: Deniz, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movieIt was love at first sight. Actually, it was also love at first set. I was lucky enough to review Lily C’s debut MetArt erotic gallery, and I’ve been assigned several of her subsequent series, as well as two of her MetArt HD erotic movies, and I’ve loved them all. This is one model who never disappoints. I love, love, love, love, love this model! And, clearly, I’m not the only one who loves her - at this moment Lily C is sitting at #10 on MetArt‘s Top Model rankings. This girl is beautiful, talented, and justifiably popular.

Here this adorable and alluring nymph is teamed with Luca Helios. Wearing a pareu over her bikini, and carrying a bag of beach supplies, Lily C. walks along the broad, flat rocks at the seaside. She spreads out a blanket, quickly disrobes, applies glistening oil to her bronzed body, and generally enjoys a bright and sunshiny day at the seaside.

Really, that’s pretty much it in the way of story or narrative, but Lily C is so pleasing to the eye and has such a lively and engaging personality that every second of the viewing experience is pleasurable. Helios has no need for dramatics or flashy technique, he records the unfolding action from a variety of distances and makes sure to include enough explicit revelations to satisfy that particular craving.

Lily C’s long hair, which she usually wears in a wavy style, is worn straight in “Deniz” and it’s particularly flattering. Her body is as toned and shapely as ever, and perhaps a bit leaner, and when she applies oil to that glorious shape the effect is mesmerizing. Whether she’s squeezing her pert breasts, kicking her feet in the water, tiptoeing gracefully at the water’s edge, rinsing her torso with water, or splashing playfully at the camera, Lily C is a delight. In a final teasing and sexy touch, when the film approaches its conclusion Lily C puts her blanket and clothing back in the bag and walks away completely and totally nude. Any bystanders in the parking lot have a real treat in store. But MetArt members can enjoy that treat immediately by screening “Deniz” as soon as possible!


Rise Awards 2013

Hello everyone! Rise Awards 2013 are just around the corner, and we call upon our awesome members to nominate us as your favorite erotic site! Just visit Rabbits Reviews and nominate us in any category you feel we fit! As always we appreciate you, and your efforts to help MetArt win! Don't forget to follow us on our social sites. Just search for @metart on Twitter or Instagram. Find us on Tumblr and Facebook too, and get previews of content from other sites within the network!


“Deseo” starring Rebecca C - two years later…

Rebecca C: Deseo, by Ingret, bottomless beauty in nude art photos

I first discovered Rebecca C back in February of 2011. Today, nearly two years later, I get to enjoy her once more, this time in an entirely different setting, and shot by a different artist.

The earlier set was shot outdoors, in a particularly scenic lakeside location. Here Ingret places Rebecca in an elaborately decorated sitting room. The model is only partially dressed as the series opens - she’s not wearing panties, but she is wearing old fashioned sheer hose, garters, a cream colored bustier trimmed in lace, and a chunky turquoise necklace. Although I’ve learned to ignore it, I’ve never been a fan of the bulky and/or brightly colored costume jewelry many MetArt photographers employ to give their work a bit of color. Here the color and style of the necklace is at odds with the luxurious but old fashioned style of the room. I consider it something of a distraction, but Rebecca C boasts numerous distractions of her own, so that’s where I put my full attention.

Because she’s bottomless from the beginning, and not at all reticent about revealing herself, “Deseo” includes many detailed, intimate views. One of my favorite of these images is #013. This is a close shot of Rebecca’s thighs and backside as she lounges on a green leather sofa. Her stocking-encased feet, slightly out of focus, occupy the foreground and the sheen of her nylons is nicely contrasted with the soft warmth of her skin - there’s an “old time” quality to the shot that is difficult to describe, but which I quite enjoy.

She may well be responding to her formal surroundings, but I find some of Rebecca’s posing her to be a bit over-styled. In a more spontaneous stance, in #045, she fits perfectly in the setting and allows Ingret to create one of the finer compositions in the collection. Another highlight, with the emphasis on “light,” occurs in #079 when Rebecca C tilts her head just so and regards the lens with those gleaming blue eyes. I’d hate to wait two more years to see more of that.


MetArt welcomes MichaelNinn!

MetArt has incorporated into the MetArt Network! Michael Ninn, the most awarded AVN director of all time, is known for his innovative, artistic and stylized approach to adult film making. With a career that spans two decades, over 70 AVN awards and 400 plus nominations, he has never compromised his belief that quality and the end user are what are most important. Be sure to check out, and add it to your current subscription through the upgrades section!


“Positivo” with Angel E - trim and tempting…

Angel E: Positivo, by Luca Helios, slender, tiny-top temptressI’ve critiqued several MetArt erotic photo galleries featuring blue-eyed models with dark hair in recent months and the combination never fails to capture my attention and elicit favorable comments from readers. I was struck by Angel E’s appearance when I reviewed an earlier set of hers and it’s interesting to revisit this model. I think she’s a little bit skinnier here than before. She may be getting a touch too thin, but that’s only my personal preference, and her long-limbed and elegant body is still very appealing. And as she’s gained experience I think Angel has become a more confident and accomplished model - she’s able to mix things up in terms of pose, position, and expression much more effectively here.

This series is somewhat less polished that the earlier one, however, and the color scheme and lighting that Luca Helios employs isn’t quite as flattering to Angel E as it might be. And, while I’m complaining, this is the second Helios set I’ve looked at recently in which the soles of the model’s feet are dirty (see #042). There may be those who find soiled soles stimulating, but in a studio shoot I can’t imagine it would have taken too much additional effort to make those tootsies a bit more camera-ready.

This is a fairly simple set. Angel E briefly wears a blue fabric wrap, and she poses on and next to a curvy chaise in front of a dark patterned backdrop. Helios includes a generous assortment of explicit images, which are always welcome in my estimation, but my favorites in the collection are those that focus on the model’s face and expression. In #013 and #014, two full-body standing shots, Angel E displays skill, grace, and a delightful energy, and #019 moves in closer to highlight her face and eyes. If you prefer slim, dark-haired, blue-eyed models I can be reasonably certain you’ll enjoy “Positivo.”


Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a safe holiday, and Happy New Year from the MetArt team! 2012 was a great year, but we plan to make 2013 even better! Stay tuned for more juicy content from your favorite network, and make sure to send us your feedback! Don't forget to follow MetArt on our social networks! Just search for @MetArt on Instagram, or Twitter. We have a Tumblr and Facebook too! There are daily updates of content from the site, and sometimes behind the scenes shots!


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    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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