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“Tideni” starring Zemira A - maid in the shades…

Zemira A: Tideni, by Rylsky, Metart HD erotic movie

I don’t think I’ve ever critiqued two Metart HD erotic movies back-to-back in the history of this blog. That fact, in and of itself, seems reason enough to go ahead and do just that. There was no rhyme or reason to my selection method, which isn’t always the case. Here I simply chose the most recently released movie and pressed “play.

I don’t go into “Tideni” completely unaware and uninformed, however. I’m familiar with the star of the piece, Zemira A, because I had the pleasure of reviewing her very first Metart erotic photo gallery, and I liked it quite a lot.

As it happens, the artist who shot Zemira A’s debut, Rylsky, also directed “Tideni,” and his involvement is enough to create interest and heighten anticipation.

Rylsky is a thoughtful, opinionated, and insightful artist. He’s part technician, part sculptor, part psychiatrist, and part psychic. He not only captures the outside of a model, he strives to get into her mind to expose her emotions. In “Tideni” he takes on the role of storyteller, and adds a bit of mystery and magic to the mix.

Zemira A, elegantly dressed, strides down the street. She enters a cafe and takes a seat. She notices a pair of sunglasses on the table before her, then picks them up and tries them on. Instantly her view - and the viewer’s - changes. Now Zemira is totally nude and lounging on a bed. Surprised by what she’s seen she takes the sunglasses off, we return to the cafe, her curiosity is piqued once more, she puts the shades back on, and we return to the nude bedroom scene. It’s a cleverly devised and executed little trick!

The nude scenes - which constitute the bulk of the film - find Zemira A in that previously mentioned bedroom, and then in a living room. The camera takes its time lingering over the details of Zemira’s body. Her breasts - those sensationally shapely, firm and inviting orbs with their perfect plump nipples - are featured, as well they should be. In the living room setting we also get a long look at the model’s backside and her long-limbed body.

Zemira’s personality is on display throughout. There’s something slightly self-conscious, but entirely charming, about her performance. She’s not quite shy, but there’s a tentative, somewhat uncertain aspect to aspects of her performance. Make no mistake, Zemira A is nothing less than adorable - perhaps she just needs to appear in a few more movies to hone her motion picture performance style.

In “Tideni,” Rylsky has created an engaging and clever little story to showcase an eye-pleasing and libido-teasing beauty to excellent effect. Well done.


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“Matiki” starring Yani A - a tidbit that tempts and teases…

Yani A: Matiki, by Alex Sironi, MetArt HD erotic movieI’ve commented on two Metart erotic photo sets featuring this model previously (see here and here) and I’ve enjoyed her from the first frame to the last. Yani A is young, cute, has a wonderfully expressive and inviting personality, and a particularly fine body. The two still series I’ve seen were shot by different photographers and differences in style and approach don’t dim or dampen Yani’s appeal. In this Metart HD erotic movie I get to see her work with another artist, and I relish the opportunity to see this truly tempting model in a motion picture.

My high expectations and eager anticipation are almost immediately satisfied. Director Alex Sironi has Yani A lounging on a sofa in a softly lit room on a quiet afternoon. She’s listening to music on her phone and the melody quickly inspires erotic thoughts. As her hands slide across her dress her skirt slides up and we’re treated to a quick explicit glimpse of her shaved perfection. Yani’s beautiful breasts are exposed next, and she’s totally nude before a minute has passed.

Yani A knows how to move, and she’s as comfortable and at ease in front of a movie camera as she is while posing for stills. She’s in her own world, enjoying the music and the moment, but she also shoots an effortless and inviting glance at the camera every now and then to let us know she’s aware she’s being watched, and that she’s enjoying the experience.

Sironi moves Yani A around the space quite effectively. She plays with the sheer white curtains in front of a window to pleasing effect. She sidles up to a full-length mirror showing off her graceful, sensuous moves as well as her mouthwatering body. And she returns to the sofa and treats us to the beauty of her body and her uninhibited, unashamed sexual spirit.

And then, three and a half glorious minutes later, “Matiki” ends. This is, without question, a short film. But it’s a gem - compact and concentrated. It is perfectly paced, splendidly shot and performed, and builds steadily in erotic impact until the very end. Yani A is a wonderful little tease, and “Matiki” is a fine showcase for model and artist, alike. “Matiki” performs a unique trick in its compact run time: it not only teases the viewer with skill, beauty, and style, it also leaves him completely satisfied - a truly tempting tidbit.


“Sema” starring Sapphira A - blown away by beguiling beauty…

Sapphira A: Sema, by Luca Helios, stunning 19-year-old in nude art pix

Has anyone seen my objectivity? Or my detached, neutral, critical impartiality? Those qualities are among the most important tools of my trade, but I’ll be damned if I can find them. They were here one minute, ready to help me coolly evaluate another Metart erotic photo series, and then - BAM! - they were gone, disappeared, vanished.

And now I realize what - or rather, who - has done this to me. It’s Sapphira A. I simply can’t resist this girl. Her beauty just blows me away, and the vixenish charm she projects to the camera entrances me, rendering me helpless, smitten, mesmerized. Of course I understand that the perception of beauty is entirely individual and highly personal. You may be able to look at Sapphira A and then look away, unimpressed and uninterested. I don’t envy you! And I hope you have other favorite Metart models who overwhelm, delight, and dazzle you. But if you are a fan of this exquisite model, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. This girl - this 19-year-old nubile - simply knocks me out. Whenever I see her - and “Sema” is no exception - my eyes go wide, my pulse races, and I’m simply awed by her beauty.

Physically, well, Sapphira A approaches a particular type of perfection. Even her flaws are fantastic! That beauty mark - who would dare call it a freckle, or, worse yet, a mole? - on her mons is a treat, an accent mark. And the scar on her abdomen? My god, it’s stunning! I love that scar! No, I adore it! We have someone so fine, so flawless, and this bit of damage, this imperfection, somehow enhances her humanity.

And what a warm, energetic, playful, sultry, lively personality she has! It’s a gift, really. To be able to convey so much engaging emotion in still photos is almost miraculous. When Sapphira A smiles (see #002, #024, or #056 for starters) it’s an event, a celebration, an irresistible invitation.

Luca Helios has done a fine job capturing the physical and emotional Sapphira A in “Sema.” He’s delivered wonderful headshots (#117), casual moments (#095), mouthwatering explicit close-ups (#074 and #075), and splendid figure studies of that splendid figure (#068).

In my next post I will strive for objectivity. But today I will revel and rave about the stunning, spectacular, and entirely beguiling Sapphira A!


“Presenting” Mesed A - nature, artistry, and a beautiful newcomer…

Mesed A: Presenting, by Matiss, new nude model in erotic art photos

This new model debut gallery by Matiss is big - it includes a total of 150 skillfully crafted images - and that abundant quantity of photographs are of a uniformly high quality. The artist has the opportunity to experiment, and he takes full advantage of it. And with so many photos, he can also take time in revealing his subject, building anticipation as we experience Mesed A for the first time, and whetting our appetites to see more and more as the series unfolds.

Presenting” is a rich and masterfully executed erotic art pictorial! Not only do we get to meet a new model - who is a physical and emotional treat, by the way - but we get to see the beauty of nature, both female and landscape, rendered with style, sensitivity, and meticulous attention to every detail.

The setting is as pretty as a proverbial picture. A little river flows gently through a wooded glade, a rustic stone bridge just visible in the background, sunlight adding sparkle to the water and a lush glow to the vegetation. And into this striking natural setting steps Mesed A, a young beauty dressed, surprisingly, in a sheer lace corset, over a full, frilly, floor-length skirt, both in vivid, virginal white. High heeled sandals, and a long string of pearls are also white. The costume is dramatic, theatrical, unlikely, and yet it works perfectly with the setting and the artist’s concept.

The outfit stays in place for quite a while, and I can’t complain. Mesed A is a beautiful girl with a lively spirit and a warm and winning personality. From her big brown eyes (#004), to the plump nipples of her pert, petite breasts (#123), to the delicate delights she slowly but completely reveals by the set’s end, Mesed A is a delight. She also has a lot of different looks, and that speaks well to her future at Metart - I hope we get to see much, much more of this beautiful newcomer.

Matiss earns extra praise for his concept and execution of “Presenting.” There isn’t a “dud” in the bunch, and he provides everything from painterly, fully-clothed long shots, to close-up intimate anatomical views, stylish detail compositions, and a variety of charming headshots. This makes “Presenting” a fine showcase for a beautiful and talented new model, as well as for the technical and artistic skills of the pictorial’s creator.


“Oblohy” starring Tristana A - sugar-sweet/fire-hot…

Tristana A: Oblohy, by Arkisi, explicit nude pix of sweet young beautyFor his Metart erotic photo series titled “Oblohy,” the artist Arkisi has chosen a clean, contemporary room finished and furnished in glossy white, and dressed his model in pale pink, sheer and lacy lingerie. And in the introductory images that model, Tristana A, radiates abundant and inviting sweetness. This is a very appealing young girl with a warm and alluring personality.

But sweetness and warmth are only two aspects of Tristana A’s personality. As we soon discover, thanks to a generous assortment of explicit poses and compositions, Tristana A is as bold as she is sweet, and as uninhibited as can be. The sweet young thing that’s so pretty in her pink outfit holds nothing back once that outfit has been cast aside, and practically throws her intimate anatomy at the camera for complete access.

Yet no matter how hot and explicit her poses become, the engaging sweetness remains - Tristana A has a gift for balancing the cute aspects of her persona with the carnal, animal aspects. In the series of four photos beginning with #066 and ending at #069 Tristana is totally nude and posing on top of a table. Her legs are open wide, she’s lifting her ass off the surface, and her succulent sex is up close and front and center. But if one pries ones eyes off her moist magnificence, there’s her face, out of focus in the background, smiling, pretty, and obviously happy to be sharing herself so completely.

While the explicit shots are, in my opinion, the highlights of “Oblohy,” many of the tamer images are worthy of note. In #114 and #115, once more on the table, but this time with her back to the camera, the model strikes two similarly interesting poses - both of which emphasize her long, lustrous hair - and Arkisi delivers two stylish, beautifully composed images. Not all of the posing is so elegant, however, and a shot like #121, with her face pressed into the tabletop and her backside raised in the air, is interesting, but also awkward.

If you like the model - and I certainly do - you’ll be pleased with the range and variety of images and poses contained in “Oblohy.” You’ll certainly enjoy the many fire-hot explicit shots, but milder images, like #081 and #082, a pair of headshots, beautifully capture this model’s sweetness.


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    Cartier has the most illustrious hair. It seems to have its own moods and the way that it accents her refined features is nothing short of awesome. When she smiles, it his with her whole soul. And when she gazes sensually, her entire being. What an amazing woman.

    God bless you Cartier!

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    Yes, you are right, more nudity of her and less close up or masturbation shoots, there is SexArt or MetArt X for such kind of photos , though Matiss is an excellent Artist.
    I respect him, but, I would love to watch Elle Photographed by Luca Helios

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    Just that look on the cover of Aktivas shatters the walls of my castle. Eyes, for women, it is all in the eyes — Cartier knows this. She does not trifle like some other girls, she is a woman who understands the power of 'the look'. I love that ferocity.

    God bless you Cartier!

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    Another awesome Elle's photoset : this girl is perfection : pretty, graceful , beautiful and long legs, and, of course, a slim and perfect body to die for.
    The Photographer Matiss did another great work !
    Thanks !

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    Melisa, in the future, there will likely be sexy robot android girls that are modeled after you. I see this as only logical. There is no denying your perfection. Who else, much emphasis here, could possibly withstand a 50 megapixel camera taking in every centimeter of their skin like you did here, with no fear, but such dominance, such raw control and confidence and sexiness — pray tell? No one, that is who.

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    What day is it? What time is it? Where am I? WOW!!!

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