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Lorena talks about her life and loves

Lorena: interview about her MetArt career

In a world of beautiful girls, Lorena B is something special. The sexy Spanish sweetheart is not only spectacularly beautiful, with that radiant smile and irresistible body, but has an energy and charisma that makes every one of her appearances memorable.

Lorena is one of the most popular girls on the MetArt Network. Not only has she clocked up a staggering 73 appearances on MetArt itself, but she's also starred in some superb girl-girl movies on our sister sites SexArt and VivThomas. This month, she made an attention-grabbing return to VivThomas with the lead role in ‘After Hours,' which showed a whole new side to her character. Never a girl to hold back, she now seems to tear into her partners with a hunger and urgency that is incredibly arousing to watch - and yet, her sweet and tender nature is still in evidence.

I was lucky enough to get to interview Lorena for the Viv Thomas blog, and as she's so immensely popular here, I thought you folks might enjoy reading it too...

Lorena, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am 28 years old, I grew up in Spain and Barcelona is my new hometown. I enjoy charcoal drawing, sports in general, and to spend time simply on my own. I have fun spending time in tune with nature. I also like to spend too many hours searching for and listening to music. It's almost all I do when I grab my computer.

Do you have any favorite TV show? Books? Music?

I never watch TV... On my computer I love to watch documentaries, sports, old music clips, comedians like Bill Hicks, Louis C.K, Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson, Jim Carrey... Or even cartoons. I have many favourite books, two of them are The Book of Children by Osho, and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma. Loving music, I do have a wide variety on my playlist but I got stuck in the pre-2000s! Classical, R&B, Rap, Heavy, Disco, Industrial, Soul, Rock, sometimes popular music... A few artists I like: A Perfect Circle, Staind, Rob Dougan, Genesis, Billy Paul, Prodigy, Faithless, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Can, Tindersticks, Alexander O'Neal, The Sisters of Mercy, Pantera, Bach, Vivaldi...

Your fans love to hear you speaking in your sexy Spanish accent. Is there an accent that really turns you on?

I do smile when I hear others' accents, and find many languages beautiful to hear. I find the deepness of a voice or the way a person might talk more attractive than the accent itself.

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

In general I embrace my body as it is. If I have to pick one thing in particular, the first that comes to mind is my small chest. Most of the time it only gets attention when it is truly needed! (Laughing)

What is the difference between stills photography and making movies, for you?

In the beginning there was no difference. It was all about how to learn to stay relaxed during the shoots and movies. To simply stay still and stare at the camera was not simple or natural to me. I do tend to move too much and too fast and some photographers still struggle a little bit with me in that respect! Once I began to feel more comfortable in front of the camera, the differences started to depend more on the kind of photographer or videographer. What they look for, their way of working...

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

I enjoy sharing a passionate and fun experience with my partners and having a good connection with the team in general. I also enjoy seeing how a scene is built and the progress of it.

What made you decide to start making girl/girl movies?

I was willing to try something new after gradually changing how I felt about it. One day I got a call asking if I would replace a model that didn't show up at the location. I agreed after talking and thinking about it for while.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before you did it in a movie?

No, I did not and I still have not done it in my personal life. My first time was with Miela A, and then right after with Mia Knox for SexArt. It was a very strange feeling and I was completely lost about how to touch a woman. Knowing the cameras were rolling didn't make it any easier!

Which is your favorite of the movies you have shot for the MetArt Network, and why?

‘Be Mine' with Tess B, for SexArt. It was the first girl on girl movie I made with Don Caravaggio and his team. I felt it was intense, natural, flowed well, and there was a good vibe behind the work.

Who was your favourite partner?

I would like to mention more than one: Brandy A, Tracy Lindsay, Eve Angel, Mia Knox, Dido, and Tess B.

You seem like a very happy person, always smiling and laughing!

I do try to feel my best in whatever I do. Smiling, laughing... Sometimes it comes naturally, other times it helps me to feel more relaxed. I can smile for the camera, yet it starts for myself. It raises my energy up.

Do you feel competition or rivalry in this business?

No. Everyone is different. Comparison, rivalry, popularity... I prefer to let the ego sleep while trying to enjoy what I do, as long the team and members are pleased with the work.

Are you a dominant or submissive person?

I like passion, to play...and yet I do like it when it is 50/50. I am pleased to give and receive.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

No, I am happily single.

Please tell us about the recent shoot with Guy Ranieri Sblattero, the new director for Viv Thomas.

The shoot was in Barcelona and the women were all nice to meet and work with. It was also my first work after almost one year not being involved with lesbian movies, and it put me back on track with how hardworking Guy's team is! I did not see any of his movies for Viv Thomas before, yet it was easy to see he was looking for something different and dynamic. I felt very good around him and the way he directed us during every scene.

Do you have Twitter, Facebook?

I never used Twitter, honestly I have no idea how it works. For now I am no longer active on Facebook, the only platform I have ever used.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

Yes...To all the members of the MetArt Network: desertrat, mep1... Others not mentioned here, and those who might not be active on the comments section so I don't know their names - thank you very much for all your support!


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Max Sterling 2 years ago

Hearts are breaking all over the globe! I have enjoyed her work. She seems to have a natural flair before the camera. Many models it seems like they are smiling to show the camera and viewers they are enjoying it, yet it comes across as less genuine. With Lorena, her smile comes across as really how she is feeling. Her portfolios convey her absolute beauty (even though her accent just adds to the overall attractiveness - I agree accents really increase how attractive a woman is), from her lovely eyes, to the smile, and not wanting seem insensitive/crude, her breast and all the way down to her feet.

I hope you/she never tries to go with the crowd and change anything. Don't worry about tattoos, you don't need to look like a billboard or a nascar racing team. You/She is perfect and hopefully will avoid the size increase so many adult models/entertainers/performers seem to gravitate towards. That is one thing I have always liked about Lorena, is her all natural appearance, actions and performance, that is what makes her one of my top ten if not #1.

Sad you/she aren't/isn't on facebook or twitter. I am sure you could easily reach 1 million in a heartbeat. I hear there is an active following just wishing for a chat/social presence but respects the privacy you/she seeks.

We all know she just recently had a birthday and I am sure I am not the only one extending her those happy birthday wishes and hope she treated herself to a nice collection of music, comedy and just relaxing (the b-day of course is based off of what is posted as her b-day, but it could be off just a little to protect privacy).

I hope Met-Art and its network will continue to ask for opportunities to work with the alluring and attractive Lorena for as long as she wants to be involved. I don't think they could ever go wrong with her as a daily model or performer/actress.

Best wishes to one of the "hottest" woman on the planet!

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    Tristan Heart 11 minutes ago

    If indeed cute is the new sexy, then Faina sure is a winner, she really is the full package with her cute freckles, beautiful warm eyes, small gorgeous breasts and her coy and joyful teasing, straight up cute n sexy ^^

    Faina really is a gorgeous girl and this was yet another great set from her and Tora :-)

    As an added info I can tell that just like Melissa from the other day, Faina is actually also a softcore camgirl (active status unknown) trying her luck with glamor and so far it seems she has been very well received not just here on the network but also on competing sites and just looking at the adorable Faina in this set it is easy to understand why, so congratz on that ;-)

    Anyway, like I wrote, a really great update and a big thanks to both the talented Tora and the gorgeous cutie Faina :-)

    on Doara

    88chicken 25 minutes ago

    Beautiful woman, but that's some rough-looking razor burn.

    on Nayldi

    Tristan Heart 39 minutes ago

    Okay so it seems Pola is far from a newcomer to the industry, she is actually a full blown pornstar :-P

    For anyone interested, her main alias out on the web is Lizi Vogue ;-)

    on Pola

    Tristan Heart 1 hour ago

    You are very welcome dear Berenice and thank you for sharing your smiles with all of us :-)

    on Sanora

    Dreadnought66 1 hour ago

    Pass --

    on Cudere

    inspector 2 hours ago

    I really do like a chair when properly utilized!

    on Nayldi

    EdPowersII 2 hours ago

    Not to mention, this woman is very much into her shoots. She gets excited and has a great/intense edge for life. Got to love her.

    on Sanora

    Ooh La La 3 hours ago

    How would you like to come home, walk around the corner and look through the doorway in #24 and see THAT sight with a "Welcome home baby" from Venice Lei. Good GAWD. Great set. Love the color tones and lighting. Thanks to Venice and Rylsky.

    on Rencor

    EdPowersII 3 hours ago

    Yes, yes. Love her sultry gaze.

    on Rencor

    Checkers 3 hours ago

    Beautiful, elegant, callipygian, bottomless, hooray. Venice Lei completes today's grand slam with a BANG. Another four-download day, I'm going to need a new hard drive at this rate. :)

    on Rencor