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Recently some of you have had questions regarding the voting system at MetArt, so I thought I’d clarify how it works. This information comes directly from the horse’s mouth: the developer who built it! It actually couldn’t be simpler – it’s the total sum of the votes, divided by the number of voters. So in other words, if one person votes a six and another votes a four, the score would be five (6 + 4 = 10 ÷ 2 = 5). That’s it! The only time this is adjusted is when we remove the votes of member accounts that were charged back, voided or refunded (to eliminate deliberate vote stuffing). Aside from this, we do not adjust the ratings in ANY way. Votes from memberships that expire in good standing remain. The only way you, or anyone else, can influence the vote is to show your support for your favorites – so get voting!


“Iwaon” starring Jeff Milton - pseudonym/genuine beauty…

Jeff Milton: Iwaon, by Rylsky, super-cute/super-beauty in HOT nude pixI have been aware of the Metart erotic model who goes by the name of Jeff Milton for a while. When I first noticed her name I did a double-take. I’m used to Metart models having unusual, exotic, and fanciful names, but…Jeff Milton? It didn’t make any sense. And, full disclosure, I never investigated this girl-with-a-boy’s-name beyond the odd moniker. In fact, never looked closely at a single photo of Jeff Milton until I was assigned “Iwaon” for review. And the minute I opened the set I realized what I’d been missing. Jeff Milton - I will probably always have a problem with the name - is a stunning young girl, a truly gifted model, and one of the genuine marvels of Metart!

You probably know this already. The Metart membership at large knows this - they’ve voted her to the very top spot on the Top Models rankings. Jeff Milton is #1. That’s the best there is! Sure, she’s chosen an unusual name for herself. But who cares?! I took one look and it was all over. I still don’t understand the name, but everything else about this girl is amazing, and I want more! About the only good thing about discovering Jeff Milton this “late in the game,” is that she has a year’s worth of pictorials - a total of 9 - in the Metart archives, so I have some extremely pleasurable catching up to do.

She’s pretty, of course. In any and every little detail this girl is exceptional. But what makes Jeff Milton so magically, mouthwateringly, mind-bogglingly beautiful goes beyond her delicious physical gifts. This girl has Personality, with a capital P. You take one look in those big eyes and it’s difficult to look away. She’s like an open book that you can’t put down. She’s a tease, she’s an innocent, she’s sweet, she’s devilish, she’s serious, she’s silly, she’s a sultry siren, and a cuddly kitten. And it’s all natural, she’s not putting on an act, or trying to be anything she isn’t. She’s “photogenic” in the classical sense - the camera loves her and she loves it right back.

The man holding the camera is the man who first shot her for Metart, the esteemed Mr. Rylsky. He shot every Jeff Milton set at Metart - and more for his own site, - and he obviously understands, appreciates, and knows how to bring out the best this model has to offer. Yes, he delivers achingly beautiful explicit close-ups, and the set offers a pleasing and comprehensive collection of poses and compositions. But where Rylsky really shines here is in capturing the many moods of Jeff Milton.

He’s got her jumping, quite literally, for joy - in the Lotus Position, no less! - in #093. She throws her self at the camera with ease and confidence in #050. And he captures her incredible cuteness and beauty in #113, among so many others. Really, Jeff Milton is a marvel, and “Iwaon” is a marvelous creation by a gifted artist/model team.


“Bidra” starring Sapphira A - a lot to love…

Sapphira A: Bidra, by Deltagamma, stunning nude erotic art photos

The first time I saw Sapphira A I fell in love, and fell hard. And the Metart membership had a similar reaction. This model’s striking physical beauty combined with her irresistible and intriguing personality propelled her almost instantly to the top of the Metart Top Models rankings, and she’s remained near the top ever since. As I write she’s sitting, pretty, at #5, and after evaluating “Bidra” it’s easy to see why.

I could rant and rave about Sapphira’s physique, her face, the trim body that’s shapely, toned, and delicate all at once. I could go on and on about the refined structure of her face, the elegance of her chin or nose, the sheer perfection of her proportions. But if you know Sapphira A already, you know all about that. The artist Deltagamma does a fine job of capturing and presenting all of Sapphira’s physical gifts in “Bidra,” make no mistake. And he includes everything from beautiful headshots (#115), to pretty pin-ups (#043), and breathtaking, explicit, intimate anatomical close-ups (#042, #046, and #067).

If Deltagamma simply recorded a catalog of Sapphira’s fabulous face and figure that would be enough. But in “Bidra” Sapphira opens up, and the artist has the most welcome opportunity to capture a wide variety of the model’s many moods. And Sapphira covers a whole lot of emotional ground here. In some images she’s distant, lost in her own thoughts, and in others she’s right here, right now, beaming with joy and inviting warmth. She’s peevish and playful, teasing, candid, inscrutable - sophisticated one moment, girlish the next.

And with a generous total of 164 images in the collection, Sapphira A and Deltagamma have the space to capture all the physical and emotional beauty, as well as indulging in some artistic experimentation. Towards the end of the set the artist has used image editing software to manipulate the color content, and quite a few of these near-monochrome shots are truly beautiful. In #136, for example, the limited tonal spectrum adds texture and drama to a beautifully posed and composed image. #123, which captures Sapphira in profile, and #135, a head and torso shot with a thoughtful quality, are two standouts in this section of “Bidra.”

Thanks to the beauty and talent of Sapphira A, and the artistry of Deltagamma, “Bidra” offers the viewer a lot to love.


“Oriente” starring Anna AJ - a truly timeless temptress…

Anna AJ: Oriente, by Voronin, Metart HD erotic movieWe live in an era of instant gratification. And we love it. The next sensation arrives, we devour it, and before we’re even done digesting we’re ready for the next fresh experience. Metart has always understood this, and the steady - one might even say relentless - flow of new girls, new photos, and new movies is a pillar of the site’s enduring success.

But, while you’re waiting for the newest new model, or the freshest, hottest, and newest photos and videos to arrive at Metart, don’t forget that there’s a massive archive of “old” Metart material to enjoy, and it’s all just a click away. Which brings me to the subject of today’s post, “Oriente,” a Metart HD erotic video that was released five - count ‘em! - years ago.

To be honest, there are some elements of Voronin‘s production that do seem just the slightest bit dated. The last five years have seen impressive developments in digital video technology, there’s no denying that fact. But the video is beautifully shot, thoughtfully directed, skillfully edited - and it stars Anna AJ. If that name is unfamiliar, prepare to be enlightened. You are about to see one of the most beautiful Metart models ever in explicit, mouthwatering, fantasy-stoking detail.

“Oriente” is simple. And with Anna AJ as the star, complexity is completely unnecessary. She’s on a bed, wearing a pink top and floral print panties. She is styled to stunning perfection. I’ve seen lots and lots of Anna AJ - there are 72 galleries in her Metart portfolio, after all - and I can honestly say that she has seldom looked better than she looks here. That face! That body! Every detail! She really is in a class of her own.

And along with her stunning physical beauty, Anna AJ displays tantalizing glimpses of her charm and personality in “Oriente.” Oh, she’s a tease, to be sure, and the removal of her two pieces of clothing is deliciously drawn out, but when she treats the viewer to a sly, subtle smile after dropping her panties it’s an intimate moment to savor and celebrate.

“Oriente” includes frame-filling close ups of everything Anna AJ has to offer - that stunning face, those mesmerizing eyes, her utterly spectacular breasts, and the breathtaking beauty of her intimate anatomy. The flowing hair, the long, shapely limbs, that delicately sculpted torso, and that mysterious, alluring, disarming personality, it’s all wonderfully presented and captured here.

So, while you’re waiting for whatever wonders are soon to be added to Metart in the immediate future, step back, dig into the archives and experience “Oriente,” and enjoy a truly timeless temptress.


“Maiori” starring Mila M - over the top…

Mila M: Maiori, by Matiss, heavy tits, large labia, explicit nudesBefore I’d even opened “Maiori” my first thought was: wow, that’s a big set! And with 143 images in total, this series is substantially bigger than the typical Metart erotic photo gallery. And I’m not simply setting up an obvious joke here: Yes, Mila M is gifted with a “big set” of her own, and those hefty breasts are major contributors to her eye-catching appeal. But Mila boasts additional physical endowments that are also notably larger than average - her green eyes are big, her lips are plump and luscious, she’s got a full, firm behind, and her intimate attributes are spectacularly, generously, and nothing less than fabulously fleshy. Mila M is a stunning, striking, jaw-dropping, traffic-stopping, super-beauty.

I’ve only critiqued one Mila M set prior to this one. And I was as struck by her then as I am today. And in “Maiori” she’s even more striking than before. Her hair is now a dramatic shade of black, and her figure is even more voluptuous than before. Matiss shot both sets, and the approach he takes in “Maiori” is particularly appropriate. The set is alive with ornate details, complicated patterns, and vivid colors. From the silver feet of the purple button-tufted bed, the elaborate print wall covering, black, feather-trimmed bedside lampshades, pink pillows, burgundy bedspread, and other garish props, the setting is busy almost to a fault. But I did say “almost.” If his subject was a more subtle type, the set decoration might overpower her. But Mila M is such a powerful, over the top, visual presence that the decor is somehow perfect. Mila M’s dramatic beauty is only enhanced by this theatrical presentation.

Against this colorful backdrop Matiss has dressed Mila in white lingerie, a bust-flattering corset over lace-trimmed white panties and stockings. A bracelet of pearls - with dramatic gold spikes - is Mila’s sole piece of jewelry. And it’s all she needs. As model and artist go to work they cover a lot of stylistic ground in this ample collection. Mila is captured in explicit, intimate, in-your-face, graphic anatomical detail. Name a body part and you’ll have a chance to experience it here. But there are numerous “fully clothed” shots that are equally impressive and appealing. In #013 this bombshell ultra-vixen displays a demure sweetness that is impossible to resist. And in a headshot like #117 the compelling beauty of Mila’s face is beautifully and naturally captured.

In “Maiori” I get the sense that Mila M is keenly aware of the profound power of her physical beauty and the intensity of her own sex appeal. Mila is confident, but relaxed. She enjoys sharing herself, and there’s a natural warmth to her personality that we don’t always expect from such a striking woman. Mila M may be “over the top” in many ways, but she remains accessible and approachable on a personal level, and that only adds to her devastating charm.


Touch Yourself, It Could Save Your Life

October has always been my favorite month of the year. It’s the start of fall, the beginning of pumpkin spice flavored everything season, my birthday is on the 28th, and it has my favorite holiday—Halloween. A few years ago October became less about seasonal lattes and changing leaves and started to become even more important to me when three women in my family were diagnosed with breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and for the entire month it’s ok to be loud and outspoken about breasts. This year I wanted to do something special for Breast Cancer Awareness month and luckily I had the support of the MetArt Network behind me. Together we came up with the “Touch Yourself, It Could Save Your Life” campaign where we urge women to give themselves monthly self-exams to raise awareness for early detection. Early detection saved the lives of my family members and it could very well save the life of someone you know and love. So I created this silly video where I made a poem to name all the words I could think of for breasts. Now I ask you to do the same. Make a video where you name all the words you can think of for breasts, upload it, and submit it to our Twitter account @MetArt. What I believe sets MetArt apart from other adult companies is the way we treat and care about our women. That’s why for the entire month of October when you sign up for a new subscription we will donate 100% of the proceeds to find a cure. We like to think of this as porn for a good cause. Please share this video, tell your friends about us and help us find a cure. In the meantime, I’ll be sitting here sipping this incredibly delightful cinnamon-maple-pumpkin-spice latte. Check out my video about breasts here! -- Sloane Steel


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    YallBinZapped 33 minutes ago

    Gorgeous. I'd love to see a solo set soon!

    on Marca

    newcoyote 41 minutes ago

    I don't think there is anything better than beautiful breasts.

    on Mirnati

    OntoMajorca 44 minutes ago

    I am becoming a fan of Mr Lightfoot. Nice set. Just love the sexy posing in those undergarments.

    on Mavin

    Whew 46 minutes ago

    Pretty lady!

    on Mirnati

    Tristan Heart 47 minutes ago

    Another home-run from Tora and Helene as well for that matter, I wish I was not in a rush otherwise I would sing the both of you praises, but suffice to say this one will be getting a no hassle 10 from me, great work ladies :-)

    on Mirnati

    Meat Angler 48 minutes ago

    Storyline: Girlfriends from school, getting together for a long weekend. Opening scene, both fully clothed, looking out the window at the pool. You can tell one is a visitor because of the overnight bag. They decide to change for the pool, multiple shots of each undressing, some shots with both models, at least one shot of them both bending over showing off their assets side by side. Maybe stepping out of their panties, into their bikini bottoms. The guest is putting on her top, the resident is in the background and looks in the overnight to find a double-headed dildo... Oh wait, that's a scene from a site that does lesbian sets.

    Two model sets are great, when they aren't pseudo-lesbian sets. Either do two model sets, or lesbian sets, this in between stuff? Personally, I have to agree, it kind of sucks.

    on Presenting Marca

    Doodaq 52 minutes ago

    A lot of potential wasted on facials. Don't get me wrong, nice faces but in need of pizazz. Hope to see these
    two beauties again, in a warmer setting. Good work girls.

    on Presenting Marca

    Mckennry 56 minutes ago

    Beautiful girl. She shows a lot of personality with a great body and a cute smile. Fun and sexy in so many ways.

    on Mirnati

    The_Dude 1 hour ago


    P.S. I''ll try to come back and finish this review if I ever recover from this set...

    on Norna

    Abby1599 1 hour ago

    Please post videos of the Girl....

    on Mirnati

    Dark_Storm 1 hour ago

    A re-Marca-ble set. I've got a new blue-eyed brunette to add to my faves list.

    Any friend of Amelie's is a friend of mine. (Don't I wish! LOL)

    on Presenting Marca

    xyz123 1 hour ago

    Nothing is sexier than a beautiful girl smoking a cigarette.

    on Pathos

    DERW1967 1 hour ago

    She got a wonderful gorgeous body. So beautiful and sexy woman she is

    on Estee A

    MojoRising 2 hours ago

    In a word, "fake".
    Hot girls, fake poses, and a lot missing.

    on Presenting Marca

    Casey 2 hours ago

    That's a damn fabulous pair! Just fabulous!

    on Mirnati

    Casey 2 hours ago

    What a doll! A duet with Angel Spice would be a rhapsodic experience.

    on Cofeda

    beetle 2 hours ago

    Small, but perfect. I do not mean Marca. I mean her breasts. They are small but sensational with incredibly stiff pink nipples.
    But Marca is also a hot girl. Beautiful face, round butt, long legs and slender figure. Really cute from the head to the feet.

    on Marca

    beetle 2 hours ago

    Today, only Angel Spice has really interesting BBP's to offer. For this, several photos are hot candidates for the BBP.
    The classic full moon: # 46
    The pull apart butt-cheeks: # 60
    The laterally lying butt: # 78
    The total-shot from behind: # 119

    My personal favorite is #46. And what are yours, guys?

    on Cofeda

    VictorDj3 2 hours ago

    Helene's face is not my type.

    Helene is a great and very talented nude model.

    Both things make this set totally breathtaking. I don't care so much for models who look gorgeous but also distant and arrogant. I love it that MetArt publishes pictures of girls that are considered 'fat' by the fashion industry (Helene does of course not look fat at all. Au contraire: she looks very healthy and I love her feminine curves.)

    But also: there are plenty of pics where I was thinking: 'Helene's face is far from perfect, but her vibe is so vivid, so sexy, so much fun!' (#22 is a great example of this).

    The above may seem a bit insulting, but actually it's not. A model can't help having a perfect or not so perfect face, but having the courage to show your body and enjoy your sexuality in front of a camera is completely up to her. This is one of the things I love about MetArt. You have girls that are skinny, curved, big breasts, big labia, small breasts, small labia...

    And I really have to congratulate photographer Tora Ness. With Siiri she also brought us a not so conventional set. I'd love to see totally weird, crazy girls taking their clothes off and having fun.

    on Mirnati

    d_artagnan 3 hours ago

    Anita is fucking gorgeous. The squatting poses in images 57-60 are some of the hottest photos I've seen -- that sweet juicy trimmed pussy with the delicious labia minor hanging down, framed by her sexy feet and legs and thighs, her butt cheeks and cute lower tummy, not to forget that she's doing this with her top on as if to highlight the good stuff below -- and looking at them gives me an instant erection and an uncontrollable urge to jerk off and cum in her honor. The rest is excellent too, but those are just of another plane.

    on Presenting Anita