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“Nedenle” starring Candice B and Mia D - make it a double…

Candice B and Mia D: Nedenle, by Leonardo, two stunning nude girls

Evaluating a Metart erotic photo gallery featuring a new model - or a model I’ve never seen before - is one of the highlights of this assignment. There’s a thrill that’s unique to setting eyes on a beautiful girl for the very first time that I never tire of. But sitting down to critique a set featuring a favorite model, one that I’ve seen in several prior photo sets, also has its own unique pleasures. In “Nedenle,” as luck would have it, those pleasures are doubled.

I’ve reviewed no fewer than 10 galleries starring either Candice B or Mia D. They’re not at all alike in appearance or temperament, but they are both incredibly appealling and skilled models. To have the opportunity to see them posing together, well that’s not an opportunity I’d be willing to pass up - not for love or money!

Of course - and this is a subject I’ve written about at some length in the past - Metart girl-girl galleries have certain built-in limitations. If you want to see beautiful girls performing actual, explicit, hardcore lesbian sex acts, I suggest you visit our sister site, Sexart, where you’ll find plenty. So in “Nedenle” I get to see two of my favorite models, together - no sex, no explicit contact, but with girls as pretty as Candice B and Mia D it really doesn’t matter!

Leonardo‘s “Nedenle” is simply a high-quality record of two beautiful models posing nude together in a comfortable, familiar, and pleasing outdoor setting. Sure, Mia D does make a show of kissing and sucking on Candice B’s magnificent nipples. And there are a couple of suggestive, semi-sexual, poses thrown into the mix, but this set is hot because each individual model is hot. And each individual model does expose herself completely and explicitly throughout the gallery. But sexual tension or connection? There’s none to be found.

What can be found in ”Nedenle” is stunning beauty and abundant personality. Bountifully and beautifully busty blonde Candice C and slender, long-limbed, small-breasted brunette Mia D are entirely different types, but they make a truly exceptional pair.


“Presenting” Monique C - young, blonde, and luscious…

Monique C: Presenting, by Alessandro, 18-year-old beauty/hot nude pixI was surprised to learn that this first-time MetArt model was only an 18-year-old when “Presenting” was photographed. There’s nothing in this performance that suggests timidity, shyness, or lack of experience, and Monique C’s glamorous beauty is womanly rather than girlish. To possess this high level of confidence at such a young age only enhances her considerable appeal.

The photographer, Alessandro, is also a (relative) newcomer to MetArt - this is only his second contribution to the site - so I have the double pleasure of evaluating two new talents. And I will say that artist and model are both skilled, gifted, and most welcome additions to the MetArt family.

A new erotic model faces certain obvious challenges - how to appear relaxed, comfortable, and then follow the photographer’s direction while nude and completely exposed. Monique C’s costume - a sheer nightie - offers little coverage when the set opens, and when she’s totally naked she holds nothing back. The challenges faced by a new photographer are also daunting - how does one create work that “fits” with the established style of MetArt while still maintaining one’s own creative identity? Alessandro manages to hit both marks masterfully.

The setting has plenty of texture and a variety of posing opportunities, the lighting is warm, the colors harmonious and flattering to the model’s complexion and coloring, and Monique C has the opportunity to experiment with a broad range of poses and expressions. She can deliver glamorous and studied poses right along with relaxed, natural, and spontaneous looks. There are tame, thoughtful compositions, and there are numerous enticing explicit images, as well. We see the model’s body in wonderful detail, and her personality and charm are also well presented.

Presenting” is a promising - and mouthwatering! - debut by a young, blonde, and luscious model, and an impressive piece of erotic artistry from a new photographer. I look forward to seeing much more from both of them!


“Pedentes” starring Halena A - not perfectly polished, but powerfully pleasing…

Halena A: Pedentes, by Alex Sironi, MetArt HD erotic movie

This is my first experience with Halena A. She has previously appeared in just three MetArt erotic photo galleries, and “Pedentes,” her first MetArt HD erotic movie, is the latest addition to her portfolio. It is an arresting and extremely enjoyable film - and perhaps the perfect introduction to this very beautiful, very sexy model.

While I admire the work of Alex Sironi, until now I have only seen his still photography - this is the first of his films I’ve viewed or commented on. It differs subtly from his still work, but “Pedentes” reveals additional, admirable, skills of this versatile artist. When I think of Sironi I think of simplicity, and this movie is, at least on the surface, an exercise in simplicity. And it also happens to be a fine showcase for an absolutely enchanting model.

Sironi doesn’t waste any time. He has Halena A exposing one of her beautiful breasts after just 20 seconds, she’s completely nude 20 seconds later, and we get an enticing explicit full-frontal view 20 seconds later - after one brief minute, “Pedentes” is at full operating temperature. And that temperature is high!

Make no mistake, Halena A is a striking beauty. Her body is without flaw, perfectly proportioned, and her intimate anatomy is particularly enticing. Her performance her isn’t what I would describe as polished, though. There’s a slightly self-conscious quality to her screen presence. But, in Halena’s case, it’s completely endearing - if she’s not entirely at ease in front of the movie camera it only makes her more appealing. If that doesn’t make complete sense, all I can say is screen “Pedentes” and you, too, will be charmed by Halena’s natural persona.

As I mentioned, “Pedentes” is a perfect introduction to Halena A. Her physical and emotional charms are wonderfully revealed here, and a skilled and talented artist has captured the tangible as well as the intangible aspects of this auburn-haired vixen. I look forward to seeing more of Alex Sironi’s films, and more of Halena A in whatever format I can find her!


“Chisel” starring Barbara D - fine fox on a fur…

Barbara D: Chisel, by Alex Sironi, explicit pix of busty blonde beauty

My attraction to and enthusiasm for this model was almost instantaneous. And it wasn’t a fluke, either - all three Barbara D sets I’ve reviewed (here, here, and here) are fine showcases for her physical beauty and her appealing personality. One of the things I find most charming about this shapely blonde is that she projects her warmth and innocence in such a natural, unaffected way. A girl this pretty could easily be excused for putting on airs, assuming an attitude, or becoming full of herself. But not Barbara D - she seems completely down to earth and entirely approachable, two factors that only add to her allure.

In the past I’ve made note of minor flaws in Barbara’s presentation, but over the course of 20 galleries she’s gained poise and polish. In “Chisel” she delivers some sophisticated, creative postures that fit right in with more natural poses. I find it interesting that Barbara D’s entire MetArt portfolio was shot by a single photographer, Alex Sironi. The two clearly work well together, and the artist deserves credit for coming up with so many distinct ways to shoot the same model.

I’m not certain, however, that “Chisel” is among the very best sets this pairing has produced. The set design is simple, a Sironi signature. Barbara stands (or sprawls) on a fur rug in front of a black and white room divider. I have two minor nits to pick with this arrangement. The screen has strong vertical and horizontal elements that beg for - or at least suggest - an upright, level approach to composition. Yet Sironi lets his camera do a bit too much tilting for my tastes. And that animal pelt is visually and tactilely interesting, but it’s also shedding, and in many shots stray hairs can be seen on the model’s otherwise immaculate body. As I said, minor nits.

Barbara D is so warm and at ease that she makes even the most explicit shots - and there are many to be found here - seem cute rather than lewd. And Sironi, true to form, includes thoughtful detail shots, along with full-length figure studies. Favorites? #048 is a stylish and explicit reclining pose. #054 is a demure and delicious kneeling shot that perfectly captures Barbara’s splendid bust. #126 and #127, two variations on the same pose, are delightfully different and undeniably beautiful, as is #129 in which an unexpected ray of light falls across her face highlighting her eyes. Barbara D in “Chisel” charms me once more.


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    I love the way #39 accents her amazing waist! This girl is buff!

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    By the way, for those of you who enjoy my stories on, I just posted something new and rather naughty... hope you enjoy! :-)

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    Nika is one of the sensual and sexual of the many, many beautiful women, on Metart. There is a softness, fullness and radiant quality to her sexuality. Thank you for showing us it. It has made my day.

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    playful scene line and with a labia like hers she would seem to be a gamer .

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    What a beauty. I am so glad I checked her set out. I don't always look at the new girls. I have my favorites and I usually stick to them. Since my wife left me a month ago, I've decided that a woman like Taressa is exactly what I am looking for in the future. Can't wait to see more sets of her; I hope they bring them fast and often.

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