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“Bilitas” with Irina O - let’s explore the girl next door…

Irina O: Bilitas, by Antonio Clemens, nude pix of next-door chick

Whether it’s in the movies, on television, in the magazines, or on the street, glamour and star quality captures the most eyes and earns the bulk of the attention. Supermodels get noticed - that’s one of the things that defines their supermodelness. But movie starlets and high fashion models are relatively rare birds - another one of their defining qualities. Today let’s turn our attention to another distinct and far more common type of female beauty: the girl next door.

Name your favorite supermodel. Now imagine that she lives next door. A beautiful dream, yes, but a far-flung fantasy in reality. Now imagine that the model featured in the MetArt erotic photo gallery titled “Bilitas,” Irina O, has moved into your neighborhood. That seems more natural, something that could actually happen, doesn’t it? And that’s a huge part of this model’s considerable charm. She’s beautiful, fresh, vibrant, energetic, and completely natural - the very picture of a (very pretty) girl next door.

I don’t know if Irina O lives anywhere near MetArt photographer Antonio Clemens, but he shot all but one of the 15 pictorials in her MetArt portfolio. Here he employs a studio setting, a bit of fabric netting and a couple of pillows on the floor, and a backdrop bathed in a vivid blue light. Irina O starts out in a floral print dress and tall, strappy espadrille sandals, but the outfit feels the slightest bit much and she looks far more comfortable (not to forget appealing) when she’s stripped it off.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that Irina O was 26 at the time “Bilitas” was photographed - to my eye she looks far younger than that. Part of that may be due to her slim proportions and petite breasts, but I think much of it comes from her bright smile and the spirit projected by her twinkling blue eyes. Antonio Clemens does a fine job capturing his subject in a wide variety of compositions. We find details like a hand placed delicately on her chest (#014); exceptionally pretty profile shots (#025 and #043); a sampling of foot-centric images (#066, for example); and simple yet effective portraits (like #058). There are also some interesting and explicit poses - I particularly like the group spanning #125 through #130, in which this eager girl next door assumes a shoulder stand, spreads her legs wide revealing all, and smiles naturally, warmly, and unaffectedly at the camera.


Watch4Beauty Is Joining the MetArt Network of Sites!

We are excited to announce that Watch4Beauty is joining the MetArt family. Featuring the work of well-known MetArt photographer MarK, currently updates daily (photoset, video, or magazine article) and includes many extras such as the Joke of the Day, E-cards, and Member Forum. Each photo set released on is accompanied by an HD backstage video, a unique feature that sets the site apart from others in its niche. Under MetArt management, the website tour and member area design will remain intact and will continue to update 7 times per week, as well as provide 'extras' to its members. So stay tuned for our newest addition!


“Presenting” Elsa A - a dancer takes the stage…

Elsa A: Presenting, by Goncharov, busty dancer, in pleasing pix

The primary piece of wardrobe in this new model’s MetArt debut gallery is a ballet tutu fashioned from black tulle. This item, in and of itself, broadly suggests that the wearer is a dancer. However any model can wear a costume, but not every model can convince us she has the skills and grace of an actual dancer. Elsa A, with every pose, every gesture, lets us know that she is a proud, accomplished, and experienced danseuse. As the set progresses I grow more and more impressed with the way Elsa A brings her dance skills to the art of posing for erotic photos.

Dancer or not, Elsa A is an impressive physical specimen. Her breasts are large, stunningly sculpted, and in perfect proportion to the rest of her shapely frame. She has a pretty face and a lively, energetic presence - this may well have been perfected on the stage, but it is particularly well suited to still photos. The beauty, grace, and agility of her body is nicely matched with her personality - this is an engaging, extremely “watchable” young woman.

Goncharov has an excellent grasp of Elsa’s potential and his design and execution of the set is perfectly suited to her gifts and abilities. Two circles of white light - one on the floor, the other on the backdrop, both of which are white - subtly suggest the spotlights of a theater. A white column, a simple rectangular box, proves to be a fine prop, serving as a pedestal for a series of dramatic “flying” poses (see #032, #033, and #040 for examples); as well as a vertical balance point for some no less dramatic backbend stances (#055 and #057). Elsa also performs impressive full side-splits, and Goncharov is thoughtful enough to include two views, back and front (#096 and #097) of this eye-opening feat.

Minor complaints? I wouldn’t have protested if Elsa had shed the tutu, her fishnet stockings, and red necklace for at least some of the images. And, because she has such an inviting body, I could have done with a more generous assortment of explicit shots, although there are certainly enough here to whet the appetite for more. I hope we see Elsa A again soon, in sets that expand on the impressive performance showcased in “Presenting.”


MetArt Network Welcomes Holly Randall

We are happy to announce that the highly-anticipated transition of into the MetArt Network is now complete. If you love high-end glamour erotica, you are in for a treat. Holly is an iconic photographer, and the site has been re-designed to really showcase her photo shoots and videos. You can check the new site out at a discounted rate by visiting your upgrades section!


“Athena” starring Diana G - moody moving pictures…

Diana G: Athena, by Koenart, MetArt HD erotic movie

The time constraints imposed by the MetArt HD erotic movie format present both a challenge and an opportunity. Directors sometimes struggle to fill the short span of time, occasionally recycling footage shot over their shoulders during a still photo session. Others rely excessively on the prop closet in an effort to create visual interest. But the masters of this very specific type of film making know how to transfer the beauty of MetArt erotic still photography into the moving picture format in ways that are both surprising and satisfying.

In “Athena” the artist Koenart employs a stylish, painterly still photographer’s eye, and deftly combines it with a cinematographer’s sense of pace, atmosphere, and movement. The result is moody, evocative, engaging, and accomplished. There are moments here, still images - headshots, figure studies, explicit close-ups - that would shine in a MetArt gallery. And yet they are perfectly integrated in a smoothly flowing, seamless, lyrical visual continuum. The soundtrack was also particularly well chosen, contributing much to the flavor and pace of the production.

But Koenart, as gifted as he is, didn’t create “Athena” by himself! The artist is nothing without his muse, and here his subject, his star, is the film’s center, its subject, its reason for being. I was privileged to evaluate Diana G’s MetArt debut (also shot by Koenart) and she impressed me with her confidence, her beauty, and her lithe, limber physicality. Everything that moved me about Diana G back then is present and on display in “Athena.”

Athena” is not flashy or theatrical. It’s quiet, moody, intriguing, and subtly involving. It is more than a collection of beautiful erotic images and it is far greater than a simple video tape of a lovely nude model. In so many ways “Athena” shows us just how beautiful a MetArt HD erotic movie can be. See it for yourself and please feel free to share your own reactions in the comments, below.


MetArt Now Accepts Bitcoin - a new way to pay…

MetArt-Bitcoin_half-wideThe MetArt story is inextricably connected to the evolution of digital technology. We pioneered the online digital erotic art photography marketplace, and we’ve embraced every meaningful technological advance - whether it was multi-mega-pixel imagery, HD video, or streaming technologies - in our content as well as in the features and user interface of the site itself. Now that MetArt has grown into the MetArt Network, an expanding family of premium quality erotic sites, our ability to harness and employ the latest technological developments is more important than ever.

It is in this spirit of ongoing technical advancement that the MetArt Network has become the first adult entertainment company to accept the revolutionary digital currency bitcoin.

Bitcoin, the first widely circulated and accepted digital currency, has the potential to completely revolutionize ecommerce on a global level. The MetArt Network made the decision to accept bitcoin for a variety of reasons, but chief among these are the benefits the new payment method offers our members. Bitcoin offers unparalleled levels of anonymity, confidentiality, and protection to the consumer. Customers who would prefer not to use personal bank accounts, checks, or credit or debit cards can now purchase site memberships with the safety and security of digital currency.

While payments in bitcoin provide MetArt Network customers with a secure and convenient alternative payment method, bitcoins also pack a lot of bang for the buck (bang for the bitcoin?) because monthly memberships in all the MetArt Network sites are currently offered at a half-off discount for those who pay with the cryptocurrency. For a newfangled payment method that’s old fashioned value.

Whether you choose to purchase your MetArt Network access with bitcoin or any of the other methods offered, MetArt’s embrace of the cyber cash proves, once again, the company’s dedication to constant and ongoing improvement of our products and commitment to providing the highest level of service to our customers.


“Sentido” starring Lily C - an erotic eyeful by the ocean…

Lily C: Sentido, by Luca Helios, stunning nude model in erotic pixI never get tired of Lily C. From the first time I set eyes on her, in her very first MetArt nude pictorial, to my most recent exposure, when I reviewed one of her MetArt HD erotic movie performances, I’ve been hooked. This is the eighth post I’ve written about her, and that’s only a fraction of the 24 titles in her MetArt portfolio.

And Lily C hasn’t gone unnoticed by the MetArt membership at large. As I write she’s sitting in the forth position at Top Models, and her newest pictorial, “Sentido,” can only help expand her popularity.

Luca Helios takes a simple approach to this series. For the bulk of the collection Lily C poses on a concrete slab overlooking the ocean. I imagine that working with a model as beautiful, charming, and photogenic makes the artist’s job not only easier but also more pleasurable. My primary quibble with the photographer’s work here is his tendency to tilt the camera. With two strong, parallel horizontal lines in nearly every shot (the edge of the slab and the far horizon) the tilting frames create an unnatural and unneeded woozy effect. Another minor problem, which Lily C takes in her unflappable stride, is that the slab is splattered with seagull guano. But, throughout, despite these gripes, Lily C delivers another stunning performance.

What a body this young woman is blessed with! And it’s not simply the perfect lines and flawless proportions - Lily C radiates a vigorous, physical vitality that Helios captures beautifully in this series. Two shots among many - #013 and #025 - both standing, capture that stunning physique to stirring effect.

Explicit images are also offered in reasonable numbers. With the model on all fours, backside to the camera, we’re treated to detail shots (#073), sculptural figure studies (#072), along with engaging, spirited, seductive invitations (#071). In “Sentido” Lily C is an erotic eyeful as well as being her usual, loveable, justifiably popular self. In #099, totally nude but concealing the naughty bits with crossed arms and legs, the wind plays in her long hair and Lily C shoots a beguiling smile directly at the camera. The beauty and personality captured in this single image perfectly explains why I never get tired of Lily C.


“Spirales” starring Varya A - first time, second time, good time…

Varya A: Spirales, by Vladimiroff, sexy nude pix by new photographer

I wrote a post about this model’s first MetArt pictorial, and I liked it very, very much. Now she returns for her second gallery, with a whole new look. And her appearance isn’t the only thing new in “Spirales,” as it is the first contribution by the photographer Vladimiroff.

I will take a guess and assume that the set’s title refers to the printed pattern of the wallpaper in the room in which the set was shot. It’s got vertically arranged curling lines in black and silver against a white field - a bold and modern design. It is somewhat busy, however, and when one considers the paisley pattern of Varya A‘s sexy dress, the stylized zebra print of some throw pillows, and another geometric motif on her shoes, it’s a lot of graphic detail for a photographer to deal with. To his credit, Vladimiroff somehow creates a pleasing harmony.

Varya A is in a long bedroom. Deep in the dark end of the room sits a bed. Between bed and window is a long, low, leather sofa, where the model spends all of her time. The lighting here is somewhat tricky. The room is quite bright where the sun shines in. And quite dim in the shadows. This results in shots that are moody and evocative, and a few that, in my opinion, are simply underexposed. These compromised images are easy to ignore, however, because when Vladimiroff captures both lighting extremes - as he does in #042 and #052 - the results are particularly pretty.

Varya A has changed her appearance considerably since her debut. Her long, not-exactly-natural red hair is now shorter, curlier, and colored a more natural dark auburn shade. And she may have put on a couple of pounds, not at all a bad thing as it has simply made her body a pleasing touch more voluptuous. Vladimiroff has included a commendable variety of compositions in “Spirales,” some of my favorites include: #014, a moody fully clothed shot with lots of leg; #034 pretty torso and headshot; and #068 for the way it captures the curves and contours of Varya A’s shapely physique. The first time for this photographer, and the second time for this model, results in a good time for the viewer.


PORNadept calls MetArt simply fabulous!

In PORNadepts recent review of MetArt, they gave us a gold medal with a rating of 94 out of 100, saying " Met-Art is an excellent site to find stunning girls in nude photos and teasing films" Here's a clip from the article:
"No matter which year you are viewing, the girls are sexy and there is a standard softcore theme throughout. Videos are around six-minutes long and offer a teasing glimpse of each babe. The girls caress their fingers over their smooth bodies, spread their legs to allow a peek of their deliciously tight pussies and their movements are more often than not accompanied by a soft music track. Some may enjoy the flirtatious teasing of the films, but I'd say that the movies are more or less a compliment to the thrilling and erotic photography." Make sure you check out PORNadepts review of our site! And if you don't already, follow us on our social networks! Get sneak peaks of content from other sites and behind the scenes shots of our crew and ladies on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram.


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    I would like to thank the site for finding this new women to the site! Gianna is gorgeous, her long dark hair, fantastic body, a nice smile, and a very nice shave makes her one we hope will be back for many more photo shoots! She seemed to enjoy the session and thanks to Charles Lightfoot for the great photo work!! I would like to see her change her biography in the future so we can learn more about her!

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    Wonderful beauty!

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    She has a few more sets here under the name Gaby B.

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    Love Arya when she looks this way. Nice natural colored patch above her bald pussy. Beautiful. Great body with nice feet .

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    Gorgeous model, great skin and good poses! A couple of missed opportunities to highlight that open wet pussy, but should still rate higher.

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