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“Renle” starring Zafira A - appealing abundance…

Zafira A: Renle, by Ken Tavos, big tits, round ass, wet spread cunt

Thirty years old at the time the erotic photo series titled “Renle” was shot, Zafira A is a little bit older than the typical Metart model. And in physical terms she’s far more voluptuous and curvy than the more typical slender and nubile nymphets that populate the site. But while she’s more mature and boasts a notably buxom physique Zafira A’s appeal is undeniable.

Photographer Ken Tavos has crafted a flattering and understatedly stylish showcase for this amply endowed subject. The setting is a large, sparsely furnished room - indeed, the only piece of furniture is a squat, blocky leather upholstered sofa. “Renle” opens with a few fully clothed shots and Zafira’s knit mini-dress shows off her spectacular shape in a pleasing but somewhat modest manner. The rich colors of the setting and Zafira’s pose and pensive expression in #002 provide a pleasing and intriguing introduction to the series.

If voluptuous models are to the viewer’s taste “Renle” offers one tantalizing image after the next. Zafira’s heavy breasts are the focus of numerous shots, naturally, but her ample rump and strong, sculpted legs are not ignored. Coupled with her facial features Zafira A is, physically, a superb emblem of the power of ripe, luscious femininity in full, vigorous flower.

There are several enjoyable headshots of the green-eyed Zafira here, and numerous stylish figure studies. And the pose in an image like #083, while somewhat studied, delivers both the beauty of her breasts as well as expressive and alluring aspects of her personality. In other images she projects sheer joy, moody introspection, smoldering sensuality, as well as a playful, energetic, even kittenish essence.

With all that “Renle” doesn’t stint on explicit images. Of the numerous shots of Zafira’s intimate anatomy the group including #075 through $079 are truly eye-opening, and then some. In physical, emotional, and purely erotic terms, Zafira A has got a lot to offer, and “Renle” does an excellent job of presenting her extremely appealing abundance.


“Presenting” Stella Lane - teasingly, temptingly, torridly tactile…

Stella Lane: Presenting, by Flora, Metart HD erotic movieStunning Stella Lane, who makes her first appearance at Metart in “Presenting,” has numerous enticing attributes. Long blonde hair, big blue eyes, a shapely, slender frame, pert breasts capped by nipples of a particularly pale shade of pink, in addition to the extremely appealing item below her beltline. All of these aspects receive ample screen time in this film, with extra - and most welcome - attention to the moist and mouthwatering erogenous zone, but the model’s hands also play a starring role in the production. Those hands, graceful and elegant, remain in nearly constant motion throughout the film, caressing Stella’s smooth skin, cupping and squeezing her breasts, teasing and tugging at her sex, and guiding the viewer’s gaze across every luscious detail on display.

While Stella Lane‘s hands stroke, slide, and glide in perfect harmony with the slightly downcast piano accompaniment, the model remains relatively stationary. She first appears seated on the edge of a bed in a sparsely decorated hotel room. She’s wearing a white lace, long-sleeve body stocking, and she remains “fully clothed” for just under three minutes. After reclining on the bed she eventually removes the garment, crotch first, and after treating us to plentiful views in the prone position she gets on all fours for the final minutes of the film.

This is a beautiful girl, to be sure. And she’s got an intriguing, seductive personality that really shines when she graces the camera with a smile and a glance from those big blue eyes - you’ll find one stirring instance at the 3:43 mark, for example. But director Flora is no shrinking violet, and she gets in close for delightfully extended explicit anatomical close-ups that are truly eye-opening (among other, moist and succulent things, that is). With the help of those restless hands we get to see just how beautiful Stella Lane is - both outside and in. Newcomer Stella Lane is a teasingly, temptingly, torridly tactile treat, and “Presenting” is highly recommended.


“Presenting” Roberta Berti - ginger and spice…

Roberta Berti: Presenting, by Rylski, red hair, pink pussy, art nudesWith the launch and subsequent success of his own site in the Metart Network - - I have far fewer opportunities to critique Rylsky’s now less frequent contributions to Metart. Rylsky isn’t only a skilled erotic artist, he’s also blessed with an eye for talent, and I’m always interested in seeing the new models he discovers. And with this gallery Rylsky doesn’t disappoint. The set is filled with his signature skill and style, and Roberta Berti, the star of “Presenting,” has the physical beauty and inviting personality I’ve come to expect from Rylsky’s finds.

The very first image in the collection is among my favorites. Roberta is seated on a white couch, knees up, bare feet on the edge of the cushions. Her head is turned to the side, she’s touching her red hair with her right hand, her left arm draped casually across her knees. The model’s pose, formal yet natural at the same time, does a wonderful job of projecting mood and emotion - Rylsky has a knack for coaxing this from his models. The art direction - varied shades of white with a burst of color from the model’s pink camisole - and the artist’s masterful composition create a thoughtful and stylish image.

But the pensive, thoughtful, temperament Roberta Berti displays in that opening image is just one mood among many. This new model has a big, bright, enthusiastic attitude that’s warm, engaging, and bursting with appealing energy. She’s exuberant, playful, and spontaneous. And she’s also impressively confident and boldly uninhibited. She wears her sheer camisole for much of the set, but she’s otherwise naked from beginning to end. In the series of shots spanning #029 through #043 she presents her fantastically photogenic sex to the camera aggressively and without a shred of reservation. It is a cliche, of course, but particularly true Roberta Berti’s case: this redhead is red-hot.

Bright, lively eyes, warm, flawless skin, pert and petite breasts, and a full, round, and ripe rump are impressive physical gifts, of which this Metart newcomer can be justifiably proud. Under the guidance of savvy lensman Rylsky, “Presenting” Roberta Berti is an impressive and enjoyable introduction to a talented and appealing new Metart model.


Censorship in the UK

Last week, an amendment to the 2003 Communications Act was passed through UK parliament. The Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 states that video-on-demand (VoD) online porn is now subject to the same guidelines – implemented by the British Board of Censors (BBFC) – as DVDs sold in UK sex shops. There is no restriction on people watching pornography shot in other countries, so in actual fact British folks will still be able to watch whatever the hell they want. It’s the content creators who will really feel this restriction to their creative freedom – especially those that cater to more specialist or fetishistic tastes. Two major criticisms levelled at the restrictions are that they appear to make no distinction between consensual and non-consensual acts between adults; and that they seem to target acts from which women in particular derive pleasure. The list of things now considered unacceptable, and so which cannot be depicted by UK pornography producers, includes: Spanking; Caning; Physical or verbal abuse (regardless of whether consensual); Urolagnia (known as “water sports”); Physical restraint; Humiliation; Female ejaculation; Strangulation; Facesitting; Fisting. Now, there are several things on this list that I have no particular interest in watching, and one or two that I might quite like (spanking – ooh, yes please!). But as a Brit myself, what I really object to is being told what I ought to consider ‘nice’ or ‘normal’ sex. It’s patronising… and I rather fear it’s the thin end of the wedge.


“Riuni” starring Lija - sweet swinging Swede…

Lija: Riuni, by Arkisi, explicit, erotic, nude pin-up pixOne of the first things that struck me about the Metart erotic photo gallery titled “Riuni” was a certain, pervasive “pin-up” flavor. It’s not unusual for a series to contain a couple of pin-ups, usually due to the model’s pose. But here it goes far beyond a couple of images, and well beyond this (talented) model’s choice of poses.

Stunning Swede Lija, busty, blonde, and blue-eyed, makes a fine subject for the slightly retro pin-up style, and other elements of the art direction go a long way in emphasizing and amplifying it. Foremost is the dramatic “Bubble” chair, a clear acrylic sphere suspended by a chain from the ceiling. This alone gives the series a strong taste of the swinging sixties. And Lija’s outfit - a black satin nightie trimmed in white lace and featuring sheer black panels - adds notes of “naughty French maid” and “old school” sexy style.

The rest of Arkisi‘s set, white floor and upholstered walls, only add to the stylized and stylish feel of the session. With all these elements in place artist and model go to work, and “Riuni” proceeds to deliver one delightful, delicious, pleasingly pin-up image after another. In #10, naked from mid-torso down, Lija stands on tiptoe, in profile, and projects pure, stylish perfection. Even more explicit images, like #020, a tantalizing rear view of the model bent over and supporting herself on the cushions of the chair, offers plenty of pin-up flavor.

Lija’s modeling skill and her bright, lively, and engaging personality are in perfect proportion to her physical beauty. Lija is stunning, but she’s no idealized mannequin - there’s a vivacious, energetic, flesh-and-blood woman posing for these stylized photos, and she appears to be loving every minute of it. From achingly explicit extreme close-ups of her moist and magnificent pink bits, to portraits of her profoundly pretty breasts, to dazzling headshots - #082 and #108 are just two of my personal favorites - this bosomy beauty never ceases to beguile, tempt, and tantalize. Thanks to the efforts of a beautiful model and a talented artist, “Riuni” easily earns my very highest recommendation.


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    The Seller 10 minutes ago


    on Kezara

    beetle 28 minutes ago

    Fantastic, Ian. Better than me.

    on Presenting Tempe

    loveu69 33 minutes ago

    This takes me back to my younger years and sex in the park and oh how it would be a joy to relive that with Violet. Lovely lady with a beautiful bottom and wonderful colours and views from Matiss. Thank you for the memories 10. 8)

    on Kezara

    Roger 35 minutes agoLifetime member

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Che deliziosa leccornia (sweetness) questa Sofinshka!!!
    Mmmmm..., smells like fresh spring strawberries:-)♥ ♥ ♥
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    on Genora

    beetle 46 minutes ago

    Absolutely symphatic and absolutely breathtaking. I have seldom seen a girl, whom I immediately gained so dearly. A shy face with an incredibly intense look.
    A sweet figure. Beautifully shaped soft breasts. In the description to Tempe I read, the breasts would be medium-sized. That's not true. I would describe them rather small. But that suits to the type of Tempe also better.
    But the pussy is lush and moist. And the labia are fantastically plump. Just as I love them.
    The full moon, the legs and the feet are also to my taste.
    Therefore Tempe is for me a dream girl.

    on Tempe

    Ian Thomas 48 minutes ago

    🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨.For Koenart,Tempe and Beetle!

    on Presenting Tempe

    Nick101 49 minutes ago

    Great new model - what fabulous pussy lips - hopefully we'll see these open in later sets.

    on Presenting Tempe

    ergo 50 minutes ago

    Oh my .

    on Meio

    Ian Thomas 52 minutes ago

    Ms Koenart taking a risk and having a go.Tempe is an absolute starlet with angel face and a demon pussy.10 to both and I think Tempe is a magnificent looking girl.Nice one Ms Koenart.

    on Presenting Tempe

    loveu69 56 minutes ago

    I'd like to use my finest soft sable brushes on those totally delicious pussy lips, fan brushes on those nipples and a firm bristle filament brush on that bottom an artists delight. Tempe welcome to MA you are a beautiful lady and delightful to look at, gorgeous eyes and smile. 8)

    on Presenting Tempe

    beetle 57 minutes ago

    Simply symphatic and simply breathtaking. Hello and welcome to Tempe.I have rarely seen a girl, I immediately liked so much. Whether it is the simply adorable slightly shy face or the cute figure. Whether it is the beautifully shaped soft breasts or the luscious pussy with the plump labia. I dont know. I like Tempe. And I am looking forward to seeing them as often as possible and commenting on their performances.
    Bye for now.
    Oh, 10 points for the sweet Tempe.

    on Presenting Tempe

    Rose 1 hour ago

    Wow, Erro does it again! Simple and beautiful, nothing to distract from Lucy's splendid curves :-)

    on Meio

    beetle 1 hour ago

    Sporty, fresh and friendly. This is how Violet shows up today in these successful photos. Violet convinces once again as a typical girl next door, whose naturality twists every guy's head.
    Not to mention the brilliant color of the photos - they are from Matiss.

    on Kezara

    Willx 1 hour ago

    Gorgeous girl, ghastly and distracting set seemingly of old plastic bags

    on Presenting Tempe

    monkeryma 1 hour ago

    Tempe is very pretty and what a body, wow. More please.

    on Presenting Tempe

    Xeni 1 hour ago

    I don't understand the hate for Slastyonoff, one of the best MA photographers for me!

    on Aranie

    RedPilot 3 hours ago

    There are plenty of great shots, but my my, isn't #72 a delightful invitation? (or should I say invitations?)

    on Cennia

    vcmlb 4 hours ago

    Apparently there are a bunch of gynecologists checking out Dominika's sets. Her labia look amazing enough closed. I also like the minimal make-up used in this set. It really shows off how naturally beautiful this woman is. Thanks for the great set Luca and Dominika.

    on Telehae

    JimmyJamSlam 4 hours ago

    Ha ha

    on Aranie

    almontanp 7 hours ago

    Maybe the sexiest new model at MA.
    A Brazilian job would make her its biggest star!

    on Cennia