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“Levha” starring Angelique A - so very young, so very sultry…

Angelique A: Levha, by Arkisi 18-year-old beauty in explicit nude pixAfter looking at over a hundred well-crafted photographs of a totally nude woman I’ve usually drawn some conclusions about her emotions and other aspects of her personality. In “Levha” Angelique A struck me as a strong, playful, and extremely sexual woman. But it was only after reading her bio - and discovering that she is only an 18-year-old - that I realized how young she is. It certainly came as a surprise - this is no mere teenybopper! For a girl this young to project such a fully formed, completely sincere, rich, ripe, and mature sexuality is truly striking.

And I think it goes beyond Angelique A‘s glamorous appearance - her dark hair, dark eyes, and luscious lips in particular - or the ornate decor of the bedroom Arkisi shot her in. This young woman has a quality - a sultry, sexy quality - that comes from within. And is it ever a pleasure to experience!

This is only Angelique’s second MetArt erotic photo set (she’s also appeared in a MetArt HD erotic movie), and while her performance here leaves nothing to be desired, there is also certainly room for her to grow and blossom as a model. And she certainly gives Arkisi plenty to work with. The artist, as is his practice, captures his subject in a broad range of poses and delivers carefully composed detail shots along the way. Intimate, explicit close-ups are provided in generous numbers, but then so are beautiful headshots (#013, #036, and #067 are three fine examples). There’s a simplicity bordering on the poetic in #007, a detail shot of Angelique’s round ass flanked by her delicate hands as she removes her scant g-string. And there’s a confident and clever artist at work in shots like #050, with the model seated centrally on the bed and facing the camera, and #109, an explicit variation on that image, in which Angelique’s rear aspect (as well as her steamy personality) is featured. In “Levha,” beautiful, sexy Angelique A is so very young, and so very sultry - and those are two factors that make this pictorial so enjoyable!


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“Presenting” Kamilah A - lovely, lively, likeable…

Kamilah A: Presenting, by Arkisi, 19-year-old new nude modelPersonality is important. It can make an ordinary girl irresistible, and it can transform a true beauty into a star. But capturing personality with a camera isn’t easy. It takes technical skill on the photographer’s part, certainly, but it also requires sensitivity. A gifted artist has the unique skills required to put a model at ease and then create an environment in which she feels free to express herself fully.

19-year-old Kamilah A has personality, and plenty of it. And in “Presenting,” her first nude photo gallery for MetArt, that lively, energetic, and vixenish personality is on full display. It doesn’t matter if she is totally nude and boldly displaying herself in explicit poses, or if she’s demurely positioned in more modest images, Kamilah A projects an abundant and extremely engaging personality. And when a girl this physically appealing has such an attractive personality it’s impossible not to love her.

Models can be difficult. They can be moody, temperamental, irritable and even combative. But in these beautiful photographs by the artist Arkisi this model is at ease, engaged, animated, and projects pure enjoyment. I could be wrong, but I can’t help but feel that Arkisi and Kamilah A enjoyed every minute of this photo session - and that sense of fun and positive energy is present in nearly every frame of the series.

The set design and minimal costuming are thoughtful and stylish, the lighting unobtrusive, the photographer takes care to include a wide variety of compositions, and the model is free to display different aspects of her personality as well as a range of poses and moods. “Presenting” Kamilah A is both an extremely impressive new model debut, and a polished demonstration of the erotic photographer’s art. A girl this pretty, with a personality this pleasing, is a most welcome addition to MetArt, and I look forward to seeing much more of her in the future.


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“Artio” starring Katie A - the circle of lust…

Katie A: Artio, by Karl Sirmi, erotic, nude art pix of a hot 19yo girlThe setting for the MetArt erotic photo series “Artio” couldn’t be more appropriate for the sultry subject. Photographer Karl Sirmi has positioned his model on a circular bed, its sheets in pleasing disarray. A sexy girl, an unmade bed - it doesn’t take much more than that to inspire one’s erotic imagination.

As it happens, this model is particularly inspiring in her own right. This is only Katie A’s second MetArt nude photo gallery (a third has been added to her portfolio only recently), and she is just 19 years of age. But lack of age or experience is no impediment! Katie A is beautiful, talented, and extremely sexy. And there’s a knowing quality, an air of maturity, to Katie’s allure. This is no inexperienced “legal teen,” Katie A projects a seasoned and worldly sexuality.

Physically and facially, Katie A is an exceptional specimen. She’s also a gifted poser with a limber and flexible body and a creative imagination - she assumes some poses here that verge on contortionism, and the effect is absolutely eye-catching. The cluster of shots spanning #018 through #023 showcase her bendable body quite wonderfully, and #090, #092, and #095, while less dramatic, have a physical grace that’s a delight to behold.

The series is presented in somewhat jumbled form, or rather, it’s presented here out of its logical order. In the first ten images Katie A is totally, gloriously, nude. But in #011 she’s fully dressed in a sheer, frilly black and white nightie over matching panties. If one proceeds through the set in numerical order, as I do, the logical progression of the series - dressed, then topless, then totally nude - is lost. But who cares! In fully clothed shots (like #043 or #034) Katie A delights. In a topless shot (#072 is a beauty) she beguiles. In headshots (#030 or #054) her beauty borders on hypnotic. And totally nude (offering a prone invitation in #004, or spread wide and brazenly presented to the lens (in #112 among others), Katie A is both lovely and lusty. “Artio” gives the viewer a vivid and detailed picture of how enjoyable it would be to help her “unmake” a big, inviting bed!


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“Lektion” starring Mia D - what’s the word? Wow…

Mia D: Lektion, by Leonardo, MetArt HD erotic movieCan a single three-letter word qualify as a concise movie review? In the case of the MetArt HD erotic movie titled “Lektion,” the answer is an emphatic yes! Mere seconds into the film I said, out loud, “Wow!” And as I continued to watch that word was repeated, over and over again.

The primary inspiration of these enthusiastic, almost involuntary exclamations of awe and delight is the film’s star, Mia D. I had the profound pleasure of critiquing her MetArt debut, and I was mightily impressed. A subsequent photo series, as well as a movie made it plain - Mia D is a true beauty and a genuine talent. And her beauty and talent are both front and center in this wonderfully wow-inducing short film.

I’ll praise Mia D’s performance in greater detail shortly, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t first take a moment to give credit where credit is most certainly due. Leonardo has done an absolutely brilliant job here. His direction, cinematography, and editing have produced an impressive and completely enjoyable experience. Blink at your own risk - you really don’t want to miss a single beautiful second of “Lektion.” Wow. It really is that good.

I’ve decided that the “D” in Mia D stands for Delicious. Well, it might also stand for Delight. Or Doll. She is all those things, in abundance. And Leonardo’s lens captures that delicious delightfulness with stylish, effortless ease. The look on her beautiful face at the :20 mark, as an off-camera fan fills her short floral skirt with air is priceless. With a sly smile, the bat of an eyelash, a sidelong glance, this model can work absolute magic.

The pacing and the camerawork have a leisurely feel - some shots appear to be in slow motion even if they aren’t actually slowed down. And that’s a definite asset because every second, each individual frame, seems to offer a unique bit of beauty. Raising her skirt (at :40), exposing her pert breasts (at 2:00), kicking her dress aside (at 2:20), and kneading her stiff-nippled tits with both hands (at 4:30) are highlights in a film absolutely brimming with similarly delightful moments and images.

Thank you, Leonardo, for capturing and presenting this gorgeous girl so beautifully. And thank you, Mia D, for sharing all you have to offer with us. I could easily say more, but I’ll sum it up with one word: Wow!


“Presenting” Marga A - a pleasant premiere performance…

Marga A: Presenting, by Arkisi, first nudes of a new MetArt model

Even though it happens with dazzling regularity, the first appearance by a new model in her debut MetArt erotic photo gallery is something I never grow tired of. A new set by a favorite established model is always welcome, of course. But there’s a unique thrill that comes with discovering fresh talent – it’s really one of the highlights of MetArt membership.

Arkisi has done quite a fine job showcasing this new model. Here the artist employs a light touch. The costuming is simple and classical, the lighting soft and indirect, and the compositions varied - we’re treated to everything from stylish, painterly figure studies to explicit intimate close-ups that reveal every anatomical detail.

And the subject of these photos, Marga A, is as warm, charming, and at ease as one could possibly imagine. If these are, indeed, her first nude photos, Marga A is to be praised for her engaging and uninhibited performance.

While Marga A certainly has many striking physical attributes, it’s her energy and cheerful confidence that I find most appealing in “Presenting.” And her green eyes - animated by that energy and illuminated by her personality - are exceptional.

Favorites? I’ll start with #006, a figure study, on her tiptoes, against a rustic wall, skirt raised, eyes averted. Arkisi is at his painterly best in #025, a moody shot of a single hand on her beautiful butt. #026, of the model’s back, her face in profile, boasts a similar quiet artistry. Marga A’s eyes and face are the stars of #085. And in #111, spread out on the hardwood floor, artist and model create another stylish figure study helping make “Presenting” Marga A a pleasant premiere performance.


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    nightrider 32 minutes ago

    I would like to thank the site for finding this new women to the site! Gianna is gorgeous, her long dark hair, fantastic body, a nice smile, and a very nice shave makes her one we hope will be back for many more photo shoots! She seemed to enjoy the session and thanks to Charles Lightfoot for the great photo work!! I would like to see her change her biography in the future so we can learn more about her!

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    Wonderful beauty!

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    She has a few more sets here under the name Gaby B.

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