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“Presenting” Yvonne A - log cabin cutie…

Yvonne A: Presenting, by Rylsky, 19-year-old cutie nude + explicit

I haven’t had the pleasure of critiquing a MetArt pictorial by prolific artist Rylsky for what feels like a long time - too long, certainly. But after examining only a handful of images from this set I’m reminded of this photographer’s multi-facetted talent. His technical skills are exemplary, of course, and this set is no exception. In terms of lighting, composition, a wide range of poses - from headshots, to figure studies, to detailed explicit close-ups - Rylsky can be counted on to deliver, and that’s absolutely the case here. But beyond technique and style, Rylsky has two unique and outstanding abilities.

First, the man has a rare knack for discovering fresh talent, and his latest find, Yvonne A is a genuine delight. She’s young - only 19 when this series was lensed - natural, and absolutely brimming with appealing energy. And second, Rylsky not only finds new models, he has a way of connecting with them and coaxing the finest performances from them. He’s not simply photographing a physical body, he’s always striving to capture the emotions and genuine personality of his subject. And he’s absolutely achieved that with “Presenting” Yvonne A.

Yvonne A is a living doll. Not just physically, but in her energy and personality. Her smile, on display in the majority of images here, is warm, lively, and completely sincere. That smile is a natural and infallible mood-elevator. One look at those blue eyes and that bright smile and the viewer can’t help but smile along with her. What a cutie!

Presenting” takes place in what appears to be a log cabin in a rustic yet suburban setting. Yvonne first poses in an open window, and then moves into the room with its rough-hewn interior. It’s an unusual setting, but Yvonne appears completely comfortable and at ease. She’s also comfortable and at ease sharing herself without a shred of inhibition. A girl next door type like Yvonne A would be welcome in any neighborhood - and I hope we see much more of her soon here at MetArt and over at the artist’s personal site,


Behind the Scenes at The MetArt Network

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to bring you our family of sites? If so, now's the time to read one woman's perspective, as our VP of Marketing, Jill, takes your questions in an exclusive Ask Me Anything at FreeOne's.

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“Semikols” starring Kalena A - eye on the prize…

Kalena A: Semikols, by Luca Helios, MetArt HD erotic movie

A quick look at MetArt‘s Top Models roster lets me know that Kalena A is currently sitting in the forth position. She has only been on the site for four months, and has only four galleries in her MetArt portfolio, so this is quite an impressive achievement. But after viewing “Semikols,” her first MetArt HD erotic movie, it is not at all surprising. This is an extremely beautiful and talented model!

This is my first exposure to Kalena A - I haven’t yet looked at any of her still photo galleries - and this movie provides a stunning introduction. Shot on a patio overlooking the sea, Kalena first appears wearing a tight green print dress and towering platform heels. Savor the sight of her fully dressed while you can, because her gorgeous breasts are exposed in under a minute and she’s totally nude about 30 seconds later. Slim, shapely, sun-kissed, and sporting the sexy tan-lines left by a tiny bikini bottom, Kalena A is an impressive visual treat.

Although a relatively inexperienced new model might be excused for a tentative or demure presentation, Kalena A is bold, confident, sexually enticing, and completely uninhibited. She offers unrestricted views of her mouthwatering intimate anatomy to the lens, and Luca Helios has the good judgment to take full advantage of the opportunity. In all honesty, at the moment I can’t recall another MetArt HD erotic movie that features so much continuous below-the-belt footage. Of course my memory may be clouded by the intoxicating erotic movie I’ve just finished viewing!

Even with all this explicit abundance the film is balanced and perfectly paced. We’re treated to wonderful views of Kalena’s beautiful, expressive face as well as long shots of her lithe body which remains in near constant motion throughout. And, although it is relatively short, this beautifully performed and photographed production skillfully captures engaging aspects of Kalena A’s sultry, enticing personality. A wonderful collaboration and highly recommended.


“Risveglio” starring Bansari A - exotic, enticing, inviting, surprising…

Bansari A: Risveglio, by Karl Sirmi, exotic cutie in explicit art pix

Sometimes a MetArt erotic photo series surprises me. That isn’t always the case, however. Occasionally, after viewing a handful of images - particularly of a familiar model - I can make a reasonable prediction about how the balance of the set will unfold. But “Risveglio,” thanks in large measure to its star, was filled with unexpected elements.

Of course, I’ve never seen a gallery featuring Bansari A before, so the model was unknown to me. So, as I looked at the introductory shots - #004 is a representative example - I thought this is a very pretty, innocent, sweet young girl. Between her delicate features, her bright smile, and her rather modest white dress, I concluded that this would be a demure, reserved performance. Imagine my surprise - and, yes, delight - when Bansari lifted the hem of that dress and eagerly and enthusiastically presented her delectable intimate anatomy to the camera only a handful of shots later.

This model can project sugary sweetness and youthful innocence in one photo, and then shift to smoldering, incendiary eroticism in the next. She can keep things under wraps and entice with the warmest of smiles, and then, mere moments later, she’s spread wide and offering herself without reservation. Further, some of the most brazenly sexual poses here are accompanied by a bright, genuine smile - Bansari A is obviously uninhibited, but the fact that she’s so clearly enjoying sharing herself with the viewer really adds impact and appeal to the pictorial.

Karl Sirmi has a fine grasp of Bansari’s gifts, both physical and emotional. He captures her youthful innocence - she was only 18 at the time “Risveglio” was shot - as well as her bold, in-your-face sexuality. The overall mood of the set is bright and cheerful, but Sirmi also presents the moody, reflective aspects of Bansari’s personality, which only enhances her considerable allure.

Selecting favorite images of this exotic and enticing beauty in these deftly posed and presented images is no easy task, so I’ll limit myself to just three highlights: #037, on her back, legs spread, revealing all. #041 for the moody expression and exquisite face. #067 for the artfully implied autoerotic ecstasy. #077, a brilliant tiptoe pose, pin-up style, that nubile body, and that irresistible smile.


“Pensar” starring Sapphira A - both kinds of beautiful…

Sapphira A: Pensar, by Luca Helios, 18-year-old beauty nude + hot

If Sapphira A was only physically beautiful it would be enough. This young woman - a mere 18-year-old when she posed for “Pensar” - is exquisitely, exceptionally, and almost overwhelmingly beautiful. In face and body, at a distance or up close and in minute detail, she is strikingly, stunningly, dazzlingly beautiful. Oh, and she’s very, very pretty, too!

But Sapphira A isn’t only physically beautiful. This model radiates a rare brand of inner beauty. It isn’t easy to describe, but it’s instantly recognizable. Call it emotional beauty, or personality, or spirit. With a smile or a glance she charms and engages the viewer. A beautiful girl is one thing, but a beautiful girl with Sapphira’s warm and alluring personality is another thing altogether.

Sapphira A’s combination of both kinds of beauty demands to be noticed. She not only attracts the eye, she engages the mind. See her once and you must see her again. This quality has a near universal appeal, and it helps explain how she’s been voted to the very pinnacle of MetArt‘s Top Models list. When a girl is blessed with so much of both kinds of beauty it makes her nothing short of irresistible.

I have a feeling it also makes her a pleasure to work with and easy to photograph. Clothed or nude, smiling or serious, demure or brazen - all an artist such as Luca Helios needs to do is suggest a pose, compose the shot, and let the model work her magic. And “Pensar” is filled with that Sapphira A magic, to be sure.

Who wouldn’t be won over by an introductory shot like #003? Fully dressed, smiling brightly, dress riding up, and those long legs positioned just so. And what of #005? Still clothed, looking directly at the camera, face calm, no smile, and so very beautiful! One could derive much enjoyment simply viewing the clothed shots in this collection, but the nudes are even more rewarding! Intimate close-ups reveal a level of pristine perfection seldom seen (#112 is just one fine example). Full-body shots - serious in #080 and beaming in #037 - find Sapphira’s two types of beauty in full effect. “Pensar” is packed with perfection and Sapphira A delivers another doubly-beautiful performance that will please her many admirers and earn her countless new ones!


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Latest Comments


    88chicken 52 minutes ago

    Great set. Djessy just made the cut for my favorites list. Thanks to all! What a cute, sweet young lady!

    on Tetua

    rumu 1 hour ago

    what a beautiful girl, gorgeous face, soft skin and those eyes are wow!!

    on Prokimea

    Take_It_Easy 1 hour ago

    Berenice you are absolutely gorgeous, and your body is just perfect!

    I totally love all of your photos.....sooooooo yummy!

    on Siodee

    L.Helios 2 hours ago

    Lorena is not retired, i worked with her 1 month ago and soon i will work again.
    She is too pretty for the retirement.

    on Milede

    Knackers 3 hours ago

    Also many compliments to Rylsky, he has set the standard so often as it tobecome commonplace, the setting, lighting, composition and background really compliment the model beautifully, although I'm quite sure she would shine beautifully inside an old shed!.

    on Siodee

    Knackers 3 hours ago

    Fantastic once more, Berenice alternates between sultry sexiness and playful gorgeousness with ease, sexually flamboyant and intensely arousing in every image, she never disappoints, she has become a very firm favourite indeed.

    There are some great poses here, higlighting her supple and athletic physique as well as beautifully showcasing her most intimate and perfect features.

    Counting down to her next wonderful expose!.

    on Siodee

    gaetano maria 3 hours ago

    Welcome beautiful Vanesa

    on Presenting Vanesa

    Blueberry 3 hours ago

    she's beautiful, natural, i hope to see her asap !!!!

    on Presenting Vanesa

    SchwarzeEule 3 hours ago

    Geez, I love the curves her legs form. It's to die for! Also, love those blue heels!

    on Datino

    NEWVERYKINKYME 5 hours ago

    Dear Mr. Varin

    Many thanks for your excellent photos with our precious Veselin.
    Wonderful and bright set.
    You are simply great, great, great as always.
    I am very much obliged to you, Mr. Varin.


    on Direac

    NEWVERYKINKYME 5 hours ago

    Dear Veselin

    I love you.
    Welcome back my love.
    I am so pleasantly surprised to see you again.
    I hope you can read my words dedicated to you.
    I hate being late, but I went away for a month on holiday and over there I haven't got any Internet connection.
    I think of you every day.
    Continually and desperately I asked to myself:
    Where is my Veselin, where is my Veselin, where is my Veselin?
    I often feel alone, but when you appear in my mind I am very well.
    Please do not forget about me, never.
    I am always on your side.
    Remember you are the greatest love in my life.
    When I see your explicit and exciting photos I start to burn for passion.
    Now I can throw my sperm more far away!...e non ho mai sborrato così bene in vita mia, te l'assicuro.
    Thank you honey.
    Wow! Spreading legs and inviting assholes are deliciously trivial...and your face is clearly visible
    so everyone can recognise you and this is very erotic and important...I admire your brave...really.
    I adore the women like you, sexually transgressive and exhibitionist.
    In the next future I would like to watch sexy poses...harder...feet behind head...your smiling face between your wide apart legs in standing position...for example...if you want...I hope...we will see.
    I love, I love you, I love you.
    Sono tanto innamorato di te.
    Stai bene amore mio.


    on Direac

    Junkdog 6 hours ago

    Always just want to fuck this amazing babe!!

    on Ramoco

    Junkdog 6 hours ago

    Perfect pussy I would eat her pussy every day that I could!!!!

    on Lemoa

    Junkdog 6 hours ago

    Perfect babe!!!

    on Mecadia

    10 Quest 7 hours ago

    Ahhhhh- Djessy with long, wavy hair. So very, pery pretty................................

    on Tetua

    Nunyas 7 hours ago

    As a paying customer I would prefer to see these beautiful women bodies not all the clothes and props that seem to cover them up. I was very disappointed with this set.

    on Minora

    10 Quest 7 hours ago

    With her hair pulled back in the portrait at the end of the set- Vanesa looks so very, very pretty.....

    on Presenting Vanesa

    Hugo1 7 hours ago

    Hi Berenice.
    Greetings from Ireland.
    It's great to see more lovely photos of you (including the many views of your beautiful bottom - but, of course, every part of you is beautiful!).
    I'm not Slavic and I'm not able to compliment you in Ukrainian or Russian (though I know the Cyrillic alphabet), but it's not necessary to be Slavic to be able to admire and enjoy your beauty and charm.
    I should add that you're definitely a very fit young woman! :-)

    on Siodee

    10 Quest 7 hours ago

    Her smile gets me every, single time..........................Beautiful!

    on Siodee

    Rose 7 hours ago

    We are working on fixing it, thanks guys!

    on Presenting Yulianna