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“Presenting” Tayla - stripping down to stunning simplicity…

Tayla: Presenting, by Alex Iskan, blue-eyed beauty/explicit pix

Evaluating a new model’s debut appearance at Metart is one of the (many) highlights of my position as in-house blogger. I do have my favorites among the established models, of course, and I always look forward to seeing new work from them. And I also enjoy those times when I first “discover” an established model, as was recently the case with Nensi B in “Uginta.”

But there’s something uniquely special about seeing a new girl in her first Metart gallery. And Tayla, the star of “Presenting,” is certainly special. She’s got a beautiful body, a warm, sweet on-camera personality, and she doesn’t hold back. Tayla seems completely at ease and comfortable even when the camera is in quite close, as it often is, capturing her most intimate anatomical details.

Now, the artist, Alex Iskan, has made some slightly curious choices with “Presenting.” The room is white - floors, walls, ceiling, furniture, the harp (yes, the harp) and even the chandelier is painted a shade of stark white. The floor to ceiling drapes and a sofa in the background, however, are in a vivid shade of teal blue. The color scheme is striking, to be sure.

But he’s dressed his beautiful young subject in scarlet tap pants and a black fabric and lace top trimmed in more red. Against the stark white with teal accents the outfit doesn’t harmonize with the setting. Indeed, as the costume gradually comes off, the set gains clarity and reaches its artistic pinnacle when Tayla is totally nude and the set design works as designed to flatter and enhance the model. There’s one shot that earned a chuckle: Tayla stands, holding those red shorts at mid-thigh, pretending to remove them. Her head is tilted to one side and the expression on her face seems to say, “Can I take these off now, please?”

Once she’s nude, as mentioned, Iskan takes care to capture everything Tayla has to offer. In #025 her breasts are beautifully presented. In #060 we find one of a generous assortment of intimate close-ups. In #098 Tayla strikes a stylized and explicit pose. Artist and model create a glamorous, stylish, pin-up in #108 with Tayla’s long hair spread out on the floor around her pretty face.

My two absolute favorites in “Presenting” are #082, a bold and explicit shot made all the more powerful by the spontaneous smile gracing Tayla’s lips, and #109 a beautiful, headshot that does justice to this newcomer’s beguiling blue eyes and her engaging, warm personality.


Pictures (and Exhibition) at an Exhibition…

Gustave Courbet's "L'origine du monde" (1866)It has been famously stated that “Life imitates art.” But what happens when art imitates art? Or, more specifically in this case, what happens when performance art imitates art?

That was the question implicit in a controversial art performance staged at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris by Luxembourg-based artist Deborah De Robertis on May 29th, 2014.

De Robertis, barefoot and wearing a gold sequin dress, walked calmly into a gallery in the museum. She approached a display of Gustave Courbet’s “L’origine du monde” (The Origin of the World), sat down on the floor with her back to the painting, hiked up her dress, spread her legs, and displayed her vagina to the numerous museum visitors in the gallery.

The Courbet oil on canvas painting that inspired the artist’s eye-opening performance piece is a frank and realistic view of a woman in repose, naked from the breasts down, her vagina exposed, central in the image.

Performance artist Deborah De Robertis (2014)De Robertis, relaxed, composed, and straight-faced throughout, held her pose as spectators applauded and took cell phone pictures. Museum employees were less enthusiastic about the performance, however, and they unsuccessfully attempted to convince the artist to cease and desist before attempting to usher the numerous - still applauding - spectators out of the gallery.

Ultimately, De Robertis was placed under arrest for indecent exposure and escorted from the museum by police. Prosecutors, however, once they’d determined the artist’s concept and intent, declined to press charges and De Robertis was released.

On that day in May Deborah De Robertis created a piece of performance art that was, on the surface, simple and straight-forward, if provocative. But the superficial simplicity hides layers of nuance and complexity. Additionally, the piece, like any successful work of art, invites contemplation and interpretation. And it raises questions, the most important of which may be: Why is a painting of a vagina considered a masterpiece, but the display of an actual vagina is considered a crime?


“Uginta” starring Nensi B - at the shore, a beauty to adore…

Nensi B: Uginta, by Paromov, adorable nude 19-year-old babe on a beach

To date, Nensi B has appeared in 11 Metart erotic photo galleries, including this one, “Uginta.” I have never seen her before, however, and for this I must apologize. I apologize to my readers for failing to draw this exceptional model to their attention, and I apologize to myself for remaining ignorant of this adorable creature for so long! Nensi B is a natural wonder, beautiful in body, face, and spirit, an absolute joy to behold, and this set is brimming with her beauty.

Photo artist Paromov has been aware of Nensi B’s potential from the beginning - he not only shot her debut Metart series, he’s been behind the camera for every subsequent set, including ‘Uginta.” Nensi B has such a fresh, bright, natural photogenic quality that I can only imagine that working with her is a delight, and I think you’ll see ample evidence of that fact in this set.

The setting is a mainly desolate beach at the foot of forested cliffs - I say “mainly desolate” because a few other beach-goers are visible in the background of several shots. She is nude, but for a glittering ornament decorating her naval, and in many of the shots her hair is wet after a dip in the inviting waters. The single prop is a white umbrella and its white plastic base and Nensi uses it to excellent effect before moving to the pebbly strand.

Physically, Nensi B is a delight. She’s lean, shapely, perfectly proportioned, as well as being toned, fit, and athletic. This fact is driven home in a series of shots in which she arches into a high back-bend, feet and hands on the beach, pelvis arching to the sky. Not only is this an impressive feat, it also shows off aspects of her 19-year-old body to impressive effect. Equally impressive is the fact that Paromov takes care to capture the pose from a variety of angles leaving nothing to the imagination (see #061 through #064).

Uginta” is explicit, nothing is hidden and everything is offered to the viewer with warmth and enthusiasm. Nensi B is adorable, charming, bubbly, warm, natural, and entirely uninhibited. I have far too many favorites to list, but I can’t help but mention #036, standing in the water and shooting an over-the-shoulder glance at the camera; #086 and #092 irresistible explicit visuals with a burst of youthful allure; #099, pure, natural, relaxed and adorable nubile beauty; and #103 which captures Nensi’s joyful attitude along with her sparkling eyes and inviting smile. Wow. Highly recommended!


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“Drevene” starring Izabel A - young, sweet, lean, and leggy…

Izabel A: Drevene, by Matiss, young, hot, and sexy, nude legal teen

The Metart erotic art photo gallery titled “Drevene” isn’t the most explicitly and intentionally erotic series ever presented on the site, nor is it the most deliberately artistic, but it captures the essence of its subject perfectly, and both artist and model can share the credit for this accomplishment.

“Drevene” is simple, there’s nothing fussy or flashy about its concept, design, or execution. Izabel A, wearing a bikini and high heels in a matching shade of turquoise, stands (and eventually lounges) in front of a wall decorated with a latice of horizontal wooden slats. Wildflowers add a touch of rustic color. There’s the slightest hint of artificiallity here, perhaps it’s due to the lighting, or something slightly incongrouus in the mixture of setting and costume. But it doesn’t detract from the set in the slightest! Indeed, Izabel’s youthful beauty and the straight-forward, no-frills style Matiss employs here strike a perfect and appealling balance.

The set unfolds in a simple, logical, fashion. The first 30 or so images - out of a generous total of 151 - present Izabel fully clothed, a single breast doesn’t emerge until #034. In these clothed shots Izabel has plenty of opportunities to present her physical beauty and her warm, cheerful, sweet, and engaging personality. It’s hard to resist the youthful beauty and inviting energy she displays in #030, legs akimbo, smiling brightly.

As Izabel A reveals more and more of her lithe, lean body there’s more and more to like. Her breasts in #036, for example, are pert perfection. And the charms below her belt are equally inviting. Her legs are long, but they’re also toned and shapely, and her ass is round, firm, and adds a womanly accent to a girlish physique. Legs and butt are beautifully captured by Matiss in #062. As mentioned, this isn’t the most explicitly erotic series, and it doesn’t need to be, but explicit anatomical detail is provided in quanties sure to satisfy most appetites (see #120 for an eyeful of erotic delight).

Izabel A is blessed with a bright smile and big, beautiful green eyes, and they’re major contributors to some of my favorite images in the set (see #030, #101, #126, #146, and #129, a real standout in the collection). Izabel A brings “Drevene” to a comic close in #151 in which the young, sweet, and playful beauty smiles, wrinkles her nose, and sticks out her tongue playfully. Love it!


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    Checkers 7 minutes ago

    Ohhhh, those photos of Sapphira lying on her back, shot from above. Delicious!

    on Table Spread

    Grass4myGoat 23 minutes ago

    I like # 54 and anything similar, also 74 through 79. Nicely done Davi and Sapphira! Thanks for the bonus images, some of them are better than the color images. Innovative gallery name, who chose it?

    on Table Spread

    Grass4myGoat 40 minutes ago

    I checked carefully and did not see a piano behind this green door. Lovely Li's see through night gown is impractical but waaay sexy. Mirror mirror in my hand, who has one of the great pussies in the land? Li has every right to look as smug as she does in # 50. # 67 is a nice image. Arkisi and Li have produced a very nice gallery.

    on Sitting Pretty

    Borbonicon 54 minutes ago

    A fabulous gallery a fantastic classy lady,and with yoga and meditation is spiritually focused too.
    Love the hair.

    on Presenting Danica Jewels

    Grass4myGoat 60 minutes ago

    Welcome to MET lovely Eva. I always appreciate a gallery which starts with an image as great as this #1. 24 is a very nice image, as is 28 through 31, also 91. Eva's toolbox is full of many admirable tools: hair, eyes, eyebrows, rigid nipples, elegant legs, noteworthy vagina, first class ass, tasty buns, and a sprinkling of sparse pubes. My wish for the day: Nudero and Eva collaborate on many galleries and K purchases every one of them. Top marks all around.

    on Presenting Eva Tali

    Tristan Heart 1 hour ago

    I'm not sure where this is coming from, but Arkisi is seriously killing it as a storyteller in pictures these days, starting with Alice's set, then Debora's yesterday and now today with Li's, don't get me wrong Hayli's set was at the same level of quality, but the other three are like small stories and the colors and tones give them an almost fairytale like feel, really cool stuff 😮

    So huge thanks for a great job to talented Arkisi and most certainly also to today's protagonist, the incredibly beautiful Li 😘👍

    on Sitting Pretty

    beetle 1 hour ago

    Just gorgeous and sexy. Danica Jewels combines everything that is erotic, seductive and sensitive. Delicacy, purity and naturalness.
    Long wavy blond hair surround a smooth face with magical blue eyes.
    Soft big drooping breasts that are really beautiful.
    The pussy is big and the labia dark and wonderfully wrinkled. Absolutely erotic is , how they stick out of the pussy.
    The butt is firm and round, a classic full moon.
    The long slim legs end in tender, small feet, which I would like to take in the mouth and lick at them.

    on Danica Jewels

    Frank -- swplf 1 hour agoContributing Writer

    The MetArt 50+ Club: Sapphira A
    December 13th 2017 - by: Rose

    This is Sapphira's 63 set! And I belive her 8th teaming with my friend Delta, Hopefully he will ecplain the timing of the set. He was aware of the attack on her in some of her recent apps and when many "hoped" K had many more to share. So while this set was shot a long time ago Delta may have just recently submitted it to K., so our wishes could come true.

    I agree with Fozzinsky and admire the B&Ws, but for those who don't, as I told you before --- count them. Yyou got a full 120 some before his "extra's "with the total count 152.

    Double duty for me today with Michelle H ,another of out 50+, also appearing , in a film .

    on Table Spread

    beetle 1 hour ago

    Eva Tali, a nice blonde Girl of the top class. Blue eyes, long blond wavy hair. A delicate face and a friendly natural smile.
    Big soft breasts, ideal for massaging and kneading. Rosy delicate nipple, ideal for sucking.
    A pretty fine pussy with cute lying labia. Particularly delightful are the few soft pubic hairs that only hint at the shame. Simply ingenious and ideal for plucking and licking.
    The butt is firm and tight, the anus small and smooth.
    Long slim legs and cute little soft feet.
    Eva Tali is really top class.

    on Eva Tali

    beetle 1 hour ago

    Please delet that comment - it is in German.

    on Eva Tali