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“Cuore” starring Yarina A - mini-skirt/maximum impact…

Yarina A: Cuore, by Leonardo, erotic pix of a flawless chickI have a lot of respect and admiration for the erotic artist known as Leonardo. He has done fine work with some of my favorite models - both in still galleries and in MetArt HD erotic movies. And his portfolio displays range, technical polish - lighting is a real strong suit - and creativity. If he has a single weakness (and who among us doesn’t?) it’s that some of his sets tend to be a bit light on explicit imagery, a trait that inspired one blog commenter to dub him “Long Shot Leo.”

With “Cuore,” Leonardo addresses that weakness and delivers a gallery that is brimming with detailed, explicit, intimate shots of his subject from a variety of angles. He may not be ready to knock Ron Offlin or Tony Murano off the exalted throne of explicitness, but this set will definitely please those with an eye for female parts of the private variety.

The parts in question belong to Yarina A, and they happen to be of a particularly high quality. I reviewed this model’s MetArt debut, and I liked her very much although the artist’s execution of that set left something to be desired. In “Cuore,” however, she gets a presentation worthy of her beauty. Not only has Yarina A grown into a skilled model, but Leonardo knows exactly how to showcase her beauty and ability.

Yarina’s costume consists simply of a tight, pink, knit mini-skirt, with a heart medallion hanging from a chain necklace. No shoes, no lingerie, no props - and none of these optional extras are required. Yarina’s face is beautiful and expressive, her body is exceptional, she is boldly uninhibited, and she radiates enthusiasm and joyful energy - this girl loves to show off!

From head to toe Yarina A is immaculate, enticing, inviting, and flawless. Whether she’s standing proud and tall (see #006) or delivering stunningly sculptural poses while reclining on the floor (see #085) this is obviously a model who loves her work and excels at it. Oh, and did I mention that “Cuore” is filled with mouthwatering images of her intimate anatomy? Armed simply with a mini-skirt, Yarina A delivers maximum erotic impact in this impressive collection from Leonardo.


“Presenting” Marta E - temptingly top-heavy tyro…

Marta E: Presenting, by Matiss, busty young beauty's MetArt nude debut

Admirers of amply-endowed young women will find much to celebrate in this debut MetArt erotic photo gallery. Blue-eyed brunette beauty Marta E boasts a luxuriously curvy physique and her generously scaled bosom is bound to turn a lot of heads. Yes, I’m aware that not everybody likes busty girls, but those who do can’t help but be impressed by this temptingly top-heavy tyro.

There are elements of Marta E‘s performance that reflect her lack of experience, but her assets far outweigh her liabilities. She has a lot of personality, a ready and enthusiastic smile, and she does display a wide range of looks even if the set is somewhat limited in style and scope. I’ve enjoyed work by Matiss in the past - and he clearly has a keen eye for spotting fresh talent - but, without being overly critical, I can say that this series is far from his best.

Matiss has chosen an indoor location, for one. The majority of this artist’s pictorials are shot outdoors and his mastery of the challenges inherent in location work is obvious. This room is somewhat cluttered, the wall behind a sofa draped with two random blankets is a grid of square niches filled with ceramic curios, and Matiss shoots many of the images off-horizontal. Not his finest work, but there is still much to enjoy here.

Between the so-so setting and the model’s inexperience there’s something of a casual, snapshot quality to some of these images. But even in the most spontaneous images there’s an admirable level of visual polish. And Marta E is a genuine cutie. Compare #006 and #011. Two similar poses, the first cheerful, the second a touch more “modely.” There’s range on display in “Presenting,” and real potential. And while her big, beautiful breasts may dominate the frame, blue eyes, flawless complexion, and cheerful, spirited energy give her a lot to work with in future pictorials. I welcome the opportunity to see what Matiss could do with her in a picturesque outdoor location, and I’d also be curious to see what other artists can coax out of this physically gifted newcomer as she gains experience.


“Amoroso” with Gisele A - sexy beauty on a busy background…

Gisele A: Amoroso, by Ingret, sexy girl, explicit nude art photos

In the previous post I was won-over by a MetArt erotic photo gallery that employed a set and art direction that could easily be considered cluttered. Yet despite the multitude of props and costume elements, that series was a success in my eyes (not everyone agreed with me, of course).

In “Amoroso” I find a pictorial filled with draped fabrics, an ornate antique upright piano as the central prop, and a model who remains clothed, to one degree or another, throughout the series. I very much enjoyed a previous offering by this creative team, but this outing is far less successful.

Gisele A is very beautiful and very, very sexy. And those two qualities aren’t always found together. She’s more than sexy enough to compensate for the fact that she’s never “totally nude” here. Totally exposed, yes, quite explicitly, in fact. But she never takes of her (distracting) stockings, and her lace panties, even while exposing the goods, remain more or less in place for much of the set. It’s hard to fault Gisele A’s performance, however - this sexy beauty holds nothing back.

So, if there’s fault to be found, it rests with the artist, Ingret. The set is cluttered, and not in a good way. And why the abundance of off-kilter, tilted shots? The piano the model poses on is heavy, solid, and boasts strong, square, linear elements. It is an “upright piano,” by definition - so when the camera tilts off horizontal the effect is distracting, disturbing, and flies in the face of physical and aesthetic logic.

But Gisele A is very beautiful and very, very sexy, and “Amoroso” captures those qualities well enough. So ignore the busy background and disregard the woozy, listing compositions. Do those two things and you may well find yourself in love with Gisele A and “Amoroso.”


“Presenting” Ruzanna A - a painterly premiere presentation…

Ruzanna A: Presenting, by Paramov, richly detailed erotic artistry

This is the first MetArt appearance by 19-year-old Ruzanna A. And, after consulting my records, I realize this is only the second erotic gallery photographed by Paramov that I’ve ever reviewed - and the first one was well over two years ago. So I have no experience of the model, and very little of the artist - not precisely a double-debut, but not far off, either.

And right out of the gate I’m very nearly at a loss for words. There is a lot going on in this pictorial - the first frame is packed to the very rafters visually and literally. Ruzanna A makes an excellent first impression, by the way, but it’s the art direction and execution of the photography that has me both dazzled and dumbfounded.

“Painterly” is the first word that comes to mind - and that impression is sustained throughout the set. And this isn’t at all a minimalist or spare style artistic idiom, these images are loaded and layered with detail. In less gifted hands I might describe the costuming and set decoration as cluttered, even chaotic, but Paramov has full control of his concept and executes it with rare skill.

The costuming, alone, offers a welter of fabrics, accessories, and embellishments - layer upon layer of richly textured skirts, a lace wristlet (only one), ribbon, pieces of fur, thick tassels, and what are those on the model’s head? Could they be welder’s goggles? Antique expedition gear? I have no idea, but somehow it works wonderfully together.

And that room? A rusty bed frame, a feathered carnival mask, tapestries on the floor, a mirror leaning against a wall, an empty picture frame, a rickety ladder, a bunch of tall twigs. And smoke? Yes, clouds of smoke drift into the space through the windows along one wall. So much stuff! And yet it all fits, somehow.

Painterly, there’s no better word. If these images were finely wrought in oils on canvas they wouldn’t be at all out of place in a gallery or museum.

Yes, yes - Ruzanna! A plush, curvaceous body, thick, rich, flowing red hair, a fine spray of freckles across her face. Young, yes, but a wonderful effort rising to the challenge of modeling in such a complex tableaux. I’m eager to see more of her, and perhaps a closer view of the details, but, really - this is a most impressive debut and an outright artistic triumph for Paramov. Whether readers agree or disagree, I’d be most interested in hearing your reactions - comments invited.


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    a.k.a. 2 minutes ago

    It's getting worse. But maybe the darkest hour before the (unshaven :-) dawn :-? 🌚 🌅

    on Natural Brow

    Favorito 2 minutes ago

    For those in Rio Linda, watch out them perky nips could put your eyes out...

    on The Jungle

    Favorito 5 minutes ago

    Warning: Delphine’s mammalian protuberances could be hazardous to ones oculus uterque. Proceed with extreme caution.

    on The Jungle

    a.k.a. 7 minutes ago

    Her highly fashionable lack of eyebrows just remind us of the weirdness of "fashion."

    on Natural Brow

    a.k.a. 14 minutes ago

    Shows why:
    "pussy skin" is better with its natural fur;
    a girl is sexier when she isn't trying to be;
    give a model something to do other than lounge around remembering to smile;
    healthy natural nail color is best;
    some movies are more tolerable with the sound muted 🎼 🔇

    on Summer Rest

    HCP1 15 minutes ago

    What a gorgeous sexy woman , fast becoming 1 of my favourites ! Keep her sets coming please !!

    on Black Mesh

    Checkers 19 minutes ago

    Not only that, but she seems to put a lot of thought into the lighting and shooting angles to make them look especially beautiful. Some photographers just seem to have a knack for making certain parts of the body stand out - Natasha with navels, Matiss and Alex Lynn with bottoms, Arkisi with breasts....

    on Black Mesh

    BAGGY_PANTS 25 minutes ago

    Would you consider a phased in approach so that chihuahuas and artists can mend their silly ways, and K can publish her inventory of billiard balls?

    Does not need to be 100%, but something considerably greater than present would seem fair.

    Dream on silly me. I don't have enough years remaining to see anything more than tokenism.

    on Natural Brow

    prehensile 29 minutes ago

    Fabulous legs and breasts
    Maybe let Natasha Schon shoot her in an “art” set to show off those stunning features?

    on Pink Lady

    BAGGY_PANTS 34 minutes ago

    goggle pictures of Mona Lisa and see some wacko "adjustments" people have made to her over the years.

    Too many to list but I love the one where one half is Mona, and one half is da Vinci.

    on Natural Brow