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“Rasfei” starring Nancy A - satisfying simplicity…

Nancy A: Rasfei, by Alex Lynn, long blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty titsWhether you’re quoting Shakespeare - “Brevity is the soul of wit.” - or repeating Mies van der Rohe’s oft-repeated dictum - “Less is more. - you’re addressing one of the great truths of art. There is beauty in simplicity. And as the world grows more complicated and chaotic, this truth becomes even more relevant.

In his Metart erotic photo gallery titled “Rasfei,” Alex Lynn has chosen a naturally beautiful model, given her just a few pieces of black clothing to flatter her physique and complexion, placed her in an uncluttered setting, and relies mainly on natural light. This is not a dramatic or at all theatrical photo series, by any means, and that is one of its greatest strengths. The simplicity of the presentation makes the model’s physical beauty and personal charm the central element of the photos, and that is exactly as it should be.

Fittingly, Nancy A‘s styling and presentation here is natural and unembellished. A session in the stylist’s chair could easily prepare this model to conquer the couture catwalks or the glossy pages of high fashion magazines. But in “Rasfei,” with minimal makeup and a shake of her waist-length hair, her natural beauty is abundant and obvious. She could be the girl next door - if that girl happened to be a natural beauty with a pleasing dimple in her chin, refined features, and big, friendly, eyes in a beguiling shade of blue.

“Rasfei” unfolds at a relaxed pace, appropriate to serenity of the setting’s atmosphere. In #007 Nancy sits on the edge of a claw foot bathtub, head turned to the camera, eyes averted, filtered light shining softly on her long hair. #012 is a relaxed headshot, in profile, subtly moody and naturally beautiful. Slowly, she begins to reveal more. In #030 her splendid breasts vie for attention with her subtle smile and a teasingly arched eyebrow. And in #047, explicitly exposed, Alex Lynn‘s artfully abstract composition captures sheer panties out of focus in the foreground, and perfect breasts outlined against raised blouse high in the upper background - trust me, it’s easier to see and enjoy than it is to describe.

Pretty headshots (#076 and #080), fine figure studies (#093, an explicit rear view), and painterly images like #099 are just a few highlights in “Rasfei,” a photo set that exemplifies satisfying simplicity.

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Latest Comments


    Stickler 4 minutes ago

    The "Fence"- gallery should be called "Alleyway" or something like that because the majority of the pictures appears to have been taken against the building on the other side of - the alleyway.
    Moreover, the numbering is wrong. The bikini comes on and of and on again in a very inconsistent fashion. As to the quality of the individual pics: They came out ok on my computer.

    on Madison Mason

    Checkers 15 minutes ago


    on My Secret

    Grass4myGoat 19 minutes ago

    @ lastoftheV8s: Interesting. I can't write for other members but as you well know I did a thorough review of EVERY image and confirmed my suspicion. I feel that I can remove my emotional feeling for any model, and if the gallery is substandard I will, and have, so written. Your mileage obviously differs.

    on Lost In Nature

    Checkers 27 minutes ago

    My god, Lika's even more adorable in motion! Such a cutie. Love her cute little outfit at the beginning. The split second rear view we got of her in those jeans was fantastic, we needed to see more of that. Then the combination of her sweet smile, nude body, and little art project rounded out the video very sweetly. And more book nudity! That's it, I'm going to spend more time at the library, there's a trend going on here that I must be missing out on.

    on Erotic Mosaic

    Grass4myGoat 30 minutes ago

    First thing first, Lika is another model who needs a more flattering bio picture. Thanks for the ribs, rigid nipples, eventual knickers doffing and what that revealed. More screen time devoted to walking about, viewed from behind, would be a great idea!

    on Erotic Mosaic

    lastoftheV8s 34 minutes ago

    That's exactly why the rating system is a joke here. 90% are looking at one picture or two or just the cover and voting 10 or 1. A 10 vote because you have an emotional excitement for the model and formulate a vote based on that it just as unbalanced as a person no looking and giving a 1.

    Personally I rarely vote on sets because I feel that my emotional feeling for the model may unfairly skew my vote.

    on Lost In Nature

    Checkers 43 minutes ago

    Ohh, but I do love the sight of a fine nude body emerging from an unbuttoned button down, and Gracie's looks particularly nice today.

    on Winter Farewell

    Checkers 49 minutes ago

    Stunning! Gloria is an absolute beauty, I love her dark eyes and hair, and my goodness, I love the sight of her waist-to-hips ratio. A true hourglass figure! Seems as if there's a little first-time shyness she needs to overcome, I hope she sticks around long enough to do so, she's got real potential.

    Welcome to MET! 🙂

    on Presenting Gloria Loren

    Grass4myGoat 50 minutes ago

    I suspect after looking only at #1 that Lost In Nature will be a fantastic gallery. How could it not be fantastic? My formula for a fantastic gallery is. Start with a beautiful woman + outdoors + Matiss clicking the shutter = fantastic. I hope this slows down the call for more indoors shoots. Matiss CAN do indoors, but outdoors is his milieu. Few do outdoors as well and in my opinion none do it better. Thank you for every glimpse of Dakota's lovely face. We didn't see her boulder holder but it must be an extra heavy duty model considering the boulders it must hold and support. As a matter of fact, it appears that she could use some help holding and supporting each one. Rose I offer to help, are you in? Then the flirty skirt lifting pics reveal her magnificent buttocks ~ hooray! Green suits Dakota very well. # 43 is just one of many great pics. I believe that # 107 is my favorite. Lost in Nature confirmed my suspicion and is a true tour de force. Where is my better than 10 button?

    on Lost In Nature

    Checkers 1 hour ago

    Dakota brigs so much WOW factor with her whenever she appears here. Lordy, what a body/ We're so lucky she decided she wanted to share it.

    on Lost In Nature