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New MetArt Live girls on cam

Today we have released a new service which effectively doubles your choices with our live cam girls. MetArt has been running the extremely succesful girls for some time now. However, a whole new cadre of gorgeous and fun girls have gone live today and they're just waiting to entertain you. The new service is called MetArt Live and we have designed a page that houses both thrilling services in one. Head on over to the and MetArt Live page. Effectively there are now twice the amount of girls online for your pleasure. We're absolutely sure you'll enjoy these fresh new cam-models.


“Peraisin” starring Colleen A - subtle charms of a young and delicate doll…

Colleen A: Peraisin, by Albert Varin, 18-year-old babe in hot nude pixDewy, fresh, and succulently nubile, Colleen A’s second Metart erotic photo gallery, “Peraisin,” is an understated and enticing showcase of this 18-year-old model’s charm and beauty. Petite, sweet and gentle in demeanor, with big, moody, blue eyes, and soft features, Colleen A delivers an understated, somewhat restrained performance here. And that restraint, that subdued quality, adds an engaging bit of mystery and mystique to the set.

Colleen A may be somewhat restrained in her expressions, but she’s not inhibited in the slightest. Although she first appears fully clothed, her cute little costume and two pieces of lingerie come off relatively quickly and then she’s only too happy to offer a plentiful array of explicit poses, many of them eye-filling close-ups of her exceptionally delicate charms.

Working with a young, presumably inexperienced model presents its own unique challenges, but photographer Albert Varin knows how to coax an engaging performance from Colleen A. He moves her around the space, shifting her from a gallery-like setting to a bed that’s revealed in the background. And, as noted, while he does include many explicit anatomical close-ups, he also takes care to capture additional sculptural details as well as a handful of pleasing headshots - #013, #021, and my personal favorite, #117, for example.

Colleen’s big, blue eyes, plump lips, and doll-like features, when coupled with her subtle, restrained range of expressions is more intriguing that off-putting, and when she graces us with a smile - even a tiny hint of one - as she does in #057, it’s difficult if not impossible to fall under her spell. With “Peraisin” this delicate doll is bound to charm viewers who cherish fresh, tender, and delicate, nubile beauty.


“Presenting” Milliki - the next new girl next door…

Milliki: Presenting, by Albert Varin, hot pix of first-time nude model

I can’t recall ever reviewing a Finnish Metart model before, so this debut photo series is a first in more ways than one. And it only takes a few images before 21-year-old Milliki has impressed me with her fresh, natural, and spontaneous girl-next-door beauty. “Presenting” really succeeds in capturing Milliki’s warm, lively, and approachable personality. For a young, amateur model she displays an easy confidence in front of the camera and one gets the real sense that she would be an engaging and easy-going companion - there’s nothing put-on or off-putting about this girl. To repeat, a fine example of the classical girl-next-door type.

And Milliki’s easy-going, cheerful demeanor is accompanied by a host of physical charms, all of which she’s eager and uninhibited about sharing. She starts off in a bra and panties but those come off relatively quickly revealing pert, stiff-nippled breasts and a pleasing hint of tan-line. The photographer, Albert Varin, earns praise for including a broad range of compositions. We see Milliki at full length, both “clothed” and nude, in a wide selection of poses, and with a plentiful array of detail shots. And this first-time model cheerfully provides explicit intimate poses - many of them captured at close range - that will more than satisfy the female anatomy enthusiasts in the audience, “butterfly” collectors, included!

As noted, Mr. Varin does a fine job here. If there is a criticism to be made it’s that some of the exposures are a bit erratic, with a slight under-exposure muting the effectiveness of several images. A slight bit of editing easily remedies this flaw, and that’s one of the benefits of such a generous quantity of photos - keep the best, lose the rest. But I suspect Milliki‘s admirers will be keeping - and cherishing - the vast majority of these erotic images.

My favorites? A selection of headshots - #075, #077, and #080 - showcase Milliki’s natural beauty. #038 is one of Varin’s most artful compositions in “Presenting.” And for eye-opening explicit views, the cluster of shots from #059 through #065 offer mouthwatering images of Milliki’s moist and inviting charms. If only she actually did live next door!


“Bidaia” starring Alyssa A - beauty that seduces, subtlety that smolders, heat that scorches…

Alyssa A: Bidaia, by Flora, Metart HD erotic movie

I’ve only reviewed a single Metart erotic photo gallery featuring Alyssa A prior to today. My reaction to that set, in essence, was that she was a very beautiful and talented model, but that her performance was somewhat restrained and lacking in spontaneous emotion. Now, after seeing her in the Metart HD erotic movie titled “Bidaia,” I have a much deeper understanding of how this exquisite beauty works, and I’ve seen with my own two eyes exactly how wonderfully and subtly expressive she can be. “Bidaia” is a fine production in its own right, but it also gives the viewer a more multidimensional appreciation for the talents and abilities of Alyssa A.

“Bidaia” was conceived and created by Flora, an artist who’s work I’ve never see until now. Well, better late than never! The director has an impressive grasp of the erotic short subject format, and does wonders with the simple yet evocative set design, editing, cinematography, and pacing of the film. Although it’s not even seven and a half minutes long, “Bidaia” unfolds at a measured, deliberate pace that makes the film feel much longer than it actually is. Every action, every image, every transition is perfectly timed and executed for maximum beauty and erotic impact. When a director this gifted is paired with a model this enticing the resulting production is irresistibly enjoyable.

The setting is perfectly simple and simply perfect - a large upholstered love seat is backed by a picture window covered by filmy white curtains. Backlighting bathes the room in soft, diffused illumination. Alyssa A, in matching pink bra and panties, poses even as she remains in near constant motion. She also interacts directly with the camera providing powerful eye-contact in the opening moments of the film that immediately engages the viewer. After 75 seconds or so the bra comes off revealing the perfection of Alyssa’s breasts, and shortly thereafter she removes her panties. Flora’s camera hangs back, drinking in the sight of Alyssa as the model caresses herself, and just when the viewer hungers for a bit more…he gets it!

With a deft cut the camera is in close and filling the screen with the pretty, pouting succulence of the model’s intimate anatomy. And the camera lingers, waiting, watching, as the Alyssa’s delicate fingers circle and stroke the soft skin surrounding this most erogenous zone. A change of pose results in even more wonderfully explicit detail to delight and arouse. And then, in a clever twist, the film moves to its conclusion with a tightly framed headshot during which Alyssa A’s beautiful, seductive and understatedly expressive face can be fully appreciated. Both Alyssa A and director Flora earn high praise for the erotic gem that is “Bidaia.”


“Presenting” Evita Lima - chesty 18-year-old charms in nude debut…

Evita Lima: Presenting, by Rylsky, nude big-titted 18-year-old beautyMaturity has much to offer, and there’s no substitute for age and experience. But when it comes to beautiful women, youth is and always will be a powerful attractant. What a nubile woman lacks in wisdom or acquired knowledge she makes up for with the vibrant energy and sweet succulence of youth. Which brings us to the star of this debut Metart erotic photo series, the splendidly busty and undeniably beautiful 18-year-old Evita Lima. I am well aware voluptuous models aren’t to everybody’s taste, but if you like big-breasted girls prepare to have your breath taken.

It’s been some time since I’ve evaluated a set by the thoughtful, creative, and sensitive artist Rylsky. “Presenting” is, in many ways, typical of the photographic stylist’s work. He has a real knack for discovering new and worthy models, and that’s certainly the case here. And he takes care to include a wide range of compositions not only to express his own creativity, but to showcase all of the model’s attributes while also satisfying his audience’s hunger for variety and detail. All that’s true here. Evita Lima is presented in everything from tasteful figure studies (#118), boldly explicit images at medium and close range in a variety of stances, and numerous shots that capture both the model’s beautiful and warmly expressive face as well as her curvaceous and shapely physique.

What is not entirely consistent with Rylsky’s body of work is the set he has chosen. It’s stylized beach shack, in a vivid shade of light blue, complete with sand on the floor, a surfboard, shells, netting, a life preserver, and a captain’s hat. The set design isn’t offensive, and it offers plenty of options in terms of poses and compositions, but it is, frankly, just a little bit corny. Still, Evita Lima’s face and smile are irresistible, even if she’s gazing at the camera through the hole in a life preserver. And when she’s on all fours, aiming her intimate charms at the lens while atop that floatation device, it’s difficult to complain. “Presenting,” despite what minor flaws it may contain, does a fine job of presenting this beautiful, chesty, and charming 18-year-old model. I look forward to more of Evita Lima, and I know I’m not alone.


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    StAmerican 21 minutes ago

    MetArt should really have her make more films. This one got my cock so fucking HARD. I would love to drill this chick forever -- well, at least twice. The first time I wouldn't believe it was true.

    on Presenting Jey

    superspicy 26 minutes ago

    Cartier has the most illustrious hair. It seems to have its own moods and the way that it accents her refined features is nothing short of awesome. When she smiles, it his with her whole soul. And when she gazes sensually, her entire being. What an amazing woman.

    God bless you Cartier!

    on Aktivas

    Grass4myGoat 28 minutes ago

    Unsolicited but my thoughts are: I fear that the first and most frequent users of the thumb down button would again be the rumoured “1” voters. Punks will be punks. And in the beginning when MET encouraged members to vote, every models favorite commenter would get a raft of thumbs down and of course no explanation why. MET finally saw the light and turned out the light on the thumb down button, but commenters can still indicate their opinion via a written comment. Shit disturbers are always going to find a way to stir the pile. The best thing to do is to deny them any attention (shun them if you would), they were / are able to do most stupid things they can think of; but if nobody even acknowledges their existence they do not get to shout “look at me, I just pissed off a bunch of members, I must be shit hot”. They may very well continue to play silly buggers. We should deny them their jollies and ignore them.

    on Presenting Mary Lin

    StAmerican 33 minutes ago

    I know it's not polite to stare, but DAMN, those big tits make me HARD!

    on Fulfil

    Hipshot13 51 minutes ago

    I agree, We need our thumbs down back!

    on Presenting Mary Lin

    Jromanov 1 hour ago

    Yes, you are right, more nudity of her and less close up or masturbation shoots, there is SexArt or MetArt X for such kind of photos , though Matiss is an excellent Artist.
    I respect him, but, I would love to watch Elle Photographed by Luca Helios

    on Phira

    superspicy 1 hour ago

    Just that look on the cover of Aktivas shatters the walls of my castle. Eyes, for women, it is all in the eyes — Cartier knows this. She does not trifle like some other girls, she is a woman who understands the power of 'the look'. I love that ferocity.

    God bless you Cartier!

    on Cartier A

    Jromanov 1 hour ago

    Another awesome Elle's photoset : this girl is perfection : pretty, graceful , beautiful and long legs, and, of course, a slim and perfect body to die for.
    The Photographer Matiss did another great work !
    Thanks !

    on Phira

    superspicy 1 hour ago

    Melisa, in the future, there will likely be sexy robot android girls that are modeled after you. I see this as only logical. There is no denying your perfection. Who else, much emphasis here, could possibly withstand a 50 megapixel camera taking in every centimeter of their skin like you did here, with no fear, but such dominance, such raw control and confidence and sexiness — pray tell? No one, that is who.

    God bless you Melisa, I love you!

    on 1st At 50 Mp!

    Alse 1 hour ago

    What day is it? What time is it? Where am I? WOW!!!

    on Ormia