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“Exceptie” with Orvelia O - back to basics…

Orvelia O: Exceptie, by Goncharov, simple nude pix in a studio settingWhile there are certainly simpler MetArt erotic photo galleries, this offering from prolific contributor Goncharov achieves its strengths by getting back to basics with a minimum of additions and extras.

The artist experiments with two different set-ups in “Exceptie.” In the first, he’s dressed his model, Orvelia O, in one garment - a blue “sweater” knit in a fishnet pattern that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. The lighting is soft and indirect, the white floor flows seamlessly into the backdrop, and a tall, white rectangular box serves as a chair or posing aid in some shots. Two of my favorites from this section include the first image, #001, in which Orvelia’s body as well as cheerful demeanor are on full display; and #014, a standing back shot that is a stylish study in simplicity.

In the second section of “Exceptie” the white box is replaced by a heavy, dark, high-backed chair made of stout lengths of what appears to be bamboo. At first Orvelia is wearing the net sweater, but she soon discards it and a long string of pearls becomes her “costume.” This section is, to my eyes, somewhat less coherent than the first, but it does yield many pleasing images. In #102 and #103, for example, using the necklace as the most brief of bikini bottoms, Orvelia O is erotically exposed even though she’s technically covered up.

Orvelia O has a pleasant energy and personality here and I suspect the simplicity of the set design gave her the freedom to experiment with her own style and presentation. I don’t expect that “Exceptie” will bowl many viewers over, but it achieves a pleasing effect with its model’s charm and the basic simplicity of its design.


“Faccia” starring Divina A - lean, lithe, lively, and loveable…

Divina A: Faccia, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movieA girl doesn’t become a MetArt Top Model by accident. It takes great beauty, of course. But beauty, in and of itself, isn’t enough. There are certain qualities, an ability to project the personality, what we might call being photogenic, that are also crucial. Girls who attain and retain Top Model status have a knack for connecting with the viewer, it’s a gift, and MetArt members recognize and respond to it. And Divina A has this gift in abundance. Oh, she’s beautiful, make no mistake. But she’s also utterly and completely charming, and the combination is what makes her a resident of the uppermost ranks of MetArt Top Models.

Divina A became a Top Model shortly after her debut photo set appeared on the site (I evaluated it here). And I’ve reviewed subsequent pictorials as well as one of her MetArt HD erotic movies. When I noticed that “Faccia” had been added to the site I had to have a look. It will surprise absolutely nobody that this movie is a delight from start to finish.

Director Leonardo wisely keeps things simple. He’s dressed his subject in sheer red panties and a pair of very high heels. She’s standing in a portico and begins undulating and dancing in place almost immediately. The moves are supremely sexy, but it’s the lively, inviting smile on Divina’s beautiful face that keeps the viewer’s eyes riveted to the screen. I really get the feeling that Divina is enjoying herself here, that she takes pleasure in performing for the lens and for her audience. She’s confident and assured in her movements and attitude, and comes across entirely natural - she’s polished, but not at all forced or false.

Leonardo takes full advantage of this opportunity. While giving Divina the freedom to display herself, he takes care to frame her at a distance and up close - we get the long shots along with delicious up-close details and have ample opportunity to study that amazing body and that super-cute face. The lighting on this overcast day proves to be a blessing and the lean and toned physique of this stunning specimen is rendered and revealed in amazing sculptural detail as Divina A struts her spectacular stuff. What a body, what a beauty!

If you want to see a MetArt Top Model in top form and at the top of her game “Faccia” is the film for you.


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“Disteso” starring Patsy A - sultry succulence…

Patsy A: Disteso, by Rylsky, stunning explicit erotic nude art photosPatsy A: Disteso, by Rylsky, stunning explicit erotic nude art photosI’ve followed the MetArt careers of models who were demure in their debut galleries, but who grew bolder and more daring with each subsequent appearance. I can also think of a model or two who’s grown more reserved as her portfolio has expanded. Neither of those profiles applies to the star of “Disteso.” Patsy A delivered stunningly explicit poses in her MetArt debut (I blog about it here), and she may be even more uninhibited in this, her second pictorial. And that’s really saying something!

Rylsky shot Patsy A’s debut, and he’s behind the camera here, as well. The artist has a unique insight into the personalities and emotions of his subjects, and I can only imagine how rewarding it must be for him to work with such a confident and uninhibited model. I do take issue with some of his design choices in “Disteso” however. The back wall and floor of the studio are draped with sheer fabric in a rich reddish brown shade, and this is pleasing to the eye and proves versatile as the set unfolds. But the single piece of clothing the model wears - a backless, pink lace mini-dress - clashes with the background and is also slightly out of synch with Patsy A’s personality. Once she’s taken off the dress and moved it out of frame the series is dramatically improved.

I find this model particularly interesting. Patsy A is toned, fit, and graceful, and one senses a strength of personality that fits well with her physical attributes. And the long legs, long arms, long hair, and her overall proportions are extremely appealing. The ever-stiff nipples of her petite breasts and the glory of her femininity both serve to enhance the package. And in addition to all that, we have this confident, proud, eager model who is utterly without inhibition. It’s not something we necessarily expect from a girl next door type, but it is a joy to behold, nevertheless.

Yes, the explicit shots in “Disteso” are my favorites, but other less revealing images also make the list. #015, framed from the waist up, captures Patsy’s lean, toned beauty nicely. #068 may be the most strikingly stylish composition in the collection, a true gem. I also love the one-legged pose of #096 and how the details of her body are so wonderfully rendered.

And then there are the hot, explicit shots. #050, ripe, lush, and enticingly moist. I love the way Patsy thrusts herself at the lens in #045, but what I love even more is how she blossoms in the two shots that follow - what lover of the female flesh could possibly resist? The glistening fingers in #086 add additional impact to the glistening flower. And in #092 we have a dreamy, as well as daring, invitation. Oh, Patsy!


“Eskura” starring Beatrice C - young, bold, and bewitching…

Beatrice C: Eskura, by Catherine, 19-year-old babe explicit nude pixAttraction isn’t always instantaneous. And some of the most memorable - and satisfying - seductions take a bit of time to unfold. That was my experience with “Eskura.” My initial impressions of the model and of the photography were positive, but achieving a full and enthusiastic appreciation of the set was a gradual process.

Beatrice C first appears wearing a little black dress. She is pretty and nicely presented. When I read her bio after viewing the set I learn that this 19-year-old is a stylist, and I suspect she may have performed those tasks here - her hair and makeup are quite nicely done.

After a costume change Beatrice appears in a sexy bodysuit. She’s pretty, and the garment is flattering, but there’s a hint of stiffness in some of the poses, and the artful styling of hair and makeup begins to feel the slightest bit overdone. Still, the most minor of complaints.

It’s only when Beatrice C is totally nude that “Eskura” hits its stride and the model wins me over completely. And it’s not simply because she has a splendid body, either. Once she’s nude she reveals not only all her scrumptious intimate attributes, but also her vixenish nature. A skilled artist, photographer Catherine takes great care in capturing the delights of Beatrice C’s body as well as the sizzle and sparkle of her personality.

Catherine’s lighting, soft and natural, brings out not only physical detail, but also the texture and tone of the model’s supple skin. And she’s included ample compositional variety. #087 is a lovely detail figure study of breast and torso, for example, and in #048 the artist’s deft manipulation of light is on display as well as are the model’s inviting attributes. In #053 we have a lovely headshot, and Beatrice bites her lip seductively, while offering herself to the lens, in #126. There are playful moments (#078) and steamy ones (#060), and “Eskura” ends with an erotic, explicit, bang (#130). Beatrice C is young, bold, bewitching, and, to put it simply, extremely hot.


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“Fanari” starring Nichole A - smiling on a simple set…

Nichole A: Fanari, by Arkisi, leggy brunette beauty in explicit pixI loved Nichole A from the very first image in her very first MetArt erotic photo series. Of course love at first sight can be fleeting and temporary, but my initial impression and affection was only reinforced in the second and third Nichole A galleries I’ve evaluated.

The dark-eyed beauty with the warm, natural smile returns in “Fanari,” once again partnered with photographer Arkisi, and my expectations are justifiably high.

While Nichole’s beauty and charm are abundant and consistent in this set and the other three I’ve commented on, all four galleries are distinctly different, and Arkisi deserves credit for experimenting and exploring varied approaches to the same model. The last Nichole A series I blogged about was an outdoor set on a picturesque mountaintop. In “Fanari” she’s far, far away from nature, on a vivid purple seamless background in a controlled studio setting. The furnishings and extras are few. There’s a white chair and a table topped with a couple of tchotchkes, and the model’s costume consists of a pair of stiletto pumps and a frilly, coral-colored bra and panties set. The colors really “pop” and the simplicity of the design lets Nichole A‘s beauty shine.

This long-legged brunette exudes a rare, irresistible warmth. She’s almost always smiling, but it feels entirely natural and genuine. Whether she’s standing tall, hands on her hips, in the introductory shots (#001 and #004 are two favorites), or when she’s totally exposed in any of the numerous explicit poses, Nichole is cheerful and completely at ease. Nichole A’s personality really comes across in these photos, and it’s every bit as attractive as her physical attributes. If you’ve yet to experience this beguiling beauty, “Fanari” may well make you a fan of Nichole A.


“Deusa” starring Candice Luka - not short, not shy…

Candice Luka: Deusa, by Luca Helios, brazen brunette beauty bares allStanding 5-foot-7, Candice Luka may not be basketball-tall, but she’s absolutely long, lean, and unquestionably lovely. And her slender build and long legs enhance the appealing impression of height. And this tall doll quickly proves, after only the briefest of delays, that she’s not at all shy. The pretty matching panties and bra she models so effectively in #001 are teased off and discarded in short order - she’s topless by #006, proudly revealing her beautiful breasts. And by #021 she’s totally nude, thighs spread, revealing all.

So, Candice Luka is neither short nor shy, but she is beautiful, seductive, and has a lively, engaging on-camera personality. This is the first MetArt erotic photo series I’ve seen her in, and it inspired me to do a little research. Candice has appeared in five total sets so far, and she hasn’t even celebrated her first anniversary on the site, so I hope we can look forward to seeing much more of her in the future. And there’s a bit of mystery here, as well - for her MetArt debut she used the name “Lennox A,” but in all her subsequent sets she’s billed as Candice Luka. A fun fact, even if the reason remains a mystery.

There are a lot of explicit shots, many of them close-ups, in this Luca Helios creation. But there’s also variety and balance to the compositions and poses. As a bonus, I think that viewers with a specific interest in female feet will find a few special standouts in “Deusa,” as well.

With so much coverage devoted to Candice Luka’s below-the-waist attributes her personality still remains front and center. This model has a warm, playful quality that makes her seem real and down-to-earth even when she’s projecting sultry eroticism. I get the feeling that she’s got a ready laugh and that a smile is never far from her luscious lips, and that gives these photos an extra bit of personality. Yes, she does a lot of “proper modeling” here, but not at the expense of her natural personality. That this beautiful, tall, and uninhibited young woman shares her body and her personality so completely in these photos makes “Deusa” delectable.


“Vereint” starring Amelie B - boudoir beauty…

Amelie B: Vereint, by Leonardo, elegant beauty nude in a boudoirA cozy bedroom decorated in a homey, casual style provides a fitting backdrop in the MetArt erotic photo set titled “Vereint.” That’s almost surprising in view of the fact that the subject of the pictorial is a glamorous beauty who would look right at home in the most luxurious, elegant surroundings imaginable. But here Amelie B makes this humble bedroom look irresistibly inviting.

Prolific MetArt contributor Leonardo employs a somewhat subdued style here, and doesn’t rely on any dramatic lighting design. Instead he and his model tell a simple and enjoyable story in photographs.

As it begins we find Amelie B seated on the fully dressed bed. Amelie is dressed, as well, in a cute and sexy pink bra and panties set, trimmed in white. She’s got a girlish bow in her hair, and those rich, wavy, auburn tresses frame her pleasingly angular face to perfection.

As the set unfolds the lingerie eventually comes off, but even before she’s exposed we’re treated to many enticing images. Of these clothed shots I particularly enjoyed #006 (for pure beauty), #008 (for her eyes), #018 (face and lustrous hair), and #021 (for the sexy attitude).

As Amelie B removes her lingerie, the blankets come off the bed. It’s only logical - and certainly a desirable progression - but it also contributes to the “story” in a subtle and effortless manner. When the model is totally nude and sprawling on the white bed linens she delivers several striking pin-ups - #091, with her long hair hanging off the edge of the bed and her eyes projecting a sultry invitation, is one stylish and evocative example.

While there are certainly explicit images here, as well there should be, “Vereint” lacks any true explicit close-ups. I do wish some were included, but Amelie is so beautiful and engaging that I’m willing to overlook the omission. The chance to spend time in the boudoir, even if only vicariously, with a beauty of this caliber is a chance to be savored, and this pictorial allows us ample opportunity to do exactly that!


“Putnam” with Cristina A & Guerlain A - mystery meet…

Cristina A & Guerlain A: Putnam, by Ingret, a pair of pretty posersWhen a MetArt erotic photo series fails to win me over it can be for any number of reasons. I’ve evaluated galleries where the set design or location was unappealing or unflattering to the model, as well as pictorials in which the artist’s technical or design approach was in some way flawed, and there are those times when a model is stiff, or overly dramatic, or perhaps a bit too modest.

In the case of “Putnam” I can’t really fault the models, these are both girls with their own unique personalities and undeniable physical beauty. And the art direction, while somewhat unusual (I’ll explain this in further detail) isn’t the problem. And that leaves me with only the artist, Ingret, to blame.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, girl/girl galleries are uniquely challenging. If the models can’t generate some erotic spark, and the photographer can’t make their pairing visually engaging, the chances of success are narrowed. Ingret puts these two models together, positions them in a variety of poses, and even tries out three different pieces of furniture, but there isn’t the tiniest flicker of sexual attraction or eroticism to be found.

In #025 blonde Cristina A appears to be smelling Guerlain A‘s long hair. Why? In #062, a carefully posed composition, Guerlain looks to be sniffing Cristina’s ankle. Again, why? And how is “Putnam” improved when the bathtub in the first section of the series is replaced by a sofa, and later by dark geometric objects? It’s baffling. If you are a fan of either of these models I can understand how it would be at least somewhat interesting, but the lack of connection between the two girls, and the photographer’s conception and execution of the pictorial are a mystery. Perhaps someone who derived more enjoyment from “Putnam” than I did will offer some insight? Please feel free to enlighten me in the comments, below.


“Voile” starring Mia Sollis - through a bird’s eyes…

Mia Sollis: Voile, by DeltaGamma, camera aloft shoots beauty belowLooking at erotic art photographs - that’s where my job here begins. And during my tenure as MetArt‘s blogger I’ve looked at many hundreds of pictorials, and studied nearly 100,000 individual images. Yes, it’s a dirty job, and I’m lucky enough to get to do it.

Sometimes it’s the model who makes a set successful. Sometimes it’s a scenic or picturesque location. There are series in which the artist and photographer have a rapport that results in exceptional photographs. And sometimes, although relatively rarely, a photographer comes up with a unique aesthetic concept for a set and executes it to perfection. And this last option is what I have the pleasure of discussing today.

The artist with the cryptic and mysterious name DeltaGamma has created something wonderful here. It is a splendid showcase for the model, Mia Sollis, and it seems tailored to her in many ways. But I can also easily imagine this treatment being applied with equal success to other models.

Voile” takes simple elements, adds a twist, and the result is far greater than the basic components. We have a floor of large white tiles, the grout lines cross on the diagonal forming a grid. A large piece of sheer white fabric gives the pictorial its title, gives Mia Sollis something to wrap her beautiful body in, and adds a suggestion of clouds or smoke to some shots. The twist DeltaGamma employs to such excellent effect is his angle or POV - he’s placed the camera above the model and shoots down on her for the bulk of the set. The combination of the high (and highly unusual) angle, the pattern of the tiles, and the effect of the fabric is truly striking.

When the floor becomes the “backdrop” it forces the model to pose in new and different ways. Here Mia Sollis does most of her posing while lying on the floor, and this creates the illusion that she’s floating in space. In several images she bridges her body off the floor, supporting herself with her feet and shoulders. And in others she aligns herself against the grid to mix crisp geometry with the soft curves of her body.

I might end this post with a list of favorite images, but I’ll restrain myself. Instead I’ll simply suggest you take a look at “Voile” for yourself. I’d be interested in hearing your impressions, whether you agree with my opinions, or not.


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    Gets more unreal all the time, Arkisi.
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