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“Shiya” starring Nici Dee - casual Friday…

Nici Dee: Shiya, by Alex Lynn, stunning Asian beauty in hot nude pixQuick, describe the setting of a typical Metart erotic photo gallery. I imagine that many members would choose a sun-kissed beach, an inviting boudoir, or perhaps a stylishly decorated photo studio. But I very much doubt anyone would select an office. But that’s exactly where “Shiya” was photographed - a large, somewhat drab, office filled with desks, chairs, computers, monitors, and the mundane accessories of a typical business. No, this is far from a typical Metart series, but it is a most welcome addition, nonetheless.

I’ve never viewed a set by Alex Lynn, and I’ll give him full points for the concept and creation of this unusual - and unusually satisfying - collection. The office is an unusual choice, but artist and model use it to their collective benefit.

Ah, the model. This is only her forth appearance at Metart, and it’s the first time I’ve seen Nici Dee, but I can tell you immediately and without reservation that this is an exceptionally talented, and extremely beautiful young woman. It’s easy to focus on her breasts - they’re really exquisite - but in every other detail and aspect her physique is simply stunning. And this exotic, cat-eyed beauty has a remarkably expressive and appealing face. She has a look and presence that’s all her own and there is real depth and range in her presentation.

Nici Dee tends to operate in a muted, thoughtful zone, and that seems particularly well suited to the deserted office setting. In #004, for example, the top edge of the computer monitor on her desk is blurred in the extreme foreground and Nici, still clothed, sits gazing thoughtfully out the window - it’s not so much a pose as an evocation of a day in the life. And when Nici begins to remove her office-appropriate outfit, “Shiya” swings from thoughtful to thrilling. If her imagined coworkers knew what was hidden by that modest outfit they wouldn’t get a single thing done all day.

Of course, we’re treated to a full and comprehensive view of Nici’s many and splendid assets - explicit close-ups, evocative and mesmerizing headshots, a couple of subtle and utterly disarming smiles, and image after image of a gloriously sculpted body in a wonderful variety of poses and compositions. High praise to this beautiful model and the clever and creative artist who captured her here. “Shiya” is definitely not just another day at the office.


“Muhica,” starring Sabrisse A - lovely, liquid, interlude…

Sabrisse A: Muhica, by Luca Helios, Metart HD erotic movie

When I critiqued Sabrisse A’s very first Metart erotic photo gallery I noted a moody, thoughtful quality in her presentation. Now I have the welcome opportunity to view her very first Metart HD erotic movie, “Muhica,” and I can’t help but wonder if the qualities I so enjoyed in her still photos would translate to motion pictures.

I have my answer almost immediately after pressing “play.” And that answer is an emphatic “Yes!” Luca Helios, who shot this model’s debut, is in the director’s chair for “Muhica.” While the artist also crafted a still photo collection at the same location - you’ll find “Perenne” here - this is not one of those movies in which the video is shot over the photographer’s shoulder as he shoots his pictures. “Muhica” is a stand-alone, no-excuses, short film, and quite a beautiful one, at that.

The setting certainly helps - the action takes place in and around an infinity pool overlooking a lush forest. The crisp angles of the deck, the smooth surfaces, the crystal water, and a stylish outdoor shower crafted of stainless steel, provide a pleasing and versatile “stage” for Sabrisse to perform on (and in).

The moody, thoughtful qualities I noted in Sabrisse’s debut are, indeed, on display her, as is her splendidly shapely body. And so is an elegance and grace in motion - Sabrisse absolutely knows how to move in an eye-pleasing and dance-like manner that has a mesmerizing quality. She strips out of her bathing suit quickly, and then spends the balance of the film diving into the pool, swimming, walking along the edge of the pool, posing on the polished deck, and finally bathing in the rain-like spray of the shower.

The pace here is leisurely, almost liquid in its smooth, gentle tempo. Sabrisse A, at long range or in explicit close-up, is a physical and visual delight, and Luca Helios knows how to capture her with an unobtrusive style that gives Sabrisse the space and freedom to flow with her emotions and express herself with honesty and great beauty. As the Summer of 2014 continues to sizzle, “Muhica” offers a cool, refreshing, beautiful, and invitingly erotic interlude.


“Presenting” Daisy - a beauty blossoms…

Daisy: Presenting, by Arkisi, new model in beautiful erotic art photosIt’s not a secret, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love reviewing a model’s very first Metart erotic photo gallery. They’re not always an unqualified success, mind you. Sometimes a model has the physical charms, but lacks polish in her performance. And there are times when a new girl, through no fault of her own, simply doesn’t “do it” for me. But the lure of the unknown, the thrill of discovery, the chance to experience a new model for the very first time, it exerts a powerful appeal.

And, in the case of “Presenting,” a showcase for newcomer Daisy, that appeal is very real. Physically, Daisy is cream-skinned perfection. Her body is curvaceous and inviting, her breasts are full but in perfect proportion, and her face, framed by flowing waves of lustrous hair, is simply beautiful - her blue eyes twinkle and a warm, genuine smile is never far from her luscious lips. To further enhance her presentation, Daisy is as comfortable as can be in front of Arkisi’s camera, and offers her intimate bits for explicit, extended, examination enthusiastically.

Arkisi covers some stylistic ground here. The setting, a bedroom with 60s-style pop art paintings on the wall, seems real, not too fussed-over. He’s given Daisy a black beaded necklace (that I could probably live without) and a pair of sexy black panties (that are removed with admirable haste). The artist delivers thoughtful detail shots - #016, a butt shot with an explicit glimpse is one example, and those beautiful breasts are also featured. The erogenous zones also receive ample exposure, often at close range.

Most of my favorites in “Presenting” include Daisy’s face and emphasize her beguiling eyes. #073, on all fours, offers sweetness and a touch of glamour along with the explicit elements. I love the hint of a smirk on Daisy’s lips in #097. And two shots - #094 and #095 - this undeniably beautiful new model and the artist photographing her create pure, irresistible magic. In these images, and throughout the remainder of the series, we get to discover new beauty and watch it blossom before our eyes. I look forward to more from this alluring new addition to Metart!


“Ydenar” starring Mango A - postcards from paradise…

Mango A: Ydenar, by Vlad Kleverov, nude beauty poses in paradiseSay what you will about craft, technique, and the photographer’s art. In my position as Metart‘s in-house blogger I’ve said much on those topics and will say more in the future. And one can rant and rave about a model’s beauty, charm, talents, and skill - we all do it, whether in the comments, in conversation, or in our minds, and I do it on this blog. But there are times when the artist’s ability and the model’s beauty take a back seat to a third factor. Let me be clear: Vlad Kleverov is a talented artist, and Mango A is a beautiful, adorable, and entirely beguiling young woman. But in “Ydenar” the breathtaking location is the outstanding ingredient in an entirely enjoyable and entertaining Metart erotic photo series.

The location is spectacular. The sky is vivid blue, the sun is high, and Mango A is posing in the crystal clear waters of some unidentified tropical sea. The white sand beneath the shallow water hosts an assortment of large starfish in varied shades of red. A school of small, silvery fish swim cautiously nearby. A sailboat at anchor bobs gently on the dark blue water in the background. And for every sun-kissed moment, in every pose, submerged, standing, clothed or nude, or somewhere in between, Mango A is loving the experience, loving the camera, loving the warmth of the sun, the cool water, the sheer beauty of the setting. If you spend your days cooped up in a cubicle, toiling in a warehouse or factory, or taking notes during yet another lecture, “Ydenar” provides an instant vacation escape to a beautiful time and place, with a delectable and delightful traveling companion.

While it is, quite literally, a “day at the beach,” shooting “Ydenar” was no picnic for the artist. The shifting light, the reflections off the sand and water - even a passing cabin cruiser filled with gawking tourists - each present considerable challenges, but Kleverov skillfully avoids these pitfalls and even in the demanding conditions produces image after image filled with perfectly exposed, richly colored views of perfection.

Apart from a fine gold chain that starts as a necklace and wraps around her waist, and a pair of earrings, Mango A is only wearing a white bodysuit. “Fully dressed” shots like #016, with Mango on her back, partially submerged, fish circling, and starfish at her feet, are “suitable for framing.” But then so is #079, a back shot, white fabric encircling her hips, blue water transitioning seamlessly to blue sky on the horizon. Yes we get enticing close-ups of Mango’s mouthwatering, sea-water-slick intimate anatomy. And, in a set that includes 156 images, we get pose after pose and view after view of this bronzed goddess in a heavenly setting. “Ydenar” offers postcards from paradise, and plenty of them.


“Presenting” Kika - redhead/white room…

Kika: Presenting, by Alex Iskan, nude redhead in hot explicit art pixThe artist, Alex Iskan, has designed an impressively effective set for this new model’s debut Metart erotic photo gallery. I do like the model, Kika, very much, but let me first discuss the setting in which she’s so skillfully presented.

Kika, wearing only a simple white tank top, is sitting in a clear, spherical, bubble chair suspended by a silver chain from the ceiling. The chair’s cushion, and every other surface in the room is a shade of white. The white walls are upholstered in quilted off-white pale gray material. The white floor has been buffed to a mirror gloss. The lighting is bright, free of glare, and uniform. The set is at once futuristic and retro (thanks largely to the swinging sixties modern the chair) at once. It’s a dramatic design, but there’s also a certain subtlety - the room doesn’t distract or detract, indeed, it provides a flattering and versatile backdrop on which to present this pretty newcomer.

Kika seems at home and at ease in this stylized environment. There isn’t a hint of first time jitters in her presentation or performance. And, for a new and presumably somewhat inexperienced model, she displays a varied range of emotions along with a pleasing selection of interesting, stylish, and revealing poses. While a certain amount of shyness can be excused in the initial offering from a new model, Kika is quite the opposite. She can project coy innocence, when she wants to, but she offers every anatomical aspect of her beautiful body to the camera without hesitation or reservation.

The following list is far from complete, but here’s a selection of my favorite images from “Presenting” Kika: #001, nothing showing except a hint of the personality about to be revealed along with a well composed view of the set design. #019, once again no flesh on display but I find this modest pin-up pose particularly pretty. #036 squatting, on her tip-toes, spread and gripping her beautiful breasts with a big smile on her face. #071, a variation on an explicit all-fours pose, backside to the camera, right leg gracefully extended, with an enticing facial expression. And #117, a topless shot with a potent dose of beauty and attitude. A beautifully conceived and executed photo series.


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    2Shy 20 minutes ago

    Carlina is absolutely gorgeous. She's the perfect girl. Very pretty. I especially like the Presenting and the Trebien shots. Great work!

    on Trebien

    Hirundo 3 hours ago

    Loved the video and I don't care what others say, it is great seeing the girls out in the city or the beach or wherever...

    on Weekend

    biteswithhunger 4 hours ago

    This lady is exquisite!

    on Kimberly Kace

    Lucky Bastard 4 hours ago

    WARNING - EXTREMELY HOT!!! 10+++. Extremely sexy body, especially the buns, legs, and boobs.

    Fantastic set. Excellent photography. Many more please.

    on Presenting Vos

    C6C791 4 hours ago

    One of the sweetest asses on MA. Love #38. She can lower those sweet cheeks right on my face!

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    Phil4549 5 hours ago

    A very "Beautiful" girl.

    on Ranice

    Checkers 5 hours ago

    It's possible, though I think if she had ink, Alex would Photoshop it out. He does that for a couple of other models in his repertoire.

    on Presenting Vos

    Panty Love 6 hours ago

    Cool Truck Drivers Wives, she's not really opening her legs to show off her lady holes, but more please.

    on Presenting Margo Beth

    Jays 7 hours ago

    I agree, I think it's creepy

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    OntoMajorca 7 hours ago

    Should should change her bikini top to a softer triangle top. The bustier bikini top does not work for her.

    on Direac

    OntoMajorca 7 hours ago

    Rockin bod! More please!

    on Presenting Vos

    Dark_Storm 8 hours ago

    Vos va-va-va-voom!

    on Presenting Vos

    Dark_Storm 8 hours ago

    I'd like to see more still sets by Nick Twin. Just hope they aren't the double-dipping still sets of a video we've already seen.

    on Ricoal

    Dark_Storm 8 hours ago

    I love tan lines. It's a visual reminder that you're looking at something that is normally kept covered.

    on Direac

    Dark_Storm 8 hours ago

    This is one of those sets where the model and her surroundings all sort of blend together.

    on Telaima

    DMurley 8 hours ago

    Love that peek-a-boo bra at the end!

    on Ricoal

    Ianbof 9 hours ago

    It certainly begs the question, "how over-exposed does a shot have to be before it's rejected?"

    on Florias

    10 Quest 10 hours ago

    My, oh my- such a bountiful bottom.

    on Presenting Vos

    swplf again 11 hours ago

    As Rose has disclosed above Indiana is one of my favorite models ever. So just a couple of extra comments if you total it up she has appeared on sites now part of the family 143 times. A real achievement for a model who almost didn't become one. Her Bio on EA reads as follows: " I once took part in a beauty competition a friend of mine signed me up and I wasn't really enthusiastic about it when she told me but then she persuaded me saying that at least it will be a good experience. And she was damned right I can tell you but in a whole different way. It was all so appalling, so degrading. It was like a slave market or a cattle fair really. But worst of all were the kind of greasy men that were all around looking for a prey. I found it exceptionally disgusting. Anyway I suppose it has served the purpose and taught me a lesson I will never want to live with someone only because they're rich. I don't mind a man being wealthy but that's hardly enough to make me interested. I've seen too many rich types for whom you'd be sorry that's not for me I am not for sale! " This may explain why she only did Glamour level nudes. Even on none Met Sites I NEVER found her doing anything beyond that. A somewhat unique thing was done by Luca years ago with her. He got together Ariel (APF) , Lorena B, and her together with a classic VW Beetle and posted not only a photo set but also a cute movie the movie appeared first on Sep 14, 2010 and it was not until Sep 29, 2013 that the photo set ran. Talk about Met Royalty together APF being one of the most important part of the family, Model/Writer/Producer and Lorena may end up being #2 on list for 50+ and
    may reach being one of only two models who have appeared in 100+ appearances. The film may be the playful one ever posted. I join Rose in wishing her continued success in whatever career she now endeavors in.

    on The MetArt 50+ Club: Indiana A

    CireW 11 hours ago

    I wish all MetArt movies were this good. It was soooo good. All others should be judged in comparison to this.

    on Jadore