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“Bengala” starring Sigrid - sexy in the city…

Sigrid: Bengala, by Albert Varin, 18-year-old girl's explicit nude pixWhile she states in her bio that: ” I live in a small town,” in “Bengala” this model is photographed in an apartment many floors up in a high-rise building with a cityscape providing an interesting and unmistakably urban backdrop. Regardless of the setting, it’s immediately apparent that 18-year-old Sigrid is a very sexy subject.

Although she is young, and despite the fact that this is only her third Metart erotic photo gallery, Sigrid has poise, confidence, and an entirely natural, relaxed ease in front of the camera. And photographer Albert Varin takes full advantage of Sigrid’s natural beauty and ability. Indeed, he adopts a simple, natural style in “Bengala” that perfectly captures and compliments his subject.

Tall - she’s an impressive and perfectly proportioned 5’11″ - with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, Sigrid is an entirely natural beauty. She first appears wrapped in a towel and sipping a cup of coffee. Then she’s wearing a sheer knit top and not a stitch more. Virtually the entire set takes place in a corner of the flat against tall picture windows. The light is natural and flattering, fully illuminating Sigrid’s delicious details while creating a sense of warmth, ease, and comfort. The unfussy setting and style of the set, as mentioned, is the perfect match to the model’s beauty and presentation.

Although the series is simple in execution, it offers plentiful variety, both in images as well as emotions. In two similar shots - #019 and #024 - Sigrid, her derriere directed at the camera, presents two entirely different moods, the first calm and reflective, the second far more direct, almost provocative. In #028 and #043, both headshots, she shifts from thoughtful to direct. We’re treated to full-length compositions (#060 is a particularly nice one) as well as numerous, highly detailed explicit close-ups, of which #108 is just one eye-opening image of many. And one of the real stand-outs in “Bengala” is a simple, natural, nothing-showing headshot - note the sunlit strands of golden hair in the foreground and the expression on that beautiful face. Sexy in the city? Yes, indeed!


“Aglais” starring Amelie B - an incendiary interlude…

Amelie B: Aglais, by Flora, Metart HD erotic movieThe word is “hot.” There are countless other ways one might describe the star of “Aglais,” but that three letter word is a simple, concise, and accurate description of Amelie B. She’s beautiful. She’s intriguing. The various aspects of her physique, her face, her eyes, that long, dark hair, every detail contributes to her overall perfection. But the single most striking aspect of this performer is the pure and plentiful erotic heat she radiates.

I’ve commented on one of her Metart erotic photo galleries in the past, and Amelie’s sexual fire made quite an impression on me. But even that didn’t prepare me for how hot she could be in a motion picture. Flora, the director of “Aglais” clearly appreciates Amelie’s beauty as well as her smoldering sex appeal. The artist places her star on an uncluttered set. She’s wearing an emerald green dress and is seated on a lime green sofa. The film begins, Amelie starts to move, and the heat rises, without cease, until the final fade-out.

Neither Amelie B or Flora keep the viewer waiting. We’ve seen everything Amelie has to offer before even a single minute has elapsed. But the revelations continue. Explicit footage of the pulse-pounding, eye-opening, and irresistibly inviting variety is featured. And even the soundtrack, with its sampled heartbeats and exploding fireworks, reinforces and emphasizes Amelie B‘s searing sexuality.

“Aglais” is erotic poetry in motion - constant, undulating, writhing motion. Amelie’s hands roam across her body, teasing and flirting with her succulent sex, guiding the eye, tempting, and constantly stoking the fire.

With “Aglais” director Flora proves that she’s a master of the erotic short film format. And Amelie B demonstrates that - in addition to all her other gifts, charms, and abilities - she’s hot.

Enjoy the film, and feel free to share your reactions in the comments, below.


“Erostea” starring Sunshine A - delicate beauty & muted mood…

Sunshine A: Erostea, by Deltagamma, big brown eyes, beautiful nude pixWhat’s in a name? In the case of the model named Sunshine A, I will admit that I jumped to certain conclusions before I’d ever seen “Erostea,” based simply on her moniker. In my mind, at least, The word “Sunshine” brings to mind energy, vitality, high spirits, and heat. Sunshine A has all of those qualities, but she’s not as bold, simple, and direct as the name implies, at least to me. This is a restrained, subtly expressive model. Physically, she’s a delight. But emotionally she’s somewhat muted, cryptic, and enigmatic.

Sunshine A is undeniably beautiful. She’s not demonstrative or aggressive in the slightest. She’s not a show-off - although she eagerly shows all - and she’s not theatrical or dramatic. She is, in fact, quite difficult to read. What is she thinking? What is she feeling? Is she happy, sad, or lost in thought? It’s not always easy to tell. But, in a shot like #004, captured from the shoulders up, head turned toward the camera, the slightest suggestion of a smile on her lips and the merest hint of question in her eyes, one can’t help but be intrigued.

Those eyes - big, dark, brown, and mysterious - are among Sunshine’s most impressive assets. I can’t always tell what I’m seeing in those beautiful orbs, but I certainly enjoy gazing into them.

Photographer Deltagamma doesn’t push, force, or attempt to extract more emotion from Sunshine A than she’s willing to present. The set is simple, neutral, with some colorful flowers placed unobtrusively in the background for a subtle, natural effect. The props, such as they are, consist of a silver-plate hair brush and hand mirror. The artist and model have a bit of fun with the looking glass using it to reflect a playful expression in #033, as well as capturing images of Sunshine’s enticing intimate bits. There are several shots where Sunshine gazes at the mirror with an expression on her face that reveals nearly nothing about what she’s seeing, thinking, or feeling. Mysterious, yes, but it does force the viewer to do some thinking of his own.

Sunshine’s considerable beauty - delicate features, a slender yet busty build, long limbs, long dark hair, and those eyes - is well represented in this generous assortment of images. It includes beautiful headshots (#010 and #028), stylish figure studies (#034 and #036), and creative poses combined with thoughtful compositions result in impressive art photos like #103. Deltagamma ends “Erostea” with a handful of manipulated images including #142, a black and white headshot that artfully captures Sunshine A’s delicate beauty along with her muted mood.


“Kenonia” starring Patritcy A - from Latvia, with love…

Patritcy A: Kenonia, by Koenart, hot nude pix of long-limbed LatvianAs is so often the case, the title of the Metart erotic photo gallery “Kenonia” is somewhat opaque and offers few clues as to meaning or intent. This isn’t a bad thing, because it allows the viewer to come up with his own interpretation. And the artist, Koenart, does us a favor by keeping the set simple and free of distracting (or confusing) props or other diversions. Two windows, dressed in sheer, patterned drapes, come together in the corner of a room. In front of this backdrop he’s placed a black leather chaise lounge on the hardwood floor. The light is soft and natural, and it gives his model, Patritcy A, plenty of pleasing options in terms of pose and position.

Although she has several sets in her Metart portfolio, this is my first experience of Patritcy A, and the lovely Latvian earns my full attention from the very first shot. High cheek bones, a dimpled chin, flowing honey-blonde hair, and those big blue eyes are all attributes I find hard to resist. And Patritcy displays a warmth of spirit and engaging personality that makes her physical beauty even more appealing.

Koenart, the photographer responsible for every set in Patritcy’s portfolio, takes his time with the model. She remains clothed in a flattering bra and panties set well into the series, and several of these nothing-showing shots are among my favorites in the set - #016 has a pleasing pin-up quality and beautifully captures her elegantly long-limbed physique as well as that particularly pretty face.

But when Patritcy begins to reveal more we quickly discover that everything this model has been blessed with is of exceptional quality. Her breasts are plump-nippled perfection (see #040, for one example among many). And when her panties come off still more flawless, enticing flesh is revealed (see #062, #063, and #082, a standing back shot that reveals all with stylish simplicity). While the explicit shots are pleasing, I find myself gravitating to tamer shots in “Kenonia” that somehow capture more of Patritcy’s alluring essence. In #066, nude, posed to perfection on the chaise the lithe beauty of her body and face are in full effect. In #085, on the floor in front of the chaise, legs, breasts, soft skin, and hair are highlighted. And in #096 Patritcy’s backside and beguilingly beautiful face are splendidly showcased - one of the finest images in a satisfying series.


“Tabulare” starring Marica A - sweet and tempting treats…

Marica A: Tabulare, by Leonardo, those lips, those eyes, those donuts?!Erotic photo stylist Leonardo is among the most prolific and productive Metart contributors. As I write these words his Metart portfolio includes a grand total of 731 galleries (including still photo series as well as HD erotic movies), and by the time I’m finished with this post he will have, no doubt, added to that number. For “Tabulare” he has chosen Marica A as his subject, and that was an excellent choice. Although her charms are many, Marica’s light blue eyes are truly exceptional, and Leonardo has lighted and photographed her in ways that give those limpid, mesmerizing, crystalline orbs maximum impact.

I do have a minor complaint with another of Leonardo’s choices in “Tabulare,” however. Marica, wearing a bra and panties ensemble, poses on a bed. The lighting, always a Leonardo strength, is moody and evocative. But for reasons known only to the artist, and perhaps the model, Leonardo has placed a dish holding two donuts on the bed – see #007 for one example. Donuts. He even has Marica pose and interact with the sugary pastries. Baffling. Distracting. A non sequitur, certainly. And a very, very odd choice.

Marica A is strikingly beautiful, she’s sultry and expressive, and she absolutely exudes steamy sex appeal. And when she gazes into the lens the connection she makes with the viewer is powerfully seductive. There are numerous shots that capture those mesmerizing eyes in this collection, but #021, #035, and #089 are three of my favorites. The latter two, variations on a similar pose (one more explicit than the other) make an unspoken offer few men could possibly resist.

Marica’s eyes and face are featured in “Tabulare,” but the rest of her receives extensive coverage, much of it eye-poppingly explicit. The artist gets in extremely close for some breathtaking detail shots that capture Marica’s sweet and tempting treats in vivid, mouthwatering detail. That face, those eyes, that body, that searing sexuality – Marica A really is an impressive piece of work, and “Tabulare” is guaranteed to whet your appetite. But not for donuts.


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    She has a few more sets here under the name Gaby B.

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