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“Glauben” starring Violla A - the hunt for a wild forest fox…

Violla A: Glauben, by Matiss, succulent and curvy babe in explicit pixThe setting is lush and green, sunlight mixes with cool shadows, and in the background a meandering stream is occasionally visible. Birds are twittering in the high branches and a light breeze is gently ruffling the leaves. Movement, and then sound, catches your attention - you spin to look, and you see her. You freeze in your tracks. You’ve just stumbled into the lair of the forest fox, one of the most alluring creatures nature has to offer.

I hope you’ll forgive me the brief flight of fancy, but the MetArt erotic photo series titled “Glauben” invites and encourages these types of imaginings, and many others, as well. Violla A, totally nude and completely uninhibited, is the fox in question, and her voluptuous beauty and sprightly personality are almost overwhelmingly attractive in this setting. In much of the series she’s positioned on a gnarled, bent tree trunk that’s covered with twisted vines. And she looks completely at home and absolutely comfortable.

The fact that Violla A is so at ease in the rustic location can only have made the photographer’s job easier, and if the model is only half as high-spirited as she appears to be this session must have been a pleasure for Matiss. I do notice a couple of unnecessarily tilted images, and a few shots in which reflected light is perhaps a touch overdone, but the overall look and execution of the pictorial is quite pleasing.

As noted, Violla A is not inhibited, and that’s an understatement. But explicit anatomical detail is just one aspect of this pictorial. There are some simply wonderful headshots - quite a few, in fact, starting at #018 and including #019, #020, and #032, among others. And there are some pleasantly tame figure studies - includng #063, #067, and #081 - that have an almost rustic pin-up quality. Whether she’s thrusting her moist delights at the lens or just reclining thoughtfully on her forest perch, Violla A is utterly charming and powerfully alluring in “Glauben.”


Viv Thomas

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“Noiva” starring Alyssa A - a smile, once in a while…

Alyssa A: Noiva, by Slastyonoff, gorgeous woman in explicit art pixIt’s a complex undertaking, this nude erotic photo modeling. A beautiful face certainly helps, but the range of what is considered beautiful is so broad that beauty, in and of itself isn’t enough. A shapely body is another crucial ingredient, but petite, skinny girls and voluptuous women can both find success in the same arena. A lack of inhibition is absolutely a requirement, and it helps if the photographer is sympathetic and skilled enough to support and encourage the model during the shoot. But perhaps the most important factor - and this is easy to forget when one is dazzled by a parade of mouthwatering bodies and beautiful faces - may well come down to personality. The best models, the sexiest girls, the most sought after women in erotic photography radiate and project engaging personalities.

Alyssa A does, without a doubt exhibit personality in “Noiva.” And she also displays considerable beauty of the facial and physical varieties. From the delicate intimate details - these alone have earned her numerous fans, I don’t doubt - to her trim and shapely figure, Alyssa A is nothing if not beautiful. And her face, framed by long wavy hair and boasting blue eyes of the big and beguiling variety, is as pretty as a picture. And she’s certainly uninhibited - the numerous explicit poses and close-ups provide ample proof of that. So, a truly beautiful woman, unashamed and uninhibited, but perhaps the slightest bit restrained in the personality department. Oh, she is sexy and appealing, and a feast for the eyes, but I do wish she would laugh, smile, let go a little bit, and share more of her personality!

Even so, despite the somewhat limited range of Alyssa A’s expressiveness, there is quite a lot to enjoy in Slastyonoff‘s pictorial. The art direction, lighting, and styling - including the model’s white ensemble of stockings, panties and frilly top - is harmonious and flattering. Even fully dressed, as she is in #023, Alyssa A presents an alluring proposition. With her breasts exposed, eyes closed, and reclining on the sheets in #045 she’s an evocative picture of dreamlike perfection. As for explicit images, #050 gets right to the point(s) and in the cluster of shots spanning #115 through #120, Alyssa offers herself vigorously to the camera with high erotic impact.

Four of the most personality-rich shots, and thus standouts in “Noiva,” are variations on the same pose. In #027, #099, #100 and #101, she faces the camera, head down, ass up. Here Alyssa presents some real depth. Even with her eyes closed, in #100, or in #099 (her most relaxed and natural pose in the collection?) her exquisite beauty and enticing sensuality are in full effect.



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“Presenting” Valeri B - country road curves and cuteness…

Valeri B: Presenting, by Matiss, MetArt model's nude debut pixA seldom traveled road in the remote and picturesque countryside provides the setting for this first-time MetArt model’s debut. Wearing nothing more than a necklace, sheer black panties, and a pair of flashy stiletto heeled platforms, Valeri B’s premiere opens with a series of bold and impressive images. If there was any traffic on this desolate road it would certainly come to a screeching halt at the sight of this curvaceous blonde.

Matiss positions Valerie B in soft shadow for the bulk of the images here, but the natural light allows for full revelation of her physical details while the background - verdant hills and craggy white peaks backed by vivid blue sky - is bathed in bright sunlight. The model’s shoes, in particular, add a bit of stripperish glamour that may be slightly out of place in the rustic location, but the result is ultimately satisfying.

Valeri B has an attractive energy and her performance here is confident and relaxed. She does seem to be enjoying the experience, and if these are her first nudes one can’t help but be impressed by her natural ease in front of the camera. She’s impressive physically, as well, with a body that mixes plush curves with an underlying strength and athleticism.

Presenting” Valeri B offers a wide variety of poses and compositions. Intimate close-ups are balanced by an assortment of headshots, and at the end of the set Valeri B appears in a little black mini-dress - even fully clothed this new MetArt model is unquestionably sexy.


“Empiria” starring Milana G - magical moments/indelible images…

Milana G: Empiria, by Ivan Harrin, MetArt HD erotic movieSeven minutes and fifty-one seconds is not a lot of time. That’s just one of the fundamental challenges posed by the MetArt HD erotic movie format. To be frank, I’ve seen several of these short subjects that seemed far longer due to their lack of compelling action or failure to make any sort of engaging erotic or creative statement.

With “Empiria,” photographer/artist/director Ivan Harrin demonstrates mastery of the format. Yes, it’s just under eight minutes in length, but every second is entertaining and enjoyable. Harrin’s concept, style, and execution are brilliantly suited to the format, and aspiring MetArt filmmakers would be well advised to study this offering.

And the talent in front of the lens is every bit as impressive. As “Empiria” begins we see Milana G, in profile, standing behind a curtain of crystal beads - it’s a beautiful image of a beautiful girl. Within seconds - she smiles at the 10-second mark - she has my undivided and enthusiastic attention. And it just gets better from there on out.

Milana G has a slender, shapely body and the soft lighting brings out its contours wonderfully. She also has a nuanced personality, laughing, then thoughtful, then sexy. There are moments, many of them, when I’m struck by her beauty in individual frames - Harrin really knows how to apply the still photographer’s sensibility to motion pictures.

Totally nude throughout, when Milana G steps away from the beaded curtain she moves to a picture window facing a busy street. Pedestrians are clearly visible in many shots adding a bit of exhibitionist/voyeur sizzle to the proceedings - one fellow nearly sprains his neck turning to gawk at the gorgeous nude girl looking out at him. Priceless.

Some bold, explicit views spice up what is already a spicy concoction, and as an unexpected bonus we’re treated to a brief bit of “blooper” footage (in stylish black and white, no less) as “Empiria” nears its conclusion; as well as a short, fully clothed moment as Milana browses the offerings at a street-side stall. A gorgeous girl in a stylish, eye-pleasing and completely enjoyable film. Highly recommended.


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“Provalo” starring Mila I - flower power…

Mila I: Provalo, by Tony Murano, hot, explicit erotic nude art photosCalling a model in her early twenties a “veteran” seems a bit odd, but “Provalo” is Mila I‘s forty-ninth appearance at MetArt so the description is fitting. And it’s quite easy to understand this beautiful blonde’s enduring appeal. She’s physically enticing, of course, but Mila I also has a spirited, lively personality that is easily captured in still photos or on video.

In looking at Mila I’s impressive catalog I notice something interesting. Although she’s worked with a diverse assortment of MetArt contributing photographers, eight of her ten most highly rated pictorials were created by one artist, Tony Murano. With “Provalo” I have a chance to see for myself why this particular team has proven to be so popular and successful.

Although the very first image is tilted for no obvious reason (a pet peeve of mine), the lighting and set design is pleasing, and Mila’s styling is a bit more polished than usual, which is also pleasing - Mila is nothing if not versatile, and here’s yet more proof. Then model and artist begin to experiment. In #005 we Mila is in a thoughtful mood, but by #009, still fully dressed, she expresses sexual ecstasy.

Explicit and unashamedly sexual imagery is a Tony Murano trademark, and as “Provalo” progresses it offers ever-increasing eroticism. While Mila I is undeniably cute with a bright and charming spirit, she’s also powerfully sexy, and this series captures that aspect of her personality quite impressively.

Yes, there are “tame” yet stylish photos here – #047, a study of Mila’s breasts with several flowers slightly out of focus in the background is one example. And the architecture of her body is rendered to striking effect in #072. Here Mila’s shoulders are on the floor and her body arches upward, supported by her legs up on the bed.

But the main course here is flowers - of two distinct varieties. Toward the end of “Provalo” Mila’s is in glistening full bloom as it is showered with yellow petals. And in the final shot, an extreme close-up, a single golden petal is held near a pink blossom of incomparable beauty. That’s what I call flower power!


“Diffusio” starring Margita Lesna - gloriously gorgeous and glamorous…

Margita Lesna: Diffusio, by Arkisi, stunning beauty/explicit nude pixWow. I could stop there and be satisfied that I’d accurately and concisely conveyed my reaction to this MetArt erotic gallery. But this model is so impressive, and the photography is so skillful, that I will elaborate.

The magic begins at the very beginning - image #001. It’s a headshot and Margita Lesna calmly gazes at the camera with her big, dark blue eyes. The lighting is subdued, the room behind her shadowy, her beauty truly luminous. Yes, this photo, in its restrained way, elicits a “wow” from me. But at this point I have no idea how many more wows are still in store.

There is a logic to Arkisi‘s pacing through the series, but it doesn’t waste any time getting explicit or drawing out the tease unnecessarily. By #015 we’re treated to a luscious close-up of Margita’s femininity framed by the fingers of both hands - yes, another wow-inducing image.

There’s much, much more in the way of eye-popping erotic imagery in “Diffusio,” but the impact of this set comes as much from its beauty as from its steamy and inviting sexuality. The lighting, the relaxed atmosphere in this particular bedroom, the costuming (fishnet hose and little else), styling, art direction, all these elements work in rare harmony.

Margita Lesna’s beauty is absolutely wow-worthy. Her gorgeous face is framed by a luxurious mane of long wavy hair - in #035, #036, and #037 it plays a starring role. And this model’s lips, full, plump and luscious are also notable. But then, so much of her is. In shot after shot I find myself murmuring…wow.

Tasteful pin-ups, a varied selection of headshots, steamy explicit poses, and all captured with a smooth, understated style. Arkisi’s “Diffusio” starring Margita Lesna skillfully showcases a gloriously gorgeous and glamorous model.


“Conduir” starring Malena Morgan - lusty leading lady…

Malena Morgan: Conduir, by Jason Self, MetArt model & SexArt star nudeWhen Malena Morgan appeared in her first MetArt erotic photo gallery her star had already begun to rise - and MetArt members responded by quickly voting her into the upper reaches of the Top Model rankings (where she has remained) and she embarked a career as a headliner at our sister site, SexArt. I reviewed her first pictorial here, and I also reviewed her star turn in a MetArt HD erotic movie, and Ms. Morgan impressed me with both efforts.

Since her MetArt debut I have had the pleasure of viewing several of Malena’s SexArt productions, and to see her in explicit scenes really is a must-have experience for every one of her many admirers. So if you like what you see here, by all means, get over to SexArt and prepare to be blown away. But “Conduir” was shot, by Jason Self, for MetArt, and it’s nice to see this striking beauty by herself, in a stylish pictorial, minus the XXX action she so excels at on SexArt.

Sexy white pumps, white panties, and a filmy white nighty make a suitably sexy costume here and Malena, a highly skilled mistress of the tease, takes her sweet time in removing the outfit. It’s a credit to Malena Morgan’s beauty and sex appeal that several fully clothed shots are every bit as erotic as the fully nude images that occur later in the series. Indeed, there are several headshots in “Conduir” that don’t need any nudity at all to raise the temperature and one’s heart rate.

Malena Morgan knows she’s hot, she knows she’s beautiful, and she handles herself like an erotic star. When she’s turning on the heat and projecting glamorous star quality at the lens it’s quite impressive. But there are moments here when Malena relaxes a bit, tones down the sex star aspect of her personality, and treats us to a playful twinkle in her beautiful blue eyes or an easy smile on her luscious lips. In #062, topless, Malena Morgan smiles and subtly bites her lower lip - it’s an irresistible image, and it perfectly captures what makes this lusty leading lady the Top Model and erotic cinema star she has become.


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“Enalages” starring Yani A - compelling cuteness…

Yani A: Enalages, by Alex Iskan, young nude beauty in hot erotic pixI’ve only seen one other MetArt erotic photo set featuring Yani A. I liked it very much. It was beautifully and stylishly photographed, but I was really won over by the model. She is a girl next door, not a glamorous film star type, but she has an absolutely beguiling charm and engaging personality. She’s also extremely uninhibited and gives herself completely to the camera.

Everything I liked about Yani A the first time I saw her is present in “Enalages.” I don’t think this series represents Alex Iskan’s best work, but Yani A is so pleasing to the eye and exhibits such a wonderful personality that I consider the pictorial a success. I particularly like the way Iskan has chosen to begin his photo essay. In the first ten images Yani is in a bathroom. Her hair is wet as if she’s just emerged from the bath. And she stands at a sink and brushes her teeth. This little “slice of life” gives us a look at the model in a natural, un-staged, behind the scenes way that I enjoy - it’s not a side of the model we often get to see, and it really helps round out one’s sense of who she is.

In shot #011 the set “officially” begins. Yani A is on a couch, in a body black body suit, and she’s fully coiffed and styled. The furniture and the decor in the room isn’t particularly pleasing, but it doesn’t really matter. Yani A is so expressive, so playful, and so disarming that she overrides any aesthetic or stylistic weaknesses in the photography. And Yani A is, happily, still as completely uninhibited and naturally sexy as ever. To his credit, Alex Iskan takes full advantage of Yani’s lack of inhibition and the set boasts numerous detailed, explicit close-ups.

Yes, Yani A is a delicious young girl. But as pleasing as her physical attributes are, it’s her spirit, her personality, her compelling cuteness that makes “Enalages” so enjoyable.


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    Checkers 6 minutes ago

    And I'd recommend staying in the fantasy realm of what you see on the internet. Some years ago I became enamored with a model on another site, hunted for her on Google and found her personal twitter. And I found her personally so repugnant that I was compelled to delete her photos.

    Taste is completely subjective and can change over time. I thought navel piercings were the sexiest thing in the world when I first started seeing them in the late 80s, now I think they're a turn-off. Not a deal-breaker, but still.

    Generally, I like to think I'm pretty adaptable. The only absolute deal-breaker turn-off for me is, has been, and will always be, surgically enhanced breasts. The rest? It varies.

    on Formidable

    a.k.a. 20 minutes ago

    See my reply about "Zestasia", etc under "Formidable" ☝️👹
    Another thing that turns me off is "airbrushing" and lack of "photographic" detail. I want to see what's being hidden. I also wonder *why* it's being hidden.

    on Vacation Pool

    a.k.a. 32 minutes ago

    Thanks for the reply.
    You say it well: if "sexual" hair is one of your favorite things on a young woman, MET is *not* for you. It's a miracle that Rylsky's Kristel showed up here; miracles are rare ☝️😇
    I tend to look at MET models in terms of "girlfriend" material: is she attractive and appealing enough to make me think she might be good enough for that. A hardcore model is automatically off that list, as are models who are always denuded. Other turn-offs for me include belly-piercings (suspect judgement to get one of those!) and tats (again, very suspect judgement.)
    It certainly is a matter of taste, and mine is fairly narrow when it comes to "gf" material.
    I was thinking of an "a" to "r" scale: from "attractive" to "repellant." There's one at the very extreme of the "a" side, and a number who go far the other way.
    I emphasize that all I know of these girls is what I see on the internet. In "real life", in person, things could well be different.

    on Formidable

    Checkers 32 minutes ago

    I like being infatuated. 🙂

    on Red Stairs

    Checkers 52 minutes ago

    Someone's in a bad mood today. 🙂

    on Vacation Pool

    Checkers 58 minutes ago

    I always liked "Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick." Thank you Dead Milkmen. 😉

    on Red Stairs

    a.k.a. 59 minutes ago

    I'm pretty easy-to-please at restaurants, if they're not too expensive, but here it's true: I tend to focus on what I don't like. It's not hard; there's not much I like ☝️😆
    I apply a very high standard.

    on Vacation Pool

    Checkers 1 hour ago

    I personally prefer the "cute little bush" look, neatly trimmed and shaped, like Lily C or Alisa A (in her sets shot by Pasha). But the importance of the appearance (or not) of hair down there is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the list of things that matter to me. Always glad to see it; not heartbroken if I don't.

    Zestasia is a lovely Kristel set, I especially like the second half where she's wearing stockings. My favorable or not-favorable appraisal of her is much more based on how often she appears bottomless (hooray!).

    And I have ZERO hang-ups about HC models appearing here. Personally, there are quite a few who I'd love to see portrayed with MET's glamorous style.

    on Formidable

    john9876 1 hour ago

    Excellent set! Love shots #5, #71, #93!

    on Vacation Pool

    a.k.a. 1 hour ago

    Looks airbrushed to me.

    on Vacation Pool