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“Seraglio” starring Macy B - she makes it look easy…

Macy B: Seraglio, by Arkisi, a Top Model shows how it's done

The first time I viewed a MetArt erotic photo series featuring this model I didn’t realize it was actually her debut appearance and I was thoroughly impressed by her beauty and skill - and completely surprised to learn it was her first gallery. The MetArt membership was also impressed, and Macy B shot to the top of the Top Model ranks and has remained there ever since (she’s sitting at #7 as I write this post).

As even the quickest glimpse will confirm, Macy B has a rare and inviting type of physical beauty. But she’s also a gifted model with a knack for making her job look easy. In “Seraglio,” Arkisi has chosen to shoot her on an ornate and not entirely appealing sofa in a dark, somewhat somber room and Macy takes it in perfect stride, filling the space with her warm, bright energy and engaging spirit.

This is only my second chance to comment on a Macy B pictorial, but she has been working steadily, not just for MetArt, but for other sites in the MetArt Network as well. To date she’s posed for 4 sets at SexArt, and she has 3 at RylskyArt, and 3 more at EternalDesire. It will surprise nobody that Macy B is highly rated and immensely popular no matter where she appears.

I loved this girl the first time I saw her, and I love her in “Seraglio,” as well. Having said that, I don’t think this is her best set. The room isn’t particularly appealing, and the furnishings, as I’ve mentioned, are curious - the setting of her debut series was much more versatile and flattering, in my view. But we’re talking about Macy B, so there is much here to enjoy, make no mistake!

Favorites? Too many to mention, but here are a few highlights: #009 (that face, those dark eyes, those scrumptious puffy nipples); #025 (that expression, those lips, those eyes, the light on her shoulder); #078 (I love the pose and the painterly, soft-focus effect Arkisi employs here); and #115 (for its dreamy feel and the way the light and shadows bring out the contours of that beautiful body).


“Mojo” with Night A - the skin she’s in…

Night A: Mojo, by Rylsky, moody, cream-skinned beauty in explicit pix

The subject of this MetArt erotic photo gallery wears a black, lace-up alligator leather corset for much of the series. And she also spends a good deal of time posing on furnishings upholstered in a copper colored alligator. But the exotic nature and rich patterns of those dramatic natural materials isn’t the skin I refer to in the title of this post. No, the skin that is one of the outstanding attractions of “Mojo” belongs to the model. Night A’s creamy, virtually flawless complexion is lighted to perfection and photographed with such skill and finesse that it seems to emit its own glow, and fairly begs to be touched.

But, even if one could reach into these images and stroke that seemingly soft skin, caution might be advised. Night A exhibits a lot of personality in these pictures, but isn’t what one would describe as sunny, warm, or particularly friendly. Although the first line of her bio finds her declaring “I am cheerful…” I find her personality much more complex. Indeed, for a “cheerful” girl, Night A barely cracks a smile in “Mojo,” and even in those couple of photos the smile is subtle, restrained (see #098 for an example). This is no bubbly, giddy girl - Night A is a thoughtful, moody, sophisticated, and somewhat mysterious young woman. An acquired taste, perhaps, but those dark eyes tell many tales, and I have no doubt they are well worth discovering.

As I mentioned, Rylsky has done an exceptional job in lighting and photographing Night A. In #021, an explicit rear view, the skin of her derriEre glows with soft warmth while the dusky bits beckon from the shadows. Explicit shots are plentiful, and in many of these brazen poses Night A seems to be issuing a challenge. This isn’t a flip or casual offering - Night A may be saying “If you like what you see I’m going to make you work at getting it!” And yet, after examining the entire series, I have absolutely no doubt that effort would be well worth the rewards!

Among my favorite shots in “Mojo” are the following: in #025, seated, legs spread, and with plenty of enigmatic attitude on that inscrutable face; #031, among the most stylish and “prettiest” headshots in the collection, again with attitude; #071, #072, and #073, clever “graphic” headshots with Night’s face overlain with the laces of her corset; and #106, a lovely figure study that captures that supple, creamy, flawless skin she’s in with graceful style.


“Manners” starring Flavia A - it’s in the jeans…

Flavia A: Manners, by Leonardo, tight jeans and spread pink pix

A model’s beauty begins with her genetic gifts. To that baseline we add the enhancements provided by the make-up artist and stylist, and the photographer makes his own technical and aesthetic judgments to create a finished photo series. But before the grammar police point out that I’ve misspelled “jeans” in the title of this post, let me clarify.

Flavia A is, without question, genetically gifted. From head to toe she is a physical treat, with her beguiling, lively blue eyes, creamy complexion, and long, flowing hair being particularly noteworthy. The “jeans” I refer to in the title are a particularly tenacious pair of trousers. Flavia A spends over half the series wearing those denim dungarees, and even when they finally start to come off it is a very slow, teasing process. And it appears that the model and photographer, Leonardo, are aware of this. In #070 Flavia sits on the floor while holding the neatly folded garment in her hands as if to say, “I’m naked, finally, and now I’m going to put these away and let you have a good look at my nude body.”

And, in short order, that’s exactly what happens! As I noted when I reviewed her very first MetArt erotic photo gallery, Flavia A is not at all inhibited. And in “Manners” Leonardo takes full advantage of this personality trait. In the cluster of shots spanning #078 through #084, to cite but a few choice examples, Flavia spreads her thighs wide and delivers eye-opening views of her pink succulence. I will note that this brazen display is accompanied by lively, teasing, playful facial expressions that only enhance the explicit images.

“Manners” offers considerable variety in terms of pose, composition, and attitude. Explicit shots, as mentioned, are plentiful, but high style pin-ups with more than a touch of Hollywood glamour are also presented (see #001, #021, #071, and #104).

Whether she’s in the jeans - and particularly when she’s out of them - Flavia A is exceptionally enjoyable in “Manners,” and the combination of the model’s genetic gifts and the photographer’s stylish execution result in a roundly successful piece of erotic art.


“Ablego” starring Emily Bloom - an angel’s face and a heavenly body…

Emily Bloom: Ablego, by Fenix, MetArt HD erotic movie

As I write these words, Emily Bloom is sitting in the fifth position on MetArt‘s Top Model rankings. This young woman is particularly popular with the MetArt membership, and for a variety of reasons. I blogged about her very first photo series, and, based on my initial impressions her rise to the top and enduring popularity surprises me not at all.

And in just a couple of days Emily Bloom takes the next, long-awaited step in her MetArt career: On Sunday her very first MetArt HD erotic movie will be added to the site. This is truly cause for celebration. And let me say, enthusiastically and completely without reservation, that the movie is well worth waiting for!

Emily Bloom, MetArt Top ModelBut in “Ablego” there is no waiting required! From the moment Emily Bloom appears on screen her stupendous breasts are fully exposed, and when the camera pulls back we see that she’s very nearly naked, wearing only a skimpy crocheted top and “skirt” that does little to conceal the eye-popping perfection of this Top Model’s exquisitely beautiful body.

Director Fenix takes a simple approach and lets Emily Bloom’s beauty and charm fill the frame. And what a charmer Emily is! My god, when this girl smiles - and she smiles early, often, and throughout the production - it’s enough to give the viewer goose bumps. What an angel!

This breathtaking nubile radiates gentle, delicate, innocent, sweetness. But she’s also completely uninhibited and totally at ease exposing every luscious bit of her extraordinarily enticing anatomy. In “Ablego” we don’t catch mere glimpses or fleeting flashes of Emily Bloom’s intimate attributes - she presents them willingly, generously, and without hesitation, and the lens moves in close and lingers. Perfect!

“Ablego” is a genuine treat, a feast for the eyes, and worthy of the highest praise. Emily Bloom’s future at the top of the MetArt Top Models list seems guaranteed. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see “Ablego” rise to the heights of the Top Movies roster, either!


“Anastoli” with Vanda B - on further reflection…

Vanda B: Anastoli, by Catherine, nude art pix of a shapely chickIt has been some time since I critiqued a set by this photographer of this particular model. At that time I was quite familiar with the work of photographer Catherine, but it was my first time seeing Vanda B. Although my comments were somewhat brief - the blog has grown and evolved since the post appeared in early 2011 - my enthusiasm for the pictorial was abundant. Now, two-and-a-half years later, I sit down with another gallery by the same collaborative team.

After viewing only a handful of images in “Anastoli” I can only describe my impressions as somewhat muted. Vanda B is as beautiful as ever, and her body is still as enticing as the first time I saw it. But there’s a certain stiffness in some of her posing and a slightly fixed look to her facial expression - the latter may have something to do with her styling and make-up which is not nearly as warm and vibrant as the first time around.

Vanda B starts out in a colorful sweater and a pair of teal panties. A slightly odd choice, I think. What is odder, still, is that Catherine has placed a mirror - a large, rectangular, frameless mirror - on the bed with her subject. Frankly, this makes little sense. Model and artist do their best to create artistic images with this combination but it never completely gels.

There are certainly appealing images in the first portion of “Anastoli,” but it’s only latter in the set, beginning with #106 and continuing to the end, that the series reaches its full potential. Here the sweater, the panties, the mirror, and even the background walls and furnishings are gone. Vanda B is totally nude, sprawling on the pleasingly rumpled white sheets of the bed, and delivers one splendid pin-up pose after the other. In these images a beautiful model and a talented photographer work together to create stylish, engaging erotic art. A problematic series, in some respects, but when it all finally comes together it’s very nearly perfect.


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