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“Presenting” Sabrisse A - cool start/fiery finish…

Sabrisse A: Presenting, by Luca Helios, explicit erotic art photos

In the first several images of “Presenting,” Sabrisse A’s very first Metart erotic photo gallery, the model displays a range of expressions. In #001, the first shot in the set, she appears pensive, thoughtful, even aloof. And for the next few photos she looks somewhat distant and cool. Based on those first impressions I can imagine that some viewers might feel put off, and that they might exit the set in search of a warmer, more engaging model. But judging this gallery by a handful of images would be a mistake, and anyone who doesn’t take the time to enjoy the entire collection - and this enticing model - is doing themselves a disservice.

The pictorial takes place next to and on top of a heavy wooden table in a modern kitchen. The wall in the background is a vivid shade of red, orange and red candles provide accents, and stainless steel fixtures and contemporary furniture complete the set. The colors are bold, but they don’t overwhelm. In fact, combined with the white of her shoes, lace panties, and top, the art direction is particularly flattering to the model’s coloring and complexion. With the details of the set skillfully taken care of, Luca Helios proceeds to give us a detailed and varied view of this appealing newcomer.

After a somewhat chilly introduction Sabrisse A warms up considerably. She does have depth, there’s a wonderfully moody quality to a lot of her expressions, but she’s also got a bright and lively smile and plenty of spontaneous energy. Even when Helios suggests posing with a couple of oranges Sabrisse makes the best of an awkward situation. But there’s nothing at all awkward about her explicit poses, and there are many of them here. Sabrisse shares her body freely and generously and Helios gets in extremely close to capture the delightful details - for examples see #044, #045, #077, and #094.

As inspiring as her intimate anatomy is in close-ups, Sabrisse A looks good at any range: fully dressed, totally nude, or anywhere in between. There are several pleasing headshots, for example (#097 is one), and even when she’s concealing the naughty bits and simply gazing at the camera, as she does in #105, the effect is powerfully charming. She can be cool, and she can be fiery, but no matter her mood, Sabrisse A is a pleasure to look at, and “Presenting” is an impressive debut.


“Lakini” starring Lukki Lima - sweeter in a sweater…

Lukki Lima: Lakini, by Albert Varin, explicit pix of a tasty tiny-top

I missed this model’s first Metart erotic photo set, but after spending some quality time with “Lakini,” her second gallery, I’m going to correct the omission as soon as possible. Lukki Lima is a very beautiful girl, a skilled and enthusiastic model, and she’s got a warm, natural charm that’s a delight to experience.

Lukki Lima has a particularly appealing look - it’s easy to imagine her in a glamorous, high-style environment, but her natural beauty shines even when she’s in a mundane setting with barely a hint of make-up. Albert Varin understands this, and the only bit of costuming or decoration he’s given his subject is a cozy sweater - no jewelry, no props, no fancy art direction, furniture, or elaborate lighting is needed. He shoots her up against a wooden storage unit, and down on the floor in front of it, and lets Lukki charm his camera and the viewer - nothing more is necesary and “Lakini” is a success from start to finish.

I have admitted to having a certain weakness for freckled redheads in the past, and Lukki Lima is a fine specimen of the breed. Lukki has a slim but supremely womanly body - her hips are full, her waist narrow, and her petite and perky breasts are capped with proudly puffy nipples. If you have a taste for tiny-tops, you’re going to want to get a good long look at Lukki!

It’s one thing to be a natural beauty, and quite another to be a natural model - Lukki Lima is both. She’s completely uninhibited, for starters, and she’s eager to try any and every pose she or Varin can come up with. She’s an absolute doll in demure, nothing-showing headshots (#001 or #023 or #061), she enthusiastically offers her sex to the camera with a smile (#050), and she readily allows the photographer to move in for explicit shot after explicit shot, including some impressive extreme close-ups (#056 and #057 for example).

Lakini” doesn’t only give us a varied and extremely detailed look at the enticing details and inviting beauty of Lukki Lima, it also gives the viewer a vivid sense of this model’s personality. Whether she’s being thoughtful, playful, serious, flirtatious, or simply smiling happily (#021) few girls I can think of are sweeter in a sweater - or out of one - than Lukki Lima.


“Ambay” with Lucia D - on the sand, (mainly) in the shade…

Lucia D: Ambay, by Leonardo, explicit outdoor erotic art nude photos

Lucia D made her Metart debut in an HD erotic movie directed by Platon Averin. For her second outing she posed for a still gallery shot by Goncharov. And now, in “Ambay” she works with another still photographer, Leonardo.

The artist has chosen a scenic outdoor location. Lucia stands and lounges on the damp sand on the edge of what appears to be a lake. The sky is a soft blue, the vegetation which rims the body of water is lush and verdant, and the water glitters in the sunlight. Lucia, however, is mainly in shadow, and Leonardo, master manipulator of artificial lighting, provides supplemental illumination. The setting and the sunshine conspire to suggest a balmy day, but wind in the model’s hair and subtle cues in her complexion – not to mention a pair of persistently erect nipples – suggest that it was cold the day “Ambay” was shot. Lucia D, however, doesn’t seem to mind, and delivers a game and professional performance.

I hope it wasn’t actually too cold, though - all Lucia D has in the way of clothing is a sheer scarf wrapped around her slim waist and a pair of colorful earrings. Lucia D is eager and present, but she’s not the most expressive of models. She’s got beautiful eyes and a magnificent mouthful of gleaming white teeth, but she tends to pick an expression and stick with it. When she relaxes (see #006, for example), or when she unleashes a smile (see #002 or #040) the true Lucia D really comes across - if she could better connect with these natural, genuine, spontaneous emotions the results would be magical.

Trim, slender, elegantly proportioned, and sculpted to perfection, Lucia D’s body is a delight. And Leonardo takes care to capture the beauty of her figure as well as exploring the details. Those who crave a close-up view of the explicit goods will definitely enjoy the intimate shots in this collection (have a look at #055 or #056 for samples).

My favorite shot in “Ambay” combines the beauty of the subject with the skills of the artist. In #029 Lucia poses formally. Her hands - one holding her wrap - are placed just so, her torso is presented in three-quarter profile, and she looks right at the camera with those big, beautiful eyes. Behind her the scenery is brightly lighted and somewhat diffused. Lucia, however, is in crisp focus, her body bathed in reflected and strobe light. Her figure stands out sharply against the background, with an almost cut-out feeling. The photo almost looks like a composite, a combination of two separate images. An interesting effect, to be sure - and just one highlight among many in this Metart erotic photo series.


“Presenting” Aza - sultry sizzle (and an Easter egg)…

Aza: Presenting, by Alex Iskan, first nudes explicit and erotic

I love it when a new model appears in her very first Metart erotic photo gallery. Of course I also love established models, I have more favorites than I can count, but there’s something special about a girl’s first time. And I imagine that photographers feel the same way. Working with an experienced model, one that you’ve established a rapport with, surely has its virtues and value. But shooting a new girl, for the first time - the thrill of discovery, the untapped potential - must have the same magic for the artist as it does for the audience.

And this particular new model, Aza, doesn’t disappoint! This girl doesn’t need any time to warm up or get in the mood - she displays sultry sizzle from the very first shot, and she proceeds to get hotter and hotter as the series progresses. Whether she’s “fully dressed” in her black bra and panties, or totally nude and explicitly posed, Aza radiates searing sexuality. Self-possessed, sincere, natural, and supremely confident - these are excellent traits in a model, and Aza has them all. And her physical charms are every bit as enticing as her steamy attitude.

Alex Iskan, quite wisely, keeps the set design simple and the execution stylish. A single lamp and a chair, both in shades of cream, stand on a mottled plank floor against a whitewashed brick wall. The lighting imparts a high fashion gloss and Aza provides the rest. The simple treatment results in some truly beautiful images of this worthy and talented subject.

Presenting” offers range and variety - with rare exceptions Aza is a skilled poser, and Iskan provides headshots, details, figure studies, and enough explicit images to satisfy most appetites. Although her eyes are a major source of Aza’s allure, and they are beautifully captured throughout the set, even when they’re are closed she still exudes erotic heat. An impressive debut and a most welcome addition to the Metart talent pool.

As to the Easter egg I mention in the title. In a single shot - I’ll leave it to sharp-eyed members to find it - Aza is seated in the chair and something that is absent in the remainder of the set is clearly visible. So with “Presenting,” Alex Iskan proves he isn’t just a talented image creator, he’s also quite an adept image editor.


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    beetle 1 minute ago

    Yes, big boobs and a marvellous face. That is a perfect combination. First you look into the face, then to the boobs. Both perfect - you beginn to smile.
    Now you look to the waist. Small? Yes, perfect. Round taut ass? Long legs and tiny feet? Yes everything is all right. Now you wish to see the girl naked. And Matart makes your dreams come true, you can see the girl naked.
    And if you see the the girl, as God has created her, you look to the pussy. Plump, pink and moist? OMG, that is really a sexy girl. And if the anus is small and smooth, it is a 10 points girl. SO IT IS WITH SOFIA VERA. A 10 point newcomer.

    on Sofia Vera

    Booker666 16 minutes ago

    Could not agree with you more- Arkisi was ALWAYS a guarentee of great artistic pics- i dont blame someone for trying to change some things- but no one can honestly tell me these pistures would not be better with OLD arkisi settings.

    on Tenam

    Booker666 20 minutes ago

    So, several sets ago we had a little discussion about enhanced breasts - one additional comment i would have is- too many of the photogs seem to only focus on the breast when they are large, or have bif areolas etc- i would love to see a closer up pic of these cute little titties in a hand bra- only seems to happen on big titties though.

    on Tenam

    Booker666 27 minutes ago

    That is what i love about metArt- You get a lot of "natural" girls and women photos. If i go to the list of my favorites, probably 80% would be classified as "small-breasted"- But i just love the way little boobies with erect nipples look. I would add that PhotoDromm (which i believe is in the Metart Family?) is VERY guilty of advancing the perception that "Bigger is better"! They never met a fake D cup they did not love- and most of the girls ARE beautiful- but i cannot get past the FAKE headlights.

    on Pemina

    Checkers 39 minutes ago

    Bottomless card games are the BEST card games. Hooray! :)

    on Tenam

    Checkers 41 minutes ago

    Ooooh, maybe my favorite Juck set so far! Love the casual relaxed feeling of this set, with her knotted top, pajama pants and glasses and how they all seemed to glide off her body. It's like spending an easygoing Saturday with the lady friend, nibbling on snacks and seeing where the mood takes us.

    on Ladici

    Checkers 50 minutes ago

    I can see your point of view, but I think it's a little short-sighted. If you look at the top models pages on MetArtX and SexArt, for example, you'll see a lot of the same faces you see on MET's top models page. It doesn't make them any less beautiful, and it doesn't make their MET sets any less impressive. If their work there (or on other sites) offends you, that's up to you, of course, but there's no law requiring you to download those sets and videos. You can appreciate what you appreciate and ignore the rest pretty easily.

    on Jciela

    Checkers 1 hour ago

    A classic set of a classic beauty. Lauren's look is gorgeous and timeless.

    on Jciela

    Checkers 1 hour ago

    I always love reading background on photo sets, thank you Davi! I wish more photographers here would contribute with similar posts.

    on Jciela

    Notregde 1 hour ago

    Thanks. Actually, my answer was for Rylsky. I had the first correct answer (above comment on First Set). He just did not see it. My fault I guess. I considered Comments to be within the Comments section not just under his Post. At least I know the answer was correct. Several (4) people agreed. Probably provided good research for others.

    on Sminea