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Metart Welcomes Domai and Goddess Nudes!

We are very happy to welcome Domai and GoddessNudes into our family of sites. Domai is an Internet staple, spanning many years of operation. It's longevity is a testament to the vision and perseverance of its founder Eolake Stobblehouse. While many other sites have stumbled with multiple changes and full scale re-works, Eolake as been adamant with his “member first “ mentality and “simple nudes” content. The continued strong results speak for themselves. As Eolake says, “It is a fine line. Maintaining the integrity of the site and its content, being honest and respectful to your members, and growing in today’s more sophisticated climate. I believe strongly that Metart is the only company with the sensibility and understanding to handle this correctly. It is difficult to let Domai go, but I know it is in great hands, and I look forward to my life’s next chapter, which includes a renewed focus on my art and writing.” We have a great deal of respect for Eolake, what he has accomplished in this industry, and the sites he has created. Our intention is to stay true to his vision, making gradual changes based on our knowledge of the softcore niche and the site's customer base. There is no rush. You can find links to both sites in the Upgrade area, so be sure to check them out!


“Teria” starring Halena A - bed, room, eyes, and so much more…

Halena A: Teria, by Alex Sironi, Metart HD erotic movieI’ve never had the opportunity to comment on any of this model’s Metart erotic still photo galleries. I did have the distinct pleasure of evaluating her first Metart HD erotic movie, however. And today it’s my job to critique her second cinematic offering. Although I’ve had only limited experience with Halena A, I approach “Teria” enthusiastically and with great expectations.

It only takes a few moments before those expectations are met. Director Alex Sironi has styled the set and his subject to perfection. Halena, wearing a mini-dress, is seated on the edge of a heavy wooden bed. She’s barefoot and her long, dark hair has been coiffed into flattering, flowing curls. Before even ten seconds have elapsed she looks directly into the lens and I’m hooked. There is a lot to like about this model, but the way she plays to the camera is a real highlight of “Teria.” Teasing, flirting, playful, intriguing - the look in those eyes and the expressiveness of that undeniably beautiful face is nothing less than delightful.

We quickly discover that Halena A isn’t wearing any panties, which is a good thing, I think, although lingerie enthusiasts might beg to differ. That flirty little dress begins to come off shortly thereafter, revealing those delicate breasts and then the perfection of that petite and perfectly proportioned frame in its undraped glory at the 00:50 mark.

As she moves around the bed Halena A not only reveals every exquisite detail of her beautiful body, she also continues to interact directly with the lens. Even when she’s entirely exposed in explicit and inviting poses she’s watching, connecting, sharing with her many unseen admirers. Just after the 4:00 minute mark Halena crawls across the white sheets towards the camera and the expression on her smiling face is irresistible.

And then, with a smile and a wave, “Teria” comes to an end. Just shy of 5 minutes in length, this film is short, but it is also exceptionally sweet. Alex Sironi has done a fine job of showcasing this beautiful, talented, and sexy model. And Halena A has left this viewer wanting more. Highly recommended.


“Stalida” starring Lorena B - rare and remarkable…

Lorena B: Stalida, by Luca Helios, erotic pix of a beauty at the beachWith 59 galleries in her Metart portfolio - and with a growing collection of film and still shoots at Sexart - erotic art featuring Lorena B is far from rare. If you favor this model you can feast your eyes on an abundant, varied, and ever-expanding supply of her work. What is rare about Lorena B is her physical beauty and her vivacious, charming, seductive, flirtatious, engaging, lively, and utterly irresistible personality. Lorena’s beauty, alone, makes her truly exceptional, but when that beauty is paired such an arresting and magnetic personality it’s a remarkable combination. “Stalida” does a wonderful job of capturing Lorena’s beauty as well as her charismatic personality.

Along with her looks and charm, Lorena B is also a talented professional. This woman makes modeling look easy, effortless, and as if she’s enjoying every single second of her time in front of the camera. She can strike stylish, formal poses and moments later she can be entirely candid and spontaneous. She is completely comfortable in her skin and in full, proud possession of her sexuality. Even in the most explicit poses she’s completely at ease - she enjoys showing herself every bit as much as the viewer enjoys looking.

Luca Helios, the artist who shot the vast majority of Lorena’s Metart galleries, is behind the camera once more with “Stalida.” The set opens with Lorena in a bright white bikini. She’s positioned on top of a flat rock outcropping at seashore. These clothed images are as sexy as the subsequent nudes, and Lorena treats us to a megawatt smile (#001), some creative posing (#005), and a wonderful slice of pin-up style (#014). After her top comes off, with the sea breeze mussing her long hair, Lorena is a vision of natural beauty (#022).

Of course the bikini bottoms are soon cast aside, and numerous explicit shots are peppered throughout the series (see #052 for one moist and inviting sample). She moves from the rock “posing platform,” to the sandy beach below, and eventually into the surging surf for some spontaneous, splashy fun (#030). From shot to shot, and from beginning to end, Lorena is utterly beautiful and completely charming in “Stalida.” A day at the beach is only rarely this enjoyable!


“Merassy” with Diana G - a beautiful body/an inscrutable expression…

Diana G: Merassy, by Koenart, fit and shapely babe in erotic photosI’ve had two previous experiences with this model, both shot by the same photographer. The first was her Metart debut in a still photo gallery, the second was in a Metart HD erotic movie. I was impressed by both efforts, and the commenters were also lavish in their praise. Will the model/artist team be equally successful with “Merassy?”

Rather than draw it out or beat around the proverbial bush, my honest answer must be no. Diana G is still a very beautiful girl, and her gymnast’s body remains as lithe, toned, and superbly sculpted as ever. But for the majority of the series her face is locked in a single, difficult to read, expression. There are, however, fleeting moments when Diana chooses to alter her visage, and when she does, it changes her look entirely. In #105, for example, she’s on her back on the hardwood floor, looking right at the camera with those beautiful green eyes, her ripe lips parted in a gentle smile - it’s moments like these that elevate the set.

So, “Merassy” isn’t the absolute best work Diana G is capable of, but that’s not to say it’s without merit. If one looks beyond the lack of emotional range Diana offers, and concentrates instead on Koenart‘s more interesting compositions, there are absolutely some gems to be found.

A full body shot like #093 is hard to resist, for example, showcasing as it does Diana’s splendidly fit and shapely legs. But “Merassy” really shines when the artist concentrates on the model’s delicious details. There’s a wonderfully sculptural quality to #041, an image of the model’s breasts and torso. Another shot, #049, captured from behind and below, is boldly explicit with more of that sculptural artistry. And #066 captures Diana’s beautiful backside and delicate femininity against the crimson background of the leather sofa she’s posed on to splendid effect.


Legendary Director Michael Ninn Strikes Awards Season Gold with “The Ingenuous”

Michael Ninn Strikes Awards Season Gold with "The Ingenuous"

[Cross-posted from Sexart's On The Set blog.]

The adult entertainment industry is known for over-the-top hype and super-heated hyperbole. But when we call director Michael Ninn “legendary” that’s not hype, it’s a simple statement of fact. Since 1992 Michael Ninn has been creating XXX art of unrivalled style, quality, and erotic impact. And, as he enters his third decade as a director of high-end hardcore erotica, Michael Ninn remains a visionary artist at the very peak of his creative powers.

Ninn’s most recent full-length erotic feature, “The Ingenuous,” was one of the most critically acclaimed releases of 2013, and on January 18 of this year it took home three prestigious AVN Awards. Michael Ninn won the Best Director - Foreign Feature award. “The Ingenuous” was named Best Foreign Feature, and it also received the Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Shot Production award. The legendary director is going to need to make some more room in his already crowded trophy case!

The Metart Network proudly salutes Michael Ninn’s success at the 2014 AVN Awards. We’ve been admirers of his work for years, and has been a member of the Metart Network since April of 2013, so we feel an extra bit of “family pride” for the praise, recognition, and well-deserved awards he’s received. And there’s a Sexart connection to “The Ingenuous,” as well.

“The Ingenuous” was shot in the Czech Republic, and Sexart‘s Prague production crew was intimately and actively involved in the making of the film. Prolific Sexart director Andrej Lupin was the Director of Photography, the Cinematographer was frequent Lupin collaborator John Humble, and Metart supermodel/Sexart producer Ariel Piper Fawn served as Michael Ninn’s Assistant on the production.

Following its success in release on DVD, “The Ingenuous” will be released online, in serial form, at where members will have the opportunity to view Ninn’s latest masterwork in full HD - we can’t think of a better reason to consider joining the site.

Check out all of Michael Ninn’s movies and erotic art photo galleries at If you’re already a Metart Network subscriber check out the upgrade specials in the Member’s area.


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    She has a few more sets here under the name Gaby B.

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    Love Arya when she looks this way. Nice natural colored patch above her bald pussy. Beautiful. Great body with nice feet .

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    She has eyes more beautiful than diamonds.

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    Gorgeous model, great skin and good poses! A couple of missed opportunities to highlight that open wet pussy, but should still rate higher.

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