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“Omenala” starring Erica B - same place, different face, fresh heat…

Erica B: Omenala, by Matiss, explicit nudes in an unusual locationNot long after I began evaluating the Metart erotic photo series titled “Omenala,” I began to feel a bit of dejà vu. The more I looked, the stronger the feeling became, but with a bit of searching I realized the feeling wasn’t imaginary - I had been there before! This set by Matiss was shot on a sunny day in the mountains, mainly against what might be a retaining wall for an unseen road. The artist employed the same location for a set I critiqued over a year ago, and it’s just unusual enough to have made an impression.

It is a somewhat unlikely location, and adding a beautiful, glamorous model like Erica B accentuates this fact. Erica B is topless and wearing a pair of tight jeans and high heeled sandals when the set opens. It’s a large set - 155 total images - and the model has ample opportunity to experiment with poses and attitudes. As the series progresses the jeans come off, a bit of fabric appears to make the gravelly ground more comfortable, and Erica B moves away from the rustic retaining wall. And this is where the set begins to sizzle.

Erica B has a natural and genuine exuberance - she’s full of energy and appears to be having a lot of fun posing. But when she’s seated on the ground, reclining, or up on all fours, she trades her happy-go-lucky attitude for something far more steamy and seductive. And as Erica B’s mood changes, so do the compositions Matiss chooses. In the final third of the set the explicit images are abundant, detailed, and enticing. In #096 and #098, to pick a pair of mouthwatering examples, the succulent beauty of Erica’s intimate anatomy is stunningly captured at close range.

But the charms of “Omenala” and Erica B are many, and the model’s other assets - a shapely rump, long, wavy hair, luscious lips, and light blue eyes - are artfully captured in less than explicit shots like #063 (a beautiful headshot) and #109 (with the model on all fours).


Legendary Director Michael Ninn Strikes Awards Season Gold with "The Ingenuous"

The adult entertainment industry is known for over-the-top hype and super-heated hyperbole. But when we call director Michael Ninn "legendary" that's not hype, it's a simple statement of fact. Since 1992 Michael Ninn has been creating XXX art of unrivaled style, quality, and erotic impact. And, as he enters his third decade as a director of high-end hardcore erotica, Michael Ninn remains a visionary artist at the very peak of his creative powers. Ninn's most recent full-length erotic feature, "The Ingenuous," was one of the most critically acclaimed releases of 2013, and on January 18 of this year it took home three prestigious AVN Awards. Michael Ninn won the Best Director – Foreign Feature award. "The Ingenuous" was named Best Foreign Feature, and it also received the Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Shot Production award. The legendary director is going to need to make some more room in his already crowded trophy case! The Metart Network proudly salutes Michael Ninn's success at the 2014 AVN Awards. We've been admirers of his work for years, and has been a member of the Metart Network since April of 2013, so we feel an extra bit of "family pride" for the praise, recognition, and well-deserved awards he's received. And there's a Sexart connection to "The Ingenuous," as well.

"The Ingenuous" was shot in the Czech Republic, and Sexart's Prague production crew was intimately and actively involved in the making of the film. Prolific Sexart director Andrej Lupin was the Director of Photography, the Cinematographer was frequent Lupin collaborator John Humble, and Metart supermodel/Sexart producer Ariel Piper Fawn served as Michael Ninn's Assistant on the production.

Following its success in release on DVD, "The Ingenuous" will be released online, in serial form, at where members will have the opportunity to view Ninn's latest masterwork in full HD — we can't think of a better reason to consider joining the site.

Check out all of Michael Ninn's movies and erotic art photo galleries at If you're already a Metart Network subscriber check out the upgrade specials in the Member's area.


“Alseen” starring Divina A - smiling siren by the sea…

Divina A: Alseen, by Peter Guzman, explicit outdoor nude art photos

From the moment she first appeared in a Metart erotic photo gallery (you’ll find my notes about that set here), Divina A has worked her unique and powerful magic on the membership. She landed at the very top of the Top Model ranks with her debut, and she’s been a beloved resident of the Top Ten ever since. I’ve been impressed by her subsequent photo sets (see here and here), as well as her performances in two Metart HD erotic movies (look there and there).

Alseen” is Divina A’s thirtieth appearance at Metart - she’s not only pretty and popular, she’s also prolific. Here she works once again with Peter Guzman, the artist who shot her Metart debut as well as much of her portfolio. The location is a rugged, rocky stretch of seashore. Divina A is completely nude for the entire set and seems perfectly comfortable posing on mossy rocks, lolling on wet pebbles, and dipping her limbs in the rising tide.

While Divina A is blessed with many mouthwatering physical attributes, it’s her bright smile that’s a real standout here. The setting is beautiful but it can’t have been comfortable, but you’d never know it by looking at that smile! No matter how awkward the pose or uncomfortable the surface, that smile is beaming, warm, and genuine - this beautiful and talented model brings a degree of enthusiasm to her performance that is a delight to witness.

I can’t imaging that Peter Guzman considers “Alseen” among his best work. The natural lighting seems to have presented challenges and several of the shots are underexposed. And I’d imagine that the photographer was also working on jagged, uneven surfaces or partially submerged in seawater - just as his subject is - so it can’t have been an easy shoot. But the flaws are few and “Alseen” easily manages to engage the viewer.

Favorites include stylized figure studies - Nude in a Landscape – like #018, #049 in which Divina rides a rock while being splashed by the surf, #085 for that candid, spontaneous smile and lean physique, and #091 and #092 for the model’s pose and the artist’s stylish composition. And both model and artist earn praise for the numerous detailed and explicit shots in the collection. “Alseen” must be seen by all who admire Divina A.


“Manita” starring Vanessa J - utterly adorable…

Vanessa J: Manita, by Koenart - adorable blonde in explicit nude pixThe star of this Metart erotic photo series, Vanessa J, is many things. She’s beautiful, that’s beyond question. She’s versatile, in that she can project innocence as well as seasoned, knowing maturity. She’s impish, playful, seductive, warm, uninhibited, and cheerful. But the descriptor that overrides all others is that she’s utterly adorable. With a glance from those big blue eyes or a smile from those inviting lips she inspires nothing less than instant adoration. And Vanessa’s abundant adorability is on display in “Manita” from beginning to end.

The artist Koenart clearly recognizes Vanessa’s irresistible charm, and he simply lets the model work her magic. She remains fully clothed - by that I mean in a T-shirt and thong panties - for a full 26 images before she begins to disrobe. But even clothed Vanessa’s sex appeal and tantalizing beauty are on full display. And when she does begin to expose herself it’s with a sense of glee and giddy erotic energy - see #027 as she “flashes” her pert breasts at the camera and you’ll get a sense of this adorable quality.

For a slim, lithe, and slender young woman - she was only 20 when “Manita” was shot - Vanessa J has a ripe, round, and adorable ass. She displays that asset to excellent effect in #013, although there are numerous additional rump revelations in the series. The female feature on her front side also gets its own share of explicit images of which #057 is but one mouthwatering example.

Manita” was shot outside, on a walkway next to a house, with a swimming pool in the deep background. Koenart uses the mix of shade and bright sunlight to excellent effect. When the sun hits that wavy hair just so it fairly glows with radiant natural beauty. Totally nude, explicitly exposed, posing like a pin-up, or when she’s fully clothed and smiling sweetly, Vanessa J is utterly adorable.


“Parimia” starring Vanessa H - bedroom with a view…

Vanessa H: Parimia, by Alex Iskan, Metart HD erotic movie

“Parimia” is Vanessa H’s fourth contribution to Metart, and it’s her third Metart HD erotic movie, so she’s one of the relative few models who have done more movies than still photo galleries for the site. Statistics aside, this is a very sexy and appealing girl, so any chance to see her is most welcome, no matter the medium.

Alex Iskan, who also shot Vanessa’s still photo debut, is in the director’s chair for “Parimia.” It’s morning and Vanessa wakes up in a big bed in an ornately furnished boudoir. When she peels back the sheets we discover that she’s totally nude, an added bonus as she stretches, sprawls, and lolls on the bright white linens.

Those white sheets serve to accent and emphasize Vanessa’s recently acquired tan lines. And the marks left by her skimpy bikini accent a body that is lean, toned, and extremely inviting. I reviewed an earlier movie starring Vanessa H (you’ll find my comments here) and in that appearance she was paler and somewhat “softer” physically. Iskan artfully explores Vanessa’s toned anatomy using the light that shines through gauzy curtains to bring out the sculpted contours and definition of that beautiful body as it moves around the bed and around the room. The use of a high, overhead angle, looking down on the model from above, is particularly appealing and revealing.

Parimia” starts off fairly tame, despite Vanessa’s total nudity. But the heat builds steadily and we’re treated to numerous, extended explicit views of Vanessa’s enticing intimate treats. At around the 4:34 mark she’s spread wide and seductively thrusting her sex at the viewer. And at the 9:35 mark, when she’s massaging the area at the top of her thighs, she throws a subtly seductive glance at the camera to excellent erotic effect.

At just over eleven minutes, “Parimia” offers ample opportunity to savor and study this seductive specimen in a stylish, evocative atmosphere. Vanessa H‘s performance is spontaneous, natural, and entirely uninhibited, but her sultry sexuality is tempered by an undercurrent of irresistible cuteness - her little sign-off at the end is the perfect conclusion to a beguiling and beautiful bedroom interlude.


“Presenting” Ira J - a moody and moving debut…

Ira J: Presenting, by Natasha Schon - new model in erotic art photos

It’s purely coincidental - yet perfectly appropriate - that the subject of my first post of the new year is a new model. “Presenting” is Ira J’s first appearance in a Metart erotic photo series, and the newcomer was shot by a veteran artist, Natasha Schon. I’ve only critiqued three of Ms. Schon’s galleries, and the most recent one was over two years ago, so here I have a chance to become acquainted with a new model and reacquaint myself with a photographer.

I’m immediately reminded of Natasha Schon’s style when I begin looking at this collection. It’s a very distinct, highly stylized, and immediately recognizable visual language that gives Schon’s work a unique stamp. The dim lighting, the richly furnished set, the moody atmosphere, and a painterly approach to composition are Natasha Schon signatures and they’re all present here.

Schon not only has a distinctive and recognizable style, she also has a specific way of presenting her models. Real effort is spent in capturing the emotional essence of the model, and that’s very much the case here. When the set begins Ira J is wearing a denim vest, a headband, and a pair of ripped, low-rise jeans - she’s got a bit of an edge and more than a little punky-hippie flavor. No bubbly nubile, Ira J is moody, introspective, and extremely intriguing - the type of girl who might be hard to get close to, but who would reward those who took the time and expended the effort.

But as her clothes come off, and her hair comes down, she blossoms. When she discards the boyish denim she reveals a distinctly womanly form. And Schon captures that beautiful shape in some truly exceptional images – have a look at #110 and #111 and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Some of the poses may be a bit too posey. Some of the compositions a bit too stylized for some tastes. And there isn’t a single explicit shot in the series, which is a disappointment. But there is no question that “Presenting” is an involving and enjoyable work of erotic photographic artistry. And there’s also no question that Ira J is a model I look forward to seeing much more of, and I mean that in both senses of the phrase!


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