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“Rasfei” starring Nancy A - satisfying simplicity…

Nancy A: Rasfei, by Alex Lynn, long blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty titsWhether you’re quoting Shakespeare - “Brevity is the soul of wit.” - or repeating Mies van der Rohe’s oft-repeated dictum - “Less is more. - you’re addressing one of the great truths of art. There is beauty in simplicity. And as the world grows more complicated and chaotic, this truth becomes even more relevant.

In his Metart erotic photo gallery titled “Rasfei,” Alex Lynn has chosen a naturally beautiful model, given her just a few pieces of black clothing to flatter her physique and complexion, placed her in an uncluttered setting, and relies mainly on natural light. This is not a dramatic or at all theatrical photo series, by any means, and that is one of its greatest strengths. The simplicity of the presentation makes the model’s physical beauty and personal charm the central element of the photos, and that is exactly as it should be.

Fittingly, Nancy A‘s styling and presentation here is natural and unembellished. A session in the stylist’s chair could easily prepare this model to conquer the couture catwalks or the glossy pages of high fashion magazines. But in “Rasfei,” with minimal makeup and a shake of her waist-length hair, her natural beauty is abundant and obvious. She could be the girl next door - if that girl happened to be a natural beauty with a pleasing dimple in her chin, refined features, and big, friendly, eyes in a beguiling shade of blue.

“Rasfei” unfolds at a relaxed pace, appropriate to serenity of the setting’s atmosphere. In #007 Nancy sits on the edge of a claw foot bathtub, head turned to the camera, eyes averted, filtered light shining softly on her long hair. #012 is a relaxed headshot, in profile, subtly moody and naturally beautiful. Slowly, she begins to reveal more. In #030 her splendid breasts vie for attention with her subtle smile and a teasingly arched eyebrow. And in #047, explicitly exposed, Alex Lynn‘s artfully abstract composition captures sheer panties out of focus in the foreground, and perfect breasts outlined against raised blouse high in the upper background - trust me, it’s easier to see and enjoy than it is to describe.

Pretty headshots (#076 and #080), fine figure studies (#093, an explicit rear view), and painterly images like #099 are just a few highlights in “Rasfei,” a photo set that exemplifies satisfying simplicity.

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Latest Comments


    Fozzinsky 3 minutes ago

    Oh! Michele H, at last!!! I was suffering severe withdrawal symptoms and will need another fix very soon. It's been over 4 months. It's great she's establishing her career behind the camera, I sure hope though she keeps the one in front of the camera rolling for a very long time yet. Another great movie Luca, thanks.

    on My Fragrance

    Frank -- swplf 9 minutes agoContributing Writer

    The MetArt 50+ Club: Michelle H
    February 23rd 2018 - by: Rose

    This is Michelle 56th appearance as a model she is also credited as an Artist on 11 appearances .
    Interesting factoid: The model for her first appearance as an Artist was , yep, Michelle H. I wonder if the Model got paid!
    I could joke about her going both ways , but unless you catch her on our sister site SexArt you wouldn't
    be sure!!!

    This is her second film this year and both by Luca the first one drew a very strong 9.20 and todyas seem s IMO even hotter!

    She is one of the most stunning redheads in the family!! Of course that is just my opinion!

    on My Fragrance

    rufus redneck 13 minutes ago

    Gorgeous girl; terrible tat. Please get the silly thing removed!

    on My Fragrance

    William 19 minutes agoLifetime member

    Welcome back David !
    Love you work collaboration with Sapphira.
    Beautiful presentation of her natural beauty.
    Although this is an older set, hope you have many more to come.

    on Table Spread

    footloversex 24 minutes ago

    I love her juicy pxxxy...

    on Sitting Pretty

    Keith6201 28 minutes ago


    on Presenting Danica Jewels

    Smokystone1 2 hours agoLifetime member

    Jia Lissa is my personal rediscovery of late. She shows that she has fun as a model. Not necessarily a BG showers - but her debut in Vixen is absolutely awesome. And this video here in Metart underscores her talent. Thanks Jia and Team Metart for this beautiful video.

    on Milky Beauty

    The Seller 2 hours ago

    I guess you´re right, G4G

    on Free

    Keith6201 2 hours ago

    Dear Maxa, is there anything about your body that you don't like? I can't think of anything :) .. how lovely it would be to nestle into bed with you every night and wake up to find you still there in the morning, smiling broadly, so glad to be mine!

    on Grand Room

    thetimeisnow 3 hours ago

    I ❤️ Georgia!

    Wonderful woman.

    Flawless set.

    Always awaiting the next set.

    on The Woods