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“Presenting” Kantata - an appealing and interesting introduction…

Kantata: Presenting, by Albert Varin, blue eyes, dark hair, sexy nudesEvery time a new model makes her first appearance in a Metart erotic photo gallery it’s an occasion worth at least some small celebration. We all have our favorites among the established - I won’t say veteran - models, but each new arrival introduces a potential future favorite. It also broadens and deepens the talent pool - and Metart already has the broadest, deepest roster of erotic models in the world, so it’s a good thing. And that can certainly be said of “Presenting” Kantata. She’s a pretty and appealing girl, a more than worthy addition to Metart, and the artist who presents us to her has done so in an interesting and engaging way.

I don’t run to a type, when it comes to pretty girls I like all kinds, styles, and flavors. But I will admit to having a weakness for dark-haired, blue-eyed beauties. It’s a somewhat unusual pairing, and I find it particularly striking. And Kantata is a fine example of this color combination. Her lively eyes are of an exceptionally deep blue, and her long hair is of the darkest brown, almost black. Combine that with a shapely build and a warm, olive complexion, and she’s difficult to resist. And, as so often happens, Kantata’s physical beauty is enhanced by her spirited personality, and those expressive eyes have a lot to do with it. It’s not surprising that Albert Varin has included numerous headshots in this set - Kantata has a face and eyes with an almost magnetic appeal.

In addition to those headshots - I’ll call out #017, #046, and #122, three distinctly different approaches to facial portraiture - Mr. Varin thoughtfully and stylishly offers a wide variety of compositions here. Detail shots are both plentiful and intriguing. #024, to cite a notable example, is of the model’s left ear. Not a typical shot by any means, but it is beautiful and a welcome component of the series. And for a bit of whimsy there’s a shot of Kantata’s feet, toes pointing at the ceiling, her black panties stretched tight between her ankles. But these eye-catching images are part of a comprehensive visual catalog and “Presenting” offers bold and explicit close-ups, studies of individual body parts to satisfy every specialty, and shots like #026, and #124 (among many others) that capture Kantata’s cuteness, beauty, and lively personality with skill and style. An appealing new model and a particularly interesting presentation make for an enjoyable and satisfying introduction. What do you think of this new model and her debut gallery? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.


“Sinota” starring Candice B - subtly sensational…

Candice B: Sidota, by Flora, Metart HD erotic movieI’m a huge fan of Candice B. There are literally thousands of beautiful girls in the Metart archives, and I have dozens, if not hundreds, of personal favorites, but Candice B is special, and she’s always near the top of my short list. And I’m far from alone in my affection for Candice B: she’s currently #6 on the global Top Models list. Pick her apart if you must, savor every delicious detail of her physical body, her modeling skills, and her personality, and you still wind up with girl who is far greater in total than the sum of her stupendous parts. Candice B has “a quality,” she’s got “it,” and I – among her many, many admirers – can’t resist her. From her Metart debut, up to this moment, I’ve loved anything and everything she’s done. And “Sinota” (or “Sidota” as one graphic artist dubbed it) serves up still more pure Candice B perfection.

Metart contributor Leonardo shot the vast majority of the pictorials and movies in Candice B’s portfolio. In fact, only two other artists - Albert Varin and Flora - have shot her for Metart. When I realize that Flora directed “Sinota” I sense that I’m in for a genuine treat. Flora is emerging as a major talent in the short movie format and the prospect of seeing her work with a cherished model like Candice B is irresistibly enticing.

And I quickly (and delightedly) discover that this two-woman team, director and star, deliver a delicious one-two punch of pure erotic cinema perfection. For eight engaging minutes we’re treated to visual beauty, tantalizing tease, beguiling personality, and sweet, steamy, eroticism.

Flora is an artist who knows how to achieve more by using less. “Sinota” is a study in minimal simplicity that places her star in a tastefully decorated bedroom, beautifully lighted, with just enough options to provide variety and visual interest. After that, it’s all Candice B.

Candice lounges on the bed, she’s bottomless, wearing a cream colored sweater and an elaborate pearl necklace. She is wonderfully expressive from beginning to end. There’s innocence, sweetness, honesty, flirtation, and genuine warmth in her performance. And she seems to delight in revealing more and more of her body until she’s completely nude and utterly and explicitly exposed. Neither Candice nor Flora is at all shy, and “Sinota” is filled with frame-filling views of exquisite intimate anatomy. Each revelation elicits maximum impact and beauty, and there isn’t a wasted second in the beautifully paced performance.

With solo piano providing the soundtrack and Candice moving from position to position, then stepping off the bed and providing still more charm and beauty while standing in front of a curtained window, “Sinota” is a work of erotic art that is both subtle and sensational at once. Very highly recommended.


“Presenting” Fernanda - a debut with a view…

Fernanda: Presenting, by Matiss, hot nude girl, beautiful art pix

The first image I opened in this Metart erotic photo gallery happened to be #017. I’d just looked at what I considered a lackluster series - the artist and model will remain unnamed - and I needed something to lift my spirits and cleanse my visual palate. And then - bang! - I set eyes on the dramatic, dynamic, beautifully lighted, composed, posed, and executed photograph and I knew I was in for a treat. If you’re looking for a beautiful, talented, and intriguing new model in a finely conceived and created pictorial, you’ll find her in “Presenting.”

Matiss has chosen a wonderful, dramatic location: a wooden deck backed by a wooden railing overlooking trees and the deep blue sea in the background. The colors are vivid, the light bright and inviting, and the addition of sheer white fabric draped around the timbers ads motion and welcome complexity - supplemental artificial light only adds to the visual perfection of this eye-pleasing collection.

Fernanda, wearing a white blouse over a black bra and panties ensemble, appears to be entirely comfortable on her lofty posing platform. Indeed, posing seems to be a joyous experience for her and the set is peppered with beguiling smiles and a multitude of appealing moods and expressions. Fernanda has a beautiful body, and shares it freely, but there is so much lively, magnetic, playful, and intriguing variety and sincerity in her facial expressions and her eyes that one could be perfectly satisfied by non-nudes and headshots alone - see #006, #014, #015, #048, and #094 for illustrative examples.

Fernanda has a lot of different looks, and they’re all incredibly appealing. She’s got a natural, spontaneous, energetic quality that creates a real sense of fun. And in playful images like #039 as she discards her bra, she brings a kittenish, retro pin-up quality to the image. But as engagingly playful as she can be, Fernanda is also capable of genuine glamour and sophistication - see #025 and #082 for a pair of completely different sample images.

In “Presenting” we have the pure pleasure of discovering a beautiful and talented new model in a skillfully crafted erotic pictorial. A pretty girl in pretty pictures – is that a concise description of the Metart experience, or what?!


“Presenting” Arina J - introductory exposures…

Arina J: Presenting, by Anna Fox, new nudes in a splendid settingThis Metart erotic photo gallery introduces not just a new model, but a new photographer, as well. These “double-debuts” are far from unprecedented, but it’s always something I look forward to. And the fact that the artist happens to be a woman only serves to further pique my interest.

Anna Fox has chosen an exceptional setting for her first contribution to Metart. And she’s added props and costume elements to the verdant natural setting to create a rich and intriguing tableau. As the set opens Arina J, wearing a flower-bedecked summer hat and floral print dress, is reclining on a blanket and reading a book. She’s surrounded by lush vegetation and flowers in full bloom. A couple of pillows add to her personal comfort, and a basket of berries and fruit sits at the ready should she become hungry. Additionally, as the set unfolds, we see a thick forest in the background growing up to the edge of a picturesque pond. The mix of props and the natural splendor of the location in “Presenting” is rich with potential.

And our new 19-year-old model, Arina J, seems content and perfectly comfortable in this summery environment. She removes the two items of clothing she’s wearing at a relaxed pace that’s perfectly in keeping with the mood of that glorious day, and she presents emotions from thoughtful (#024) to subtly seductive (#080). While many of the images are of the tamer variety, just when one begins to hanker for more explicit images they are delivered generously and without reservation.

While the location and the stylish and painterly tableau the artist and model have created is extremely pleasing to the eye, the set is not a total success in technical terms. The bright, midday sun creates a problem the photographer has some difficultly dealing with. While the surrounding terrain is vividly and faithfully captured, the bright light on Arina J’s pale complexion results in detail-obscuring overexposures throughout the gallery. But I hasten to add that this technical flaw can be easily remedied and that the artist and model both impress in their debut pictorial, “Presenting” Arina J.


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Latest Comments


    YallBinZapped 33 minutes ago

    Gorgeous. I'd love to see a solo set soon!

    on Marca

    newcoyote 42 minutes ago

    I don't think there is anything better than beautiful breasts.

    on Mirnati

    OntoMajorca 44 minutes ago

    I am becoming a fan of Mr Lightfoot. Nice set. Just love the sexy posing in those undergarments.

    on Mavin

    Whew 46 minutes ago

    Pretty lady!

    on Mirnati

    Tristan Heart 47 minutes ago

    Another home-run from Tora and Helene as well for that matter, I wish I was not in a rush otherwise I would sing the both of you praises, but suffice to say this one will be getting a no hassle 10 from me, great work ladies :-)

    on Mirnati

    Meat Angler 48 minutes ago

    Storyline: Girlfriends from school, getting together for a long weekend. Opening scene, both fully clothed, looking out the window at the pool. You can tell one is a visitor because of the overnight bag. They decide to change for the pool, multiple shots of each undressing, some shots with both models, at least one shot of them both bending over showing off their assets side by side. Maybe stepping out of their panties, into their bikini bottoms. The guest is putting on her top, the resident is in the background and looks in the overnight to find a double-headed dildo... Oh wait, that's a scene from a site that does lesbian sets.

    Two model sets are great, when they aren't pseudo-lesbian sets. Either do two model sets, or lesbian sets, this in between stuff? Personally, I have to agree, it kind of sucks.

    on Presenting Marca

    Doodaq 52 minutes ago

    A lot of potential wasted on facials. Don't get me wrong, nice faces but in need of pizazz. Hope to see these
    two beauties again, in a warmer setting. Good work girls.

    on Presenting Marca

    Mckennry 56 minutes ago

    Beautiful girl. She shows a lot of personality with a great body and a cute smile. Fun and sexy in so many ways.

    on Mirnati

    The_Dude 1 hour ago


    P.S. I''ll try to come back and finish this review if I ever recover from this set...

    on Norna

    Abby1599 1 hour ago

    Please post videos of the Girl....

    on Mirnati

    Dark_Storm 1 hour ago

    A re-Marca-ble set. I've got a new blue-eyed brunette to add to my faves list.

    Any friend of Amelie's is a friend of mine. (Don't I wish! LOL)

    on Presenting Marca

    xyz123 1 hour ago

    Nothing is sexier than a beautiful girl smoking a cigarette.

    on Pathos

    DERW1967 1 hour ago

    She got a wonderful gorgeous body. So beautiful and sexy woman she is

    on Estee A

    MojoRising 2 hours ago

    In a word, "fake".
    Hot girls, fake poses, and a lot missing.

    on Presenting Marca

    Casey 2 hours ago

    That's a damn fabulous pair! Just fabulous!

    on Mirnati

    Casey 2 hours ago

    What a doll! A duet with Angel Spice would be a rhapsodic experience.

    on Cofeda

    beetle 2 hours ago

    Small, but perfect. I do not mean Marca. I mean her breasts. They are small but sensational with incredibly stiff pink nipples.
    But Marca is also a hot girl. Beautiful face, round butt, long legs and slender figure. Really cute from the head to the feet.

    on Marca

    beetle 2 hours ago

    Today, only Angel Spice has really interesting BBP's to offer. For this, several photos are hot candidates for the BBP.
    The classic full moon: # 46
    The pull apart butt-cheeks: # 60
    The laterally lying butt: # 78
    The total-shot from behind: # 119

    My personal favorite is #46. And what are yours, guys?

    on Cofeda

    VictorDj3 2 hours ago

    Helene's face is not my type.

    Helene is a great and very talented nude model.

    Both things make this set totally breathtaking. I don't care so much for models who look gorgeous but also distant and arrogant. I love it that MetArt publishes pictures of girls that are considered 'fat' by the fashion industry (Helene does of course not look fat at all. Au contraire: she looks very healthy and I love her feminine curves.)

    But also: there are plenty of pics where I was thinking: 'Helene's face is far from perfect, but her vibe is so vivid, so sexy, so much fun!' (#22 is a great example of this).

    The above may seem a bit insulting, but actually it's not. A model can't help having a perfect or not so perfect face, but having the courage to show your body and enjoy your sexuality in front of a camera is completely up to her. This is one of the things I love about MetArt. You have girls that are skinny, curved, big breasts, big labia, small breasts, small labia...

    And I really have to congratulate photographer Tora Ness. With Siiri she also brought us a not so conventional set. I'd love to see totally weird, crazy girls taking their clothes off and having fun.

    on Mirnati

    d_artagnan 3 hours ago

    Anita is fucking gorgeous. The squatting poses in images 57-60 are some of the hottest photos I've seen -- that sweet juicy trimmed pussy with the delicious labia minor hanging down, framed by her sexy feet and legs and thighs, her butt cheeks and cute lower tummy, not to forget that she's doing this with her top on as if to highlight the good stuff below -- and looking at them gives me an instant erection and an uncontrollable urge to jerk off and cum in her honor. The rest is excellent too, but those are just of another plane.

    on Presenting Anita